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    rh Ooagfc Mail.
r" gcFpiREcfonYi
M. 1'. Citimcit. IhI.LM nnd .Id Sun
tluvH of unch niotitli. MoniIiirh at
Kiniiiro City,ovoiiiii;n at Miindiflohl.
- tli Hiindny of onch mniitli nt tlio
forks Coon rivor. Ri:v. II. Yi:om .vh,
SATURDAY, - - - MARCH 27,1880.
llAunou Woitic. Tho work on (ho
cribs mill bcowh Iiiih punlied rapidly
forward, and now four crib nro fininh-
cd and another one in progroH. 'J'wo
largo flcown for tho tiaiiHporlation of
rock, huvo uIho boon completed and
(owud up Coos rivor, whcro (hoy aro
to bo loaded. Kilongh rock hai boon
qunrricd to load ono of tlio bnrgos,
which wan (owed down by tho "Sntcl-
lito" hint Thnrmhiy j how iniioli inoro
rook Iiiih boon takon out wo luivo not
. . . . .
yet loiuiiou. Wo aro inforinoil (hut
(ho first crib will bo placed in position
and (Mod with ntono next Monday, if
(ho wciilhor pcriniU. Thoro will bo
nix of tho cribs, about "5 foot wido by
ft) fcot Iomk each, milking in all a
wall of about !MJ0 foot in length ; thcuc
cribs aro immense htructurcs, nnd it
would bo almost impossible for thoiu
(o bo madeany slroni'or, (ho timbers
Ijoin ilovo-tuilcil into each other, and
fastened iiionx tho sides nnd ends by
iron barn l'.f inches sijiiuro and three
feet in length. ICucli crib is divided
into four compartments, tho cross
timbers being dovo-tuiled into (hoso at
tlio sides nnd securely fastened in the
center by tho above mentioned bars.
Tho scows aro also very mibsUntiully
conH(ruc(ed and will carry about 12G0
tons each.
flivr. Tiir.u a Snow.-- It is not often
Hint wo nousi, iiiui never, unless wo
huvo kooiI mid Niillloient reason for no
i oii'K, but on (ho present occasion wo
undoubtedly uro justified in winding ii
iitontoriiin blast. Wo luvo heard it ns
sorted frequently that as first class
compuHitrirs women wore nottt mioeoHa,
hut uovortholoss, wo huvo n young
lady (ypo on tho Mail that for correct
and fast sotting wo will waor can out
Htriji any hoy or man of equnl oppor
tunity or experience in tlio State of
Oregon. The rapidity and eatio that
they learn to "stick" typo, is astonish
iiiK, and from our experience with
lady cumpositors wo nro Hiitiniled that
tho nsnortion as to (heir incapacity is
utterly absurd, nnd it will not ho lonK
ere thoy will bo reckoned among tho
host printers in tho land. Clivo them
a show to test thoir ability ; it is tho
fear of ridicule that de(ors many from
learning (ho (rmlo which really is more
muted (o (hem (him it is to (ho men.
hot (ho boys (nko a hack seat, and (jivo
tho girls a place nt tho ouio, which is
nearer (heir sphoro than is n kitchen
stove, and you will never regret it.
Their delicate lingers pick up (ho (ypo
with amazing rapidity and graco, and
why they should not ho a success in tlio
printing oflico and an ornament (o (ho
"nrt preservative of arts," wo fail (o
All I'vIlflMC.
Occasionally wo rooclvo communications
so utterly devoid of sonso nnd news as to lio
hat food for tlio wastodiaskot j ngnln, others
aro io originally constructed as to bafllo in
tei protntlon. Wo have road school hoys
compositions, a((otnlcd school exhibitions
and odior plnco) wlioro liturary absurdi
ties llourlih, hut for oohMloodod murdering
of tlio Queen's Kngliuli, tlio following eclip
ses and throws in tlio simile, everything wo
huvo over soen!
Houtiii'OUT, March 2;id, 1880.
Mn, Kditoii: In hohalf of my oxo
diiH HojouruiiiK on thin soil and stal
wart forests of thiH Htato, I doom it my
duty to comment on tho revolving im
portances which aro so Interesting and
enticing to tho hitman race.
Ah a citizen, and greatly interested
in political magnetism, I nay lot (ho
coming campaign ho a vital sphere of
dignity, and a memorial sovereignty of
patriotism; lot your ef
forts ho successful in electing candi
dates for county and Htato olllcials on
tho Itotiublican ticket. Ah I presume,
and fully understood, that our worthy
citizen, Jt. J). Jones, in running as a
candidate on the Republican ticket for
Htato Honator, wo could never select a
bolter candidate, being a man well
liked by capital and labor; of n noble
character, sobriety, and amiable dis
Around hero is very dull tho pro (em,
tlio source actually arises scarcity of
ships. If tho corporation of this coal
initio should possess (heir own fillips,
(ho mine is positively formed in such
a condition (hat coal could he produced
from tho bowels of tho earth for trans
portaUnu in largo quantities with hut
very litUo oxpouso.
Advantages and requirements of ed
ucation uro well constructed in this
neighborhood, tho school is located
near (ho meridian of other small resi
dences; it contains miilo a number of
serene pupil -i, learning with great sue
cesH under (ho teachings of Miss Fun
nie Moliiiiuht. whom nossossos n grace
ful countenance, mild and benevolent,
her compact erudition is highly appre
ciated by the pupils and (heir respect
ive parents.
Woni. nitron "l'irri:i:s." What is
this wonderful gnmo of "fifteen" that ia
so hard to solve nnd yot apparently so
miuplo? Tiit truly n puzzle, in ovory
souse of (ho word; and that it is a puzzle
of so complicated a naturo as to sot nt
dellnuco the cflbrts of exports and all
otherH who have attempted (o arrange
(ho mysterious figures, can bo scon by
a glance at (ho daily pnpora, which, day
after day, contain columns of matter
in relation (o (his puzzle of puzzles.
During (ho past month tho New York
Herald lias devoted at least forty col
umns of space (o (ho now game, and it
hns now leaped across tho continent,
and tho pooplo of Portland aro grow
ing desperate in thoir frantic onor(s (o
nnravoKhomystory and toll (ho world
that thoy havosolvod tlio problem that
has sot tho nation nt defiance. ThiH
gamo is renlly of so exciting a naturo
that civilization has halted in its march
(oplay "fifteen." Tho mania has not
yot renchod Marshflohl ; hut if you
wako up sonio morning and find your
CoahtMaii, missing, tho hotolH, stores,
mills, and saloons closed, nndnopokor,
faro, chuck-luck, or kono games in full
blast, thonyo.i will know that "fifteen"
has arrived. A full description will bo
found in another column.
I.nqukht. The following in (ho ver
dict of tho jury impuniielled to inquire
into (ho cause of (ho death of Arthur
iloyil Scott, who was found dead on
(ho ocean beach below Ilandon, somo
weeks ago:
"That tho body of doceanod in that
nf A. 11. Hoott, hotter known as "Hun
ter Rood:" that tho said Hunter Heott
was found dead on tho lJiuidon beach,
Monday, March 1st, 1880, hut from
what causo wo aro tinahlo todotormino,
hut having stripped and examined tho
body wo found no marka on it that
would indicate (hat death had resulted
from foul means. That tho deceased
died possessed of property, and wo
hereby direct tho uttonUon of the prop
er authorities (hereto, in order tho ox
pouso of (ho inquest, funeral, etc., bo
deducted from tho assets and paid over
(o reimburse tho county.
John It. Roiunhon,
.T, It. Mkgum,
I). 11. Wi:m,h,
0. H. Smith,
O. Nhlhon, Jury.
Among (ho male and fomalo noxos here
aro unsurpassed; (hoy represent tho
whimsical mode of dancing and vocal
almost to perfection. Last Saturday
night quite a multitudo appeared at
Coos City to greet tho now married
couple, Mr. McLaughlin nnd Miss
AmamlaMcKnight, with a social dance.
And tho Konthport Oleo Club was con
ducted under tlio writer's leadership.
Tho character mid performances of the
glees nnd songs it would bo improper
for tlio writer to sneak of. Tlio onon
ing commenced with a choice selection
"Johnny Kchinokor,"by thoUleoCltil
of which tho writer was tho leador; n
duet. "Minute dim nt Hea," by tho
writer and Mr. Williams ; a sentiment
al piece, " Tho day when you'll forget
mo," by the writer ; (tuartotto by tho
Oleo Club, "A heart lor you in break
ing," and tho writer playing tho ac
compauiment on the organ ; duet,
"(lypsy Countess," by tho writer and
Mrs. 11. 1). Jones. An Trish song was
given by that young gentleman, David
Cook, who will in (into make an excel
lent Irish comedian; a song, "Court
ing on the rain," by Mr. 1). John, was
vociferously applauded. Tho night
nmuscmonts wore jovial, nnd everyone
enjoyed themselves; ami wishing on
behalf of tho bride nnd bridegroom a
long year's happy life and an immortal
blessedness in tlio world beyond this.
Yours truly in speed,
i. h. M.
HlillMvrocUod iMurlticr.
ThoHchoonor "Daisy Itowo" which
took n cargo of lumber from North
Bond lust week, caino direct from
Oonalaska, making tho trip in 11 days.
Hlio mado 1110 miles in tho flrstldnys,
whioh 1b nonsidorod romnrkablo tttno.
Hho had boon north with a cargo of
supplioH for tho Alaska Commercial
Compnny, and returned in ballast.
Hho brought nun passongor Cnpt. Win.
Peterson, of tho schooner "Delia"
which was wrecked at Urn nock on tho
l(h, of December hint, in nhcavyN. W.
gale. This island in 107 miles from
Oonalaska, and the Capt. nnd his mate,
Potors, with two nativoH made the trip
by water in a "hidarky" (a small boat
mado of skins.) Thoy wcro 19 dayH in
making tho passage, tho woathor being
oxlromoly rough and cold, and thocn
liro pnrly narrowly escaped death by
starvation nnd exposure. Capt. Peter
son linn Hpont nbout 8 yenrs in that re
gion, nil tho timo in command of n
trnding vessel nnd in tho employ of tho
fur company, cruising nmong tho Aleu
tian islands and as far north as IJohr
ing Htrait. There is probably vory
few moil living who have a inoro (bor
ough knowlcdgo of (ho bleak and iso
lated region (han Mr. PclorHon. Ho
has mingled a great deal with tho na
tives, nnd has married a hulf-brced
(Itussian and Aleuto) and now consid
ers that country his homo. Ho went
to Han Francisco to report to tho head
quarters of his company and will im
mediately return by stoamor to Hitka
whcro ho will find tho vessel which has
already boon sent to replaco tho wrecked
Hchooner "Dolla." AVo will, nt n sub
sequent dny, bo nhlo to lay boforn our
readers un account of that country nnd
tho customs of its people
Piiktty Ktai.i:. It is becoming very
monotonous to (hoso whopcruso (he
columns of (ho newspaper:) in search
of hows, not to ho ablo to rely in tho
slightest deproj upon tho titlo of a
piece. For instance, you sco some
thing about General Grant well, that
look liko itought (o ho protty good;
it starts oil' well, and wo nro all inter
ested in uiiydiiug (irnutdocs, but it is
not calculated tohavo u soothing ofl'cct
when you roach tho cud nndirii to
your sorrow that you huvo' been read
ing a putt" for Oregon Kidney Tea, or
some other pntorn medicine. It is a
safo way to always looknt tho bottom
llrs(, nnd soo if anything is said about
two iiomes lorniiy cents. ' is
no douhtaggravatiiig, and as we don't
hclievoin fooling people, wo will say
plainly that if you observe our adver
tising columns closely, you cannot
fail to know whore (oobtain (ho best of
Tin: Vaiuwa. TIu'h stoamor, ownod
by Hume, has been repaired and im.
proved by (ho addition of now ma
chinery, and Capt. Graves has been
installed as master, Sho is now on hor
way north, and will stop at Coos Duy.
Jon work of all kinds neatly execu
ted at this oflico.
Tin: city jail hns sheltered sovornl
belated inebriates during (ho week.
ItKicnr.UTH saloon has recoived a now
coat of paint and looks considerably
Ai.wayh plenty of good widdlo horsoH
(o bo found at Anderson's livory sta
bio. Ouit noxt door neighbor, Monroo
the druggist, is giving his establish
ment a coat of paint.
Fiikhii herring hns ceased to ho a lux
ury, hut (ho markot has boon over
stocked with oralis.
Wk understand thoro was n social
dauon at Coos City lust Saturday ovo
ning, given by D. J. McLaughlin and
Kmi'Uii: holds its religious services
in tho court house, ixh tho church was
somewhat shaken by tho storm of
January, and has not yot boot ditlod.
Tim littlo Hchoonor "Cart ,7 ar
rived in San Francisco nnfo Jno
. ...... ... . :t on r
iiuiioiiig a rougii ill) iiiui Doing com
pelled to throw overboard n humII
portion of hor cargo.
Mr. J.H. C. Wilson, who was lately
taken to Portland by U. S. Deputy
Marshal Hums, has been completely
exonerated from tho chargo brought
against him of selling his land before
he had inudo final proof of tho same.
Tho charge was inndo by one A. Hani
soy, and proves to bo uUerly false.
Tho following s(rong leUor from (he
ProscciKing Attorney states the case :
1'oitTi.ANi), March 17th, 18S0.
To whom it may concern.
This certifies that I have examined
the chargo mado against J. II. C. Wil
son I''sq.,of Coos county, on account
of which he was arrested and brougth
to this city. The chargo is not only
falso in every particular, and Mr. Wil
son wholly innocent of any crime bill
his conduct in the matter upon which
the charge was alleged (o reM. shows
only that ho is nn honest, just and
upright citizen, and entitles him rath
er to the commendation than the con
demnation of his fellow citizens. I
am fully convinced that tho person
making tho charge know ni the time
ho mado it that it was false, hut was
so skillful in his infamy that ho suc
ceeded in misleading tho department
at Washington, to whom (ho ma(tcr
as given to mo by him was reported,
to order (ho prosecuUon commenced,
it not having been commenced until
such orders wcro received. It is un
doubtedly tho suggestion of his innl
ice, nnd entitles him to (he conlempt
of overy good citizen as well as a just
punishment for such cirmc as he may
havo committed.
Very Respectfully,
Hiifiis Mam.oiiy,
U. S. Dist. Atty. for Oregon.
Tin: Kastnort Coal Mtno shut down
and discharged all handH Inst Friday
and no indications of work being ro
siimed at an early day.
CoNHinKiiAiiu! foggy weather has
prevailed this week, early in tho morn
connected with Irish history. If I
should plead an n satisfactory reason
tho Humorously Hlgncd reports of Homo
of (ho most, prominent citizens of Port
land, to which it would bo highly im
proper on my nart not to aceodo, that
would not explain why I solccted os a
Hiibjoct for my lecture. "Tholnfluonco
of Irolnnd on christian civilization
from tho fifth to tho eighth century."
If I should adduce as a reason that tho
proceeds of this lecturo aro destined to
relieve tho distresses of tho famishing
in Ireland, and that, therefore, it was
proper and judicious to speak upon a
subject connected with tho history of
the land of Erin, oven then it might bo
objected (o, and said (lint ono of tho
hoiis of Erin would bo inoro in Iii'h
proper plnco on thisphitform (han my
self. And novordioloss, I venturo to
maintain thnt both mv presence hero
and tho selection of my Biibject, aro
not onlv warrantable but perfectly
iustifiablo and reasonable. Allow rno
briefly to show this, with regard to
both to tho audience and to tho speaker.
Doforo mo I havo an Amorican audi
ence, for though several of us woro
tiorn m n distant country, though tho
thought of our native land, mid tho
recollections of our modicr's language
and (ho memory of tho Hoil that receiv
ed tho footprints of tho first slops of
our toltoring foot, may linger in our
minds and bo dear to our hearts, j-ct,
as a mattor of fact, wo aro hero living
together undor tho protection of tho
samo flag, cemented together by tho
bonds of tho samo nationality, and as
sociating togodior as citizens of tlio
same republic of tho United States of
Hut America owes a debt of grati
tudo to tho Irish raco. Tho sons of
Ireland fought and bled on tho battle
field for America's causo ; Amorican
vessels that plough tho briny deep aro
mainly manned by them ; you find
thorn on tho American steamers that
ply on our rivers and bring down to
tho coast tho wealth of tho interior.
Yes, when travelling through tho min
ing districts of Idaho and Montana I
met them on tho snow capped peaks of
lofty mountains, nt tho bottom of deep
ravines, mid again, buried under tho
ground, moro than four hundred feet
uoiow mo suriaco. louma and laoonnc i,.,i,i i
nnd forcing tlio entrails of tho earth to numbered wooden lozenges on a largo scale,
yield to tho lrrcsiswblo exertions of To the minds of the Bostoniaus (hero was
Illnn (ho (rensures of gold nnd silver sometlu'ug moro (han a mere puzzlo in the
contained within its bosom. And I game; it was a mathematical study, and its
when visiting Alaska, which supplies j solution a science. Mr. Itice made an clab
mir Tn'irlrnfuu'iHi tlintnncif vnliinbfn ft,r ' orate anoaratus. The cardboard bnr con.
whom did I meet thoro, wnndering taining tlio blocks was lined with dark hard
over ico nnd snow to purcliaso from W.,K,U- i"iu"k o wparra oi m
now CD milns distant by natural grades
from tho Dcavor Canon station, or
nbout 75 miles from Hod Hock station,
Tho most fertile nnd thloklv settled
vulloyfl in Utah lio in tho path of this
Tho Salmon rivor and Yankco Fork
gold mid silvor mining region, which
is now shipping somo vory rioh ores
nnd is coming into prominenco ns a
probable rival of Loodvillo in 1880,
lies 150 milos west of tho Utnh and
Nolhorn railroad in central Idaho, nnd
has no other prospective outlet than
tho road under consideration. Tlio
vast salt deposits, which supply such
a largo demand in Montana, Idaho nnd
other Territories, aro 85 miles cast of
tho lino in eastern Idaho, and also
shipped by it extensively. ThoCarri
boo gold and silver mines lio 100
miloi east of Englo Hock station, and
tho great Snako river gulch or placer
mines, which extend 400 miles along
tho stream named, aro crossed at Ea
gle ltock. Tho heavy immigration in
to Montana and tho othor vast unset
tled regions ndjaccnt must for mnny
yenrs make a handsomo showing in tho
: passenger ousincss, as well as tho
tourist nttrnctions of Ycllowstono
Park and othor resorts now nlmost un
known. One hundred miles of tracks
wero laid in 1878, nnd, with tho 00 now
in progress, 1G!J moro will bo laid this
year. Deport of tho U. P. D. D.
The AVorulcrfitl Gumis or " IS."
Tlio New York Sun of a lato date con
tains tho description of a new puzzle which
is creating a furore in all tho large eaiteni
cities. The following extracts will prove
of interest:
A deaf mute in Hartford, Conn., is Baid
to have invented the famous game of fifteen.
Among all thoso cngauod in the manufac
ture and sale of the puzzle, this story of
its origin is prevalent. Tho deaf mute's
name is apparently unknown here. D. V.
Maguire, tlio ltoston newspaper man, who
introduced the game in this city, knows the
most about it, and ho credits the story.
Two ladies who know tho inventor, were
astounded at the scusatiun created by tho
toy in lioston. They told Mr. Maguire
that the deaf muto cut out a few sets of
tho wooden blocks and distributed among
his friends as gifts. A Mr. Dice, a wood
turner in areham street, lioston, himself
tho manufacture of the
by plicing them in regular order is moot
sihh, unlois tho misplacement is equalized
by a whito sqiiaro number on a black squart.
Changes between squares of the samo color
will not bring about a solution."
This puzzlo is not new. On tho librKry
ceiling in what is called tho "Castle," at
tho Schuctzen Park, on tho Ikrgen Heights,
tlio puzzle is fresco. d. It is over the ho.vl of
whoever lies on tho loungo near tho library
window, and it is a favorite amusement of
visitors to lio and study it. Not only is tho
sum of thirty-four arrived at in til the
lines, diagonal as well as horizontal nnd
perpendicular, but thirty-four is also tho
sum of each of tho sets of four members
composing the four corners of tho comer
numbers themselves, and, in fact, of overy
four numbers that form smaller sauarcs
within tho main square.
IVlio Htnrtn the Fanliloa?
tho Indians tho furs nnd skins of Alns
ka animals, whom did I moot, I say, in
thoso arctic regions, whore in winter
(lio sun nover rises? Tho Irishman.
If now America owes n debt of grati
tudo to Ireland is it not perfectly pro
per (o speak of (ho glories of (hat ver
dnnt islo of the past, to extend n help
ing hand to tho suffering poor in tho
depths of distress.
And now, as to the sneaker assum
ing that you will kindly grant mo your
pardon for roforring to invBclf person-1
ally. I pledge myself not to mention j
iny personality uny moro (luring mo
cd wood and beveled. They sold for lialf a
dollar. Tho inventor did not patent the
puzzle, nor did Mr. Itice. Thus it was that
Mr. Maguiru entered the field. He employ
ed turners, printers and paper-box manufac
turers. Machines especially designed for
making the puzzle were built, and a puzzle
produced that could profitably bo sold for a
quarter of a dollar.
In New York and its suburbs tho Boston
pcoplo carried the puzzle to tho stores, de
pots, ferry houses and hotels, often leaving
samples against tlio wisnos ot tlio salesmen,
who perceived no merit at all in it. Direct
ly it leaped into favor. To-day the men
who sell it make tho down-town streets
lecturo, but now I must nlludo to my- ! """?' w,Ith, their cries. It is worked upon
solf to show causo why I am lecturing aui1 tn,kw? about cveo-where. It is regard-
on a topic selected from Irish history, l.l1? 8C,'001' "ndf
,., i t -ii i n ii i I a source of joy in tlio boarding houses. In
Of: myself I will briefly sav that my . tho K.gisl,tivo- haUl is said, the
native land is Helgium, that part of ; ,ko.,-s representatives study its mysteries
Belgium called I landers, whore rises i their desks. Mathematicians vie with
my native city, tho ancient, historcal, j each other in gigantic equations arising
quaint looking city of Ghent. Bel- from it, and the dun receives daily a bushel
ing, nnd tho bay steamers experienced ! ?f ,S'"nt 1r1ick; n,s to myself,
,..,, ... ,. ., , boforo you, through Livniua, a
somo dinioulty in making (ho regular gaint iJntrick.
trips. Tlio steamtugs however,
no Iwdor, as thoy ornamented tho mud-
Hats on sovoral occasions.
Tub "News" says of tho masquerade
at this place on tho 17th, "our young
friend of tho Mail went as tho hole to
a chicken-coop," etc., nnd no chick
ens being driven through, wo " didn't
liko it some." You're right about
there being no chickens, Sig. ; but, if
liko you, wo had gono as the bung
holo to a whisky b.irrol, wo would dis
creetly havo held our peace.
Lost. At the Masquorado ball a
small red shawl. A suidihlo reward
will ho givon (o the finder.
Mrs. C. W. TowKn.
In Marshtleld, March 18th, 1880, to tho
wifo of Captain Chester, a son.
In Marshtleld. March 17th. 1880. to tho
uiio oi Ailrcu jviatsoii, a son.
At Iho Central Hotel, Marsliflcld,
March 20th, 1880, by J. O. Hull, J. P., Mr.
A. 11. Daly to Miss Lucy Monroo.
At tho reaidenco of tho hi itlo's parents, on
Coosirivor, March Kith, 1880, by Nov. O P
llailoy, Mrl) J MoDaugliliu and Miss Aman
da McKnight. Compliments received.
At Charles Hilborn's,.March 22.1, 1880,
Mrs Sarah Dyer, agod 07 years
gium received tho christian fai(h in
early times from missionaries sent by
(ho Roman pon(iffs from Pinbis, Chry
solius nnd Eubortus. But (ho con
stant invasions of barbarous and hea
then natives coming from tho east in
quest of fertile soil and gonial climate,
spread paganism and idolatry over tho
west of Europe, and mado tho reiior
atod exertions of now missionaries
constantly increasing. Thus in tho
early years of the seventh century wo
behold a largo portion of Europe,
Belgium included, overran by Saxons
and other heathens, and again plung
ed in all tho horrors of heathenism
and barbarity. But in tho midst of
tho darkness of that night of barbar
ism a lightdawns from tho Irish shoro;
tho green islo of saints sends her mis
sionaries abroad, iho night of orror
rccodes, tho day of truth comes in,
our ancostors rocoivo tho blessing of
christian civilization from tho minis
trations of Irish apostles, who, them
selves had inherited it from thoir
world-renowned apostlo, Saint Patrick.
Liovin or Livinua, an Irish Bishop,
brought to Christianity tho heathen in
habitants of Flanders, nnd in that
sense, thoro aro many hero presont.
who, though not Irish, aro children
son of
IrcIiiml'M Influence.
From n coiidonsod report of iv loo
luro recently dolivorod in Now Markot
Thoalro, Portland, t,y Archbishop Sog
hois, in aid of tho Irish famine fund,
on tho subject, "Ireland's Influence,"
from tho "Standard" wo quoto :
The reverend gonUoman said; I fool
tho necessity of explaining tho reason
why I proBumo to como forward as al
lecturer, and to lecturo upon a subject via tlio
Tlio Utnh iVortlirrn Ituilroml.
Tho Utah and Nordiorn railway,
narrow guago, stretches northward
from Ogdon, through uorthorn Utah,
entirely across eastern Idaho, and is at
this dato oporatcd to Beaver canon,
near (ho southern Montana boundary,
274 miles north of Ogden. Grading is
about completed to Bed ltock, Monta
na, !(0 miles north of Beaver canon.
Unless unusually rigorous weather
prevents, track will bo laid on those 30
miles this season, making a comploto
north and south narrow guago lino 1101
milos in length. Snrvovs have been
mode for divisions or lirnnohos de
bouching from tho constructed lino at
Bcavor canon to Yellow stono Na(ion
al Park, 02 miles from (ho presont
temporary terminus (o Helena via Bea
vorhead and Jefferson valleys, about
215 milos; from Portnouf stat'.on, Ida
ho, west and northwestj via Boiso Ci(y
to tho Columbia rivor in eastorn Oro
gon, and various preliminary observa
tions of routos in utaii, iiiauo, .Monta
na and Oregon, discarded or yot to bo
adopted. It is not extravagant to say
that tho Utah and Northern has now,
and ovidendy will havo for years to
como, by far (ho most oxtonsivo and
naturally rioh tributary region of any
lino of similar length in tho entire
Trans-Missouri country. Thoso por
tions of Idaho, Utah, Montana and
western Wyoming whoso tralllo it al
ready fairly controls, form an ompiro
of 200,000 squaro milos, a region wliioh
ovon in tho infancy of dovolopinont, is
found to contain somo of tho largost
and richest mineral bolts and incom
parably tho most oxtonsivo mid fertile
valley and desirable pasture lands in
tho entire Hooky mountain country.
Yellow stone National Park, whioh all
visitors pronounce the most prolific in
amazing natural wondors and beauti
ful Miniinu nt iinv snot of liko area in
tho known world, will, it is gonoiiilly
boltovod, from next bcason on, com
mand vory oxtonsivo tourist travel,
Utah mid Northern, na it is
of inquiries froui persons who want to
know a certain plan for it solution. Re
iiortcw in their travels through tho neigh
boring cities, report a singular conditiou of
tho public mind wherever they go. As
there is less competition outside the great
cities, tho puzzle is more expensive at a dis
tance from them.
A German tailor in Troy, purchased tho
puzzle, trilled with it, became ensnared by
it, sat un all night over it, threw it away,
gathered its pieces, ami tho next moruiuj
adorned his shop window with a placard
ollering a suit of clothes to any ono to
show him a solution. They also tell of an
Albany man who was belated at supper
time, and who hurried homo to find no
nremration for sunner. tho fire nut. tlio
children roaming the house, and his wife
locked in an upier room pondering over
ono of theso puzzles which sho had pur
chased of a peddler, who rattled the num
bers into consecutive order, to show how
very easy it was.
Tho puzzlo consists of a squaro box, into
which aro fitted fifteen wooden squares,
numbered consecutively from 1 to 15.
There is room for four rows of four in a
row. Tho absence of tho sixteenth block
nlTords room for the movement of tho others.
Tho gamo is to disarrange tho blocks and
then to bring tho numbers into consecutive
order by shitting them into place without
lifting ono oil" tho bottom of tho box. The
intricacies of this apparently simple exer
cise aro startlinc A mathematician who
reported tho result of his calculatons in the
sun, wrote tnat the number of possible
movements is 4,RO7,674,30S,OOO. There
nro said to bo a number of combinations
that aro either very ihtlicult of solving, or,
as somo say, impossible. Ono dealer
solemnly assured a bun reporter that two
unfortunate men in Boston who encounter
ed this combination are now insane nnd in
an asylum. Ho says that Mr. J. F. I'assen,
of 21)7 Pearl street, offers 100 to any one
who will cxtricato him from the tangle in
which ho became involved when ho found
tho blocks iu this order;
12 3 4
5 G 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 15 14
Tho samo dealer says that this is the com
bination that most frequently causes trou
ble. Ho says that ho receives great num
bers of letters from persons who want to
know whether this combination can bo sur
mounted. Ho says ho ovorcame it, but it
was accidental, nnd ho could not recall the
limvimia mnv.w lln u'na nu-&tff.nil nfc '?
,..-..-.. .......... ... ..... .,........ ... nyyuyu ut'ioiiiT io me reserve i
r rrA r "" 7, "? rr 44OlS00 to the standing army. The
Tho most interesting point is the
promulgation of the fashion. The in
ventor, let us say, has arranged some
thing new in his mind ; but how does
he get somebody else to wear it? Un
der the empire this was pretty easy.
There was a regular hierarchy of
influence, beginning with tho Em.
press and going on to leaders of les
ser grade: and you had only to ob
tain their support to launch your fash
ion. Very much tho same thing is
done now, only it is a little more dif
ficult to do for want of good organiza
tion. There arc always in Paris, at
any given time, two or three women
who are famous for dressing well. All
the other women watch them, and try
(o find out, even before they know it
themselves, what they are going to
wear. These two or three women
Mme. de Portalcs was one of them in
the time of the Empress aro the
mark of the artistic souvenir. He takes
them into his council, lays his plans
before them for the coming seasons,
accepts their suggestions, and, finally,
has the completed schemes of fashion
ready. The discussions have led to
this important result a. something
has been found which he will consent
to make, and a something which
they will be content to wear. The
scheme is well matured in the cabinet
before it is launched on the world.
Tho world has, in fact, only to hear
and obey, and therefore those who
havo to give it orders must be care
ful to know their own minds. When
the project is ready it has to be sub
mitted to the supreme head of the
mode under tho empire, of course, to
the Empress; under the republic, to
no one in particular, and that is why'
the dressmakers shako their heads
over that institution, and say that it
can never last. There is no one to
take the place of Eugenie. Mme. de
McMahon, with her plump, maternal
figure, never dressed in any (rue eeiise
of (he word ; she was merely attired.
Mme. Grcvyis even worse; but inas
much as something must be worn, as
often as not an actress starts the fash
ion. Even in the time of tho Em
press it was not she who first appear
ed in the innovating garment. She
simply accepted it as a thing she
might possibly be induced to wear
nf(er some adventurous spirits had
made a trial of it. Thus, when Worth
and Mme. Portalcs had como to an
understanding with one another, and
when the Empress had come to a nun
derstanding with both, Madame would
flash upon expectant Paris in (he new
Nowadays, as I have said, the first
pioneer is very often an actress. The
new dress pieces fill the theaters just
as much by virtue of the dressing as
by virtue of the plot and of the acting.
Tho pit on (he first night is half full
of poor dressmakers, notebook and
pencil in hand, who arc copying (he
s(yles (o make up in cheaper form for
(heir own clionls. Theso industrious
artis(s only quit the theaters of an
evening to attend (no diuretics in
the morning. They watch weddings
as assiduously as (hey wa(ch a play,
becauso a now dress is very of(en
launched at ceremonies of that des
cription. Paris Corr.
Stnnllnr Armies of Europe.
There can bo littlo question that
tho present prostrate condition of
Continental trade is in a great mea
sure duo to tho enormous burdens
laid on tlio peonlo by the military
policy of their leaders. How heavy
theso burdens are, some details ta
ken from a report lately issued by tho
Hungarian Minister will show. Ac
cording to this report (the object of
which is locxnioiiinereiauvo wcau-
ness of the Austro-Hungarian forces,
and advocate an addition to them).
the military strength of Russia con
sists ot li.lHli.bUU men, ot whom
600,000 belong to the reserve and 2
cdout in the event of a general war.
It is nevertheless truo that ll)0j great
military powers havo nt their dis
posal 10,000,000 men who havo
learned or aro now learning, the sol
dier's art, nnd are bound to ro-cntcr
tho ranks when required. Tho
mind refuses to grasp tho full sig
nificance of these portentuous fig
ures, but it (nay safely he affirmed
that so long as these bloated arma
ments arc suffered to exist Europo
can count neither on lasting com
mercial prosperity nor on a long
continuance of peace. Geneva
Corr. Manchester Examiner.
By virtuo of an execution irsned out of
tho Circuit Coart of the State of Oregon, for
the county of Curry, on tho 13th day of
March, 18S0, in favor of John Huntley,
plaintiff, and Will Huntley, defendant, for
tho sum of $53 14, and costs taxed at ?0 05,
io me directed and delivered, commanding
me to mako levy and sale according to law.
of the property real or personal of said de
fendant, I havo levied upon the following
described real property belonging to said
defendant, towit: Lots 3 and 4, nnd an un
divided j interest in lots 1 and 2 of sec. 1,
T. SG, Sit. 15 w., and lots 1 and 2 of sec. 30
T. 35, Sit. 15 w nnd tho 2f J of SWJ of
section 31, T.35, Sit. 14 w. in Carry Co. Or.
And I will, on tho THIRD DAY OK
MAY, 1880, at tho hour of ono o'clock in
the afternoon of said day, at the courthouse
door in Ellensburg, sell all the right title
and interest of said defendant in and to said
property, or so much thereof as may be nec
essary, which he had on the 5th day of
March, 1880, to satisfy said execution and
accruing costs.
Dated at Ellexseuro, On., March 13th,
1880. A. H. MOORE,
12 4w Sheriff of Curry county, Or,
A Republican Convention for tho Stato
of Oregon is called to meet at Portland,
Wednesday, April 21st, 1SS0, at 11
o'clock a.m., for tho purpose of nominat
ing a candidate for Congress, three can
didates for Presidential Electors, thrco
candidates for Judges of (he Supremo
Court, Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys
for each of the several Judicial Districts,
and the election of six delegates to attend
the National Republican ConvenUon,
and to transact such other business as
may properly come before the Conven
tion. The Convention will consist of 1C5 Del
egates, apportioned among the various
counties as follows :
Faker 4
Benton C
Clackamas 10
Clatsop 5
... .... 6
The same being one Delegate for every
100 votes, and one for eyery fraction of 50
votes and overcast for Secretary of Stato
at the last general election.
The Committee recommend that tho
primaries be held on Saturday, April 3,
1S90, and the County Conventions en Satur
day, April 10, 1880, unless otherwise ordered
by the proper County Central Committee.
David Fromak, Chairman.
Joseph Simon-, S.-eretary.
D lM r fill
and moat THOROUGHLY constructed
SEWING MACHINEcTcr invented. Ml
lie wearing parts aro mado of the DEST
Jt lias tao A VT03TA TIC TSXFZOK; It
has tho LAJIOEar JIOUBIX; It has the
Easiest Threaded Shuttle.
Tha 1JODDINS are WOUND without
has a U IAI. lor regulating tho IcugUi of sUteb.
B1MCB under the ami; It is NOISELESS.
ntt has more points of KXCELXKNCE Una
all other madilucs combined.
J-AjontB wanted In loculltle
whero wo aro not represented.
Johnson, Clark & Co.
clerk said ho had sclvctl tho problem anil
could do it ncain. Thrco or four of tho
boarders sat up during tho remainder of the
night to sco it dono, but tho clerk disap
pointed them. A broker who showed tlio
problem ventured a heavy wager that ho
could repeat tho solution, lio Itccamo
hopelessly confused, and finally went to (ho
inanutacturcr of tlio puzzlo anil ollereil mm
a handsome sum for tho solution, saying ho
could win his money liack ten times over
if ho knew tho method. A Bostouinan ad
vertises to send tho solution for two three
coot stamps. To thoso who write to him
ho replies; 'Tick up tho 15 and put it af
ter tho 14," It is said that a conductor on
tho Huston and l'rovidrnco Itailroad was
seen to work out tliis combination as well
ns another ono in liicli tho U follows the
10, with all tlio other numbers correctly
placed. In overcoming (ho first combina
tion ho made 'JG0 moves.
Tlio members of tho Academy of Scienc
es, at their annual meeting on Monday, dis
cussed the puzzle. They said tho fifteen
blocks can bo placed in a trillion combina
tions, "Supposing," Baid ono, "that tho
blocks bo placed on a chess board on tho
altoruato white and mid black squares. If
tlio number that should bo on a black
smiaro is on a white biptarc, tho solution
regular army ol b rnnco comprises
1,(S9.000 soldiers of nil arms, the
territorial army, 1,20S,000; total, 2
289,000; to bo increased in 1S92 by
tho addition of 300,000 reserve men
to 2,273,000. Tho German power,
of all classes, is represented by 2,004
300 men, of whom 1,076,200 belong
to tho standing army, 807,100 to the
landwehr, ahd 620,900, to tlio re
serve. Ital v lias an army of 69S,000,
and a militfa of S10,0iD. In 18S2,
when tho reserve will number 1,016.-
200, her total strength will reach 2,
021,200. Austro-llungnry possesses
a standing army of 800,000, a land
wohr of 299,318, and a reservo of 95,
000 men; total, 1,191,318. Tho
grand total of all theso forces
amounts to 1G,-171,918, tho standing
armies nlono numbering 7,925,000
But it must not bo understood that
all tho latter oro now under arms ;
at least half of them aro on n fur
lough. Thoy form tho first lino, and
all would, of course, bo at onco call-
The Coast Mail.
Marshfield, Coos Co., Or.
Terms, Iu Advance.
Ono year -Six
months -Thrco
months -
2 5(1
.a-XiXj Tjxxran xmmxriai
The Development of our Minos, tho
Improvement of our hurbor, and mil
road communication with the Interior,