The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, December 27, 1879, Image 1

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T" 1J C"
Pa tr,TOTBEifirf
Vol. 1.
The Coast Moil.
Mnrshllotll, Coos Co., Or.
One year
Six IIIIIIllllH -
Three months -
In Advance.
2 "'()
1 m
I 00
oitici.u. vwv.n or coos co.
II l' H I X K S H C A It I) K.
l'Mi'iifi: City, Oukuux.
Maukiii-ii:m, Oiii.oon,
.Minsiini.i.i, OisKHox.
V. V. AXtiKU M. 1).
Cmiii III r CH it, Ofn.
S. II. 1I.V7.AUI, J. W. IllMtl.TOX
"Will prattifi in tlit wirioiu court
of the state.
orn i: at iMi'im: crrv, Otis-.
cr. :. sioair.
li. W15IJSTKH,
M.uisiiiu:m, Our.iinx.
i::.ii'Hti: c;tv, own.
(Vllci-llon ttiul other hnslne placed
III HIV IiIIIkIn, Mill leiciU' ptlllMpt uttcti-
lion. , vl!Mf
lS. MhH'iuil anil U. S. V;
S U It V K Y 0 It ,
('(o,Pll.!.X OlTV, OlI.W
Will attend to thi-bu'Jnt of tirvo.vhi
in any part of the county.
IVrfirt imiNiif nil mirveyed land, fur
utshcdat Mliort until.'.
i:. (J. c it i xi it o,
A I'li.iri' of imlilir luitnomjio 1m riM'MH'l
fully k..liiitf.l. 1 Stf
MAKIH t3U'X34.r.X
Tlilw Inxtltutltion now hHolIh tlu ltt
f.iciliiii'H fr education to I to found In tin1
( o;il 1'iyinn of Southern Ori'ipiu. Tin
Academy I graduated Into three depart
incut a follow :
Tin J'l'lnini'i J)ritrtninit
In which Introductory Hnuiches are
'J'lir Junior Dt'iHirtiUiHt.
Kiiihrnclug Orthography, Heading,
VriliitKi (irnnuiiar, dcoj'raphy, History,
I'hvxlolofjv, Familiar Science and Men
tal'and I'i'netieal Arithmetic.
Tin Sfiilor Itriiiii'tiiivnt
l'liibriuing l!(M)k-l;w)in(Hinnli ami
double eutryjllotiiuy, Chemistry, l'ollti l'conomy, Latin, Ithotoric, IIIkIic
Arithmetic, Algebra, (ieoinetry, Trtgo
iionictry ami wtrvoyhig.
.v vsiv.
1 mt nut Ion In till branch in given
when desired.
HoAiiiM'iiii bo had for from $!l to $1
per week with private families, uml for
till U'hh when several studentH club to
gether mid board themselves.
I'rimar.v )nKirtiiiuiit
Junior . .
-if r,oo
. . - 111,00
J.T. MiCouiiAO,
Miunliilrld, k1'
If you want im'iiny hIiuvo,
.Mint call on moat invioilooii,
From morn 'till iiiglit or huny noon j
y razors' fluir), my wIkmiw, koiin,
My wimp jx neat mid tnwolfl vlirnn ;
And tlit'io I think that you will llnd
Kat'h iiiticlo to Htiit tho mind ;
I trim tho hair with l:lll for koiiIh,
Of I'liumu tho jirlro in fifty oontu;
KliiiiiiiioiiiKi too, I do that well,
Oivonion trial, thai will toll ;
Ko help mo ynuiloiiH if I iiinko you hol
ler, You need not pay u cnmitcr of a dollar.
J. W.Oox.Vropr.
1. S. Hot uml cold hathu always roady,
jm iuiui J" " i
Till' OIISlTIX OlllWltllMl,
The fnllowliiK Ik an acttinl occur
rence, anil took place a few ilayn ago
in Canada. I wan working at tho
timo in n city olllco. Tho lino ex
tended u eoiide of hundred mile
h'out Montreal to Caradel. Ahout
midway was u large town, Jllnvillej
the other oIUcch were at country vil
lage. The operator at Hinvlllo wan
a young man named Charlton, who
had Iieen mine yearn in tho State, and
wan a very expert operator, and a
clever fellow at anything. Ho wan not
tho actual agent of our company,
The agent was a rcfpoetnlde lunatic
named Chigglo, who wan nlxo pout
maxtcr. llekiiowlittleor nothing of
IiIh IiuhIiiw. hut cutrunted it all to
Charlton, who did pretty much as he
liked, Ho Charlton wan in ell'ect post
nuiHlernnd operator.
IVrhaps you don't tindorstiuid tho
working of the poft-ollleo. A few
word will explain all that i iiccck
miry you nlmiilri know to underftand
my ntory. When they ilicpateli a
mail from an olllce, they cend with it n
letter hill. On that hill is entered the
amount of postage dim on letterc for
warded totheollleo to which the mail
i.i Kut, mid the amount of postage paid
in money or by ntninp on letter)
mailed at tho diHimtehing olllce. On
the right hand half of thin bill are en
tered the nuniborn and nddrexnen of
all regintored IctteiH and parcelM for
ward e I by that mail. When u letter
in registered itrt uddio.-n and uunilxsr
are entered inn book and on the letter
hill, The receiving postmaster ontcru
it into bin hook, and initialxthe letter
bill hi an acknowledgment.
There wan an agency of the Caradel
bunk nt llinville, and every week,
mnnetiincn twice a week, tho head
ofllee remitted packages of it own
note to llinville, to be put in circula
tion there. Thuo packet containod
from four to-ix tboufaml dollar, and
wero M-nt by mull, ret-intcrcd. You
will ee that if, ilirougb oinifjiiou of
tliuuutfniiKRjuj!ii,siimJi a imrcel was
not entered on the letter bill, tho rd
eeivint; clerk could pocket the pan-el
and iy he never received it. There
would bo nothing on the bill to how
that micb n parcel wa forwarded.
One Sunday morning in April, while
Charlton wa mjrting the mail from
Caradel by the flickering gaslight, he
came aorox n largo packet from the
Caradel bank. Ho threw it aside a
iinual, till lie had completed the tank
of Korling tho mail. When be came
toeumKire the regintered lelturs with
the bill, be found M'von letter in the
pnrt-ol, only nix entered. Tho clerk
at Cnmilcl had omitted to enter the
bunk piiroel!
Charlton Mil down and thought it
over. It Win a big temptation, m
thoucaiul dollars. It wan .Sunday,
ami no ofllee) wero open. Chigglo
never looked at the bill, the pot
nnuter nt Carmlel would never mix
pect anyihiiig wrong, the aguney at
llinville would wait until I ucxilny, ex
pwtlng their pnicel. lle hail two
dayrt'etart. Ho ut down an honet
niiinantl mtuntpn robber. It wa a
terrible temptation to go through,
and I think thatni.uiy a stronger fel
low than Charlton would have fallen.
He put the puree! into hi Mitehel,
went homo to hi breakfast, came
back, and attended to liiollleedutie.
At noon tho ofllee closed, and hi
work was over. Ho broke up the par
cel, Mowed the note away about him,
changed bin dro, and hired a horo
to go to iv French village some dozen
mile from llinvillo. It was n wet
Sunday, tho early spring road wero
deep with stick mud, the wheels xunk
to the axle, and slipped in the cav
ernous rut. Arriving at this village
bo left bis horse and walked on three
mile to another little bamlot, where
be engaged a wrinkled obi Ittthilttnt,
a furry horse, and a xpringles. cart, on
tho representation that bo was a .tele
grapli repairer sent out to llx home
damage done to the line. On bo jolt
ed until he reached tho village of
K'enn, about twenty-llvo miles distant
from llinville.
Ho left hi venerable ohaiioteer at
a tavern, mid walked boldly over U)
the telegraph olllco, which was a pri
vate house. It was preided over b,
a fat girl in a, bat and red shawl. Hhe
wa about tho pliifgest of plug that
you over board of. Her Instvuinenl
It bout matched her. They wore
tdialcy, old fasionod, out of all adjust
ment, apparently compounded out of
thrauhing mill and a wjoiIou clock.
The weather wa abominable. Tho
IimlruinontH worked accordingly,
Moniotiinori K"tthiK ofT almndred lino
dots utterly invisible toting linked eye,
and eonoluding with n ntubborn dash
six feet liiiitf. Tho operator was nl
Moat ciyint; over it, and no womlor.
Hut Cluulton'n practiced ear caught
two word, "robber escaped."
Ill breath came quick for rt min
ute, the room wam beforo him, and
ho almost fell. In another pcrond
hlscelf-possesHiou camo buck, and bo
asked the mixed operator if the lino
wa woiking well now? Tho girl
turned mound and asked hi name.
.Inlm Hell, repairer. He was sent
out to investigate tho working of the
ofllces, and see after the line generally
The poor girl wa Oirorjoyed to ceo the
providential Hell. The lino wa
woiking wretchedly, the weather was
bad, the instrument old, and she had
an important uiescage to take. It wa
addressed to tho chief countable, and
ho could not make out a word.
Would Mr. Moll help her?
Of courxo he would. So he cut oil'
the register, and working on tho
feeble, rickety old rHay, the following
mongago ticked faintly oil":
Hi.nvu.u:, 10th.
To Chief Cmtnliibh, Keiui :
The operator here, one Chailtou,
ha stolen parcel bank notes, six
thousand dollars. Itobher escaped.
Probably passing your way. Hill on
Caradel bank. Arrest him. Olllcer
on hi track about an hour behind
him. Sami'i:i Ciiiuciu:.
If you think, however, that Charl
ton copied out thi message, you njc
mistaken. He listened toil, ami thou
interrupting the sender, asked him to
repent it slowly, a the lino worked
very badly. The operator swore and
recommenced. Charlton calmly
wrote out this:
Hixviu.i:, April 10th.
To VhifJ Coimlnlile, flrim :
I'ont-ofllcc robbed of six thousand
dollars Caradel bank bills. Itobher
escaped up your way. He will try to
pus himself oil' a a detective in nnr
xuit of Charlton, and ha forged a
warrant. .Soiu him. One thousand
dollar reward.
Sami'i:i. Cmaoi.K.
This message wn sent to tho chief
constable, a fat little Canadian, prin
ciply clad in a pair of beef boots and
u fur cap. One thousand dollars!
He would bo a millionaire a thous
nndniro rathor. Local .jirjiits w(yjld
narrate his sagacity and bravery, nud
hi grand children would talk of him
a the man who, single handed, cap
tured tho desperate robber of tho Car
adel bank.
Hut there wa no time to lose. Tho
valiant chief countable, and six myr
midons hid themselves in the adjoin
ing room, having first criuturid thorn
sol vc elaborately for the fight. Clint-
leton asked the next ollieo when the
detective had passed, and saw that ho
had a clear half hour before him. lie
went to tho taorn, ordered hi patri
archal charioteer to sup and bo ready
to leave in an hour, ordeied hi own his satchel conspicuously
on the table, wont to the ofllee and
telegraphed that tho robber was ar
roMed.and that they need not bo on
tho watch, and then took to the field.
He went down toward llinville, and nt
a turn of the road, met a cart reeling
and rocking furiously through the
swashing mud. A stout man wa
lashing tho horxo furiously with the
reins, and swearing lustily at tho road
inspector. Charlton crouched under
the fence until ho passed, and thou
struck for tho river. Ho found an old
wrinkled inhabitant whocamo grumb
ling and shivering to the door, shad
ing hi guttering caudlo with his
dirty finger. Charlton hired the old
man and hi two bead eyed, black
haired boy to row him across tho riv
er. It wa a ease of life and death
ho said. Tho river wa high and tho
ice running. Tho couno of the
stream wa choked by huge grinding
nhcots of ice. Occasional crooked
ebnnnel of clear water showed be
tween these, binoking in the chill
night air under the light of tho moon
They pushed oil' in a ciazy wooden
canoe, and with bold heart ventured
into tho limiting ice. .Sometimes it
wa fair paddling through tho chan
nels, every minute becoming narrow
er a the ice field came together
Then they had to leap out and drag
the canoe overa enke of ice, xtmining
wearily at the gunwale. l'laHhing
into clear water, then one leg in the
canoe, tho other in tho floating pud
dle impelling it onward. After four
hour' hard work they reached the
opposite shore, live mile down stream.
Half an hour afterward Charlton wa
. .. ..... 1 ..I..-1.! ...... It. ..... .1-
euuiering ami pinouisi'i i"
in a French curt, bound to tho fron
tier. He dodged along unfreijuent
roads, and nt ii o'clock on Tuesduy
morning wn. iieroxa tho linos hi tho
land of" freedom to him. Ho got
away, nud probably is a flourishing
mid ontorpriMng incrohnnt by this
Hut to go bnok again to our horoio
dqtcotivq, who wan swearing idong
tho rond to Kona. Ho arrived there
and drove dirwt to tho ofllco. Ho
leaped from hi seat, and dashing up
the steps, panted:
"I'm a detective!"
"Hurrah!" shouted tho vigilant
rustic chief, bursting from hi ambuxh
anil followed by hi myrmidon, fling
ing himself upon hi city confrere.
Tlie warrior bore down trium
phantly upon tho olllcer. "Hurrah!
the thousand dollar is to us is to
ual" In vain hi abortion, hi pro
testation in vain the warrant. They
wqrc prepared for that. The ttnfor
(ujiate man wa bound hand nud foot,
placed in n cart, escorted by most of
the able bodied population of Knnn,
at Onco started for llinville. It win
twd o'clock in the morning when
thpy arrived there. Tho new had
preceded them, and the little city was
nil awake to sec tho triumphal en
trance of the dnring robber. On
wtfund the mournful procession, tho
village chief, intoxicated with joy,
dancing in front of the cart, hi faith
ful myrmidon encircling it, like In
dian bearer around a palanquin.
Tho captive had howled anil kicked
himself hoarse, was now lying cxliaust
ed;iu the cart, occasionally giving an
apathetic wriggle orndesp.iiring bleat
They haughtily waved hack the crowd
and led him to tho jail. The gray
hiiircit ojd' jailer came wheezing forth
with hi keys clanking.
' mo get nt him!" howled the
fiCry Chigglo, bursting through the
crowd ; " let mo utranglo him !"
In' furtherance of this charitable in
tention, Mr. Chigglo scicd him by
tho throat. Then, with an unpro
nounceable shriek, n perfect hash of
a word, he stove in the saltatory coun
try constable' hnt.
"(real heavens!" he cried; "it is
tho dotective!"
Tableau Operator for Xuvemlcr.
A I-, ruble.
Then shall the kingdom of Satan
In) likened unto a grain of tobacco
seed; which, though exceedingly
ulall, being cast into tho ground,
. . . ..,..-.. i
grew: anil oceanic n great piani; mm
ff. t.i-:rt.-Jii-...t'-.v.i-';..til !i-....-,l en
.ijili'im ii.-i lu.n ua limn .no. ......., -u
that huge and vilo worms formed n
habitation thorcon. Anil it came to
pass in the course of timo that the son
of man looked upon it, and thought
it beautiful to look upon ; and much
to be desired to mako huU look big
and manly. So they put forth their
hand nud did chew thereof. And
some it mnile sick, and others to vom
it iuot filthily. And it farther came
to lias that those who chewed it be
came weak and unmanly, and said
WO iiw enslaved and can't coaso from
chewing it. And tho mouths of all
that wore enslaved became foul ; nud
they were soixed with n violent spit
ting ; and they did spit, even in la
dies' parlor, and in tho house of the
Lord of ho,ts. And tho saints of the
Most High were greatly plagued thorc
by. And in the counso of time it
eamo also to pass that others xnuflod
it; and l hoy wore taken suddenly
with lit, and they did sneozo with n
great mid mighty sneeze, insomuch
Unit thoir eye wero filled with tears,
and they did look exceedingly silly.
And yet others cunningly wrought
tho leave thereof into rolls, and did
sot fire to tho one end thereof, nud did
suck vehemently at the other end
thoreof, and did look very grave and
calf-liko; and the snuko of thoir tor
niont ascended up forever and forever.
And tho cultivn ion thereof beeamo
n great and mighty business in tho
earth ; and tho merchant men wnxed
rich in tho commerce thoreof. And
it came to pass that the saints of tho
Most High defiled themselves there
with ; even the poor who could not
buy shoos, nor bread, nor books for
their little onos, spent thoir money
for it. And tho Lord was greatly dis
pleased therewith, and said: "Where
fore tin waste I nud why do these littlo
ones lack bread nud shoo and books?
Turn now your fields into corn and
wheat ; nnd put this evil thing far
from you ; and tie separate, ami uuihij
not yourselves any more; and 1 will
bless you and cilue my face to shine
on you."
Hut with one accord they all ex
claimed : "Wo cannot cease from
ehowing, ainifliug and putling wo
are slaves."
llAi'i'Y lathe mind which is so con
stituted that it can give a humorous
turn to everything. Vo all know
how it brighten up things generally
inhavo a lively, witty companion who
see tho ridiculous points of thing
and who can turn an aiinoynneo into
an occasion for laughter.
Two darkios wore vaunting their
courage. "I isn't 'lonitl o-nouiin.
iati't,'rsaid one. "Don, Sum, 1 vwkon
you isn't 'feared to loan mo ft dollnh?
No, Julius, 1 isn.V.OM-ed to lend you
n ilolluh. but I doe hrtto to part wid
an olo frleii' forobbor."
Q7, 1879.
Tho Hplrtt I'mvn.
Many years ago porhapsacontury
or longer when tho Catawba tribo
of Indians hunting over the north
west portion of our State, thoro was
among them a bountiful young eirl,
daughter of the bend chief of the
tribe, who wn known among the
braves by tho title of O-miin-o-rec, or
tho Hounding Fawn. Her black and
lustrous eye were more terriblo to tho
Catawba warriors than the watch-lire
of a hostile war-party ; and many a
warrior, who pulled his calumcnt in
stoic indifl'erenco when tho Hounding
Fawn passed near him, would have
given hi wealth of horses and wam
pums, despite his affected solidity, if
hc would have .consented to share
his lodgo with him. Hut in vain did
they aspire to her hand. 1'ipc after
pipe wa smoked between her father
and the elder braves but to no purpose
and many a one of tho younger war
riors walked the war-path alone, in
search of some gallant adventure, on
which to base his claims nnd still
O-man-o-rec romaincd a maid. Wa-hus-pa
alone, of all the young braves,
had never sued for her band. He
wa young and poor, but he was proud
and he knew that his spirit could
never brook the scornful refusal,
which he felt sure would be his lot if
he dared to ask the War-lvaglc for his
daughter; for Va-hus-pa's face had
never felt tho war-paint, and no hos
tile scalp decorated his belt. Hut the
panther skin which screened the en
trance of his lodge was larger by a
hand's breadth, every way. than any
in the village, and the grizzly moir
stor from which it was torn, had fall
on beforo his hunting knife in singlo
combat. Twice had ho despoiled tho
she bear of her cubs, and slain with
his ax, when she rushed to avongo her
loss. The old men looked with pride
on his athletic limbs and splondid
form as he sat naked on his horse,
nrmed for the chai-e, and predicted
that tho fearless and successful hunt
er would some day become a thunder
bolt to tho enemies of the tribe.
Wif-hus-pa never made auit for the
Hounding Fawn. Why, then, did the
eyes of the maidert glisten with pride
when she looked on tho moccasins,
the bolt, and tho quivorof the young
brave, and saw that they wore formed
from the spotted coat of the beautiful
ereaturo whose name bore? Why did
the blood go Ixninding to her dusky
cheek, when she glanced at thespoar-
stair whielr was planted in front of
his lodge, nnd saw dangling from it
his ." medicine bag " of stuffed fawn
skin? On the other hand, whence
came that daily tribute of fish or veni
son which was laid by somo unscon
hand at tho door of War-Eliglo's lodge?
And on that bright July morning,
when O-inan-o-reo was waked from
her shady slumber on the bank of tho
Catawba, by a well known dreadful
rattle and stood transfixed with hor
ror at the sight of the hidoous roptilo,
which was proparing to givo tho fatal
blow, whoso nervous arm nud uner
ring cyo winged tho shaft which pin
ned tho monster to the oak, at whose
base ho was coiled? Many asked
Jheso questions, but none could ans
wer them, till tho War-F.aglo arose
one morning and called in vain for
Onian-o-rco to fill his pipe. "Shois
bathing with the maidens" said the
chief. Hut tho maidens had not seen
hor. Nor was it until a whisper
reached his ear that Wa-hus-pa, too,
was missing, that tho truth flashed
upon her father' mind. Then thoro
was a mounting in hot haste, and tho
war-whoon rung through tho ances
tral pines, as the warriors scoured ofi'
Sn pursuit. Hut evening orougni
them back again, with no trace of tho
fugitives. Tho old chief foamed,
with rage and sorrow, and hisbrothor
tho prophet of the tribo, donned the
mytio robe, and with spells ami in
cantations, howled out his cursoupon
tho flying pair- Meanwhile, Wa-liiis
pa's stout gelding had borne tho lov
ers gallantly on. Tlueo days aim
nights with scarce an interval of res1
brought them to tho lieigborhood of
St. Stephen's church, and bore the
noble steed gave out. Weary and
and faint, tho lovers agreed to rest
hero for awhile; and sprending his
pather robo beneath a thick houghed
holly, tho young bravo placed 0 man-o-reo
upon it, and left her to slumber
while ho wandered off in search of
somo gaino for a meal. Ho hnd not
proceed far, bofore ho canio upon a
lovelv, half grown doe, reposing be
neath thoshndo of a holly; quick as
thought, his shaft was on tho string
and tho next instant was quivering in
hor hoart. Ho sprang forward to se
cure his quarry, and boforQ him lay
the lifoloss form of his bleeding bride!
Thooursoof tho prophet had followod
him j'tho spell was upon his senses,
,'.JU JUf !-.- .WiU'tf'aiXljjfig'Sj
Ho gazed a moment upon tho horrid
sight, then tearing thegarmonts rrom
hU body and limb, niched into tho
swamp, a naked, howling maniac, and
none have mwi a trace of Wa hus-pii
since Hut from that hour, tho White
Spirit Doe of St. Stephen' hns haunt
ed the holly bush by the old brick
Wtiiit Knve'l Slim.
A young wife in 'Miohignn had jut
got settled in her Iiomc. All seemed
fair and promising, for she did not
know hor husband was a drunkard.
Hut one night he camo Iwino at a
very Into hour, and much the worse
fin-liquor. When ho staggored into
the hons'., tho wife, who was greatly
chocked, told him ho was sick, and to
lie down at once, and in a inoioentor
two he was comfortably on tho sofa,
in a drunken sleep. His face was red-dirh-purp.e,
and altogether, he was :t
pitiable looking object.
Tho doctor was sent for post haste,
and mustard applied to his feet and
hand. When the doctor camo and
folt hi pulse, and examined him and
found that he was only drunk, he
said :
"He will be all right in the mut.i-
Hut tho wife insisted that he was
very sick, nnd that severe remedies
must be used.
"You niusi shavo his head and ap
ply blUcr-V'she urged "or 1 will send
for some one who will."
Tho husband's head was according
ly shaved closely and blisters applied.
The patient lay all night iaa drunk
en sleep, nnd, notwithstanding the
blintcM wore eating into his flesh, it
was not till near morning that It be
gan to beat .ilont, disturbed by pain.
Alwut daylight ho woke up to a
most uncomfortable consciousness of
blistered agonies.
"AVhatdoes this mean?" ho said,
putting his hnnds to his bandaged
"Lio still; you mustn't stir," said
his wife ; "you have bean very siek." '
"I am notniuh." . , ..-.:, -u ,-
"Oh, yes.'you a"rc. Yotr'1Irnvl:tIe,
brain fever. Wo have worked -with '
von all night."
'1 should think you hnd," groaned
the poor victim. "What's the matter
with my feet? '
"They arc blistered."
"Well, I am better now; take otr
the blisters do," Impleaded pitoously.
He was in a mot uncomfortable
state his head covored with soro-,
and his feet and hands still worse.
"Dear," he said, groaning, "if I
should ever get sick in this way again,
dont be alarmed and send for a doctor,
and, above all, don't blister me again
"Oh, indeed I will ; all that savoji
you were the blisters ; and if you have
another such srll, I shall nioro
frightened than cvor, for the tondoncy
I am suro is to apoplexy, and from
the next attack you are likely to die,
unless there are tho scvorest measures
Ho mado no further defense. Suf
fice it to say that honovorhad anoth
er attack.
-., - (.
tie Toneln-cl Him.
John- rua-xix, (the late Lieut, (loo.
II. IJeiby, I. S. A.,) the, 'American
humorist, being one night at a thifr
tre, fancied he saw a friend sonii)
threo seats in front of him. Turning
to his next neighbor ho said,
"Would you bo kind enough tp
touch that gentleman with, your
"Certainly," was tho reply, and tho
thing was done.
Hut when the individual thus as
saulted turned round, Pluenix saw'hi
was not tho man ho took him for, mid
at onco absorbed in tho play, leaving
his friend with tho stick to settle mat
ter with tiio gentleman in front, as bo.
had no excuse handy, was not .done
without ctmsidornhlo trouble. When
the hubbub was over, thD victim said,,
"Didn't you toll mesir, to tap that
man with my stick?"
"And what did you want?"
Oh," wild Thtonlx with impejtitri
able gravity, "1 wanted to uco wheth:
volt would or pot! ,
Di-uinu h thunder storm a; negro
liov was fovcrely kicked by a vigorous,
mule, and just as be was picking him
self up, a stroke of lighting hit tho
nude and killed him on tho spot.
Weill, darl" exclaimed the negro,
if dis ehilo Imint got pow'inl friends
to 'vungohis insults, don -diu's no uso
trying to hub lailh in anything."
A .mlmv.l bnbv foil from an attic
I window tho other day, and tho nipt.-
or tolls storv tints: "Voxa, iai oumi
was coming down'feot fust, wid every
chnnew of being killed, when d? Lnwd,
li tin m-d him '-i'. do ohilo struck on
lit huad, and time wasn't bo much
asubotton flow olf."
-'. 5'"iV.
- -" ' 3 ti
i .'.-
. y ....
)4tWtMk r
m.&i''''i'". v'"."