The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, October 25, 1879, Image 1

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The Coast Mail.
The Coast Mail.
Mnrnliflelil, Coon Co., Or.
Tho Intorosts of Southern Ore
gon Always Foremost.
Ti:ilMM, IN AllVANt'K.
One year ? 5"
KK iiinutli ,
Threo Jiimilliit I mi
llllrlnl l'ntrr f t'ncm tlouuly.
VOL. l.
The Development of our Mltie, the Im
provement of our Harbors, nnd Hallroad Com
munication with the Interior, Bpeclalllos.
NO. 43.
'"' '.' ' 'I).. 5Sg
A Night In Hun PrnnclNco.
(Illnr In Huorsmnnto Heeonl. Ool. I 1
I wish I could give yon im '1"1 "' 1m1
Saturday night Hie. IM''t
Paviliiin. Jt was n gala ,K,t ,w ov,,rv
Saturday night i"i HlU1 i''ranoiwo, Il1"1
rOVlirV 1)110 UHS (Hit, (llOSKCtl III HIM llCSt,
jnniiy "f tint Indies almost In oporn cos-
Ftlllliert light WOllllltlH, Willi waving
IkIiihiiih. white kids nnd flue dresses. Ami
Eohl wlml ghastly fOtnpIoxloiiH wont ill)
Ehud down; some oni-pso-while, with rod-
IrimiiH'tl h.vom ly ooiitniHi, unci iiiniiiccu
fliar wrinkly look lyliiK underneath llio
Hmor nfclmlk which iilwuyM strikes me ns
t't, lliilli-.lull-l'el cllccl. '1 lull is t II 0 llcilll
iwhilo complexion, ho iinniitiii-ul, so
..... ......--.-- - - --
.'.rlwiutlv Nil lllil llllll ll llllllil'M llll' 111)111 111
juntorwilh pity for tlm woinnn wlio puts
it on
Powder, wnsh, onnmolino should
..1..mvu Iwi iiinL iu i u' i In. mil nil urn
,.,..,.,.. - ..-, ,...- --.. ..
nlili... n will Hofl oiiiiniiH Mk n. f i
it miiHt bo HHod at all. ,
- - - r -
Nilioty iilim women out of a hundred ;
Villi luoot oil tin HlreetH liuuuilnyH Uho I
J .... ..... r . I
hoiihi limud or oilier lor uiu complexion.
11h iiho never can bo concoalodj it In I
patent w the eyeMor Hioiiomooii Hid face, .
for every woman who lnH it on, no mat- !
tor witli what art or wkill, Iiuh that !
hiiiooHi, mailo look, and her tooth look
vellow, and, iiiiIomh hIio poneilH them,
lior nvt'ii red mid weak and red benido it. ,
On .Saturday nlKht a mother and (IuiihIi- '
tor wont arm and arm up and down tlio '
hall tlm Mholo oveniiiK loii(, and tlm '
poor old 1oh of the former miiHt huvo
lu'licil liko tlm tootuaclio wuuu at lanl nor
uearv, vain proiuuuiulo wna ended. Tlio
mother uiunt have Iteon lltty, and tlm
daughter perhaim Huvoutcuii, but thoy
had taken a wiihIi out of tlm kuiiio bottle,
which evidently contained a dead white
mixture. Olil Hiobo dreadful, utaring
deathly wrinkle, made morn upiinront by
mi occiiHioual vain Kfin meant for Hweet
iioiw, tlio old, crinkly wrinkles that wont
up and down, and up and down by tlm
round, huiooHi, death-white uhcok of
Hoveuteeu! Hah I how 1 should huvo liked
to hold both under tho Hpray of the foun-
tain. Tho fountain itself wns encircled
by n rim, thieo deep, of elderly couples,
content to sit and look on, while a fourth
and outer row of chairs was occupied by
young people who could both see and be
seen, dowiiik uoro nun uioru ami e.v
chaiiKing smiles diiectly after at the up
poaraiico of the friend they had just hou cd
to so oolitolv. criticisiuKtho dnms. One
SvoinleriliK who hercHcort'miKht bo and
noli party consisted or lio Kirls, under
fcccort of the uncle of one of tiioni, whom
I knew. Ho wan only one man to the.
and ho was u Kor excuse at Hint, but ho
ns better than none. These irls sut
tlm whole oveniiiK loiiy, and kept up a
runninu'llre of comniont. and when they
tartcil homo thoy nil said thoy had hud
ft splendid time, "such fun, nnd thoy
woro so .sorry llm lutr was 10 close, i
must give you tho costume of one. iter
tlrcsH was of nshes of rose, silk and some
one of tho snmll-tlgiiri'd stulls, so much
"worji, made short with silk polonaise.
jTlm llouuces of the skirt wore Isix-plait-cd,
u bins baud of tlm other uniterml
stitched on an inch from the edge. A
Helm of tho silk trimmed with fringe
vent over tho shoulders to tlm front,
where it crossed to tho back with ends;
gloves to match. Tho hat was of tlm
sumo silk, mailo in N'oruinndy style, a tint
piece of pasteboard Horving' for tho back
frame. Tlio shape is niucli worn mill
looks liko a dunce cap. This was
trimmed with cardinal roses. The young
lady wasa brunette, and she just thought
she was "got up lovely." Her ovon wore
penciled and had u molting, Highlng, lan
guishing look, while oiiiiuioliuo made
her face soft and peachy, but not nearly
so soft as tlm top of her head, I'll war
rant. Her hair was cut and elaborately
laid out upon her cheeks still nnd hard,
while behind it full in n long braid,
stuck ovenlvin two iowh with gold hair
pins puinfully conspicuous. Thisyouug
lady lept lmrhand sgoing, all tho time,
smoothing down her gloves, feeling of
her hut, tenderly touching her horrible
hair, putting the niching at lior nock or
lingering her gorgeous lookol. "How
does mv hair look?" sho whispered to
onoof tlio other llvo under cover of tho
music, "Nice," said tho other admir
ingly. Then uro hundreds, silly, vain,
shallow, just liko these girls, who simper
if u youth looks timir way, ami eagerly
respond to nil tho ogling that may bo i
olVored. Kvory day I am mom and j
morn amazed at tlm blind trust in Iroi-
deneo which Kan Francisco parents o.v
hiliit. If children bo small, thoy are
allowed tlm run of tho street from morn
ing till night, and a gioat hue and cry is
raised if one is accidentally knocked
over by a passing car or team, Faith,
tlm mystery is that so many escape,
"When tlm lioy growH ho chooses his own
associates, hours and habits, and when ho
goes wrong his parents shako their
heads and wonder why tho Lord has
thus allleted them. When the girl comes
into lmrteoiiHsho is given a carte blaiieho,
Him promenades the streets dressed liko
a young lady, and the glances sho ineotH
mid returns harden her conscience.
Alono or by two and throes sho is at tho
matinees, and conceives a passion for
each aetor in turn, and if by any means
she could attraet his attention she would
bo more than proud. Oil Saturday
night, with a young companion, she is at
tho fair, noveronco slopping to omuuIuo 11
curiosity, u work of art or an achieve
niontof labor, but endlessly walking up
and down and up and down, wherever
rdio may bo most public, lior faco paint
od, her hair banged and frizzed and
plastered, her hat on the buok of lior
head, -her dress bo-bowed, bo-rul!lod and
bo-latod. Him is on tho ijut rircj lior
handkerchief will llirt across her smiling
face at tlm least opportunity; she is not
above coming to a speaking uciiuaint
auco upon tempting occasion. No won
der no many mothers llnd their daugh
ters broken roods. You may toll mo
these uro tint children of good families'
that thoy comn of uncultivated mothers
iimi fathers out of society, but I toll you
110. Thoy are of the worst and best
aliko tlioy are Jewish girlH, thoy aro
deacons' daughters, thoy aro millionaires
children, Moto than ono scandal is
liushod again and again, more than one
girl Ih sent oast, mom Hum ono boy
bnnishod to rigid private academy, and
tho fuotu aro wliiHporod to few. It jh not
that worst always comes to worst, but tho
young person is compromised and ruin
)io not far beyond Hint milomm rescue is
effected. I write this in no npiril of ox
nuKonitod gossip, 1ml In solonm wiirnlng.
Oil I Hint J might wuul tlm cry to tlio
war of oviiry parent in tlio Ininl. Your
liny hcdiiim to bo n good boy--by every
wiitcli, by ovory gunrd by every
precept to keep lilin ho, Your
girl hocium Innocent and pure of
thought -know hor dully llfo iviul hor
oompiinlwiM intimately. Because hIw Ih
VOID' child 1m till I-rMlHdll llf 1 1 Kill f llllll
she Is tliurcforo n good child. What of
tlm worlds wnyH miiHt lio known to
either -and J claim Hint much iiiuhI bo
known who in ho
ally (Hear uitny tlm mysteries Hint are
no fascinating to youth, rob knowledge of
wickedness, don't lot your children linvo
tlm fun of "finding out things." Durum:
I llm eleven yearn of my wo in Hun rrini
oiseo I linvo boon in n position whun
!'' '"HIom and sins ns mill on tlm virtues
(II. VOIIIIg )00 PlOlinvO 1)0011 IDOHl llllirKOIHV
, - . ... . r
iiioiilmii to my nouco, unn i mmouki iiko
f i i .- -w t
jiihi oiico io ujii wimi l Know in prim and i
l",u 'K""K' i refluiw 01 iiimu
"""i " "' jmrnn liuroiiin, inn in inrK"
...... :i..i.. y ..I l.i i:i... ... l. l :. iimi..
i"n "" i mwi n, iy
Mothers Only. "Wlml a Kmnd tiling it ih
' ri"K into turn life a hoiiI, to food it, to
"'"'' t. t (It it for a liquor life, and
what a wicked thiiiK to brniK it to lifo
1 fail of the rout. And then at the
'', when tlii proccHHion of boyn and
KiflH, without any luTcctioimto watch, k
oaiuinc at will tliroui a promiHoiioiiH
aHHemblago, HollyouitiHiiothtraiiBo that
the peauh Ih robbed of itH bloom, and tlm
"Wit niukoH mo Hick at heart.
"Somebody Lores Mo."
Two or three yearn ngo tho Sujiur
intuiiilont of tho Iiitllo Wanderers'
Jlomo in Jt received ono inoin
ing a loquest from tho Judge that he
would coinu to the Court House,
lie complied diiectly, and found
there u gioup of seven little girls,
ragged, dirty and lorlorn, beyond
what he was accustomed to
I'lio Judge, pointing to thorn
(utterly homeless and friendless),
'.Mr. T , enn you talco any of
"Certainly, I can take lliein all,"
wan the prompt reply.
"A III What in the world can you
do with them?"
"I'll innko women of theni."
ThoJudgo singled out one oven
woirio in appearance than the rest,
and asked again:
"What will you do with that ono?"
"111 make a woman of her," Mr.
T ropcatod, llrmly and hopefully.
Thoy wero wnHhcd and dressed
and provided with a supper and
hods. The next morning thoy went
into tho schoolroom willi tho chil
dren. Mary was tho name of the
little girl whoso chance for bettor
things the Jiidgo thought small.
During tho forenoon the teacher
naiil to Mr. T in reference to her:
"1 never Haw a child like that. I
have tried for an hour to get a smile,
and have failed."
Mr. T Haiti afterwaulH hiiiiHolt
that her iace was the saddest ho had
over Hoon Horrowful beyond oxpres
Hiou; yet who wan a very liltlo girl,
only llvo or six years old.
After school ho culled her into his
olllco and said pleasantly:
"Mary, I'vo lout my little pot. I
used to have a little girl here that
would wait on mo, and Hit on 1113'
Unco, and I loved her very inueh. A
kind lady and gentleman have
adopted her, and 1 Hhould liko for
you to take her place and bo my pot
now. Will you?"
A gleam of light flitted over tho
poor ohild'rt face, and hIio bognn to
understand him. ile gavo her ten
cents and told her sl:o might go to
the store near by and get some
candy. While Hhewtm out ho took
two or three newspapers, toie them
in pieces and Hoatlered them about
. J
room. When slio returned lie
.Mary, will 3'ou clear up my ofllco
a little for me, and pick up the paper
and hoo how nice you can make it
Sho went to work with a will. A
1 liltlo more of this kind of inanngo
! incut in fact, treating her as a kind
father would wrought tho desired
result. Site went into tho school
room after dinner with ho uhaugod a
look and hearing that the teacher
wan aatonmheil. Tho ohiloVa faco
was absolutely radiant. She went to
her and said:
"Mary, what a it? What makea
you look ho happy?"
"Oh, I'vo got Homo ono to lovo
mol" the child answered earnestly, as
if it wero heaven coino down to
That wuh all tlio socrot. For want
of lovo that liltlo 0110's lifo had boon
ho cold and desolate that she had
lost childhood's bountiful faith and
liopo. Sho could not at first believe
in tho roality of lcludnoss or joy for
her. It was tho oortainty that hoiuo
ono had loved lior anil desired her
alVoetion that lighted the child's soul
and glorified her faco,
Mary has sinco boon adoptod by
wealthy people and lives in a beauti
ful houso; but moro than all its
beauty and comfort, running liko a
golden thread through it all, hIio
still liiids tho lovo of her adopted
father and mothor,- Philadelphia
Price JM.
ff.Tlmy wore talking about tho approach
ing thoatrieol Houaon, Hho, Innocently
"I boliovo Mnry Anderson has a now
play, 'Lovo?'" Ho, taking unworthy
advantage of tho unoortnin oouatnuHioii
of tho Hontoneo "I think uho lms, dear,"
Then sho snw it ami Boretuuod,
Vengeance of n Worann Scorned.
A dashing young follow arrived ai
Galveston, Texas, 11 few months since,
and gave out Hint tho death of 11 relative
had left him 11 small fortune, which ho
wished to invest in n farm, After a
week or two of leisuroly retirement, ho
bought a ranch 011 Chocolate IJnyou for
$5000, There, domesticuting himself at
once an what ho termed a "gentleman
fanner," ho cordinlly rcciproonted tho
attentions of tlm neighboring "squires"
for duo sooiul rolntions, and though un
commuuicativo as to all points in his
past life, found no dilllculty in fngru
tinting himself with the most select so
ciety in that section. A man of his ad
dress, apparent property nnd unmnrried
condition, could not live under such cir
cumstnnccH without marking or being
marked for matrimony, and toward the
end of Inst month certain ussidiioitH ad
dresses ho hud paid to an estimable
young lady culminated in a matrimonial
proposition, which was not rejected.
Tho wedding was fixed for an early dny,
and sumptuary nnd domiciliary prepara
tions for it wero nearly completed, when,
k the horror of Chocolate society, tho
unspeakable anguish of tlio bride-elect,
and the dismay of tlm bridegroom, the
hitter received tho congratulations oft
detective officer from 1'iukerton's agoney
in Chicago, in whoso company, after a
brief interview, ho depurted hurriedly
for tlio Kust us 11 prisoner of tho law.
It seems Hint some time sinco 11
wealthy oil company of I'ennsyl vania had
its burglar proof safe roblied of 817,000,
ami simultaneously ono Norman Hpcneor,
the previously immaculate bookkeeper
of tlm concern, disuppcared from liis
desk, bonrding house, and other fiuniliar
plaeos. The coincidence permitted but
one inference, and no 01m doubted thut
the missing muu hud been tho robber.
A eortnin detective, aware thut before his
crime nnd flight Spencer hud been do
voted in hisuttoiitions to 11 youngorphnn
gill in Titusville, decided to keep n
strict wntch on the young ludy'H move
ments, thinking thut there would 1h
some communication between them.
Two mouths ohipseil beforo tho olllcerV
vigilnnco found any rownrd; but at the
end of that time, just after receiving n
letter addressed in "backhand" from St.
Joseph, Mo., the lady suddenly departed
for tlio West, followed nnd "sundew ed,"
of courso, by tho dotectivo. Through
l'ennsylvnnia and Ohio she journeyed on
to Chicago, where, by tho direction of
his superiors nt home, the ollleor en
listed the sol vices of a noted young de
tective of that city to continue tlio
"shadowing." From Chicago, under
tho surveillance of tlio now wntchor, tho
lady wont to Quinoy. On reaching Hint
city tho lady went to u hotel, nnd the de
tective advised his employers of tho
siute of the case. Instructions wero
sent to changouifllcors, ami a Quincy olll
eor was put to work. Remaining at
Quincy a day, the lady loft ono
fine morning "on the Hannibal and
St. Joseph road. Her every mo
tion had locii watched, mid tho offi
cer wont on the train with her. At
Cameron Junction, sho took tho cars for
Knnsus City, with the nrgus-oyed dotec
tivo on the same ear. Arriving there slio
vent to 11 hotel, followed by tho oflieor.
The morning after her arrivnl in Kansas
City, tlio detective was seated at break
fast, when a woman exactly resembling
the ono ho had been watching, took her
seat in the dining room. She was closely
veiled, but the height, figure and dress
wero the same, and there could bo no
mistake about it. Ho quietly Hnished
breakfast, and then resumed his position
to watch further developmenti. Tho
omnibus rolled up in front of tho door,
and piissengem bound on tho Knnsus-Pn-eillo
ltuilwuy wero culled for. The lady
lie hud seen took her heat in tho 'bus,
lie followed, nnd the two wore soon on
tho train whirling westward. At June
lion Citv the woman got off tho car and
took her scat in tlm depot, tho oflleer fol
lowing. A few hours afterward the train
eustwurn enme along, and tho woman
took her seat in ono of tho cars, l'liz
.led by this singular nianouvre, tho olll
eor followed, and in duo courso of time
both found themselves in tho snmo hotel
in Kansas City they lnul loft in tlio
morning. Next morning the astonishing
fact was revealed that the woman who
went to Junction City wis merely a ser
vnnt in the house, who nenrly resounded
in face nnd tlguro tlio winnnn tho oflleer
was following, and who htul been dress
ed up in a suit of that indiviilual'H cloth
ing as n decoy duck. Convinced Hint ho
Iimi been sold, nnd nimble to procure
uny traco whatever of tho fugitive, the
ollleor gave up tho ohaso and reported to
liis employer. From this time, for some
months, nothing was heard of either
Norman Spencer or tho woman whoso
wit linil foiled tho trained pursuers, but,
inasmuch as it had boon tho ingenuity of
a devoted woman that had covered tho
trail of tho olVoniler from the hunter, tho
game was not yet to bo betrayed by a
woman scorned. It appeared Hint nftor
luiving sent off tho "decoy," tho lady
hurried to St. Joseph, whore, undor an
assumed naino, Spencer mot lior. ltopro
Honting that ho hnd resolved to buy a
ranch in Galveston county, Texas, "far
from tho maddening erowd'H strife," as
sume tlio name of Normnn, nnd thou
marry the woman who had boon bo truo
to him, ho induced -lior to remain in St.
Josoph until lm should wuul for her.
She, all trusting, consented, and ho re
turned to his Chocolate llayou ranch
Tlio man was false to hor as to his em
ployers, nnd his last letter, of compara
tively recent dato, ci.unsolod her to re
turn to Titusvillo, as ho was about to
marry a lady of Galveston county. Do
sorve'dly for him and happily for the
law, slio who had onco thrown HioIiouikIh
of the law off his trail, could put thorn
on again, and sho did. Tho result has
been told already. Tho gontlonmn far
mor of Chocolato no longer Mr. Nor
man, but Norman Spencer, tho folon
was arrested for his crime in the su
premo hour of his fiinoied seourity, and,
liko Kugono Aram, wont forth to retri
bution "with gyves upon his wrists,"
Tho London newspapers toll of 11 bollo
who paid 8U5 to linvo initials of hor lov
er's name tnttoed on hor arm, and later,
having nuarroled with him, was offering
$000 for a means of oblitoratiou,
Indian Mnsgncrci.
Thursday evening tho people of Hills
borough wero electrified by tlm intelli
gence Hint tlm Indians' had raided tho
plncer camp, about fivo miles below that
town. The news came to tho effect Hint
thoy had ridden into camp in great num
bers, mounted 011 government liorsos nnd
armed with revolvers nnd government
rifles. Thoy sacked the camp, driving on
lHitweon thirty and forty head of stock.
Tho miners wero mostly all nt work on
their claims, and having no thought of
an attack, had left their arms 111 their
cabins. Homo few, however, rushed for
ami obtained their guns and opened Are
on the band of red dovils us thoy were
riding hither and thither through the
camp. This lire seemed to exasperate
tho Indians, who immediately shot and
mangled several women nnd children in
isolated cabins, ns ulso wounding several
men. Thoy rodo off in a body, driving
the captured stock before them, in the
direction of the Parches river. Tlio band
unlabeled seventy-live to ono hundred
Indians. A nnmber of minors rodo pell
moll to Hillsborough, carrying the start
ling news thut tho copper-colored dovils
wero heading toward that town. J: or a
while this caused great consternation and
excitement. Women nnd children wero
guthercd together iii a common plnco of '
safety, nnd tho town, though wofully do- '
flcient in arms, presented a stirring and
martial appearance. Hoon came another
courier from the placers, saying that tho
band had divided into two parties and
that both divisions wero making south;
ono toward the Trtijillo pluco, and the
other toward McEvur's cienegu. A band
of twenty Americans, imperfectly nriccd
and poorly mounted, started out at onco
to intercept them. Tho band was fol
lowed by other smaller parties shirting
out whenever thoy could find horses und
guns to go with. The ilrst party -which
BUrted after tho Indians camo upon them
in a eornfiold tho other side of McEvnr's
house, nnd immediately gavo them battle,
but tho force of tho red skins so over
powered them in numbers, nnd was so
much hotter mined thut tlio American
boys weio Muttered, a though fighting
in n bruvo manner, only liko Hillsbor-
ough boys can do-like chaff lwfon tho
;,,,i 'I'iv 1..-..1;., fin.i seimnihsl. eneb
mnii taking cum of himself as best ho
could, meanwhile muny a suddlo they
emptied of its red skin occupant, and a
lurgo numlier of Indian horses wero left
riderless lsjforo thoy fell buck. Tho
parties going to their assistance united
on the road, but wero intercepted by n
detachment of Indians beforo thoy could
reach tho cienegu, where they could hear
the bottle raging. The relieving party at
once engaged tho detachment of reds pud
fought ns only men can light whose lives
nrout issue, but all to no purjiose tho
otlds wero too greatlheyboing outnum
bered ton to one. They flaw that they
wero surrounded; a shower of Indian
bullets was poured in upon thoir little
company from all sides, und finally they,
too, sought each for himself shelter us
best lie could Hud. Thoy retreated,
leaving u numl)er of their men dead on
tlio field, a larger number wounded, and
animals crippled and dying on every
side. Small parties mado their way
nfoot, skulking behind bushes und rocks,
where they joined those who had first
gone out niid who had reassembled after
the route nt McEvnr's ranch; others pick
ed up stray horses bereft of their riders
nnd made tho best of their way back to
Hillsborough, to carry tho direful news
nnd obtain reinforcements; nnd others
dotected in their lligHt by tho merciless
savages, wero ridden down, trampled
upon, mutilated in every conceivable
und inhuman manner, and loft dead or
dying food forthevuituresand coyotes.
In this contliet tho Indians nro known to
have lost their chief, who fell from his
suddlo, pierced through tho heart by a
bullet from tin) unerring ritlo of poor
Tom Hughes, who paid tho forfeit of his
own lifo just ono moment after. Tho
savages having now whetted their horrid
thirst for blood, and mnddoned beyond
measure at U10 death of their chief nnd
so many of their braves, and finding no
fresh parties to attack, mailo their wny
to 11 Moxienn ranch n short distanco off,
whom resided ton souls threo men, a
youth, throe women and threo children
of tender years, ono a meio suckling
babo. All of this congregation wore
cruelly massacred, tho moil linoked to
pieces with lances and riddled with num
berless bullets, the babies liown with
axes and their little innocent heads eleft
from crown to chin, and tho women, re
served for a still moro horriblo fate,
worn left dead nnd mutilated after atroci
ties had been committed, tho very
thought of which compels humanity to
shudder. Tho Indians then gathered
up their surplus stock, took all tho mules
and horses from tho ranehos in the
vicinity, and not daring to attaek Mo
Evar's much, which was now so well
protected by the Hillsborough boys,
made for tho mountains, ono party of
thoni taking a southerly courso, and tho
other directing their march toward tlio
Mimbros river. They will undoubtedly
strike for Mexico nnd dispose of the
stock stolen from Undo Sam, of which
thoy can have no less than two hundred
bend. Silcer lleconl, September 18th.
lNTKM.KCTUMi Peoi'1,k. Physical
bounty rurely nssociatos itsolf with great
montal ability; but still there linvo been
many notable exceptions. Miss Lander
was rather pretty and feminine in tho
face, but Miss Sedgwick MisH Pat-quo,
Miss Leslie and tlm late Anna Maria and
Jano Porter on the contrary. Ono of
tho Misses Porter hnd a forehead tvs high
us that of 1111 intellectual man. Wo never
know of nny very talented man who was
mlmirod for his personnl beauty. Popo
was vorv homely; Dr. Johnson was no
hotter; Mirabeau was the ugliest man in
Franco, and yet ho was the greatest
favorite with the ladies. "Wornon more
frequently prize mon for their sterling
qualities of the mind than men do wom
en. Dr. Johnson ohoso a woman who
hod scarcely an idea above an oyster. Ho
thought her the loveliest creature in ex
istence, If wo may judge by tho inscrip
tion left on her tumb,
A mun who was being triod beforo a
magistrate for stealing some butter and
oroam from a fnrmor, coolly liegun to
hum "ltobin Adair." Tho court, in its
sentence, mid tho song was very appro
1 riato, for while tho prisoner was not
lloblu Adair ho was robbin' a dairy.
IlKoir.Di.vo I'icTiiiK Thames. Get
aboltlo of gold paint, take a sauco
dish and mix up n little nt a time, for
it is in two bottles, and apply with a
Hinnll paint brush; it will cost sixty
fivo cents, and will rcgild a number.
Huwii.vaPosTfl. A i'ow rubbing
posts sot up in pastures, will save in
jury to tho fences. Cattle will uso
these conveniences very often, if pro
vided for them, and it is worth all
the trouble to witness the enjoyment
of tho animals in tho uso of thorn.
Guek.v Con.v I'uiJDiNO. Twelve
cars of green corn, grated, ono quart
of sweet milk, throe tablcspoonsful
of butter, three of sugar and thrco
eggs; bake in a buttered dish until it
begins to thicken, then it is done, put
tho butter in last on top and it will
bake nice and brown;
Tomato Picki-es. Take ono peck
of tomatoes', gathered green, and
one third as many peppers, soak them
in cold water twenty-four hours;
cold, sharp vinegar enough to cover,
with an ounce of bruised cloves to a
gallon of vinegar. Tomatoes pickled
in tins way win Keep ono year.
Fiiuit Cake. Ono pound of flour,
ono 0 sugar, ono of butter, two of
raisins, two of currents, ono of cition,
ten eggs, ono quarter ounce of cloves,
ono ounco of cinnamon, two nutmegs,
nn ounco ot mnco, halt ounce ot
, alUpicc, one cup ofmolasscs, ono-
halt cup of brandy and onc-balt cup
of wine; bake four hours.
To Keei' Tomatoes. Tako ripo
tomatoes and wipe them drj, taking
caro not to break the skin. Put them
into a jar with cold vinegar, adding
a thin muslin bug filled with cloves
auu whole peppers. Then cone tho
i:ar tightly with a cork that has been
di , in' mchc(i rosm an,i plU awav
1 . ' , . M'nniMines niekled in
, "a dl l)Illc.- loniatocs pick td in
this manner keep perfectly well and
retain their color. For this purpose
uso tho small round tomatoes.
Preservation or Fruit Trees.
Ono gallon of wlinlu or sperm oil,
half a gallon pine tar, ono pound of
carbonate ammonia, ono pound saler
Htus. Put the ingredients into a
barrel, fill up with rain water, and
put in cotton or wool enough for
each tree, then bind it mound the
samo near tho surface of the ground.
Every other morning for ten days
early, beforo tho sun gives much
heat, with tho watering pot wet the
wool or cotton with the abovo
preparation. This must be done in
tho spring, when tho frost has left
tho earth and tho trees commence
budding. It is very important that
this should bo strictly observed.
When trees aro much decayed, this
preparation should bo also used in
tho fall. Jlasplierries, grape vines,
etc., need only to bo bathed near tho
roots. Tho abovo quantity is suffi
cient for fivo hundred ttees. For a
greater or less numboruso in propor
tion. It must bo well stirred beforo
using. For all small vines or tlow
crs dilulo with rain water ono-hulf.
Sheep llusuANDiir. Sheep bus
baudry possesses moro interest for
tho avorago citizen not immediately
engaged in it than does any other
branch of livestock culture. This
for tho samo reason that tho question
of both food and raiment enter into
its consideration. Mon ent mutton
from choice, while thoy wear woolen
clothes from necessity. Tho doublo
demand thus mado upon tho products
of tbo flock bring its economical cul
turo nnd thrift homo to tho fireside
of every household. These demand
wool and mutton of good quality, at
.low prices, and need not bo expected
to remain long passivo under a con
dition of tho market not in accord
ance with their desiro. Tho succoss
ful flock-masters of tho future aro to
bo thoso who appreciate theso facts,
and adjust thoir business accordingly.
Tho maximum amount 01 meat anu
fibro will bo secured for tho outlay
of labor and provendor, by bestow
ing theso only upon animals best
adapted to bring tho highest returns
thorcfor. Money will bo mado by
furnishing tho purchaser a superior,
rather than by ottbrts at forcing up
prices for articles ol an ordinary or
low grade Tho litllo economics
will bo lookod after with a vigilant
oyo, nnd unnecessary oxpenses lop
nod oil' with an unspuirini; hand. In
tho moro rigorous localities, stock
will bo warmed oxtornnlly by com
fortablo shelters, rather than inter
nally by food which should go to
tho building up of meat and fibro.
Constant improvements, through tho
employment of animals of bettor
blood, will bo looked after in short,
nil tho accessories to profit will bo
mado to contribute to tho income of
tho flock muster who hereafter sue
cesstully compotes for tho highest
profits in tho Allure now as seen bo
foro him. National Lice Stock
A M11.1: Snakk. A few days ago Wal
ter Laugloy, in Alexandria, Va., killed a
nnako on his front pavement. The rep
tile was about six feet long and as thick
as a man's wrist. It was white in color,
except on tho belly, where it was pure
white, and was pronounced to bo what is
known ns n "milk snnko." Mr. Lungloy
lias been complaining for some time of
other persons milking his cow, ami was
pleased to find tho cause of tho troublo
nnil get nil 01 u.
Fivo hundred Welsh immigrants have
lately arrived in Honintou, Pa,
Hott tbo Coffro X!n Kept His Word.
Trooper Rickors, belonging -tb ono of
tho corps ongaged in hostilities against
Sccocoeni, and who has been missing for
Bomo time, has coino in with a remarka
ble story of his adventures during his
peregrinations. Ho was captured by tho
enemy nnd taken to Sccococni's, where
ho was right royally treated, and sent
away with a present of 5 from tho chief
and a letter to prove that ho had been in
the kraul. Ho says:
"My horso being knocked np, I was
ordered to rcmnin with tho Caffrcs at
Murder Kop, with Mr. Tainton, lint as I
did not rigi'tly comprehend my instruc
tions I continued on tho march und re
joined my troop, which wns 1$ troop,
forreira's horse, and I remained with
them until tho first lot of cattle were
taken. After this I got separated from
tho main body nnd foil in with five oth
ers who had nlso lost themselves. They
wero Peter Grant, Abrahams, Blackburn,
Goorge and St. Croix. We rode through
out too morning without finding the
spoor of the main body. My horse by
this time was so exhausted that I shouted
to the men and wanted them to stop, but
they went on, and were frequently two
hundred yards ahead of me. At length I
was left alone altogether, as I conld not
keep up to them. I remembered Hint
Grant bad toid mo that the Panama flats
were on tho other side of a high moun
tain; but beforo I got halfway up my
bono gave in, and I let him loose, after
which I never saw him again until I got
to Secocooni's. I then walked over tho
mountains and on tho fiats in search of
water, but found none until noon tho
following day. The river whero I got it
was smaller thsn tho Olifants river, and
I followed it bc-'anso I met large troops
of cattle. Nobody saw me. I went tow
ard a high mountain, but was too tired to
get to the top that night, and walked up
tho next morning. When here, I made
up my mind to follow the first path Isaw.
"While going along I saw large troops
of cattle, and at noon I observed a Caffro
town in front of me. Two Caffro women
saw me and gave the alarm. I then hid
my gun In the bush. I was beaten and
scratched by the women, and some men
came out and took mo into a kraal. I
told them that I had left Middleburg
dnmk, and had lost the road, but thej
laughed at me. They, however, gavo me
something to eat anil drink. After this
I wus marched off to Soeocoeni's town,
about six miles awny. Here the men
came out in thousands, and I was beaten
with sticks. A brother of Secocoeni's
came out afterward and took me ujj to
Secocoeni's kraal. Secocoeni sent to say
that I must not be afraid and ordered
that I should be taken to a lint and tied
up. In the evening I had an interviow
with Secocoeni, and told him the same
story I had told the others about the
rea-wn of my being in the neighliorhood.
Tho Chief said he was not such a fool as
to believo that. He then gave me some
beer to drink and dismissed me, raying
that I must not be afraid as he would see
that I should be sent to tho fort safely.
The next day I did not see the Chief, but
on the day after he sent for me and told
me to speak the truth to him. I was
shown four Martini-Henry rifles (ono
of which I recognized as mine, which I
had hid awav.) and fifteen cartridges.
Secocoeni then produced tho arm and
hand of a -white man, and said tho five
men had been seen and two wero dead.
He again asked mo to speak the truth,
and I confessed that I belonged to Fer
reira's Horse. He then said that he had
given his word, and never broko it, and
I should go, ami added Hint he knew ns
well ns n white man how to treat a pris
oner. "I was next asked if I recognized the
arm, and tho spectacles of Peter Grant
wero held up beforo mo. The day after
I saw Secocoeni again, when he said I
should get my horso back, and in tho
evening I told him that I could ride
without a saddle. In tho morning he
oidered two Caffres to accompany mo
with a white flag, and I was brought
through by Manialuho to this sido on the
road to the fort. Secocoeni's brother was
wiUi mo up to this timo, nnd boforo leav
ing ho gavo mo ten half-sovereigns in
gold. In tho town I noticed there wero
many thousands of Caffres. Secocoeni
wanted to know why the war was still
carried on against him, and why peaeo
was not mado. Tho chief whoso cattle
was captured by us was thero and ho tied
my legs. Ho added that he and his peo
ple would fight tho white man to tho last,
and that we had better not come to his
sido of tho mountains, as wo would never
get out again. A paper was givon mo by
Secocoeni's brother for Capt. Perreira.
When Itiokers arrived iu damp he looked
moro dead than alivo. lYnsvaal Argus.
AcTon ami Kino. Tho King of Den
mark was tho other day driving along
a sea-sido road, when suddenly his car
riage canio in collision with another dri
ven by a well-known youug actor. The
King was unhurt, but his vehicle was so
injured that ho was obliged to finish his
journey on foot. Tho actor was so con
fused when ho recognized his sovereign
that ho was nnablo to givo uttorauco to
his feelings. Nor was ho less perplexed
when the King turned and said to him:
"My dear Mr. A, I would really sug
gest to you tho propriety of studying
your part as coachman a littlo better noxt
time. If you hail not prepared yourself
moro carefully for previous performan
ces in whioh I have seen you, I am afraid
I should never have had tho pleasure of
witnessing your performances at all; and
if you continue to appear in the rolo you
have now taken up with no better sue
cess than has attended you to-day, I fear
that that will happen which will effec
tually deprive me of tho pleasure of ever
seeing you again."
A littlo follow in Norwich, Conn.,
rushed into tho stroet recently to look at
a monkey that accompanied an organ
grimier who was playing in front of an
adjoining block. Never having perused
tho "Original of Man," ho gaxed in won
dor and admiration a few minutes, ami
then rushing into tho house-, ho met his
grandmother, to whom ho addressed this
inquiry: "GrandinoUier, who mado
monkeys?" "God, my boy," replied tho
old lady iu her usual candid way.
"Well," said Uio graudson, "I'll bet
God laughed when ho got the first mon
key done."
St. fyoula Republic.
Tho immenso shipments of grain from
this country to Emopo during tho last
four years havo opened onr eyes and tho
eyes of foreigners to the unsuspected
capacities of tho West. But tho wholo
truth is not known even yet. Wo have
measured tho proportions of Texan nnd
its marvelous capacity for cattle grow
ing; wo havo some exhibitions of tho
grain-growing power of Kansas, Ne
braska and Colorado; we havo seen Min
nesota increasing its wheat yield with
each succeeding year, and during tho
lost twelvo months we havo becomo
slightly acquainted with tho immense
fertile region of Dakota, whero tho machinery-reaped
wheat fields aro as largo
as principalities; but there is another re
gion of almost boundless resources lying
still further west which has almost
escajjed observation. Oregon is a State
scarcely less interesting than California,
though it docs not attract as largo a share
of public attention. Tlio population of
its chief city, Portland, has grown in tho
last nine years from 0000 to 20,000.
Last year a thousand new houses
wero erected, nnd it is stated
Hint thero "isnnoro nctunl wenlth per
capita in Portland than in any other city
in the country, except Providence,
Khodo Island." The wheat fields of
Eastern Oregon and Washington and
Northern Idaho aro described as little
less marvellous than thoso along tho lino
of the Northern Pacific in Dakota. This
region wns onco given up to bunch-grass
but it has lcon found by experiment
that bunch-grassland is good wheat land,
and the district lying along tho Colum
bia river in Oregon and Washington
Territory a hundred miles in width and
three hundred miles in length, being
larger in extent 'than the State of
Pennsylvania, is being gradually
broken up in to wheat cultivation.
Tho soil is declared to be fertile
and productive beyond tho concep
tion of those who havo not looked upon
it and seen the illustrations of its yield
ing capacity turning out thirty, forty,
fifty and even ceventy-fivo bushels per
care, and giving an average of Hiirty-tiyo
bushels of wheat per acre, with sHU
larger yields of oats and barley, year
after year, with unfailing regularity
for, unlike the wheat crop of California,
that of Oregon never fails. A State with
such agricultural resources as theso,
with a genial climate and with a seaport
who' harbor affords shelter to vessels
drawing nineteen feet of water, cannot
but rise to wealth and honor, and it will
not be muny years before Oregon will
contest with California tho Pacific Coast
The Marquis de Caux in a New
Roi.e. Carlotta Patti and Do Munck
aro married. Tho Marquis do Cans'
was ono of the witnesses. At the
reception after tho ceremony, the
Marquis blessed tho happy conple
like a;)ere 7io6fe, or rather a beau
frere noble. Ho mado a touching ad
dress that drew tears from the eyes
of a Figaro correspondent who was
present at tho bullet. Ho warned
M. Do Munck; against tho vico of
gambling. Ho assured nim that tins
was tho happiest moment of his lito
at least, tho happiest but ono; for,
of courso, tho happiest was that su
premo insUM when ho plightod his
faith to tho fondly loved and fondly
regretted Adolina before tho Mayor
of the First Arrondisemont. Ho wol
eomed M. Do Munck into his family;
as a noblo, as a Marquis, as a Breton
gentleman, ho ombraeed in spirit his
now parent. Henceforth thoir inter
ests wero i common, tboir pursea
wero iu common. Would M. Do
Munck lend him a thousand francs
till Tuesday noxt, at 3 o'clock p. m.?
These wero for Adolina poor, an
gel 1 Hero emotion choked tho Mar
quis' voice. As for Carlotta, ho cop.
tinned, ho lookod upon hor as ft sis
tor; it painod him to think that she
was going so far away. Wero ho not
tho husjand of Adolina ho would
gladly bo tho spouso of Carlotta.
Finally, ho wished them all tho
happiness that can befall a loving
pair. Ho could offer no bettor model
for imitation than his own domestic
career. But lot Carlotta beware of
avat'ico, to which Adolina had be
como a viotim, rofustng absolutely to
furnish him, a Breton gontloman,
with tho pockot raonoy necessary for
his menus plaisirs. Lot hor not be
oxtravagaut and squander on a 'col
list; ho meant lot her always rcmom
bor that sho had a brothor-in-law,
poor, destituto and abandonod. Ho
thou solomuly gavo thorn his blessing.
now to PniNT Several CoriES of a
Lettkii.. A new process, by M. Char
don, is as follows: Mako a zino troy
about a quarter of an inch iu depth and
pour into it a solution mado as follows:
Water, four ounces; sulphate of baryta,
two and one-half ounces; sugar, one
r.!,vtn.. irnlntmn niio mince: crlvcorino.
six ounces. Writo whatever is required
to bo printed upon a shoet of white
paper, using instead of ordinary ink the
aniline color known a3 "violet of tneth
mylanilino." As soon as tho writing i
pretty dry, lay it upon tho gelatine sur
faco and-rub tho back of tho paper witk
the palm of tho hanil. Xlio mu wu. wj
absorbed by the gelatinous product. AH
that is to bo done in order to obtain ft
fao similo of tho writing is to lay a shet
of paper upon the writing on the goto
tino and rub tho book with tho wwd.
From forty to fifty can thus be drawn m
in a few minutes. Wo find that in wiw
weathor, plates thus prepared to res
too soft aud adhesive to work
torily. Better results are obtained
a larger proportion of barium HHlytn-1
say threo and ono-half ounces-are wm
and the mixture is heated for an hour o
tho wator-bath. ISeientiHo Anionc,
a lnilv's linden wear is
described W
rm "linwrta.
it..i .i..l.Anla ami ilafniv tarm '
but o man is obliged to use such blamM
nnmmonnlace terms as "gniri' una
I "night-gown." (Boston Post,