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The Coast Mail.
"Wbot almll I dor My boy, don'l
Tk tuilito'foracihltxr-wtifttVfrron can.
S.i Li2 .M,df mr lh" ,0,,,n ' Uaklnij
Idle, or liamla n vnr yd made man.
HUflkUndmMly.wben r work udon.
Anothtr lo mi, Ihen Mill tmraulnR
n duly your tjotma, nod tbo victory won,
rJC2?.rifV,:d.' nnur bt to-morrow;
Bcehaarfnl. bopomt, ho troubl borrow;
Kp ilic heart true, and tba bead coot and
lIU r not, com nlrh you ctn.
Mnn I not hottormt by utulnata or calltnc:
HhHiicm am. canine; r honored by mVn.
8ea Water Tsmncrnlnrct.
H will bo n mnttor of grout inter
cats to thoso visiting tho Atlaulic
aonconst for ita surf bathing to note
tho tomnernturca which usually pro
vail in the sea water during August.
Of cournc, old habitues of tho seusido
rcfjorta know something of this from
oxperience, but tho nctuul lliurmoino
trie observations will Ik appreciated
even by them. For several years the
Weather Bureau has been taking
observations at a number of coast
stations, which su-.Hco to determine
npproximatojy the thermal character
ol tho sen from Florida to Maine.
An analysis ot thoc observations
shows tho following results. The
avcrngo of maximum temperature of
tho water in the mouths of July and
August respectively is at Jackson,
vlllc. Fin., 87.75 and 88.25 deforces;
at Charletton, S. l, S6.00 auf S7.25
degrees, at Wilmington, 2i. C, S5.50
nnti S3.50, at Norfolk, SI. 00 and
S2.25, at New London, Conn., 70.G0
and 74.00, at Wood's lloll, Mass.,
(near 2Cnntuckcl), 7C.25 and 75.25,
and at Portland, Me.. 60.25 and 60.50
degree,. A very noticeable fact,
apparently established by these data,
is that tho sea water "bathing tho
const and inlets nil the way up to
Portland is slightly warmer m
August than in July, the greatest
differences noted being found at New
London, whore the August tempera
ture is three and a half degrees high
or than that of the preceding month.
If wo tabulate alt the observations
from Jacksonville to Portland, the
average temperature for July is 7S.2I
dogrecs, against 7S.S5 for August.
Theso figures, it must bo remem
bered, represent the maxims of heat
in the bottom waters, varying in
depth at different stations. Jim, lis
in the two summer months uamed,
there are but few decided variations
in the Warmth of the water along our
Aiiantic shores, and fewer and lesser
changes in August than in July, the
above figures sustain tho comparison
juat roai'e between tho temperature
of the sea in these two months. The
average temperature of the water on
tho Uulf and South Atlantic coasts
for the same months i, judging from
these Signal Service investigations,
slightly above the average tempera,
turo ot the air, while on the Middle At
lantic and New England coasts the
water is slightly cooler than the air.
The otlicial observations are made at
the bottom, or a few letit below the
surface of the sea, so as to prevent
tho thermometer from beiug affected
by the bun's rays, and to insure re
cording tho water tcrperaturo alone.
The records hero furnished ought
to Buftlco to guide physicians in de
termining the effects of surf bathing
on the delicate patients, aod suggest
to any thoughtful visitor at the sboro
the period in which bathing is likely
to bo most salutary and beneficial.
Tho internal temperature of the hu
man body in ordiuary health is, phy
siologists tell us, from iS to 101
degrees, and it is capable, without
much thccmal variation, of enduring
very much higher and very much
lower temperatures in the air. But,
-when immersed in water, its ability
to bear heat or cold is very greatly
diminished, eo that water falling be
low 70 degrees of tho thermometer
becomes unnt tor many uamere,
whether in quest of pleasure or
It is, therefore well to note, in
this connection, the minima of heat
as numerically deducod from tho offi
cial signal service observationh al
ready cited. Tho lowest August
temperatures of tho water at Nor
fork average 72.0U degrees; at Now
London, 65.25, and at Wood's Holl,
Mass., 6900. There are no reports
for Cape Cod and tho Jersey Beach,
but it is probably safe to absurno that
tho waters on tho latter aro seldom,
If over chilled below 70 degree in
August, and that on the east bides of
Capo Cod and thence to Newport it
is rarely that the August sea temper,
ature falls below 69 degrees.
A scries of extonded observations
has been mado oft' the coast of Scot
land, ahowiug that tho averago torn
peraturo of the Atlantic water is all
tho year round ono degree higher
than that of tho air, aiid three de-
grcca higiier arounu inu
northern islands. Considering the
immense and increasing u6o made
every ycai of our Atlantic surf wa
turyit would bo well to test it with
tho thermometer daily at all tho sea
bathing points on the coaBt. Phila
delphia Ledger.
Bklectixo Meat. It is always import
ant to know how to choose meat m buy
lK. Ox beef uhould be of flue uniin or
Mbro.tho eh or lean of a bright red
eolor and Arm; tho fat w Into, anil dis
HlribuUnl throughout tho lean; it should
wA bo yellow or semi fluid. If tho iiu-at
i41rolvwinitwill bo tough ami iU
MttriUve power low.
TvI is dry if froali. It should bo
dam grained. If the meat is moist and
tbby it is stale.
iKUoii bould be of a clear, deep
dbk tiat. firm and with n liborul supply
M3t. Fin wether umttou may bo
wMruifted by tho prewsneo of a small
ST ol fut ujKm tho upjer part of tho
Iho lantlAf the K,
It is prnlvihly not genoraUy known
that the region in which Oeuarnl Konr
kho hns been lately oiwwUng with his
Ootofteks is the land whoneo by far tho
greatest quantity of altar of rtws comes
to Western Europe. Kiwanlik, tho name
of which baa often figured lately n n
point of utrntogicftl importanco, in nlo a
center of ono of tho most reiniwknblo
Iecios of horticulturo, or rothor ngrl
cnlluro, to bo found in tho whole world.
Around it, or near it, aro Uio district of
Cirpan. Giopea, Knnulshali Dftgh, Kojnn
Tope, Yoni Snghra, nil of which are do
voteil to thit peculiar hnslnuulry. Tho
Mussulman tradition rssiViw tho origin
of the rtwo to the night of rohnlnuus
jonrnpy to henven. Tho whito roses
sprang from tho drops of sweat which
fell from the blessed forehead of tho
prophet himself in tho toilsoiuo as
cent; the sweat of ltornk, Uio miraculous
animal ho rode, ga-o l)irtli to vellow
ones, while the celestial drops which fell
from Gabriel were Uio source of the red
rose. Tho appearance of tho neighbor
hood of Knsanlik would favor a suspicion
that Uio heavenward journev must have
wrelv tried the archangel, and Count
on Moltke, who wan well acquainted
with Bulgaria and Balkaus, hatt stvled
the valley of Uio Tnndia "The Cashmere
of Eurov, the Turkssh Gulistau, the
land of rosea.'
Hoses aro not grown there as with ns,
in ioolatod vitches in gvrdens but in
Jlolds and in ridges, as if thev were no
better than potatoes. It would bo diffi
cult to iiuagine anything more charming
than the appearance of those rose fields,
and any painter who should attempt to
reproduce this picture would assuredly
Ih charged with exaggeration. Hut u
would le iuiosaiblo to catch Uio intitiito
alternations of color, IwUi among tho
roses themselvts ami the green leaM of
the shrnbs. Hundreds of millions of
nxie leaves strew Uie ground, and aro use
less for tho chief object in view. It is
calculated that about one-fonrUi of the
leaves are lost in Uiis way; trhaps iw
much more either fail to come to Uio
requisite iwrfection or are tmavoidnbly
nasted. The entire protlueoof theTekne,
or region of which Raaulik is the center,
is eHttmatel at about eight hundred or
nine hundred kilogrammes (from one
hundred and ninety-five to two hundred
and twenty imiwrial gallons of rooil.
The wealth of water in the valley is
prodigious; spring are not oulv numer
ous, but most abundant in yield. There
is a general system of irrigation, which,
remembering that the country is Bul
garia and not Lombanlr. is admirable.
The w hole valley was a picture of pros
perity. Uie result of natural fertility,
carefnlly nurtured by human industry.
Where roes aro not cultivated, hoavv
crops of maize are gathered, and along
the slopes and down by the waterside aro
numerous herds and flocks. Kasaliuk
lUelf is a town of ten thousand inhabit
ant, and is surrounded bv magnificent
walnut woods, which are also a source of
commercial industry.
Von Moltke speaks of the sitnution as
ono of Uio rarest beauty, Many of the
trees, ho says, coer an extent of one
hundred feet with their spreading
branches, while t-onntless wild pigeons
fill tho woods with their cooing. The
murmuring or the rush of waters is
heard in every direction; the sky it. -self
pre-enta iertotually changing aspects by
reason of tlie surrounding mountains;
while the dcliciously fresh air is redolent
with delicate perfnme. About twenty
five miles to the southeast of Kasanlik,
and divided from the Tjunda valley by a
raoge of hills, is Eski-Saghra, a town" of
eighteen thotismd inliabitanis, also a
notable industrial center., the best silk
and the finest wheat in Tnrkey being
produced in Uio surrounding district.
With such diligent husbandmen, a mod
erately fair government would soon
make the whole of Southern Bulgaria Uio
richest and most productive country in
Eraopcix Pcttt HEacuvnoxs. One
of tho chief blessings of being a citizen
of Uio United States is that freedom from
tioas which weigh with almost crushing I Imuii Folk-lobe. ilary O'Urien,
force upon the inhabitant of France I PorUrlington, lost her only son, a li
and Germany. In England, too, the
etty rules and laws are almost suffoca
ting. It is their nselesnws against
which the American rebels, but when ho
ventures to remonstrate in Europe, he
encounters only cold indifference or
open hostility. Ho is looked nion as
more or lew inimical to order because
he does not believe in being ordered all
the time. 'J liave bought and sold
houses in my time," said a charming
American lady to an agent of the Paris
ian Gas Company, "with much less
trouble than vou have niade me pass
througk'snnply for introducing gas pifeJ
into my apartment. 'iliere were ever so
many iierH to sign; there were men
who came to watch other men, and other
men who came to wak'h and inspect thorn;
and the fuss became intolerable. Ono
day an Englishman living in a quiet
street in Pans, took a fancy he would
like to keep a pig in his backyard. What
was his amazement on discovering that
penntiMion must ne nan irotn certain
municipal authorities before tho animal
could s maintained on the premises.
Off he went grumbling, like tho true
Englishman he was. lie ww sent to one
ofllce where he had to sign a little paMr
and pay a few sons; then to another,
where he had to get some one's signature
and disburse mre sous. Then lie was
direcUsd to yet another administration,
w la-re a stamp was iilaced on tho docu
ment, which now begun to look as im
iKjrtant as a commission from Uio Presi
dent of tho United StoW. By tins time
tho Englishman was wild with rage.
"Look hero," ho said at tho fourth and
last official bureau to which ho was sent,
"do you think this iaier will lo valid
nnless we have tho jug's signature on
it?" "Oh, perfectly, sir," answered the
employe, who was too jwdite to allow
that he understood tho joko, but who
could scarcely ropres a smile. It took
more pajcr and stuHitw to house and pro
tect that pig than it did to writo the
Declaration of Indcjiendcueo. Ml ward
Kiny tit lotion Journal,
Hrrt Hurl.
Mr. Harto was born fifty years ago in
Albany, where ho passed his boyhood
without any special promlso of future
genius. The discovery of gold in Cali
fornia was followed by a wave of emlgra.
tion from all thoHinteacastof tho Hooky
Mountains, and Bret Harto was caught
by this wavo and carried in 1854 to tho
now El Dorado. Ho tried his hand at
mining, at school teaching, and other
employments, but wiUi no conspicuous
success, and finally drifted to San Fran
cisco.. When tho Ocertand Monthlif
was founded in 1M8, ho became its edi
tor and principal contributor. Tho pop
ularity which his stories obtained
through tho Eastern States induced him
to quit California and seek a residence
on the Atlantic coast, and so in the
course of time ho crossed tho Sierras
and mado his way toward tho rising sun.
Tho diftldcnco which is a part of Mr.
Harto 'a character is shown in a little in
cident of this Eastern journey. Thoro
then existed fu Chicago a "nmgnrino
known as tho xiAwi'i' Monthly, and
many of the enterprising merchants of
that flourishing city wore desirous of in
ducing Mr. Harto to assume the edito
rial control of the publication. Whou it
was known that ho was on his way east
ward they determined to entertain him,
and accordingly arranged a public din
ner on a grand scale. Tho Iayor and
leading oitions, with their wives and
daughters, were to bo thoro. and Uio
dinner was intended to till a bright pngo
in the history of Chicago. Tho invita
tion was gien and accepted, and for
several days little else was talked of ox
cept the forthcoming banquet. Tho
jartv assembled at tho apiKuntod time;
tho dinner was ready, and so were Uio
diners. But the giiost came not, and
when a carriage was sent to find him he
could not 1h found. Mr. Harto was al
lowed to prosecute his journey without
efforts at his detention. His objection
to bo lionired cost him on that occasion
no less a sum thau 310,000; a check for
that amount had beeu mado out as a
present, a bit of backsheesh which might
add to tho inducements to remain in
Chicago, though iuvnlved him in no ob
ligation whatever. It was lying under
his plate, and would have proved an
agreeable zttktuMti, the little appetizer
which the Russians swallow before the
soup is served. -London World, Ainj.
Ucd Canary Blrtljt
At tho London Exhibition of IST'J, Mr.
Bembrose, of Derby, exhibited some rod
canary birds. Tho birds received no
prizes, however, as the jury had their
doubts as to the origin of their color and
believed Uiom to Ins dyed. Tho follow
ing year, at the exhibition held at Whit
by, tho red canaries wore recognized as
a'new variety and they became all the
rage. In numerous controversies Mr.
Bembrose had given his word of honor
that the color of his hint was not duo to
any fraudulent processes, but had really
been obtained through a scciat mode of
feeding. But as a friend to whom ho
had communicated his scerct had abused
his confidence aud sold it, the author has
beliocd it his duty to mako known
to Uio public the process which ho
used to obtain his results. It aticar
according to him, that the birds aro
fed upon hard boiled eggs crushed
up with tho crumbs of common whito
bread and dusted over with cayenne
popier. Dr. Dusch, a Belgium amateur,
add the following: Purchase at Uie
druggists mine of tho very best quality
of cayenne pepper, ground very finely;
for each meal mix some of it with stale
bread macerated in well water, and press
it together so that it will crumble, but
not form a pasto. I us toad of bread, tho
white of an egg mav bo used if prefer
red. This kind of food should 1; given
to the bird onlv before ami aftor moult
ing. It is well to add that it would a
waste of time to experiment on any other
canaries than those of the Norwich breed
or on birds that aro not of a very dark
strain. This statement is made on tho
authority of the xvr Monde.
boy of eight years old, and although her
priest, ioiu ner wi.u lie wbm gone siraiKiu
to heaven she wept and would not bo
comforted. The lihts were put out in
her cabin, and she lay one nlgl .,
tho tearu dropping ceaselessly on hr pil
low, when a light that was not of this
world shone in the miserable place, and
fche saw her son standing beside the hed,
in the fine white shirt she had buried him
in, which seemed to cling to him as if wet.
"Willy, Is it you, my darlinT' sobbed the
mother. "Oh, mother, you're a bad
mother to me," said the boy. "I was
very nanny in heaven, out you cried and
cried aflher me, an' now you have me
standin' up to tho neck in a pond ; the
saints an' angels won't have mo wid thum ;
au' I can't get he.trin' thu music, nor
seein' tho lights of heaven. Stop your
cryin,' mother, and I'll bo happy again."
The vision faded, and Mary O'llnen dried
her eves, and from that time until tho day
of her death was never seen to shed an
other tear.
There aro somo natures so harmoni
ously balanced as to !e nfiturally
averse to incidental and abnormal ex
ciUnncnt. There are others, again, in a
state of iMiqietual and sudden alterca
tion, flying to extremes, esjiecially in
emotional directions. But tho vast ma
jority of jKioplo hover between these two
noies. anil, especially in mo rnuiuir
Kit?. Jt is mora iitnrmoH u wiu..
SSJoi, nd the darker its tint tho liner
JrkJf eaten at all, should bo of a
aJLTw&t tint, mid tho fat very firm. It
Rfiw if th fat I yellow Ihe meat
Tho Petersburg, Va., Indrx-Apptal says
'It is our deliberate opinion that the
recent rejwrtcd interview between Gen
eral Leo and a Chaplain of tho United
States Army, after the surrender at Itlch
mond, is made up of whole cloth, and
has a ery small bais if any, or truth to
rest on."
Tho conjuring materials taken from a
Georgia negro consisted of goose quills
filled with brokeu needles, a vial of iron
rust, tho fcaUiers of various birds and a
suaku skin. Tho negroes of his neigh
borhood had long believed in and feaml
his power of working mischief with
Thoro is ono hill in this life, that no
man can got by, and that is tho little
mouud called tho grave.
quarreling, abandon themselves to cir
Xow if it could only bo well under
stood that quarreling Is, as wo may say,
always a blunder, aud that it is almost
invariably avoidable, it is clear that a
little precaution might a great
extent, this trouble from life. It takes
two to mako a quarrel, and you may ro
fuso to quarrel if you like.
The more you quarrel tho more unlike
ly you aw to convince your opponent
that ho is is in the wrong. It is in tho
nature of quarrels that both disputants
imagino they are ill tho tight. Itecrimi
nation imver contains argument that has
i, . li.nKt effect, and tho only result of
the quarrel is to waste a largo portion of
timo in profitless irritation and lo injure
one's health.
Tho tendency to Jut any dispute drift
into a quarrel is very much a matter of
habit, but it is a habit tliat may bo
greatly modified, it not greatly cured.
Wo should teach ourselves, te begin
uiii. timt triuh'i-utinn in laniftiago and
temper is evidence, not of weakness of
character, but of tho reverse. White a
dispute is yet in euibryo moderation and
self control may romovo it, but wlion it
passes that stage when it is uuvujujmm
lutoa quarrel then all hope of setting
tho matter to rights is at an end. Tho
prudent person will now simply with
draw himself from tho affair, instead of
needlessly embittering himself in a uso
lost struggle,
Hood NIrIiI Words.
Tho last waking thoughts of n child
have a peculiar power over his mind and
heart, and aro influential in fixing his
impressions and shaping his character
for all time. When he turns from play
and playinatos, and Icaxos tho busy oe
enpations of his little world lo Ho down
by himself to slccn, a child has a sense
or loneliness and dependence which ho
does not fool at any other timo. Then
ho craves sympathy; ho appreciates
kindness: is grieved by harshness or
cold neglect. How glad ho is to kneel
by his mother's knee in prayer, or to
have his father kneel with him as ho
prays. How he enjoys words of appro
val or encouragement when they pre
cede tho good-night kiss from either
With what warm and grateful Affection
his young heart glows as he fools the
tender impress of his mother's hand or
lips on his forehead lief ore he drops
asleep. How bright and dear that home
seems to him at such an hour. How
sorry ho is for every word or act of tin
kinilncss, which ho then lecnlls from
his conduct of the day. How ready ho
is to make now resolves aud purpose of
better doing in the future. Whatever
else a child is impatient to grow away
from, ho does not leadily outgrow the
enjoyment of his kind mother's good
night. As long as she is willing to visit his
bedside, and give him a kis with a lov
ing word just before he goes to sleep, he
is sure to count that a priviledga of his
homo as something nltove price, and
without which he would have a souse of
bad luck. And at no time is ho more
sure than then to 1m ready to do what
ever his mother would ask of him; and
at no timo do her tender words sink
deeper into his heart, or make an im
invasion more abiding and influential.
But many parents lose sight of truth.
Their last words at night to their child
ren aro by no menus their plonsutitost.
Indeed, thoro is, perhaps, no one thing
in which parents more commonly err
than in impatient or unloving words to
their children when the little ones aro
going to lied, The parents arc tired, aud
their stock of patience at the lowest. If
tho children art not quiet and orderly
and prompt as they should be, the
parents rebuke them more sharply thau
they would for similar offences earlier in
the day. .
Too often children go to bed smarting
undor a sense of injustice from their
imronts, and brood over their troubles as
they oniot down to sleep, so that their
little hearts are omhitteroi' and calloused
through tho abiding improsHious of tho
wrong thoy have suffered, or tho lmr.h
uess they have experienced while they
were most susceptible to the influence
for good or ill.
A Moi'.ntaix Myshiuv. -Up to the 28d
of August the mjstery over the sinking
mountain is still unsolved, utile the
explanation given bv Mr. Stephenson,
an old and accomplished scieutint, is the
true oiio. He has lived in the gold War
ing section ever since the first white men
came here. He savs that ho distinctly
remembers that about 10 years ago a
shaft of a mine was run under the edge
of this mountain and afterward aban
doned. Enter the water of the river,
which ran nearby, filtered through into
this shaft, and washed away all tmrc of
it. It is a very rapid, swift mountain
stream, and ho supioMs that it hat grad
ually washed out tin shaft and enlarged
the hole, until thore was a vast chasm of
a half mile long, aud fully as broad and
half as deep. He thinks this washing
continued until tho support of about
one-third of the mountain was cuton
away, and it then tumbled into the
chasm. It seems almost iiicrcdthln that
this could be true, and yet it is the only
explanation ottered. This Mr. Stephen
son holds would in con nt for tho contm
tied sinking of the broken iiuih, as he
holds that the river is still eating it
away. Thousands of jK'rsous have vis
ited tho scone, and many suinirstitious
fears have been raised on neeoiint of the
fall of thu mountain. Thu whole gold
bearing section is full of violent streams,
falls ami cascades, ami there are some
few Htihtorrnnoau streams of considerable
size. SncioUo(jiirirr-Junrnal.
Portland Buslnoss Dlroctory
" rtlVStriAN AMD Hl'llUKOS.
I'AltPWKI.Jh W. II -m. N eor. find at Met
tlnou.nw Menm's l'slsowiit AM.
AUAMM, W. tl.-B Hokum's llulMlnit, cotnrf
YVMnlttnitioti mill flil,
HMITII. lilt, K. 0,-WJ Klrl "tri-ft,
inmilly Mini IM to. vr llh stnl sutimw
I.UNKH -IUHMW hOllvilil- - V(V,imil Oollwl!. 1.
A. WHO II A CO,, Principal K.UIn Allt
iTB 1'nxlue HoM-
Tll IMll.NrKMN.
W iMV;o onnl if llrrlir In rx'lliiit
tmli-r vvhloli wnwlll lftr.ttciili'riMinii.
W. I. PAl.MKIl. IMitUiHl.
itlK nKltt
anrr t'liiMri rur h MiiinII, llol Vy
I tilt ItttraliiivMl In I'nrllmil.
Kivtutv. slot Kariiltnre. ll nrw-oxivl-Ion
I IismIioii, rt ter', il,iullil lril( ssirisl,
nl future -iitws AMurtsl. Will t )I1 ' s
lillXMIIIll, 0TtlT l KMIIt ruL
for luferiiintioit sly ir Mtws Tklkmrv
Onie. tNirlUml. Orva. Jal!tr
for ltmitlni; bath on 1 1n an I Bliluglc
lilmUnHif.lmlio wiifl.l. Wlil.iiuilesk
a say HMif. W rir by irial.lnu in J, !
IVmiiritM. Iutc Kn.pp, A llrt, l)--Ialiniiiit
-v Oulm u, mnl othor rllUon. of
ISirlUlhl. Tim l'lnt will tin .up li I list hy
llixlgn. luvl. , Co., iMrtlstiil i $1 w ir (
Imi, Ksrli lloti will nvr '.'S .tists4 tin
mill I .iitMr .liliuln rixif-hiitnn sal I. arc
(sury. Kull tllrn'tlou. KisMiniuny eh iwck
nit. All liirnriiisiluii wllli trjsnl lo Km (Mint
cnu Uo IiaiI by nilitrr.tluc
I'orlUinl, Or.
Or, ,MM. Van DfMM3rKh,Sr
No Ulsl rirsl fit., Uct. Tayler A Balm,
rarlUntt, flrtiis.
;i l sn TriKl,n, O
Wcml-I Infiitm li A rrll Mil tl W ;
,, I, i,.(. imvH. ( nmlUlM l tuir W f
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,M IHf ll.lflll !( f II liwli
Thl HsMilmt AitiiariHh. . J
and jr.wiii.r.u,
Itinlii i-tf, ruii.
WlchH t I'odl-iiiil for rtMlr. A Bin
.rtmotit of Wali-lux, Ckvk.. Jlfy, So-
Tl only rliatfi ,i(nwif hi Ko-in k
tl fvjvr ttilJiHllilrnt itf Sv1mIs l Kjr
i;Ui.. which will wv .wul tittUH lb
jlfT'All work WArrniitml.
Commission Merchant
Vnuilciale I'faler In Orriron ami
Fruit, Produce, Hill Feed, etc.
i. o. n a.m.
! '-
IfrriNtr. tar Itn.ttt...
lll lll i-in"f-l ltl in. of
II If I Itl 4i-jtnl 0Ufr f
iii.triiciloii In It eilfci,iiu.
Illit.iuv.. K.iriiM II kIiiko
Vrllli'iirlli' IV iiiiisii.I.IiiiiI
li Kiiill.ti llntm-hr.. 'or
I'llll IllflirilKtloll .llrr
f rnmr A. II Ktf lrtltul
Ih:r.Mi.vri!Ot.onv. Of late ears node
partmeut of natural history has attract
ed more attention than that of the study
of internal oarasitos in man and iitlmr
animals. To the great multitude and
variety of creatures thus found, associat
ed by ono common habit of life, have
zoologists given tho general name of Hel
minths, winch are a twculiiir fauna des
tined at some timo in their lives to occu
py au equally cculinr territory. That
territory is tho wide-spread domain of
the interior of living animal bodies to
which, alas, iKor humanity forms no ex
ception, ft Is unpleasant to think that
wo may at any timo become a jiroy to thesu
dangerous and mischievous depredators.
Wo wcro lead to thoso rolleetious by n
recent visit to Dr. Van Dcnborg's olllco,
when ho had just completed tho expul
sion of 070 worms from Mr. Lehman,
who stated that ho had sullwid for lii
years. Thoy wero all small, about one
and a half inches in length, excepting
ono a nondoHcript about three inches
long, an attrocions rascal of forbidding
appearance. Dr. Van JJenborg is thu
groat worm exterminator of tho century.
Head his advertisement in another col
umn. .
A l.K 1.M
1'. SUIITO.V, I'roiirKlor.
ruHrW Portland, Ogii.
fim pfn.f, ii-wly Mrn.lir, tlir.fjch
out, far Hin-uiiiaK.!iii"tiuf lh lrTrlih jhiU
Ik- hi Ki-o'fiil. Twn M.vli fmtii lli leaniiliiii
(jj fi. H N. f ilivk. Sr., l iifn,
Itoant i). I ll?in r-rila.r. I' nl iiinl., w
rfrliliH U roiio. Vrw oiJi ! Hint frm lb
Ik0. JjrJJ I in
An roftTi.A.ii Fiu. Co
gins & fk-ach, at No. i" Front street, have
an advertisement in to-day's paper, to
which wo invite tho attention of our read
ers. This firm has tho agency for A VcrilPs
Mixed I'alnt for Oregon and Washington
Territory, and aro prepared to (III orders
at Kan 1-randsco prices. They are also
nelling Kan Francisco Itubher I'.ilnl,
which has acquired a wide reputation tisu
gwd article. This firm carries a largo
stcck of doors, sashes and hllnds, in which
I'ne they have au limiiciiso trudn and aio
thcreforu able to give low rates to custom.
prs. Contractors uud dealers in tho touii
I ry aro requested to send for their list of
prices, which will bo furnished on appli
WlllliNtlc Ml I ItrUII llcri III
Doors, Wlndo and Blind, Paints, Ollt.
Brushes, etc., rtc.
No. 05 rrontStranl. PortlnnJ.
n'linlraotnm ml l)ret ntv rrUrli
nt fur our Hit uf nrlcii.
Will! AOKN7i HHI TllK
5.i-i'r,"V,i.M,,,i",e. ."."'' i'rllil I'Uiiim, sail
ISS riral ilrrl, urllnutl 4'ruu
l,.ii.U, (hr-ni f?ii,Mi o "' "" "'
,,. Vrrt iM .4 iiWli"wH'i W'
Slllt, l'.lr, hiiHnlMiiU, i ll wifc
,(i. mi'lltlj. F4l.ll Ml., lllntHMltan., Sjutl.
51. Isoidn, milliitil till., Ui.l. li, lUlU. Iff, H.I lllll"M tliM Wfc
iw Vn,iiin,l.r ll it'iil V.u, iiti (
IH, hi ! 111 fmiu, lMi(ih, Hli. Iiumnr., Itl
... lHi1tttiiiulliibl ili IU4J.f i4 riilU
UUihU, I innuilvh. IVlul.. rilM. IMllM,
l.,, Sx.ifl til Oilmiivu. roil UvillK MlH l
wr rviiiHiiiiiM.I mOiwf iihuiwiu Is iii
V.ii(Mi tilwH Hit Klur .trL. wn In ll
lhi llt il). f h.iirliHi
uf Hit iih, is.r.1 Ihrtwl. Or Vm lv.Lni r-
Mim l, M IhIimVU ittnnllM
r Vts ImiM,Ii ouuM tjHM IIm UJU MvuMI
villi lfiMllH.. ul Oit tlttutU III tU h. Itmt-
llt''l ,
ir . ItMiUnV lnltlllM Wmm S)hi M It-U.
Ji.n l'ilt lVto.ilwll4til Ikii4wt, v llx
l.ii) ivMihM
Uf mmuHlu h,l u.Uf4i timH lt.ltlls
h .mrlp-l ,n Umll 0l ,ll w rl tif
v.xtn. vi i. tl .11 tiMilt, lf Vt e.oS,u
Ulllhrm llv.n l,tlilu.Mlh titilt-
t'n.lIV.IM tint BHH.ll ! Ml rtftr,
ln.ll.4 if V.,i KnUf4ti tutiiU In til tk,
tu -wl IhinHIM, l,l g
Kull ( Waim K-
thl. I. Mwillrt llttl if, Va lnlrh 'll4
t lu ltui full el wuirn. fiuM in un !-
I tlflillo I. II llich. Ill I.MflS, 'l ' I
lik a iuti lu I nil n T"nt il
iitvl,tlii t uJ t, lvUB,l,0r'ii
A. Umtim,
r OIIO Wain. d.illla
On. l'Hl.i' '" V.u iMtiUrilit Mtu S;ra
Mwllrtm' WO um. fni r i II li w
,,, K. s OmtrilH sIwk illHt
lttll Mtf II. U
Nm4M Will On.
OnfW.HU of llf Vn Hn llfb'i Worm Ktoi
lllr. e.TlJi) uiial fruw mf IUU. !
bt.l lh I uf ulo him iif , ipmt I
tlllj.ltll Kltllrlllh .111 toot htlf .!( b.lM
i'.tniy niiui II N).
1'oni.isii OntcM) ;eIl M'V
A l.lfS-r.l ulirii llr-in rmHl IhtU
Vt. . Mli.h 1. Ill
TliW I. lo mlifi IK.1 I - U t,i ! HUA
j. lli hwiiUiII ! l(wK 4i. J M
la.lh.uliAM.IWM, lJ MI"-"i I.Iiiii .nj ,
. Il"i lijr .W"l 4,w. ii.b4I
llli.n i li M l ' rViH-uu . wr tiwJ. I a
UVm u If J I' I. V Is-t-U- -"fc- " S.
MciVilS.I'rM S I . u-.U. I" ."4 -' ! tbA.
Iwf t.luM l tifwt xunti ! ! V mH iH (
l.lMWll U4 MI t. tfVtltJ ! "I .
I, .11 .1.1 ll jiUwU ,IMl". O- lt-f 1 1 KJ
IrvM to. ,ni .! oHi l4 . ltkh. !
hb MI ( iHMwm.U I.I -i .. .m. w
K.Ik .Ml 41 tlV IM Itl. .."' l( I . 1"-
u4iiiI"-i.IiiM Ik. t- t M -
I irkftt MM .iiI. MM.U.. 14 I lIt
I .ImiIiI W. 4m4 tm It IM UltHvl ll
ll, ) ' V Im IfewWriV I w) W. 1. -!
i.l t; mjll .k nun.u . wK.t.
n B Uivixr.
I rwtUti tb.l IM ttu. !.. . 4 I !-.
IM.H Mr U K I.Hll IM.M.UM . !. 4iMl
UikiiiM llle riSflUM i,
IMBo . Uni riil, Cim-uh
. I'nril,
lit 1 V V V. t' Pf Slf I 4..W II m;
utr w lfc MV.-Wii ibbtMl I'M 0- I"
U,f. )wl 1.11. WtKHtRMtn Mil .".!
fuia m4 . ttlmir. .hIk m Hj ), ,1m
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tu4 Imn ikiiwiiWI II -MN J1MIIJ I rwU
I.Wa ) ,jU- lt.l . W U iJmn K
U. l.( Ull JMII, . Wl a.MlM I 1.1. IfMI
ttvnt 0u.luil ,K '! Hurr I Vt aMtl U t
tl.t .k.iilMI, I Kt-t Uwl 4.In.I t ft.. I Jtl
sillmwl Uj UlSI, .1.1 Wlu.luf H-. wHIKfcl
. tnm but to ltoKr UHUI J.lli .wU Hill m IM 4
.j tvUM J r ttt4 tiffc I !,
tlvl I.U Ull.f w. I ( V.i k,i.Wfli II. I.-U . U
n O..I . .f. O . ! . tXI mj UvhU. m
ll. t i S". miiH r.4.. 4 N .t,! tr Mart
ttuul l rni. IfwH liW. Nmwl till
itM4 lj. hn. mr ! " n il J. tJ IM ll
V.wllHf lllflll rt. ,. . O.IM tA I .KM h. tf4ft; A
Ml I ( H. .. M .. ! f
l,...,ll lr.ii(a? 01 II SMITH !
f M-oiikl UIi to tk isiMk- ltt I tr. lwn tf.
tl,.U. fof U"il ll JTNM Hl 4fMl m hr-tf
It tftr rtimjiUiBl MtMH)' rrfilntfji i4iy
in, wiilwul ny f'i,f. tinlil t mttniJlol Or.
n Wit rWjttt, Hr , wh Khl nntt f. IU
i-.riM f mr tnmpUinl Bjr uVmu fj of Uit
m nu .mf I Hul J0 M IH ttaMtt.
'l,i.y f loil l nlf I" (
Iri.jtlt Nnr til my tllmU k4 liM -m l
L lft M rlurt.W. t I!! tl y- I3t
KuiV .Or. Jom f,mi,
nil iiuuUf.a ii Kiijuir.Th
AfWr ilWtfic ft IS Jr st llos In om
Ikm)huI fur ItiftM, inotiltti, kwl " UuflWI twl
liijKHnl "llh (ttufjibltwi au.1 lruict by rtunr
iiltnM W thu, llml 4 IK I Mteli nriMi4lMU. lilt
I oHiniUw' lr Vt IW-U". uf So. 112 Klf.
trivrf. 1-mlUuJ. II. l-l it nu MutMM fklfti
nttiM.I tit my iiit7, tml tflof UVim IS f .
until wrin .jilf., I uwnt WS UotttU k
injr. wmuii, fcwiio iiKiurl ttr .mI mi lli
iiwri In Uojtli, r thrrvi(liili i n nwb Is
tlilektirwi. I rMkU ii i' uii, tl S, SI I tint
llrrl, reilUml, Ofrun,
rnu ii. ;.
fltHBmVHH n
&c ORNAf
BraokotM umi Ghtunltjj,
Tli w U.l.owii liul'U J'.j.IiiiiiiUb
U tiit'U uf tt.Kvr runt ', ii i i.jj,,
lllrnlr.,1 Iron tUilil ntl'l III... i '.ImVll,
lil.UU l'll7. ham ttpa I ,i4,m .
Inn of miiil tfiuiui itiwa
rlr. tl i lair, lull 1 If liw . CUJ
II J Morrlan StJ'eflluitl
Solo Aiul for Otr.i n,h.
Hilton mill I'm i
Manufacturer anil Ociina
Jl xJl lIj.
tOt! Vit Klr-l. I'
NF.WH 1111 NT. WhUi" and I !.h1
HOOK I'Al'ltlf-S. Wl.ii- mi. I l.sW
I'UvT I'Al'l'.ltM i.fU di-rii(MM.
i.KiMir.u i'ri:n
KNVlll.Ol'lX.if all K.-sii t 4aJ
Wltn J.Ntl I'AI'lilW
(AKtlllOAKOxf nllLind
tUa.KD ANU 1'I.AU.D VWml
roi.oiu.D .Mr.tuiMH
nrrcmiiLS" paimih
jKTll.VW I'Al'Klt
PA I'llll ll.VOH
TW1.NI5. IU- . lite
Card Out lo OrWr.
Ayouts fin ShiUtu.-K A I jPtrtf'i,
Wnll-KIUiWIt tun. k nrw
Coloroit lnk
We havti koveml fmiU if Jofcla
(llnarlj lie-). lf. ST.- Vt III xlllBT 15
(', (lallnVa, Jiil llnlM !,'
PrintiirV tMewiria k-a mil bs):4;
NiiwuMtri ottiAltnl at l. I pri;
iri'iut auiiwi.
1870. STATE FAIR 1870.
rilHB ATrilAlTIO.V ATTIflH.I'OI'I'fail
1 iiIhcu of mniiMMiiiinl ilurlim thn coiulnif
HUte Kulr will fur eidil anytlilinf of tliu klinl
ever imenteil l till lioiua ilurluK sny lmi
i... ,i.-..i,. i,.in i,n imi limit Hid mu, ear-
nceof MsKUlro'tMuporb Ufur l' fjifiipany,
from the JUIilwIn TlieUre, Hsa Kraiicltco.
TliU lwiiinMefiiiipany I Hi" " "",,r,!1t '"'
Die Ainrlcan .U.o.comiirUlmc only aril lol
uperlorexcallenc, 4ililly -JotJ for llilr
.ueerlorlly In ilrimnllo art. The Play t"
ro4ucl will ombriu-d all tlia ltl uuvellft,
llUl (IU HiO IIHKg Willi VUMivil "' ' --"---.
and iieulinfilcalefreoU, uniler llieUrvUIii
of Uie oiirlmiceil actor una inkiiKr Mr.
J iiim Mgulr. tlie lettmof I ho i'otlltu Tl u-
iiUtr, uur resuer win ui wii ",-'-",,"""
ttlre i
treat w
Optra 1
Ita ratt oajiaclly uUbtly, A allver cornet
Ami Maniifuntiiror of
T(h1s fur Plaiilnif, Moldlnir ami Tiirnliuf.
'allp llriiiiila, Inui lluii.i, Wwrl. Iruu
IInIIImU fur ffurrm, nail all kluil
uf llrtinnry Work ihmiIh
Iu oritur.
AUo Kunii Maj-lilntry repalml mi thort Hollow
Mill I'lrk m uile ami rtpilrnl,
Nu. -J nuil fl I Kriuil Nlr.el. 1'iirlliiiiil, Or,
Mini ujipununiij "' "IV"' :';',,'
hlcli will lx ireiited totueuj at HhjU'
ou.e durliiic I lis Kalr. Ho (treat a com-
(iiia nun run riaii wm otic a. vum i uuia
Ita graaleat cajiaclty ulKbtly.
baud Iu uulform will pari
dallv. JOHN
rod Ilia Kroilild
I'alciil I'lrr, Walrraml I'm.) rmif
fMli: UNf)KltHI(iNKI) I'llOI'ltlKTOIt OK
-a- Hilt vulimlilaimlKiii on tl.u J'arina L'liatt.
la now preimrnil to extptilo all oritur fur Ilia
aUiva tloiin for vvtlkn. drive, ollai, llooi.
u, Ml iMiililliiK .ur.w.ra'. Till Vu ."ft
laid Itl all uluipe ami n any color or variety of
(oliifH. Order may Im left aiHI Kroiit li.t
oppo.ltellm lloiun'l'diu. Von laud Term
Klveu aud ftlliiiuU made liy mull, '"
OIIAH. II. llUllliftooi', Crnprletor,
AcljtiHtahlo Srahir
Kllhrr or llotli t'lltrd to anr Slir.
rpio: hTKAM;iLrt"w7i.ii havk tiu:
I pru'w 'f tliiiiMlcM In t"o wrki in uy
f.lllll Ttiry rati l ll"l Willi niiltl k,vtltU(
111 UrtllliK, II I. ilnltila In Mi til litrtt ur
Vairnl ,U4 to IliA l.-tUWI of VtMir krltlx. Wl.oll
lliar era Kami in tlmtiiliijt, lnlvr you if"
rt.iWInp I total of llm ktll, ItHKsfijr KHili
Ilia full UiiHU of llir IimI. Tliy r ju.1 wlitl
ii wtulnl iti raiitiiiij; fruit. lUllirr llm Hlrtltirr
orKlmiiiarr!! I rriiioml unit n Vttlfn or fur
wltaii Iwl, ImI (ii aoflly tiljtnp , So rTilt
r Joint lMll nltW llml arn lianl Ui knap
old liy A lilt for 7.1 Onl.,
AtMl willwll on von tliiHtly. AiMrmM
JAM 19) Mi Ml! Ait AY,
Ka.l I'wtlatpl, Or.
TliriiiilHrljuMliavlnK Uii '.ilnli-l tgrnu
for Uio ivlnliral'il
Woiilil rmirtfully mil tlm tlti'iilliiiinf ,r,
ami imntrlnr. lo llml liritnl tirfure trtirrliailiir
clwwlirri-. Vj uliaill rii.liHiynrlik.iii full top
plvfill linml nlalllliiiM uihUt tltnloWMt litarkrl
WADIIAMtl r.l.l.KllT.
JUlin MAUU Mini 1
ffOPl HUU tu..l '
Porllttinl, i t oroifoii.
Itooum ft umi 0, over Find Nttllonul Hank
uWaliWSSS? "'", -i.u.Ib.mImh,,,
Tho ll.Ht. Houp Aluito
Atk your Orooar fur It,
M. a. INlUWI.IOItifcY,
iaa Kroiii m , I'oi-tluiKi, or-.
Aueitt for On .on and Wattiln.lou Territory
I par aaok, ami will alwaya e a. "heau ll
any oilier lUalerlu tlialrad, "Ml
W, S. CAItlNQ,
II aud I Oulial Narkl,
Frmn4 Tnho Notlw!
rllKltKJC AXt WAals rt .
f Ux .Wliae Un4(, tml )" " " k,,"J
will ita wall lu.MatotU tk' ' a
Itartav i'tmm. i's! '"-.
A. Ut. IUUf.. i if. JW,.-a.i).ri., if
Wm. il. llolttwa.
(Uvft 1 1 aril, HaUlin'iv Or
J.V, IN.-l..IUty.n
Hmlltt X tirW. iobWi. "
TlwHpMI A laaaMt. Kufatta I ' ".
V. A. I1wwrallli. 1-urValli.
II V. I'nllaf,
II. It, Huaattllla. fUriilU
W tl, Iltf. lnlalMwIrlur 'It
Cli.tU. IUUH. Ialla4 ,
T. W. I'iltaiitar, lt.ll.Urfi.. if
Ilrroti IlitHial, Viiiotiih, H T.
JunnH tUtwlli. IVVui. W T
JtHMa K. Howe, WIU AI! W T,
AIUl ,tk,Hliai I. II.. W T
Jan.. Huh), MMlUbMi. "i
I N. Miinmy'aniatitilai.1"
Jf 4 ntviit l fwdwll ifc
Un aganU, moioml trt In (""' " f
allll Hi t.M, uitln. at IWIUikI, "f-r
Orrgott anil Wnhliict"ii t'olim' I"-"
lt,umt h ami V flrac Nailnoal Htik TH
W..T.VftnSp.lmvvor &C(;
03 Kraut anil 04 Klnl lt raHlaa
A'lKNTt Wll
Cyrui Noblo Dintlllory.
l.jrticttlitUC. Oil M
AUo irp on liud a lr aulluilit,'t,,''l
loaliif Uroilia liraitit uf 1
win ic i i:mi
UNiriHl Wl! HTASI)
WKl.t.l'.ll'rl Ol.ll IIOIMIIIOS
IU...I Ml .1..., at . I ll. , I, 11 11. IV
i,in i ici i.n i .ii. iiwi'iiii" .
oi.ii HicKouv nut iiii'"M .,vr.rl
oi.ii coi'i'Kii uiHriiiKii '
KoreUii atirl IJotdrillc Winn, Mr"4lrt!
Ulni, Kutni. nml All mi' ;, i.
HmnrJi or Hlltt'n umi i ""'
arm i, it. '
Jewelry, Watchos, Diamond
HUvar (tint IMlil Wr. I
i... M
At Greatly RoilucotI rrm
No. Failure, No Forced Salt), No "fwH
To inkn room for nw ii'V "f t''1'',L
I am almiit lo M roiillv m Hi"" M
Kuni, I oiler all aitiela in "') '""
At Coat Durluu Soiilowa-f ,
(,'uiloiiii-ra aio liivllol l Mill aii'l ,"'.1?,,
U Pulivlliml of tint (towl frtdli "f my ""' j
l. riral dtlraal, iurll(iii or'
t v-