The Coast mail. (Marshfield, Or.) 187?-1902, May 17, 1879, Image 4

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Jetrft Cwrefter.
SL"Z1?U8I hd bettor cau
SSpSTS.5 Uii0wl n tear, iwa
", MMuesj) lire-wood.
imiru lietxaenirho bn .r
wn mu . rr; t,.d," "uo ua? raw
Htm - ua ns a personal
hii;" wLV?" V .J"r
w-T t acea single
Tfcra is aioro thai, ono jrreat mall
tha United State audi iratem
iiftl?wM ia Lo MI tWak i you
. ii-T: ".""Jt" . ?aiwra who
TLI. V. " "? w h" 55.
-- i c , iur X"
SauT ?lulaS t he
-. w JJCM BKimi out.
tfriutm and gases behind.
l " 9
W btcfe, aad he Jcd
Ajfjtkiewr MjaUtat box aa
A mh
, "I write I
a. .-. .. ,.. a. a.
iw nrsuw." 'Xkia ia
Wftik HtL loo.
W rrffc :.,.:
tJPt diffcireacoiaTSpell
te WKsd "xero,wbut you one
KwwitJeMi9 diflTereaco a whea you
aieorr that yoar cn are read to
drop off oa the slightest provceatioa.
IlosmjaJoatiaSa Miller. " to
h m to tho woods oaco aor& Well,
if Mybodjr ia holding on to air. MiUer,
aty tho gatlftauut know enough to
all for tho police. BJao J&prtst.
Cttrtosa teqaira thai aow7oa awal-
F. 11I r Wo poxifler,
lala la ita varions forma, drink
1mm , wbbla rhubarb, and chew
oowx tmmmiam bark. Chicago Journal.
CccidKS, bst wo sever caw this so
ieiasy oC or coaabj exchaages:
"0 to jwb of poetrj, a large
TMiaalns: M NAvevtisesMsts are unavoid-
My Mik4 oat, but wiU poaatively
IIJLJ ' ?C f. i'W.
Jjvrrist4teoari. the casap, tho
iPNmr, saw erth below and heavea
hvm, ht a wc aeweJ a gray patch
im wb Mkat C ?esr fcbasdi black
i. Xha ' 1ot. Tfaal'a re-
-Amdrpg' Mtmr.
X Pfcnirfthk dtrrau. Itev. 3Tr.
Waiea, coataJs kltlteraisae$tbeij
A4aaMs,MSM BW NnpMt Ul 1 Oil EBOSTB-
Sikg. M lathi hk eeNcvasatioai that a
i Mi of Mack ribboa, van ia aoma way,
wittfcrtl aha t4oc7 ot bcreavaaaefit jest
m -mil m a esaipleie moarsis suit.
The OMaekita TrUyrtpi, of IfOaisi
aam, ayx : " The aabliaaa indifference
.bm by awtsy of Out patrons of this
pay pr m to the 8tt of its finances
aitaforcoatnsat. Wears too proud
o lr, bat it ia highly probable wo
afcaUJaave to retort to stealing to rtaka
8os peoplo who thick thai by
mmt&k eaauFUp taoy are pre
awsftiay hoaasii ia. a land that l
Ww tfcasi 4a0. wiU flad that naUiag
bhuti: mri&Qfm ia th conlribation
bee Ms 8uwr will prove a aerio&s
altowkaeic to rwdisg thair title clear.
Mome Sentinel.
The Xui Who DWh'I Tote.
Th aam who had f ally saade tip
wlwi c? S poll aaoaber vote
"rad,ait'AlAtkti-oa. Ho
fcwtrd of m atrat coracrs and ia sro-
eria Icf a f ortsigbt prertoas, and it
tUi Um a fcf of good to ha?? mea
tflr le hkaaMrtfes ;
1Mb, doa'fc ay that, Mr. Jorkina.
Waeao'tafuureyoa front 'politics, fa
de4 we can't."
lial ho vm obUaw. lia nad oe
iibMwaalr aad carefullr asado xtp his
laial noitogottaur tho polk, aad so
coai saore ais. x.vca
iwredictftd that both partiaa
h smashed to pleees u Mr.
Tsririaa dii!m' f" out. he woaida't
Tfllsmt. Dariac the aaorniag of ele
U skajr arpaetod oaUara iauB
Mal rtalrtai to aatmat him for HaaveVa
aha ia aad poll his vote and save
t4 aawaary bat tay aiaai csui. tin
Dim KjMtd to hear raatora that the
what asoasiow had baen declared " obT
a isat'iat e uia aucsc, uu ou utu
ia. JAIaa mdkad oat after dinner.
JCa Uf&y Wpd ai ha woald not meet
aay taw oaauHtaws . aau w .
taw lk, awlha didn't meet any. He
asiisstml that every citkea would
waVilr slsaMd if hs had voted yet, but
ai ess aha haadrada he met said a
want afeeat cteettoa. iu sue con irea,
tbar kifcad ahoat Wiwaa rover, caurrH,
ttTu Tiuiitiimr. a4o. Erea when sir. Jot'
kaaa aeak4Jy walked pastdikward
- -"- i--' u ssa raaked lor biru
fiaWat hwaa aad va ordero that no
aalkwa ahaaU ha admitted, and bait
alataat purcun'Tr hkaaelf that there
haa 1a aa eketka, when hk wn
niitkBirt aa4 aahl it wan Uio biggest
ih(rewui , L , ..
mm. u-nv it aua .haia " tuirai strata ,-m r.
waiJwr; but tho jarty went
'wo . saved
"X ask
jr vou.
". ma Volcano Vfu-br.
C?ori0Ji,5arM.8' J rom
of BhJ?t iilten ,oKn. Alfred Sayro
jenWDg lUconruey thUuorilr.DftTid.
frbwW ttSa"10 coao PoatHl
.r? ?? Yiilor npocta that it i
SS?'0 ae8ri ii InSSfew? or in
SSmi8! ?Mt 'VA0 e1" " waJcr any
fJ "" . jsnino nines in clrcmu
iS? 2 f0"1 wiV.h lh "es, sur
SS.fe . woll-dcflnod riu,: Tho
Feet tw S?10 " 8bc liundrod
leet below this rim. The netlm
Hn 1!?f P,.BD,d, ftl ft Blanco c&n be
?f" M iacated by vtwt rolumoa ot
waoko and vapor wising around and
T ma S?10 " prolecUons ndja
cent. To Uus point the sight-seeker ia
conducted by guide, and Uicre, stand
infif on the brink ot the projecting
scona, ho looks down oa tho strangest
au wildest olemont, surging and
throwing ila fiery spray as it xnwlly
beats against tho surrounding walls.
Irom which it seems to bo repelled by
MBtA nRtn.n nnm, .!!. i!i . 1
- -- - I'v. .-, uiui iu 1U1V1 uuwu
and become of sombro huo and drift
wwat m do overturned and lashed into
vraves and crimson shreds that fall bck
into Uio xoassiro cauldron. Tho heat
"vary great and burns the face, and
Uio bnghtaeas of tho broken olcnionta
apaintuUydsjadingtothooye. Thero
is no sameness or monotony, and from
tne smooth, dark surface of, a minute's
uutjiuus tnngca uy crimson lines,
firy fiaKea iesue with .hktain nnn.i
ach furtive eUneo BivintrikTiifrArant
jww. d thea a deep rumbling as of a
5 m m joiiewea oy uio wildest
, ost Tioleat agitatioa. Hours
mwM oo spt gaziag at the changing,
msurtateefaswat. Over much of tho
read from Hilo to tho volcano, thirty
aU4M, there is scarcely any earth, show
iag a sew volcanio formation. Varied
vettetatioB h&s nniiiM,i im.;,i
vigoroasly from tho scarcely distin
guis&Able soil of decomposed lava, and.
J?dd .scori ow produced and
BS5S?sl7..'5&?s? b .j&
inablO. and its forniinn 19 Tinll
in thin layers, easily crushed under the
foot of tho pedestrian. Tho bottom of
the main crater aad exterior of the
burning lako is composed of layers
ot Java of different colors aad different
comparative structure, iaterlappod and
interainod as it oozes along, aad, at
short intervals, tho slowly-moving
masses pretaiag their heavy, burning
fronts, still liquid, though far off from
tho burning cauldron, i'ou can thrust
a walking-stick, iato it aad easily de
tach quantities of the comdstency of
sugar when struck from the valmer
pan, or thin mash. Tho bod of the
main crater was soma few years sgosev
entl hundred feet deeper below the
unchanging surrounding rim. It rises
and falls without any Axed or regular
periodicity. Tha active lake of fire is
atprcaeat aixhaadred feet below the
rim of aarrouadiag country, and the
dissasxioaa of the oumiacr lake three
haadred Tarda Ioaa br oao hundred
yards wide. This lake or cauldron is
constantly chaagiag Its size, form, aad
loeauoa Irosa cycle to cycle, aiowiy
w3tanag aroaad thd vast area of the
great crater. The lava is at present
throws oat of the burning lako by a
sabterraaaaa passage oa the west side,
ia a river, aad araaseshi way, dividing
into auay slowly-moving streams,
throughout the western, half of the ic
eloaed plais, each stream at night show
ing il size aad encroaching course,
and to the visitor, standing m the rim
immediately above, gazing down, it
looks like a vast city at his feet, ir
regnlarly fllumiaated by tho sport of
revelers. As the lava is cooled, it is
riven into all manners of shapes,
breaking like ice under the influences
of changing tides, and as on walko
over the newer formations, looking
down between tho broken fragments,
can be seen, a few inches beneath the
cooled surface, bright, shiny, hying
firo ia Bititn n aan titles. The heat
radiated frost tho surface ia very great,
bat the north wind aaaally blowing
over aa eievatioa oi aoom ouu uwu
awed faei, cook tho ataoaphere gener
ally, so Uio visitor aaaers bo ihwu
veaksce. I belkve no ono has lost
life, as yet, aociika tally in the crater,
T An nni think uv onafeeu natur
ally safe oatil he haa ascended to the
oaiside coaatry, and even then the
.! Icininr from many fissures.
brkging up aalphuroas odors, makes
ofifl who k sinful and believe ia ctor
aity of torment think that ho k not far
from hk f nturo homo.
' In aacending to the upper regions
you are conducted to a small houso
within a stoae'a-cast of tho hotel. Hero
yoa oisrooo anu iauui$o ta. m uM-.
bata. A pipe oondack vapor from a
Harare ia a rock to tue room in wnicu
yon sit inpuris naturalilnit, a la Jluu,
and when yoa aay 'Beady a valve is
open.! admitting tho vapor in any vol
ame and of any temperature yoa de
sire. "When you feel as if yoa were ia
Tartarus, aad about to give up we
gloat, shout 'Alia!' to the native
Superintendent, and the valve k closed
.t.71 iha ninnr abut off. Ton are then
doacod with warm and then with cold
water, rubbed dry, with towels, sub
mitting to the Lomitomi-a. native
remedy lot all human ilk, whi con
skk in working and kneading yonr
body with their hands as if it were
dough. You then don fresh linen, and
i,l-.. .. j1nn and oriental, but
smelting like a match-box, you feel, if
ever in your life yoa did feel-and its
funny when you feel that way liko
taking a drink, but by your lady, yoa
must carry yoar own amunitlon, for
strong drinks are rare in that Tplcanlo
dale. This desire being grauiwu,
ravenous oppetito rages, wuicu w u
sipaled bran boor's recreation at the
bouutif ally supplied table of the Vol-
cano house
" I attended a term of court at Illlo,
and was retained in s number of cases,
thus making ray frip to the volcano pay
mo61,000. Ihuccettfnlly defended a
man charged with murder, and after
Us acquittal, viewing tho crater, the
idea occurred to me of proposing to
nsrliameot, nowjn aesfion, the policy
Lf ohangJBb' the mode of alIou
from hanging to vralking ,a Jfhrttalo
the crater, liome, mo i" "M"rj7;
natlonin the world, tthrew culprits
down tho Tarpekn rock-why bouId
not Uta lkwaiku kingdom, which ex:
Ikts throngh IU own Insignificance anu
weaknvM, uao a natural agent subserv
ing economy and making tha death
penalty too horriuk for eontcmpla-
Turning r Joko on Artonma Ward.
A Arriter in tho llaltinioro Krtrv SU
W.y received tho following story
from John 1 Smith, who was tho ml
vanco agent of Artomus Word during
his lecturing tonr in this country; -
Artomus was lecturing with his pixno
rama of Halt Lnko, In Canndn, nud ns
uusiness was gool ho was in corres
pondingly high spirits and his pockota
were full of coin.
Tho dav bofom flinr wam tn Wvri
Smith told Wanl that as silks wore so
much cheaper iu tho British Posses
sions than iu tho Uuited States, ho had
pnrohasod n largo piece of silk and was
going to tako it to his wife as a present.
ard was pleased with the idea, and in
the samo coutUlenco told Smith that ho
had also purchased a piece of melton
cloth, and both oouferred with each
other so as to pass tho custom house.
Ward suggested to Smith to wrap tho
silk around his body, ami Smith iu timi
advised Artomus to place his cloth
within tho folds of hispauorama of Salt
XAko. They each agreed to tako tho
other's advlco, aud Smith loft tho next
morning to go ovor to tho States iu ad
vance. Tho bnudlo of silk wound
around him made him feel quito un
comfortable, especially when ho c.uuo
to uio enstom uouso and commenced in
terrogating about hia baggage.
Tho official wasvorv polite and passed
Ins baggage without a murmur, aud
thon invited him into his private ottlco,
handed him a eigar, nud begged him to
tako a seat.
The heat of tho room begau to make
Smith very uncomfortable and ho aro.M)
i lie Seal Oil. air." R-ii.l tlm nlUtM
20 I must bo uolmr ." sanl tho
WhwIaI T -. II V . ..
qvuiiu rfaa. x can t stami amine so
long, aad then I've a great deal to at
tena to."
" You seem to bo a very stouti.ih
kind of a man," said thb officer.
"les,"said Smith, his face gotting
red, and the warmth from tho silk iu
creasing "I'm pretty solid, hut I can't
stand a hot room."
" Ah," said tho inspector, " what'
Uie trouble? Anything tho matter with
yourchost or lungs?"
" Only a slight oppression," replied
" Oppression about tho lungs 1" ex
claimed tho officer, rising and ml vane
ing toward tho suffocating agent. "Lot
me mako an examination for you, sir,
it may bo dangerous. Please remove
your coat."
"It's nothing it will soon pass
away," replied Smith, inwardly pray
ing for a chanco to escape.
"ily dear friond, you should not al
low yourself to suffer a moment," said
the officer, " and I insist upon examin
ing your cheat. Doubtless 1 can relieve
you of all your trouble."
The inspector insisted, and tho disco tu
fitted agont, after vainly trying to escape
from his solicitation, final)? ilnnl.
edged the corn, and confessed to having
o wutcucu an upon uis person.
Tho Officer knchcl lipnrHlv- ami
aaia: " Xknew it all the whilo. Hero's
a letter I received this morning." And
- -..,..,, ..
v iuuuw omim a ie;ier writton vy
Ward, informing tho insoocinr tl.ut u
smuggler would endeavor to twss a
quantity of silk, describing Smith's ap
pearance, and claiming one-half of tho
reward for tho information. Smith
was indignant, of course, but deter
mined to got even with tho incorrigible
joker, so ho told tho officer about Ward
naving tho roll of cloth concealed in his
The inspector appreciated tho joko,
and lot Smith off with a small iwnalty.
The next morning Artemus Ward ar
rived at tho enstom hoase with his pan
orama, when tho inspector commenced
interrogating him, and insisted upon
hk letting him havo a glimpse of his
beautiful pictures.
"Ward tried every excuse, but tho offi
cer wis importunate, and finally he was
obliged to have his man unwind one
section of the panorama heforo tho in
spector. Artemus stood by and explained the
views, until suddenly tho cloth camo to
light, and as it slowly unwound in front
of the pictures Ward struck an attitude
liko his performance upon tho stage,
and in tho drawl of tho exhibitor said'
"This view is slightly encumbered
wiui twenty yarus oi moiton ciotn.
That d n Smith told you all about it.
What's the damage ?
Tho inspector soon settled tho ques
tion of charges, and for once Artomns
found himself caught by his own joko.
"Its Betteu HiHEn Ui." Sir,
Sloodj tells tho story of a poor woman, (
wtio was tact, anu near nnto Ucatu.
SLo lived in a qarrct iiro stories up.
There was a Christian lsulf who often
visited lior, and always fonnd her very
cheerful. This visitor had a lady friend
of wealth who constantly looked on tho
dark side of things, and was always cast
down, although alio was a professed
Christian. Hue tuongut it would do this
lady trood to sco the bed-ridden saint.
so she took her down to tho house.
When they got up to tho first story, tho
lady drew ap her dress, and said: "JIow
dark and filthy it is J" "It's better
higher up," said her friend. Thoy got
to the nejrv story and it was no better.
Tho laV complained again, but her
friend replied, "It's better higher up."
At tho third floor it seemed still worse,
and tha lady kept complaining; bnt her
friend kept saying, " it's hotter higher
np." At last they got to tho fifth story,
and when they went into tho sick room
thero was a nico carpet on tho lloor
there wero flowering plants in tho win
dow and Jittlo birds singing. And
thero thev found tho bod ridden saint
ono of theso saints whom Ood is pol
ishing for his own templo just iearo.
ing with joy. The Isdy said to her:
"Itnustbo very hard tor you to Ho
hero." 8ho smiled, and said, " It's
better higher up! " Yes, and if things
go against ns, my friends, let us remem
ber that " it's better higher up." "Wo
aro saved by hope." Tho soul that is
filled with this hopo sees a bright side
to overy cloud, and hoars a cheerful
song above all storms and all sorrow.
It is " Christ born within us tho hopo
of glorj."
SIcn know how thunder and Jlght
ntrur Mmn from iho clouds in summer,
and they want to thunder and lighten
sometimes themselves; but it la better
that tho contents of the iouJ should
drop down Iu gentle rains, and make
something grow, than that thero should
bo flashing and resounding in iuo ijuot
on, and that tho oak should bo crushed
to pieces which has btwn growing for a
hundred years; and it Is better, not that
men should produce a great rackot in
tho woilJ, and work destruction around
thew, but that they should create hap
pineta among their ellow-meu,
Nnmby rnmby Stuff.
PeopUi who depend upon a wevkljr iMcr
In order to treop potted H" "venU trmi-
ptrlnjr In tho world, do not wlh to bo tur-
felted with sontstlonsl nonM lit tlt l'l'0
of nsmliy lumhr crltblln thiol continued
Morle Tha Wrsklv Ciihomh , are
Kind to tec, iHerdt litis elutt of tntllcr
wlilclt U dlthcd tip I? Mit of lit contctu
pornrliN ami while lvln nterlalnliiK 'tl
celUneous retdlnp. tncttidlnir complete tlor
let, poetry, etc b ell Wnowii iHlir,nhe
iho new of the tcV In readable tht.
The "continued tton" pertem t Isnore
the publication of Inlcretllnir ifvouutt ot
setusUK-curreiicetstid till Ihelrcoliiinnt with
llcllou of tuck low Ettde iilf l I
toiiRht for by the Ignorant tud depntel.
6. J. Hiiwloy Co.
We delre to ctll the attention of our read
er to tho fact thai thlt old and impular tlrtit
areoireihur unuttial faellltlea r ;"r
ehac of all Kindt of Kroverlet hll they
deal In none but ilrtl iUm good, Ihjy tel t
tkolowett uurkct rtte. Ordert frm e
eounlry piomptly flIUd. Komll by Welit.
Fatgo i Co . or by V O. Onler Addrott sift
Sutter 8U, San Krandu-o.
CIll ARH aro uuaranleed to be mtdo or the tlu-
ett HavanaTobacwv SBStcraraento tt.S F.
Ai ftttthe I'llitifW TnK
J. r. UtU, tnaarlff f Ctrt. Bie
Kjjf,TBtfrwtillfa4yihi i CWf
er J d4 IMh 8U. I' Vi c. aruite. 01
AlVl'lMteri NVor .
No itSTWrUW.,8.r..rruIW'l
rrilotnllllillniM J U I'ariaa. I'wft'
KiliMli STciu7'Ta lirllil IIN
UMirtTHi tr Mt. K. Ua. ta frMI
t llradlat. anl la.lpwlil WW t
lKra7S.,rar ft ' i. a' im
wviaJfalof lh as ! I" ' ' lB ,u
i'worrUtor m ii".i" ("M'l" I
UU.ehatli ud tit. fa' i '"" "" v11 "M "'
tea Sr(l tuicr a i ! ' X ""' "' ' '
Mi 1 la form or Uitt a e r I I'jr T IV""1"
ile-jrtns mM cwi Jt l ' 'I" at'.f
par ia. ,V i' mntk
Tin Host Spring ."ModU-iiio and
Heuutillor of tho Complexion In
use. Cures 1 I tuples, Molls,
Jllntoltes, Xeiintlia, Serutilu,
tJtmt, Ultuuiimlic and lereurlitl
l'nins, ami all Psoases arising
froiu a disordered Mate of the
Ulood or l.lver.
M(isn.lMKin TaHfMlVViK ItDTKI. Htl
Mn4 n . Mt Fnixiwi mmJ uix.t,. tl,
. la Thlr4 !,. '"',-
Cfiire v.sovux. Ucanlt. ua .a
DUM--Mn x- tiamCo,mKtill.
fan I ihttararmt at r II UOVtrs, MiiJvu I
ln(Mr-,B T'H
rvlr!ujC r..rpwi i tlMfm, lli HaBi,. lA' I
I'llOl 1M)N I I Ktilt br lt lln! Ml
a tare .Tatiu m t'r
ha4ur4 br i .
Mnv. a rf 11 Traxiiuvuttit utw
V.ur-ia U Ct l
IlltKI.Odt La
rerr i u : x ti i r. : 11 1 tt
s'3alivauaraal.i xuu .lantnlf pttlkaUr..
fvlaX" I rr I tlUHr ot awP0'Ji.""i
llau.i.U lltt ,aUa,
a.iti riaa . njaa,i
llaaoa, X S w l 4Uaw) l ,
IVIac II -Itl. Haa rraactacui
h(titMait.i r.riajiijailt jlaiKaaa.'aa uan
umr, it a&) an i an krarnr n( aat. I ra&a
PUM (ilHtAXSASU All. KlSWsur Mt H
tallcutrHBKul.rrpai r4ltl't wt ,-l a an I
atraa4ai . raim. ,irt rr n. u ubi1 (
rr intiir ni't'i u.u a . . u. k ' u
ML KIMhur Mt
lsirkrt (iitrrfru r Flowrrl
Uf U.4.1 trt t'Mf ItU) bra I vf '
niA'tvm u i. utvi.iiiu
vft i;i h -ii hi. n rrn
an I
. ai a ,rtf. t if.
i . .tul'il u. Mlnf l,at'4k' .
n. a- i .
taJttf i I'.a 1 1
vaalflaaaflA -, Katha.ifU'r U
lTrD OR ; ! P"aU4 a'amra r.i
.a.L.111 M if,. frituf a. . I'f lnia ( ' a
Irom WaaklBfiQCNf llijra, n U' mi 4,f
an. lrtulorT 44raa, K .rl I" " B"J
Maabia4iui. (' I
1'ictoriai Comiiiviitator.
ill I)!.lrall..m Hii'i IllUa Aaima a II I.
I.raaral .llaa a4 tlbrr araKUM
Lttxrm t i r Clrcs an (
(.arrUiiii 4
U . W Waaa ojt..n r fatMUH"
"" " ill iffivajj .a
u oil" :0C 'AJIfJi-lVJ A3IIIU IHifHI
ui it '4Ua4 tMlfi t i (! a
I?!) j'IVII rOVV aatl fl'Ktal II U
mi -jiiiiri . ni-.r una.
'WIH1 l(Wi4 1..UI t" 4
i.l u'll'! Lnwn at
it ilx3 til. faYY
u.s ;: i jj ', ..oij.
Or evLtti uwHini'if rj i hum
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ttllK I t-t -ltll mtcf""B lattc and II U
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700 to 710 Knarry 8t. ",p-im laa I'laia ,
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Ijr pacific -
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No. 1 1 Kearny HL, Han Fraiitlsco.
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Rhode lolnnd Granite !
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I'allnt Malta
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700 la 71 Ksrny St. (Ofti t fiaa .
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A Unoas Hall ! : "'. I"a ! M I
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Ill lit, ; a!aul,.Tin ru.j
AfiNTS WANTED.? tt,.,,y,J.1-'V,
aiMrrlr, V t t'( w Urftt Saw L
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Hacts & Lambert's
3E3I- dfe? Xi
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A, I, II XS lliit'r A I u , m i rraa
k i-: c o u n
liiyery Stable,
1331 and 1320 MARKET STJIKCT,
IW TIM a4 Hi.
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Tht CampUxiis Clear,
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lZCal -a. I i i 14 ymth la I lia)! Ta
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rain:, i i.
I .. Y-- 7 Woiftht, 1 3 lbs.
Aod 8i4(llerr(Jov) Wbolaialt Airl Untall.
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7111 JlnrM'l ali-rnl,
aa rwaadaio
113 Baoiama (treat, Sa Krinrlif.
Ifis Hide Co., of lirllieporl, Conn.
Kelt I Al.lrOllMIA OllklKIN, AIIIZONA, Ilk
Alai. fil tut W W.tlllKKNKII'M
I lairlo, H'nlyalut, CliOkalmra
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C. C. HASTIMGS fe CO. mu mi:, nvn ritA.M ism,
Noir-aWriiNiiroiiifiif IluloM N n r0 &uy .11,1,.,,,
91 I X IS l
Water Whits, 150 ()k. rtre Tet.
VAIII'INIIIIU1.A . IH.MiaaiMin.M,At.MtMi:iV.N,,.,. 3,w,
amrrntiiaiMlu Ml . M.i frnurlam.. r lrrii,,r.
Tit llat, Mint l)ur.t)lt ami llwmlltwl cf all IVlMta,
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O. 3. OXvXvXOIC. Oanorsvl Jta.sait,
Ni. tl'ail MAHKirr Stra.t. innilU IVuut Ntrrnt, Hn I'murl,,,,,
MITCHELL WACON8,Hlv': voir it jiom;
A. V'.IANB0ttN,Ag8t,UUUll,,a.' & Q 9S,
'I'lIK MUrhall rt flai ak4 r' Wa4h a
t ar Wall (kDU ltW( l lkln.ia. HI, ka ci4i o(ik farta i..., iwtitr i i.
aar v tfcaf k'r aahwra atkawpala aa n i a
lmr'riaa ll an a waaafal,T at Uaa i-,'
X 11 a al aaai,imal . I a
Ufa)' ataaa JfAUa. llMlr, fhmtmn, ,4
l.lKlal I arilai.a u( a.i kiMa,
PACIFIC water cure
Eclectic Health institute,
lui,' full, ! a-1 w lral ail aara, a.
! lataal 4 elawal attanlll Mlflr4aa. halaw
ilk tvl rwma aa4 Uo.rJ. Hfc aJaEJa aia
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ti- Jl. . )!. rill, M. It.. l-rarlalar.
aurrraaar lal ,1. V.k X'll.k.k, HA ( .
70U Ij 71(1 Ko-irny Hi u-ai it- ru
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X aaa I ( H l it (,r al4ia
( .IJ4(, fi-a larll M '
I ,(,.!, T latatla nn k U IP
I4ia4vn. kl. l. irf(-4M ' l lair I KiWka, 35. ft.lai a M
fatf'aac al,if fair (,Uarala. iat. ftaiaj a a
IU'l ailr falraaklM Jilo'lm r l '
AMta I.I ill'alHaa.1. y Via ).rfk (iar.
ill to !., W K II.HHlaa (H na t lala
t- Mm. AI iM,o Ha.1 t,Ma .(!.
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f J Wa;i. r, J,.l fil Wpfa.
Uan U fcaittat. Ja J
100 CalllprnlM .St.. San FrnncKo. t'al
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tlKkl Ka.
Ilaurr aatauia,
jaa lar.
Wan Wllita. W W la If
Haa II Uot J Wa-4 a -aiV
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W Kwlaaba a tl-aaalaf
Sona'l.afOf taiaaa
X HakAar a,r Ft,
TVa Uual arakw
fk. Mix I I uanfcrt taaka
rv at !jw
AMttmV AKNl-V,
i.a nii"
Boswcli Heater, Cooler anil Dryer,
uMt. '"ttrVrlnStevr' M1 yar H-B.a ..V.,UU af IMa fmt
rrt.. ri Kalaaa liana akwf 4 l"al, l
tt4tipuir kaaltataMkiaf
I ara tiui, aaia( 4l'a.
k.l aaalor.taa)Uca.-J ap ' taai aj
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riallll'l.4 1,1 ltaaat llaal kill ala !"',.
Hiroiuxi i f.4 tr rati In i.ilr wtar
thai rirt t.r Hat! ., w ( ( aa
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traauil Lis.r.iti
laj UtaatMA ( IM
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a.lina aali)iran
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M ill. I ull llllarlrirt...
Iif I. .ail. l.allM.
I, lariiww,
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taaali la Acaatk,
1'or Hula Kvarywbero.
Mr ji. ii. j ir . '
I oar It.nxl (rum ll.a prtaa, ita4lar Irtaltrat
llltaaaa IM famuna wulka i.f llr Mallbui, llr4
laoak ll.a,t(al lalnriutr. ami Mr Uaaahl, IM lau(
aKiiutl)'. rilnl .... , ,
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ruaa'alUal li,ar ba ra.l lr a tit una In akf (iaia
!.-ts" l Ala an, I dlaaata fullf i.alal Ilia
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luriualliiulvr afrl-r
I'llll K, SS IKHTN,
A'lrM, alluMaia in aw ' i,n Xanalii,,
Kit. Ill Waaliaciiin fctrral. Hall fraurui.i, ( al
C0MP0UHD 0XV0EN 72:2
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naaa-aai talt BrBtaiaamU In 111 liar
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II llatir )f frti, T H,
at tlaril ami !" Utt1t i.
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Ailluif. aul alira wlai air laf. ra,aMal
linn, i jr I villi manr
Slin I rnlaCl lalllwtllla in f t. mart, 1,1,
7L,L III UttUULX h hum, llll (Jlrar i hi.. 1 Ull.
Xt. 3D 3MC O XT a. OCs .
Tim ("uncord I'nrrlMlfn Hoiualliry
lit lamnrril u K. II N Mlil(iinarf llrrr.
ualldi j'alaia llulal, Han Kralitlaiti, wlura u iM
!!rimlrio"(Viiiird llariit anil K II Millar Wo
guiarr III.) llufKlt. and IViriUirra) win IwihimUnI
fiipt 'iiulialia 1 ' S KAhTiUM, A.ul,
' Mow Httloturr toll, H, V,
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n flaaiaU CI
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I aialaatl'i,, r ' W Wa ,. ,
IITTI.IIII aiTIII'tl, a fll INI.l.
Firo hisuraiico '().,
ur iu:iti.i. m.ioi i
Capital, $1,500,000
Genera) Aeccls, Pacidc Siales am!
aiiO UVTai CialUnrltU rtint Wl .Sn
ow Nla.,Httti l'rnurl,r.
Tti0sly Tanfiot ititur Kttswn
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1 at, f. ,.(
IM I A t I , f ,a.w.rt
llll(.Mataaa, I braHlr a nHal I gallon .
IM aa 1 w .ftaiala I wNttitatliala Hnaiii
la, aUlH lllaaalaNa, at I laa .. . .
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ffaal a vaawU, ua4tr kla ,vfra'iirf A a)
afallr lllllar I I h.alr , at ..,. Il.
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a' r a a, all 4ialai a4 4'a.M la bv.ll. t .
liaaa.a lati Jl 1,irr at r. la..
V,covav toowus, I" I . I. 4 XI II . ll A (
700 to 71 H Kaattttx Hi. urt-ii. ik in.. .
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Hfclih"ta, iiM.aa. iuaaria&f .r I
i)Um lla.XatHa'a, au. l,r a,
4 aat lkfcilaK iu mat la - a. I i.i'
r.l aaaala4i( t ,i l ttal at i a, i.M aril a
mtiWt'l'iMallu Mu
ltatii 0 ,mii atm 1 marl lla, ftiwi.. IJ
Lf.,- a-r . t lla, (
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; ''Olr --- iVjS
(,QV THE GREAT .'5tf
tlXAJ-i.l 3VH-ASl.
II I li .IKY .!-"
CUfltM Of Tt'
yyai. swsiim kiiia '"
HOrU ''"WAiJll
BifU ift-.auArnr, iiii.iouarfW-
IU action on dla M nlralyilinrtl rJ
anriiiiaiuiiwatar miiwa.' "., TriJa I
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iliwuld ! tontlnutXu'iul ll oHaart a roropww
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.i,.- i.a,i iiiiualluu. nr avuk and ltuiu llKal,
.'""a " ' r? - .11 ........- V
L'CKANNINB.WHITEi1 .Pkopiiitsr
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it -w;- jis WIW'II- iiaayaa i
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