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Publlahod ovory Saturday Morlrjjf
' ur
Mnrnlifleld.Cooii Co., Oregon.
3'KVO'rr.o to
fjf;lio Interests of Southern Ore
iron Always ForoinoNt.
One Tear , 13 M
Six Mouttia..., 1 CO
TLrtd Montbi .... 1 00
To idrcrtUcr we jnirntte (lie moil
farurahle toruu mil fair dealing.
TUo Development of our Mlnco, tlio ImproTc
ment of our Harbor, and Railroad Com
mmileatlou villi tlio Interior, Specialties.
,xt ur aa-nitr ray gsasrs:
vol. 1:
SO'. 20.
Tlio Hciuttirul (into.
Wo apeak, wo apeak of llio Invest and Ut,-
Who liurn L'niin In (lift lml ulitlTO.
Anil tlierulnUor tlio river of ilcatlmro onwuwl,
Hy llio rainbow of lliclr lovo.
jBad liurU are ymnini; In hall mul out,
VU-piUo' norno dioainlciirt In ml,
J Jut Ms know tlio beautiful changes nut,
Ami our darling hi o not dead.
TIiovoico of lliclr melody wander frco
TliroiiRh tlio nail of our broken hour,
Ami tlio gleam of tlitir eiitmy robia wo we,
Winn tlio earth grown dark with wrong,
Wo feci tliu tmohof avanlnliiil liand,
Tlint llirlllid In tlio da.Mi of yoro
"Ami kadi u on to tlio summer land.
Wlioro thoy livo fori ver more.
We rpoak when llio work of day It done,
Of tlio danitig liy-auiMiy,
And numbered oiirtreaaurts, ono by ens,
'In our Fjllitr'i lioiiaouuhlgti.
Andoltwo think when our rent f hall come,
Of tlm muting tin ro will bo
Whim tlicKOod and beautiful all ro home,
To tlioelly beyomlTiliona. " "
A Mother, During.
Tlio great Goldon Ksglo, the pride
nud tlio four of tlio parish, swooped
down uutl away with something in his
talous. Ono single, sudden fcinnlo
snrieK uuu men hioius ami out cries,
ns if a church spiro hud tumbled down
on it eongrfg-dion nt sacrament.
"Juti it Luuiond's buirn I Hannah
Lauionii b uuim I" was Iho loud fust
spreading cry. " Tito eagle's tuon uff
ll.iuunli L,amoud h bairn I and tunny
hundred feet wore in another
hurrying toward tlio mountain.
Two miles of hill and ti. 'u, und copso
and shingle, nud many .ntorsecting
brooks lay between ; but in an incrodi
bl u short time tlio foot of the mountain
was allvo with people. Tho oyrio was
woll known, and both old birds were
visiblo on tho rock edge. Jlut who
shall scalo thnt dizzy cliff, whioli Mark
Stuart, tho Kiilor, who bad been at tho
stormtuRof many a fort, ouco atteniptcd
in vain All kopt gaztog, or weojii
or wringing oi liatiils, rooteil to tho
ground, or runniug buck and forward
liko bo many ants cuBnying their new
wings in discomfiture.
"What's tho use what's tho uso 'o
any juiir human means? Wo liuvo nno
power but in prayer !" And many
knelt down fathers and niothora think
ing of their own babioa as if thev
would force tho doaf heavens to hear.
Hannah Lamoud had nil tln'u u-biln
been sitting on n Mono with u faco per-
fectly wbito, and oyc liko those of u
uad jiewon, iixed on tlio'oyrio. Nobody
iiVticeil lier: for htroiiK as nllHvmna-
tlties with her had boon at tho swoop of
tfocaglo, thoy were now swallowed up
ji mo ngony oi eyo-signt.
" Only last Sabbath was my aweot
veo wean baptized in tho nunio of tho
rathur, and tlio Hon, and tho Holy
Ohoat 1" J
And on uttering thoao words, sho How
off through tho brake and over tho
h-igo sloues, up up up -fastr than
ovorliuntsman run to tho death four
less s n goat playing among tho preci
pices. No ono doubted no ono could
doubtthat hho would hobn bo dashed
to pieces. Hut hiuo not pooplo who
walk in their sleep, obedient to tlio
rujHterious gufdanco of dreams, climb
tho walls of old ruins ami found foot
ing, oven in decnipituijo, nloLg tho
oiIho of unguarded battlements, and
down dilapidated Btaircuhes, deep us
draw wells or ;oal-pit, and lotuiiied
with open, fixed, and unseeing eves,
unliarint'd, to tliuir beds at midnig'ht?
It i all tho work of tho soul, to whom
tho liody is a hlavo ; and shall not tho
agony of a mother's passion who sees
lier baby, whoso warm mouth has just
left her breast, hurried off by n donion
to n hideous doath bear her limbs aloft
wherever thorn is dust to dust, till sho
reaches that devouring don, and Horror
nud moro furioiisthan any bird of proy
that ever bathed its beak in blood,
Ifaf.jttlo tho ilendH that, with their
heavy wings, would fain Hap her down
tho cliffy and bold up hor child in do
Jivftraneo. No stop no slay ; ho know not that
sho drow her breath. Honeath hor feet
l'rovidonco fastonod ovory root. IIow
was bho over to descend V That fear,
then, but onco croskod her heart, us up
-up up to tho little imago mado of
hor own Hesh and blood.
"Tho Ood who holds mo up now
from perishing will not tho sumo God
sao mo when my child is at my
wit-unb i
Down carao tho florco rushing of the
cnglo'H wings, each savugo bird dashing
eloso to her head, so that sho suw tho
yellow of their wrathful oyos. All ut
onco thoy iiuuiled and wore cowed.
Yelling thoy How off to tho stump of an
ash jutting out of tho cliff, u thousand
feet above tho cataract ; und the Chris
tian mothor, fulling across tho oyrio,
in tho midst of bones and blood, clasped
hor child, dead dead, no doubt, but
unmunglod und untorn, and swaddled
up just as it wus when sho laid it down
asleep among tho fresh buy in u nook
of tho harvest Hold. Oh I what a pung
of porfect blessedness transfixed hor
heart from that faint, feoblo cry " It
lives I it lives 1 it .Iivea I ' And baring
her bosom with loud luughtor, and eyes
dry us titones. sho felt tho lips of tho
uncoiiHoioim innocent onco moro mur
muring ut tho fount of lifo and lovo.
"Oh I thou grout und thou dreadful
Ood whlthor hast Thou brauirlit nmV
OU I aavo mo lest I perish, ovon for thy
own numo'ti suko I Oh, Thou who died
to iavo sinners, huvo moroy ou mo I"
Cliffs, cbasuiH, blocks of stones, und
tho skeletons of old trees far, far down
- and dwindled into specks u thousaud
creuturoa of her own kiud.ntatioiiury,
or running to and fro I Wus that the
sound ofHjio waterfall, or tho faint roar
of Toicos? Is that hor nutivo strath?
and that tuft of trees does it contain
tho ImtJu which stumlH tho crudlo of
Jier cbfld? Never moro shall it bo
rocked by her foot I Here must sho die,
and when her breant is exhausted her
bub too, And thoso horrid hooks, nud
oyce, and talons, and wings will return
und hor child will bo devoured at hint,
oven within tlio dead arms that can
protect it no moro I
Whore, all this while, was Mark
Htnart, tho sailor? Half way up tho
cliffs. Hut his oyeii had got dim, and
his head dizzy, and bin heatt Hick ; and
ho who had often roofed tho top gallant
sail when at midnight tho coming gnlo
was hoard afar, covered his fit'co with
bis lunula and dared look no longer ou
the swimming bights.
" And who will tako euro of my poor
hod.-riddtm mother," thought llamudi,
who, through exhaustion of no many
passions, could no more retain in bur
grasp tho hope sho had clutched in de
spair. A voice w hisporod " Ood." Hho
looked round expecting to sou u spirit ;
but nothing movod except it rotten
branch, that under its own weight,
broke off from tho ormubling'rook.
Uer oyo--by some secret sympathy
with the inanimate objoet watched its
fall i and it seemed to slop not far off
on nmuall platform. Herchild bounded
upon her shoulders -alio knew not bow
Or when but it was ho to nud scarcely
daring to open her eyes, sho slid down
tho.shelving rocks und found horsolf on
a small piceo.of firm root-hound'oll,
with tho tops of bushes appearing be
low. With lingers suddenly strengthened
into tho power of iron, sho swung her
self down by brier and broom, and
heather, and dwart birch. Hero a
loosened 6tono leapt 'over a hedge, and
no sound was heard, so profound was
its fall. Tliero tho shinglo rattled
down the norcos, nud sho hesitated not
to follow. Hor foot bounded against
tho lingo stoito that stopped them ; but
sho felt no pain, Her body wut callous
as tho cliff. .Steep as tho wall of n house
was now the side of n precipice. Hut
it was matted with ivy, centuries old
long ngo dead, and without a single
green leaf but with thousands of arm
thick stems potrilled into tho rook, and
covering it us with tv trelliri, Sho fell
her baby on her neck, and with hands
and feot clung to that fearful ladder.
Turning round hor head and looking
down, sho saw tho whole population of
tho parish so great nan thomnltitudo
ou their knees. Sho beard tho voiPo
of psalms u liyiiai breathing the spirit
of one united prnyer. Sid und solemn
was tho strain but nolhinjf diruii liku
Hounding not of death but of deliver
auco. There had been trouble nud agitation,
much sobbing, iuid many tears among
tho multitude, while tho mother was
"5T1??, V"' .i
n0,4 ' ?, ,0.i
fa.i ! tUaifi
scaling the cliffs sublime was the
nud ufur the moment she
rio never reached before
in the MiMiiorv of man bv human foot
then bad succeeded u hfloneoiis deep
ui death; in a little while uroso that
hymning prayer, succeeded by mute
supplication ; tho witness of thankful
ami congratulatory joy had next its
swoy ; nud now that her salvation watf
sure, tlm great crowd rustled liko a
wind-swept wood.
"Full hick and givo her fresh air,"
said the old minister of the parish ; and
the ring of eloso fiicis widened round
hor lying as in death,
' Oio mo the bonny bit bairn into
my arms," cried !lrtt one and then an
other, and it was tenderly handed
round tho circle of Mutes, many of tho
suooded maidens lathing its faco in
tears. "There's no single scratch about
tho puir iunocont, for tho eagle, you
sco, maun, hue stauak its talons into tho
lang clues and tho shawl, Jilm', liliu'
maun they bo who see not the finger o'
flod in this."
Tho Jloston 'Jhnmcripl tolls tho droll
story: An old sou-captain, well known
in tho days of Havre packets, who had
"sailed tho peas over" for fifty years
and morn, used to tell that in tho early
part of his first voyage as cajitiiii, when
he bad but just turned twenty-one, his
cabin-bpy complained of alamo buck.
Thuro was u uieilieine-chest nbouril,
whoso contents it was the captain's
duty to dispense according to the hunt
of bis knowledge and ability. In n
shallow drawer ut tho bottom of tho
chest wero two or thrco Spanish Hy
planters ready spread on kid, und ono of
these tho captain decided to apply to
tho boy's buck.
It was done and tho little follow sent
to bed. In the morning ho was on hand
bright und early, but tho captain's usual
cup of coffeo was missing.
" Cook isn't ui. sir." exclaimed tho
" way is no not? asked tuoainluiii.
" Says bo can't get up, sir."
" Why not?"
" Hays his back hurts him, sir."
" Hack? What's the matter with hit
"Tho plaster, sir."
", What doyou mean?" oxolaimod tho
captain, " I didn't put tho plaster on
his back."
" No, sir, but I did," whlspored tho
"" You did, you young raacal," howled
tho captain, jumping from his berth,
" whut ou earth did you do that for?'
" Well, sir," answered the boy, get
ting well out of tho rango of any stray
bootjack or other missile that might
lihuuco to be within tho captain's reach,
" when I wnko up in tho night it hurt
mo ho that I hud to take it off, Tho
cook was in tho next bunk UBloop, and
I just clapped it ou his back. I didn't
want to wusto tho plaster, Hir."
Though tho world had ten thousand
times moro temptation than it has ;
though your heart wero (en thousaud
times moro full of lusts ; though Hutaii
and his ungels had ten million times
their power, they cannot oust down the
soul thut leans upon Johovuh. Wait
on tho Lord, bo of good oonrugo, und
ho shall strengthen thy heart, Tho
saino hand that holds tho sun in his
iouruoy holds up tho soul of his pooplo,
ling, then, weak, trembling, templed
disolplo sing oloud, " I will trust und
not bo afraid," men owo theii fumo to Iho lit
tlouoss of tho rust of tho vorld.
A Chihl'H l)i emu of Heaven.
I want to tell tho littlo children what
u beautiful dream my little girl had u
while ngo about heaven, and ask them,
after they have read it, if they will not
go to Iho hlcHKOd Jesus, and ask him to
make them lambs of his fold, nud when
they die, tuko them to that beautiful
homo above.
Hulboforo 1 loll you the dream, I
think I must tell you a little about my
daughter and hor homo, then you will
understand it bettor. Hho is u very
thoughtful, delieato child und gave her
heart to (iod before she was six years
old. This made her a Mry happy child,
and sho loved to read and talk about
heaven. One of hor brothers hud been
there some years, and although sho had
never seen him, hIiu hoard so much of
his happy lifo anl death that of course
he was not u stranger lo her, and she
often longed to join him in Ids homo
Hut now wo wore in deop sorrow.
Wo bad given our llrst born, our great
est cut tidy treasure, at his country's
call, to suffer, and perhaps, to die.
Nobly had he done hit part, and jiihI
when wo iCo.) almost daring to hope
that after victory ho would .soon come
back lo tin again, came tho news, " Your
sou is dead I" Wo laid him in a sol
dier's grave, and with stricken hearts
went back to ft desolate home, strug
gling through our tears b sing, Wo
shall know each other there." A few
mornings after, very early, my daughter
came creeping softly to my bed, laid
her linger iu my moutli nud said :
Please, ma, don't speak. I have had
such n benutiful dream : I nm so afraid
1 shall forget it, that I want you to help
mo keep it. 1 dreamed 1 had been
very sick, nud pft carried mo down to n
river, and you both kissed mo, and
cried because you could not go over
with me. It was not very wide out tho
water was black, and my feet scorned to
stick in tho mud : but ou the other side
of this liver, nt tin) top of the hill, was
fieareii. I could bear music and sing
ing, and by the light could see tho
gates of tho city, and I was trying hard
to get thoro. When I reached the
other side of tho river, 1 was so dirty I
anil somo ovii-Iooklng people told mo
it wai no use forinn to climb tho hill,
for nothing unclean entered there.
Hut I was determined to try, and at
last camo to tho gate, und nsked the
keepor to lot mo in. Ho looked ut my
dirty clothes, mid told me ho would
see, but did not think it was any use.
0. how I wanted to join in tho slnuiiu;:
und to lioyio near und, then nut go in,
Viwinoro,thnn'I could I wilt. All at
onco the thought came to me, and I
sprung up nud sung, "Jesus lovos me,
this I know, for tho Hiblo tells me so."
And a voico inside the gate answered,
" Yos, 1 lovo hor, lot her come in."
The keopor oponod tho door, and
there stood tho blessod Savior. O, ma,
I wish you could huvo soon him I you
would not wonder that ho came down
to diu for us ; his look was so full of
love. He put his hands upon mo to
bless me, and as ho did so, all my
clothes nud dirt wero gone, and I was
dressed in whito robes, and felt strong
and well and full of joy. I "tried to
thank him, but the words would not
come. Ho beckoned to two beautiful
children, told them to be my compan
ions, and teach me to sing.
I cannot half tell you how beautiful
overything was. Thoy togk me to soo
tho llowers, und 1 am sure Ood must
have guthored the prettiest from nil
parts of the world. Thou wo went to
groves. Tho trees were laden with nil
kinds of fruit, and singing birds wore
among tlio branches, and outrything
seemed full of joy. Tho children I
was with were no sweet.
You cannot tell how good it is to be
all love. Among tho trees wero foun
tains of pure nud sparkling water.
While wu wero looking, nt once we
heard tho Bound of music, nud they
told mo it was tho hour of worship, and
wo must7fo to our own home for ovory
family group uad a ;iiomo of its own
As wo turned to go, I saw my brother
M., with Willie loaning ou his arm.
lie throw his, arms uround inn und
kissed mo, und Boomed surprised to see
mo there. Ho then introduced mo to
Willie ; for you know he did not know
mo. They both wore long white robes,
und their hair hung in loose curls upon
their shoulders, und looked so baud
some ami good.
You know how poor and sad M
looked after tho battle of Gettysburg 1
thut look is all gone now. They took
me between thorn till thev reached the
place prepared for us. J'Jvory family
1 1 us a half eirelo, and facing it are
two thrones or seats higher than
tho circle. Those are for the parents,
while tho circle is for tho children.
Homo circles were filled ; in others
there was a mother or a father with the
children ; but no one looked lonely.
In the centre,, und higher than the rest,
was tho thronnof Ood, und seated upon
it was the Havior.
As soon as I hud taken my seat with
tho boys, they brought mo my harp,
nud tho ungels thut wero nearest tho
throne commenced singing " Worthy
is tlio Lamb that was slain I" and all in
heaven joined tlio song. O, how glori
ous tho Savior looked 1 I cannot de
scribe tho bounty of his throne of pearl
and gold, and rays of light surrounding
it ; but it was the Havior himself who
tilled us with ioy ; ho had done so
much for us, O, how I loved him I I
felt 1 could look ou him forever I
After singing und chanting some
timo, they brought u orown, and iih
thoy placed it upon his bond wo sung,
" All hull tho powor of Johus mimo I
Let ungels prostrate full ;" nud just as
thoy wero singing tho lust lino I awoko.
Hut I think I had boon thoro, but had
to coino buck to toll you, so thut you
might know how happy dear brothor Is.
Happy is ho who hus learned to do
tho plain duty of tho momont quickly
and cheerfully, whorovor and whatever
it may bo,
In I Inly,
MIsn Southwiok's lottnr tothnHostoti
Vrtirellfir, dated froifi ltuvenna, Italy,
contains tho following: And, us wo
lias's out into the narrow s treats, I will
try lo give you sotnofdoii of this thor
oughly unlipie place ft place where we
Hud oursehes surrounded by tho me
morials of an ago of which there are
almost no traces left elson hero where
the monuments of hejithon Homo and
modimval Christendom uro'ullkonbseut,
and whno overything breolhes oMho
almost forgotten time between the two,
Founded on tho count of llio Adriatic
by the Thessallnus, wllo resigned it to
tho indium on account of its unhealthy
position, it continued of littlo impor
taiieo till the reign of AilgiiHttis, who,
twenty years II. 0., look possession of tho
place, prepared it harbor for 1!5() ships,
built arsenals and magazines, und made
it the permanent otution of a Human
Heel, building two Adjoining cities
01asis and Oosurou, those being iu the
midst of a morass cxtefiillng'for many
miles, were well supplied with canals
and bridges, and tho houses being built
on piles, the whole was very much liko
Venice. .
Then, too, these cities wero connected
with the continent by u causeway,
whioli could be easily guarded or de
stroyed, ou the approach of an hostile
army. Now, the sea js live miles uwuy
from ll.tvcnua. Clussis uud Ccsitrou
have pusitcd entirely uwuy, uud eeu as
early us tho fifth century thotaort of
Augustus was converted into plouxutit
orchards, while to-daybno can drive for
thirty miles tiirough tr boaniiful forest
of pines, which sluuds'wheru tho, impe
rial Hoot rode nt anchor. Here uud
there feeble lice Holds un'fl rank wild
H6wurs, stands tho'graud Hmdlicn of
St.- ApollinuriuH, built iu Ml. Tho
utter tloiHiliition nud solemn stillness,
with this vast wreck of the past rising
still in stately grandeur, gives nu indo
HoribabloIntoroHt to the place, especially
as ou entering and' standing before tho
tomb of St. Apnlllimrius wo read, "The
blood of the martyrs is the seed of tho
A Wttriiluc t (ilrl-pVlio Chew (linn.
Wo Hud tho followiiut curious story
in a St. Louis paper Of Into date : Late
last Saturday evening an uueident oc
curred on l'ortlaud avenue thut may
serve us a "warning to hundreds of
young persons who have entered upon
a career of wnx-chewiug. A girl named
Lida Smith hud been nohewer for tieur
ly"n year. She is'id'it eleven your
old, rather bright nutUlnUjlIUfCUt. uud
chewed about the same (inutility of the
material thut was used by neighboring
girls along tho avenue. Ou Saturday
evening she took her wax from her
moutli, stuck it under tho edgo of tho
mantel until she could go to tho kituh
en to gel a swullow of water, and ou
her return her parents wero horrified to
see her jaws moving rapidly. Sho was
told to throw the wax from hor mouth ;
but ou investigation it was found that
sho wusnotohuwiug anything ; still hor
jaws kopt moving at a rapid rate. Tho
parents sent for a physician, who camo
uud attempted to hold tho jiws in n
proper position, believing it to bo only
temporary, but he could not stop the
regular movement. Tho child grow
nervous, uud tho excitement only in
creased the action of her jaws. Tho
physician put u tight bandage over her
face, and this partially relieved tho
movement, but then the twitehings of
the muscles extended all over her fuce.
As u lust liinott, a moderate dose of
morphine was udiuiulstercd, nud tho
little girl kept up iuaohorout mutter
ings, accompanied by a general disturb
unco of tho muscles of tho uppei por
tion of the body during the early part
of the night, uud toward morning tho
little sufferer was restored to her nor
mal condition. The physician says ho
never heard of hucIi a esse before, and
thinks it was brought about by n spas
modic notion of the muscles of tho fuce
calmed by overiiotiou. The littlo ulrl.
after enduring n night of suffering, is
now restored, nut notlunjr ju the world
could induce her to again chow wax,
Tho Aristocracy of tliu Faubourg
St. (ienimln.
Tho Legitimist aristooiitoy of iVruiico,
by tho female side, which is the only
certain one abroad, is two-thirds He
brew. A part of the other third is
Yankee. Last winter I heard a sou of
the Crusaders thank tho divinity which
looks after noble families for having
ntisod up Lafayette and Washington to
provide fur French strawberry loaves.
Ileucu thu rococo character of nobility
hero and their surroundings, lloneu
the sedulous cultivation of blue mold
uud tho bigoted udheroucu to forms
whieh huvo no meaning when the sys
tem Is adopted of setting down heraldic
llowers iu American guano.
When nobles iu the Faubourg St.
Germain do not marry Jewesses, Amer
icans, or thu daughters of Ihiglish stock
jobbers, they genorully puir with cou
sins. TholJuodo Churtros is uu excep
tion ; he married thu daughter of a poor
Oalitzin, converted to itomau Catholi
oism by Peru Gargariu, Sho is u very
young woman, but seinl-barburoiiH iu
hur tustes, vieompto do ll.ilnovlllo,
another of the exceptions, espoused u
niece of the reverend fathor justuamed,
Her notion of happiness is to put ou a
now bonuet every duy, uud to sit iu tho
tribunes of tlio Chamber through do
bates she does not understand. Tlio
grandfathers uud graudmuthurs, and
the aunts and uncles iu thu Faubourg
St. Germain, whore thoro bus not been
u mesalliance, wore on both Hides of tho
Iiouho brought up ut tho same suhools,
ouleehised by tho sumo priests, uuous
toinoil from infancy to tho sumo family
pletttius, scut to sleep with tho same
songs, wero told tho sumo stories, uud
retuilod, vvliou thoy grow up, tho sumo
softudal. London Truth,
If Ood has taught usulltrutli in leaoh
log us to love, then ha has given us nu
interpretation of our whole duty in our
own households,
Prince Alficil uud tho FIslieiiiiiin'H
W'hoji tho present Duko of Kdiuburg
was of twolvo years of ngo, and then
called l'rinco Alfred, tho Queen uud
l'rluro Albert wero. upending llio sum
mer mouths ut Hulmoral. Tho young
prince slipped his attendants und wan
dered somo distaiieo .v-viiy. Finding
himself tired, he wished to leturu home,
but had quite forgotten which way he
came, uud looked hither and thither for
somo outline of llalmoral. At length
ho huw a boy about his own ago com
ing along rfllh busket of cockles on
his head, ,
" Hulloo. boy!" cried tho prinoo: but
the lad went on without any response.
" uomo Hero, I waul your said I'riueo
Alfred; but still the buy walked on.
The young l'rineo then ran with all
speed, uud overtook thu lad with the
eooklos, and suld, "Now I want you to
tell mo tho way to the castle."
" I ilinna ken," said the boy.
"If you don't tell mo," shout od tho
Prince, 'HI will knock tho basket off
your head."
" Na,3'o wiuna," was tho dolluut re
ply. " Won't I?" said tho Prince; und the
next instant the basket was rolling in
the Hand, the eooklos tumbling about
in nil directions.
Thu boy's, temper was roused, and ha
rushed up to tho l'rinco with clenched
Maud; there was a tussel for n few sec
onds, but tho boy soon conquered, and
ti... ti. i , ..... ......... .,u,.,.,.i i... i.:
tun A iiiiu .mi i.t.i.j, iviiwhi tij (tin
iikKidluut. One of tlio royal nttundants
who had gmiu iu soarcuyuf the young
l'rinco witnessed tho usAiiult, and, com
ing quickly to tho rescue, took the
poor boy into custody, marching him
to thocustlo, and tolling him on tho way
tho enormity of his offense, im Iiaving
dared to strike a Prince of the rovnl
J did nu ken whatlioeenllonian wiuv.
but ho spilt luy cookies," said tho boy,
sobbing, n,
Tlio young Prince thought over the
mutlorpHUil told the attendant that ho
was moro to blumo'Chun tho lad, and
hud belter let him go; but the attend
ant thought otlierwine, uud marched
his prisoner -on, and tho minor ran
around tho castle that l'rinco Alfred
had been seriously assaulted; but tho
royal youth, with wise resolve, went to
tho Queen uud told lier what hud hap
pened, uud that the boy was pot iu
fault. .
Tim poor littlo prisoner was taken to
an nnte-rooin in tho eastlo, where, trem
bling all over, lie awaited hlsnontonco.
-Inwmtlyft'irontlemun rnttctahhrApponr
unco; lie was ono of tho Queen's chap
lains; and in a gentle oncourngiug
tone, ho nsked tho boy his tuuio, where
ho lived, his occupation, uud all tho
circumstances which lod to tho encoun
ter, and to the surprise of the ultoudiwit,
be ordered tho boy, by tho wiah of Her
Majesty, to bo taken into a comfortable
room uud given something to cut.
In about half an hour tho samorovor
end gentleman returned and told tliu
littlo boy that the Queen was satisfied
that he bad done no wrong; that Her
Mujesty deemed it tho duty of her sub
joets to protect Uietns'dves whenever
oppressed; she had taken into consider
ation thu Value of tho cockles and the
time lost, nud seut him flvo shilling us
n compensation.
The prisoner was then released to
pick up his basket und his cockles, and
run homo it rich uud happy boy; but
his good fortune did not end here, for
tho Quoou sent to inquire about his
family, uud found thut his mother was
a poor flshormnu'd widow, living in
gieat poverty, und the fortunate boy
was seut to school, and afterwards ap
prenticed to u trade by Her Majesty's
bounty. J'.e.
FAHiuo.N.ur.u Foi.MKH. Uvcn in o
Small a thing ns fashion history repeats
Itself, uud tlio fashionable lady of to
day is not one whit moro extravagant
than her revered ancestresses. Hero is
uu oxtruct from a lutter written by a
lady who livod nearly two centuries
ago: "Tho ladioB dresH their heads
very high, with a toupet in front, and
thu hair cut in n brush, Tlio point of
tho toupet, whieh projects on tho fore
head, is called tho physiognomy; tho
curls on eaoh side, whioli aro very largo
and separated, aro donominnted atten
tions, Thu bonnets aro of great. size,
and ornamented with Honors uud rib
bons. Tho btiuohoH of fiiithors nro of
prodigious size. Of these bonnets thuro
are two hundred different kinds. Tho
most fashionable color for tho robo is
culled ' the queen's hair,' next to it iu
roputo is pueo color. Straw-colored
satin is very much worn,- trimmed
variously with gauze, laco or fur. They
reckon above ouu hundred uud fifty
kinds of trimming. Nuxt come painted,
brocaded satins, eaoh of whieh has u
name. The most fashionable) is ' smoth
ered sighs;' upplo green striped with
white, is also much in favor; it is called
lively shepherdess.' Hoop pettiooats
nro very sniidl, Blippors are puoo color
or quoon's hair. Thoso slippers nro
magnificently decorated and embroid
er oil with precious stones, Ladios
duro not show thomsslvos now unless
their feet ore liko boxes of jewelry.
The slippers nro long nud narrow; tho
Htripo behind is ornamented with jewels,
Mantles are banished, ltibbous, colors
uud garments nil huvo very significant
names. A lady whh lately at tho theater
in ii robo of smothered sighs, orna
mented with vain rogrota, with u point
in the inlddlu of perfect candor, slippers
of quoon's hair embroidered with dia
monds in porlldious strokes; her hair
curled iiiBupor-roiluod soiitimuuta, with
u bonnet of perfect conquest, adorned
with wild feathors, ribbons of eye deject
cd, with cat on her shoulders of the
color of strangers, a despairing Modiels
and u muff of momonUiry agitation,"
What lady of tho presold can surpass this
dross in absurdity?
Groat effort from great motives iu tho
boit definition of n happy life, The
easiest labor Is a burden to him who
hus no inotivo for performing it,
The Ideal mul Ileal Mermaid.
Till recently tho belief In mormuhls
creatures half wrfniau mul half fish
was as general as tho bolief iu ungels.
Most of the early navigators professed
to have met them sporting around tho
Inlands in tho tropical seas. Homo nf-
llrmcd that they saw them pressing
their young to their breasts nud heard
them utter plaintive sounds when
frlgktelied. All agreed that their faces
wero extremely beautiful, their bodied
graceful, while their sable tiesses wero
profuse, The old Greek and L-din ;k
eU declared that thoy enticed sailors to
enter dangerous places and often lured
them ou lo destruction. Ilolli undent
1iml modern artists gnve to raurblo or
cunvus the outline mid expression of
numnahls us they existed ill tholrfonoy.
The old literature of childhood abound
ed iu stories of sirens,1 tritons uud Un
dines, us well us of sen-cows, swine,
horses uud lions, Tho nld-tlmo natur
al Int showed that they were nil species
of ono groat family of which tho mer
maid was tho most benutiful ns well ns
the most interesting.
Nearly ovory old sailor of tho gonor
tion picceding this bad seen ut least
one mermaid, while somo old Halts had
counted them by hundreds. The water
about the island of Ceylon, whoso
" bulmytbTot'7.flH" ono of our poets litis
snug, was a famous place for them.
They wero supposed to tuko to if as nat
urally ns Iuud-mau)s do In it u.t'ikel of
choice perfumery. A mariner who had
made Hull ft doon voyages witliout
seeing a mermaid waa regarded us a
fraud by tho er.tft. Mermaids wero
occasionally neon ns far north us Huh
ring's straits. In early tunes they woro
reported to bo common ou tho coast of
Ireland nud Kuglund, AVithin tho
memory of persons now living it was
reported that u mermaid was seen swim
ming in n cove in tho North sex Au
Investigation of thu matter showed that
tho mysterious creature was Sir Hum
phrey Davy bathing, with somo sea
weeds ou his head to protect it from
the sun. Since that time tliojibcliof in
mermaids in Hritish waters has virtual
ly died out, thoiiKh many pcr.wtis nro
iistconlldant us over thnt they abound
'iu foreign sous.
For some wooks past ft livo mermaid
has been on exhibition nt tho royal
aquarium iu Loudon, nud thousands of
persona have soon it. Scientists call it
ft manatee, nud slate that, il is a species
of herbivorous cotaecu uouniL,in thu
waters ubout tho West India islands,
whom it subsists ou sen-weed. Tin
Ao;im J)atlii Tulcminh gives tho fol
ldwirYfT description of tlnr-ciPaturo,
which does not very favorably compare
with tho accounts ui tlio old poets mul
travolors :
" In tho lowor world of creatures the
slug ulono presents us with au equally
soUir monotony of outline, mul, if u
sovuu-foot slug wero sown up in an old
tarpaulin, thu result would bo'n tolera
ble reproduction of tho manatee. Ono
und would have to bo flattened out into
n giguntlo beaver's tail, nud tho other
bo shaped snoutvvibo. Too details of
mouth, nose, eyes und oars might bo
left to the creature's own fancy or to
accident. And thu arrangement lor its
senses with which the manatee is con
tent aro delightfully simple. For oyes
ft has apertures which can
neither remain widu open nor shut up
tight, but nro constantly commoting
uud expanding perhaps at tho will ut
llio manatee, tiiougu apparently oi
their own motion. For uuso it has two
holes with lids, und when it rises to
th6 Biirfaco of dho water for breath thu
lids open, und when it sinks again they
shut. Tho ear holes nro too small to bo
seen without keen uenrclung, uud nro
simply such holes as might bo nude
nnywlieru witu a gimlet, rora uiouiu
it hus mi opening with a Hap over it,
convenient us prevouttug things from
going down its throat when thu owner
is not hungry, Out BiiiHoioutly ugly to
muko the liiatiulee tho moat humble of
creatures ; and humble, indeed, it looks.
Having no logs, it utunds ou its tall,
uud, to keep its baluuco, has to bond
tlio head forward und bow tho body. In
this attitude of helpless humility the
ctruugo tiling stands motionless many
minutes touolhor. nud thon, with u
ghoslliko, dreadful solemnity, itbogitiB
slowly to stiffen mid stniightuu its tail,
mul. thus, gradually rising into mi erect
posturo, thrusts its nostrils uuovo the
Tho enterprising portions who cap
tured this creature nud placed itou ex
hibition have committed u great wrong
which tho public should bo slow to for
give. To gain tho paltry sum of ono
shilling from cuoii person wno vtstteit
thoir show, thoy hull destroyed n world
of pleusuro by taking away tho belief
iu tho most wonderful of beings poetic
fauoy over orentod. It will not be long
before science will banish from tho
world everything its inhabitants onco
hold most dear, Ohlcnijo Time.
If Darwin would chatme his tactics
und insist thut all men were onco brutes
because somo men nro brutos now, and
that thu gonorull.'itiou is u fair one, wo
should bo inclined to uuoept his theory
at once. It is simply absurd to pluuo
so miiuli emphasis uu tlio bypothesib
that the human rauu onuo hud tails,
whieh tails wero curtailed by slow do
greos, until nt last tho pcouliatity of no
tail was entailed, bo that nowadays no
ono eu; truly say of u man " thereby
hangs a tail." Wo say it is simply ab
surd to 4uck ut this dry orange when
better Tacts mid argumuiitHuio to be had
for the asking, It would not be a grent
strain on the seionlillo imagination to
assort thut, oven iu good society, thoro
nro human cats, who affectionately mow
mid purr nt tho feet of tho rich man nud
lift tho velvet from thoir claws when
they deal with thu poor man ; uud bu
rn au snakes, who crawl through tho
grass nud loavo tho slimo of slander to
murk their trucks ; mid human poodles
nud bulldogs nud ours nud mules, nud
also clearly marked representatives of
tho long-cured cross of tho lust named
uffecttouato fniiuml with tho sagacious
Wat lit Hlccpltiir Room?.
I'm glad tho barbarous idea that it is
healthful to she) iu frigidly cold rooms
is being combated. For my part, when
I recall nil the discomforts, yes, and ub
solnto pain I'vo ondnred in cold bed
rooms, I'm ready lo pronounco n son
tdnr'i of perpetual banishment to tho
Artie regions, against tho inhuman
monster who first promulgated tho idea
that it is " tinhealthful to sleep with n
Hre," If u Hro is a good thing during
tho duy when our bodies nro nt a higher
temperature than during sleeping
hours, why isn't it a better thing nt
night? I'copln pilo on a hundred
weight or ho of bod-clothes, shut doors
uud windows to pravont ovon a breath
of fresh nir, und iu milto of thoir pre
cautions, what with lmving to breathe
tho cold nir of tho room mid tho lia
bility there is of tho clothes slipping
off, thoy nro not comfortable. Tiiero
is another thing to bo considered,
heavy covering iH weakening. Many
dolieato women ami children are mado
weary by sleeping under great qnanli
ties of covering. Then, it hus been
demonstrated, limo after timo, in medi
cal roviows und iiowspapors gonornlly,
thnt ptiro nir is absolutely necessary to
perfect health. 'What sort of ulr is that
which has boon breathed nud r
hreathed fcorcs of times during tho
night? Have n flro, nnd open yonr
windows an inch top and bottom. In
stead of laying in n heavy stock of
blankets nud comfortables, jnstjnrest
iun stove, tho children can then make
their toilets in their rooms instead of
rushing through tho house half-clad to
dress by the kitchon Hro. thereby im
peding breakfast preparations. Hesidcs,
it isn't nico to havo washing nnd comb
ing going on iu tho same room nnd at tho
sumo timo as cooking. A Hro need not
bo kopt in tho bod rooms all day. l'rom
eight in tho morning until about six in
(he evening it could bo dispensed with,
and tho oxpeuso and troublo would
tboreby bo lessened. Think it over,
ladio-, und if you havo ideas on the
Biibject, pleusovcntilato thorn for the
lwnoflt ut tho club. -Linda Brown, in
2V. r. llural.
ToSkt CowinH. An ox'a gall will
sclutiy color silk, cotton or woolen.
I hnvo seen tho colors of calico, which
faded nt ono washing, flxod by it.
When ono lives near u slaughter house
it is worth whilo to buy cheap, fadiflg
goods and set them in this vray- Tlio
gall can bo bought for a few cU. Get
ontall tholiqnidnnd cork it up inn
lame vial. Ono lnrco spoonful of this
in ii gallon-of -wariw water is miffiniont.
After lclng wahod in this, goods look
about tlfo samo as now. It must bo
thoroughly allrrcd into the water, and
not put upon tho cloth. It is naed
without soap. After being washed in
this, tho cloth wh'ch yon want to clean
should bo washed in warm suds with
out using soap. .
Elkoant asu Ex,CKLLKfr KoLLa.
Two quarts of Hour, one-half cup of
sugar, a piece of butter or beef drlp
tiiticm the sizo of an ckk. Scald ono
lliint of MWMfc milk nnd lot it cool, thon
mauo a note m mo ihmiuo oi luouour
andponr in tho mllbaud half a onp of
vcat, a teispoonfiil of nail and set lo
rise iu u warm place over night or until
very light. Then knead it and lot it
rise Oft-aiu. When woll risen out the,
rolls half tin inch thick, shape round,
spread over each round a littlo meltM
butter, and double over bo tho roll isa
half circle, thon lot riso very light aud
bake, l'luco tho rolls in eloso contact in
tho baking pau so thoy may keep iu
shapo. ' V
OitKLirr. Allow two tablospoonfull
of milk to each egg ; beat tho yolks und
whites separately ; uilil a littlo tialfc ;
pour into a hot skillet, in which a pioco
of bnttcr, tho sizo of a walnut, has
been moltod. Tho Bkillot Bhould bo as
hot ns it inn bo without scorching tho
butter. A tho omelot buboles mm
rises, run a thin broad-bladod knifo
under ovory now nnd thon that it may
not burn ; cook two or throo minutes,
or until tho eggs Bot ; fold ovor, shako
tho skillet, turn on to a hot platter, and
sorv'o at ouoo.
Vn.iT. Sour. A throo-pound joint of
vonl woll broken, in four quarts water
mid set ovor tho Hreto boll; propnroa
quarter pound of macaroni by boiling
it by itself with water onough to cover :
mid a littlo butter to tho macaroni
whon it isjoudor ; strain tho sonp and
season with salt and popper, then tulil
tho macaroni nud water iu whioh it w
boilod. A pint of noli milK or croara
and colory 11 ivor is relished by many if
PitusK riES.Tafco a pound of prunoi
and soak them oyer night, bo that tho
Btonoa will slip out easily ; stow iu
somo wator with ns many raisins as jpu
wish, and swooton ; uso less water thau
for Biuioo ; whon both aro soft grate in
tho riud of two lotnous and fill tho pies,
allowing two crusts.
Morrox Sour. -Holla log of mutton
throO hours, season with salt aud pop
per, add a teaspoon Bummor Bavory ;
make a batter of ono egg, two tablo
spoom milk, two of Hour all woll
beaten together ; drop this batter into
the soup With a spoon nud boll throo
Hinn'n NKHrPttpmsa. Paro aud ooro
tart apples ; till tho opoulngs with but
ter ami sugar; put iuto upturn heaping
teasponuful caah of dry tapioca aud
sugar to eaoh apple ; then put iu tho
apples ; spriuklu over them cinnamon ;
till tho pan neurly fnll of witter und
Tuiikev Hour, Tuko tho turkoy
banes and cook ono hour in water
ououkIi to cover them, stir iu a littlo
dressing nnd u beaten egg ; tako from
tho lite, nud whon tho water cooses to
boll, add a littlo butter', popper aud
Nut Oakb. Whites of flvo eggs ; ,
sugar, two cups; butter, ono cup;
sweet milk, ouo cup ; flour, thrco cups ;
baking powder, throo tablospooufnla ;
ono cup of hickory huIh uud ono cup of
blaok walnut meats chopped lluo.