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M em ories
By the Editor
MARCH 2 « 1*89
EARLY DAYS OF Interesting Tales
TELEPHONE GO. of E arly Day Work
I Mrs. A. T. L athrop
S arah Isabelle F ry
Passes to R e w a rd
Sarah Isabelle Fry, well known
pioneer lady and long a resident of
this city, passed away at her home
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 from
Infirmities of old age. She was 84
year, 4 months and 15 days of age
at the time of her death,
The Central point Telephone com­
Creepy noises, eerie lights, wom­
received. She told us that her ap- I Sarah Isabelle Stayton was born en's screams and clutching claws
pany put out a new directory last
polntment came out of a clear sky I,
a mlnln
about 65 mll„« that snatch unsuspecting characters
month— the second they have ever
When they called her up and told
off the stage right before your very
While soliciting for advertis­
her that she had been elected to go • * st of Sacramento. Caltf.. November eyes, are only a F E W of the thrills
ing to pay for the prluting of the
to Londou as a delegate, as she did i 7. 1854.
Later her family moved you will experience when you see
not expect the appointment to be 110 Kansas and she was united in that famous mystery comedy play.
book we ran into so many people
made til later In the year. Mrs. . marrlagt. to John T. Fry In Cass; "TIG E R HOUSE ”, to be presented
who did not know that Central Point
Lathrop's country home is named
. ,, . ,
Friday, March 24, by the Senior
had an independent line and who
after her English home Reitormel.
April 15. 1877. class at the high school auditorium.
seemed so interested to learn about
A large colored picture of Hestormel Mr. and Mrs. Fry came to Oregon
But don’t be afraid!
Of course
In England, hangs on the living In January, 1891, where they pur- you will be excited
it that we decided that a story of
You might even
room wall
It shows the home chased a home on Griffin Creek, scream!
But just when you expect
the local system would be of interest.
Sometime about
first of
where she lived beside the rulus of
the worst you will start laughing at
The following are a few of the
an old castle built in 1066. Mrs. about 8,x m,lt>8 from Medford After some of the rlb-tickllng comedy
August, 1920, the writer received a
question« we were asked by buslne-s
Lathrop plans to be gone at least , residing there for about ten years which always comes along just at
hurry-up call to come over to Klam­
two months and will visit her broth-[they moved to the Trail district, the right moment. It Is this variety
men of our neighboring city:
ath Falls to take a job on the Her­
er and sister who were not married ; where they lived until moving to which makes the play so amusing.
“ How did Central Point manage
ald. at that time printed in a stnali
Thrills one moment, comedy the
to get its own line?“
families'16 U8t S“ W them “ nd ,he‘ r rentral Po,nt 1,1 1924
wooden building on the alley across
next, romance the next. And it all
"H ow could Central Point get a
•Mrs. Lathrop, whose maiden name ^ ^ r- and Mrs. Fry celebrated their leads to an unexpected conclusion
the street to the east of where the
was Jennings, came to America on Gist wedding anniversary last year, that will leave you gasping and
ptetent courthouse now stands. We
acount of her health and also to eee when a reception was given in their maybe a bit chagrined to find that
“ Does Jacksonville and Phoenix
caught the stage, which started from
* be„ .coalltl '
^ l’ r f *rs' it lpresston »nonor at t*ie parsonage of the Free after all you have guessed wrongly
have their own lines?”
the old Nash Hotel In Medford at
of Western America was that it was
us to the guilty party!
“ How long has Central Point had
Medford, of
very unfinished in comparison to Methodist church
Much time,
work and careful
about 8 Instead of the present-
Its own line?’1
England. Going first to Montana which church they had long been planning have all resulted In what
day luxurious bus our conveyance
Mrs. A. T. Lathrop
her health Improved until the alti- members.
Is hoped to be one of the most am­
“ How would we go about it to get
was a huge seven-passenger Stude-
tude seemed too high,
when she
Besides her
deceased bitious productions the Seniors have
a Central Point directory?”
When » e first hoard that Mrs. A. came to Oregon in 1911 where she
baker touring car, (and we carried
“ How long has Central Point had T. Lathrop had been chosen to ro­ has made her home and raised her leaves to mourn her passing two ever atempted. Many mechanical
and electrical effects had to be
the full quota of seven passengers
ts own directory?”
present the Jackson County Exten family near Central Point and Mrd- daughters, Mrs. Susie Long of Sa­ worked out. The play Itself needed
besides the driver, which didn't add
“ How does the Central Point tele­ sion Service at the conference of As- ;ford. At her present home Restorm- lem, and Mrs. Ada Campbell of Port­ careful rehearsing as the action Is
to the comfort.)
sociated Country Women
the |el she and her family have lived for land; 20 granddhildren,
(five of rapid, characterizations all
phone get its power?"
• • •
World, we were pleased to think the past 16 years. Many of the local
different and well written. We can
Etc., etc.
that she would be able to visit her ¡boys and girls got their start In the
As far as Ashland we followed
positively guarantee that all those
After answerlnfl these question* and renew old acquaint- 4H Club under her leadership and five great-igrandchlldreu.
who see “ TIGER HOUSE” will feel
the present highway with the ex­
Funeral services will be held to­ better for an evening well spent
as best we could and surprised that ances. Later we were glad that she will lead a fuller, better life as a
ception that we followed
the old
Mr. and Mrs. ! morrow, (Friday, March 24.) from amidst
chills, shudders,
we really knew so little about our had brought this honor to Central result of her work.
route through Talent and at a point
Point and at last we begin to ap- Lathrop were married in Medford.
| tlle Conger Funeral Parlors
with laughter and— love!
own company, we decided to do a predate the opportunity that Mrs. j Mrs. Lathrop got her passport be-
near Jackson Hot Springs we turned
little investigating. Being Informed Lathrop will have to carry many new fore returning to Corvallis last Sat- Rev. C. B. Starkey, officiating.
east and up a much steeper grade
that Mr. Freeman had the old books Ideas of our country and Its works, tirday. she will sail on the Queen terment will be In t|ie I. O. O. F. P la y R ep eated T o
to the railroad than the new high­
especially along the Oregon Exten­ Mary, the largest boat in the world, cemetery In Medford.
way does now.
Ashland of the company and so would be tha sion Service work to many other and return on the Geòrgie. She Is a
R aise Funds fo r
logical person to ask for informa­
women and bring back many helpful delegate from Jackson County and
we turned down the hill and crossed
tion. we contacted him and asked ideas from them.
Lath rop Fund
the only delegate from Oregon. The G o v e rn o r T o Be
the Southern Pacific near the old
him to write a brief history of the
depot and then turned up the tracks
H o n o re d at D inner
at her home, Uestormei, about on* verge at New York for embarkation
Jackson County Recreation lead­
along Bear Creek, coming Into the early days of the company. We plan
mile north east of Central Point and will visit Ihe New York world
ers are sponsoring a dramatic festi­
present highway at a point about
during the Spring vacation, we ca ll*[f#lr before going aboard,
All men and women of Jackson val at the
Medford High school
of the present company and Its plan
half a mile east of the overhead
ed on her and were very graciously I
(Continued on Page Three)
county are invited to attend
the auditorium next Monday evening
of operation.
dinner-forum to be given in honor March 27 at 8:00 p m. for the bene­
crossing. From there our route fol­
Following Is Mr. Freeman's story
of Gov. Charles A. Sprague In the fit of the London Conference fund,
lowed exactly the present one as far
Hotel Medford at 6:30 Friday.
Civic C lu b Luncheon
C o v ered Dish D inner
which will ho u ed In defraying the
as the foot of the Greenspring»
ily W. .1. Freeman
While the event l* sponsored by expenses of Mrs. X. T. Lathrop. dele­
service in Central
mountain grade.
T o m o rro w N o o n
A t C la rk » H z om
,hB JlM,k80,\ it p
™»mber to , be
of gate to the Associated County W om­
Point first came Into being in the
v r i i i e
^ Commerce,
is ,,in'y
not necessary
en of Ihe World conference at Lon­
don next May. It is hoped that every
The new Greensprlngs grade was
what was called a “ Pay Station’’ and
Remember the Civic Club lunch-
Covered dish dinner with a St. sized.
The number of attendants, one In Central point will attend and
just being built and the old road was operated by some
merchant, eon tomorrow March 24, at the Patrick's theme was held on March however, will be limited by accom­ help do their part. A play "Mother
followed up the canyon of Emigrant generally a drug store, and when a Library from 11:30 to 1:00 o clock.
at the home „ ( Mr. and Mrs. modations at the hotel and there­ Was Right” , directed by Mrs. C. E.
creek. As we drove up the canyon ‘ call came in someone was sent out Creamed ham, peas, mashed pot- j h Clark bv the King's Messengers I ,ule
fore those " who
" o plan
iMi" ‘ to attend are Rose and produced by Roxy Ann
e ^
asked to make reservations as soon Extension service will he given and
we could see the new grade
far jto call the party wanted and the atoes, vegetables, rolls, pie and cof-
be served.
What more rlass of the Federated Church. Since as possible.
I party called wouid go to the station, fee will
Reservation« may be “ One Hundred Dollars’ ’ by Central
above us on the mountain side end where the call was completed.
could you ask for a quarter and then this month closes our church year, made at the chamber of commerce.
Point Grange will also be given.
It didn't seem possible that they I During the early period In Cen­ have the quarter used to benefit
Governor Sprague hag not an­
new officers for the coming year
Those who did not see "One
ever could build a road In such a tral Point the office was In the your town. Every one welcome.
nounced the topic of his address. He Hundred Dollars” when It wag given
were elected.
Mrs. Wallace
Is to address an educational and vo­
These meetings are really a social
place. Reaching the head of the
land was reinstalled as president; cational guidance conference of all at the Grange hall this spring, will
Second Hand Store, then Mary Mee's get-together.
canyon we climbed such a grade we drug store.
want to see It Monday evening, and
However, after some
Mrs. Charles Smith, vice-president: high school seniors of the county at
all who did see it, enjoyed It so
never wish to see again. Over rocks • time It was moved to what was
Mrs. John Clark, Secretarry;
Mr. the Medford senior high school au­ much they will wish to see It again.
as big as cookstoves; dodging fallen | known as Williams' Livery Stable. ‘M ild re d C a rlto n D a y ’
Following Is the cast which are all
Floyd Lefler, Treasurer; and Mrs.
trees and squeezing between stumps, : which stood where the Safeway store
Central Point folks and well known
In C ounty Schools s,anley Parrl8h' A88,8,an' tea<her
it seemed as if we never should
came agent and served in that capac­
* After the business meeting, the L o n g Lost R ing
Leonard Preston— J. E. Vincent;
reach the top. But the patience of ity for some lime. He had the habit
entertainment committee presented
his wife— Emma
Found in G a rd e n Lucy Preston,
Mr. Howard, our driver, prevailed of calling ihe party wanted hv going
Today is Mildred Carlton Day, be­
Ann, Lucy’s sister— Ethel
ing her birthday.
Miss Carlton's (some interesting games.
and we at last reached the summit to the middle o f the street and call­
Many years ago when Mrs. W. J. Freeman; Dora Reese, Lucy’s friend
at exactly the same point as the pre­ ing for him— others taking up the work is too well known in this com- |
j Freeman was a small girl, her moth­ — Dorothea Hedgi'path; Mary, the
call until the party was located, thus munlty to need to be told.
sent highway. From there we struck making a saving in effort on Ihe part |the time of her death she worked
er Mrs. Julia Owens was visiting at maid— June Furry.
1-C W IS
Director, Eudora Bohnert; prompt­
a friend's home and lost a diamond
off Into the big timber over the of Mr. Williams.
In every way possible to promote
LlieS i n U-alir. 01It 0f hei wedding ring. In spite er, Thora Ward; stage manager,
About this lime .Mr. Williams health. Every child will bring a
crookedest road ever devised by man.
of all the searching, the diamond Paul Smith.
The trees were so tall and close to built a couple of lines— one from penny to school to help to buy new
Produced by special arrangement
could not be found.
the territory west of town where he films for the projector which Miss _ . . _ ,
the road we seldom had even a
1906, passed l Years later when Mrs. Freeman with Samuel Frence of New York.
had a ranch at that time, and also Carlton bought with her birthday Central^ Point
lived In what
^ w a y In Los Angeles, Cal., Friday M had
B H been
_ _______ and
glimpse of the sky and mlsht have he built Line 24, or what afterwards fund last year.
¡evening. He was about 80 years of t« now the Freeman home and Lola
On March 15, the Ml. Pitt Rebek-
been in the heart of Patagonia for became that.
|age. For many years he was asso- Kincaid was a small girl and living ah Lodge entertained the I.O.O F. In
all we knew.
¡elated in the meat market with his with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Free-
er) built one line to Trail and an­ T e ac h in g L ad ie s T o
• • •
a house warming for the new kitch­
fson Irsel Lewis, who still lives In man.
Mrs. Owens also lived with
other out between the Table Rocks,
Finally, at about noon, we drew the Trail line having over 20 sub­
M »lro
Q IJ r* f o v e r t
Central Point her daughter Mrs. Freeman and en. A nice crowd was out and an
iv ia iv c
kJUfc» L o v e r s
Besides his son Irsel, he is sur- family. One day Mrs. Owen called enjoyable evening «pent
up at a ranch house where the scribers, while the other had ten or
vived by two daughters and one son, her little granddaughter Lola to her
driver announced we would stop for | more. Other lines were built soon
Mis* Joan Patterson of Corvallis Nema Catho and Netie Munder of and asked if she would like to have
And that lady sure knew mnd a small second-hand swltch- la holding a slip cover school of in- Dos Angeles, and Armine Lewi« of her wedding ring and told her while
| board was purchased by Mr. W il­
how well this writer liked stewed
liams and placed In a small building structlon at the Jackson Co. Exten- Yreka. Cal., also three grandchild- «he couldn't have a diamond put In
In the ren and two great-grandchildren.
the ring, «he would have it fixed In
chicken with mashed potatoes, too. which stood directly across the slon Service department
Sixteen people are as-
Mr. Lewis’ remains arrived In any way she liked. Lola and mother
After sticking to that table until the ! street from the present
telephone courthouse.
slsting in this work. Medford, H o w -¡Medford Wednesday morning and decided to have a gold plate with
driver (and no doubt the lady of the building.
Clifton A. Phillips, Minister
This brought us down to our first
house, also) began to wonder if w <3
Bible School 10:00 A M . Roland
management of the company as a Valley and Talent are represented, hut a short service was held at the the place where the diamond was.
were ever going to tear ourselves mutual concern and shortly after It Is very Interesting to see the en- , Central Point Cemetery tinder the A few years later Lola, while Hover, Supt. Mis* Lyle Gregory.
away, we again squeezed Into the this a meeting of telephone subscrib­ thuslasm they have for the work and direction of Conger’s at 2 o’clock playing around the grounds on the Primary Supt.
buzz-buggy and
proceeded ers was called and those Interested the good workmanship shown. It Is Wednesday afternoon Many friends Freeman place, lost the ring
Communion and Preaching 11:00
a real benefit to the house wife to gathered at the graveside.
was about 22 years ago.
(That ranch house, by the way. met In the Freeman & Wiley store,
Mr. Phillips will not be In
e -------------------------
Last Monday Mr. Freeman was A M
with some eight or ten joining in be »hie to do this work In her h o m
stood— and still does, so far as we the discussion.
point Sunday and Dick Fral­
I recall that T J.
know— up the creek a short distance O'Hara offered to loan the concern think It Is not Impossible to make
Vestal visited Mrs. Tharp's father thing stuck on the tine« of the rake, ey, president of Myrtle - Union will
and sister at Talent Sunday.
thinking It wag a Rtone he shook the fill the pulpit, both morning and
above the present site of Pinehurst.t enough to permit the buying of en­ slip covers at home.
-------------------------------------■------------ j rake but could not dislodge It, On
• • •
ou g h poles to set In the alleys, from
¡taking the object off he discovered evening. Special chorus by choir.
Again we lost ourselves in ihe tall which :s?rrlce lines were later ex­
Christian Endeavor 6:30 P.M.
It was a ring and took It Into the
tended. A note was drawn for f 80.00
Those of you
who are i and when the note was passed about
house and Mrs. Freeman told him
Evangelistic Service 7:30 P.M.
what ring It was
Mrs. l,ola Kincaid Dick Fraley speaking. Sermon sub­
familiar with the Klamath Falls everyone attending signed. When It
says that the ring will be treasured
highway will recall what beautiful came to Mr. O'Hara he gravely took
ject “ God’s Stop-signs."
In their family from now on
vistas of Riant trees one sees today
Last week we print* d a tale of an
music, Ladle* trio.
saying that that way he would know 'old gravestone which was found in
rather, John, the Reb, did, but his
between Pinehurst and the summit ¡when It was paid
Prayer and Bible Study Wednes­
the office of the Grants Pass Bullet­
of Mount Hayden
But at the time
Cyrenlns Oombest,
enforcement day 7:30 P.M. Mrs. Phillips will
Ferguson hauled
the in. On It was the name of "Mar­ Yankee brother 8am wandered up
we write of the road hadn't b*-*“n poles from Medford and the work of garet’’ , wife of Samuel H Holt, and Into the North, where he fell In love officer for the Dog Control Board, 'give a general review of all the past
(Continued <>n Page Four)
cleared out as » t present, but dodged
'the Information that she died in with and married Margaret Biggs In will make a complete coverage of ¡winter's work. The Choir will he-
1883. (which, by the way, Central Illinois. Late- they, too. the County, starting March 20th, to hearse the Easter Music.
its way between those forest giant*
came to Southern Oregon,
where collect license on all doga not al­
as best it could. So after what seem­ prayer of thankfulne*« that our faith ; 1 * 55 years ago last December.) The they lived In what was then known ready licensed, in accordance wlih
Conw! Work! Worship!
Help us
Bulletin a*k»d for information aa to
ed hours we at last reached the sum­ In the luck of printer* had been re­ who this ladv was.
a* North Phoenix Six children were Section 20-2309, Oregon Code 1930, ■reach our goal for Eaater
mit and began the descent to the warded wh“ n we suddenly
Then the Gold Hill New* took the born to them, the youngest being the enforcement officer Is required
to collect the license or gef the dog
Klamath river crossing whieh was that la*t hilt and fea*ted our delight­ matter up— printing the story and only two months old at the time of
O. R. CARTER. Co Clerk
very near its present location From ed eye« on that view of Euwar.a
Phone I I
for the fun of the thing this paper hurled In the old churchyard ceme­
there to Keno the route was a 1 most I-ake with the city in the back­
Stanley Q. Pariah, Pastor.
•Mr. and Mr*. Leslie Shaw anu
j al*o printed the story-—but, unlike tery In Phoenix.
Bible School— » 45 a. m.
the same as now.
the others, we got immediate resulta. i Three of the children have since family returned from a visit with
• • •
Morning Worship— 11:00 a m.
¡At least, so far as we know, ours followed their mother to the grave, Mr. Shaw'a relatives. He has been
hut the two twin girls are now llv- *n employee at the Oett’a Lumber
Christian Endeavor— 0:30 p m
From Keno to Klamath Falls we | Think of It! From 8 in the morn- ,1* the only paper to receive the de­
'Ing In San Francisco and one of the Mill for some time and will continue
Evening Servloa— 7; 30 P- m
plowed through dust and bounced in ling until 5:30 In the evening we had
They say
I People Mav Know” as the feller 'hoys. W. A. (Austin» Holt la In the t n work there as before
Indies’ Bible Class Tuenday *t
and out of rhnek holes galore. With -at with our legs tkd in a double [said, here'* the story:
I internal revenue service with an o f­ the old dust howl looked better than
M l | a
thero two
the exception of a few lonesome bow knot in that bouncing vehicle
Way back in the dim part there fice In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I It did when • b* y were
Prayer Meeting— Wadneadav at
ranches we saw little signs of human t * cover a distance now made with were two brothers In old Tennessee Austin Holt still own* an ranch on j years ago, aa the people were able
Emigrant Creek In this county. | to raise some grain and hay thl*
7:30 p. m
habitation along that whole twelve- ease In a little over a ronple of One joined the Union army In the Samuel Holt at one time owned a ¡last year. However the valley look-
War between the States, and the
Praetlea — Wednesday at
'Them other was • “ Johnny Reb.”
mile stretch. But you be« we heaved hours!
After ¡homestead on Keene Creek near the 1 -d pretty good to then», aud they
1:10 p. m
(Continued on page three)
a sigh o ' relief and breathed • I Day* Are Gone Forever!’’
[were glad to be hack.
¡the war these brother« hurled the 1
Just for a change guess we will
tell a few stories of some of our
earller-day experiences In this coun­
try when travel was not so easy as
now. The other day the wife and
ourself took a short ride up above
Ashland while looking into a news
story for the paper. Our trip took
us over a road we had not traveled
for nearly two decades, and as we
went we thought of the first time
we had ever ridden over that road
and what changes time had brought.
Here's the tale;
Æ Tale of a Lost Gravestone