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By the Editor
H 0L1Ï MAIL Joint Installation
HEAVIEST EVER Held by Masons
MAILED HERE And Eastern Star
\UMBER 1 -
Senior-Alumni Fete
Is Much Enjoyed
The Senior-Alumni banquet was
It-Id Wednesday night at Chalker's
Last week wre took our readers
Motel with about forty-five persons
bark to boyhood scenes and told of
attending. After a very delicious
a boy's Christmas Joy. since our
dinner the meeting was called to
Btory appeared we have been re­
order by the president Lewis Hedg-
quested to "carry on" with more
I peth. The follow ing officers for the
tales of our long and varied carreer.
The heaviest Christmas mail ever
| coming year were elected: Pres id' ut
The Central Point Ladies Civic
And as we turn the pages of mem- handled at the local postoffice is re-
On Tuesday eening. December 27.| Mrs. Clara Vincent opened the Krtml Shaver; Vice-President. Don
ory s book we find our hardest task P°rted today by Postmaster Tom N vita Chapter No. 93 O. K. S. and Chapter Installation and instructed aid Xelderineyer- Secretary Janice
U . will
W hold
° 1 their
lholr regular
r<‘Kular January
in picking out what NOT to tell j Pankey. While many packages v et. Masonic Lodge No. 135 A F. & A M. the retiring Marshall. Mrs. Ethel Nealon. Impromptu speeches
m^ tinB at the L,brarlr WednM,il*y
about. But guess well try to bring l>oorl>' wrapped and packed, only a held tholr annual Installation At the ere man to introduce the Installing ■ beard front Elmer Kyle Arthur Con- tt ‘>r,loon’ anuary 4. At this ttmo
> _______ _
» »
. .
. . .
U * V
n iiin n
th a
P tin t ¡1 1 9
I 'O U r
« «r il l
to you a tale of how an older gene.-- iew wi-re damaged and there w .ie last regular chapter meeting for the Officer, Mrs. Brydea Sanderson andjingtr and Harold Head and then the plans for the coming year will be
atlon secured their weekly supply of 'tone undeliverable. However, there year, held Just previous to the in- escort her to the East. Mrs. Sander meeting was adjourned.
work decided upon.
fish with the least expenditure of were a large number of cards which stallation Ceremonies, Mrs. Clara son then In turn instructed
During the rest of the evening
Mr. Delroy Getchell, the well-
| could not be deliver d for one reas Vine nt, Worthy Matron. thanked Freeman to Introduce Mrs. Warren the guests had their choice of danc­
• • •
on or another. Quite a number of th Chapter for their help and sup- Norcross, Installing Chaplain; Mrs. ing .playing Chinese Checkers or known hanker-poet, president of the
Farmers & Fruitgrowers bank of
Our story dates to a time a coupl ■ ,ards were received for parti s who'port during the
year. She concluded Sam Kohler, Installing Organist and card games. A prize waltz
«.is Medford, will be the guest speaker
of years later than last week's and Ibad raove<l away 20 years ago oi her remarks with the following bit Mrs. Elmer Kyle, Installing Marsh- danced and won by Miss
Edna fo(.
occasion. Mr. Getchell has
of verse:
all and escort th*nt to their places Shaver and Mr Bill Leever.
tbe preacher's family had moved1 more'
always taken a lively interest In the
down to the old farm in what was
"We had splendid cooperation by The Book of my year is end d;
Game prizes were won by Clayton affairs of the club.
Worthy Matron, was installed a Yost and Edwin Gebhard.
(and still is, by the way) known as the patrons of the o ffic e " stat-d It's pages more precious than gold
At this meeting the new officers
group of her Officers led by Mrs. Ed
Everyone had a very eujoyable
the Spring Island neighborhood on Mr. Pan key today. The Christmas 'Are full of familiar faces.
for the coming six months will be
time and they will be looking for­
the old Blue Earth river iu Southern spirit seemed to prevail throughout Of friends both the n w and the old
Installed. They include, Mrs. Bith-
of white Chrysanthemums in th. ward to the Senior-Alumni banquets
Minnesota. This river was in those ' «h entire season and I wish to If I have accomplished but little,
ers, president; Mrs. Kilburn, vice-
to follow
days filled with fish of many kinds. thank the public for the courtesy My efforts wire true and sincere,
president; Mrs. Mlnnick, secretary
There were bass, pickerel, pike, shown to the force in the postoffice And that's why I sigh as I’m closing through. Each spoke a bit of verse
and Mrs. Powell, treasurer.
The book of mv happiest year"
and Pave their flower to Mrs. Vin-
shad, whitefish, channel catfish, during the rush season."
New Story By Mrs.
bullheads, half a dozen kinds of
She then presented the Chapter cent' who ln turn P a n t e d the love-
Hedrick Appears C. Endeavor Union
with four white Bibles. The Conduc- ,y boU(,ue, t0 Mr* Skyrman with •
suckers, gar. and even an occasional Thomas Leever, 66,
"muskie". There were no game laws
tress was Instructed to place them wlah for ,hp 8UCCes" of ,he comlnK
Rally at Rogue River
and no closed seasons. We caught
Passes at Davis, Cal. on the Altar ready for use for NevPa year. Officers installed were Mrs
Friends of Mrs. E. H. Hedrick will
fish when and where we could. But
be pleased to learn thut another
Mr Leonard Seott, Worthy Patron;
Thomas, youngest brother 0f th.
we were taught by our pioneer
story written by this popular writer
Th,» Crater Lake Christian En­
Mrs. Leonard Freeman, on behalf
Mrs. Beulah Faber, Associate Mn- 1« appearing ln th,. current Issue of
fathers not to wast the abundance of late Mayor \V. C. Leev,r of Cen­ of the Chapter, presented Mrs. Vln- tron;
deavor Union held their monthly
Mr Hen8e)
Holt, Associate Liberty,
natural foodi with which the region tral Point was born August IS, 1ST" e nt with a Past Maton's Jewel. Fol­
The story is entitled rally at Rogue River last evening
on a donation land claim about 2 lowing this the Associate Matron Patron; Mrs. Betta Pankey, Seer - “ Corey-Belle Loves." This Is the with about 125 present Karl Ladd
miles west of this city. Part of this and Patron approached the East and tarv; Mrs. Elisabeth Faber, Treas­ second story by Mrs. Hedrick to ap-1gave a very inspiring message,
• • •
is now known a* the McCaskey on behalf of the Officers of 1938 urer; Mr8. Margaret Swing, Conduc­ pear In Liberty within recent weeks.
Following the services several
Now there were in our portion of
to Southern presented the retiring Matron a gift tress; Mrs. Bertha Donney, Associ I Central Point people are proud of basketball gam. s were enjoyed ,>s
the neighborhood seven families, place. His father came
p irs i-u w i
* u c l e u i . u s .»IUWUII a
P o n r i net r e s « ■ \ l n
i i , . r |i ,„ I t i i r - '
..............* ' —
the sueceaa being attained by Mrs. well us a social hour. Delicious ro-
each with from one to three big Oregon in 185u, where he taugnt of a dozen Fostoria Gcblets. Mr Har-
: Hedrick in the literary field. Sht j freshments were served at the close
husky boys, ranging in age from Id school.
old Head, retiring Patron, spok
■ Thomas rec.
ived his
hi# education In
Marshall; Mrs. Marjorie Pena. Or- will be remembered as the form r of the evening and all report a v ry
to 22. These families were of real
11 .
words of appreciation to the Chapter
. . ..
. the Central Point schools, and when „„a ,
W t.
h ganlst, Mrs. Lolita Massey, Ada.i, Miss Helen Norcross, whose parents pleasant time.
pioneer stock. Each had settled i 11 , ___________ ____ . ..
___ to _ ,he
__ " orthy Matron for the „
... .. . and
Mrs. Edith Scott, Ruth; Miss Rober­ still reside on the old farm Just
the neighborhood with the first j * )'0U»S man went to Nacaville, ( al . highly successful year Just complet-
ta Pankey; Esther; Mrs. Ethel east of this city. She Is a graduate
coining of the white man to th»
Stimpson. Martha: Mrs. Lillie Hol», of the local schools. Her husband Home Economics
region. None were wealthy; sources where he worked many years in the
Dwring the meeting. Mrs. Wallace Electa;
Mrs. Monteila Freeland,
was formerly
superintendent of
of food stuffs were important to all j
Club Holds Party
Mr. Merritt Swing.
is now city school
and fresh fish was an important
ship by affiliation.
superintendent In Medford where
Item in the weekly menus.
The Masonic installation tturned-
During t-he installation. Miss Ro- they now reside.
Home Economics Club of the C.
ningham. To this union one son was
• • •
born, who died in infancy.
[lately followed the Chapter meeting, berta Pankey sang "Sympathy" ac-
P. Grange held their Christmas par­
So one summer day the young
Later he bought a farm near Dav- ,,ast Mas,er Hampton T. Pankey ac- companled by Mrs. Sam Kohler,
ty in the Grange Hall Wednesday,
men.and boys of the neighborhood
Calif., where he resided until ti: 1 d as l,ie Worshipful Installing Of- About 12£ members and friends en- Family Gathering
December 28, with 28 ladles in at­
gathered j at
the -i
river - side
to . plan
-- **--
IJ- •-
........ a ,|eath j,, the early part of Dec. 1938. flcPr a' sisted bv Past Master Klm-r Joyed the Installation Ceremonies.
new method of securing such a
He leave« beside« hi« wife Alice Kyle as Marshall and Mrs. Lola Nor- Refreshments were served In the
The club presented the past chair­
supply. In a bend of the river near­ . . . brother* and si.*
™ - . O r ,.« !,,. T h « . Ind.cU d » t o d.nln,
Another large family
gathering man, Mrs. Clara Vincent, with a gift
by there was a shallow riffle, with mourn his passing
They are Ed of,i<*e were: Mr. Harold Head. Wor-j
The tables were
attractively ar- was at the E. E. Scott homr. Mr. and in appreciation of her splendid work
the bed of the river covered with I^eever Ft. Klamath
Ore • Carlos shipful Master; John Lacey, Senior ranged and decorated in red and Mrs. Everett Scott arrived Friday of the last year.
rocks of all size«. The water at the D Leever and Mrs. Lavinia Hathi- Warden; Lloyd
Stimpson, Junior white. Red stars on the white cloths and stayed over Sunday.
Mrs, Eudora Bohnert was appoint­
In the
deepest point was about a foot deep way of Visalia Calif.' Mrs. Ida Bol- Warden; Ed Vincent, Secretary; If. accentuated the red tapers surround-
group were Mr. and Mrs. Harley ed chairman for 1939 with Mrs.
at low water. Here the boys started llnger. Santa Crux. Calif.; Mrs. Ada p Jewett, Treasurer; Hensely Holt, ed by cellophaned
Ever- Dressier, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Noel Myrtle Patterson and Velma Mc-
their magnum opus. Peeling off their Damon, John Day, Ore ; Mrs. Lucin- Senior Deacon; Eugene Shelton, Ju- greens were used effectively about and little daughter, Vlcl Jeanlne, Credle as her committee.
shirt« and donning their oldest da Guy, Portland, Ore
Mrs. Nellie nlor Deacon: Orville Hamilton. Sen- the rooms. The committee in charge Mr and Mrs nert Mr an(J
Mrs. Ruth Ward was elected sec­
trousers (though they didn't call McGee. Klamath Falls, Ore.;
and lor Stpwanl; Francis Putnam. Jun- was headed by: Mrs. Inez Ferguson, Mril Ray An(leril and Barbara and retary. After the business meeting
'em that in those days) they begau ■ Mrs Elizabeth Mayer. Modesto, Cal ,or s,eward: L. C. Scott. Chaplain: assisted by Mrs. Leila Paxson. Mrs. Jimmy, and Mr. Lewis Swartz, Mrs. the Grange Pals exchanged gifts and
U n T i » « « »
T ..I « -
N te
I rx ~
v » - . . . l ____
i t
i n
piling up a row of the largest rocks j Interment was in his home came- and J T T H-
MrJimsey. Tyler. Mr. L. I Betta Pankey, Mrs. Sarah Vinci nt Swartz' dinner being carried to her each person present drew a new
they could manage from shore to tery.
C. Scott Is the retiring Master.
and Mrs. Elizabeth Faber.
name for the coming year. Mrs. Eu­
on a tray.
shore in the form of a huge "V ’ .
dora Bohnert, Mrs. Wni. Gregory
While the big boys were toiling with
Miss Carol Furry spent today with and Mrs. Effle Caster served dainty
big boulders, we little lads (for you Executive Meeting
Miss Phyllis Crouse at Grants Pass. refreshments.
can bet we kids weren’t going to
Th« n«xt club meeting will be held
Of P.-T. A . Tuesday
be left out of such an enterprise»
Mrs. CSsh write» from Ventura, at the home of Mrs. Myrtle Patter­
rustled up all the smaller rocks we
Calif., that they are having lovely son, January 23rd.
llmember the executive m.cting
could carry.
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Abbott enter- lng a very fine New Year. He was weather, just Ilk. summer, flowers
at 2 pm. Tuesday, January 3 at Mrs.
• • •
tabled Mr. Abbott's grandparents, alsd laying in supplies for the farm. blooming and sun shining.
After several hours of strenuous
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Moore of Lake
The alumni banquet at Chakers
labor a solid rock dam about two the regular meeting on Friday, Jan­
Creek and Miss Thelma Moore
Mr. J. C. Woods, on his way home
Motel was a big surresa, about 45
feet high stood complete. All the
Medford for Christmas dinner.
last Friday with his package of
He is most powerful who has
attending. All report a lovely time.
crevices were chinked with stone« about home makng. A guest speak­
Christmas candy, had the misfortune
power over himself.— Seneca.
and the whole made as tight as pos­
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Vincent were to stumble over the railroad crossing
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holmes and
sible. At the apex of the “ V " were Ross will present a style show
ho ts Christmas day to the following and fall, cutting his face very badly. little daughter, Marian, spent the
Tom Moors saying If he didn't
two huge outcroppings of bedrock
guests, Ruth and Fred Green. Jr..'M r. Virtue, who was walking behind holidays with Mr. Holmes' mother” have enough dinner Christmas, It
about three feet apart. The spacC| Lees And Martins
md Shanon. Mr and Mrs. Dave Rees him could not get there soon enough Mrs. Mollle Holmes, and with Mrs was hls own fault as they had turk­
between these boulders was left
"f Medford and Mr. R es' moth r to save him from the fall, ills face Holmes' parents. Mr. and Mrs Cha« ey, chicken and duck
open and the water poured througn
from Portland. All had a fine time, was badly cut and be has a black Strang of Medford
the gap ln a tremendous stream. Af­
eye. Donald Patterson seeing the ac-
Joe Steven» being so full of turk­
ter completing the dam we all ad­
- t. ‘
■ L
' ,r- T 'oi \ ella from Sonoma >*|cldent from the Service station has-
Mr and Mrs Virtu* and sons ey he couldn't budge.
journed to the woods nearby, where « a , the Lees and » • « ' “
^ "['| h e re looking after business ln our , „ ned 0Tef and he an<, Mr v)rtue Rob(>rt
and Fred enjoyed Christmas
there were plenty of Iron wood poles who gathered at the I aul Martin j0<.aj factory.
helped Mr. Wood up.
Carol Furry grieving hecanse she
Mrs. Virtue's sister, Mrs.
to be found. Here we cut a large home for Christmas dinner. Among
Jennie Gilmore at Murphy. Mr. could not attend the high school
quantity of these tough little pol>«
------------- ------- ,
......... ..
......... ................. « -------
Mr. and Mrs. Clem and Mra. Fish -
, ■ ,„ „
from Mpdford bron)fht „ Christ ^
‘ “ n" ° n of “ “ on-Freewater
Mrs. Martin and little daughter day card for hU birthday December
and dragged them to the dam.
— a
Penny of Grayeagl1, who arrived 27. It was from hls son Homer In mas treat to Mr. a^l Mrs. J. C l “ “ P"Ct' d f° r # *h° r‘ T'*U W' th h'"
Some one opening up last year
wlfe and hls wife's mother, Mrs.
Here a box was constructed Just f r|day to spend the holidays. Mi Fresno.
Woods from the D.U.V. Mrs. Hub-1
Christmas cards and finding a hand­
Jennie White
wide enough to fit the space between and Mrs. Lloyd Root and children
kerchief they didn't know they had
bard also received a treat from
th center boulders. One end of tnr , from Grants Pass, Mr L. II. Root,
Twenty relatives and friends ga them.
8een at the fireman gift counter
box was made of boards while In Mr and Mrs. Jack Lee. and family, 'hered at the Mabel Bennett home
for needy children In Medford last
the bottom near that end a trap Sunday the entire party enjoyed an In Medford to enjoy Christmas
Misa Doris Smith
became the
door was made which could he BH-, other feast at the Le*s home and nr< Che. r. Mr and Mrs Peart from here bride of Mr. Andrew Severson, son Friday. A well dressed woman Dividend Declared
ed out easily. ’ Then the box was stlu celebrating today at the Root a,,p" dpd' Mr» Bennett being their of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Severson, re- wanted to get toy* for her four
By Loan Association
She - -------
loked —
at —
daughter. It was a big day, not only.
. . . ,
... toys
fastened in place and the water fill; home in Grants Pass
icently. Mr. Severaon graduated from a . „ „
.. .
7 .
The Board of Director* of First
being Christmas, but a combined
Some she said her children had,
in a huge cascade over the boarded
the local grade school. Mr. and Mn.
others were soiled and other not Federal Savings and Loan Associa­
• - ------------
relebratlon of Mrs. Bennett's birth-
up end of the box and slipped awa>
Severson will make their home In
just what the wanted. At last tion of Medford declared a 4 percent
Fridav morning the prearher .- day on Christmas day and alao hon-
Klamath Fall*.
between the crevices of the pol
the lady In charge asked for the age |dlT,dPnd on aH lu »hare arconnta at
T . - J ’ T - e L . had been I kid« m M
‘ *“ "‘P
«« Mr. Peart's which is Decem-
box. the bottom of which naa
I ^
out to f><>r 2 : Mr. pPart rPporu hp
of the children and picked out som- ,h* r,,K"la'' n member meeting The
A nun,btr of ,hp ,0^,1 boy •cou ,, toy, and hold her t„ take th e«. An- dividend la payable aa of December
fixed a few M m ^
Vnwlsee w h a t luck we had Many a time enough to kill two men and didn't
of the water below th? «Ian*
we found nearly half a wagon box make any Imprewlon on the amount
*n,,°y " f J ? " “ T V l
” fhPr la(ly '— PP^ -P <*n«1 told that. 31st for the current six months' per-
we were ready for the fun »o begin
! creek. Scout Maater Dale Smith and gflP
, pv#>n grandchlIdr<in
full of all kinds of the scaly beau- of food left.
I John Waters. Jim Plerc.. Albert and
their parent* w r» out of work and ~
ties, and every variety from a half-!
Lots were drawn by the repre-
Bu.-tncss in the Alexand r mp ! r,r*J Thompson, Hal Jewett and Bob It was the first Christmas they had
pound bass to a thirty-pound cat.
s.-n,stive, of the
7 ’™ beVn
may have come in like a lamb i V1" rPnt They left Monday morning been unable to give them anything j
see what day each was to have the And absolut T
, » Mi ,,ut » t. making quite a and wni rp*urn S*i»rday. Everyone On being asked what she would like
fi.h caught. If the writer's mejmorv uenned M •-
,« go*, out. Firs, big aa> can gnesa what kind of * time they she replied Just anything any little
is not at fault, our day was Friday
|0 8upplr , hp family w „ when Mr. J. W. Smith from are haring.
toy so they might have one apiece.
Ph'ine 51
that «-p
So after r that all w*
we had T
O ao
rnn , ,,f ,inv<«. for *1
Sardine creek came In and bou*M '
When she left she was loaded down ’
Stanley o. Pariah, Pastor.
had„-t eTPI) y^n dream- th- best aet of hume,* they had In
Mr*. Cerroli Powe|| and children with many gift that would delight
to go down Thursday PTPn,n* *"
A. E Powell home most any child.
he trap door. Then dur ng .
carefully raised the the atore It la reported to be th e, tre visiting at the
close the
Bible School
Sua. I 41 AM
the night every fish
,h that d~ ' d"*. H * _°f * . J l e t th rest r c .r n n best buy In «he county- Mr. John while Mr Powell u awuy looking
Worship aervice .... San. 11:00 A.M.
h d
Nealon came In and purchased floor for worh.|
go down the river would hit the dam r P ' ">r
Mr. and Mrs Edward Jone* enter- C. E ___ ...______ Sun. 0:10 P.M
■■ntIt he
and follow along until
h* came
fame to'th « deep. During
I oil for he Table Rock school house,
talned with a family dinner Christ- Evangellatlc Bervtee Sun. 7:10 P M
ras falling could travel -asily up *nd dowu
the gap where the wat'r w .» —.....- i
Mr. J. Frink from Bead» w»* over|
Mra. A R. Owing, Mr. and Mrs mas day Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Middle-
Monday evening at 7:10 the men
over the board.. Orer he would *«. r t r * us «hey
haylnr farm Implement*. John Mat- I.aCass > and daughter Dorothy and ton and o»n Theron. Mr. and Mrs 1 are invited to attend * men’s prayer
only to find hlmaelf In that bo«
o*>»' I
, Id v
Apparate dropped in Mr and Mrs Earl Owen and child­ Chat* Elds, all of Grant* Pass. Mr [meeting beginning this week,
yen fl-herm-n l'b
where he ronldn t find water enour j
h a
an<1 **!<*
" un
«Wnlng fet |M ren enjoyed a family dinner at the and Mrs. Roger Toet and son Diekl* Ladles Bible Study Tue. 1:10 P M
to get a aUrt t® Uke him up th* lit-, hare am
tout «her* and everyone was expect- Bodenstah home Christmas
and Mr. Don Stanley.
^Prayer m ___ Wed. 1:00 P.M.
tl* water fall*.
Local Happenings
S o
w h a t ? -
âlfP (ílturrliPH