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tí y an Innocent Bystander
rn m m m
a— a--------- ------- ----- ----- -
Last week we started to give our
recom m endations on the measures
to be voted upon next Tuesday, but
had to cut out part of them on ac­
count of space. So we shall contin­
ue today.
• • •
F o u rth comes the Non-compulsory
Military T raining bill. We can see
no good sense in this bill. We went
th ro u g h that military training in
o u r own college days many yea-
ago and so far as we can see it did
us more good than harm. Vote No.
• EE
F ifth comes the real Tax Limits
tion bill. It is our belief this act w'.l
do more harm than good. We fe»l
It will cut too deep into government
efficiency and will injure property
values more th a n it will help then-..
T he lim iting of the millage rate
m ight not do so much harm alone
but with it comes the requiremen
fixing the assessed valuation at
5 0 % . T ogether th a t makes too decj
a cut in government income and wll
be a handicap on all governmetv
agencies. We advise a vote of No on
this measure.
Sixth is the state
which bobs up "agin' and agin’ ” .
We are unalterably opposed to tin
sta te going into the power busines.-.
We do n ’t like the idea at all and sa>
Vote No.
• • •
Seventh is a bill closely tied i>
with th e Power Bill and for th<
same reason we say No.
• • •
Finally comes the State Bank Bill
We saw and heard enough of such
folly in the North Dakota fiasco an
believe Oregon can well stay out o
the banking business. Vote No.
And th a t makes it unanimous
Ju st vote no on all the measures an«
you will be doing fine. Now on th«
candidates— vote for Landon au<
Knox, of course. And for Chari'"
McNary and dim Mott. But as foi
th e county candidates you can Ju
do as you darned please. (You wil
a n y w a y .)
Of course we have our preferences
and so have you. So far as we know,
th e re isn’t a m an running th a t isn
fit for the office to which he aspir.
and so it w on’t upset the who’,
world whoever wins. “ You pay your
money and takes your choice.”
• * •
We would like to say Just a wor !
about the whispering
which has been going on about o:
old friend A. C. Walker. Most of tl
stu ff told is untrue, in our opinioi
And we do not believe this man h.
led or is leading a Dr. Jekyll an«
Mr. Hyde existence. This county h
never had a more faltfhul servai
th a n Mr. Walker. For sixteen Ion
years the auditors have been unab
to find the tr e a s u r e r ’s books off ba
ance even in the sum of one penny
And t h a t ’s a record unbeatable. A
for any private troubles Mr. Walkei
may have bad during the past tw
years, th a t is between him and hi
Maker and Is nobody else’s busines
• EE
The Social Security Board al­
ready faced a trem endous task iu
f nger-printing or assigning num-
| hers to the 26,000,000 employes by
[Ja n u a ry 1. Now it is up to its neck
in mail— questions and
i about the new taxes.
T he taxes start, for instance, at 1
per cent and gradually increase.
Thus an employe making only $20 a
week will, beginning Ja n u ary 1
have 20 cents deducted from his pay
each week, for his employer Is forc-
ed to co lect the tax for the govern­
ment. Eventually, that deduction
fro mthe $20 employe's pay will
reach 60 cents.
Simultaneously, each
will be paying an equivalent amount.
This tax on th e employer will be r e ­
flected in an Increased cost of living,
for the employer has no choice but
to Include in his sales price, the ta x ­
es he pays.
There is no Iron-clad promise that
these taxes a r e paid anybody will get
pensions or unemployment in su r­
ance. In the first place, the Consti­
tution forbids the collection of such
taxes for specific purposes. The mon­
ey must Just be paid into the T re a ­
sury's general fund, and can be used
for any purpose.
But on top of that, in passing the
law, Congress inserted this sen­
tence: “ The right to alter, amend,
or repeal any provision of this act
s hereby reserved to the Congress.”
Congress has been kuown to
change its mind. If it repealed the
,:ct, nobody could expect it to assume
ho Herculean task of refunding t h i
taxes to those who ahd paid them.
Oregon is safe for Landon and
Knox, is the prediction of A rth u r W
Priaulx, republican sta te chairm an
Mr Priaulx bases his claim on the
general trend of straw ballots and
the effective work perform ed in Ore­
gon by the various county com m it­
tees a r d prlncinct w orkers The Lit­
erary Digest poll, which has never
een wrong heretofore, gives Landon
a lead over Hoosevelt in Oregon. The
poll being ta k en by The Oregonian
shows a nip and tuck race between
the republicans and new dealers and
the latest r e tu r n s received by The
Oregonian have been heavily lu fa­
vor of Landon. Chairman Priaulx is
confident the entire república ncon-
gressional delegation will be elected.
Governor Landon stated
In his
Los Angeles speech th a t : “ Relief
funds have been used in an attem pt
to force out less fo rtu n a te fellow
citizens to vote for the r e tu r n of this
adm inistration to power.” In fo rm a ­
tion has been received by th e repub-
lican state h ea d q u arte rs t h a t w ork­
ers on WPA projects, particularly
women, have been told to vote the
stra ig h t democratic ticket. This in­
formation is In line with d a ta ob­
tained by Landon upon which he ba-
sed his charges of coercion and inti­
W orkers have been told th a t it
will be known w hether o r not they
fail to cast th e ir ballot according to
orders and that ballots will be
Oregon has the A ustralian secret
ballot. No one but the elector knows
or can know how the ballot is m a rk ­
ed Attempt of anyone to learn how
an other person voted is a violation
of the corrupt practices act aud ca r­
ries serious penalties. Statem ents
that a check will be made on WPA
workers and reliefers to see th a t
they “vote rig h t or else” , is pure
bluff, declares C hairm an
No m a tte r w hat pressure was applied
to m ake a person register, once a
voter is in the booth he or she can
vote as th e ir conscience dictates and
not a soul on oartb will ever discov­
e r how th e ballot was marked.
There has been so much regim en­
ting of reliefers to register th r o u g h ­
out the country to save the new deal
with false registrations, th a t a na­
tional organization of Vigilantes has
been formed to see th a t electors are
not i n t e r f e r e d
R epresenta­
tives of this organization will bo on
the Job in Oregon.
G au lt-S age R ites
S et for N ovem ber
«So w h a t? —
Among those m aking wedding
plans for the near fu tu re are Miss
E dith Marian Sage, d a u g h te r of
Charles W. Sage of Table Rock, and
Howard Oault, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Thurston W ins M. Gault, whose betro th al haa been
announced. D ate for the wedding has
Honors at O .S C. dirt been definitely set o!it Is t«f be
an event of early November.
Among those recently e n te r ta in ­
vallis, Oct. 29.— Sidney T hurston of i ing for the bride-elect waa Mrs. O. T
'entral Point, freshman in forestrj Wilson of Table Rock, who arranged
at Oregon State c Ulegj, recently a show er last week-end. Assisting
plai-ed in the tenth decile in the her as hostesses were Mr. 11. E.
English placement test, according to N talon and Mrs. John L. Nealon.
Both Miss Sage and Mr. Gault are
Dr. John Kierzek, professor of Eng­
lish and director of freshman com- well known in the valley and new*
of their coming wedding is of inter­
. oaition courses.
The English placement test con­ est to many friends.
sisted of questions on spelling, usage
ram m ar and punctuation. It is giv­ Interesting Program
en every year during freshman week
C om ing N ext M onday
o determ ine the English course for
•hlch the entering freshm an shou
A very Interesting program will
Out of 1450 students tak in g th be hold at the high school auditori­
ast, 108 composed the te n th decile um next Monday afternoon. Novem­
he high rating accorded these stu ber 2, when Mr. Ja m es Williams, of
lents shows a sound high schoo the National School Assembles will
glve dem onstrations of “ T he Won­
ders of Liquid Air.”
Mr. Williams will m ake many
'olice Prepare for
sta rtlin g experiments with elaborate
Strike E m ergencies equipment he carries with him, in­
cluding a spectacular chemical dis­
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 28.— Po- play.
The senior class of th e high school
Ice departm ents of Pacific coast
•Itles made preparations today to Is sponsoring the program and tick-
s will be sold to high school and
•ope with any emergencies if a
coastwide m aritim e walkout occurs grade students and patrons of the
school a t 10 cents.
it midnight.
It has been reported t h a t Guy
Tex is going to support the Republi­
can party.
Leonard Atkins boasting of a big
black and blue spot on his shoulder
after • h unting trip.
Rome very thoughtful neighbor
inform ing the next door people that
they were putting their shingles on
wrong and discovering they knew
more a bout shingling th a n the
thoughtful neighbor did.
Sunday at 3:00 o ’clock Miss L au­
re tta W illiams became the bride of
Floyd Lefler. Mrs. Louise Grimes
sang ” Always” accompanied by Miss
Ruby Webster. To th e strains of a
waddling m arch played by Miss
W ebster the wedding party entered
from the ante room and were Joined
at the a lta r by Rev. R. C. Lewis.
The bride was charm ing liT h *r
dress of blue satin with pink tr im ­
mings and carrying white chrysan-
th u m s Miss Williams was attended
by her sister, Mrs. Wayne Higlnbo-
tham and Ila Mae Hlginbotham us
Matrons of Honor.
Mr. Lefler wae attended by Claire
A reception was held for th e re­
latives and a very few close friends
a t the new home of the happy
Dr. G eorge S. Jennings
O pens M edford O ffice
Dr. Georgo S. Jen n in g s an d fam i­
ly of Kansas, a f te r much thought
and consideration on the beat loca­
tion to make th e ir home decided to
move to the Rogue River Valley and
have located In Medford. Dr. J e n ­
nings g raduated from the K ansas
City College of Osteopathic and S ur­
gery at K ansas City, Missouri. He
took interne work at K ansas South­
w estern Osteopathic Hospital a t W i­
chita, Kansas. He also took a Post
G ra duate Course a t the School of
Oateopthlc and Physician and Surge­
on a t Los Angeles and the Kentvllle
Optomeotrlst College.
T he past year and a half he spent
at the Chicago College of Osteopa­
thic and the N orthern College of Op-
Dr. Jennings has a complete r e ­
tracing room In Medford. Miss F r a n ­
ces Stevens Is nurse and office a t­
tend an t and Is well known here.
A su ite of rooms, to suit their
needs, are bevag remodeled a t 424
Medford Bldg., «Medford.
T he F lam e of the
W riters.
It may flame from a cabin or cuatla,
Mr. Lull going on a hunting trip
Or villa down u nder the hills,
and laying In a good aupply of meat. But w herever Its fine light Is flowing
It cures the keen mind of its ills;
Don P atte rso n having a very im ­
p o rta n t grease Job when it was time F or the flame of good w riting en­
to fix up an ad.
The readers of poems or prose,
George Marine bag gone to P o rt­ As it moves to the magic pf music
And rh y th m of life as It flows,
land to buy an oil well ao wa are
Wlieu uplifting the heart of the
w orker,
WANTED— A soap box— Mrs E
w arm ing the soul who would
R. Driver.
While conquering the rigors of win­
Ralph Stevenson who Is running
for the legislature
And bringing the song of the
enough so th a t he advertises in a
Republican paper.
(B an k e r Foot)
We never expected to see so much
Cash as we met on the stre e t iu
front of Penneys Tuesday.
H arry Ilanaen requested space In
our paper to anoounce that Landon
will be elected Tuesday.
ÜH jp (illjurrljpß
Mind you, we are not blaming Mr
R obert Charles Lewis, P astor
All members of the force were or-
W a lk e r ’s opponent for this mud- lered to stand by for 24-hour duty.
Phone SI.
Mr. P e a rt reports th a t Bert Hedg-
slinging. Mr. Sweeney has made and
Bible School— A. W. Ayers, Rép­
peth retu rn ed from his deer hunt
At Los Angeles a skeleton force
is making a clean, fair race and it vas to be on duty tonight with n ea r­ Honor G uests of P .T .A . with the limit.
rim a n d en t, 9:30 A. M.
elected will have no regrets. Neithei ly 400 other officers ready.
Morning W orship— 11:00 A. M.
The P. T. A. will hold th e ir next
will th e people of the county. H
Y.P.S.C.E.— (tw o g ro u p s).
No unusual police preparations
will doubtless make a good publif vere taken at Seattle, but Chief! meeting on Friday, N ovember 6. at H ealth U nit M eets
p. m.
se rv a n t as he has a private employe- Vlillam Sears said, “ W e’ll protect | 3:30 o'clock. The seventh grade is
A t D river H om e Evening Rervles— 7:30 p. in.
preparing the program and a good
in the banking business.
W o n t o ' i Bible study classes Tues­
attendance is hoped for.
day nftarnoon from 3 to 3 o'clock 'o
Mrs. E. R. Driver entertained the
The Girl Scouts are to be honor
charge of Mra. H. A. Davisson. From
We had th ought to say a word
Point H ealth Cult at her
geests with th e ir Executive as gueat
about several other local candidates
3 to 4 o'clock In c h a rg e of Mrs. R
0. Lewis
but have come to the conclusion to
A t F am ily Party speaker.
business meeting a luncheon was en­ • r
2:30 p. m Tuesday.
keep silent. We might make one ex­
F ish e rm a n 's Club, W ednes­
ception In the case of the local lady
Those present were Mesdames
Mrs. H um phrey's entertained t h e ' E xecutive C om m ittee
day 4:0 0 p. m.
who la seeking a seat In the lower
Gebhard, Taylor, Norcrota. Thornley
The Family G athering,
W ednes­
o f P .T .A . M eets Mon. 1 Williams,
house h t Salem. We think she show­ entire H umphrey families Sunday In
Vincent, Treleblor, and
1:0 0 p. m.
ed r a th e r poor taste or poor judge­
the hostess, Mrs. Driver.
Sixteen gueats were present.
The Executive C om m ittee of the
| Choir Practice— Thursday,
ment the oth e r night at Eagle Point
Forty-five dollars was taken in at
P. T .A. will meet next Monday eve­
p m
If published reports are true. And if
Mr. H umphrey and the boy* bail ning at the home of Mra. Langstoo. the annua l Health Unit rummag*
t h a t ’s a sample, we hope she stays
heir picture taken and then the en-, The President, Mrs Williams urges sale.
at home.
tire crowd had a group picture It all mem bers to be present as a Pro­
C l i f t o n A. P h i l li p » . M i n l e t r r
Bible School 1«:00 A. M Roland
In our own city, np to date ther< was a Jolly crowd and all report a ject for the year will be discussed C odding C alls M eet
at this meeting.
are few new candidate*. Mr Isaac
D istrict A ttorneys Communion and Preaching 11 00
son la unopposed for mayor; Mr T»
; A. M.
has no opposition for recorder A1 paclty as an Independent e d ito r t h i n ; The following Is d ip p e d from the
Senior Endeavor 6 30 I’ M. J. E«1
District A ttorney George A. Cod­
th e present counctlmen a r e seeking I f we held an official p os it ton At Portland News-Telegram:
M >r-
re-election. F or trea su rer, the pre- least we can say what we darned . After two rear* of satisfactory ding. president of the Oregon State j Vincent D lrertor Winniefred
*nt Incumbent is opposed by Mra Al­
E v a n g e listic S ervi«» 5 1 »
p. M
vin Williams, who la the only new them to rem em ber the city ha« >«* Point savs: “ After two years ag ca r­ ralt*d a meeting of the association »>
rier t - . I f nd it a ple s-q r,,* ,, , (r- I’e r tls n d , Rat'jrdav, Nov*-u>b»r 14 ! ^object “Can W , Believe Th»
candidate on the ballot
ry t t s
N*e-* Tn'egr»«it
I tre e
The group will consider m a tte rs of r>«cee 4 a '
E • •
. a t Wa - w «| •
r r ty w r t o d Bible
f.e d a e a -
b r i g h t and r » , 1 for my btcycj» in tim e d to expedite e r lm ic il procodnrn
Again w* shall hold our peace for tha elty’i welfsr* s - d
\Ve were urged to enter th* race for
Is'g ’a (fcjAr Mr Phifttpa will 'r p f a i n
fr ends wrJ i
to aJhku many n t p t e r , « t s r a r *
ft» p e n
city office ourselves, but feel we ran
I« «¿¿Th.
a fd e c "
ft* t t t rfty tn ( « r ’V * jib wthRwvr
• • •
M 'M B E R 3
F ed erated Church
S cen e of W illiam s-
L efler W ed d ing
Landon Is Opinion
P E N S I SURETY Republican Leader
M u s in g s ^
__ ~!
Rev. Clifton A. P hillips r e tu r n e d
this week from a trip to Bandon,
w here he took a large tr a ile r load
of clothing and provisions donated
by the members an d friends of the
local C hristian church. He sta te s the
com mittee in charge of receiving do­
nations stated th e supplies received
from here were the best they had so
far seeu.
T he following donations and a r ­
ticles w«>re contributed by Central
Point and community for Bandon
Fire Relief:
Mrs. Bertha Theterow, $1.00.
G randpa Fry, 60c.
Golden Link Bible Class. $2.50.
Mrs. Isabel M. Mace, $6.60.
A friend, 50c.
E. E. Scott, $1.00
Willy K. Davis, $1.00
Mrs. Annie Sanders, $1.00 M
A. H. Case, $5.00
Miss Alice Case, $1.00.
Total . ......................... $20:10
The following articles were contri­
«Mrs. Crisp, 1 box clothing.
«Mrs. Elsie Roberts, Child s quilt.
Mrs. Victor Bursell, 6 qu art fruit,
overcout, ladies coat and box of
A. B. Carlson, Box of apples.
R. W. Anders, Box of clothing.
Bert lledgpeth, 4 q u a r t fruit, 25
lbs of flour and 25 pounds of spuds.
C. Ockerm nn, 2 lugs of grapes.
Arden Tyrrell, 5 q u a r t fruit, coat
and h at and box of clothing.
Ja m es McDowell, Bundle of cloth­
W. E. Alexander, 2 pair shoes.
E. E. Scott, quilt, 2 lbs dried pears
2 lbs. dried prunes, box of clothing.
Mrs. Letttu Gregory and Miss Lyle
Urogory. box of kitchen utensils.
Mrs. Hag«ni. box of clothing.
«Mrs. Wm. Foley, 13 q u a rts fruit,
2 boxes of clothing.
.Mrs. Elllge, S q u a r t fruit, gallon
of chowder, 2 qt. pickles, overcoat
aud bag of bus ns.
«Mrs. Sam Anderson, Box of dried
prunes, and bug of beans.
Mrs. E rn e st Kelly, Box of clothing
S. C. Collins, 2 bags of heaBn.
J. E«l Vincent, Box of clothing.
«Mr. Culbertson and neighbors, 2
boxes of clothing.
Carl Hover, Box of baby clothing
Mrs. Bartlett, Boys rain coat.
Mrs. Verne Jackson, Bundle of
baby clothing.
F rances Russell, 1 sack of cab­
bages, 12 qt. fruit, box of clotbmg.
Mrs A. H. W ebster, 22 qt. of fruit
Mra. Annie Sanderson, 4 qt. f ru it
and box of clothing.
Mrs. E. C. Faber, 2 dress coats, 1
Zadlo Smith, 4 squashes.
Mrs. Hawley, Box of clothing.
Otto Bohnert, Bushel of English
walnuts, 15 q u a rt fruit.
Mrs. Flaherty, 6 q u a r t fru it and a
sw eater coat.
A. H. Case, 10 q u a r t fruit, 5 boxes
of clothing, 3 Bibles and a bundle
of magazines.
Mrs. A. E Powell, Rain coat, 3
q u a rt fruit, 2 egg plant.
Mrs. J. II. T erritt, 1 hat.
Charles Mabben, 50 lba. of dried
p ru n e *
Mrs. Edw ard Jones, box of cloth­
Mrs. Joe Brown, pair of shoos.
Mrs. M. Hugger, Box of clothing.
Mrs. Charles Shroder of Uandon
receipted Clifton A. Phillips for the
following totals: “ Received the fol­
lowing articles from Clifton A. P hil­
lips: 111 q u a rt fruit, 3 overcoats, 2
ladles coats, 1 box of apples, 25 lbs
flour, 25 lba spuds, 2 luga of grap-ra,
2 hats, 1 bundle of clothing, 22
boxes of clothing, 1 child* quilt, 3
pairs of shoos, 1 quilt, 64 lb of dried
frnlt, 1 box of kitchen utensils. 1
box of dried fruit, 4 bags of beans,
2 rain rbata, 1 gal. of chowder, 2
quart* of pickles, 1 sack of cabbages
2 dress roats, 4 squashes, 1 bushel of
Engtth walnuts, 3 blbles, 1 bundle of
magazines, 2 eggplants, 1 sw eater
coat and $20 10 In rash.
I c ' a r o g for the north Wednesday
« « M i r Mildred B u rg er of Los An-
4 ' Ifc , v sp b*' rpept t b s past *«■ h
•:s2’! r t h a r t I bn h t» hene thn gi*e*
o* her a *tar Mr» E. E Rrott. Mias
Burg'«.- BH.iíexd b ete en to u te vast.
»h«*TT »Yfe piaos a vlíYY fu
U l