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    TH11WOAT. Al'GIHT I». l»3ti
1 . omml'sary department prepare and [ ern Oregon Experiment Station
| rerve about 5,000,00» meals annual-
lTse three pounds of powdered ar-
! ly in company dining cars and res- senate of lead to 100 gallons of w-i-
! taurants.
! ter. Oil should not be used this lat<>
Also that the mail room of the S. j in the season.
P. general office building at San
A moderate second brood flight is
Francisco handles 100.400 pieces of continuing and it is expected that
mall dally, equivalent to the volume ¡egg laying will continue for some
;n h ivy of 75.000. The telegraph do-j time. It these late hatching worms
liariment handles normally I I. iiihi . arc to be controlled, this spray ir
* . t :
and 15.ut>0 telephone cal!» eaaential and should be thoroughly
thi' Tin- building houses nearly applied This cover should protect
3.000 people.
! the fruit until picking time.
In normal Gnie* the company em-
P<>ys men and women with
zn annual payroll of $165.000,000.
lore tbsn 931,000.000 is spent an­
nual. y for materials and supplies
and nearly $14,000,000 in taes.
CORVALLIS. Aug. 12 - A state­
One o f t h e world's largest trans­
portation systems, its lines extend wide convention of turkey growers,
from < ouit to coast and from Port­ the firs* to be held In Oregon, will
land t o Guadalajara, Mexico, em­ convene here August 25.
Orgon State college poultry offi­
bracing approximately 16.000 ntll-s
of rail lines and 5,940 miles of wa­ cials have cooperated In arranging s
ter lines.
program of an educational nature.
In the 32 years since the com­ Many turkey breeders and growets
pany’s employe pension system was requested the meeting to discus»
established in 1903, Southern Pad- their problems.
tic has paid out in pension to 5,214
employes a total of $22.650,000,
Stop Racing ’Round Kitchen!
Local Happenings
l>.< r foi 25c
Mr. and Mr». Dan Drlstoll of E«-
Packer's Gloves
gene are expected gue»t* at the Bert Marine».
Iledgpeth home tomorrow.
Mr». Otto Rohnert
and Delnr.
. ml Marjorie lonea »pen! Wydn<-
Mr», Guy Teg and Mr. and .Mrs.
dav afternoon In Ashland.
William Askwlth o f Prospect arrived
at the Tet home yesterdav afternoon
.Mrs. Edward Inn ». Mr». \. i
to help Mr. Tea celebrate hia birth­
day. They enjoyed dinner In .Medford j Powell. Mi»» Marjorie
lone» and
and afterwards attended the »how M'sa Dorothy Powell motored |o
Ashlan.l last week and made ar-
at the Craterlan.
.v.tgcm-nt* for an apartment for the
Turkey Growers of
State to Convene
Miss Mildred HHkey arrived Sun- girl* whl c they attend Normal th
day from San Francisco for a vialt) winter,
at the Hllkey borne. She expect» t o 1
The first local watermelons, mis •.!
return Saturday evening.
by Mr Whetstone wo re on »ale ’
Will he open Sunday foren oon » Faber's this week.
Stop in at Shult» Mro». Auto Paint
some day and see them bring
FREE DEVELOPING 7 hour »ervlce
Velo* Print» and when you buy • back to life a car that has been in
roll of film» at Ander'* Studio a beauty-destroying wreck.
you receive a large 4x6 enlarge­
peat« Granulated soap. Large pkg
ment FREE.
2 ite. at Marine'*.
Recent guests at the Marie l.ange
Mr. and Hr«. Lang»lon and chil­
home were Mr. and Mr*. Will Blah-
are »pending a week at home
op of Medford, Mr. and Mr». John
l>ay and Mr*. MacKinnon. Mr. and and while here Billy will celebrate
Mr». Emil Lange of Medford were hi» birthday Friday afternoon.
dinner gue*ta Sunday.
Mrs. Ethel Southwell and daugh­
ter Elizabeth have returned from
They have twin calves at the IIII-
California to work In the fruit. They
key barn. Jack and Jill— as much
arrived in time to visit in Grants
alike as two peas In a pod.
Pass before the fruit work started.
The Bible class of the Federated
Guy and Wade Humphries fished
church are meeting thi» afternoon at
on Rogue River Sunday, returning
the Sam Anderson home.
home with two big salmon.
Mr. and Mr*. Lyndon Harris and
Verne Shungle was notified of his
daughters Marilyn and Dorothy are
1o the council of the Photo­
visiting at the home of Mrs. Harris
graphers Association of America re­
aunt, Mrs. H. P. Jewett and alao at
cently. He will represent the portrait
her brothers home, Mr. M. A. Me
Coy in Medford. Mr. and -Mrs. Harris division lor Oregon. Notification was
are returning from a trip to San received from Charles Abel, execu­
Francisco to their home in Portland. tive manager of 4he association. Mr.
Shangle was asked to assist in pre-
Mrs Kingery and children and parutions for the association's ron-
------ Aug-
held in < liicago,
Mrs. Haiei Chitwood .............
visited - at
their ventlon to - be ■
parents, Mr. and Mr». J. D. Culbcr- ust 25.
»onx home Wednesday afternoon.
Leaving by train yesterday was
Elmer Kyle anti small son, wiki
Ben Murry of Dunsmulr
Tuesday here and enjoyed dinner plan a visit with relatives an 1
friends In Lewistown and Kalispel,
with Roy Jones.
Mont. They will be gone aboht three
Potatoes, 100 lbs. $1.49 at Ma weeks.
Concord Grapes for jelly, Leave
The Carnation club held a tea orders at Faber1».
towel shower in honor of Mrs. Mo
George Hlton, it y marshal of
Coy's birthday at the Hes»le Fern-
has recovered front the
land home Iasi Thursday. Refresh­
ments of sppe pie and Ice cream effects of a blow on the head, alleg­
were served. All report a fine time. edly administered by Albert Cowan,
during a Saturday night altercation,
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Culbertson of in the pioneer town. Hilton resumed
Urownsbnro returned home from vl- his official duties this week. Cowan
dtlng Mr. Culbertson's sister and charged with u»»ault with a danger­
liushand, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf and his ous weapon, awaits action of the
irothcr and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Lor- next grand Jury.
•n Culbertson at Newport Saturday.
W. A. Johnstone the new barber,
Turing their absence Mr. Culbert-
has shown his faith in the City of
io n 's father and mother, Mr.
Central Point by buying a house and
Mrs J D. Culbertson looked after
heir place and spent much time lot.
here. They also visited their daugli-
Mrs. Arietta Lillian Tyrrell pass-1
*-rs, Mrs. Kingerv snd Mrs. Chlt- ed away this morning at ten o’clock
Funeral services will be held Satur­
Home grown vegetables at Faber's. day at Conger’s. Obituary
printed next week
waste your energy racing
around the kitchen between
cabinet, sink, gas range and re-
friic rator? Settle down to work at
your ease' Experts in. kitchen
planning suggest a work table with
d.awers and cupboards at either
side of an open center which ac­
commodate« a high stool with a
comfortable back, here food may
be prepared for cooking within
unit's reach of your modern gas
range :ind refrigerator
The third cover spray for control
of second brood codling moth worms
on apples should be completed on
August 20, according to C. B. Cordy
assistant county agent and L. G.
Gentner, entomologist of the South-
When brought to th© shop
at the
Telephone Office
Get your
Lunch Meats
Pickles and
Here and be sure of
Sandy Richardson
Central Point
Oldest Business
On Earth
Central Point Wood Yard
if offering
$4.45 per load
Phone 8 8 3
R easonable P rices
Prom pt Service
Central Point
Meat Market
I. D. LEWIS, Prop.
Prince Auto Wrecker
Will he open until 6:30 Saturday
evenings during Fruit Season. Al­
so Late appointment» will be tak­
en care of anytime during the
Central Point
Expansion j
Begins Saturday! Marking the opening of ■
Boiling Meat
Evans ’
The first merchant on earth was a grocer—
m ,and it doesn’t take a fortune teller to say ?
Y that a grocer will be the last one too. Stores I
come up and stores shut down-but eating £
goes on forever.
Let our store supply you with good things to
Phone 21
Art’s Auto Snop
17 40 N. Riverside
Successor to
Generator A Starter Exchange
Owned and operated by PAUL
PRINCE, who has been in busi­
ness in Medford since 1926.
Valves. Herrings. Rings. Brakes
Battery & Eletrical Work
Have Free Check-l'p of your car.
202 N. Riverside
Tel. 1200
Grade A raw and Pasteurized
Milk & Cream
Automobile Repair
And Service
"Cleanliness'1 our Motto
Open for Inspection at all times
Joe Collins, Prop.
our new
Downstairs Store
Featuring low priced quality shoes for men,
women and children.
See us for special prices in wholesale lots.
W. E. Alexander
Children’s Shoes
Boy’s Shoes
Men’s Work Shoes
Men’s Dress Oxfords
Ladies' Shoes
School Oxfords
Central Point
S .75 to $1.95
1.95 to 2.95
1.95 to 2.95
2.95 to 3.95
.95 to 3.45
1.95 to 3.45
H o w Dr Y I AMf
Take Care Of Your Battery Or It Will
Surely Fail You
See our Sixth 5 f. Window
Don't let your battery sing How Dry I Am.“ because this 1«
one of the surest ways to ruin a perfectly good battery Drive in for
periodic battery inspection it’s free. The life and satisfactory op­
eration of your battery depends to a Urge extent, upon an adequate
supply of pure water and clean connections. Long trip* evaporat-
the water In your battery faster than you realize, and to insure sat­
isfactory battery performance drive in and let ns check your bat­
tery for yon every two week«
Evans *
Home of Buster Brown Shoes
Sixth and Central
H h oleaale «a d Retati
Oil, 10c qt.
For Apples Urged
Booklet Reveals
Many Facts About
Southern Pacific
Home grown cantaloupe* and wh
We wish to oxpres* our sincere
tanks to neighbors and friends for termelons at Faber'».
leir help and sympathy during our
•cent bereavement at the loss of
itr darling little Avis. Also for the
euutiful floral offering.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Brood
and family
Klamath Fall», Aug. 13.— Plan»
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ilrood
are being drawn and bid» will be
Itev. and Mrs. W. J. Douglas
called for at once for the construc­
Mr and Mr*. J. K. Janie*
tion of a combination »ale» and Jud­
ging ring at the Klamath County
Fair Ground* in Klamath Fall». The I
»ale* ring will be used for the first I
F o r .v p
time at the Third Annual Southern .
Oregon Ram Sale which will be held
UNCH OF KEYS. Owner may have
In that city on Tuesday, September!
» hi » ' by calling at Humphrey’»
1st. It wll be used later for the Kla- j
Meat Market
math County 4-H Clubs and Smith-1
Hughes projects In their annual Ju­
IY»H ¡U1 1
nior Fair.
\ i . k ( i t ; 11: v n r f - , :
The third annual sale promises t*|
old heifer—-a 4-wheeled trailer outshine the two previous sales in I
with double wagon box. T hitch that a keen rivalry has developed
and fair rubber tires. Ed Davis on among the breeders of the west iu
< .i |> Miller's place.
2t their efforts to consign ram* that
)K SALK - Pureblood Plymouth will bring the highest price. Thi* rl- i
Rock cockerels
J. G. Taylor. vslry ha* resulted In very careful
»election of ram* consigned and the
Route 2 Box 405 Central Point
purchaser* at this «ale will be as­
000 worth of equipment with sured of only top-notch breeding |
»lock goes at half price Restaur stock, carefully selected, and should
ant. Confectionery, AW . Beers have no hestitancy In bidding on the
Selling on account of poor health lot» offered The new facilities be­
Call at Damon Cafe. Central Point ing constructed by the Klamath Co. j
Fair Beard will materially «peed up
the sale and Colonel A. W Thomp­
pound Excellent for cleaning ov­
son of Lincoln, Nebraska, will pre­
erstaffed furniture and rug*. Call
side as auctioneer In his usual cap-1
at this office
able manner.
Mohawk &
Third Cover Spray
On Monday evening, August 31.
the third annual livestock banquet |
will be held In the Willard Hotel at ]
7 p. m, County Agent C. A. Hender­
son of Klamath County will preside'
as Toastmaster, and problems af-
Facts rivaling those revealed by
feting the livestock Industry will b e ' Ripley in his “ Relieve It or Not”
discussed. Short addresses will be series are contained in a booklet,
given by prominent men on the Pa -\ “ Facts About Southern Pacific Com­
cific Coast and the banquet will pany'1. which has Just been publish­
serve as a means for the sheepmen j ed by the company.
attending the sale to become better
For example, the booklet dis­
acquainted with each other.
closes that the 1250 employes of the
Stock Sales Ring
Being Built At
Klamath Fair
It is neither difficult nor expen­
sive to change the location of per­
manent kitchen equipment in order
to make room for a convenient
work table In a position of good
llgbt And It serves a multiple pur­
pose. for here you may plan menus,
keep household accounts, make
telephone calls, and it comes in
handy near the gas range when
some member of the family wishes
a cup of coffee before breakfast is
Contrai Point
• i s s a s s e .
Associated Service Station
L. C.G rim es