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And are we »quashed? We got
raise out of the director» of the
Jackson County Chamber of Com­
merce with the few idle remarks
anent their organization.
And we
are asked to tell what our kick is.
So here goes.
ííe j. m
e .
¡BETTER C0N0IÏIÜS Furnish Jobs For Thanksgiving LIFETIME RESIDENT,
One Out of Six
This is a story exclusively for the j
newer crop of homemakers— thos* |
who have yet to cook their first |
Continued improvement in agri­
Minnie J. Moore passed away at
Washington, I). C „— Automotive ! of sales by all trades, the trades ca­ Thanksgiving turkey, successfully
culture through 1935 is foreseen by
As we have said many times, we
trained agricultural observers from petroleum, and other trades connec-1 tering to highway transportation Women who have been roasting tur­ her home here, early Tuesday morn-
believe heartily in the idea of a
key» "ever since” would not be in­ iug after a brief illness.
all parts of the United States who ted with highway transportation
county-wide chamber of commerce.
provided a higher standard of terested in the detailed direction*
She was born at Tolo, Ore., July 6,
gathered recently in Washington for I provi<*e J°bs and wages for one out,
Our idea of such an organization i tbe annuaj agricultural outlook con -luf everV sl* persons employed in wages, accounting for 19.5 per cent given here, and would probably scoff 1883, and in July, 1907, was united
would be to have branch organiza ference, reports L. R. Breithaupt who,esale. retail, and service trades] of payrolls, as compared with 19.2 at the notion that their might be in marriage to Edward L. Moor». To
per cent of »ales.
tions in every town— these to select
new "tricks” In such an old Ameri­ this union one daughter was born,
extension economist at Oregon State in tbe State of Oregon,
delegates to the central body. There
' Those figures," said Roy F. Brit­ can custom.
who survives. Besides her daughter,
college, who was called to the capi-
Tbis statement. based on recent-
For Mrs. New Homemaker, how­ Gertrude May Moore of this city
should be a representation amongjta) t() assi8t (n th conference.
*y completed Census Bureau figures ton, Director of the National High­
the farmers also as our county is: The natlona, report issue(1 foJIow. for the year 1933, was made here way Users Conference, "enable us ever, here are the complete direc­ she Is survived by the following
for the first time to get a clear and tions, with all the wrinkles, prepar­ brothers and sisters: J. L. Freden-
principally agricultural. From these
, hp confarwaM point, out
that today by the National Highway Us­
delegates should be elected th: greatly reduced supplies of most ers Conference.
accurate conception of the contribu­ ed by Miss Lucy Case, home econo­ burg, Sams Valley; M. R. Freden-
board of directors, who in turn elect farm products, and some improve
Among other things, ihe Confer­ tion of the highway transporatioo mics extension specialist at Oregon hurg, Medford; Nellie E. Jain, bea­
Industries to the economic welfare State college.
gle; Bertha E. Fredenburg and Bes­
analysis shows:
meirt in consumer Buying power,
First, select a plump, well-fatten­ sie E. Fredenburg of Central Point,
the »tate.
Out of a total of 19.173 wholesale
will likely bring about a higher lev­
We are aware this is the first year el of farm income the first half of retail and service establishments
"Except for the continued needs ed turkey. A young bird haH a more and Jessie E. Pomeroy, God Hill.
of the present Jackson County next year than was had during th «i,hat operated in 1933 in Oregon. of the motoring public, every fifth flexible breast bone, softer, smooth
Mrs. Moore became a member of
Chamber and a start had to be made | fint half of 1934.
14305, or approximately one-fifth, business house or service establish­ er legs and feet, pin feathers, few the Baptist church at an early age,
somewhere. So the old bourd
oi : ,Mr Brelthaupt is now preparing !werp »holly dependent on motor ment in Oregon would close every hair», and short, »harp claws. About and all her life has been that of a
directors of the Medford Chamberj gtate outiook reports dealing with transport.
sixth person employed in the whole­ Thanksgiving time young toms will true Christian, mother and sister.
weigh 12 to 16 pounds and old ones
She was a charter member of Mt.
of Commerce selected from among the varions enterprises Important to
o f ,he ,otal Payroll of $12,534,- sale. retail or service trades would
the members of that organization Oregon, In which he will adapt to lo- 000 for a" wholesale, retail and ser­ lose his job; and one-fifth of the 16 to 30 pounds, while young hens Pitt Rebekah lodge No. 167,
to 12 pounds nnd old ones
living in the various communities, rai conditions the information that iv,ct* trade»- $«.279,000 or 19.5 per business payroll of the state would j*®**1'
Funeral services was held at the
10 to 15 pounds.
men to represent those communities was brought out in the national !cent- accrued from automotive, pe- dry up Instantly.
Christian chuhch today Rev W. H.
Scrub the outside of the brid with Eaton having charge of the services
on the new board.
"There Is every reason to believe
meeting, and supplement it with in-1 troleum, and allied trades,
a wet cloth and a little soda, soap with Interment made in the Central
• • •
formation on conditions In this state.
The *ota> volume of sales for all that with equitable operating condi­
Now, we haven’t a word of corn- The first section to be released late wholeaal<?. retail, and service busi- tions, particularly as regards tax­ | or cornmeal and rinse under running Point cemetery, Conger funeral par­
paint about how the Jackson Coun­ ill November, deals with horticultur- ,iess ln the state amounted to $4 40,- ation and regulation, the automo­ j water. Wipe out the Inside with n lors In charge of arrangements.
> wet cloth.
Soaking causes tough­
ty Chamber of Commerce has con­ al crops.
687,000 of which $85,086,000 re- tive trades group wll contribute ev­
Rub the Inside lightly with Juniors to Appear
ducted its affairs during their first
National farm production is ex |Tire8ented purchases by motor ve- en more to the prosperity of the
salt and fill the body cavity and the
year. They have done their best for pected to be bigger than the unus-1,,|olP owners of all classes,
state In the year» immediately
In “ Funny Phinnie »»
loose skin at the base of the neck
each community as they saw it. But ually small production this year, the
In Proportion to the total voluma ahead.”
with a dressing, seasoned with a llt-
Everything Is In readiness for the
we still maintain that the present national conference decided, in gen­
le onion, sage and chopped celery. presentation of tha Junior class play,
set-up is not truly representative in eral they think a small improvement
Tuck the legs under the hand of »kin "Funnte Phinnie," at the high school
Masons Hold
that the several localities, with the in buying power of farm families Past Matrons’ Club
the tail and fasten the opening auditorium, Friday evening Novem­
exception of Central Point— when may bo expected, although in those
Give Annual Dinner
Stated Meeting near
with safety pins, or by sticking ber 23.
a business men's association elected areas severely affected by the drouth
On» of the gala affairs arranged]
The Masonic lodge No. 135 A. F. toothpick* across it through both
For weeks the CH»t has been work-
a man as their representative and cash incomes next year will be ex­
by the Past Matrons of Nevita Chap- and A. M., held stated communica-1 r,»P» of skin and then lacing Hiring tng 'in almo»t dally rehearsals tc
he was appointed on the board of di­ tremely low.
ter, O. E. S., was the annual din-jtion Wednesday night. Jesse E. Glass across the toothpicks as a man's make this play as good. If not Just
rectors of the new chamber— had
The outlook reporters expect a npr for which their husbands were j was raised to the sublime degree of shoe is laced. Cut off wing tip*
a little better, than any before pre­
no choice in the »election of the man substantial advance in prices of all
the honor guests held Tuesday even -a Master Mason. A large crowd was and most of neck and save for soup. sented.
to represent them on the board.
meat animals. They say fewer ani- ing, November 20th at the Masonic! present including several visitor* Fold the neck skin toward the hack
It 1» a 3 act royalty play,— a farce,
mals will be slaughtered, and those Hall.
and fasten down. Slip the wing ends so farcical us to amount almost to
i from Jacksonville.
There, gentlemen, if this be trea (Slaughtered will weigh less and will
J The tables were beautifully ur-
¡Brother George Neal, ope of the behind the shoulder blades and tic vaudeville. It is designed to make
son— make the most of it.
much below average ln qualitj rallgf(j The niotlve being the ob- oldest members
was present, the them back if necessary.
the neighborhood forget I’.s troubles.
• • •
and tinish. Ihe reduction tn slaugh- servance of the Thanksgiving holi- first time for a year. Oyster soup,
Rub the stuffed, trussed turkey
Everyone will want fo see Amos
We are told on the best authority ter is expected to be pronounced af- day
A chicken dinner was served cookies and coffee were served. The all over with salt, butter and flour. Plummer, who runs the Banner
that the Jackson County Chambet ter next February, and the greatest t() about 35 n<ember and guests,
next stated communication will be Lay a piece of turkey fat or salt pork Laundry, and Amos Plummer's hen-
of Commerce has in its first year relative shortage will develop next j After dinner, the guests were en election of officers on December 19. over the breast, and place on a rack
pecking wife, who really owns tha
done a lot of good in the way of as­ summer. The decrease in pork pro- tertalned by ,Mr. E. c . FabPr. giy.
in an open roasting pan, without laundry. Old Glurksman, with his
sisting in the organization of several duction will be relatively more than .¡„g a • VPry interesting description D c l y o f P r S ty 'C F
Have the oven hot, about invention, designed to revolutionize
marketing associations about th* that of beef or lamb. No material |)( different Industries he and Mrs.
F, for half an hour, turn- the huMlness of holding up the na­
To Be Observed ; ; ; once
d: K to
county. They assisted in organizing expansion In livestock numbers ii ! .Faber visited while on their eastern
brown all over. Then tion's »ox, inveigle» Amos to put his
the peach, apricot and walnut grow­ expected before 1936.
The appeal of the Oreat Commis­ reduce the heat to moderate, about Invention on the market for him
ers and helped them In getting bet­
As for prices and credit, Mr. I Two VPry jnlportant magicans per- sion Prayer League is being respond­ 350 deg, F. Baste every half hour
In order that he may be free to
ter prices for their products. They Brelthaupt says the economists Df- formed some mysterious trick» that ed to by the Federated Church In with turkey fat and butter.
have the laundry and promote this
also aided in marketing 4200 sacks ,,re that the prices of commodities I Hafflerl all those present, Also two observing the National Day of Pray-
Roast a young bird uncovered for eiephuut Invention, Amos must makn
of spuds at a good price. Such j nSed in agricult ural production pro- ' guessing games closed the happy ev- er, Sunday, November 25th., by ask- about 15 minutes to the pound, or the laundry fall. To do this he hires
things as these are real constructive j bab|y wm average somewhat high- enlng's entertainment.
ing all members and friends of the about three hours for a 10 to 12 Phlneas Pike as the driver.
aid for our county and we heartily cr than in 1934, at least until the
Mrs. E. C. Faber was the chair- f'hureh to unite in prayer for our pound turkey. Cover an older bird sure Phinnie will have things ln the
commend the chamber for its work. ¡middle of 1935. They hold that the man for this evening's program.:
after browning and roast about 4 V4 red In no time.
Nation on this day.
• • •
credit situation will continue to show
The church will be open from 7 hours for a 14 pound turkey. To
But unexpectedly, Phinnie makes
We understand a move is on fool gradual Improvement above the bad j MRS. TED HII.L HOSTESS
a m , all day and the special pray­ test for*"doneness,” run a long till­ good and Amos has to hatch up a
P.-T. A. EXECUTIVE HOARD er service will be held at 2 p. m. ed fork or a skewer into the thigh scheme to get rid of Phinnie. How
to establish a Boy Scout Troop in I conditions of the past several years !
our city. That is a good idea. We: Drought stricken farmers without
next to breast. If the Juice has a that comes out is almost lost In the
Everyone is welcome.
The Executive 'Board of the P.-T.
red shade, cook| longer.
Remove laughler that comes from the doings
need such an organization. There j security, however, will need special
fastenings before serving.
is no place for our boys to go except, consideration. The demand for pro- A. met at tlie home of Mrs. Ted Hill March Asked to
ol the cledvning Ruby, and the pret­
the library twice a week and a good ; duction credit will probably exceed Wednesday afternoon.
ty girls »he leads, in the quarrels of
Harold Lawson, scoutmaster oi
Aid Golden Dream A n Girls Interested
live Boy Scout troop would be a [that of 1934 since the accumulated
Amos and his wife; In the shoutings
good thing. The trouble seems t o ! peed» for equipment and repairs are Berrydale troop spoke on the benefit.!
Not only Is Fredrlc March, star of
of the deaf Glucksman, and the
be to find some organization to act I much greater than In recent years, of a scout troop and presented th* Paramount'» "Death Takes a Holi-
laugh-getting Ella; In the bickerings
MI hs Alice Malin. County Horn* of Richard, the agent of the Laun
as sponsor for the troop. Too bad
Mr. Brelthaupt reports that work Idea of the P. T. A . sponsoring a lay,” which comes on Sunday to the
our business men's association is n ot. had not been completed on the new troop. The committee went on tee­ Roxy Theatre, the answer to maid­ Demonstration agent, will meet all dry Worker»' Union and Millie, the
active as it would be the Ideal or- corn-hog contracts when he W t erd as recommending the sponsoring en»’ prayers, but he should also girls over nine years of age, who are office girl over her engagement ring
Washington. Oregon wheat growers of a troop here.
make their dreams come true. At interested in taking up a 4-H Club
ganization to do this.
But best of all 1» Phinnie Pike.
are looking forward to learning more
Mr. Larry Sehade, District Sup't.. least that’s how a stenographei Project this winter
The more you laugh at him the more
This organization meeting will j €vnu love hi» grotesque, burlesqu-
Our city looks almost undressedj about the future of the wheat plan of the Boy Scouts will speak at the doW|| ,n NVw 0 r |,.alll, fPels about It.
these days. The Southern Pacific j when George E. Farrell, chief of the 1 next P.-T. A. meeting.
|B a letter received from the girl, ta k e place at the Grange Hall next blundering», that always get myster
has at last taken pity on us poor, wheat section, visits the annual con-1 A report of the welfare committee hy the
ab>, , ol(j of a dream she Monday, November 26th Immediate­ louHly, their rewards.
West Siders and removed all th*
had, wherein March had informed ly after afternoon school.
The cast Is as follows:
Mothers are cordially Invited to Ruby Schaeffer .
darned fruit .cars which have stood Wheat lea gu e In Arlington Decern-|nlsh clothes and books for some her there was a $10,000-a-montli
Arlene Inmann
I needy children.
at our doors all summer. Wonder Iter 7 and 8.
movie job awaiting her In Holly­ be present at the meeting.
■Genevieve McOooch Dorothea Hedg-
if it wouln’t be a bright idea to or­ MRS. COTHRAN HOSTESS TO
“ So 1 consulted my grandmother,”
ganize a post-Hallowe'en club anil
¡•'ara Tltterbaum
Maxine Musty
she wrote. "Granny looked in her
run off with about a mile of that
| Ella Flynn
Ernestyn Thompson
/The Missionary Circle of th>-(
The Woman's Relief Corps met old dream book and told m e to in-
storage track while the moving Is Christian church met Friday after-'
Marjorie Jone:
Tin- grade school teachers of Cen­ I Mtllicent Murray
So I'm writing tral Point, Gold Hill, Rogue River Amos Plummer ...
Frank (Saturday afternoon for their regular vestlgate quickly,
good. At least we are happy while)
Ernest Lathrop
noon at the home of Mrs
you with the hop* that you can se- and surrounding schools held a lo Mr. Glucksman
¡meeting with fifteen present.
it lasts.
Edwin Gebhard
Cochran with 17 present
J. fter the routine business was i lire me a tryout.
James Fleischer
jeal institute Wednesday under the Richard Kendall
Mrs. Harry Young
Carol Furry
I m not pretty hut neither i ¡direction of the County Superintend- Mrs. Plummer ....
A certain prominent business man,
gnd ^
Mary Coker
rollPr h,d disposed of plans were made for a
birthday party for all Corps mem- l ‘ .I* Moran, nor Zaun Pitts.”
Kidney Thurston
m t'n offi<*-
T h e y d is cu s s e d th e re- Phlneas Pike
»old us this week he wished
' ()f the „motional services,
Further qualifications listed were: suit of special spelling and writing
w as g i v e n ! bers and their families to be held
one would dare him to secure 90'S rn" arge
* o. ‘ “ V
A handkerchief shower »as
Graduate of high eshool and busl- tests. Mrs. Wise, superintendent of OI.D ACE PENSION TO
t o |thp latter part of the month
of the people of the city to sign »
Mrs Harry Powell who expects
At the next meeting they will h av e n*ss school, queen of Lion Club'* writing in Medford schools gave a
petition asking for Medford water
leave soon for Arizona.
lection of officers, Initiate a new annual dinner; winner of a n Ameri- j talk tn about thirty-five teachers
M’ e told him to hop to It and prom­
Townsend old age pension ad
Dainty re fre s hm e nts w r< » rv *1I
^ and also celebrate the birth- ran Legion medal for entertain- wbo Were present.
ised if he got anywhere near that
and expectants are 1
days of all members having liirth- ment; stenographer for attorneys,
number of taxpayers' names on such at th
This Institute Is held about tw ice! hopefully to President Roo e v li
December meeting will be held at 1 days the last three months of the and ability to take rourt dictation:
a petition we would throw the influ­ the home of Mrs. Hedgpeth
each year.
"do something about It” when f
'year. A Urge attendance Is desired always filled with an ambition to
ence of this great family journal be­
plan comes before Congress In '
as this Is s very important meeting
hind the project. But we are from
of a bill to put the $200
Wilt we he able to secure so much
month Idea Into effect.
benefit for so little an outlay. Two JUNIOR I4RIIM4K (1.1 It MEET)*
Washington observers general!
Mrs. T. A. Marine entertained a
rs ago the school board built a WITH HIM. HXYDKK SATURDAY
Peope are continually asking ua il yea
. f t . t with-.
number ,,r friend- in honor of her appear to think that the Pf
B ü
the school board is planning to pu< double tennis couri> co
Mrs Krelger and son of Walla husband'« birthday Monday evening advocacy of unemployment I-
The Junior Bridge Clnb met at the
on a relief project this winter
home of Bill Snyder Saturday even­ Walla. Washington accompanied by
The Invited guests were Yleadames ance means that other form
are probabilities arc that we can secure
might state that negotiations
November seventeenth
High Mrs Jake Yak*l'a sister and hus­ and Messrs K K. Scott, Paul Mar­ economic relief must wait or *
an athletic field the same wav Ho»
under way to secure an athletic,
score was won by Edwin Gehhard: band. Mr. and Mrs J H Meier. visP- tin, Pearl Bonney, George Marin* sidetracked In this connection, a-
Held for the school and If success- shout it. folha.
lew »core by Janice Nealon
Mrs ed at the Yakel home recently and and the honor guests. T A Marine referrlng to
the President’» s-
ful. the board may do s o m e work on
Snyder was assisted in serving re­ continued on to l-odl. Calif , from an<j bot)tesa Mrs. Marine. A birth- nounrement
on the subject. "
it this winter.
freshments by Mrs. Jennie White
there. Mr». Kreiger and aon will re- day (-akei p|8 and roffee were served Washington
correspondent of ' «
If you'!» lucky and *** y0" 1
Those present were: Libby llsm>' turn home
Mr and Mrs Metei yg> Join the friends in good wishes Christian Science Monitor »ays:
a aa « here you w ill receive a tick
In this connection we wish to »ay
ton. Dorothea Hedgpeth. Carol Fur­ rontlniiins on to Chill. South Ameri-
"Mr. Roosevelt's speech rejectee',
to some picture show In “*
that the hoard of directors of our
pert H'-dapelh pit ked up H. T 'fantastic schemes' of old age Insur­
ry. Janice Nealon. Dorothy Powell «-a. where they have charge of the
'• ’tool district would like to get an fora. Name* will he drawn from
Watkins of Eugene for tnrninr ance, generally interpreted as refer­
Arline Thompson, Roger Y'o*t. Kd Adventist's college.
win Gehhard. Delmer Rains, Rich
“zpression of opinion from the tax­ <tnr paid up subscription H»L
Formerly they were in Argentine around h»twe*n Intersections. He was ring to the Townsend plan, for :*
ard J e w e tt . All»» Jew ett, and Bill tad hi vs burn bom* for about a taken before Recorder Hatfield
payers as to the advisability of put­
pension of $ 2 <tn • month to all per­
Mr*. L. H. Smith
ting on such a project at this time
ftn*j h*>a L’ • dollar
son« o-.o»r *6.”
Ti e ct aace, are
a*v#r »¿»'u