The Ashland register. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-19??, March 27, 1928, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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N o rm a l
T e a ch e r»
R e t a r a .—
Miaa Katharine Vincent and Misi
Marion Ady of the normal facul­
ty, returned to Ashland Saturday
from Crescent City where they
■pent several days during the
spring vacation.
Miss Virginia
Hales and Miss Beatrice Hall,
also of the normal school faculty
returned to
Ashland Sunday.
Miss Hales visited for several
days with her parents in Eugene
and Miss Hall with relatives in
S tu d e n ts R e tu rn . — Among the
normal students who returned
to this city Sunday and Monday
in order to resume their studies
were Misses Elvira Call, Velma
— Cream
separator, garden
tools, implements and everything
that farmers need.
So when in
doubt, go to Peil’s
Cox, Mary Hunt and Mildred
Rideout from
Klamath Falls,
Nadine Brearcliffe and Ann
Crossman from Red Bluff, Cali­
fornia, Frances Wright and Bar­
bara Brown from Portland, Nell
Mahoney from Bend, Katharine
Langworthy, Helen
Lyons and
Lucille Hunter from Marshfield.
R etu rn to
Corvallis.— Among
the students who returned to Cor­
vallis to attend the Oregon State
college were Chester Woods,
Charles Chattin and
Wright. The young men have been
enjoying the spring vacation with
their parents in this city.
T o M y rtle C r o o k . — Mrs. Amos
Nininger motored t o Myrtle
creek today to get her daugther,
Dorothy, who has been spending
a few days with Mona Conlogue,
who is teaching school in that
place. Mias Conlogue attended
the normal school here last year.
R e tu rn fr o m P o r tla n d . — Misses
Margaret Churchman and Harriet
Bevington returned from Port­
land Sunday where they visited
relatives and attended
The members o f the Full Gos­
pel temple are enjoying the new
hymn books which recently ar­
rived. Over 150 books containing
a collection of old and new songs
are now being used by the mem­
— 26 ton carload of fencing re­
ceived lately, get reduced r. r.
rate so prices are less than last
year at Peils corner.
V isits
P s r e n ts . — Mrs. Gladys
Corliss of Sacramento, daughter
o f Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Murphy
of B. street arrived in this city
recently and expects to make an
extended visit with her parents.
R e tu rn s
Home.— Billy
Lindt, young son of A1 Van Lindt
of Fifth street returned home the
latter part o f last week after
spending several days in Horn-
brook visiting his grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. William Lowe.
— T r y o u r T h e rm o id B ra k e L ia ia g
at T H I R D S T R E E T G A R A G E .
S e n io r H igh S ch o o l P la y U n ­
d e r W a y . — Under the direction
of Miss Althea Dwyer, instructor
of lower english in ths high
school, the annual senior play,
“ Clarence,” is well under way
and will be produced at the high
school gymnasium some time
within the next six weeks. The
Comfort and dur-
abilitv are two things
to be considered in
buying sports apparel
The knitted ensemble
suit is practical. 3
piece suit for $25.00
Sweaters $3.45 up
Jersev dresses $10.75
to $16.75.
Golf Shoe*
Two stvles iust
wm m uvrw iïi'srw ^
plot o f the story la woven about
the interesting and unique char­
acter, Clarence. Violet Pinnay ia
the modern vamp for whom all
the young men fall. Cora •« of a
decided nervous temperament.
All of the different character*
have that peculiar charm combin­
ing humor and pathos, for which
Booth Tarkington is particularly
noted. The chosen cast is as fol­
lows: Mrs. Martyn, Lucille Ber­
wick ; Mr. Wheeler, Ronald Gan-
dee; Mrs. Wheeler, Madeline Ste­
vens; Bobby Wheeler. Earl Lin-
inger; Cora Wheeler, Esther
Spencer; Violet Pinnay, Lor­
raine Sparr; Clarence, Barney
Miller; Della, Vera Landing; Hu­
bert Stem, John Ruger.
— Bought at a bargain, a num­
ber of iron age, hill and drill
seeder at Peil’s corner.
A tte n d e d
R o t a r y .— Mr.
Mr*. Francis Ole's, Mr. and Mrs.
John Boyle and Jack Martin of
Klamath Fails wore in Ashland
the latter part o f the week to
attend the “ charter nigh” ’ of the
local Rotary club.
F rom
F r a n c is c o . — Miss
Bernice Hess returned the lat­
ter part o f last week from San
Francisco where
she visited
friends for several days.
Hess is employed at the local
telephone office.
— Nothing nicer— a sew por­
trait for Easter. Studiu Ashland
G ra n ts
P a ss
V is it o r s .— M rs.
lent condition.
R o ta rn s t o E u g e a e .— L a w re n ce
T o Have Thet Suit M ade
For Smartly Tailored Men’s Wear
Be Individual—
It Costs No M ore
’ and bronchial trouble,
f o r H o m e .— Mrs. E. L.
Wilkes, nee Louise Gillette, who
has been spending several weeks
at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. H. Gillette on Gresh­
am street, left today for her home
in Portola, California.
R e tu rn s to C a lif -rn ia . — A. N.
Young spent several days last
week visiting at his home on
Granite street, returning to San
Francisco the latter part of the
flying trip to Portland Sunday .
and brought back a new Ford j
sport model coupe for delivery.
He was accompanied by Mrs.
Claycomb, and they made a brief
visit to their son, Gordon.
Mitchelmore, ton of Rev and
Mrs. H. T. Mitchelmore, who has
been spending the spring vaca­
tion with hia parents fit this city,
left Sunday for Eugene where
he is a student at the University
o f Oregon.
All people interested in seeing j
M e d fo r d V is it o r s . — Mayor and
excellent start made towards j
Mrs. J. Edward Thornton were
O ne
P ic tu r e
U W orth >
developing Ashland into a film ,
T h ousan d
W ord »
. ,
Medford visitors Sunday.
city become a reality, are re­
according to an old Chin-
V is its io R o s e b u r g . — Foss Kra­
quested to meet at the Natitor- I
ese proverb, but a thous­
mer returned to his home on Har-
and words on a Fire In­
ium Wednesday evening
gadine street Sunday evening
T o A tte n d
S ta te
M e e tin g .----
surance Policy written in
after enjoying severa ldays with Senator George Dunn left yes­
this agency is worth mot*
than a hundred pictures of
relatives in Roseburg.
terday for Portland where he will — T O O L A T E ' T O C L A S S I F Y —
your property, a fte r th«
R e tu rn
C o lle g e . — Miss attend a committee meeting of
fir e .
But we only insure
Genevieve Swedenburg, daughter the motor vehicle department of FOR SALE — Pure Vermont !
property b e f o r e
it burns.
o f Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Swedenburg the state.
maple syrup. H. B. Carter, | See us today, tomorrow
never comes, but a fire may
o f this city and Miss Julia Wilson
distributor. Phone 413-Y, Ash-
V is it P a re n ts . — Barton Frulan
of Portland, who has been a house and Earl Snyder spent the week­
land, Oregon.
93-2t* I
guest at the Swedenburg home end in Ashland visiting their
during the spring vacation, 'left parents. Mr. Frulan and Mr. Sny­ FOR SALE— Cheap 2 gasoline |
Sunday evening on the train Tor der are employed by the Southern
engines; 1 set double harness;
Eugene where they are students Pacific company in Klamath
1 brood sow; 1 Columbia graf-
E st. 1 8 8 3 .
41 East Mai»
at the university.
inola and 100 records.
536 [
G ra n ts
P a ss
V is ito rs . — Mrs.
Ashland street, Phone 435-R.
T r ip to P o r t la n d . — H. L. Clay-
Norma Reeder and Miss Eleanor comb o f the Ford garage made a
Brown made a business trip to
Grants Pass the latter part of
last week.
D y e W o rk s
R e n o v a te d . — The
Ashland Cleaning A Dye Works
is undergoing a renovation in
general, with newly painted wood
work, retinted walls and decora­
tions and the hanging of attract­
ive drapes, the shop will goon
take on the air of spring.
D am ages
C o u p e . — Miss Jean
Aitcheson, superintendent o f the
local community hospital slightly
damaged the Chevrolet coupe
she was driving Monday, when
she ran sharply into the street
curbing near the intersection of
Oak and Main streets in the en­
deavor to avoid colliding with a
truck. Though Miss Aitcheson es­
caped unhurt, the two front tires 1
o f the car were badly damaged.
V is its
B r o th e r . — Mrs.
Daisy |
McGarry of the Lithia Springs
Pharmacy was in Medford Sunday '
afternoon visiting at the home
of her brother, Dr. R. Conroy.
R e tu rn e d to W o r k .— Mrs. H.
A. Mayberry, who has bee" ill at
is now ready for your ap­
her home on Alida street, return- i
ed to her work at Ender’s de­
proval. Light colored kids,
partment store the first o f the J
— patents,— and suede com­
for the Easter Parade
F o r m e r R e sid e n ts
V is it . — Mr.
binations in numerous dif­
and Mrs. Hodkinson of Shasta
ferent styles. We are able
City, California, visitAd friends in II!
this city over the week-end, re­
to fit all types of feet as
turning to their home early Mon­
day morning.
we carry shoes in widths,
Marcy and her daughter and son-
in-law, Mr. and Mrs. “ Jimmy”
Hughes o f Grants Pass spent the
week-end in Ashland where they
came to attend the big Rotary
"charter night,*’ Saturday. They
formerly resided in this city for
several years, being engaged in
the business then known as the
“ Overland Garage.”
R a tu rn
H o m e . — Miss
White, Miss Lillian Graves, Miss
Bernice White, Miss Faye Arthur
and John Churchman, who mo­
tored down to Berkeley and other
California cities where they spent
the spring vacation, are expected
home tonight (Tueeday.)
Visit K la m a th
F a lla . — Rilling
Schuerman and Mrs. Elsie Church
man were among the Ashland
people who visited friends in
Klamath Falls over the week­
end. They report that there was
five inches o f snow in the Peli­
can city Sunday morning, but
that it was all gone by noon.
— Pure fresh ingredients give
F o r m e r R e sid e n ts in S a c r a m e n ­
XL Donuts the flavor that calls
for more.
Fresh daily at your t o . — Friends o f Mr. and Mrs.
Allan Autrey will bo glad to know
grocery. XL Donut Co.
they are nicely located in
B a n k ers to G ra n ts P a s s .— V .
where he has a fine
O. N. Smith, E. B. Adamson, G.
the Del Monte Can­
G. Eubanks, J. W. McCoy and
ning company.
Elwod Hedburg went to Grants
V isit R e la tiv e s . — Mr. and Mrs.
Pass this afternoon to attend the
regular meeting of the Jackson Kenneth McWilliams and two
children spent several days in
and Josephine County Bankers
Ashland last week visiting rela­
association. Mr. McCoy is presi­
tives. I he McWilliams, who for­
dent o f the association and Mr.
merly resided in this city for a
Hedburg, secretary.
number of years, are located in
R o ck Slid*.— A rock slide just
Portland where Mr. McWilliams
below Costello, California, de­
has a posits n in a large garage.
layed traffic for about two hours
Ill W ith B ro n ch ia l T r o u b le .__
yesterday afternon, according to
Mrs. Martha Frederick, aunt of
word received by the local cham­
Ben and Jim Bowers, who reside
ber o f commerce office.
at the Bower's ranch south o f
slide was entirely cleared up late
town, is quite ill with an attack
and the
road is now said to be in excel­
There’s Still Tim e
B e f o r e y o u b u y an y w a sh ­
in g m a ch in e , in ju s tic e to
y o u r s e lf and y o u r p o c k e t-
b o o k . g e t the p r ic e o f this .
" » * T h o r — v ie w its b e a u ty
e n d see its re m a r k a b le tim e
a n d la b o r -s a v in g fe a tu r e s .
1— F e w e r p a rts than any
w aahin g m a ch in e o n the
m a rk et.
• — B ig
c a p a c it y — c o i s y s i I
ia siae. R eu u ir o i o n ly
2 4 in ch es o f f lo o r sp a ce.
3 ----W a s h e s c lo t h e s cla a a ev.
4 ----W a sh e s clo th e e fa s t e r .
8— B e a u t ifu l — h e T S g f
co m p a ris o n .
• — H ig h e st q u a lity a t lo w ­
est p r ice ia T h o r h istory
E n o m a lia o d
tu b
c a o o o t r e s t, ro t o r ca r-
A u t o m a tw a lly
c lo a n s itse lf.
8— D ir e c t g e u i
J r * » — mo
b e lts to fl « e n d hreuh.
* - -U n iq u e r u b b e r s o ft «•».
sh iou ro ll w r in g e r that
»• -s ’ * v r r a k 1 "*toua—
e i : - n e 'e . - 1| 0 I J w r in g ­
e r tr o u b le s .
1 4 G e e aval E le c t r ic m e te r
X-L Elettric
Good. Prop.
Dainty Frocks
in all the new styles and
shades for Spring. We are
prepared to fit all types of
women and our selection is
unusually large this season.
These Spring frocks are
priced most reasonable—
$0 .9 5 to $ 2 2 .50
AAA to EE in sixes 2M
to 9.
That will go hand in hand with the new
Spring apparel. We have an abundance
of large and small head sizes in styles and
colors that are in accordance to this sea­
son’s style dictations.—
$3 .95 and up
Spring Suits
For Young Men and Men Who want to stay
young. Featuring two and three button models
in light and dark colored fabrics. Most suits
have two pair trousers and are faultlessly tail­
ored. They are most reasonably priced too—
*25 .00 and ip
That will harmonize with the
new Spring Suits. We have a
wonderful selection of both
fight and dark colors.—
ri V M
k/.: \rJfw