The Ashland register. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-19??, March 02, 1928, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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F R ID A Y , M A R C H 2. 1928
T h t R E G I S T E R ’S E D I T O R I A L a n d F E A T U R E P a g e
C. J. READ, Editor and Publisher
ab Àalflauù iKrijtatrr
Along the Concrete
S em i-W et lily P a p e r P u b lu h i d a , Aehland, O reg o n
Form erly the C entral P oint and Ashland A m erican
O ffice a t 372 E ast Main S tre e t
One Yea
$ 2.00
Or a Romance and Adventure in and
of the West
A d v ertisin g R ates G iven on A p plication
E ntered a t the Pootoffice a t A shland, O regon, as Second Class
M atter, under the A ct o f Congress of March 3, 1879
M em b er S T A T E E D I T O R I A L A S S O C IA T IO N
M em b er N A T IO N A L E D I T O R IA L A S S O C IA T IO N
Especially commendable in our estimation is
the voluntary action taken by the Ashland and
Medford student bodies in taking steps to abol­
ish the rowdieism that has accompanied basket­
ball games between the two cities. They asked
the school authorities that they might settle the
matter themselves, and on Tuesday held a joint
meeting, attended by representatives of both
schools, and drew up a set of resolutions that if
followed out will do away with egg fights and
sundry other acts that mar the effect of a good
clean contest on the athletic floor.
In this connection, however, it must be re­
membered that while all of the blame has been
heaped upon the shoulders of the boys of the
two schools, there are outsiders who have no
school interest, who are just as much responsible
for the fights as the boys themselves.
It is a
known fact that the most recent escapade and
the one in which the entire matter was brought
to a head, was led by boys that did not attend
high school. It is not our intention to infer that
there were no high school boys there, but we do
say that they were in the minority. Yet the en­
tire blame of the affair was placed upon their
shoulders, and with the severing of athletic
relations they would be the ones to suffer most.
The public should remember this fact be­
fore placing too much blame upon the boys.
They are human, they perhaps do nothing but
what we at the same age were just as guilty of
doing ourselves, and the fact that they were men
enough to express a desire to end the fights,
and then go further and take steps to end them
deserves special recognition from a public that
is always prone to criticise rather than praise.
in price, which they do as soon as quantity pro­
duction is reached. According to Col. Lindberg
neither his plane or his motor have had over 5
per cent of replacements and are yet in excel­
lent condition, “capable of continuing in ser­
vice for a much longer time than they have now
been in use.”
The sweet young thing of Ashland can read
a man’s mind just as far as it is necessary.
Life’s Little Joke No. 657893: Peddler, telling
Ashland merchant’s wife how the local stores
rob the cutsomers.
Women who rush for bargains get them.
The Ashland Boxing commission staged their
first of what will he a series of boxing contests
at the Ashland armory Tuesday evening. If
the entertainment on Tuesday evening is a fair
sample of what can be expected in the future the
success of the commission is assured. The arm­
ory was nearly filled and the general atmos­
phere was such that it resembled an evenings
show crowd rather than rabid fight fans. The
Commission deserves special credit for this. By
providing girl ushers, prohibit smoking, stop­
ping a fight a hen it became too evident that one
of the boxers was out classed, they gave no op­
portunity for criticism.
Th ir efforts to give Ashland good clean en­
tertainment in the way of boxing deserve the
wh le-ho irtnd s”pp<”t of lovers of this form of
sport. It is only through support of this kind that
the contests can be continued.
Last year during the same month, the United
States government lost an air mail pilot in the
name of Charles A. Lindberg. V'ery few people
in the country knew he was in existence. Today
the world knows him by name and acclaim as
the marvel of the new-born flying age.
Rarely, if ever has a man so completely capti­
vated so large a portion of the public’s atten­
tion and esteem.
In almost ever)’ nation the
name of Lindberg is known. Since his resigna­
tion from the air service he has carried his plane
into seventeen independent countries, three col­
onies of Great Britain, the West Indian Is­
lands, forty-eight American states, the District
of Columbia, the Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands
and Porto Rico.
His last flight, from Havana to St. Louis
marked the end of his tour of Central and South
American states, in which he flew more than 8,-
000 miles. Altogether the Spirit of St. Louis has
taken more than 407 flights, covering more than
40,000 miles and the original motor has never
been replaced and has not yet received a major
overhauling. No wonder Col. Lindberg is able
to say: “With proper care and maintenance,
the modem plane and engine should have a min­
imum life of 150,000 miles.’’
Automobile owners in Ashland who are in­
clined to doubt the everyday use of the plane
will realize what this will men. when planes drop
216 Central Ave., Ashland, Oregon
D t Frank Crane Says
Importance depends on endurance.
ance is the retention through time of an achieve­
ment of value. Thus says Whitehead in Science
and the Modem World.
Endurance is the real test of a man.
It is
something that we can all have. If we can do
nothing else we can hang on and remain the
Sometimes this is mere pigheadedness and
stubbomess. But in this world of fluctuating val­
uer and fluctuating nun it is a pleasure to find
something stable.
One of the strongest pleas of the church is
that it has endured throughout the ages and is
still going strong.
Whatever has endured for a length of time
must have some merit to it.
The life of an organism depends upon its abil­
ity to adjust itself to its surroundings. Life is a
tragedy for the unfit.
A man is in perfect health when he can
breathe the air, enjoy the sunshine and partake
of the food that is offered him, and his lungs,
his stomach and his other organs are attuned to
his environment.
If they become out of tune or, in other words
he becomes unfit, nature eliminates him.
Emerson says that the best test of a book and
the finest critic was time, and advised us, as a
whole, to read no book that had not been print­
ed twenty years.
Time has dealt harshly with some popular
favorites, while others have survived.
Some of the popular songs our ancestors sang
are still popular. No one could tell at the time
w hich they were, but the passing of years has
tested them.
It is perhaps a wise thing not to build a monu­
ment to a man before he is dead. Time must have
its opportunity to pass upon him.
There is something in mere endurance, and
the man who is able to stick a thing out to the
bitter end has the advantage over one who is
constantly changing.
Do not stick to a thing simply because you
have chosen it, but after choosing it wisely
keep your feet firm and do not vacillate.
While* th ere they learn ed m ore a sim ilar c h a ra c te r and kind.
fuliy how th a t collectively used
H ere they had it im pressed up­
properties w ithin th e sta te th a t on them , as never befor. th a t all
overlapped county lines w e re 'a c ­ the officials and em ployees of
q u ir e r m aintained and held in the sta te and th e sub divisions,
tru s t by the S tate Labor Com mis­ counties and th e ir subdivisions,
T h at sim ilar p ro p erties cities or J. P. p recincts w ere un­
with the counties th a t overlap­ d er civil service ru les an d regu­
ped precinct or tow nship . lines lations.
were acquired, m anaged, m ain­
T hruogh Oregon ,the child of
tained and held in tru s t by the th e masses, they th e m asses nad
labor com m issioner th a t p ro p er­ su b stitu ted m unicipal or public
ties w ithin cities o r precincts co rp o rate in itiatio n in industry
herein owned by county commis­ and com m erce fo r priv ate corpor­
a te initiation in in d u stry and
They realized as never before com m erce. U nlike th e last pro­
th a t Oregon was a legal person ductive and com m ercial activi­
or corporation was a w onderful ties w ere ca rrie d on fo r use. Not
force in economics. T hey discov­ fo r p ro fit. O w nership was by
ered th a t from an alm ost incon- citizenship, not by titles, stocks or
cievable cause money had lost its bonds.
pow er of cum ulation. Hence, was
The people of O regon had rep­
alw ays used fo r service. N ever udiated in te re st b earing bonds
fo r oppression.
and cruel bondage when they put
Buying in large am ounts and politics on the scrap heap and in
shipping in ca r lots the sta te doing so had cast out legalized
saved much in expense accounts. exploitation as an evil thing.
W ith the varied clim atic condi­
It was while engaged in the
tions due to altitu d e, longitude office of th e sta te finance com­
and latitu d e the people w ithin m issioner th a t W aldo and Miss
the s 'a te could raise and produce Leonard discovered th e g reat
alm ost every th in g th ey needed ex­ b enefit secured to th e sta te and
cept tropical fru it. T rade flowed tho people th e re o f because of a
freely betw een cities. The slogan m unicipal o fficial known as an
“ Oregon m ade
with O regon insurance com m issioner whose
T ra d e ” had a m eaning w orth office had been created by the
sta te legislatu re o f 1905.
The cities on navigable w aters duties w ere a t th a t tim e to look
engaged in ship building, ships a f te r the conduct of th e insurance
HAS TO BE T H A N ^E O t F O K 19
flying th e U. S. flag and th e O re­ com panies doing business in O re­
gon p en n an t was to be seen in gon. To issue license and collect
m any seas w ith O reg o n ’s cured fees from o r fo r th e sam e. Make
A N O N V -.A A O O S
and finished p ro d u cts in th e ir annual rep o rts. From hts rep o rts
of the y e a r 1925 they learned
O regon being a C hristian gov­ th a t the people of O regon w ere
erned in his conduct as m an ifest­ exploited annu ally to the am ount
ed by his ag en ts the o fficials the of $10,000,000 by th e insurance
sta te , county and city, by the com panies w ithout th e sta te . The
golden tu le could n ot legaly, r ir«t leg islature th a t
hence, did n ot use th e police follow ing th e adoption of th e de­
pow er to collect in te re st o r en­ p artm en t of in d u stry and com ­
fo rce an y o th e r form s o f exploi­ m erce took o r tra n sfe rre d th e o f­
fice of sta te insurance com m is­
Being a co-onerative body, h° sioner from the executive d e p a rt­
th o u g h t his o fficials encouraged m ent to which it had been acces­
T id : I f a b u rg lar should break and aided co-operation in indus­ sory and placed it in the d e p a rt­
try and .com m erce. In all things
into the basem ent, would th e th a t p ertain ed to th e peoples m ent o f in d u stry and com m erce,
as an accessory th e re to and
coal ch u te?
economic w elfare.
m ade its d u ties to be to engage
He O regon was a Christian, b e­ in th e in surance business in su r­
B it: Now, b u t the kindling
cause he w as controlled or ruled ing th e lives and p ro p erty w ithin
by the golden rule, which was th e sta te to insure priv ate as well
C h rist Je su s idea or conception as collectively ow ned
p ro p erty
of th e law and th e p ro p h ets o r both an im ate
inanam ite,
C urled is her h air as an aire- m oral law.
grow ing crops and o th e r risks.
d ale's coat
G ettin g a day o ff from th e ir
This lead to a g re a t saving. It
d u ties in th e o ffic er o f th e com ­ k ep t $10,000,000 annually w ith­
And btack as p rin te r’s ink.
Donald in the sta te th a t had form erly
H ere eyes a re brow n as oozy mud m issioner o f
W aldo and Miss L eonard u n d er been ex tra cte d from th e pockets
th e p ro tectio n o f a military' g aurd of the people and if re tu rn e d in
O ysters fried I th in k
and th e ev er p rese n t Molly O’­ the form of investm ent a t 6 p er
H er lips are red as a b ab y ’s toe, Toole, visited the o ffice of th e cent (exploited) the people would
M arion co unty labor com m issioner have $600,000 annually. This they
H er voice as so ft as mush.
H ere th ey found a building with had paid fo r th e privilege of
T h at is th e girl w ith whom I go— m any office room s which w ere g e ttin g capital to develop th e ir
bu ilt and fitte d fo r use w ith the own recourse.
On whom I have a crush.
idea o f saving tim e fo r those
By ta k in g the office o f the
w orking th e re in . All th e officials sta te insurance
com m issioner
"O n e m ore crack like th a t and and em ployees w ere u n d er civil from the executive to the indus­
you’re th ro u g h .’’ m urm ured the service, i. e. u n d er civil service tria l d ep artm en t thereb y adding
exam ination an d ratin g . P artie s
fell* vr on shore as he w atched the w ishing or asp irin g to official the offices of the sta te finance
com m issioner and th e sta te in­
ice c iac k u n d e r the sk ater.
po- tions w ere ineligab'a fo r th e surance com m issioner to th e d e - ^
o ffice except having certain p artm en t o* indu stry and com ­
q u alificatio n s one of which was m erce added g re a t stren g th to the
W ith spikes and pincers, files holding a ra tin g of 86 p er cen t fo u rth d ep a rtm en t o f the sta te .
or above, secured by ex am ina­
T he labor com m issioner, fin ­
and hooks.
tion by a civil service board, em ­
My d e n tist lately to rtu re d me, ployees in th e o ffice th a t oppor­ ance com misaionec and insurance
com m issioner had official re p re ­
W hile close his ugly head he tu n ity fo r em ploym ent and re ­ sentatives in th e fra ctio n al p a rts
w ard fo r service depended upon of O regon thereby y a k i n g the
And sm iled a t me w ith horrid p ercen tag e ra tin g given them by w orking of the d ep a rtm en t free
a board of civil service. E fficiency and sure. The insurance stabal-
plus application governed rew ard ized business it secured th e c re d ­
T hereon I vowed revenge to
I t was h ere th a t th ey first its of th e sta te and all th e f ra c ­
learned th a t those who earned tional p a rts of th e whole, the
To m ake him curse his ad ­ m ore th an th ey req u ired invested insurance cost to the laborers o f­
th e ir su rp lu s yj life annuities, ficials and em ployees engaged in *
verse f a te ;
th u s providing fo r fu tu re use. the various en terp rises was no
N ext tim e before I called on This in v estm en t fu rn ish ed th e g re a te r than had costa th e lab­
sta te and an y fra ctio n al p a rt o rers in indusrtial co rp o rate en ­
th e re o f w ith m eans fo r increas­ terp rises fo r th e ir b en e fit in and
I h a lf a pound o f onions ate.
ing th e w ealth and usefulness received from the sta te accident
th ereo f. If an y of th e officials commission the b en e fit o f w hich
o r em ployees o r em ployed citi­
“ O fficer, you c a n 't b lu ff me. zens were in ju red the S tate In ­ they had enjoyed fo r several de­
cades and th e cost was paid fo r
I’m an A. B. and an A. M.
d u strial A ccident
commission in the same m anner.
“ F in e! Now w e'll give you the functioned fo r th e ir w elfare. All
By an enactm ent, th e sta te in ­
knew th a t to excel o r succeed re ­ dustrial accident com m ission had
th ird d eg ree.”
quired service yea the best of been com bined in th e sta te in- f
surance com m issioners
o ffice
Daily rep o rts, th e day begin- w here fo r the best o f reasons it
Sw eet Mabel stru m s the m ando­
ing a t noon, w ere received at the n aturally belonged. The change
o ffice o f th e county labor com ­ of th e office of sta te insurance
m issioner from the d iffe re n t c it­ com m issioner from a passiv to an
Claris* plays th e cello;
While ljttle Eunice tw an g s the ies or sub-divisions o f the county active office which by coopera­
reg a rd in g th e in d u strial and com ­ tin g w ith th e o th e r com m ission­
m ercial activ ities carried on ther- ers in t h j d ep a rtm en t of in d u stry
To fascin ate a fellow.
in. W eekly rep o rts w ere received and com m erce was highly bene­
But Polly, writh h er liquid tones reg ard in g th e activities by coun­ ficial and added g rea t stren g th
ty em ployees engaged in o r on to th e m ighty industrial arm o f
• (T he little ca p tiv a to r.)
any p ro p erties or en terprises
The change m et w ith
Makes sw eetest music o f them all owned o r carried on by th e coun­ Oregon.
much opposition from
w ithout,
She perks th e p ercolator.
ty including th e officials and em ­ b u t 'i t was necessary to stop ex ­
ployees w ithin the county commis ploitation and it was done b e­
si oners office. Said officials and cause of a necessity, and w as
One o f th e d ifferen ces be­ em ployees w ere often paid in ! being done gradually b u t surely.
tw een a liar and a publicity ag en t co unty w arrants. Said w arran ts
O regon was being sorely te ste d
is th a t the publicity ag en t som e­ w ere non in te rest bearin g nego- i but w ith each te st he was g e ttin g
tiab le and p ara b le on sight. S tate ! stronger. He was a g ian t am ong
tim es gets paid.
officials and em ployees w ere giants.
often paid in sta te w arra n ts of
(T o be continued)
Kind Old loidy: "A nd w hat are
D aughter: ' M other, a t t h e T l r ^
you going to do when you grow cos the hum an skeleton trie d to I Riff: “Doe* this road go to
D urham ?”
up. my little m a n ?”
kiss me.”
R a ff: “Y es.”
U rch in : “ F elle r in me fa th e r's
M other: “ D aughter. I told you
Riff: “Well, when does it
fin g erp rin ts.
bew are of stran g e m en.”
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