The Ashland register. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-19??, December 20, 1927, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    tfihe Aaltlatid Spyiativ
Sami-W eekly P a p e r Published a t /«»bland, O re g o n
Form erly the C entral P oint and A shland A m erican
O ffice a t 372 E ast Main S tre e t
A d vertisin g R atas Given on A p plication
- tó ® ?
*Ti RC- WAi>
G uaranteed
E n tered a t the P ostoffice a t A shland, O regon, as Second
M atter, u nder the A ct o f Congress of March 3, 1879
M em ber S T A T E E D I T O R IA L A S S O C IA T IO N
M em ber N A T IO N A L E D I T O R IA L A S S O C IA T IO N
irgood friend, Santa Claus, is a busy man
these days. We wonder how many clerks he
must have to help,him pet his toys and gifts ar­
ranged for the boys and girls who want them.
Every day his mailbags are filled to overflowing
aicTthe letters keep pouring in.
From Ashland go "countless missives each
winging a plea to Santa Claus for something dear
to a child’s heart. How earnestly the old man
strives to make his supply go around! How hard
he works to bring happiness and good cheer to
youthful souls!
The reading public is privileged to read many
of the letters sent to Santa Claus through the
ress. Whoever can do so without a tug on the
eartetrings and a great desire to be Santa’s as­
sistant in an endeavor to reach all of tender age
is a man tougher than we estimate.
The editor of The Register has read many let­
ters to Santa Claus. He is struck by the childish
faith, the innocence of complete frankness and
the ever reverberation of “don’t forget the oth­
er children” and “remember the poor children.”
In the midst of their delightful anticipation of
Santa’s visit and keenly alert to inform him of
their desires the childish heart pauses to add a
line, to hope that happiness may be spread to
many, and that others may share the delightful
friendship of the gift-giving visitor from the
Can a little child go much further in leading
men, Is it strange that it is written that unless we
become as one of these we cannot enter the king­
dom of Heaven. Surely the grown-ups of Ashland
will help to answer the prayer of countless chil­
dren and make this community a happy place for
every little boy and girl on Christmas dav.
In the process of building Ashland there is use
of course for money and plenty of it, but the
rowth and progress of a community does not
epend upon the presence of rich men, who are
willing to gamble everything on their faith in a
We have, among our citizens, hundreds of in­
dividuals of small means when one considers
the millionaires of the land. These people are
the ones who will make or break Ashland. Until
they are willing to sacrifice and to invest some
of their money in the future of their native home
the ones who are better able to spend will not do
W hat is necessary before these people of
moderate means feel the urge of city growth, be
fore they will be willing to strain a financial
budget in order to provide contributions to
worthy projects? It is simply morale, a feeling
that by cooperating together great good can be
The readers of this article have heard of the
marvellous prosperity of towns and cities. In
each case they heard of the community spirit
that puts things over. This is nothing but the re-
lization that cooperation spells success, that
any place can grow and prosper if the people
who live in it get together, stay together and
work to a common goal.
This is all that is needed in Ashland and while
we have something like good humor prevalent
in our midst there must be a more positive con
viction. We must undertake some definite, sin­
gle achievement that will positively demonstrate
the power of joint action.
Those who are pleas *d to criticise the public
schools should consider the report made after a
survey by a professor, at an eastern university,
which concludes that public schools should con­
sider the report made after a survey by a profes­
sor, at an easter nurtiversity, which concludes
and in self-support, the report shows the public
that public school graduates rank ahead of those
of private schools in nearly every way.
In college grades, in percentage to graduate
in intelligence tests, in number of resignations
school men well in the lead, stating also that the
“percentage of public school men who fail to
complete their course is less than that of private
school men.”
The intelligence test revealed an average per­
centage of 71.25 for public school graduates and
T he nine thousandth
“ H ath w ronged th e poor and
needy, hath tak en by robbery, hath
n o t resto red th e pledge and hast
lifted up his eyes to th e idols, hath
com m itted abom inations, hath giv­
en fo rth upon in te re st and hath
tak en in crease; shall he then live?
He shall n ot live; he hath done a'.l
these ab o m in atio n s; he sh^ll su re­
ly d ie; his blood shall be upon
him .” Ezeekiel 18; 12 to 14 Revis­
ed Version.
“ H eaven pity said Molly, “ Why
d id n ’t th e P reach ers, L ecturers,
L aw yers and w riters tell us th e
word of God condem ned in te .e st
and o th e r form s of exp lo itation?
Some did i. e. ju s t a few of us”
replied th e Judge.
“ People who m ake th e ir living
w rong can n o t live rig h t b u t are
blind to th e ir iniquity.
People who have th e courage to
tell them of th e ir sin are tre a te d
like th e ab o litio n ists w ere in the
S outh, b efo re th e Civil W ar,
E ith e r persecu ted or ignored.
(C«vrrl(kl.W M. U )
69.88 for the product of private schools. In the
academic grades public school men averaged
73 94 as compared with 68.60 for the private
? school group.
Farm Pointers
the m unicipal law governing
co rporation o f M unicipalities i
laws governing incorporation
M unicipalities and laws govern
ing adoption of C harters by ini.
tiation of the p. .<ple. Laws tlui
D em ocratized cities took advant.
age of th e o p p o rtu n ity they offer
ed". th a t by th g lr own initiative
citizens of O regon could cretti
M unicipal Corporation
as cities. Could adopt Charters ti
th eir own liking u nder the conid
tu tio n and law s o f the state.
By so doing they woud create
o r give b irth to M unicipal Go*,
ern m e n t, city or legal person
whose c h a rte r would empower
them in th e nam e o f their city
person or corp o ratio n to t-ngagi
in any in d u strial, commercial en
terp rise s or persu its th a t any ^ri
vate corporation o r person couli
legally engage in. A ch a rter whid
would contain prbvisions that thi
person born, o r created by thi
legal a c t of adoption would be i
Christian because she had ihritti
ian ch a racterics due to the Gold
en Rule as ta u g h t by
Jesus. Said c h a rte r would con.
tain provisions em pow ering her
thro u g h h e r agents, City officials,
to do any and all things legal in
acquiring pro p erty needed to en­
gage in industrial o r commercé
enterp rises. T hus by having a
C h a rter, whose pream ble, or bill
o f rights, would s ta te th a t “For
the purpose of »ecuring co-opera­
tion in in d u stry and commerce, tht
application o f Christian principe
in G overnm ent and to establish i
com m ission-m anager form them
of, we th e people o f------------- un­
d er th e C onstitution and laws of
the S ta te of Oregon do ordain and
adopt th e follow ing as th e Charfc
e r fo r the City of -----------------.
It was th e political form and
pagan ch a racteristics of Oregon
As the a lfa lfa seed crop is som e­ or th e legal person nam ed O re­
w hat sm aller th is y ear, it will be gon th a t m ade him w hat he was.
well fo r O regon farm ers to a n ti­ It is q u ite tru e th a t Society gave
cip ate p lan tin g needs an d lay in him b irth b u t. u n fo rtu n a te ly , oe-
According to recent figures the bank deposits
a supply of Grim m seed. The C an­ cause of c o u rt laws m ade by pre.
! of the forty-one leading counrties in the world
adian v arieg ated crop which n o r­ cedent, im m ediately becam e
m ally goes to th e east is reduced adopted child of p oliticians and
? totaled $84,000,000,000. Of this vast amount the
th is y ear, rep o rts the ex p erim en t th e ir fav o rites, big-business or the
I people of the United States held $52,000,000,-
sta tio n , and this m ay m ake
a privileged class. To explain f u r ­
I 000 or slightly more than five-eighths.
Stronger dem and on th e w estern th e r. All laws e x ta n t in th e E n g ­
This is startling information even to those who
lish Common Law, in th e 4th y ea r
Grim m .
I have known for a long time that the United
of King John th e firs t becam e, by
1 States was the richest country in the world. With
O regon sta n d ard p o ta to seed C ourt precedent, A m erican J u r is ­
m ade an excellent production re ­ prudence or A m erican C o n stitu ­
T vast natural resources as yet hardly scratched, the
in C alifo rn ia th is y ear. I t ’* tional Law. H ence when A m erica
f people of this nation have cashed in to an extent
b e tte r th an com mon seed becam e a F ed eral N ation, the
1 that puts them, financially above all the peoples
b ut is m ean t fo r com m ercial p la n t­ C o u rts recognized th e co n stitu ­
f of the globe.
ing ra th e r th a n fo r ce rtifica tio n tio n ally of all laws in the English
* Nowhere in the world is there such comfort
work. S tan d ard seed is good seed Common Law o r on th e sta tu te
T and convenience for the average man, such op-
fo r those who buy su rp lu s each books o f E ngland th a t w ere not
W ith a C h a rte r having provis­
y ea r o r every o th e r year, say ex­ m ade void by th e A m erican Con­ ions th a t w ere such a would con­
! portunity for the average child. Incidentally,
stitu tio n or en acted laws rep eal­
p erim en t statio n men.
T Thanksgiving week is a good time to remember
ing them , th a t w ere not unconsti­ form to th e Pream ble of resn
dents could acquire and own in
] I this.
fre q u en tly become in fested with tu tio n al. The divine o r legal rig h t the nam e of the City, th e proper
San Jose scale and o th e r scale in -i" ^
P riest or Bishop. The divine
ties they needed to m ake a living
sects. These pests are co ntrolled or leKal r 'Kht of th ,‘ slave owll«r with o r carry on en terp rises and
by sp ray in g w ith th e sta n d ard line
tb e ch attel »lave. The divine or
persuits they wished to carry. It
su lfu r solution or oil em ulsions. legal rig h t of saloon keeper have was tru e this was public collective
Lime su lfu r 12-100 is probably
ow nership b u t it w as much better
th e best sp ray to use. T he house al provision since or th e tim e of than non-ow nership. The acquiring
g a rd e n e r will find m any helpful
o f said pro p erty was by gifts, do- |
h in ts fo r th e co n tro l of insects, in stitu tio n . T here was not o th er
nations o r by purchase, th e capital I
ex p erim en t statio n circ u lar 65,
being secured by sale o f life an­
“ Insect P ests of T ruck and G ard­
The divine or legal rig h t o f the nuities, sale o f n o n -in terest bear­
en C rops.” It will be m ailed free saloon keeper was m ade void in
ing bonds and o th e r legal methods.
on application to the sta te college m any of the S tates by S tafe Cot*
1 hus the people o f th e city own?d
Whenever you meet a body who agrees with } experim ent statio n .
stitu tio n a l provisions before the the collectively used property. »1-
i everything you say you are persuaded that you 1
national prohibtion am endm ent or
m anaged it dem ocratical­
i have met a wise m an; after he gets through with I Now is u good tim e to clenn provision was put in the N ational lectively
ly and w orked it co-nnerately.
{ you you know it.
seed fo r spring planting. All dirt, C onstitution. You can see from
H aving secured th e ir collective­
--- --------------------------------------
| c h a ff and weed seeds are best re ­ w hat I have been tellin g you th a t
ly property, w ithout incuring an
It has been estimated that Wall Street is to
ary fan n in g mill which is found pre-natal tain t, which of the th ree in te restin g b earin g d eb t and be­
stuff its employee’s Christmas stockings with
on m ost fax-ms will clean g rain you w ant to call it, th a t influenc- cause of o th e r legal considerations
some fifty million dollars in bonuses, having en­
sa tisfac to rily fo r seed purposes. It ' ed the C ourt mind th a t made them g ran te d M unicipalities their free­
joyed such a prosperous year. Yes—the same
tys big to sow clean seed.
upon in quiry into co n stitu tio nal dom from ex ploitation was near­
Wall Street that fights tooth and nail against all
law to recognize th a t he had a ly if not quite com plete. The beau­
The litte r in laying houses on bec»use he Oregon had such a ty, usefulness and helpfulness of
Farm Relief measures.
successful O regon p o ultry farm s law to P rotect th e exploiters such a Miss T (o r Municipal Cor­
is changed w henever it becomes Pro f't«*crs upon the laboring peo- poration ) created or given birth
In a way Secretary of Navy Wilbur really pro­ dam
p, w hether th a t is once a week 1 pIe anrf to P rotect th e e x p lo ite r to when such a C h a rte r was adopt­
moted Admiral Magruder by placing him on the o r cnee
every two weeks.
“ nd P ro fiteers while th ey lived off ed, was so a p p a re n t th a t soon
% “waiting list.” Now the Navy is 100 per cent
of the product o r th e ' w orkers’ m any such cities w ere incorporat­
« waiting—waiting to see what happens^- and un­
•otntoes tre a te d with corrosive toil and am assed g rea t w ealth out ed o r created by the adoption of
su blim ate, the recom m ended tr e a t­ of th a t which was legally but not sim ilar ch a rters. The elective o f­
ficials w ere a Board o f Commis­
m en t in O regon, should be tr e a t­ m orally th e ir own.
■ ■
n -f
sioners com posed o f th ree or more
ed while still d o rm an t or b efo re,
O regon,
Political indications are that there will be a
th ey have sp routed. Badly sprout-1 know ing the cause w ere puzzled. Com m issioners th e num ber de­
number of wet candidates with nothing to sit on
pending upon the size o f the city.
ed potatoes if trea ted are given v T here was suspicion in the
but dry planks in 1928.
a ,r Wb<,n W ^re w ere only th ra th i
s h o rte r dip or tre a te d by s u n * , T h eir teachers and leaders of and!
in political economy
econon, o ' r a p ¿ o lo ¿ g ist,!
¡ \ f a ir , * * «>—
* — » o f Public It-
o th e r m ethod.
The nutting season comes to a close. Like­
fo r politic* %ere deceivers and he -,n d . r r ° m nm ,i,oner ot Finance,
— N early 500 cars celery ing deceived. T heir blind leaders |
^ m~ e r o f S afety.
wise football, electioneering and automobile ill Salem
1—- * M
(T o be C ontinued)
* in be
*** shipped
»hipped from
Lake Iahish had
them into the ditch
d istric t this year.
politics the deceiver of the whole
aoT they
W a do?
. Tacoma
— Java-Pacific steam-
w orld? W -----
hat lnP>-
Five year term marriages, with option of re­
Cascade Locks— Permit asked the way to safety backw ards or
**C *°
O rient will open
newal, are advocated by a California judge. Well 1 for 21.000 h. p. power project on fo rw ard s? Should they reject noil
'* rvic* h« * -
. 4
that insures the “married” vote for him
i Mt. Hood fo rest fo r wood pulp tire
Dos. a*
unclean thing
or hug the serpent to th e ir bosom ”
Portland— Ü. S. N ational Bank
All who intend to shop early this Christmas f P o rtlan d m unicipal p ort may It w a s m the first few years of the here increases capital and s u r ­
”*cond q u a rte r o f the 19th cen­ plus to S5.000.000.
will please stand up.
build an o th er 450.000 bushel gram tu ry th a t men and women who had
a vm.on of b etter th in g , seeing the
M ultnom ah C o u n ty ’s share of
Raying un old debts is one way to make your 1
'"H y of retam ing an archaic and T er w illiger B oulevard to Oswego
money hard to keep.
V\ hat you say isn’t near its important as when ?
you keep your mouth shut
History never will suit everybody. { j*
TaC'Xan^1«, 1 ha!WÌ"
O regon - ba;.k b - crowing«, $19.-
M *r r ~
" f w p d ,n ,hp
tut-ona! p r.,v „ ion, due th . , dopt I 4 ,8 .2 6 2 , in 1
1 “ 20. - r e now only
ha* retired
avings and depo.
indebtedness already this
r *,r*t q u a rte r of th e c cen
e n tu
tu ry
n r , .lit*
29.8 per
oer c e n t in 1920.
I ts. 29.8
* " * ' N“ **' rule fo r Cities a n d ' now 38.4 per cent.
Fi I