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R t|t»ISr
M a ja n t y
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la S o a t h r r a ( V « g « a
T U E S D A Y . D E C E M B E R C. 1*27
PRIZES AWARDED Aï Hundreds Attend Annual
ch m ll,," c
E stim a ted O a e T k ew sa a d P e e
A tte n d e d the O p e n in g N igh t
O f C ircu s
Generally speaking we are pros­
perous, those willing to work set
»long- But Mrs. Hildegar Wpais
did not find it so. She struggled
for five years with four children
feeding, clothing, paying
asshing, cooking, and working a«
"garment presiser” for $25 a
week. She scorched one expen-
five dress. That took a week’s pay.
Each month the rent took a week's
Pro«prrou* America was not
prosperous enough for Mrs. Wy-
wias. She broke the gas meter, op­
ened all the jets, then knelt by the
bed where here five-year-old son
was sleeping, her three little girls
asleep nearby.
V a H were dead, when found, with
no more rent or food bills to pay.
There is still room at the BOT­
TOM for those that would make
conditions better.
Birth control and publishing in­
formation about it are approved
by Britain's “ National Council of
Public Morals.”
women should
have the right to deride how many
children they will have.
But it is well that understand­
ing of birth control has been post­
poned. It might have prevented
the arrival of Napoleon and Car­
lyle, and surely would have pre­
vented the arrival of Caruso, a
nineteenth child.
Mrs. Peabody, head of the Wo­
men's Committee for Law En­
forcement. says “ ten million wo­
men are not only talking and pray­
ing. but working to retain prohibi­
tion. and see that is enforced.”
They need not work or pray to
keep prohibition in the Constitu­
tion; nothing can get it out.
As for enforcement, there is
room for much working and pray­
ing in that direction.
The group of oil paintings, wa­
ter color sketches, and pen and ink
drawings, exhibited in the window
of the Register office, which have
excited so much interest and ad­
miration, is the work of Mr. R. M.
Dt-Mille, well known local sign
A'nter of ability. Mr. DeMille
•tidied f r a number o f years u i-
der the two noted western artists,
C. M. R -sel. and Mr. Paxton. H's
paintings, all original were glean­
ed from actual experience and
•tudy of pioneer life. Mr. DeMille
went one year with the Blackfoot
Indians, and two years with "the
»1st Head Indians on the reserva­
tions in Montana, making a pract­
ical study of Indain life and char­
• Mr. DeMille came to Ashland
seven years ago. and with his fam­
ily resides on Third street during
the winter months; he has an at­
tractive farm in the Bellview dis­
trict where he and his family en­
joy the summer months.
It is Mr. DeMille'» plan to build
* typical log cabin pioneer studio
if A-hland or on the outskirts o*
tk* city, where he may develop
kis work o f art, and have classes.
Here he will teach the new genrr-
•tion how to develop themes of
the old pioneer life and oustend-
®r incidents.
It is of interest to note that Mr.
BeMille’» father was a first cousin
the famous motion picture pro­
p e r , Cecil DeMille.
*r*. Scott o f Klamath Fa. Is
*•" >n town Sunday and «pent the
end visiting with Miss Hazel
^ * v*r and Mrs Mary Shaver of
• and C street*. Mrs. Scott form-
**7 Iried in Ashland and was glad
** tteet old friend* again.
Tudor Model is Brought
Here From Factor>
Branch at Portland
Lines and General Ap'
pearance Meets Approv­
al of Many Visitors
i Occupying a prominent place
upon a special platform in the cen­
ter of the Claycomb Motor Com­
pany show room, the new model
Ford Tudor, for whose advent the
public has anxiously been waiting,
was the center of attraction in
Ashland today. The Ford, was a
surprise to mnry, for no longer
does the familiar lines of the old
Model T grace the newest creation
of Henry Ford. In its phu-e was a
modern» ".oropean in
line, with a radiator closely re­
sembling its big sister the Loncoln.
All day long hundreds of people
came, to see and went away satis­
fied. Satisfied that the advance
publicity had not erred in its de­
scription of the car. H. L. Clay-
comb, throughout the day pointed
out to the many visitors some of
the new things about the par, call­
ing special attention to the wheels,
the motor, the body, the brakes
and the finish, while a factory re­
presentative gave out special liter­
ature concerning the car.
AH in all it was a great day for
the Ford in Ashland and it was an
equally great day for Ashland peo­
ple who had been waiting months
for this day to come.
Mr. J. W. Murray has taken ov­
er the shoe department at McGees
store and the department
Jiereafter be known a« “ The Shoe
’ Den.”
Mr. Murray has purchased an
entire new' stock of shoes and
plans to make many changes in the
department. The Shoe Den will be
completed within the next ten
Mr. Murray will carry a com­
plete line of Queen Quality and
Hagerty Shoes, these shoes are
all custom made and the best to be
had on the market. The stock will
be complete in all widths from the
narrow triple A’s to the widest
widths, anything narrower than
the triple A may be
through the efficient mail order
service, direct from the factory.
The new department will have
the appearance of a den, when it
is completed, charming, comfort­
able, and practicable; a place in
which the public will be welcome
at all times to drop in and rest in
the depths of the cozy chairs, or on
the lounges; and desks at which
the busy shopper may write letters
or notes.
With an estimated attendance
of nearly one thousand the Ash­
land Lithians Indoor Circus, open­
ed last night at the Ashland Ar­
mory. The six circus acts included
dazzling array o f brilliant trapeze
performances that more
pleased the large crowd while the
concessions, drew their share of
patronage and attention.
All concessions with one excep­
tion are handled by members of
the Lithians. and some of the boys
seemed to be veterans at the art
of ballyhooing, and otherwise dis­
posing of their wares.
The presentation o f the prizes
took place during the evening with
Miss Cleo Wiltse being presented
with a check for (300.00 as the
first prize, Mrs. Marske, a dia­
mond cluster ring, second prize,
Norma Wuthrich, a diamond soli-
tare. third prize, and a pearl neck­
lace to Rosaland Wise as fourth
prize, and Miss Josephine Barber
wns presented with a gold com­
The show will continue all this
There is a strong possibility
that the Ashland High school bas­
ket ball team will meet both the
O. A. C. Rooks and the Oregon
Freshman some time in January
or February according to Princi­
pal of the High School, B. C. For­
sythe, who attended a meeting of
school authorities yesterday
According to the arrangement
made yesterday, M^/iford , qjtd
Ashland would distribute equa>y
the cost of bringing the two teams
to Southern Oregon; and
team would p la / one game.
While advance prediction are
not highly optimistic over the lo­
cal high schools chances in basket
ball this year, school authorities
agree that the team will be better
than the average.
E. W. Redifer o f Manzineta
street was visiting his brother,
Andrew Redifer at Myrtle Creek
a few days this past week
Mrs. James Putman o f Holly
street was visitine re< ently with
friends in Montague.
Mrs. Viola Sanford of Scenic
Drive who was ill during the past
«leek was able to be out
J. E. Haney, who lives east of
town is in Portland at present
visiting his son, Robert Hnney.
Mrs. Sarah Boots o f B street,
who has been confined to her
bed with illness is reported slight­
ly improved. Mrs. Mabel Moore
is the nurse in charge.
The Christian church people en­
joyed a basket dinner at ttieir
Church dining room Sunday after
which a business meeting was
The Baptist Church and Sunday
School are making plans for a
splendid program on Christmas,
Enlisting all the boys and girls of
McGees will carry hose in all the school.
colors and shades to match all
shoes in stock.
Llqyd Bryant of Klamath coun­
ty was in town last week visiting
Mrs. L. Jacobs, daughter Mrs. in Ashland and Medford.
Stewart and grandson of Klamath
Falls, brought little Shirley En-
Mr*. Val Inlow o f
der* home last Saturday. Shirley Avenue was saddened last week
has been visiting her grandparents to hear of the sudden death o f
Mr. and Mrs. L. Jacobs in Kla­ her niece Eva
math Falls for several weeks. Mrs. Springfield. Oregon. The McKin­
Jacobs, Mrs. Stewart and son re­ nis family formerly lived in Ash­
turned to their home in Klamath land and have a number of friends
Falls Sunday.
here who sympathise with them in
the loss o f their young daughter.
Mr. and Mr*. Hodkinson. form­
er residents o f this eity, but now
Mim Otter dale and Misa Bur
living in Shasta City, California, nett, employees o f the Parirte
are visiting their daughter and Telegraph and Telephone Com­
family. Mr. and Mr*. Allen Autrey pany were businem visitors is
Medford Saturday.
of th-s city.
The Automotive Shop. owned by found it a very diffieuh task U>
Dan Kay was awarded the find as nearly every window showed A n n iv e r s a r y E ven t W ill B e H eld
prise in the Window .Contest at much effort and forethought ex­
• I the H igh S ch o o l G y m a a isu m
the '"hristma* Open inf last Fri­ pended, as-'well as the touch of
N e a t M on da y E v en in g
day night. The contest was based •Hi»try and originality of ex-
on originality and cleverness o f preeuou. brought out in such a
The high school
idea, arrangement, decoration, col­ manner as to show the worth and
or scheme and attention to detail. selling qualities of each different
will be presented at the High
The Automotive Shop
carried particular exhibit.
away the first pnxe last year al-
The Provost Hardware Com­ school gymnasium on Monday De­
! so with the “ Merry snow storm” so pany displayed an appealing home cember 12th. according to an an­
realistically depicted. This year scene of the modern child sur­ nouncement made today by Hifrh
Mr. Kay most «•jcccesfully work­ rounded with all the luxuries of school authorities. .The Anniver­
ed out the slogan “ Ashland has the up to the minute bathroom, sary play was first adopted some
it” in a placid and charming pas­ with its joy of Christmas much fifteen or twenty years ago. and
ha<t been an annual custom since
toral scene; a twinkling brook, enhanced thereby.
graveled ikjgdway*. a pond with
Elhart's featured the Radiola its inception. The proceeds from
ducks swimming undisturbed evi­ 'Loud Speaker’ playing both clas­ the play go towards the purchase
dently mindful of the sign “ No sic and popular music on
the of magazine subscriptions for the
hunting” which is plainly visible; street during the evening, for the High school reading room, and
an imposing church lending the pleasure of the large crowds pass­ any l xlance is diverted to
spiritual air to the scene, a hand­ ing. They had a handsome show­
The cast this year has been se­
some country home; an air port ing of Radiolas, Orthophonic and
with beacon lights,
the other musical instruments also, lected with extreme care and many
lighting effect was made to bring with a window o f novelties and hours c f rehearsal has devnlop-d
into a presentation that is far
out each particular point sought toys in the yuletide setting.
above the ordinary.
for, with striking effectiveness.
Enders Company gave a spec­
A fine assortment o f automo­ tacular display of beautiful and
The High school orchestra under
bile accessories were in evidence distinctive garments exhibited in the direction of Mr. Croft, will
in part of the window also.
a fashion show with living models, furnish special music.
Hardy Brothers were awarded their window of men's furnishings
second prize for neatness obtain-, was most effectively carried out. CHAMBER TO HELP
ed with the use of unwieldly boxes
The handkerchief window at Is­
the original and artistic arrange­ aac’s was especially well balanc­
ment of canned goods with appro­ ed, while Santa Claus in Toyland
At a meeting of the Board >f
priate coloring employed; also the held the kiddies breathless with in­ Directors o f the Chamber of Com­
unusual symetrical display in the terest and speculation.
merce held last it was the decision
J. C. Penny’s windows glowed of that organization that
decorated doorway. The Ashland
Electric won third place by the with the twinklingolights o f the would lend every possible assist­
tasteful and uniform arrangement revolving Christmas trees in the ance to the Three A asso­
of furniture for the home in one midst of toys and gifts of every : ciation in order that there might
window, and the oustanding elec­ description. The window with the be established here an office to
tric refrigerator display in
the showing of ladies and misses hand­ cooperate with the local Chamber
other window standing coldly and some afternoon gowns with all of commerce in the handling of
proudly aloof in its snowy setting their requisite accessories was es­
the tourist traffic.
plainly conveying the idea o f 'the pecially attractive.
According to the plan present­
frigid’ at all times and seasons.
The W hite’ House Grocery had
by Three A officials they are to
Tom Swem of Medford was se­ a fine showing of raisins, nuts,1
contribute so much each month to­
lected to judge the window dis- j and holiday sweetmeats.
wards defraying the expense of
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plays. Mr. Swem asserted that He |
office help in the Chamber of
Commerce,^ if the Chamber Will
assist them in securing members.
P. K.
H am m ond
D e liv e r»
R o g u e R iv e r M in iste ria l A asoria
lio n H old R e g u la r M ee tin g
Earl Isaacs, K. G. Harlan, and
J. Read were the judges nam­
In T a lo n t
ed by the Medford Chamber of
The Rogue River Ministeral As­ Commerce to select winners for
Christmas opening
E. held their annual Memorial sociation held their regular meet­ the annual
contest held last
Services Sunday afternoon, for ing yesterday, when the ladies of
night at Medford. The judges were
brother Elks who have passed on the Talent M. E. Church, enter­
tained them with a dinner at Tal­ unanimous in giving Mann’s de-
during the past year.
! partment store first place, The
A fitting memorial to the de­ ent. The meeting was of a busi-
part was delivered by Reverend 1 ” «** nature with Rev. H. F. Pem- Bootery second, and the Groceter­
ia third.
P. K. Hammond, Chaplain of the berton, pastor of the local Metho-
I dist church and president of the
local order.
V in in g * C h ristm as P ictu re
J. Edward Thornton read the Association leader of the Dcvo-
Vining Theater announces
roll call of “ Our absent brothers,
Rev. Mitchelmore of Ashland that it’s Christmas picture will oe
a complete list of the names of all
members of the Ashland lodge who made a report on the week day “ London After Midnight” , fea
have passed to the great beyond, Bible school that is proving such turing Lon Chaney one o f Amer­
since the organization of the local a huge success and Rev. Law­ ica’s greatest characters of the
rence of Medftird, reported on the screen. This picture wax to have
The Memorial Services were Laymen’s Evangelistic team that played in Ashland, Monday Tues­
conducted by the officers of the is to he in Medford on January day, and Wednesday of this week
lodge. William Brigg“, exalted 15 for a series o f meetings. This but due to the great demand for
ruler, Clyde Young,
esteemed team is from Davenport, Iowa, it’s performance in Portland, the
leading knight, E. J. Burnett, es­ and is headed by A. K. Harp«;- of picture was held over there. Mod
teemed loyal knight; E. O. Gill- Villisca. The men are financing every one is familiar with Lon
Chaney; not only for his charac­
ings, esteemed lecturing knight, the trip themselves.
portrayals, but for his genius
J. Edward Thornton, secretary; P.
Those in attendance at
Provost, treasurer; E. E. Miller, meeting were, Rev. and Mrs. II. at make-up.
Those who have seen his per­
tiler; Edwin Dunn, esquire; Rev. F. Pemberton, Rev. and Mrs. H.
P. H. Hammond, chaplain, Elmer T. Mitchelmore. Rev. and Mrs. C. formance in such pictures as the
Smrih, inner guard and O. '.Vinter, D. Gaffney. W. P. Walters, and "Hunch-hack of Notre Dame,”
Bertha E. Pease of Ashland, J. E. “ The Phantom of the Opera” , and
Musical numbers were furnished McDonald, Rev. K. P. Lawrence, "Three Faces East," need not to
by the Misses Qgley, Madge and C. J. Melt, W. H. Eaton, T. I,. be told of his ability. There will
Marie Mitchell aruTL. H. Hansen. I Thimler, E. E. Iverson, and Mr. ■i“” be other features such as the
Vining has the reputation of hav­
Brother Elks who have answer­ and Mrs. W. W. Belcher o f Med­
ing on that date and the people of
ed the final call within the last
Ashland may feel certain of a pro­
year are; H. G. Enders Sr.; Geo. I o f Central Point. Rev. E. E. Mc-
gram worth while.
T. Watson, Charles Evans, Her­ Vicker of Jacksonville, Mr. and
man Mattern, Frank Mix, Otis Mrs. W. M. Carl o f Rogue River
Helman, F. C.
and Rev and Mrs. J. E. Ladd, Rev. J.
L. Webster. Rev. C. C. Rorick of
Charles Haight.
Grants Pass and Rev. and Mrs. G.
E. Wagner of Talent.
Mr* G. C. Kim nul of the Neil
Greek d isir.t wax shopping In
city Monday.
Mr. F. E. Holister of Portland
was an Ashland visitor this week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. I
Mr. E. M. f.'hiicote a pr oninont
Mr. H. T. Slago of Talent was East Main street were J
real estate n. <n of Klamath Falls, a visitor in this city Monday.
visitors Monday afternoon
spent the week *n»J in *hiv city
with his family on Uberty street.
Robert Mattingly, former busi­
Mr. and Mr*. Cedric Meyer,
ness man of Medford and w e I former re*idents of this city, but
Mrs. Merritt Randle* is eoo known in thi* city was visit in«
valeacing from a long seige of ton friend* in Ashland Saturday an« now of Klamath Falls, were visit­
ing friends and relatives in this
city Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer
recently purchased a home in Kla­
Mr. Homer Billings made-a busi-
Mr. F.
math Falls where Mr. Meyer is
nem trip to Klamath Falla Moa- is a basii
employed by the Southern Pacific
thi* meek
F ittin g M e m o ria l Last
S u n d ay
Local Organization to Co­
operate with Farmers
to Get Information
Committees to Make s
House to House Canvass
of Rural Section
An agricultural survey of the
Southern part of Jackson county
will be started soon by the A sh ­
land Chamber o f commerce. H. D.
McNair and a group o f businesw
men will be in charge of the work
which will require visiting every
farmhouse in this trade territory,
extending as far south as the Cali­
fornia line. The purpose o f this
survey will he to cooperate with
the farmer in learning what crop*
and products can he raised to the
best advantage in the different
soil areas. It has been brought to
the attention of the chamber o f
commerce many times by le n d in g
farmers that some
should be paid to getting expert
assistance in finding out what this
section should center its efforts
upon and the chamber has a g re e d
to carry on this survey in cooper­
ation .with farmers and experts
from Oregon Agricultural College.
A series of blanks used by the
United States Department
Agriculture and the Extension Di­
vision of O. A. C. have been se­
cured and information will
compiled on these blanks. The first
lection includes fruit trees of all
kinds and information will
gathered concerning the different
varieties, prices received,
marketed and place sold will he
foufld. The difefrent , kinds of
vegetables will be listed and the
prices received. Poultry raising,
livestock, dairy products grains
and hay crops will also be ascer­
Some general information for
use of the county agents will be
listed, for instance, the number,
names and ages of the children,
which will be used by the agenta
in their club work and fair exhi­
Ashland business men will call
upon all farmers and assist them
in filling out the survey blanks
and when this work is completed
representatives from the different
fruit growing sections, dairy dis­
tricts, grain and hay farmers, and
poultry raisers will nfeet in Ash­
land with‘ the experts from Ore
gon Agricultural College and Ash­
land business men and Cue entire
group go over the blanks and se­
gregate the information, finding
out what crops and products yield
the highest returns to the produc­
ers. With these facts before them
the committee can make recom­
mendations and suggestions
farmers to guide them in selecting
those crops and products on which
they should specialize if they want
to make the most of their efforts.
Many farmers who have be-m
urging such a survey have heen-
husy lately getting their accounts
in shape so they will have the m
formation ready when the busi­
ness men call at their homes. ffc»m
er Billings, who is chairman of the
retail trade and trade relations
committee, which has
charge of all work in cooperation