The Ashland register. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-19??, October 04, 1927, Image 1

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    F O R M E R L Y C E N T R A L P O IN T A N D A S H L A N D A M E R IC A N
O C TO B E R 4. »927
Bellview Man Is Inventor
of Valuable Folding Chair
Register’ » Prediction on
Opening Day of School
I» Verified
'I i>y
’ *»••* •
Figures oV High School
Not Announced but are
Known to he Higher
il-’ e. onu on the twenty-fifth of
August this year he was awarded
a patent upon a folding chair, that
has been described as being far
Battery “ B" showed “ em” that acres in
superior to any that are now on
t could shoot the Springfield rifle for the ]
the market. The chief advantages
calibre .3'' as veil as the 10-inch rabbits u
of Mr. Coles chair is in the way
..'■t de ‘t '.we puns, when they de- ciali: ing
¡he chair collapses, it being an ex­
fuittd a pick d team of Lithians Flemish
ceedingly simple matter to fold it
at the Naiit nnl Guard Rifle Am rival
up and the compactness after it
■va~p Sunday by a score Flemish are the most popular wi*h i* folded as well as its strength, it
-f e r r i c « 41 .
j him and his many pens are proof being so constructed that it is
nearly impossible for H to be
R inforced by “ Dutch1 Parker ° f 4hi* fact,
One hundred and fifty rabbit}, f broken to pieces in ordinary uae-
the Leieio:.' Team, m e o f ^the
h . spct«"ia Southern Oregon.the 1 '* the average number he keeps on
Since the patent has been grant­
Lithians presented a formidable hand all o: f the time, this number
*PP*; tai:te Majot Malone an ex- varying slightly with the local de­ ed Mr. Cole* mail has been heav­
sert r,fit man of . itytny
yea rs'raan^- The average sale of rabbits ily laden with offers of ntany
-and ng, Hatxy McNair who has total about eight a week he says, kinds. some from manufacturers
hot oh the Idaho National Guard *nd the pelts bring in a good sia-
. earn a. tV.c National Matches at
revenue. Mr. Cole is making
Crmti Rorry. Ohio, and H.
L. Plani "o'*' to get all pedigreed
Claycomb, who pulls a wicked at°ck, and this will bring his rev-
rigger w iih jii* sporting model ienu* from sa|o* up to a much
higher point. Two buildings are
used now to house the rabbits,
Battery *'B“ to
building having double deck­
;h*‘ beginning and
ed pens.
throughout the en
About four years ago, this Bell-
o i / h cnly '3 poi:
view resident while recuperating
from an attack of the flu, noticed
The complete sec
folding chair around the house
l’ ftutvh will be
did not have a back on it. He
-tatted experimenting to see if it
1 * “ — —— «
could not be made more comfort-
A* was predjejed exclusively in
•he Ashland Rqgi^trr some weeks
age, the enrollment o f Die Ashland
Rubric schooSs this year shows a
good increase over that o f a ye
ago. This statement is made up-
on the basis o f the env;-1;^ -t
on October-
1o f this year as
. ompared with the same date a
year ago. and in the grade schools
the enrollment shows an increase f U L I u L n L L U
o f fifty two while in the high l i i H l f W
r r tA S
school, the exact Tigur*-* were not M V ln r p Y I H i i f
announced but they ar»> know" «0 H i U l t L I I l l l l l
be greater than a year ago. This _
• __ .. .
O fficer Sara r » m <
despite the fact tha* several *nt-
pils were sent tp the Junior Hy*i
'** * “* . '
school this year. w*w>re !a«t v ■ r
'* * * ”
they w en provided fo r in the high
school building.
O fficer Sam Pr
The total enrollment outside o f
KTPslas S
♦the High s-hool fe r this v-ar
plU ,h* ir vigorom
O ctober First was 7I>0 while the ?K* r honesty and
number enrolled a year ago w ire
return * 18-®
738. The Washington school jn ' ald e;* hteen dolli
1926 had an enrollment o f 247. ViOUS,y he* n t* k*T
ot four more than th;s v«or fV . | 1 p,r!rter af the
figures fo r 1927 being 243. T h » ! r,ear A<,hland-
Lincoln school show« a gain o f
" r*
eight with an enrollment o f 290 trouble locally Sat
as com pan d to 282; The pTen*»*t j busines« district ai
increase is in the Junior H:gh
McNabL rar th
school, there being 738 enrolled They went ouis’de
last year as compared to 790 this ’ *8’ ar,d P®ople liv
| calitv <'»u if's'nrd
pill |P£ Df-Tf)
The school enrollment is gener- r^rtment. and th«
ally considered an index to the ed *** makp anoth
growth o f a community, and th e ' ‘'°n>ply "Y with th
showing made this year in the lo -. io pped at the El
cal schisil Syc*.-rn
hailed with d* - 1 ' ,on *° ''e‘ ' om“
light by business men. as it tends ° onp '"1 f he imi
to refute prediction that Ashland nP
e WOTt'rii
was not going ahead.
j 0
contends o f
A gricu ltural C «»liage ta
Jackson County Agricultural
C ollaga
Three Position» aro L ocated
M onday
thv* O pening
Three parties were located in '
positions on Monday of this week
when the chamber of commerce
started it« employment work. Th;s
is the first step in the program <
outlined by Secretary E. C. Harlan
for making the chamber a real ser­
vice ’ nst^ution in the community.
The chamber desires that aU
business hour*'! ord o’ hers ij|
Trying Days of Seventeen whom people are daily applying Figure* Compiled hv Pre­
for positions to refer such appli­
sident Churchill Show
Seventy are Recounted cants to the chamber office where
Expenditure $18,540
in Newspaper
every effort will he made to place
them in good positions. A great
BOYS W ERE KILLED deal of time is taken to talk with
persons applying for employment
Boston Newspaper Gives and the chamber stands ready to Faculty Turns Loose A p ­
Account of take this burden o ff the store­ proximately $5,000 Per
keepers hands.
Event Before W ar
Any one desiring help should,
A complete story of that inter­ call the chamber office and list 1
esting historical event, the Boston their positions or the work they
Massacre was told in the Boston wish done snd applicants best suit­
Gazette, winner .of the Register’s ed for the work will be sent out.
old newspaper contest and owned From eight to nine o’clock in the
by Mrs. Bertha Smith. This story morning? is the time set aside for
is reproduced exactly as it was employment service. At the pre­
printed in the winning paper, with sent time there are several par
the exception of the peculiar spell­ Mes wanting work.
school. While these figures will
ing of that day. The story is as
come as a surprise to many who
do not fully appreciate the value
of the Normal school to the city
On the evening of Monday, be- I tt/n S S j
of Ashland from a stnctly dol­
ing the Mil Current, several sol-j
lars and cents standpoint, never­
diers of the 29th regiment were
theless they are based upon an
seen parading the streets with . .
. • .
, .
Mr*. Dea I
actual expenditure for only tho
their drawn Cutlasses and bay-
. _ .
aral B o o k
»nets, abusing and wounding num­
The total figure was arrived tn
bers of the inhabitants.
this manner. The average amount
A few minutes after nine o’­
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Don Carlos.
clock. four youths, named Ed­ o f lawrence. Ksnsn* are guests of of money paid for board and* room
ward Archbald. William Merchant, j j r an(j ¡vjrs. ,j H. Monroe, at -per student is $81.0A per month.
Francis Archbald and John Leach Monrovia Ranch, having arrived It must be understod of course
Jr., came down Comhill together in Ashland from Bend. Saturday, that thore are some who pay less
and separating at Doctor Loring’s Mr. and Mr« Don Carlos are mak- than this amount and there are a
oorner. the two former were pass- ¡n(r a tour of the western states great many more, that find their
ing the narrow alley leading to on business for the Central Surety <>urd and room eaceada this fig­
Murray « barrack, in which was a Company of Kanras City, a cor- ure, consequently the
so'dic-r brandishing a broad sword p„ration with which MV Don Car-
of an uncommon size against the ]oa ha« been connected for many at $31.00. This in itself amounts
walla, out of which he struck fire yaara. On* of the directors of this to $10,230 per month, going into
plentifully. A p«r«or of a mean corporation is a well known west- the hands of many Ashland fami­
countenance armed with a large Prn man, r a . Long, of the Long- lies, which in turn is spent with
the grocers, the butcher, the cloth­
cudgel bore him company. Edward Bell Lumber Company.
ing stores and department stores,
Archbald admonished Mr. Mer-
. .
Mrs. Don Carlos is a nationally for in many cases this is the sole
chant to take care of the sword, on .
known woman. She is the author revenue o f some families.
* ' ,-h .he soldier turned around of
Then there are the school books.
aid struck Arebald on the arm. ar„ „ A
then pushed a. Merchant
and «Virginia’s Inheritance.” and . A Normal school student must
p reed through his doth-s inside book of f>jry tal„ _ Rhe is also s spend $28.00 per year for hooks
M e arm c ! om U» th* armpit
. many mAsrazme* or on an average of $7.00 per
y and poet#*M
o f » not*,
quarter this brings the revenue to
havfnjr publi*h#»d h*r verne. Dur-
Strikes S o l d i e r
ing the war. Mrs. Don Carlos wan Ashland, for every hook is bought
Merchant then sti < k the sol- director of Women in France, he- locally .up to $9240 per year or a
dier with a short stick he had and ing connected with the Y. M. C. | monthly average o f $700.00 of
I the other person ran to the h ar-iA. work overseas. She writes un-
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der the name of Cooke Don Car-
T h irty-F ive
are Named to For
Plans on T a a
R edaction
Professor I. E. Vining of Ash­
land was named as a member on
the state wide committee of thirty
five men. appointed by Speaker
o f House John H. Carkin of Med­
ford, to formulate plans whereby
property taxes may be reduced.
In eluded in the line of duty of
the committee o f 35 will be the
study o f the various plans for the
relief o f the tax burden on reai
property. Method« whereby the fi­
nancial requirements of Oregon
may be aaet by indirect taxation
will be considered. The group will
»be known as the property tax re­
lief commission.
The appointment o f the comrr s-
sion was under authority o f a re­
solution adopted by the
during the last legislation session.
The commission. Mr. Carkin said
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Tn Speak Friday
Mrs. Paul Breese of Los An­
gele* who has just recently re­
turned from a trip to Africa will
•peak ^t the Nazarene church Fri­
day night at 7:3*. Mrs. Breeae
while in Africa vim ted the Nazar­
ene church misino ns and has an in
tren d in g ------ ngr
QUEE” r n n o v r ,T ir ,ç
A coffin, a brace o f dueling
pistols, a spiritualist’s gazing cry­
stal. a perambulator, a bottle of
wine, a battery o f anti-aircraft
guns ard four captive balloons
were some o f the “ 'prop«*’
used in
filming “ Time to Love,1 Raymond
Griffith’s Paramount
comedy, which reaches the Vining
Theatre next Thursday and Fri­
Vera Voronina, new Rusvtan
screen discovery and William Pow­
ell, veteran villian. are featured.
Frank Tuttle directed Alfred Sav­
ior’s farce-comedy. It waa adopt­
ed for1 the screen by Pierre Col­
Announcement has also been
made by Manager Hurst o f Die
Vining. that the Dem ■-«* Tunney
fight pictures will be * shown In
Ashland on Friday and Saturday,
October 14, and 15.
Mis* Gertrude Carlton o f Ash­
land. who has been emnloyed as
bookeeper at the Ashland cream­
ery for the paat few months, will
begin her duties aL the home of-
fiee of the California Oregon Pow­
er Company in Medford, next
Wednesday. Miss Carlton formerly
worked at the Copco warehouse in
Medford.— Mail Tribune.
A baby daughter was born on
September 29. 1927, to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Fenaiston. at their
hem« ea B street.
Fortmillvr Returns
From Buying Trip
lately, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy and
daughter, Ruth, departed in their
car for Spokane, where they will
attend the funeral. Mr. Thomas
was the husband of Mrs. Hardy’s
sister, and his death was very sud-
den Mr and Mrs. Hardy will re­
in Spokane a few days af­
o f their order* for spring on this
ter the funeral and viait with
V. D. Miller, Mr. Kreasler, and
Mrs. Hardy’s aged father, who
Jack Jesvett, returned late last
One hundred and eight store
makes hi* home in Spokaae.
night from a week end bunting manager« attended this meeting,
trip which resulted In the bringing and according to Mr. Fortmiller,
in o f one &f the largest bocks (hot • general tone o f optimism re­
in the Klamath Falls region. Mr. carding business conditions on th*
Kreasler operate* the Log Cabin coast prevailed.
Poultry Farm on
Green |
— —
Spring* and the trip was started
The Miases Helen and Alice
from his pace and extended into Walton o f Jacksonville are spend-
the Hayden district. While the ing a few day* visiting Helen Bao-
huck was not weighed it
was disrh on Walker Avenue,
known to be considerably over
Mrs. Ghalor and family, whe
Otto H. Giene o f Oakland. Cali­
have been visiting her mother Mrs. two hundred pounds in weight.
fornia. is visiting at the home e f
E. M. Wilson of Medford for the
Mr*. E. M. Wilson of Medford W . A. Bihhy on Osk str
past few weeks, returned to their
her mother. Mr*. A. L. Har­
home at Klamath Falls one day
vey at 237 B street Saturday, re­
Charles L. McWilliams snd Mr.
last week.
turning home the same day.
and Mrs. J. E. Perk of El Contra,
California, were railed to Ashland
Roy DeMille and family, who
Mr. and Mr*. Lewis Marrh o f this week hy the illness o f their
have been living out on their
ranch near the over-head bridge, Prospect spent Sunday with Mr. father. F. G. Mr Williams, who Is a
for the past two yearn, have and Mrs. Lee Million at the Hardy patient at the Convalescent home.
■ ■ ■■■
moved into Ashland, to send their A part men ta en South
children to school.
*l w t -
Mr. and Mrs Hodkinaon of ML
Shasta City, former residents of
D istrict Sagt. Tn Speak
Rev. De Lanae Wallace, district
superintendent of the Nazarene
church will speak at the church
tonight at seven-thirty.
The Loyal Woman’s class of the
Christian church will lold a cook­
ed food sale at Hardy Brothers
grocery store, Saturday, October
8. All food to be sold must be
brought in by $ a. m.
Emmet Gil huge and O. A. Paul
Miss Mildred Barber left
day morning for a week’s
«"fb her brother, Marshal
Barber, and his wife, at C<
Grove. The latter aro propr
of the Gray Goose Cafe and
fectionery thero.
Mr. and Mr*. Francis Ca
have been visiting at the ho
Mra Call’, pareata, Mr. anr
E. F. Smith on Oak street f
pest three week’s returned tc
home in Washington .Sunday.
A. V. Hardy and Henry Enden this city, spent several days viait- eemd returned Ñenday
Mn. M. R Jones has rat
werv In Danach Falle Meadey ea mg with thew d a r t e r , Mrs. AJ- from a hunting trip hi the G rew
U this city after a few was
■■■*■» ■* MerrU, Deems*.