Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, May 20, 1927, Image 11

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Mrs. Walter P. Nye of Prospect
was a house guest of Miss Bernice
Combs last Friday night.
She re­
turned to Prospect Saturday eve.
Earl Newbry has returned home
from the community hospital in
Ashland where he recently under­
went an opperation for appendici­
tis. Friends are glad to know that
he is convalescent and getting along
as well as could be expected.
The Silver Chin fur farm, south
of Talent, shipped 100 pounds of
fur last week to the Elite Fur Co.
Mrs. Charles Grubbs of Klamath
Falls visited Saturday and Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Grubbs.
The late callers at the Silver Chin
fur farm were as follows Mr. and
Mrs. Wakins and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Davenhill, Mrs. Sherman and
the two Mrs. Flockers, Mr. Elison
and friend, Mr. English, Mr. Shaw,
Mr. Philips, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gutchis, all of
Ashland; Mr. Smith, Miss Brownrig,
Mr. and Mrs. Hill of Phoenix, Mr.
Basher, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs.
Penoya and son, Dr. Porter, Mr. and
Mrs. Scott and Robert Boyl of Med­
ford, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Close,
Mr. and Mrs. Callan, Mrs. Close and
son of Klamath Falls, Mr. and Mrs.
L. Newbry, Mr. Grubbs, Mr. Wilson,
Mr. Wedge, Mr. Dillon and Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Beck of Talent.
Mr. Ozro Witherow and little son,
Lyle o f Portland arrived last Satur­
day evening and is visiting this
week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J .H. Witherow and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lowe and
Harland were dinner guests at the
A. C. Watermon home last Sunday
Miss Margaret Higgins spent the
day last Saturday vising friends at
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lowe, Miss
Ruth Genoway, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Hart anrf Misses Alta Hart and Ruth
Maharry attended the Southern
Oregon Mutual Rabbit Breeders ban­
quet at the Franklin cafe in Medford
last Tuesday evening.
Callers at the Sun Gold rabbitry
the past week were as follows: Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Walker, E. Ben­
nett, C. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. Fa­
der, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Althouse,
Mr. and Mrs. O. Waddell, T. B. Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Clark, J. Bash-
or, R. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Theichler, all of Med
ford; Mr. and Mrs. Dunnette, Mr.
and Mrs. J. Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
Lane, Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Woods,
all of Ashland; Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Steel
all of Phoenix; Mrs. W. Force, Mrs.
S. Force, W. V. Bates, Mrs. Hermis-
ton and Mrs. Bowman, all of Cen­
tral Point; Mr. and Mrs. Valentine
of Roseburg; Mr. and Mrs Hauk of
Eagle Point; Harold and Ed Milner
of Klamath Falls; E. Knight of Eu­
gene and J. Miller of Propost, Or.
The Silver Chin fur farm of Ta­
lent took an invoice of their rabbits
May 15. There were 784 rabbits—
260 French silver, 384 chinchillas,
125 New Zealands and 15 lues, all
very fine pedigreed stock, one of the
finest lots o f rabbits to be seen in
the valley.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Evans enter­
tained the senior class and high
school teachers at dinner at their
home last Monday evening. Covers
were laid for 14 and all enjoyed a
pleasant social evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Keesee of
Klamath Falls visited Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Keesee.
— Deering McCormick mowers and
rakes at Peil’s Corner, Ashland 3t
Miss Lucile Holdridge entertain­
ed the cast of the senior play last
Wednesday evening at a theatre
party at the Craterian in Medford.
Mrs. Emma Gettling and Mrs.
Martha Knight and two children of
Boise, Idaho, arrived last Saturday
night for a week’s visit with Mr.
Ed Gettling and Mr. Ernest Gettling
and their families.
Mrs. Claude Williams was in Med­
ford Tuesday visiting with Mrs. J.
P. Thomason.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bowman of
Klamath Falls were in Talent last
The 8th annual commencement of
the Talent high school was held
Thurrday evening
May 17.
program was as follows: march, by;
man, salutatory, Verne Spiers. Ad-
dress, ‘ Purpose the Backbone of
Character,” Rev T. H. Temple, vo­
cal duet, Ada Hackler and Ruth
Hacker, valedictory, Anna Evans,
vocal solo, Dorothy Batfehman, pres­
entation of diplomas, Earl Jones,
chairman of the school board. The
graduates are Margaret Higgins,
Verne Spiers, Lewis Hill, Glenn
Bond, Joe Spitzer, Anna Evans,
Donald Fryer, Harry Oatman, Cleta
Honeyman and Howard Combs.
Class motto: “ Impossible is unAm-
Mr. and Mrs. James Sowell of
Medford and daughter Ethel Sowell
of Grants Pass and S. D. Clark of
Medford were Sunday callers at the
C. W. Long home.
Baseball game Sunday between
married men and single men was won
by the single men.
Mrs. O. W. Long and Floyd were
in Ashland on business Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Long and
daughters Lovella and Iris and Opal
Demmar were Ashland visitors Sat­
Miss Ruth Genoway was a din­
ner guest at the home of Mrs. L. S.
Hackler last Sunday. In the after­
noon they motored to the summit of
the Siskiyous.
Mrs. M. E. Booth, who has been
spending the winter with her daugh­
ter, Mrs. C. WT. Long left for tSaw-
telle, Cal., last Saturday where she
will make an extended visit with
another daughter, Mrs. S. M. Waite.
— Harness and all parts for dres­
sing up your horse at Peil’s Cor­
ner, Ashland.
Miss Mella Brandon of Coquille,
who is a student at the Ashland nor­
mal was a week-end guest of Miss
Ruth Bowman. Miss Bowman gave a
picnic in honor of her guest Satur­
day to six of her girl friends.
Mrs. A. H. Ward and Ray expect
to leave soon for Aberdeen, W'ash.,
where they will spend the summer
among old friends.
This Friday is Jackson county day
at Ashland when graduation exercise
will be held for all those passing the
8th grade examinations.
Glenn and Wayne Hill will be
in charge of a branch grocery store
at Yreka, owned by Hill Grocery
company of Ashland.
The store
opened this week.
Miss Moffatt, county health nurse
of Medford, was in Talent calling on
members of the health committee
The Southern Oregon Mutual Rab­
bit Breeders will have a picnic at the
White Star on the Green Spring
mountain next Sunday.
welcome. Bring a picnic lunch and
be at the Sun Gold rabbitry at Tal­
ent, two blocks west of depot at
8:30 Sunday morning.
Rev. Vimont preached the bacca­
laureate sermon to the graduating
class last Sunday evening at the M.
E. church,' His subject was “ Pre­
Wm. Spitzer left for Seattle Mon­
day evening.
Jonah and Abe Barrett left by
motor for Klamath Falls Tuesday
(Received too late for last week’s
publication of The American)
James Spiers, Sr., entertained the
baseball team at his home Tuesday
evening afteh the game with Gold
Hill. Our boys won by a score of
10 to 8. Talent is very proud of
her high school team. Mr. Spiers’
treated the boys to ice cream and
Mrs. Charles Estes entertained a
few friends last Saturday evening.
Music was enjoyed by those present.
Mr. Durkee of the Suncrest, broke
his leg and was seriously injured
last Monday when his team ran away
in the orchard and he was thrown
against a spray rig. He was taken
to the community hospital in Med­
Wm. Brown of Portland was a
Talent visitor Monday to attend to
shipping his household goods to a
point in notrhem Idaho .
P. J. Myers left Monday evening
for San Francisco, where he will at­
tend •’Taduating exercises.
daughter graduates in class ’27.
Ellis Beeson left Saturday for
Los Angeles where he has a iob.
J. Honey left by motor the first
of the week for Ran* Francisco.
Mrs. Tom Lamb u quite ill with
V*-s. H. W. Keesees mother, Mrs.
Condey underwent a very , serious
operation at the community hospital
___ ^ morning.
n Medford last Tuesday
She is reported as making satisfac-
Ruth Bowman. invoc*^nn; R' £
MiaronSj»orter of Klamath Fall
Vimont, vaaal *•!«. Dorothy Baugh* i ,p6nt RatnHay »ml Sunday with hvr
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Mrs. George Sands was a dinner
guest of Dr. Mattie Shaw in Ashland
Saturday evening. Mrs. Sands left
Monday evening for Rifle, Colorado,
to join Dr. Sands who has established
a practice. Mrs. Sands will stop over
in San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Miller and
family of Yoncalla motored down
Saturday and visited friends.
Miller will be principal of the Talent
schools next year and is seeking a
Prin. E. E. Evans was in Ashland
Saturday and attended the school­
masters club at the normal.
Mr. and Mrs. Claire Graham have
moved into Earl Witherows house
on Main street.
Miss Ada Hackler has accepted
a temporary position as stenagra-
pher with the Ashland chamber of
Mr. and rM3. Ross of Ashland
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Jay Terrill.
Earl T. Newbry underwent an
operation for appendicitis at the
community hospital in Ashland last
Saturday night. Friends hope for his
speedy recovery.
The Junior class gave a picnic in
honor of the Seniors last Wednes­
day. The qoung people and their
chaperone. Prin E. E. Evans, mo­
tored to Grants Pass, where sports
and a fine picnic lunch were enjoy­
ed in the park.
Mrs. A. C. Waterman received the
sad news Sunday of the death of her
brother, Robert Wilcox, who died
suddenly at his home in Stockton,
Calif., last Saturday of heart fail­
ure. “ Bob” as he is known to Tal­
ent friends spent the greater part
of his life in Talent. He leaves a
wife in Stockton, Calf., a brother
Frank Wilcox of Sacramento, and
two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Dunlap of
Derby and Mrs. A. C. Waterman of
Talent. Burial took plaec Monday
afternoon at Stockton, Cal.
leaves a host of friends to mourn
his death.
At the last meeting of the South­
ern Oregon Mutual Rabbit Breed­
ers association held at the communi­
ty hall rooms in Talent it was de­
cided to have a picnic the 22nd of
May. A fcoard of directors was
elected consisting of five members,
follows: T. B. Orr, M. J. Swing, R.
M. Kent of Medford and Harry H.
Lowe and Wm. Hart of Talent. The
directors met at the home of R. M.
Kent in Medford last Tuesday even­
---------------- * ----------------
Ashland last Tuesday evening were
Mrs. Harry Roe, Mrs. William Glen,
Mrs. W’ . A. Scratton, Miss Jean Strat
ton, Mr. and> Mrs. D. H. Jackson
and Mr. and Mrs. James Lennok
Merle DeFord and "Bump” Frank­
lin went to the summit of Mt. Ash­
land Sunday. They went up on
horseback and the snow was so ha-d
and packed that they rode right up
to the crater.
They reported that
there are at least fifteen feet of
snow yet at the summit.
----------------------- :-------- —
“ After much experimenting, elec­
trical engineers finally applied an
compressor which would direct a
blast of s&nd upon a continuous pro­
cession of eggs, moving in stately
procession on an automatic convey­
or. This blast of sand removes all
extraneous substances immediately
and imparts a fine, even finish to
the most untidw egg.”
We carry a full line of
ROLLED B ARLEY for rabbit and cow feed*.
GARDEN SEEDS o f all kind.
W e deliver to any part o f the city
Herbert’s Grocery
Phone 59.
19 East Main
V 1 N 1 N Ca
* Theater
Saturday, May 21
“ Arizona Bound” has a new star in the person of Gary Cooper
It is a WESTERN!
Sunday, May 22
R. G. Fowler, county club lead­
er, met with the boys at J. R. Mc­
Cracken’s ranch last Saturday after­
noon to organize the Ashland-Valley
View calf club.
Mr. McCracken is the local boys
club leader as he has been for the
past two years. John Billings of Ash­
land was elected president of the
club, Keith Lennox, vice president,
and Harold Fish of Phoeniy, secre­
— Get your mower repairs early
and avoid the rush and provocation
when in the field and your mower
breaks down. All kinds of repairs
for most any mower kept at Peil’s
Corner, Ashland.
Milton Nichols left for Astoria,
Inst Saturday morning, where he has
gone as a delegate from, the Odd
Fellows lodge of Ashland to attend
the convention being held at the
mouth of the Columbia river.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Treshams
and family of Sams Valley spent last
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Carter and
family of Ashland. Mr. and Mrs. R.
M. Jones and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs.
James Lennox and Keith made a trip
to Yreka last Sunday and enjoyed
a very pleasant day. Although it was
quite warm on the return trip.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Arnold, Mrs.
Alebrt Arnold, Mrs. D. H. Jackson
and Mrs. N. E. Bond were luncheon
guests o f Mrs Ralph Billing at noon
last Tuesday.
The friends of M. F. “ Grandpa”
Craig will be glad to know that he
is up and around about as usual.
The Queen Esther girls of the
Methodist church of Ashland were
'■ntertained by Mrs. J. R. McCrack­
en at her home on Meyer creek last
Monday evening. The girls arrived
it four o’clock and spent the first
oart of the evening playing base­
ball and other games. After a picnic
'unch, the regular business meeting
vas held and the election of officers
for the ensuing year. They left for
‘ heir homes in Ashland about 8.
Those present were Dorothy Yeo,
Madalyn Stevens, Rosetta McGee,
Helen Pemberton, Helen Hartley,
Mildred Moss, Frances Gallatin,
Sarah Feigh, Marie Hoon, Ruth
Green, Bernice Carter, Alice Pratt,
'’ mma Cook, Aileen Inlow, Nadine
■iwer.ning, Ruth Parsons and their
'iadcr, Miss Eva Whit*.
Those from Valley View who at*
»riled th* Eastern Ntar meeting In ;
Raymond Griffith, that prince of a good fellow in “ Wedding Bells’
A good laugh always does good so see this
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 23, 24, 25
ItjJ M
A picture you have read volumes aout. It is "IT ” by Elinor Glyn
and starring Clara Bow. Miss Bow is red headed. A love story
Thursday and Friday, May, 26 27
Thomas Meighan in “ BLIND ALLEYS” . A story different from any
you have yet witnessed, Love und life are tuned to the hetcic tempo.
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