Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, May 13, 1927, Image 9

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    The Leading Lady
Fermentation, Bloating, IVerron*.
W h ile despondent over the en­
forced hiding o f her fiance, Jim
Dallas, slayer in self-defense of
Homer Parkinson, member o f an
influential family, Sybil Saunders,
popular actress, is engaged to
play Viola in a charity perform ­
ance o f ‘T w e lf t h Night" on Gull
Island, on the Maine coast. A fte r
the play, which is a big hit, W a l ­
ly Shine, official photographer,
learns something of the jealousy
existing in the company.
C H A P T E R I— Continued
The photographer shouldered his
camera and went toward the house.
He skirted the side balcony, the wide
fliyig doors giving a glimpse of un en­
trance hall, and turning the corner
emerged upon the land front of the
long capacious building.
showed across the channel in u clus­
tering of gray roofs from which smoke
skeins rose straight Into the suave
rose-washed sky. The water rushed
between, a swollen tide, threads of
white dimpled eddies, telling of Its
racing speed.
The door on this side of the house
opened directly Into the living room.
No hall within or porch without inter­
fered with the v ie w ; the path ended
unceremoniously at the foot of two
broad steps that led tq the threshold.
On the lower of these steps Shine
found a lady sitting smoking a ciga­
rette. This was the Maria of the cast,
Mrs. Cornell In private life. Shine had
found her as easy as himself, good
humoredly loquacious und not Involved
In the prevailing discord. An admir­
able person to clear up mysteries. He
sank down beside her on the step and
took the cigarette box she Hipped
toward him.
“ Wouldn’t you think,’’ she said, "a
man as rich as this Driscoll would tlx
up round here better?"
Shine, who had artistic responses,
had long learned not to Intrude them
on the uninitiated.
“ I guess he liked it wild," he sug­
gested, and lit a cigarette.
Shine had been in the grove of pines,
a growth of stunted trees filling in a
hollow. He had followed the path
through it, up the slope to the summer
house and beyond to where the bluff
dropped away la a sheer cliff to the
channel. They called the place "The
Point" ns it projected beyond the
6horb line In a rocky outthrust shoul­
der, gulls circling ubout it, water
seething below. He looked there uow,
let his glance slip along the curve of
headlands till It reached the two girls,
perched on u boulder like a pair of
bright-plumaged birds. He was think­
ing how to approach the matter In his
mind, when Mrs. Cornell went on:
"I don't see what anyone wanted to
build a house here for—cut off this
way. It’s too lonesome. With the tide
at the full as It Is now you can’t get
ashore without a motor boat. You
know that current's something fierce."
He looked down at it, fts rushing
corded surface purple dark:
“ Looks to be some current."
“ It would carry you out and ‘Good
night’ to you. Gabriel who runs the
launch told me. Set’s right out to sea
someway. And the rise and fall to It
—I couldn’t tell you #how many feet It
Is, but you’ll see for yourself tonight
If you're awake— all the channel bare,
nothing but rocks and mini. And
across the middle o f it to Hayworth,
a causeway. That’s the only way you
can get ashore at low tide. High or
low you're pretty Well marooned. It's
seclusion, all right, If thut's what
you're ufter.”
Shine was after Information nnd
with the talk running on tides and
causeways he snw no chance o f get­
ting it. So he tried to divert the gar­
rulous la d y:
“ That's Miss Saunders and Miss
Tracy out there looking at the sun­
se t’’
Mrs. Cornell answered with em­
phasis :
“ Yes, they’re friends."
“ Aren’t you all?”
“ Some of us knew each other before
we came here," was her cryptic reply.
Then she added pensively:
“ Six
months ago you'd never have found
Sybil Saunders looking at a sunset.
She was the brightest thing!"
“A w fu l
misfortune that what hap­
pened to her.”
She gave a derisive sound at the In­
adequacy of the w o r d :
"H a h — a w f u l! Took the heart right
out o f her. I f you ever saw a girl
In love It w as she— bound up In him.
Everything ready, the wedding day
set, the trousseau made." T ears rose
In her eyes and she dove Into her
tight-fltting bodice for a handkerchief.
"N e v e r to be worn, Mr. Shine— that's
Shine gave forth sympathetic mur­
mura and Mrs. Cornell, dabbing at her
•yea. furnished data between the dabs:
"T w o men drinking too much and
WHu Sí'.Tie«
(Copyrifht by The B obbe-M errlll C o.)
then a fight, and before anybody knew,
murder. I f there hadn't been a brass
candlestick near Jim Dallas' hand it
would never have happened. Honest
to God, Mr. Shine, there was nothing
evil in that young man. But the Park­
inson family are camped ou ids trail.
The evil’s In them, if you ask me, with
their rewards and detectives.”
" I wonder if she knows where he is."
“ 1 guess there's more than one won­
dering that,” the lady murmured.
Shine looked at the page's figure on
the rock.
She carried the thing
stamped on her face. He had noticed
It particularly where he bad taken the
photogruphs of her in the living room.
Once or twice the mask had been
dropped and he had seen the droop­
ing lines, the weariness, and some­
thing like fear on the delicate fea­
For a space they smoked In silence.
Bound the corner of the house the tall
figure of Stokes strolled into view. At
the sight of them he nodded, walked
down to the wharf and dropped on h
Shine lowered his voice:
“ What’s the matter with him?”
Mrs. Cornell met Ills eyes; her own
were narrowed and sharp.
“ What makes you think anything
“ Ills wbole makeup—something’s
wearing on him.”
She blew out a long shoot of smoke
and, watching It, murmured:
“ Y’ es, It’s out on him like a rash.
He’s crazy about Sybil, if you want to
know what’s the matter with him.”
“ Oh !’’ It came with an understand­
ing inflection, the haggard glances ris­
ing on Shine’s memory.
“ Can’t hide It, doesn’t want to hide
It. There’s no shame in him, trackl v '
after the girl. And it’s not as if he
got any encouragement.
She can’t
hear him; that’s why she has Anne
Trucy out there, afraid if she sits
alone five minutes he’ll come loping
up. You’d think If he didn’t have any
pride he’d have some feeling for his
wife. She’s half crazy with jealousy,
burning up with it. These purple pas­
sions are all right In books, Mr. Shine,
hut believe me they’re uot comfort­
able to live with.”
“ I felt it.”
“ I guess you would, It’s In the air.
All of us cooped up in this place where
you can’t get off. Sybil and Joe Tracy
ready to light ut the drop of the hat
and Flora going round in circles und
Stokes like one of those fireworks that
sturts sputtering und you don’t know
whether they’re going to explode or
die on you. I tell you I’ll be glad
when we get out of here tomorrow
There was a footfall In the room
behind them und Mrs. Cornell turned
to see who was coming.
“ Oil, Flora,” , she said. “ Come out
and take a look ut the sunset. It’s
something grand.”
The woman stepped out and stood
beside them. She had changed her
costume and her narrow blue linen
dtess outlined her too slender figure.
Shine thought site would have been
pretty if she had not looked so worn
and thin. He noticed the brightness
of her dark eyes, brilliant und quick
moving as a bird s. There wfts red on
her cheekbones, a flushed patch that
was not rouge. Mrs. Cornell’s expres­
sion recurred to him, “ burning up’’—
the meager body, the hot high color,
the dry lips resolutely smiling, sug­
gested Inner fires.
‘Yes,” she answered, “ it’s a wonder­
ful evening.”
Take a cig.” Mrs. Cornell offered
the box.
Sit down, there’s plenty o f room. ’
Shine moved up.
“ No, I can’t sit down. There’s some­
thing about the air that makes you
restless— too stimulating, maybe." She
raised her-voice and called to her hus­
band, “ Aleck, aren’t you coming in to
change your clothes?"
Without moving, the man called
“ Not yet. There’s no hurry.”
She turned to Shine with a lltle con­
doning air of wifely tolerance:
"Mr. Stokes has been shut up so
long in town he can t get enough of
the fresh air.”
"H e ’s
the scenery,
Shine answered, and saw her eyes
travel to the two figures on the rock.
"Oh, that of course— that’s the best
part of It.” Then In a tone o f bright
“ Why, look where Anne
and Sybil are l H ave tney been there
• Ever since I’ve been here.”
Cornell’s voice was more than sooth
ing bluffly reassuring as the voice of
one who tells a child there Is no ghost.
" * n d ever since Mr. Shine got througn
the plcturesl W allow ing In the beau
ties of nature like the rest of us."
“W on’t you wallow, too?”
Engineer Cressy
Praises Taniac
C u rre
indicated the long uuoccupiod space on
the step.
She shook her head:
“I like moving about. Something In
this pluce gets ou my nerves, it’s like
being In a jail.” Ou u deep breath
she shot out, “I hate It,” and stepped
buck into the room.
“Going?” Mrs. Cornell veered round
to follow her retreating figure.
I eujoy the scenery better
when it hasn’t got people lu it.”
They looked at each o th er; a still
minute of eye communication.
“She’s u>i worked up,’’ he mur­
H er answer w as to point to the two
g ii’s and then to Stokes:
"N ow she'll keep her eye on them
from somewhere else— probably the
side piazza. T h at’s the way you ure
when you're Jealous— the sight of It
kills you und you can't stop wutch-
“L o r d !” whispered Shine into whose
life no such gnuwing passions had en­
tered. And he thought of the girl In
the page's dress who was ufruld to sit
ulone, and the man on the w h arf
brooding within sight of her, and the
woman who w as hovering round them
like a helpless distracted bird.
A fter Mrs. Ti*ofus had kissed her
asked for five dollars, which he as
promptly refused.
“ P lg l I lavish those nffectlons upon
you. I kiss you, and yet you refuse
me those five dollars.”
“H ere are those five dollars,” re­
sponded the Fort Mink philosopher
and guide. "N o w I can’t afford any
more kisses Just at present."
The three men left on the w h arf
went up the path to the doorway
where Shine and Mrs. Cornell had re­
sumed their seats. ¡Shine w as struck
hy their difference of type— If you
went the world over you couldn’t find
three more varied specimens.
only one he liked was Bassett, some­
thing square and solid about him and
a good straight look In his eyes. And
he’d a lot of authority— the w ay he
managed this wild-eyed hunch showed
<TO BE C O N T IN U E D .)
The striking bit of “B ig Ben," Lon
don't most famous clock, weigh* I3Vfc
Health IteltomL Cain* 26 Pound*
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much good that I ,
has-e bepn boosting!
itwhejievcrl could, 1
says B. Creasy, WoQ
Ellis St., San Fran­
cisco, a well-known
electrical engineer.
"Stomach trouble
wae the seat of my
trouble. \V hate ver 1
ate did not digest.
11 would lie in the pi t
of mv stomach and ferment, cause gaa
that bloated my stomach and pained me.
Often this trouble was so bad I could
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ous and at night I never slept soundly.
“Then a lady advised me to take
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Being a
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gestive tra ct w o rk in g n o rm a lly.
The launch wns on Its way hack for1
those of the actors who were leaving.
Gabriel, squutting by the engine, cal­
culated the distribution of his time.
After he’d taken them across he'd
have his supper and then go hack for
Joe Tracy, who was leaving on the
seven-fifteen for his vacation. When
Joe was disposed of, Gabriel was to
meet two Boston spores who had en­
gaged him for a week’s deep-sea fish­
ing at White beach, twenty-five miles
down the coast. It was a strenuous
Pr'„ ia m for the old mAn and he grum­
bled to himself about It, the grumbling
gaining zest by anticipations that some
of them would he lute. By the time
he drew near the Island he had grum­
bled himself Into a state of iruscible
defiance against anyone who would
dare upset his plans.
To warn them of his coming he
sounded the whistle and its shrill toot
acted like a magic summons. A group
of men, hearing suitcases and hags,
emerged from the entrance and run
down the pnth, Bassett following.
Gabriel quieted down— they were nil
ready and waiting—'and then saw Joe
Tracy come round the corner o f the
hou^e in his Sebastian dress. The old
man muttered profanely— why wasn’t
the d—d cub getting ready? And ns
the boat made its landing, he culled
out :
“ Say, you’d better be gettili’ them
togs off. I ’ll be back here for you at
a quarter to seven.”
The boy, leapiiy: lightly from rock
to rock, grinned without answering.
The picturesque dress suited him, he
looked almost handsome, and with the
feathered cap on his golden wig set
rakishly aslant, he moved downwnrJ
with a taunting debonair swagger.
Gabriel didn’t like blm, anyway, und
now his Impudent fact*, framed by the
drooping blond curls, looked to the
launch man malignantly spiteful.
But Gabriel wasn't going to go till
he’d made things clear. He appeuled
to Bassett, whom he had privately
sized up as the only one of the outfit
who was like the rational human males
of his experience.
Besides he had
seen that Joe Trucy respected, If not
feured, the director:
" I ’ll be back here at quarter to
seven for the Tracy boy, und I’m tellln'
him he's got to be ready. I can’t
waste no time settln’ round wuitln’
and if he's not here on the dot— ’’
“ That’s all right,” Bassett put a
comforting hand ou his shoulder and
turned to Joe. “ Y’ ou heard that, Joe?”
The boy answered with his sneering
“ What’s got the old geezer? Does
he think I ’m as deaf as he Is?”
Gabriel’s weather-beaten visage red­
dened. He was not In the habit of
being railed an “ old geezer” and he
was not deaf. But the actors, all In
the boat, were clamoring to start.
They had a train to make— get In, an­
cient servitor, and turn on the cur­
rent. In a chorus of farewells the
boat chugged off.
ness anti Constipation Bettered.
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6. C. GREEN, In s . W OODBURY, N. J .
W lfle— H ere
clothes all duy I I'm weary of Iron­
ing !
Hubby— Sort of ironing boned I
Now Play* a Harp
s ix t y
Kllf All Flies I ^lilSKAHK
any „
--- * ----wkor..
DAISY FLY KILLER attract. in i
kills all flic«,
*. Naat. cl—an. ornamental, oenraniant
sot and
ct'BAr. Laste allst a-
Bon. Maria o f metal,
•an t «p ill or tip overt
will wot soil or injur#
•nytfaisflr. Guaranteed.
Insist upon
from y o u r den'e**,
N • Y«
m ile s
Drove Tommie Sharp;
There came a train—
He plays a harp.
Undertook Mr. Jone*
Jim and Andy were discussing the
dcitlh of a friend.
Jim said— Andy, who gwlne to bury
Mr. Jones?
Andy replied— I don't know who
gwlne bury him, but Mr. Smith under­
took hi in.
(Air. Smith w as the undertaker).—
The Outlook.
Another Broken Heart
Motorist— I’m sorry I run over your
hen. W ould a dollar make it right?
Fnrm er— W aal, better make It two.
I have a rooster that was mighty fond
o f that hen, and the shock might kHl
him, too.
Swimming in It
Pnrson— Did poverty drive you to
your criminal ways?
Prisoner— Not at all. I w as simply
coining money.— Sydney Bulletin.
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•r o t h e r Irritation.
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U beet.
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For S O R E
Liner Ha* Nine Deck*
Couftructed o f u special steel, which
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It has ulna
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T>r. P e « r y ’ * " D t t d Shot** not o n ly e r p e lt
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A ll Set
"W h en are we to have our d a n c e r’
“Oh, In about another hour.”
“I ’ll be gone hy then.”
"TYiat won’t matter. So shall I."—
Sydney Bulletin.
Throw That One Out
B ill— Every time 1 look ut you I
have thoughts of revenge.
Mae— Oh, why?
Bill— Revenge Is sweet, you know.
la w h a t one
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At mtl D ru
She— Do you have many scraps with
your wife?
He— Almost every night at supper
— whatever Is left »v er from dinner
you know.
Oh, M y Cherrie*
Robin Redbreast said to me
"May I build a nest In yOur apple tree?"
“Bure,” eald 1 and 1 heaved a sigh—
“But atay away from tha Cherry Tree.”
Tempeat Brewing
Mr. Stinger— Jane, 1 aru going to
take that car out in tbo yard and fix
It, or bust It
Mrs. Stinger— Why, John. Just think
of th « neighbor*— and you baptized
only last Sunday morning.
Paging Mr. Lincoln
**Tnu’re fired 1" stormed the hard
boiled boaa.
H ow you ta lk !" aneered
the stenog. “ I supposed they sold
slaves."— American Legion Monthly.
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IrUere from grateful (oWbera.
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C A I » ?) U L F. f i
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