Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, May 13, 1927, Image 8

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When th e verdict is reached, if FACTS REGARDING BUILDING
one is reached, there is no doubt OF DAM IN ASHLAND CANYON
I hut what every read er in the state
T here ia considerable talk concern­
will know it.
Even The American
will print the verdict as a news item ing the building of the dam in Ash­
land Canyon, to supply an abund­
of much im portance.
ance of w ater for all tim e and for
----------------- * -----------------
all occossions to the city of Ashland.
Much of the street talk is made
There is no doubt but what the re ­ by sincere people who get th eir
tail business of Ashland and all ac­ ideas from hearsay, and much of the
tivities could be bettered if given inform ation is not correct. Figures
godo publicity. In declaring this we and facts are often enlarged in the
are not now soliciting advertising or process of passing from m outh to
speaking from a selfish motive. It mouth.
Jacksonville Cop* All Glory for is the opinion of hundreds of Am­
With the best of motives we have
erican readers. It is here referred to, w ritten ju s t a few of the facts and
Publicity From T rial; M edford
and we will try to explain our ideas, the reasons we think the dam should
with a view of helping all Ashland be built. Please read and consider.
I* F orgotten.
The A m erican is read by the ru ral
The c h a rter am endment voted at
route home3 and by niney percent of the last Nove nher election covered
It has been said by many readers the people of T alent, as well as by the WHOLE of the WATER SYS­
th at some papers devote too much hundreds in Ashland. In striving to TEM or PROPOSED IM PROVE­
space to m urders, hold-ups, trials please o u r ru ral readers, we w ant MENT. it covered the canyon dam,
and tragic stories.
The way the to boost fo r Ashland. We have in the Crowson Hill reservoir, the new
people of Oregon are reading the every issue boosted of our city, our and larg er pipes.
This work all
many colum ns of type devoted to clim ate, our park and all our ad ­ planned as a whole system, and the
the D eA utrem ont trial would seem vantages, we have repeatedly begged Crowson Hill project is of little real
to prove th at the reading public ac­ our read ers to trad e at home. We worth w ithout the dam, as the reser­
tually approved instead of condem ­ have heralded to nearly every state voir will hold pratcically a one days
good propoganda concerning Ash­ storage of w ater. The dam is need­
ned this brand of news.
The fights to get into the court land. All this with so little advertis­ ed as bad now as before the Crow­
rooms at Jacksonville and the stru g ­ ing th a t hundreds of people have son Hill project as they are of the
gles to get a glimpse of the prison­ spoken to us, and w ritten us letters, same unit, the one supplying the
e r would tend to show quite an asking if Ashland was ns good as other. It is necessary to complete
w ondering where the whole project to receive the
eagerness, a t least, on the p art of we claim, and
to do their benefit from a part of it— hence the
the public to see, hear and feel all
entire work should be completed as
of the tragedy th eir system will a b ­ trading.
The weekly paper has accomplish­ planned and as voted on in Novem­
sorb. In fa ct none seem to realize
w hat it is all about. The big show, ed some things and hopes fo r more. ber.
C onstant advertising is making
The building of the canyon dam
the g reat attractio n , a m urderer ac­
tually on display.
Does the public Medford. We see our trade territo ry will give us more power for our
see the vital question, the g reat sin, going « there in answ er to constant electric plant, and will save us many
the justice th at i" try in g to take an invitations and attractions. A little thousands of dollars each year in
eye for an eye? No, the public sees six inch ad one week and then stop electric bills.
The dam will act as a settling
only the novelty of the whole affa ir. for a few weeks is not a test of
W hat a place for high school flap­ advertising. Here is a city of 6000 tank and give us b etter w ater.
pers who play hookey to a tten d the people not doing near the advertis­ The proposed dam will give us fire
popular m urder trial. W hat a chnnce ing of cities of 2000. Not a weekly protection against all dangers and
for the ladies to display their court in Oregon carries less advertising should reduce the high fire insur­
gowns; whut an opportunity fo r a than your home paper th at is con­ ance rates. One big fire might cost
»lay’s loafing place for the man of stantly boosting you. This adjacent as much as the dam. The dam will
trade is worth much to Ashland and allow us an unlimited am ount of
little business affairs.
The big Jacksonville show is on, Ashland should have it. We deserve w ater fo r flowers, lawns and the
has been on for two weeks nnd look it. We outsell Medford when it beautification of our city th at every
at the free advertising the little comes to prices and have less over­ home ow ner takes so much pride in.
berg realized. Then M»*dfor»l, the head expense here— but we don’t
The p roject is covered by bond
big neighborly, sister city, got in tell th «read rs about it in ads. One issue; bonds to be retired and in ter­
big on the publicity part.. IIow the ca n ’t pick jp a paper from nny est paid from w ater funds.
Medford publicity peddlers rejoiced worth whi'e town w ithout seeing a
W ater rates have been established
But no and are now in effec t and will be
to see a Medforil date lin»> before a lodge d irie tc -y therein.
lodges h re, ap m re n tly . It is little the same w hether the dam is built or
daily trial report.
The prosecution was first at the wonder th at peiple buy elsewhere not, consequently it will not lower
bat and scored several points of in­ while no m erchandise is spoken of the w ater rates now to put o ff the
terest to the spectators. They dis­ from many lines. It is publicity these building of the dam.
The present
Publicity new rates w ere set with the whole
played overalls, frying pans, cigar­ days th at builds cities.
ette butts, oil cans, etc, etc., in their and co-operation will also help us Project in view, p art of which is
attem p t to prove th at there was evi­ all from a civic and town building now under way. The dam has n oth­
standpoint. By a united effo rt Ash­ ing to do with taxes and taxes will
dence to convict the one charged.
The spectators sit with popped land might land a sawmill or two, not be raised on account of any
out eyes nnd open m ouths straining a pickle packing plant, a factory, a w ater works in Ashland. The flat
th eir necks to get a good look at mine, a bottling plant, a sanitorium ra te today in Ashland is not as high
those overalls, pans and oil cans. We need them — they need Ashland. as it is in M edford. We easily fo r­
Th«’y were really overalls, pans and
By united e ffo rt we could make get this one point.
oil enns and perhaps were the first good use of our Chautauqua tab er­
The dam will also save the re ­
ever seen by the anxious crowd. nacle.
We can get m ore from our new ing of th ree -q u arte rs of a mile
Then the new suit of clothes worn park and more from the adjacent of new pipe- line to the power plant.
on the occassion by the condemnetl. fruit and chicken industries.
Ashland w a te r is the biggest asset
H»>w they described those suits. They cham ber of commerce membership we have. And the failure to supply
rcully were fashionable suits and drive might help— if all would come it and to build this dam ' now would
he wore them ju st like a m an. Pants, in and talk more real business. A make, the city the loser in many ways
vest and coat. A real suit of clothe», good eat is splendid, but a hundred Ashland cannot affo rd to postpone
button holes and all!
men can’t eat and solve any ques­ the building of the dam now. It is
The women were so thick on one tion in an hour’s time. There is a a necessity. P lenty of w ater for all
day that Mrs. X in her strained posi­ splendid opportunity here for some purposes in wet or dry seasons,
tion, sitting nex' to Mrs. Y. in her substantial work.
It takes time, plenty of wa'.er for all fire protec­
stretched position, actually painted money and leadership, but w e ll' tion, pur. v. n te r we can well affo rd
the n»>se of Mrs. Y instead of her worth it. The first act of the ac­ to ndvertise to the world. A beauti­
complishing of all this is t j cease ful city will resu lt, a healthy city, a
And then w hat fun the audience -peaking of our city in a pessimis­ safe city.
had in wntching the expressions of tic m anner, talk b e tte r times, adver­
No tax increase nnd w ater rates
the jurym en.
This feature of the tise, call a m eeting o r two and al­ the same as the new schedule, which
program was endulged in with no ways have a good word fo r our com­ really are not as high now as those
n»lvnnce in admission price and the m unity. There is not a b e tte r city in of m any cities.— Signed:
ju ry didn’t mind it in the l»*ast. The the northw est in which to make a
F. *G. Sw edenhurg, M. D.
prosecution and the »iefendunt were home.
Sylvester P atterson,
not interested in the many colors on
B. E. Smith,
the spectator chairs. The lawyers ON ENGINEERING PUBLICATION
W. R. Davis,
for both sides were not in the least
Jam es B arrett,
concerned about the long hours the Local F redim an at O. A. C. 1«
Gordon M acCraeken. M. D.
audience hn«l to undergo day by day
J. N. Dennis.
Given Honor«.
in order not to miss anything. We
---------- + ----------
Oregon A gricultural College. C or­
don't suppose the relatives of the
Open» S tore in Yreka.
victim cared about the attraction vallis. May 12.—(Special to The
Thomas Hill, who has conducted
the a ffa ir was to the curious public. Am erican.ft-Donald Ross o f Ashland, a g ro ceteria in Ashland fo r the past
We don't suppose the relatives of freshm an in engineering, has been eight years, has ren ted the Brinzer
the condemned boy really noticed ■Appointed on the s ta ff o f the O re­ building in Y reka and will sta rt a
h»>w any of the congregation were gon S tate Technical Record for the groceteria in th e same in about two
dressed. The earnestness, the legal com ing year.
weeks. The in terio r is to be entirely
transactions, the mills of justice kept
The Oregon State Technical Re- remodeled. Mr. Hill will continue
on grinding regar»iless of the show ord is nblisbed quarterly in Novem to opera e his store in Ashland, put­
made of it by so many.
her. January. March and May. by the ting a m anager in the one here.__
Then the prosecution tu rn ed the Vaaoriatcd Engineers of the Oregon Siskiyou Times.
case over to the defense. Oh! my. ^tate Agricultural college. Its pur­
what an extra attraction this seemed poses are to record engineering pro­
And :hia is F riday the 13th.
to be. The excitem ent grew, the gress in the Northwest; to furnish
Mr. and Mrs. Hayes spent Moth­
crowds grew, the whiskers on the •lews; to publish records o f srUnti- ers Day with th eir d au g h ter and
faces of the jurym en grew.
fic work done by student* in this in- son-in-law in Medford.
At this w riting it ia impossible to -titution and to publiah any matter
------------- + -------------
predict ju st what the defense will >f special technical and scientific
Club Hold« Meeting
bring out or how many surprises nterest to civil, mining, mechanical
The W ednesday club, a social or-
they will introduces ao r do we »nd electrical engineer* and forest* g an ita: th o f
th e
P resbyterian
know ju st how the spectators will r* and other* engaged in technical rhurch held an enjoyable meeting
•urviva during the rem ainder of the pursuit*
Wedn« day a t «be hunts o f Mrs.
Defense Has Case
Fred Hitchcock on Oak street.
goodly num ber of ladies were pres­
ent. Mrs. Hitchcock and Mrs. Howell
were hostesses.
swimming tank.
$2250 buys this
place if sold soon. A ddress P. 0 . Box
522, Gold Hill, Or.
W ANTED— To buy fresh cows and
springers. C harles Broili, 448 Hel-
nian st. Phone 407R.
M attresses ren o v ated and recovered.
We save you h a lf th e price of a
new m attress. New m attresses made
to y o u r order. H air and floss mattreS-
es o u r specialty. W e call and deliver.
M edford M attress Co.,
32 North
Grape St., M edford, Oregon, Phone
F o r sale— Six room plastered
house in R. R. Add. A bout »600 down
bal. $26 a m onth, includes in terest
about one acre. Also 7-r._ 1 Vi story
bungalow, well-built, scenic lo catio n ;
good lo t; fru it, price $2300; $300
or m ore down, $25 a m onth with 6
- -
per cent inL See Yockey & Co. 6 0tf B eautiful F lu ff Rugs made from
worn out carpets. We call and de­
ON CRATER Lake highway, in city
M edford R ug Co., Phone 510-M
limits, and on Rogue River, the
home of the Steelhead. Two acres,
fine black soil, five room house, fire ­
place, bath, electricity. Spring, city Rug cleaning by the la test sham­
pooing process,
24-hour service.
and well w ater.
P lenty fru it and
shade trees. Also has 30x30 concrete We call and deliver. M edford Rug
tank, 5-ft. deep, fed from spring, an Co., Phone 510-M, M edford Ore 48tf
ideal place to keep tro u t or use as
Popular Prices
Friday - Saturday
$ 1 0 .7 5
Exceptional values sent for this week-end sale
Sizes 16 to 40
Spring Coat Sale
is in full swing. Still 50 Spring Coats to be sold out at
* 107 S - $ 16 75- $ 19.75
V I N I N p
T h e a t e r
Saturday, May 14
The m ystery— comedy adventures of a wise chick who lays fo r a
lot of bad eggs amid the tau t, tip-oe terro rs of a $5,000,000
mail robbery.
----- oOo-----
Sunday and Monday, May 15 and 16
The door flew open and in she cam e; no boxes nor bundles— not
even a name. She’s an eye for n hearth, a tooth for the sweets, and
a ch aracter founded on corners of stree ts” with Norm a
Talm adge and Ronald Colman
— - oOo------
Tuesday, May 17
Viv Morse with the
direct from the University of California. Berkley. The Glee
Glub! Vaudeville entertainm ent.
W e d n e s d a y , M a y 18
e rri7 \T riu T n« ^ ^ Nm!T n ' The,w "itj f * ™ y il >» a m ystery Wow! Love
e rn e thrill* and comedy are the dram atic m ixtures of this picture.
Thursday and Friday, May 19 and 20
Browne F .ire , S.nt*h, inH
and■ v N " i n<W
n e t t e , do*-
in a with
wow V irginia
« rth .
wild and woolly West.