Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, May 13, 1927, Image 4

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    They A re Last o f the Mashpee Tribe
Scenes in the Flooded Mississippi Valley
Princesses Mlnowanln and Maunanata and Mantaslkaun, medicine man, are
ihe last survivors of the Mashpee tribe of Indians. They are seen above as
i hey took part in ceremonies at Indian Hock, near Mlddleboro, Mass.
Unspillable Liquid Container
Above, a street In Illekman, Ky., where the water from the Mississippi river was eight feet deep. Below, u
group of refugees, women and children, encamped on the higher ground, safe from the Hoods, but without shelter.
Northern A rm y Fleeing Before Cantonese
\4 \
L /I
In connection with a series of International standardization tests ol'
electromotive force the United States bureau of standards In Washington has
devised a unique unspillable container in which to transport the delicate
'■ells on their trips across the oceans. The arrangement consists of two boxes,
■ne Inside the other and mounted by a swivel device so that, regardless of
ihe position of the outer box, the cell is always right side up.
Detroit Murder Case
This photograph, Just received from China, shows a scene during the retreat of the Northern army before the
Cantonese. The boat, loaded with men, guns and equipment. Is being piloted across the Yangtse rl>er.
Scene of Chicago Explosion That Killed Eight
1— ■■-, l
•■emu, uiMi ,\irs. » » e n r
Newell who Is likely to Iw called as a witness ut the trial o f Doctor Loot
harged with the murder of his wife. Mrs. Loomis was clubl>ed to deati
I ebruary.
N a m e d for Englithman
Bight «lend and »cores Injured was the toll of a terrific explosion and fire that turned a row of one-story brick
store* nt 8410-20 West Harrison street. Chicago, Into a seething furnace shortly before three a. m. The cause of
the explosion has not been determined.
For want of self restraint many men
are »ngageil all their lives In fighting
with dltfirnltles of their own making,
and rendering succens Imposai ble by
their own crossgrnlned uugentleness ;
whilst others. It may be much less
gifted, make their way easily ami
stem lily, and achieve success by aim
pie p. «Mence, equanimity, and self coo
Lakes’ Short Linea
Developed Steam Engine
M ongoose Fierce Fighter
The town of Amherst, Mass., was
1 he mongoose is a small animal found
named by Governor Pownall, when It chiefly in India. It feeds upon rats,
was incorporated In 1730, in honor of uilee. and other vermin, and Is the do
Lord Amherst, who in that year had termlned enemy of reptiles. The mon
taken Ticonderoga from the French, goose fearlessly attacks the largest
and later served as commander in snakes, and displays great sgllity In
■ hlef of the armies in America and as avoiding their fangs. The mongoose
governor of Virginia, lie did not k"ls them by biting them through the
found Amherst college, which Is named hack of the neck.
■«Imply for the town.
Thomas Newcomen, a locksmith ol
lake Mu|>erlor has a shore line In
the United States of 1.W3 miles; In Dartmouth. In l*evonshlre, Kngland
Canntla. i»lo miles; l^tke Michigan, en may fairly be said to have i>een the
Swells Foretell Storm
Wigs Official Insignia
Mrely within the United States. sh«*re first to put the steam engine to prac
Whenever tropical hurricanes are
English barristers and Judges adopt­ likely to be about, the navigator keep>
line, l.:kv* ndles; Lake Huron, wtthtn tlcal use The steam engine for which
the United States, !W1 miles; In Can he took out a patent In i *00 remained ed wigs ss part of their ceremonial a lookout for #n increase In the swell
ostarne during the Seventeenth cen »«.vs Nature Magaslne They often
ada. 1.4*3 miles; Laka Brie United the type In use for pumping water oat
States. 40* miles; Onada. 327 mile*; of the Cornlah mines till toward the > ury. The custom is an ancient one. give the first warning of one of thee,
Bake Ontario, United States, 803 end of the century, when Watt added .Vlgs were worn by the Egyptians as storm«, as the storm waves traxe
t royal and officiai bea dii resa.
tulles, Canada, 433 miles,
| much faster than the storm Itself.