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____________________________________________________ _________ _____( S U C C E S S O R T O T H E C E N T R A L P O I N T A M E R I C A N ) --------
A P R I L 22, 1927
Projects Cited As
Proof of Claims.
Alive Huge Bodies
J a ck so n C o u n t y O r e s H o l d P o s s i b i l i ­
ty o f H u g e W e a l t h , S t a t e s
News Item.
Ex-corporation com m issioner W.
E. Crews is one o f the best inform ed
mining men in the state, especially
fam iliar with Jackson county ore. In
a recent interview with the News,
w riter in M edford, Mr. Crews says:
“ T hat southern Oregon is alive
with huge bodies of low grade ore,
carrying m ore than $5 a ton was the
the statem en t m ade by W. E. Crews,
mining specialist a tto rn e y yesterday.
Judge Crews, who has fo r the last
year served as corporation commis­
sioner a t Salem , has m ade a study of
the m ining situation o f this state,
having served m any o f the largest
mining corporations in the west.
“ P ocket h e a tin g anu'Tiigh grading
are not m ining,” said Crews. “ The
real w orth of any mine lies in its
low-grade ore. B ut it takes money to
develop it.
“ The average m iner exhausting the
surface, high g rade ore, abandons the
mine, because he hasn’t the equip­
ment to go fu rth e r.
“ The Tredw ell mine of Alaska,
one o f th e m ost fam ous producing
mines in the world, m ines nothing
hut low grade. B ut there are over
100 m ines in southern Oregon, any
one of which will produce as g re at
a q u an tity and exceed in value the
ores o f th e Alaska m ine.”
Crews w rote to the superintendent
of the Tredw ell m ine, subm itting him
some g eneral questions as to the
treatm en t o f the ore, in order to
com pare th e m ining situation there
with th a t of southern Oregon. Follow­
ing are th e questions subm itted by
Crews and the answ ers given by the
Treadwell su p erin ten d en t:
Q. 1. G eneral c h a rac te r of the ore.
A. Silicous M etagobro, carrying gold
both free and included in iron pyrite.
Q. 2. Method or m anner of mining.
A. Shrinkage, H oisting through shaft
Q. 3. Cost of m ining per ton. A.
N inety-fire cents.
Q. 4. Costs of m ining and miling
per ton. A. $1.35.
Q. 5. M anner of treatm en t. A.
Stam p mills — am algam ation and
Q. 6. Cost of m illing and tre a tin g
er ton. A. F o rty cents.
Q. 7. Gross general value of ore
per ton, mine run. A. $2.65.
Q. 8. P ercentage of savings. A. 90
per cent.
Q. 9. The general net value of ore
per ton. A. $2.40.
10. N um ber of tons trea ted per
day. A. 4500 tons.
The $2.65 gross general value of
the T readw ell mine, as com pared with
$5, th e tested value of local low
grade ore. is sufficient indication in
itself o f th e superiority o f the south­
ern O regon ore bodies, and is elo­
q u ent o f th e w ealth th a t could be
accum ulated through proper o p era­
tions, Crew s said.
J u s t across the channel from the
Treadw ell mine, is the Ju n o Alaska
mine which is tre a tin g 8000 tons
o f ore, the gross value of which is
less th an t l and ma :ing a profit.
One reason fo r the p ro fit in the
this type of ore, huge quantities can
b* ex tracted in a day,
The coming S ta te C hristian E n­
deavor convention to he held in
Oregon City April 21 to 24 is looked
forw ard to by m any young people
as an event of g re a t im portance. E.
P. G ates of Boston, Mass., general
secretary of the U nited Society of
C hristian
Endeavor, is thinking
enough of its im portance to make
this convention his main objective in
a long transcontinental trip. Three
one-day institutes in C alifronia ju st
preceding the convention are inci­
dental to his good-will trip to Ore-
go, to show th at he and his fellow
officers have an interest in th i|
state and have n o t forgoten the
W est since having come out here to
the In tern atio n al C hristian Endeavor
convention in P ortland in 1925. Mr.
G ates was educated to be a law yer
and still is a m em ber of the bar in
W ashington, D. C. He is recognized
everyw here as a man of g re at ability
and is much sought a fte r for conven­
tion speeches in the U nited S tates
and Canada.
Oregon City is an in terestin g and
historic place. It is said to be the
oldest incorporated city west of the
Rocky m ountains. One of the first
plats of San Francisco is on file in
the court house in Oregon City. It
is the birth place d t Edwin M ark­
ham, the noted poet, though the
house in which he was born has long
since disappeared.
Dr. John Mc-
Loughlin, pioneer in the N orthw est
is buried here. His home stands on
an o th er location, converted into a
museum of historical interest. Kip­
ling, while on a visit to th a t vicinity
fished in the Clackam as ju st north
of the city. The city is situ ated on
the W illam ette river, the n atu ral
falls of which now furnish power
for stre e t cars, paper mills, and a
nationally advertised woolen mill.
Oregon City residents are m aking
ready to welcome the hosts of
C hristian E ndeavorers who will come
to the convention, which begins on
T hursday evening and contineus thru
until Sunday night.
Lodging and
breakfast will be furnished free on
the H arvard plan to those who pay
the reg istratio n fee of $1. Southern
Pacilfic train service, and electric
trolley cars from P ortland m ake it
easy of access to Oregon City.
O ther speakers
C harles W. W iliams of P o rtlan d ;
Dr. Norm an K. Tully of Salem ; Rev.
Paul C. Brown of Los A ngeles; Dr.
J. B. H unley of W alla W alla; Miss
Louella Dyer of S eattle; Rev. S.
Earl DuBois of P ortland; Mr. E rnest
W. Peterson of P ortland and Mr.
B. F. Irvine of P ortland.
Jacob Kanzler of P ortland, president
will preside.
------I---------------- % ?
Oregon A gricultural College, C or­
vallis. April 15.— (Special to The
A m erican.)— B arnard Joy of Ash­
land has been aw arded a class num ­
eral in debating as a resu lt of his
participation in debates on the
freshm an team.
Joy com peted on the freshm an
team which defeated Linfield college
.3 to 0. The question used by the
rooks in th eir debates was. “ Re­
solved, th a t separate states of the
United S tates should adopt a uni-
for mcriminal code and system of
legal procedure.” Joy was the
negative team .
The rook debate team comnleved
one of the most successful seasons
on record, in the opinion of A. W.
Shepherd, f r e s h m a n
coach. Only four debating num erals
were aw arded to freshm en.
Bunin**» il fu otl and getting better
All Southern Part.
Today - Tomorrow
S on g a n d
C o n t e s t to B e H e l d ; Ma y
Take Hike
The Epw orth League convention
will be held on A pril 22 to 24. On
this date, Epw orth Leaguers from
all over southern Oregon will g ath er
here in annual conference.
This evening (F rid ay ) April 22,
a banquet will be served by the local
chapter and following, Rev. D. L.
Fields of G rants Pass will deliver
the address. At 8:30 S aturday m orn­
ing, Rev. E. B. Horsell will lead
the devotions. Dr. S. J. Chaney will
give the m orning address a t 9:40,
im m ediately follow ing the ap p o in t­
m ent of com m ittees. At 10:20 a new
fe a tu re will be introduced in the
form of a song and yell co n test;
each chapter presen tin g an original
song and yell. A general p resen ta­
tion of League work a t 1 1 :00 A.
M. will be headed in fo u r d ep a rt­
m ents o f d iffe re n t chapters.
Devotions, ch a p te r rep o rts and
business m eeting will precede a hike
a t 3 S aturday aftern o o n and picnic
supper a t 6. If w eather perm its, a
camp fire service will be led by Rev.
H. F. P em berton a t 7.
An invitation is extended to all
Ashland people to services on Sun­
day, April 24. Sunday school a t 9:45
and m orning worship a t 11 when
Rev. S. J. Chaney will give the ser­
A fellowship m eeting a t 3
o’clock will be led by Rev. Wm. Vi-
m ont of T alent. Epw orth L eague a t
6:30 in the evening will be in
charge o f tho G rants Pnss chaptet
The farew ell service a t 7:30 Sundaj
night and serm on by Rev. Josepl
K notts of R oseburg will conclude
the convention.
on R ook T e a m .
Proposition Turned
Down By PaPer
Wre tu rn ed down a proposition
from Mr. Lewis, field man of the
Oregon S tate E ditorial association
this week, because we didn’t think
the city of Ashland would wholly ap­
prove the plan. Maybe we were too
conservative in not plunging into
the business, b u t it had too much of
the boosting sp irit or boom tactics
and offered once a m onth w hat our
business men can o ffer once a week
w ithout the ex tra noise.
The plan was a big “ B argain D ay”
once a m onth, to be advertised in
advance each m onth, and each busi­
ness houes to o ffe r special induce­
m ents each bargain day and adver­
tise the bargains to the country
read ers and townsm en through The
A m erican. O ur objection was th at
each week the m erchants have b ar­
gains and we now cover the su r­
rounding te rrito ry with the paper so
th a t any news to go to the read ers
can be so broadcasted w ithout the
e x tra two page spread once a month.
A M edford paper, we understand,
was figuring on the m onthly bargain
day, but we told Mr. Lewis th a t we
w ere sure Ashland busines amen had
ju s t as attra c tiv e o ffers and th a t
they could inform the read ers as
they choose from week to week.
His idea was to sign up the m er­
chants for tw elve m onths.
again, was agninst our policy, as we
are not asking our m erchants for
any signed advertising contracts.
T heir word is as good as a con tract
and when they w ant advertising they
know it.
B alancing betw een the fe a r of fu-
tu e r m arket slum ps and the hope
held in c o m p l e t e co-operation
th ro u g h o u t the county, local poultry-
men have been stim ulated to vigor­
ous action in the way of increasing
m em bership in the association.
A special m eeting of the poultry-
producers, a t which rep resen tativ es
from Ashland, G rants Pass and Med­
ford w ere presen t was held a t the
F arm B ureau exchange S atu rd ay at
3 o’clock fo r the purpose of m aking
plans fo r a general m eeting of the
e n tire m em bership of the poultry
producers association of southern
Oregon which is scheduled fo r S at­
urday, April 30.
The problem of g ath erin g eggs
from the new d istricts recently taken
into the association, was considered,
and plans w ere worked out for the
e fficien t accom plishm ent of this
“ H em bership is increasing rap id ­
ly, both in new and old d istricts”
sai«i R. G. Fow ler, county agent.
“ This is of untold value to poultry
men of the valley, on account of the
subsequent increase of volume and
the p ro p o rtio n ate reduction of over­
A 100,000 m em bership is expect­
ed in the association by fall.
Approves Vocational Train­
ing in Junior High.
Provide Test Period
Be O ffe r­
Wo od Wo rk , Etc.
At the last m eeting of the school
board held recently, the annual elec­
tion of teach ers was held.
F o r the high school, th e follow­
ing teach ers w ere elected:
C. F orsythe, principal.
Harold W. Allison, social science.
Iren e Berg, english.
Miriam Ualmenson, commercial.
Russell T. Cripe, history and phy­
sical training.
Grace Haw kyard, m athem atics.
Em m a M aloney, Spanish.
Eva Poley, hom e economics.
Ju a n ita T arr, typing.
L aura R aguse, draw ing and music.
B ertha D enton, nurse.
A drienne H azard, english.
Cora Mason, secetary.
Ila Myers, principal.
Nell C arter, gram m ar.
Edna Goheen, english
E thel Reid, m athem atics.
Cleo V. Howell, m athem atics and
C ontinued on
L ast
By Geraldine Bonner
If you had the good
Oregon A gricultural College, Cor­
fortune to read Miss
vallis, April 20.— (Special to The
A m erican .)— Carl Boswell of Cen­
Bonner’s thrilling
tra l P oint has turn ed o u t fo r the
story, “ The Girl at
rook track team . Bob H ager, coach
Central,” you know
of the rook track, claims th at the
what she can do
rook team this year is th e best
th a t has ever turned out in the his­
with a mystery plot.
to ry of O. A. C. High school stars
Her new story,
from all points of the Pacific coast
are am ong the aspirants.
is even better; in
O pening the season the rooks will
vie for honors in a tra n g u la r m eet
fact, is her most
with Corvallis and Tillam ook high
compelling novel. It
schools on Bell Field S aturday. T heir
is for the delight of
next tournam ent will be a q u ad ran g ­
ular m eet with Chemawa, Linfield
all mystery readers
college and Oregon norm al schools
who demand action,
here April 23. The annual mix with
and suspense.
the Oregon frosh will s ta rt May 6
Along with the mys­
a t Eugene.
In terest is high in track and field
tery is pleasing ro­
---------------+ ---------------
events on the campus as re p re se n ta ­ BA PTIST ST A T E SE C R E ­
m ance and some
tives of 13 high schools will com ­
very in te re stin g
pete in the first annual Oregon state
glimpsesintothe real
interscholastic track and field m eet
Dr. O. C. W right of P ortland will
here May 14.
preach at the B aptist church next
life of stage people.
----------------- - h - --------------
Sunday m orning.
Dr. W right is
Those who have not as y et re ­ co n v ersan t with the national and
ceived th eir copies of The N ational world wide activ ities of the demon-
Farm News as offered hy The Am­ ination. He is a speaker who brings
erican will give a few days grace, tim ely and virile messages to his I
will undoubtedly receive th e ir paper hearers. He will atten d the Rogue j The Ashland American, be­
within the next few days. The paper River association in M edford which
W e be­
s mailed to you from W ashington, m eets on Monday evening and closes ginning next week.
D. C„ and takes considerable tim e on W ednesday night.
lieve our readers will like it,
'or it to get started . However, If you
---------- + ----------
lo not receive it within th e next
Smudge pots are g ettin g in th eir i and to please our readers
,eek or two please let u* know,
I work,
is our aim.
To Be P r in te d
S e r ia lly in