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Scenic W onderland
of America
Home Owned N ew ipaper
100 Per Cent For Ashland
Orv Pacific HiglrwAY & S P Tx?a.ilroa.cL
(S UCCESSOR TO T H E C E N T R A L PO IN T A M E R I C A N ) -------
Final steps in organizing poultry-
men of Jackson and Josephine
counties into one group, for co-op­
arketing and solution of
MORE A C R E A G E CONTRACTS common m problems,
was accomplished
at a m eeting held in Medford S atur­
The meeting, between Ashland and
G rants Pass poultrym en and direc­
tors of the Southern Oregon Poultry
Producers’ association, resulted in
concessions to the out-of-town poul­
Ashland’* Money Distributing Center trym en. Contracts will be signed in
the near future which will unite both
It the F ruit and Vegetable
southern Oregon counties into one
group for the betterm ent of the
poultry industry.
Big Run Is Expected
----------------- *f*-----------------
Many See Sally
Last Monday night the Vining
theatre was crowded with home citi­
zens to withness “ Cyclone Sally’’
the home talent play put on by the
Bellview community club. Every
member of the cast had their lines
to perfection and the production was
received with pleasure and delight.
The perform ers received many con­
gratulations and it is now predicted
that the play should be put on at the
various neighboring towns.
------------------* -----------------
A Live Bunch From the North.
J. W. Brown, C. C. Brown, J. P.
McDonald, Emil Messing and R. I).
Sesseman, all of Vernonia, Oregon,
and all progressive optomistic boost­
ing men for their busy city, called
at the American office Monday. In
the crowd from our form er home, is
an undertaker, two merchants. In
postm aster and retired contractor.
The men have mining interest in
southern Oregon and of course, we
told them of the many advantages of
Ashland, as a beatuiful and desirable
home city.
--------------------* --------------------
To Preach in Klamath Falls.
Rev. V. K. Allison, for a number
of years, pastor of the First Christ­
ian church of this city, and who re­
signed his pulpit recently, will ar­
rive in Klamath Falls within the
next few weeks to take the pastorate
of the First Christian church of that
city. It is stateil tha the will preach
his first sermon in that city on
Sunday, May 1.
------------------------- * -------------------------
Main Street, A'Hoy
Main street is Main street in Walla
Walla, W ashington, despite efforts
to change its name. The city commis­
sion has decided to keep Main street j
ns is, Sinclair Lewis, et al, regardless, i
Kiwanit T *-------T
Entertain "
The Ashland Kiwanis club enter­
tained their wives and invited guests
at a dinner dance at the Lithia
Springs hotel last Friday night. The
affair was reported as one of the
best and most successful social
events of the season, with no lack
of m irth, fun and entertainm ent.
--------------------* --------------------
Mrs. Gordon MacCracken, state
regent of the D. A. R. will represent
the state at the national convention
held at Washington D. C., during
April and expects to leave on her
long journey late next week. Mrs.
MacCracken will have an opportunity
to visit with her son. Chester, who
is employed by the Skerry Oil Co.,
at Eldorado, Kansas, and will also
visit other relatives in the east.
---- +---- -
The Southern Pacific has been im­
proving their property at the de­
pot with a fresh coat of paint, mak­
ing a marked difference in the ap­
pearance of the depot and out
The new directors for the chamber
®f commerce have been chosen. The
voting was not as heavy as usual and
the election passed w ithout special
1 tice. as there was no competition
f< r the places and no im portant issue Mr. and Mn. Karl Kim* and Mr.
‘ oe following business men were and Mr». Russell Cripe were in Med­
, (,cted: Homer Billings, Dr. R. L. ford Wednesday evening to attend
r,lick, 0. F. Carson. G. G. Eubanks the junior orpheum at the Crnterian
J 1
*■ H. Haneon and 4, H,
Mrs. M arcia Danford, aged 84,
pasted away at her home on Almond
street. She had been in poor health
for some tim e and Sunday suffered
a stroke of paralysis.
The deceased is survived by six r e n e W E R ACTIVITY A F T E R 20
children: Beecher Danford of Ash-!
land; R. C. Danford of Portland;
Mrs. Charles H auff of Glendo, Wyo.,
Misses Eva and Agnes Danford of
Los Angeles, and Mrs. Jessie Link-
letter of C alipatria, California.
Funeral servies were held last Sat­
urday afternoon from the J. P. Recent Strike Will Not Make Sec­
Caie Set for May 2 on Urgent Dodge & Sons undertaking parlors.
Interm ent was made in the Mount
ond W eepah of District; No
Requests of Defense and
V’iew cem etery.
Trial Date Postponed
Mining to Progress
State for More Time.
Desire for Big Rush.
------------------------- * -------------------------
One of the financial assets to the
people of Ashland and surrounding
country is the Bagley Canning com­
pany, This is a concern that really
puts money into circulation in var­
ious ways— buying fruit and vege­
tables from the grow ers, buying
boxes from the local box factories
and paying out many thousands of
dollars in salaries. This money in
turn, is or should be, if solicited
spent right here in Ashland.
A deal has ju st been closed, where­
by the Bagley Canning company as
re-organized, has taken over the
stock of the Ashland Preserving com­
pany and the new company is now
being incorporated.
One of the first im portant moves
of the company is their present work
of preparing for this years run of
business, which is expected to be
the largest in history.
The company is now desirious of
contracting more acreage for vege­
tables, berries, peaches, apricots, etc.
Over two hundred people will be
employed a t the cannery during the
canning season this summer, and
these will be all local men and women
It. E. Koozer, general m anager,
wh » knows every detail of the can­
ning business, tells us th at some time
next month they ix p ect to start op­
erations in b a rre lin g straw berries,
most of these early straw berries com­
ing from G rants Pass territory.
Plans are now under way to con­
struct a new cem ent warehouse
60x120 feet and two stories high,
work to sta rt on the new building
probably within the coming two
The principal pack this season will
he pears and tom atoes, but all var­
ieties of fru it and vegetables are
Signs of activity are showing up
more daily and the Bagley Canning
company of Ashland will be a busy
place this summer. It is one of the
hig assets for Ashland and deserves
support from all the territory adja­
Two gunm en, ex-convicts, who
drove their pow erful automobile
through a cordon of California offi­
cer- at Yreka, were arrested Tues­
day by Chief of Police George Mc-
N’abb and returned to Redding to
face burglarly charges. The men.
Charles Wesley, 26, and Jack Frye,
2 '. were arrested near the Tyler
faneh on the old Klamath Falls road
at 1 p. m. They were attem pting to
hide their car, a Hudson sedan, when
apprehended. They are charged with
‘'Urglarizing hotels a t Anderson. Red
®l iff and Redding.
Paralysis Claims Aged Victim
N U M B E R 51
Hugh DeA utrem ont, 23, jointly
charged with his fugitive twin
brothers, Ray and Roy DeAutrem ont
with participation in the Siskiyou
tunnel train robbery and resultant
death of four trainm ent, October 11,
1923, stood in the circuit court at
Jacksonville Saturday and in a firm,
clear voice, w ithout the slightest
show of em otion, answered not
guilty to four indictm ents charging
m urder in the first degree.
The date of the trial, set for Tues­
day, Aril 12, was pnstopned until
Monday, May 2, by agreem ent be­
tween the counsel for the defense,
Fred E. Smith and David B. Evans
of Eugene, and D istrict A ttorney
Chaney, the court stated.
The district attorney was given
one week in which to designate on
which i n d i c t m ent DeAutrem ont
would be brought to trial. The grand
ju ry of Jackson county alleged in
four indictm ents that with his twin
brothers he was implicated in the
m urders of Sidney Bates of Duns-
muir, Cal., engineer; Marvin Seng of
Ashland, firem an; Coyle Johnson of
Ashland, brakem an, and E. E.
Daughtery of Ashland, mail clerk.
Throughout the reading of the
lengthy indictm ents, that recited in
detail the alleged crime, DeAutre­
m ont freshly shaven and dressed in
his best clothing stood manacled to
S heriff Ralph Jennings and showed
a respectful interest and answered
all questions with soldierly preci­
sion. At no tim e did his voice or
m anner falter.
The Writer, a Total S tran g er to Ui, Give« Splendid Opinion of
Ashland and Offer* Good Suggeition* to Our Many Hundred*
of Reader*.— W rite For The»e Plant*
Editor Ashland American,
Ashland, Oregon.
Dear Sir:
Enclosed $1 for 6 months subscription to your paper. We
do not w ant something for nothing. We wish to say we are
interested in this weekly and believe it the logical thing for coun­
try people, in fact we are raised on weekly newspapers and be­
lieve yet that a small town daily is mostly a copy sheet from the
city dailies. While we do not wish to discourage any one who
prefers a small daily— yet aside from the personal happenings—
there is little difference in the regular news but a big difference
between the price of a weekly and a daily— and the farm er gets
ju st as much benefit from a weekly home town paper.
We wish to congratulate you for the rapid increase on the
“A m erican” subscription list, wishing you continued success.
Some time this spring we noticed news of a Floral Society, fun­
ctioning to create and prom ote an interest in gardening, mainly
for children. This is n wonderful work, one in which we are sincerely
interested and we want to help this worthy cause by sending a gift
box of flower plants from my garden. All we want is transportation
charges. Will express C. O. I).. Will you please get in touch with
the head party of this society or any responsible person, yourself
if you wish to parcel out flower plants to children. My plants are
not a high priced variety but children can grow these successfully
and they will live well after transplanting.
We have: Cannas, hollyhocks (about all the colors) calendulas
(Scotch marigold,) iris and a good variety and collection of chry­
santhemums, also the Shasta daisies.
My chrysanthmums are from prize winning stock taking sec­
ond prize for coloring and collection at the Coalinga Chysanthe-
mum Fete in 1925. hirst prize had two more varieties, but we have
added several new colors since then to our collection.
I am working here to prom ote flow er growing among the
Have given plants to thirty families since March First, others
to be served besides sending a huge box to Montana.
Coalinga (as you probably know) is an oil town and has c
drifting population, hence the lack of garden interest but we feel
we have done a real charitable work for these children. Some of
these families stay a few years and many only a few months, yet
in California one ran make a good showing in gardening in one
sum m er so we feel that many children will get an inspiration of
Life and the Creator thru the study and cultivation of plant life.
We will be pleased to hear from any gardener who has plants
they wish to exchange. We are so in love with dahlies and we will
never forget the rainbow of colors in this lovely plant we saw in
Ashland. Beautiful Lithia Park is one of N ature’s paradise for
beauty, unexcelled for natirr.l m ountain scenery!
If our plans m aterialize, we will spend a portion of the com­
ing summer there. Thanking you in advance for favors,
We are aincererly,
¿95 Kast Durian Ave., Coalinga, California
Dreams th at southern Oregon will
become a second Butte or Cri) pie
creek may yet come true, and in the
not far distant future if recent de­
velopments count for aught.
G rants Pass citizens are perm eated
with excitem ent over the discovery
of a m ysterious white metal which
gives promise of containing a large
percentage of tin. Excitem ent also
prevails there over the rich strike
made by John Robertson and sons,
who have found ore running as high
as $28,000 a ton in gold. The ore
is so rich th at a scientific mining ex­
pert says it isn’t ore, but a “ m iracle”
and the fact that it carries values ex­
ceeding $10 per pound makes it m ir­
Jackson county is also expecting
to share in the renewed activity in
mining that seems certain to en­
velop southern Oregon, following a
lull of the past 15 or 20 years. Evi­
dence of renewed activity has been
piling up during the past few years
with increased interest each succeed­
ing year, and conditions have all but
reached a stage where the industry
is to receive the attention nnd de­
velopment to which it is entitled.
Millions have been mined from the
hills and gulches of Jnckson and
Josephine counties. That, however,
was only the superficial wealth of the
district, having been mined from the
surface. Continued prospecting and
developm ent have now all but estab­
lished the fact that beneath the sur­
face there reposes a wealth of gold
and other m inerals far exceeding in
worth that which was mined out
through placer operations in the earjy
history of the district. Recent strikes,
some of them unbelievable, all but
prove the existance of unhidden
wealth over a wide area of the two
counties nnd that mining will devel­
op into the leading industry of the
southern Oregon country is not nn
im probability of the im m ediate fu ­
Southern Oregon cities and busi­
ness interests have no desire, how­
ever, to make this district a second
Weepah because of recent strikes.
There is no desire here for n rush
of gold seekers, gold diggers and
tenderfeet. That which is desired nnd
is necessary is capital and brains to
carry on developm ent along business
lines. There is a prevalent, it is true,
a desire to make of this a mining
district second to none in the country
butt here is no wish to create a
stam pede and the consequent un­
favorable reactions that follow the
average gold rush.— News.
---------------* ---------------
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Chilcote nnd
son, Hilly, of Klamath Falls, were in
Ashland Thursday looking over their
property on Fairview street, recently
purchased from Aaron Andrews and
m aking arrangem ents to move to
Ashland in about a month.
------------------------------ + ------------------------------
Miss Ethel Adams of Sunlnnd,
California, and Mis* Alice Schaffer
of Los Angeles were visitors over
the week-end at the home of Mrs.
Kellie F owom Johnson of S2fl