Ashland American. (Ashland, Jackson County, Or.) 1927-1927, January 28, 1927, Image 3

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Albert Rooke
Makes His Comeback
Wins six-year fight for health. N o w w ell and strong
at 60 . H usky as ever , he praises Tanlac
A t 1830 West 39th Place. Los An­
geles, lives Albert A. Hooke, a re­
spected citizen with 38 years of active
railroad experience. He tells of a very
interesting experience.
“ About seven years ago,” says Mr.
Rooke, “ my stomach and liver went
back on me. It was a most distressing
experience. Nothing seemed to agree
with me; I lost all desire for food. A
sound night’s sleep was out o f the
question, so 1 rose each morning tired
and pepless. Then constipation de­
veloped and made life a continuous
misery. I lost weight and could hardly
drag myself around a good deal of the
time. Al ter six years of that I was all
in. Along’ camo tho ‘ flu’ when I had
no resistance left. That was about the
last straw. Nothing seemed to help me.
“ On a friend’s advice I tried Tanlac,
and that certainly did help. I soon
began to get refreshing sleep again, to
eat with old-time seat. The distressing
stomach and liver troubles disap­
peared. Briefly, Tanlac put me on
m y feet, with all my old-time vigor
and enjoyment of life. I put on weight
and after five bottle« was as well as
ever in my life. That was a year ago.
I’m still in fine shape, as you see. Few
men of 60 are as well as I am, than k a
to Tanlac.”
Tanlac is nature’s own tonic and
body builder, made from roots, herbs
and barks by the famous Tanlac for­
mula. Try a bottle— n may do for you
what it did for Mr. Rooke. Your drug­
gist has it. Over 52 million bottles «old.
A Spellbinder
Hit Intention
“ Do you admire Wagner’s music?”
“Gap, you ort to get for the smaller
"I do,” answered Senator Sorghum. children some sort o f toys that can't
‘Tie’s a true spellbinder. I know of break up,” said Mrs. Johuson.
no other man who could compel peo­
"Um-huhl" replied Gap Johnson of
ple to listen so attentively, regurdless Rumpus ltidge. “ I sorter 'lowed to go
of what was being said.”
around to the Junkyard next time I'm
in town, and see if I can't find a few
Clever people may suiter immense­ second-hand anvils for ’em. What do
ly; only one in ten may understand you think of the idy?” —Kansas City
their cleverness.
Drawing by Ray Walters
Even at that, the pre-World war pe­
HE other day an Illinois riod was one o f great activity for
woman was granted a women inventors, for in that time
patent by the United more than 5,000 patents were granted
States patent office for to women in ten selected yeurs from
a “ secret envelope,” i. e. 1905 to 1921, n number which fur ex­
one which cannot be ceeds the total number granted them
t steamed open, its con­ during the span of 105 years which
tents read and be sealed ended In 1895.
' without detection of the
As might be expected the majority
fact thut it has been of women's inventions are those which
tampered with. Immedi­ have to do with their household duties.
ately there were col­ But they are far from being limited
umns of newspaper publicity about to that and they cover a wide range
the "woman inventor,” as though of uctivity in 50 industries, coal min­
woman in that role is unique.
ing througli agricultural machinery,
To the average person she Is, per hospital equipment,
haps, for we commonly think of the equipment, chemicals, artificial fuels,
inventive genius of woman in terms wood turning, even to submarine ex­
o f the stock joke about her ability to plosives! Before you exclaim over
do an innumerable number o f things that last, however, consider a list ot
with a hairpin when necessity de­ inventions by w omen which proves that
mands i t As a matter of fact, wom­ the mothers o f men, who are pro­
en Inventors are becoming more nu­ verbially opposed to the war which
merous every year, as the records of robs them of their husbands and sons,
the United States patent office will are still doing their part to perpetu­
show. The women's bureau of the ate its horrors. This list includes au­
United States Department o f Labor tomatic pistols, bomb-launching appar­
recently made an analysis o f those atus, a cane gun, an Incendiary ball,
records to determine woman's part in railway torpedoes, sights for guns,
this age of invention and revealed submarine mines and a top for pow­
what will be an astonishing fact to der cans.
many persons— that at least 506 gov­
Woman, the citizen, Is responsible
ernment patents a year are now for inventions of voting booths, vot­
granted to women inventors, and that ing machines and d pocket ballot.
more patents were granted to them Woman, the scientist, has given us
in a recent ten-year period than were new dyes and new dye bases, chemi­
issued during the whole century end­ cal treatment o f oils for commercial
purposes, artificial fuels, gas appar­
ing in 1816.
Although the number o f patents atus, air compressors, hoisting appar­
taken out by men is some 70 times as atus, reversible turbines, various
many as the number taken out by steam and street railway necessities
the other sex, the percentage increase ranging from road bed and .rails
for women from decade to decade lias through rolling stock equipment to
exceeded that o f the men by as much traffic signals and block systems.
as 300 per cent in some years. An­
Some of the reasons given by the
other striking fact is that war seems women for their inventions are among
to be a strong incentive to woman's the most Interesting facts connected
producing new things.
Before the with their work. A large number of
Civil war about half a dozen patents ■ these reasons, o f course, come under
a year were granted to women. Dur­ the proverbial head of "necessity, the
ing the war and in the years that fol­ mother ot invention." On« Invention,
lowed the number of patents to wom­ made tor this reason, turned Its bene­
en increased steadily, rising at times fits In a direction curiously different
to more than 100 annually. The de­ from the original intention. A woman
cade of 1837 to 1867 saw an increase golf teacher, who had been much an­
of 677 per cent in the number of ar­ noyed by the perverse habit of golf
ticles patented by women, as com­ balls of becoming lodged In Inacces­
pared to 290 per cent increase for the sible places or droppirg Into streams.
men in the same period.
Invented an adjustable rake to recov­
Although It is yet too early to pre­ er the errant balls. The wider use­
dict what effect in this regard the fulness of the rake was soon apparent,
World war will have, it is true that and gardeners now have a golf teach­
tfae number of patents taken out by er to thank for making their work
women from 1918 to 1921 was 34 per lighter.
cent higher than from 1912 to 1918.
A Texas woman who took out a pat­
ent for an improvement on a cultiva­
tor tongue, which lightened the bur­
den of the “ menfolks,” said that “hav­
ing been raised on a farm and seeing
that there wag needed improvement
on cultivator tongues, I made up my
mind to Improve upon the old-style
ones.” A Minnesota woman invented
a portable smoke house because as
she explained it “ As a farmer’s wife,
my duty was to cure meats for sum­
mer use and smoked meat Is very
much favored in my family. I tried
to smoke mine without expense, and
after I had completed tills device I
used it successfully for two years be­
fore I obtained a putent upon It”
It is in lightening her home duties
that the American housewife finds
her best reason for turning to inven­
tion. In this realm her new devices
include nlurms for cooking utensils,
juice extractors, kettle protectors,
sieve-cleaning devices, waffle irons,
ash cans, laundry equipment, broom
racks, stovepipe cleaners, napkin
bed-airing devices,
chairs, bathroom fixtures, an auto­
matic rocking chair fan, awnings,
clothes containers and ant traps. Do­
mestic difficulties sometimes result In
invention, as witness the case of the
woman who invented a pie-pan cover
because o f the "overflowing of Juicy
pies, the best of the pie Is wasted,
leaving the poorest part in the crust.”
And these are only a few of the
many new devices for which the world
can thunk the women. None o f them
is "revolutionary,” perhaps, but for
those whom they benefit by making
life easier, that is Immaterial. What
if, so far, mere man has been respon­
sible for ull of the most important
inventions, including those, such us
the typewriter and the sewing ma­
chine, which have meant so much to
women? (Incidentally, it might be
added that Elias Howe’s invention o f !
the sewing machine was not greeted
with unanimous enthusiasm by the !
women of the time. Was it “ feminine j
inconsistency” which prompted some j
o f them to opposition when the first [
sewing machine« came upon the mar­
ket because they "would take away
the livelihood o f the poor sewing wom­
en” ?) This Increase in woman's in­
ventive activity, as shown by the rec­
ords of the patent office, may be indi­
cative of the Increasing importance of
women in every phase o f life, and
we may yet see some new device o f
world-wide and all-time significance
conceived In a woman’s mind and
molded by a woman’« hand.
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K eep Out
Mounted on Moving Throne
Mrs. Gale— Our new neighbor« wer«
Following actors uround In a studio
setting lias had its difficulties for di­ quarreling over a new vacuum clean­
rectors during the filming of plays. er this morning.
Mr. Oaie— Well, be carefnl, and don't
One producer In California has re­
duced these difficulties by using a little get drawn Into It!—Oood Hardware.
truck propelled by batteries. It has
an d in fla m m a tion ara h o a la d
a platform and is accompanied by h o v E e r y n * ig Inflection
h t by ualng K om an E yo B alaa m .
camera man. On his odd eminence A sk y ou r dru ggla t (o r S 6-cen t Jar o r aeuA
to t U P e a r l S t., N. V. Adv.
he can trundle back and forth and
maintain perfect contact with tlie
Never Could
work his company is doing.
“ T cannot sing the old songs."
“ So your grandmother told me.**—
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
"Who is that?"
“The hog-calling champion."
A Spanish vessel, laden with oil«,
“ Has he much ot a following?”
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50 day« before firemen finally con­
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