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other clay products.
The Rogue
river valley abounds in materials
suitable fo r th emanufacture o f the
finest grades o f faced and pressed
brick, drain, building and roofing tile
and earthenware pots and jars.
Preliminary testing must be done
CARKIN IS NAM ED SPEAKER OF before operation can begin on a
commercial scale. The equipment o f
the West Coast Clay Products Cor­
poration company, recently pur­
chased w> a group of men with much
experience in the operation o f brick
and tile making, will be enlarged and
improved and early this spring the
UrgM U | i « U l « r ( »• Caaeara lU alf moulding and burning o f high grade
brick and tile will be started.
With Str»»gth»BiBf 014 U w i
J. L. Hoffman, is president o f the
new corporation. He has had many
W aaU No Now Oooo.
years’ of experience in the manage­
ment o f such undertakings.
O. F.
Governor I. L. Pottemon, the eigh­ Weis a and A. A. Weiss, who are as­
teenth executive to take office since sociated with Mr. Hoffman are both
Oregon was admitted to statehood, practical men in the making and
delivered his inaugural message to burning o f clay products.
Prison Main Topic
the legislature Monday, saying that
his members o f the legislature en­ t OUR PAPE R HAS A GOOD STAR T
tailed a definite mandate from the Readers Numerous Enough to Create
people for economy and efficiency.
Pride in ' Print Shop of
Long Standing.
His recommendation! were framed
with the purpose o f carrying out
The Ashland American comes to
you today not as a new paper, but as
“ To my mind,” he said, "the legis­ successor to the Central Point Amer­
lative assembly now
convening ican. In the smaller community of
should concern itself primarily with Central Point the American carried
strengthening, stabilising and im­ on its books over six hundred actual
paying subscribers, living on the Cen­
proving th ebody o f laws now in ex­ tral Point rural routes, in the town,
istence in Oregon, adding to them and scattered throughout Jackson­
only such statutes as prove them­ ville, Gold Hill, Sam’s Valley, and
selves to be o f urgent present need various communities. In addition to
these regular readers, the Ashland
an dpermanent growth."
American, through a half dozen alert
Taxation was given a prominent and energetic solicitors and by the
place in the message, but the gov­ volunteer subscribers and citizens
coming to the management with their
ernor, beyond urging that personal names, we have added to the list
property should bear a greater part about 450 new ones. The campaign
o f the tax burden did not outline has just started and by the looks of
any definite program. He indicated things we may expect a couple hun­
dred more to the reading family be­
that he would deliver a message on
fore our next week’s issue. We are
this subject later in the session after more than pleased with the enthusi­
a report o f a tax investigating com­ asm shown the little paper and such
mittee o f the last legislature had indications point to a much better
paper ere many moons arise.
been thoroughly studied.
Governor Patterson recommended
that the governor be given power to
prepare the budget fo r the state. He
urged that budgets fo r all tax levy­
ing bodies should be made with r e f­
erence to a well-considered program
covering a period o f years and not
as though all o f the improvements
required in the state should be pro­
vided fo r in a single year.
Under this head he suggested that
a definite program for erection o f
armories would be a step toward ec­
onomy and efficiency. He proposed
• survey of municipalities to deter­
mine which are most in need o f arm­
He recommended that the peniten­
tiary be put under the board o f con­
trol and taken out o f politics that
tenure of administrative officers be
made more secure in the interest of
economy and efficiency.
He urged
that young offenders in the prison
be segregated from the hardened
No retrenchment should be made
which would interfere with the e f­
ficiency or retard the progress of
the school system, said Governor
" I f the legislature finds it impos­
sible, with the limited
properly to furnish the financial re­
quirements o f our institutions of
higher learning, it may be necessary
to resort for a time at least in an
increase in tuition fees in those in­
stitutions," he said.
Concerning irrigation, he reiter­
ated declarations he made in the
campaign last year, that farmers on
irrigated lands who have shown good
faith should be protected. He pro
posed appeal o f the constitutional
amendment, providing for guarantee
by the state o f interest payments on
irrigation district bonds.
He favored legislation which will
encourage and promote reforestation
by private owners on land from which
timber ha sal ready been removed.
Careful consideration o f the re­
port o f the legislative committee
which has been studying workman’s
compensation laws was suggested.
A constitutional amendment pro­
viding that increase in the salary of
any elective officer o f the state dur­
ing the term for which he is elected,
was favored.
Progressive newspapers no longer
sell space. They sell business building,
business getting advertising service.
To sell more space is no longer
Today the manufalturer says to the
consumer, “ Our interest in you does
not end with the sale of the goods,
but we want you to get all the bene­
fits derivable from our product and
to that end we stand ready to help
you enjoy your ownership to the ut­
Today the modem newspaper pub­
lisher says to the merchant. “ Our ob­
ligation to you does not end with the
sale o f space in our publication, but
we stand ready to assist you in every
possible way in getting die most out
of that space."
You, as a merchant, are primarily
interested in selling goods. Your ob­
ject in purchasing advertising space
is the sale of goods. Advertising space
alone will not produce results in that
direction, but intelligent service ap­
plied to that space will.
You have a sales message to deliver
and the modem newspaper’s advertis­
ing service department considers first
the sales message and only secondly
the space that message is to occupy.
What can a newspaper do to make
its advertising space worth more to
Recently, Hutson’s, a men’s cloth­
ing and furnishing store in Sparta,
asked the writer to assist him in pre­
paring copy for a ten-day sale he
was about to launch.
The result: The advertising service
department prepared the copy for a
full page advertisement and a four
column advertisement for the sale.
Hutson's paid the regular advertising
rate, yet he received in addition to
the -space occupied the service that
made the space valuable as a business
In the same issue of the Sparta
Herald there waa another full page ad­
vertisement, that o f J. W. Clausius
This, also, was a case o f a newpaper’s
advertising service department fur­
nishing a complete layout at no ad­
ditional cost to the merchant.
If you write your own advertising
or if you maintain your own adver­
tising department this service element
does not mean so much to you, but
even at that the newspaper’s adver­
tising illustration sv.vices are o f ma­
terial assistance to you in making your
advertising space in the newspaper
more effective.
I f you do not write your own adver­
tising, call in vour newspaper pub­
lisher and ask nim for this sort of
service. Ninety-nine times out o f a
hundred he'll be more than glad to
be of service. And you’ll both benefit
— you through the increased profits
hat systematic and consistent adver­
tising brings in, and the publisher
BRICK YAR D W IL L START SOON ’ hrough greater advertising revenue.
This co-operation on the part o f
the merchant and the publisher means
Preliminary Tests Being Made on better advertising and more o f it.
Clay Predwsts.
Down at Central Point there are
Want to be a journalist? That ones
iour or five men doing experimental tion was raised in the December issue
work with the various clays and of the American B'»y and the anaw*.
shales o f Jackson county, with the to it is given in an inte^vi-w wit»
object o f beginning active operations William Allen White o f the Emporia
(Ke>t.) News as follows:
in the manufacture o f brick, tile and
There’s a fine rhallenee *n >
---- +----
ism as it is today, and we need fine serve as a fine postgraduate course,
men to meet it. I f you want to try fitting you to do better work in any
yourself out in journalism, you can field.
do it without feeling afraid that you
may be wasting your time. Whether
or not you stay in newspaper work,
Has an elevation of two thousand
you will get good returns on all the
time you invest in training and in feet; is ideal for toruists and travel­
getting experience as a reporter.
Get all the training, all the educa­
tion you can. The better your back­
The climat« in nearly ideal; no ex­
ground o f information, the better your tremes of heat or cold; no blizzards
chances o f going up. Go to college or tornadoes.
even i f you have to work your way
through- Study literature, science and
Has a bountiful supply o f the clear­
the arts. Science! A ll you can get.
You can’t write intelligently about est and purest water to be found any­
what is happening in the world today where.
unless you know something ab^ut
science. Study it in high school and
Has as its chief summer resort the
go on studying it in college. Then Lake o’ the Woods, a beautiful spot
you’ll need plenty o f history x ». j fo r camping and out-door life.
geography and literature and com­
position, o f course.
Within a short distance o f wonder­
Can a boy get practical experience ful fishing streams and a natural
in newspaper work while still in gateway to Crater Lake loop, one o f
school ? Yes. Use your spare time and
ie greatest scenic spots in America.
your vacations. Get acquainted with
the editor o f one o f your local papers
The new ¿Southern Oregon Normal
by taking him news stories, simple
school is located on the southern
fret stories o f little things that hap­
pen around town. Walk into his o ffic e ,’ boundary o f the city.
lay your neatly prepared copy on his
Ashland is noted for its efferves­
d»sk, and say, “ Here’s some news.”
I f you keep on turning in reliable cent and healthful Lithia water which
stbries, spelling names correctly and bubbles up constantly through the
getting facts straight, you’ll get some rocks o f granite.
o f them published. Editors always
Malaria germs cannot thrive in Ash­
want news.
I f Ernest Brown has tom down the land. This • is a proven fact over, a
old Smith house and is building r period o f years. The climate is also
modem bungalow on the lot, there’s noted fa r and wide fo r the relief it
a news story for you. I f John Jones’ affords sufferers from asthma and
piano was damaged by water in put­ hay fever.
ting out a fire so insignificant it
..........v reported,
wasn’t even officially
reported, there’s
there’s H. S. C O N F E R E N C E IN SESSION
another story. You’ll fi
find plenty o f
news if you keep alert.
Educator* oad Pubtiabor*
A boy only eleven or twelve years
W ill Giva AddroMO«.
old can sometimes get news stories sn
editor will use. And you can keep up
such work all through high school
University of Oregon, Eugene, Or.,
and college.
— (Special.)— Addresses by educat­
I f you want to get a vacation po­
sition on a newspaper turn in news ors of the state, members of the
stories through the year, and you’ll University faculty and various stu­
be much more likely to land a summer dents throughout, the state are part
iob. You want that iob. Even i f you of the program of the seventh an­
nave to work fo r little or nothing,
take it. You’ll get good experience. nual high school conference Friday
Journalism is A splendid training which starts and lasts through Satur­
for all other jobs. Newspaper men day.
come in contact with influential busi­
More than 500 • delegates 'from
ness men. Many capable journalists
have fine business positions offered from nearly every high school in the
them. I f you don’t like newspaper state will attend. Ward Cook, of As­
work, or see little chance o f advance toria, student chairman, announced.
in it, the chances are good that you
Friday morning will be a general
can go into business, and get a decid­
for delegates with an address
edly better position than you could
without your newspaper training and by President Arnold Bennett Hall,
contacts. So you can try journalism Hugh Biggs, Ontario, presideat of the
without fear o f wasting time. Your student body will give the welcoming
preliminary training will make a good
background fo r any kind o f work; address.
Following the assembly hour the
and your experience as a reporter will
High School Press association. As­
sociation of Student Body Officers
and Association of Girls’ Leagues
will hold separate mattings.
A tour of the campus, under the
direction of tbs Oregon Knights will
be held Friday aftamoon. The Uni­
versity Press and Murray W arner
collection of Oriental Art ars among
the places to bo visited.
Tbs annual banquet trill be held
in tho evening. Dr. Arnold Bonnctt
Hall will be toastmaster. This will
be followed by tbs Oregon-Willamet-
basketball game. The first to be held
in the new basketball pavilion.
Saturday morning will ba devoted
to round table discussions, lectures
and demonstartions and the faculty
advisers' conference;
Addresses will be given during the
conference by Principal W . A. La­
cey of W alla Walla,
Miss Mabel Downs, oean of girls al
Lincoln high school, Portland; Miss
Jessie Spaulding Smith, director ot
Technical high school; Sheldon F.
Sackett, editor of the McMinnville
Telephone-Register; Mias Iva M.
Howey, deán of girls at Hood River
high school, and Hal E. Hoss, sec­
retary to Governor I. L. Patterson.
--------- + ----------
t —— ------- ----------o
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You may see a copy o f this issue of The Ashland
American, and it is possible that you have not
need you on our list.
W e want and
W e want you in ThTXm eri-
can family, want your suggestions
and any news
items at any time you can tell us. Send them or mail
Simply address it to Ashland American,
Ashland. Following is a form we surely hope you
will fill out and mail today. Every issue will be more
fascinating. You will hear from us and be interested.
Ashland American—
Inclose find $2.00 for a year’s subscription
to The Ashland American.
My name i s ..........................
R F. D.......................
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’ .
Another favorable and intereating
item concerning Ashland that ths
writer recently learned and that
many outside of the county don't
know, la the fact that .Ashland owns
and operates it's own light and power
The power plant Is about, three miles
out of the city limits and the service
is very satisfactory in every respect
W e ' were informed today that the
rates are probably a little better for
the consumer than that offered by
many private concerns. It is a muni­
cipal owned light and power company
and during tha summer months,
should extra power and light be de­
manded ths city is in contract with
the California-Oregon Power comp-
any to hook on for extra juice. Like
the city fire department, the water
system, and other departments of the
city, ths light and power department
is one of the big assets of Ashland.
A Personal
signed up for a year’s subscription.