Central Point American. (Central Point, Or.) 1925-1927, October 22, 1926, Image 4

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would eliminate the curve entirely Southern Oregon state normal school tion on Front street which has been cupied by the Lyons pool hall,
by going straight through from the at Ashland.
remodeled to fit the needs o f this
fast growing realty concern. It has
„ . .. .
By Bliss Heine
The People’s Electric store is being moved into the building form erly oc-
Habit is stronger than reason.
A letter received in Medford last
Talisman lodge No. 31, Knights of
Pythias held a ver yfntereeting meet­ week via air mail from New York completed will have a new display
window in the frout o f the store.
ing last Monday evening, confering in 48 hours and 30 minutes.
the rank o f Knight upon Willis Port­
L. C. Garlock, manager o f the local
Next Monday night the report
The United Artisans held their
will be given by the delegates who first public dancing party in their branch o f the Oregon State Motor
attended the recent grand lodge ses­ new headquarters in the W. 0. W. association, has issued a warning to
sion at Corvallis which will b fo l­ hall on N. Grape street last week garages and service stations in this
lowed by a social evening and a good with a large crowd o f members and territory to be on guard against a
“ high
their friends in attendance.
claims to represent the “ United Ser­
lent music was furnished by the
vice association” soliciting member­
John Dodge, well known local well Métropole orchestra.
ships fo r same. This is a fictitous
driller, was very seriously injured
last Saturday when in some way, he
Last Friday evening the Medford
was <;aught in the belting next to the
A fair sized, but appreciative
gasoline engine driving the driller he lodge o f Eagles made their initial
to the public when they gave audience greeted Madame Louise
was operating on the Thomas Gifford
property on Millionaire road.
Homer, celebrated singer and record­
suffered a bruised and lacerated their new hall in the Medford build­ er o f phonograph records at the arm­
head, an injured chest and a mashed
ory last Saturday night. H er accom­
arm. A heavy belt had to be cut be­ in general. This order was only re­ panist was Elizabeth Alexander. The
cently organized in Medford and concert was one o f the best ever pre­
fore he could be freed.
already has over 200 members. The sented in this city.
A new service station opened last large crowd present had a very en­
time to the music o f the Met-
week at the corner o f Jackson and joyable
Last Friday night the local .1. O.
ropole orchaserta.
Riverside with J . D. Hight as prop­
O. F. Siskiyou canton was inspected
They handle Calpet and
by Bridadier General Wadsworth o f
Union gasoline and all kinds o f oil.
The mens’ and womens’ glee clubs Harrisburg and Brigadier General
were organized last week at the Beckworth o f Portland.
The ladies
Mrs. Bert Anderson o f Medford southern Oregon state normal school branch was inspected by Colonel
and C. L. Swenson, Jr., are two o f at Ashland, under the direction o f Daisy Ott o f Baker. These officers
the lucky winners in the recent Miss Leona G. Marsters, instructor praised the two departments very
o f music.
General (? ) gasoline name contest.
highly. There was a large attendance
from all points o f the Rogue river
Medford Post o f the American L e­
W alter Hughes, athletic coach for
gion plans on having the “ biggest and the Ashland high fo r the past six
best y e t" celebration on Armistice years, has been signed as basketball
The Charles A. W ing Realty com-
coach and boxing instructor at the pany have moved into its new loca-
Medford News
save money
on Boys’ shoes
A H . SIZES-High and Low Tops
The Rogue River Valley Canning
company nas shipped thre carloads
o f canned pears to a London whole­
The champion holders o f all speed
records are Claude Stevens, local
fireman, W. E. Rosenbaum and Pat
Patterson, all o f whom left one morn­
ing last week on a hunting trip in the
Green Springs district and returned
to Medford before noon o f the same
day with one deer.
Medford high defeated Klamath
Falls high football team last Sat­
urday afternoon at Klama|i Falls
by a score o f 33 to 0.
Paul B. McKee, manager o f the
California Oregon Power company
has resigned his position to accept
another position in San Francisco.
L. F. Ivanhoe, another popular and
well-known member o f the Copco
force has also resigned to become
secretary to Mr. McKee with head­
quarters in San Francisco.
The rectn rains have been causing
a number o f serious accidents,
among them being the overturning
o f a light touring car, owned and
driven by A. Barnes o f Portland, on
the Pacific highway near the gas
plant when he applied his brakes
suddenly to avoid hitting a car
ahead and skidded on the wet pave­
ment into an eight-foot ditch. Mr.
Barnes suffered injuries to
shoulders and
lacerations on his
scalp. He was rushed to the Sacred
Heart hospital.
Work will soon start on the erec­
tion o f a standard guard rail, 700
feet long at the hairpin curve at
Lookout point where eight people
recently lost their lives in the worst
auto accident o f southern Oregon.
The guard rail will be securely set
a short distance the other side o f
the concrete arch bridge over the
A plant is also under con­
sideration fo r running the highway
on a route used by an old road which
' Voters are urged to read Section 4 of the Housewives’ Council Constitu­
tional Amendment authorizing the State o f
to go
into irrigation
schemes and into the business of manufacturing and selling light and power:
Bonds of the State of Oregon, not to exceed five per centum of the
assessed valuation of the state, may be issued and sold from time to
time to carry out the purpose of this Article and the full faith and
credit of the State of Oregon is hereby pledged for the payment of
the principal of said bonds as the same mature, and the interest ac­
cruing theron as the same falls due.”
Every voter should know that the assessed valuation of Oregon is $1,-
058,880,736, and that the Housewives’ Council “ W ater and Power” board
could issue and sell bonds for $52,944,000. Your property would be a guaran­
tee* for the payment o f this huge debt.
Oregon’s total bonded debt, including that of all political subdivisions, is
Have you seen— and
tried— the new Atwater
Kent ONE Dial Receiving
Set with the gold mounted
shielded cabinet?
Model 35 is big enough to
house six tubes, but small
enough to fit in anywhere.
Power in small space.
Wonderful tone— very
selective— thoroughly re­
liable. A phone call will
bring it to your home for
a demonstration, without
obligation to you.
Battery and
Electric Shop
Central Point
Phone 291
Open Evenings
now more than $166,000,000.
Its State bonded indebtedness alone per capi­
ta, $47.08, is the highest in the Union.
As fast as this political board might retire bonds, it would have the power
to issue more; and as the assessed valuations increased
bonds could also increase.
amount o f the
• '
North Dakota I» StillJjPaying For
Here Failures
VOTE 337 X NO!
Paid Adv. by Oregon Public Utility Com m ina— Opposed to the Housewives Council
Bonding Amendment— I 24 Pacific B uildmg, Portland. Oregon.
“ W nUr
Pow er"