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    Central Point Am erican
$100,000 GOLD
Rogue river fruit is given the
Medford, June 18.— Mrs. E. F.
f ? T I T p r e f e r e n c e over all other brands and
r A T F
Schr,‘‘d*‘ r ° * Myrtle Point, en route
demands a higher price, according to
O l n l L
to Watsonville, Ci
California, while
J. B. Holmes former local resident
about a mile north o f Central Point,
Grants Pass, June 16.— A fte r hav­
(Moore Hamiltoi )
connected with the Southern Pacific I
Tourist travel, while maintaining
received a bullet in the right breast
ing worked in considerable secrecy
More than 300 persons, Grange j.'riday afternoon while riding in an a small lead over last year, has not
company, who is here from
for a number o f years, Robertson
York City to visit relatives. A view members, farmers and their families, ! open automobile.
Neither the vic- made any startling increase, it is
brothers Wednesday announced what
o f Crater Lake, painted in colors attended the picnic given by
the ! tim nor her husband heard the re­ shown by tabulation o f the count
mining men claim to be the greatest
adorns one o f the curtains at Loew’s Rattle Point Grange at the Elks pic- port o f a gun, but suffering pain and taken over the state on June 16. The
in the history o f Southern
Lexington theater in New York City, nic grounds Sunday, June 20.
Pacific highway shows a small in­
realizing she had been struck by
Oregon. Although it has been known
he relates. Holmes, who has visited j The Ragle
the some missile, they halted at a farm crease while the Redwood shows a
for some time that they were tak­ all o f the larger cities o f New Eng- third largest in the state, though
house where an ambulance was call­ small decrease, due to the fact that
ing out a large amount o f gold, when
land and the middle west is now slightly more than a year old, ex­ ed and the patient taken to a Med­ the census station was moved from
questioned they would
telegraphic dispatcher with the Santa tended invitations to all the farmers ford hospital where, Friday night, the intersection with the
comment on their proposition until Fe company in Los Angeles.
o f the valley.
after an X-ray examination, her con­ road, la s t year the Redwood count
1 Wednesday, when the greatest strike
Interesting speeches w^re made by dition was reported critical.
--------- o---------
included the truvel on the Murphy
o f all was discovered.
G R A P H IT E M INED N EAR HUGO le*d>nR Grange members following
It is a safe estimate, how­
There are three wounds in her road.
Quartz so heavy with gold that
| l-l*e P'rnic lunch. Contests and races breast, which indicate that the bul­ ever, that the Redwood travel has
part o f it appears almost solid with
_ _ _ _ _
j finished the day’s entertainment.
also increased, possibly by a larger
let split when discharged.
the metal itself and in a vein which
Graphite, a mineral used in the
Blanchard o f
S h eriff Jennings hastened to the percentage than the other.
has been cut and cross-cut at var­ making o f pencils, is being mined ! Grants Pass, who is doing state-wide
On the Pacific highway, south o f
scene and after investigation a boy
ious depths and still shows no sign in Josephine county, according to Grange work, gave the main talk of
confessed he had fired the shot at a the Redwood junction, travel
o f “ pinching out,” is being found in George Armstrong, o f Eureka, who the day. She had fo r her subject,
1480 this year as against 1435 for
a new strike on the Robertson mine, has been inspecting such a mine near “ A Greater Grange.”
Mr. George
Schroeder, who is janitor o f the last year on June 17. North o f the
14 miles west o f Galice, it is re­ Hugo.
The mine
located on Hamilton, also o f Grants Pass, gave
Myrtle Point high school, and his son junction travel was much heavier,
ported. Already there are signs o f Quartz creek, five miles from Hugo, a very interesting talk on the
were sitting in the front seat and reaching 2190, while last year It was
an impending gold rush into the sec­ and considerable o f the mineral is strengh o f the Grange, past, present
highway traffic
Mrs. Shroedcr in the rear when the 2181. Redwood
tion, where 540 feet o f tunnel work being taken out.
and future.
shot was fired. The injured woman reached a count o f 749 this year as
on the vein has produced over $100,-
The Joseph Dixon Crucible com­
Mr. Blanchard, preceding his read­ is 48 years old.
against 799 last year including the
000, the owner admit.
pany o f New Jersey, is negotiating ing, "Mrs. Grey Joins the Masons,”
Murphy travel.
o —— —
Situated on the top o f a mountain for the property. The local product talked on the beauty and the mean- W A R
Travel is chiefly Oregon car* at
4500 feet high, the vein is practically is 90 per cent pure and is one of ing of the Grange ritual. Accord-
the present time, although car* from
vertical. Tunnel No. 1 hits the vein the few sources o f the mineral in ing to Mr. Blanchard, the Grange
other states are running close. Ore­
30 feet under the surface; tunnel No. this country. Graphite is composed ritual compares well with that o f any
gon cars totaled «86 on the Redwood
To meet his friend and war
2, 30 feet lower still, and a cross­ almost entirely o f carbon, resulting older fraternal organization.
“ buddie” fo r the first time since they highway, with 159 cars from other
cut from the other side o f the moun- from decomposed vegetable matter,
Following the speech o f welcome parted in France eight years ago, states. On the Pacific highway, south
tain cut* it at a depth o f 140 feet, ¡greatly altered. It is found in tne j by I. R. Kline, Master o f the Eagle
was the experience o f M. M. Kindle o f the junction, 752 cars were Ore­
Five stamps are used in working Hugo mine in a 5-foot vein, carry- j Point Grange, the
was; Saturday night, when he met Ray­ gon and 611 were from other states,
the ore. These have a capacity o f j ing some gold values.— Oregon Ob- Reading, “ In Flanders Field.”
by mond Dunnbar, who is now at Camp while north, 1260 were Oregon and
only two tons a day, but in working server.
1 Evelyn Smith; piano solo, “ II Trova- Jackson in training
with National 745 were other states. Truck travel
the high grade ore from the mine,
--------- o---------
tore,” by Margaret Childers; Read- Guard encampment.
Dunnbar who is heavy there being 93 over the
say stories from the district, the cap- P A N K E Y AN D BOLES R E T A IN ing, “ Mrs. Grey Joins the Masons,”
is connected with the electrical de­ Redwood and 88 over the Pacific.
acity is cut to half this amount be-
! by Mr. Blanhcard o f Grants Pass;
partment o f the Southern
Pacific Increasing use o f stages and busses
cause the plates
must be cleaned !
song, “ The West, a Nest and You,” company in Portland, played in the is shown hy the fact that four went
every 20 minutes.
No changes were
made in the by Geraid W ard; “ Greater Grange”
same regimental band with Kindle on the Redwood route and 15 on
The mine is owned and operated * f 00
oard at the elections fo r a *peecb by Mrs. Gertrude Blanchard;
the Pacific. Travel was heaviest be­
i oh n
a m
a m J
.. 1 — — 1 _ ___ rys ___ ___ n
_ «_
during the World war.
hy members o f the Robertson fam- c^a*rman and clerk as Tom Pankey recitation by three youths, Glena
tween 5 and 6 o'clock. Between 2
Due to this fact, the utmost 1and C ‘ A ' Boles were re-elected to Smith, Newton
Smith and
and 9 daily, the greater part o f the
secrecy was possible while the work their offices respectively, at the an- Thrackmorton, and a “ Strength o f
tra ffic is recorded.
was being carried on to prove the . nual 9cho° ' meetin* « t the school the Grange” speech by Mr. George
Crater Lake travel shows a much
In the
passing o f Mrs.
extent o f the property.
The mine ho" “* ’ Mond*y.
higher figure this year than last due
Obenchain, Central Point loses one
is on Silver creek. The Galice coun- I 11 was also declded to put the mat-
Races, contests and swimming
o f its oldest and most highly respect­ to the early opening o f the park. On
try long has been noted fo r rich gold , ter o f the disposal o f the old wooden completed the day, and those who
the day the census was taken 174
ed citizens.
discoveries and this latest may again
pudding^ in ^the hands o f the stayed long enough were treated to
cars were counted, while the year
bring the old mining camp into its school board. As there was no oppo­ free ice cream.
last February 16th, passed away at before only 85 were counted. Car*
sition to the re-election o f the board
form er activities.
The Eagle Point Grange is the her home here Tuesday evening June from other state* totaled 81
The mine was located years ago members, and no business o f great third largest in the state and 20 22nd.
Oregon cars on their way to the lake
by John Robertson, who came here importance a very small number o f new applications are now in, accord­
She was known and loved by old reached 79.
about 33 years ago. He did a little j the voters were at the meeting.
ing to I. R. Kline, master. “ A dep­ and young and her mental facilities
Pacific highway travel south o f the
prospecting and then abandoned the j
uty who will be here soon to or­ were retained practically all her life. junction with the
property. Several years later, Wil- I
ganize new chapters, has been ap­ A few days ago she became uncon­ highway, showed a decrease, with
liam Robertson, his son, started work
A t the home o f Mr. and, Mrs. I. pointed by the state master,” said scious and slept until the end.
only 882 cars, as against 909 fo r the
that a
on the property, resulting in the re-
G. Shaw on last Saturday evening Mr. Kline, “ and we feel
She was the mother o f 12 children same day in 1925. O f these 633 were
greater strength o f the Grange will six sons and six daughters, four o f cars from other states. North o f the
ported strike. Associated with him | » t 8:30
p. m „ Miss Evelyn L. Buckles
in the mine are the father, John, and
the bride o f Mr. Ray J. soon
Van be felt throughout the state.” whom survive her.
17 junction, there were 1128 cars, an
his four brothers, John Jr., Orval, | Zandt, Rev. Shaw performing the
grandchildren, 15 great grandchil­ increase over the 1105 o f last year.
Louis and Wallace Robertson, and ar ceremony.
W I N S dren, and 7 great great grandchil­ On the Klamath Falls road, 409 were
sister. Miss Robina Robertson.
These people will make their home
dren. Had she lived one day longer counted. Last year only 296 passed.
--------- o
Travel one mile south o f Medford
in Central Point where they are
she would have passed her 76th wed­
Ray Hull, drummer in the vaude­ ding anniversary.
known by many friends as splendid
She was an un­ on the Pacific highway was 3045,
ville entertainers presented at the usual woman both
young people.
and while the year previous it reached
This paper with other friends ex­ Gateway Theatre Thursday made a physically, also in point o f service to 2691. The greater part o f this tra­
On June 30 an annual clinic will
be held at the brick church in Cen­ tends best wishes for a pleasant decided hit with the audience. The others during her years o f activity, vel was local.
Tabulations from W olf Creek and
group o f clever entertainers which
Funeral services will be held Fri-
conducted by County journey through life.
presented a varied musical evening ,U y at the re, idence at , :30 0-c|ock. the Caves highway have not yet been
Health O fficer Dr. Geary, who will
o f pleasing entertainment is made up The sermon will be preached by Rev. received.— Oregon Observer.
be assisted by local physicians and
o f one family. Preceding their show- , Belknap, a form er pastor o f the M.
--------- o---------
the county health nurses. Miss Jen­
The sale o f dry goods and all art­ mg here they played in Ashland, and E. church h(.rei and whorn , h„ ^ d MEN S BIBLE CLASS ADJOURNS
nings and Miss Beard.
| asked to do this for her. Mr. Belk
This is an opportunity o f which icles in the dry goods department their next stop will be Gold Hill.
nap will be assisted in prayer by Rev.
The Men’s Bible class has adjourn­
mothers should avail themselves, as at the Faber store in Central Point,
Tuesday evening, June 15, Mr. and ¡Johnson.
ed to meet agafh in September.
advice will he given free in individual continues and prices are still going
Mrs W. H. Norcross gave a fare- j The children are Morse and Silas
This class has made the splendid
rasea and there is always something lower.
This is not a sale in name only well dinner in honor o f Paul J. Nor- Obenchain o f Klamath Falls, George record o f an average attendance of
to learn. Oftentimes one suggestion
may be invaluable and advice as to hut an "honest to goodness” sale, cross and w ife and little Gloria Ann, Ohenchain o f Central Point and Mr*, 103 fo r twenty-nine consecutive
nutrition and kinds o f food, when in which the people are realizing a also E. H. and Helen Hedrick and j Ed Hensel o f Stockton. California, meetings.
Pau and wife, who is expected here today,
Rev. I. G. Shaw, whose health is
given by persons especially qualified saving o f 50 per cent or more on little Eva Eileen.
with baby left the next morning fo r | A more complete account o f the not the best at present, expects to
in this line o f study should be greatly all purchases.
a ten days’ business trip to Seattle, j life will be published next week.
When customers from Medford
spend a portion o f the summer in an
--------- o---------
e ffo rt to regain it.
Since health is our greatest asset and other town* are seen carrying 1 They plan to stop here again on their
packages there return to Los Angeles where Paul’s
Mr*. J. H. Burger recently return-
It is hoped that he will be able
and since no child can do well either away many large
ed from a trip to Portland where to reorganize this class in the fall.
in or out o f school without health, must he a reason. The reason why j headquarters now are.
Mr*. Burger, who is worthy matron
parents should realize the import­ Mr. Faber is putting on this sale is
because he is quitting business. For
Mr. and Mrs. Hedrick left Sunday 1 <*f the local O. E. S., represented the
Jackson Hot Springs, which con­
ance o f this movement.
»here they , r,rder there in grand lodge.
Mr*, tinues to be one o* the moat popular
You may register any time at over twenty years he has been in evening fo r Portland
Paxson’s Drug Store and receive an the mercantile business and during took a special train for the Sesqui- Rorger was accompanied by her swimming resorts o f the valley has
appointment fo r each baby. Please that t me ha* necessarily carried Centennial Exposition in Philadel- daughter Mildred, who was associate install'd a new spring board. This
many responsibilities, and his health nhia. They plan to sail from New matron by proxy,
hoard which has been especially pie-
register soon.
has become such that he realizes the York City to New Orleans about
pared and shipped from the east is
need o f a rest. He will clean out July 12 and will, on their return
The Epworth League was given a the only one o f its kind in the val-
the stock th* by September 1, and stop at Los Angeles to visit Hull and
evening at th* home o f Mr. ley.
and Mrs. J. M. Johnson last Friday.
C. A. Boles and H. P. Jewett, who at tbal time the store will be re­ Paul.
Games were played asd delicious re­
Miss Arlene Hay,
until a short
have achieved fame in the art of modeled in order to accommodate a
Mr. aDd Mrs. W. H. Norcross are freshment» served by th* young tim* ago employed at th* Western
fishing, accompanied by their fam­ new business.
Watch this Paper for further new» receiving the
congratulations o f ladies. Miss Bond and Miss Sea- Union Telegraph office, has le ft fo r
ilies. motored to the Butt* Fall* dis­
San Joss, California, where she wiU
their friends on th* errivel o f their brook* were down from Medford.
trict where they spent Sunday. Roy concerning this close out sale.
take a summer fours* in the normal
first grandson. Bruce Warren, bom
O in e and Rollin Bole* were a!*o in
Mrs Isaac Gardner, who has been Friday. June 18th to Mr. and Mr*.
The Ladies’ Circle
met at the school. 8he will return on Septem­
the party.
here visiting Mrs Damon, has con­ Hall Norcross at Lot Angeles, Cali­ Stancliffe home last Friday after- ber to commence her duties as sec­
Portland to fornia.
noon. .Some work was done in the ond grade teacher at Central Point.
J. M. John*on is availing himself tinued her trip from
interest o f Missionary endeavors and
o f i t opportunity to get wood fo r a Vallejo. California. She was accom­
Mis* Margaret Collins, is in Ash- s letter from the Japanese mission­
Our friend. Ä. C. Collins, renews
winter’s supply hy driving over near panied by Mrs. Herbert Landtoia.
Butt* Fall* during spare tim* *nd who has bees visiting in Canyonvill* , land where she is taking a course in ary who is being aided by th* Circle, his subscription to the American for
and whose home is in Vsllejo.
| the summer school.
a n o th e r vp a r
¡was read.
making use o f a woodman’* a*-
lV 2