Central Point American. (Central Point, Or.) 1925-1927, January 21, 1926, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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•onsistency relative to the A rgentine mea with L. M. Clark o* Portland
ituation, while “ Foreign, crops and as president and C. A. W 'estran of
The m arket situation on potatoes Tiarkets” for Decem ber 14 continue Portland as secretary. They plan on
has made little or no change since ‘.o show essentially the same sur­ running their own candidate for the
last week, says the O. A. C. exten­ pluses as have been reported here- legislature to represent their rights
sion radio reports. The dem and has ofore, tending to confirm the which they claim has been neglected. 1
been light and prices have stayed heory that the early Decem ber flu r­ the auto license tax being cited as
at about the same level. Newspaper ry was to a considerable extent an example. T heir headquarters will
accounts report a prosecution and speculative. The seed situation re­ be in Portland.
fine for a violation of the potato mains about the Same as last week,
grading and labeling law.
his being an o ff season for plant- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Lange and their
daughter, also their son Hugo, and I
Yellow varieties of corn are rec­ ng.
family w ent by auto to Seattle Mon­
omm ended for all grow ers in Oregon
by the experim ent station. In
chem ical composition, differen t col­
Bliss Heine
Mrs. O. C. Perkeypile drove to
ors of corn are the same, but the
feeder has always noticed thdt live­ The B aptist church is holding re­ Rogue River Thursday.
stock prefers yellow corn. E xperi­ vival m eetings th at are being well a t­
m ents indicate th a t yellow corn con­ tended. W ard Baker, an exception­ Merl Kindle returned Saturday
tains vitam in A, which is lacking in ally fine violinist, is in charge of from a business trip to Frisco.
w hite corn. W here there is no pas­ the music.
tu re, as in dry lot feeding, this may M ark M ontgomery, well known Colorful Ribbon Hats
be a very practical consideration. local Southern Pacific agent and re­
Smart for Immediate Use
“ Sandardize on yellow varieties,” cently transferred to Corvallis, died
very suddenly last W ednesday m orn­
says the station.
It is possible to plant w heat at ing of heart failure. Mr. M ontgom­
this tim e of year som etim es and the ery was agent in M edford for ten
chances for its survival are much years and was one of the best liked
b etter with the copper carbonate and one of the m ost prom inent men
treatm ent than with previous m eth­ in M edford. He was in the employ
ods. It is probably b etter to w ait of the Southern Pacific for 34 years,
until good w eather in F eruary before having erttered this service the same
day as President Sproule of that
Fall w heat, when sown in the road. His death was quite a shock
spring, does not usually do as well to his many valley friends.
as when fall planted, nor does it Last Thursday night the M edford
usually do as well as spring w heat N ational Guard basketball team de­
planted in the spring. In cold sec­ feated the Ashland A rtillery team in
tions spring w heat is unsafe fo r fall a fast and hard fought gam e a t the
planting but in the W illam ette val­ M edford Arm ory by a score of 26
ley where the w inters are mild to 24. It was one of the best bas­
spring varieties, like Jenkin club, ketball games ever played on th at
foisx, rink and little club, may be floor and was hard fought from start
sown either fall or spring, and un­ to finish. In the prelim inary game
less the w inter is unusally severe, Phoenix defeated the M edford grades
stands will be m aintained. Jenkin by a score of 12 to 6. Towards the
club is probably the best of these last the dim inutive Bobbie H erriot
went in and did excellent floor work.
varieties for fall use.
He was easily the favorite with the
A ccording to varietal tests con­ fane
gives promise of rivaling
ducted for a good m any years, the his big and brother
on the high team.
m ost productive spring oat varieties The Electric Bakery
W est Main A new idol Is set up in the realm
are victory and three-grain. These street was sold again on and
of millinery for tlie world of fashion
have been rath er consistent high on Monday m orning under new opened
to adore. It Is the little soft, lovely
yielders for a good m any years. agem ent.
colored hat of wide belting ribbon.
Occasionally there is a special m ar­
To Its glory modernistic art is con­
ket calling for some variety like On Monday evening Talisman tributing Its highest genius, especial­
Swedish select or shadoland climax, Lodge, Knights of Pythias, conferred ly In the malici of achieving sub­
Blending and con­
but for the most part, w here one the rank of Knight on a large class tlest color of effects.
pastel shades, which at
desires to get n good yield of oats, following which a real m ulligan feed trasting
present are the chief topic of the
was served. This is the largest class mode,
victory and three-grain are best.
makes the modern belting rib­
Farm ers in many parts of Oregon to take the Knight Rank for some bon hat a theme of colorful tullored
are beginning to tre a t seed w heat
for spring planting with copper car­ Gordon Kershaw, freshm an in The French Imports are setting a
bonate dust. By treatin g the seed commerce, was elected assitant yell standard of sophisticated color blend­
in advance, sowing may take place leader of O. A. C. at a m eeting of ing In these skillfully designed close-
prom ptly when conditions are right. the associated students last week. fitting chapeaux» Many of these new­
ly arrived models show the ribbon
The standard treatm en t recom m end­ Seven men tried for the position.
In clever squares nnd dia­
ed by the experim ent station is two The new S tar Six is now on ex­ folded
monds and other novel manipulation,
o u ices of eopper carbonate to the hibition in M edford.
accenting the nse of several colors.
Lushel. Grow ers find th a t in order A num ber of valley people enjoyed The blending of two or more shades
to be successful it m ust be thorough­ skiing a t Union creek last Sunday. of one color Is also featured.
ly put on. The treatm en t in no way Sunday noon about 25 traveling Very smnrt, also Is the nll-hlack
injures the seed, as form aldehyde salesman m et a t the Hotel M edford belting ribbon hat, two very fashion­
and form ed a tem porary state organ­ able exponents of which are shown
and bluestone do.
S tatistics of acreage in O reeon ization known as Organized Sales- In this picture.
and in the U nited States show th at
the planting of w inter w heat was
considerably below norm al in the
Hard to Get Started
fall of 1925. There is some ju stifi­
cation for increasing the acreage of
spring w heat over the norm al plant­
ing, experim ent station w orkers oe-
lieve. F or eastern Oregon, federa­
tion, hard federation and in a few
very high elevations early B aart are
the highest yielding and best priced
varieties. F or w estern Oregon, fed­
eration is very good in Jackson, Jose­
phine and Douglas counties, especial­
ly on the mellow and fairly rich
soils. In the W illam ette valley on
mellow rich soils federation, Jenkin
cub, and bluechaff club are all ex­
cellent yielders. On the heavier
soils, the uplaid soils and on some
of the soils th a t are som ewhat run
down, Huston is w ithout doubt the
best available variety from Douglas
county north.
The w heat situation has changed
but litlte as the m arket has tapered j
o ff to some extent and dem and in
the Pacific northw est has lessened,
said a late O. A. C. extension radio
dispatch. Newspaper reports from
Chicago continue to show g rea t in-
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SLCH ÎS LIFE by Van Zelm—That’s Different
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