Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, June 14, 1917, Image 2

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    O u tra i Yînint Irralî*
P u b l i s h e d E ve ry T hursday
l-f'T! B. FRANKLIN, Editor and Manager.
A n I n d e p e n d e n t local n e w s p a p e r dev o ted to
th»» in te re s ts o f (’e n tr a i P o in t and th e Roirue
R iv e r V alley,
E n te re d a*, second class m a tte r a t th e p o st o f­
fice at ( 'e n tr a i P oint, O reg o n . May 4, lMdtj, a c co rd -
i-i," to e n A c t <>f C ongress, M arch B, 1H79.
T h is p a p e r is k e p t on file* a t th e D a k e A d v er ­
A g e n c y , Inc., 427 S o u th M ain S tre e t, Los
A ngeles an d 779 M a rk e t S tr e e t, S an F ran cisc o ,
w h e re c o n tra c ts for a d v e rtis in g c a n In* m ade.
t is in g
Subscription Price $1.00 per Year
The Willing Workers’ Club, a
rural club of women in Andrew
County, Missouri, expended $2,-
200 in less than a year on road
building It is preparing1 now to
build a consolidated high school
with experimental station and
agricultural deparrment. It has
inaugurated an annual potato
day in the schools, when vege­
tables of all kinds are brought
together for those who have
none. It has an annual canning
day, when members bring their
surplus apples to make into apple
butter for those who have none.
It has indoor picnics in winter
and outdoor picnics in summer,
with lectures hy inventors, edu­
cators, engineers and editors.
It has a union Sunday school.
No Willing Worker gossips or
listens to gossip. There is no
unkind criticism. At the quilt­
ings in Andrew County the sew­
ing is not all equally good, but it
has come to be a tradition that
all the stitches that can lie criti-
ciz d are those taken by the
president, Mrs. W. H. Thomas,
whose ideals have taken shape
in tin's club.
There are a good many secrets
in Andrew County since the
Willing Workers came into ex
istence. A neighborhood spirit
brought the club into existerce,
but a genuine family spirit lias
been born, and to this spirit,
working with delicate tact, is
due the secret acts the Willing
Workers will not have them call­
ed charity or philanthropy, hut
just the little lifts that enabled
one Andrew County invalid to go
to a hospital for treatmet t long
needed; another to undergo an
expensive operation ; a whole
family to be shod and clothed
and perhaps fed under a crucial
period in the family’s finances;
a boy to receive surgical help
following an accident. The dues
of the club are live cents a month
if the member can aiTord it: but
if she cannot no one ever knows.
"Why. no,” said a member of
the Andrew County dub, "w e
haven’t done very much just
developed the neighborhood spirit
that is lying more or less ¡¿U in
«. very country district. ” Ka ¡. ,.s
City Stur.
th e h o m e paper
Ex Governor Francis of Mis­
The Chinese are not given to
souri once said the following of
newspapers :
A gentleman called at a Chi­
“ Each year the loea' news­ nese laundry for his clothes.
paper gives from $500 to $1,000 On receiving the package he no­
in free lines to the community in ticed some Chinese characters
which it is located. No other marked upon it,
He asked,
agency can or will do this. The pointing to the lettering :
editor, in proportion to his
"That is my name, ¡suppose?”
means, does more for his town
“ No. ’Scliption,” was the
than anv other ten men, and in Chinaman’s bland reply, ” ’I-.il
all fairness he ought to be sup­ oP man, closs-eyed, no teeth !’ ”
ported not because you like
him or admire his writing, but
because the local paper is the
Beugle Brevettes
best investment a community
cun make. It may not he bril­ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lester of Table
liantly edited or crowded w;th Rock were visitors at the Prank home
thought, but financially it is of last W e e k .
Mr. Ho we of Trail Creek was looking
more benefit to the community a f t e r inter, -ts here the last of the
than the preacher or teacher. week.
Understand me, I do not mean plure ire W a'ker has moved his
mentally, and yet on moral ques­ family onto the Russell plaee for the
tions you will fin-1 most of the summt r.
papers on the right side. To- J. I. Krh.k and family were Eagle
day the editors of thp local Point vis tors the last of the week.
papers do the most for the least Mrs. C S Sanderson and little Dor­
of Co. tral Point, are spending a
money of any people in t h » othy,
fe w days vi iting at the home of her
world. ”
son, C. C Sanderson.
(W ritten by a college student)
One beautiful dav in dune the
call of the woodland enticed me
from the wearisome city. As I
strolled in the shady paths the
perfurve r»f crol ferns at rl grats,
wild flovo-s and evergreens, ac
cmnnaniod ever;- breath of the
woodland =• it*. The natural soli­
tude of the forest was broken
only hy the birds in bush and
treetop singing the joyful melo­
dies of June time. The soft,
warm sunbeams, pe^pint thru
here and there as if watching
me, seemed to be saving, ” M.v
city-weary friend, lie down on
the soft cool grass and enjoy to
the full the peaceful quiet of the
wood'and, and I will sooth thee
to slumber while the birds sere­
nade thee with the songs of sum­
mer.” Obeying, I soon found
myself fairly hypnotized hy the
soothing magic of the pear ful.
restful stillness, the pi- asing
odor of the woodland air and
the warmth of the sunbeams.
I drifted into the mesmeric mys­
teries of Dreamland with the
music of the forest serenaders a
sweet memory, blending into my
dreams. Suddenly my perfect
slumber was shattered ! A jar
as of a mighty earthquake shook
the very earth and sky ! A roar
that vibrated thru the air as by
a thousand cannon deafened mv
drowsy ears! As I was desper­
ately trying to gather my senses,
a wounded Chinese pheasant fell
ju>t twenty feet beyond me. the
victim of an illegal shot. I was
the victim though a lucky one,
of the magic speil of th? wood­
land in June.
The Mayfi ld brothers of Cehtral
Point were looking after their cattle
around B-agle the last of the week.
C. C. Sanderson is spending a few
days in town looking a fte r interests
We understand the Richardson r a w h
has been rented. We will all he glad
to have some new neighbors there.
Tii p a has been vacant for quite a
W. !. Re g.-is made a business trip
to Ct ntral I i ¡nt , nil Medford Tuesday.
J. t
Men’s Udirai! • 25c
S< hocliioys’ Haircut 20c
Laundrv, Clothes Cleaning
and Pressing Agency.
^ ¡p
7 .™ ™ -
Dennis Eucalyptus Ointment
We Have
a new shipment of
: For all demands in stock
lifi4NFilLL& K uüîi E. t
Centra! Point
Central Point, Ore
6oi»g to the Roundup j
IF SO, buy your new hat before you go.
shipment just arrived.
. F. A. H A W K :
1 he Artistic Milliner”