Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, May 31, 1917, Image 8

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    ÏÏâual attù ÎJmuntal ¿Items
The girls of our citv have proved
that they have the right sort of stuff;
they are sticking to their work in the
beet fields. The sight of girls in full
male attire the new style “ union suit”
overalls is becoming common on our
streets. Who can say we are not living
in a wonderful age ?
Have you bought any Liberty bonds
yet? You can "do your bit” by pur­
chasing same at the Central Point
State Bank.
Spring time is kodak time, and if
you have’nt a kodak see Paxson Drug
Co. Some nice ones from a dollar to
twelve dollars.
Hay harvest will soon be in full
swing in the valley.
Betts will buy all your old zinc, cop­
per, lead, brass, etc. Hotel Central,
Central Point.
Rev. P. S. Bandy has made the pur­
chase of a new rubber-tired buggy
from the local firm of Freeman, Wiley
& Co.
The far-sighted man is now planting
potatoes, beans and other garden stuff.
We have a quantity of fancy American
Wonder seed potatoes and Kentucky
Wonder pole beans, and a complete
stock of other fancy garden seeds.
Central Point Mills.
Miss Vada Altimus, who was former­
ly employed in an attorney's office in
Medford, has accepted a position as
stenographer and book-keeper for R.
W. Elden of our city.
Mr. G. E. Walters, of Medford, who
recently had an operation performed in
the Dow Hospital, returned to his
home on Wednesday.
Ask your dealer for California Wash­
ing Powder. It's the washing powder
that makes your washing easier and
your clothes whiter. Manufactured at
441 B St., Ashland, Ore.
Mrs. Louis Goinstein of Medford had
a major operation performed in the
Dow Hospital on Thursday. Mrs. Goin­
stein is doing well.
Rev. P. S. Bandy, who is to preach
next Sunday on prison reform, was for
a time acting chaplain at the State
prison in Salem, and understands the
conditions at our State penal instiiu-
tion thoroughly from first hand experi­
ence. It will be worth your while to
hear this sermon on Sunday.
Adolph Olson of Rogue River was a
business caller Wednesday.
Arsenate of Lead, one, two and five
pound packages, at Paxson’s.
Invalid chair in good condition for sale.
Inquire at Herald office.
Mr. Roy E. Green of Gold Hill was
operated upon in the Dow Hospital on
Monday for an old fracture of the skull.
He will return to his home soon.
The Central Point Flouring Mill, our
growing manufacturing industry, has
found it necessary to run evenings dur­
ing the past month on account of ac­
cumulated orders for their products.
This rush of business will continue for
some time, we are informed by the
management. Evidently the public
appreciates the quality of our home
goods, and the prices too.
Have you seen the mysterious box in
Hull’s window ?
Mrs. Scott Woolf of Medford had a
major operation performed in the Dow
Hospital last Tuesday. She is resting
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank the friends who so
kindly assisted us in giving the Memo­
rial Day program, the friends furnish­
ing the use of their cars to take the
crowd to the cemetery in the forenoon,
and those taking part in the program
at the Savoy in the afternoon as well.
W om en ’ s R e l ie f C o r ps .
Agate Jewels
Born to Mi. and Mrs. Jams A. Baker
May 20th an 81b. daughter.
Mrs. John Timmons returned Monday
after a weeks visit in Yoncalla with
her mother who has been seriously ill.
Her mother, Mrs. Haselrig was form­
erly a resident of this vicinity.
Mrs. Ernest Hammilton and children
left last Thursday for Yoncalla Oregon
where Mr. Hammilton has leased sparge
Stock ranch. They will make their
home there for some time to come. We
are sorry to lose such good neighbors
and useful citizens from this vicinity,
and the best wishesof the neighborhood
go with them in their new home.
Mrs. Will Atkins and infant son will
leave for her home near Talent to-day.
FOR SALE:- A Thompion
one and a fourth inch mountain
hacK. Paxton’s drug store.
Wanted: Man living near Central
Point for blight patrol. Must bt ex­
perienced and reliable. Apply to H. H.
Are you enlisted in the "Food Pre- Clark, preferably by letter or in per­
purdness” army? Are you raising your son.
own garden and poultry?
5-cent toilet soaps will soon be off the
Leave your orders for rubber stamps market on account of advancing prices.
at the Herald office.
Harmony Bath and Goblin still 5 cts. at
Have you saved any old papers Ha**“11'8-
or magazines for the local Red
Cross? If not, do so at once.
Leave your bundles at Paxson’s
drug store.
What would this community be with­
out a news paper?
Dennis Eucalyptus Ointment
Mrs. H. W. Davisson is improving
nicely. She came to town in her buggy
Leave your orders for rubber stamps Wednesday and gets around quite a
at the Herald office.
good deal.
JA R S 50C
"THE HERALD” — $1.(10 per year.
111 * 11*111
“For what avail the plow
or sail,
Or land or life, if free­
dom fail?”
Com m enting on the selection of H er­
b ert N unn as S tate H ighw ay E ngineer,
R. B. Murdock, roadm aster for Coos
County, pays the following high trib ­
ute to the qualifications of Mr. N unn:
"By executive and technical f a l n l n g
and experience, he Is easily the best
qualified m an in the S tale of Oregon,
If not on** he Pacific Coast, for the po­
sition which he has recently been
appointed to fill. The Commission is
to be com plim ented upon th e ir choice
and the sta te upon Its good fortune in
securing Mr. N unn’s services."
O wners of autom obiles will be re­
quired to pay the Increased license
fee w hether the road bond bill passes
or not. On th e other hand. If the road
bonds are voted at the Ju n e election,
a real s ta rt will be assured In giving
to th e state a system of perm anent
highw ays constructed from autom o­
bile license Tees and w ithout increas­
ing the general tax.
The Directors of this bank are well qualified for their duties by rea­
son of their conservative policies, sound judgment, experience, integrity
and financial standing.
Central Point State Bank
The fact th a t the United States Is a t
w ar with a foreign foe only furnishes
an additional argum ent in support of
the good roads bond bill. Im proved
and serviceable highw ays are a m ili­
ta ry necessity In tim e of war. hi th e ir
present condition, even the m ain tru n k
roads in th is sta te are en tirely Inade­
quate to m eet th e situ atio n should the
Pacific Coast ever be attacked by un­
friendly forces. Good roads a re not
only desirable in tim e of peace but are
positively indispensable when the
country Is in a state of war.
The most important thing about a bank is the character and ability
of the men behind it: the men who direct its affairs.
The construction of hard-surfaced
roads th a t will enable th e farm er to
reach th e Colum bia R iver w ith his
g rain and other products will give the
producers of E astern Oregon the full
benefit of w ater com petition In m ar­
keting th e ir products and will u lti­
m ately bring About a reduction of ex­
cessive freig h t rates th a t are now in
effect over th e various branch railroad
lines on which th e farm er Is now de­
pendent for tran sp o rtatio n .
\ The Men Behind A Bank