Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, May 31, 1917, Image 3

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A simple remedy for the high
cost of living is the use of radish­
es, not raw as commonly used,
but cooked just like you would
cook turnips. Not many house­
wives know this, but just try it
once and you will be surprised at
the result. Those who have tried
it say it is really difficult to tell
the difference between the turnip
Dannie Eucalyptus Oint
T ubes 2« c
ja r s
Put Your Boy Into
Two-Horse Brand
Overalls wjrifc)
B est-looking, longest - wearing
and cost no more than Inferior
kinds. Banded bib and swing­
ing white drill pockets (not the
old style patch pockets th at so
quickly wear through).
L o o k fo r t h u U b e l— take d o other«
A W A R D I O O R A N O P R I Z K A T W. I*. I . WL
M ade and G u aran teed by
\L E V I STRAUSS & CO-.S« Fn wises
-x~x r —
$ 2.75
ONE FARMER SAVES ¡c. P. H. S. Alumni Biinquet
ROAO BOND BILL $540 IN ONE YEAR The annual business meeting
R u ssell H a rris , C e n tra l P o in t Hisrh School.
Provides Immediate Construc­
tion of Permanent Highways
Without Increasing Taxes.
Much h as been said in opposition to
th e good roads bond bill th at has no
b earin g w hatever on th e m easure and
w hich could be designed only to poi­
son and prejudice th e voters ag ain st It.
T h at being th e case, th e follow ing p er­
tin e n t facts are sub m itted for th e in
form ation and th o u g h tfu l co n sidera­
tion of th e im p artial voter on th e eve
Of th e special election Ju n e 4th:
T his road bond bill proposes the Is­
suance of $0,000.000 tw enty-five year
four per cent bonds for th e co n struc­
tion of a system of state-w ide hard-
surfaced highw ays. T he roads to be
Im proved are designated in th e bill
and Include the m ain-traveled roads
th ro u g h o u t th e state.
A dequate revenue has been provided
by s ta tu te for payiug both In terest
and p rin cipal and re tire th e bonds a t
m atu rity w itho ut increasin g taxes.
T he m oney d e rite d from the increased
autom obile lie< uses and th e existing
q uarler-m ill slate road tax will pay
th e Interest w id re tire th e bnndB uud
leave a su b stan tia l balance for tlie
co n struction of o :h er ro ad s not enum ­
erated in th e bond bill.
T he increased autom obile license
and th e sta te road tax are provided by
sta tu te s now iu effect and will have
to be paid regardless of w hether or
not th e road bonds are voted a t the
sp< < ial election Ju n e 4th.
T he autom obile ow ner 1 b w illing to
pay th e Inert use d license. All th a t he
asks is th a t the lio i.s e mom y, w hich
has to be p aid anyw ay, be expended in
co n stru ctin g th e to ad s propostd in the
bond bill. The autom obile ow ner will
provide all cf th e money necessary to
m eet th e in te re st ch arges and re tire
th e bonds. He fails to see why th ere
should be any opposition to th e ex­
p en d itu re of th e m oney so provided iu
the co n struction of good roads, iu view
of th e fact th a t It is his m oney th a t
will pay for th e im provem ents.
All of th e m oney raised from the
bonds will be expended u nder th e d i­
rection of th e S tate H ighw ay C om m is­
sion, ap p ointed by G overnor W ithy-
combe. T he C om m ission has announc­
ed th at in expending th e fund all sec­
tion s of th e state will be considered
im p artially . A d ollar's w orth of road
co n strucliou for every d ollar expend' d
is g u aran teed by the C om m issioners,
who have declare'd th a t they will p u r­
chase one o r m ure paving p lan ts and
lay paving unless satisfacto ry Lids are
sub m itted by paving co n tractors. O r­
d inary com m on s< nse business princl-
pit s will a . 30 govern th e C om m ission­
ers in th e ir work of road building.
S carcity of laber and th e reasonable­
ness of w ar-tim e prices for m a irila ls
will d eterm in e th e tim e for in au g u rat­
ing w ork an d th e scope of actual road
construction. K ord bulldii.g will not
be u nd ertak en by th e C om m ission un­
less conditions are favorable.
A pp.oval of th e road bond bill Ju n e
4th will be an in d arerm en t of a ptan
th a t in su res for th e sta te the co n struc­
tion of a s', stem of hard-surfaced roads
w ith funds already provided by law
t.nd w ithout increasing o th er taxes.
Vote £14 X YES and help "Hull O re­
gon Out of the M ud.”
Central Point
I am for th e rtx.d bond Issue be-
cr.use 1 believe it will give us of O re­
gon good read s a td at places w here
c L't-'v t: food roads now. and
O N L Y $ 1 .0 0 A Y E A R
and banquet of the High School
[Alumni Association was held in
the Domestic Science Room of the
What Good Roads Mean
building last Friday even­
to Him.
ing. Most of this years class
were present and cordially wel­
H. W est, farm er and d airym an, liv­
ing near Scappoose, In an en th u siastic comed by the older members.
su p p o rter of th e road bond bill th a t
A dinner was served by the
w ill be before th e voters for th eir ap ­ Junior girls. Mr. Cowley acted
proval a t th e special election Ju n e 4.
H e is for th e road bonds because th e as toastmaster and gave every­
value of good roads has been dem on­ one an opportunity to say some­
stra ted to him conclusively. T hrough thing in regard to their school ac-
th e co n struction of a m acadam road
by w hich he is enabled to send m ilk *ivities. The boys who have re-
and cream to m ark et by auto truck, urned from college related some
Mr. W est last year saved $540.
"B efore th e m acadam road was f their experiences of the past
b u ilt,” according to Mr. W est, "I had year.
to haul my m ilk an d cream by team
None of the officers elected
to Scappoose. But now an auto tru ck 'last year were present, so the
calls at my hom e daily, delivers my
dairy p ro du cts In th e P ortlan d m arket business meeting was turned over
and on th e re tu rn trip brings groceries to Roland Flahertv, and the fol­
and o th er supplies rig h t to my door. lowing officers elected : Fred
Due en tire ly to th e m acadam road, my
saving last year in m ark etin g the Taylor, president; Helen Parker,
products of my d airy alone was $540. vice-president; and Vada Al-
T his estim ate does not include th e tumes, secretary-treasurer — all
saving th at has attend ed th e m ark e t­
ing of my farm products and th e de­ by the railroad method.
livery of freig h t and o tb er supplies at
A resolution was passed to
in v i.ome.
"By b ard -surfacin g th is m acadam boost the erection of a new high
road, my savings due to im proved school building as much as pres­
roads will be even g rea te r for w ith the ent conditions will permit, and a
com pleted road the ro st of operatin g new office created. Russell Har­
auto tru c k s w ill be fu rth e r reduced.
Yes, I atn en th u siastically In favor of ris was elected chief scribe.
th e road bond bill.
Everybody seemed to think
Fred Taylor was getting bald-
w in r< we need them m ost. T here is headed, but he said that his hair
only one plan bi fore us by w hich we hadn’t grown out yet.
mh> o alt som e really good and serv -1 Much regret was expressed
iceabie roads and th a t is the p resen t j
schem e of p erm ittin g th e sta te to sell I over the loss of the fine corps of
$6,(lt)0,000 iu four per cent serial bonds high school teachers this year.
to be redeem ed both in prin cipal and The teachers were questioned,
in terest by th e revenue derived from
s state tax on autom obiles. If we do but didn’t seem to have any good
not adopt th is plan we of O regon w ill reasons, so they must be “slack­
continue as we have already continued ers.”
too long, w ith poorly drained, w retch- [
Not as much spirit was mani­
id ly located and m iserably surfaced
roads, im passable in w in ter and im ­ fested among a few of the
practical and expensive at all tim es.— Alumni members as might he
R ufus C. Ilnltnan, P resid en t of S tate
A ssociation of C ounty Jud ges and expected, hut those présent were
C ounty C om m issioners.
enthusiastic. With the large
classes graduated in the past
MEAN TO M OTORISTS few years and a little organized
effort, the association hopes to
Every m otorist has observed how bis do a great deal in influencing
ra r accelerates when he g ets from au
unim proved road to a stretch of hard- the opinion of the community.
H. West, of Scappoose. Tells
surfaced; but he may not realize bow
large a saving of pow er and gcsollne
th a t acceleration represents. If he
w ere bo trav el over a hard even s u r­
face h ab itu ally instead of over th e
average co u ntry road, his gasoline bill
would be g reatly reduced. A m otorist
I d M ississippi has figured out th a t
hard surfaced roads In his com m unity
save hint $30 per year in the gasoline
consum ed by a single ear.
In the face of th ise facts, is th ere
any possible r»ason why every ruto-
m oblle ow ner should not vote for the
$6.000,000 good roads bond bill?
Poor ro-.ds are very expensive th in g s
for country com m unities T he farm er
who th in k s th a t Im proved highw ays
are m aluiv for th e benefit of those
who drive autom obiles should reflect
on the res'rit of a recent Investigation
by th e D epartm ent of A griculture,
which finds th at the cost of hauling
farm produce over o rd in ary country
roads is 23 omits a ton. w hereas over
hard surfaced roads it Is only 13 rents.
—F act and C om m ent in Youth s Com­
panion. May 1$, 1317.
Next Tuesday at the Y. M. C. A. the
Epworth League of the M. E. church
will hold their annual election and social.
All are invited to attend.
Ked Cross Making I p Comfort fiaqs
The Central Point Red Cross Auxili­
ary is making up “ comfort bags” for
the soldiers. The following list of
articles compose the contents of a
“ comfort bag” :
Khaki-colored sewing cotton No. 30,
fhite sewing cotton No. 30, white dar­
ing cotton No. 30, needles No. B,
arning needle, needle case; buttons,
khaki-colored and white, medium size,
|in hsgs 3x5 in.; large thimble, blunt-
liointed scissors, rake of soap, medium
size safety pins, common pins, small
comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, small
round mirror, handkerchiefs, lead pen­
cil, writing pad, envelopes and post
cards, playing cards, collapsible alumi­
num drinking cup, pocket knife, shoe
laces, tan.
Any of these articles will be g rate­
fully received by the local Red Cross.
Any m erchant willing to furnish any­
thing on the list at cost should see the
chairman, Mrs. Palmer.
How many people coming here look-
ing for a new location would stop, if
Central Point had no paper^