Central Point herald and Southern Oregon news. (Central Point, Or.) 1917-19??, April 05, 1917, Image 4

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Uncle Sam
Local Boys to Enlist
date nine of our local
boya bave
J. C. Herring, the deputy assessor for « « h e r signed the agreement that they
this district, paid the Herald an official would enlist or have alredy enlisted in
some branch of the military service.
visit Tuesday. We are pleased to have
Altho the recruiting officers of Med­
met Mr. Herring, for he impressed us
ford, representing the 7th Company j
as being a man one likes to list among
Coast Artillery, Oregon NationalGuard. [
his friends. Mr. Herring also p'eased
have been working Central Point, the i
us by adding his name to the ever in-
most of our boys chose to join other |
reasing subscription list of the Herald.
The following signed
We pay cash for eggs. Central Point the recruiting officer’s agreement thatj
they would enlist, practically all o fi
Poultry Co.
them choosing the Naval Reserve as j
Mr. and Mrs. Jess - (ilass motored to
the branch they wish to join: Floyd j
town from their ranch at Antloc last
Boss, Jay Hathaway, Paul Norcross,
Saturday afternoon. They took Mr.
Howard Mayfield, Dan Herring, Vern ‘
and Mrs. A. M. Clark home with them
Magruder, Ben Hilton ar.d Walter Grim, j
to spend Sunday.
Merlran J. Altimus, who has been}
We are informed that there are junk employed by Uncle Sam, under the j
buyers who are continually representing |0(.a| postmaster, Guy Tex, for more
themselves to be connected with us. than a year, left for Vancouver, Wash ,
This is false, as we have no one on Tuesday evening where he will take
the road at the present time, and when the examination for the regular army,
we do they will have cards to show as he signed up for the Coast Artillary
their authorty, therefore, until such branch of the regular service.
Mr. j
time as any junk buyer calling upon Altimus proved a very capable and re- f
you for your waste wareH cHnshow you liabe assistant in the local post office, •
such a card, we would suggest that Mr. Tex told the Herald editor, adding ‘
you bring your waste direct to our that Mr. Altimus was v-ry bright and \
place of business, as we are paying a ambitious and was always studying ■
higher price for most all such mater­ during spare moments.* It is his aim -
ials than these outside buyers.
to serve one year in the army and then i
Harrison & Betts, Hotel Central Build­ to take the examination for an appoint­
ing, Central Point, Oregon.
ment to West Point.
Dick Hay was over from Grenada,
California, and spent the week end
with his family in this city.
A. J. Potts, who has charge of the
Davis Ranch east of the city, has pur­
chased a new Maxwell car and visited
our city lust Saturday.
Mr. Potts is a
hard working, conscientious man and we
are pleased to not ■ that he is the proud
owner of such a fine cur.
will bring your checks to us and we will place them
to your account and return you a receipt for the deposit.
No red tape necessary for this transaction and no loss
of time.
Central Point State Bank
% m im m
A. E. REAMS— Lawyer. Office rooms
in Garnett-Corey Building, Medford.
That a fellow hasn’t much time
write when he is attending to GEO. W. C H E R R Y
Attorney and
Harrison Leaves for Calif. the mechanical end o f the busi­ Notary. Rooms, 9-10, Jackson County
Bank Building, entrance North Cen­
tral, Medford, Oregon.
L. M. Harrison, our local waste deal­ ness?
l worst thing about a White-Gas
I.a Ponte and C. B. Pankey
went to Ashland in an auto
as delegates to the county
of the Modern Woodman of
of this city
Mr. Betts will take charge of the
Wednesday business during M r. Harrison's absence car is, they will not run without
convention and the highest market prices will ho gas?
paid in cu»h for your old waste.
It] Which is the most valuable-
he well for you to get their price _ i
. «
Kirk Prock moved to Grants Puss woulil
, ,
, mo-hair or less-smoke:
this week where he expects to be em­ before Helling your waste to outside
What’s became of Parker?
ployed during the summer.
Mr. K. P. Anthony of Albany Tanning
Co. was in town Friday, leaving for
Kluinutli Falls Suturday.
um nm m m m m
Southern Oregon for oe
u m in
That there will be no more
Public Auctioneer
with years of experience, having cried
sales in Indiana and Missouri before
conducting sales in Oregon. Address
Route 2, Central Point.
T . O. HEINE. M. I).
Physician and
Practice limited to eye,
ear, nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Phone: 303, Medford, Oregon.
DR P O E L L IT Z — Physician and Sur­
At Central Point from 10 to
12 a m. daily.
DR. T. G. H E IN E —Physician and Sur­
geon. Office over M. & M. Store 22.
E. Main Street, Medford, Phone: 303
Dr. . J. EMMENS Physician and
sui^eon. Practice limited to eye,
ear nose and throat. Eyes scien­
tifically tested and glasses supplied.
Oculist and Aurlst for S. F. R. R
Co. Offices M. F. & H. Co. bldg.,
opposite P. O. Phone 567.
Practice limited to
Eye , Ea r, N o s e and T h r o a t
and the
F lttlu g of G lasses
Swedenburg Block
and prices on almost all food stuff, hardware
and paints are going up daily. We be­
lieve that the thrifty man will make
money by Buying Today. All prices are
high now, but
Everything Will Be higher Tomorrow
Come in today and buy all the groceries and
hardware that you can possibly pay for.
Cowley’s Emporium
Plant your garden today.
It will
help out on the high cost of living.
You will find in our store, the best
assortment of seeds in our city.
Phone 216
MC M. M. DOW M. D., M . S.
Opposite Post Office
Joe Boswell has returned to our city, ‘
1 hat Dr. Mulkey would like to
Mrs. Thomson of Willow Springs was
Phvsician and Surgeon
a business culler in our city Tuesday. be says to remain. He lias made s m il e ktiOW where th e ' old apple t r e e "
lucky pickups in Northern California ' is located ?
Mr. Hay was visting his family over
Osteopathic Physician
but the Rogue River Valley is the
Sunday returning to California Tues­
That the many wrinkles in the
place to live.
Offices and Residence
day morning.
merchants’ foreheads are only
Joe has purchased the L. L. Love
Mr. and Mrs. James Grieves and son
tract of eight acres, just west of the trademarks?
o f Prospect are visiting the home of
city, ami lias moved his family thereto
That the President who wore
postmaster, Tex, for a few days.
He will make a ugmber of improvements
largest hat was the one with _________________________________
We pay cash for eggs. Central Point about the place, one of them being the
the largest head?
planting of a nice vinyard.
Poultry Co.
Phone: I 7
That 1 caught little lkie trying W d l Digging and Cleaning
to crawl through a post office
I n q u i r e at Peart & Lyons
iir.v '>
Blacksmith Shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Ilay and daughter I
Shop Phone: 411.
Arlene visited in Medford
Residence Phone: 85
Whether Dr. Mulkey has af
Mr. and Mrs. (lakes Ames visited at
Miss Eleaner Crowder, who taught million or not?
The Best Feed that money
can buy is none too good for
the horse that does your work.
He is your capital, and should
be treated accordingly.
have the best in all kinds of
feed, at prices that will be
found reasonable on compari­
son. We invite comparison of
quality and price of our feeds
with that of city mills. Come
in and be convinced! Remem­
Our " M L Pitt” and
" F a v o r ite " brands of flour.
Mrs. Hawk visited her sister
Ashland Sunday.
the home ol her Parents Mr. and Mrs. school this lust year at Echo, was
Hays Sunday.
married to Mr II. Matikin on Satur­
Kminel Nealon of Table Rock was on day, March 31st. In honor o f tho
occasion a big dinner was served to
our streets Saturday.
relatives and a few friends at the home
Mrs. Evans, sister of Mrs. Chitten­
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
den, was a pleasant caller Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Mankin will make
Mrs. Hattie Iteenian of Gold Hill their home in Echo, where Mr. Mankin
was visiting friends here Tuesday.
owns considerable land. W'c nil wish
Mrs. Haight of Gold Hill was hero them happiness.
Tuesday having denti l work done.
The Parent-Teachers Club will meet
Mr. Tuft of Fisher Flour Mills was st the house of Mrs. R. W. Eldon, on
April 7th. The books from the state
a pleasent caller Wednesday.
traveling library will have arrived by
that time ut Mrs. Eldon's home, and
Table Rock, Easter Service theladns will have an opportunity to
see them all before any are taken away.
Faster services w ill be held at the
Mr. J. W. Eldon is on the sick list.
Table Rock school house, Sunday after-
n o u n at
2:30 o ’clock. Sja-cial
Mrs. Roy Nichols has entirely recov­
music will be rendered and the Red ered from her recent illness.
Cross Movement will be presented by
Mrs. R. W. Klden spent Thursday
Mr. Paxson, of Central
Point, and
at the home of Mrs, Bandy
others. A full attendance is desired.
in Central Point.
Card of Thanks
Dennis Eucalyptus Ointmant
S T ALL DNUO aroacs
I 7 l.s n g s è i JAS» OOC
man who will* legitimately invest
W A N T E D 750 or more Nanny Goats
a large amount o f money in your that will kid this spring. Could alsouse
You have a de­ a number of yearin wethers and bucks.
The McCloud River Lumber Company,
pendable Jitney line here.
That you should pick a big gun
when you go?
McCoud, Cal.
Services will be hold at the school-
house next Sunday afternoon at 2:30
by Rev. 8. J. Minor.
Everyone is
the Southern Pacific Is
heavy steel on Its truck from Marsh­
field to Myrtle Point
A Word With You
The Central Point Mills
For Sale
Who put that hide there?
A bicycle repair shop and stock at in-
! voice price.
For particulars, see or
’ address Geo. Betts, Central Point, Ore.
hrdnls I’dss lumber Company Sells;
i> F Carson of Ashland has closed j Ft OR
For Sale....
end with her little friend Lucy
'lliat you should not plant po­
W a n te d at Once
tatoes in the light of the «loon?—
Harrison & Betts want 250 lbs.
Plant them in the ground.
o f old ingrain carpet at once.
Phone: 61, Hotel Central Bldg.
That you should he loyal to any
SAI.E Second-hand “ Ranger"
• ItieVi
a deal for the purchase of the R o g u e ¡bicycle,
almost good as new, w ith tool
River Lumber Company's business fn I bag and tools, coaster brake, lamp,
Grants I’ .iss from It L Coe of thatj*^®' Price $17 cash. Phone, write or
c ty ill-cording to the Grants Pass ,
at Herald Office.
The Grants Pass business’ ——
— ■“ ~~~~~~~~~~“ 1
will be condueted In connection with
A few of Roland Birkholz's friend* the Carson Fowler Lumber Company
spent Sunday afternoon at his home. of Ashland
K It Christie of Ash-
The occasion being the celebration of
i win move his famiij to Grants One Iron Safe.
One Plat-
his 11th birthday.
Wo wish to extern! our sincere
thanks to the many friends who
Mr. Geo. Davis is improving slowly
were so thoughtful and kind to
from his recent attack of the grippe.
us in our late bereavement.
Miss Virginia Bandy spent the week
The Family.
f/ w r/ M is S
Business Cards
Do You Know
er, left Sunday morning for Stockton,
That Dr. Mulkey lost his hide
Calif., where he will attend to some
business matters and visit II. (>. King
and family, formerly of this city.
That Harrison has gone after
will also visit other California cities in
her and admits that she is black?
the interest of the order of Knights and
M. O. Broadbent has rented the Bos­ I.adies of Security, in order to famil­
That one o f the fastest grow­
well residence in the south part of the iarize himself with the workings of the ing industries in the world is the
order, for which he is deputy.
Hu is
city and moved his family thereto.
manufacture o f wooden legs and
particularly interested i n tiecoming
W A N T K D : Allthecggs we can buy.
more familiar with the initiatory work. arms?
Central Point Poultry Co.
When Dr. Mulkey is going to
Mr. Harrison has brought a great
Mrs. J. P. Dinken of Medford enter­
ed the Dow Hospital last Tuesday for deal of money to our community through present Hull with a rabbit’s foot
the sale of waste materials, gathered so he can catch a fish?
treatment preparatory for an operation
up about the many homes.
Upon his
for gall stones.
That Sam Moore ventured up
return he expects to be better prepared
Ike Williams is going to build a new to cover the territory and get acquaint­ town with his car this week?
barn on his place near the city.
The ed with the people, thereby, eliminat-j
How many people went to war
lumber for the structure is being haul­ ¡tig the likelyhood of so much misrepre- i
ed to the premises. The barn will be sentation on the part of out-of-town, from Central Point?
52x5H feet in dimensions.
buyers, who represent themselves as >
That Mark Welch says the
W. K. Alexander, D. C. Grim, A. K. being connected with Harrison & Betts, i
um nm
ïiir a l anù { b r a m a i JJtm a
Word was received last Tuesday that
Mrs. Joseph B. Stevens of Tolo, who
recently underwent at operation at the
Bow Hospital, had not fully recovered,
but was steadily gaining.
um m
’’ s •u"' Wl11 h'""
,h" form Seale. One Oak Count-
One Cheese Cutter and
Case. One Computing Scale.
Also other Store Furniture.
branch there
Mr Fowler, who Is at
present In British Columbia, may lo­
cate in Grants Pass upon his return
Mr Christie has been connected with
the Carson Fowler company In Ash­
land for some years past and Is thor~
onghly experienced In the lumber bust
Madras has voted to build a brick
structure for use of the city and coun­
ty Work will begin on It as soon as
the weather permits
The easiest, quickest and most satisfactory way
to restore the look of newness to an old car is by the
Chi-n&mel System.
This will be one o f the features
brought out at our two-daysChi-namelDemonstration
APRIL 9 - 1 0
Inquire at
Mary A . Mee's Drug Store
YNest Side xShoe ShinePdrlnr
107 W. MAIN ST.
The Hardware Man
Central Point,