Central Point herald. (Central Point, Or.) 1906-1917, March 15, 1917, Image 5

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    (Ücntral point l^rralö
P u b l is h e d E v e r y T h u r sd a y
A n I n d e p e n d e n t local n e w s p a p e r d ev o ted to
th e in te r e s ts o f C e n tra l P o in t a n d th e R ogue
R iv e r V alley.
E n te re d a s second class m a tte r a t th e p o s t o f­
fic e a t C e n tra l P o in t, O regon. M ay 4. 1906, a c c o rd ­
in g to a n A c t o f C ongress, M arch 3, 1879.
T h is p a p e r s k e p t on file a t th e D a k e A d v e r ­
A g e n c y , Inc., 427 S o u th M ain S tre e t. Los
A n g ele s an d 779 M a rk e t S tre e t, S an F ran cisc o ,
w h e re c o n tra c ts fo r a d v e rtis in g ca n be m ade.
our sincere desire to boost Central
Point, may we humbly suggest
that we get together at once to
organize for concerted action?
With apology to Editor Hull
we quote: “ Reciprocity will help
make our city wortn while and
in which we would be proud to
live. United we are power—di­
vided we accomplish naught—
shall we not unite for one aim—
Does it pay to in- :
sure against loss j
by fire?
Before the fire the ma­
jority say N O
the fire the majority say
t is in g
Subscription Price $1.00 per Year
Old Sandy Says YES All \
HE new proprietors of the
H e r a l d are new-comers in
this section and we are well
pleased in every respect with our
new home. We are pleased with
the climate and especially with
the people of this community. In
m my respects Central Point is
one of the finest little cities we
have ever seen. The local busi­
ness men impress us as being
broadminded, progressive and al­
ways ready to supportany under­
taking or move that will assist in
the upbuilding of the community.
At present Central Point has
no active commercial organization
a i 1 that indicates that the town
people are not pulling together.
We want to pe cousidered among
the list of “ live Wire” business
m m of the city. As evidence of
Consistentency in quality
and price is the most im­
portant factor in business
—our store is no excep­
tion to the rule.
c f the Tim e.
W HY? t
How a stranger is impressed
the first time he attends a church
service in your town and discov­
Because he is the Insur­
ers that the ancient custom of
Jewelry Repairing
Man and Knows
women wearing their hats during
Diamond Setting
divine service is still in vogue?
Best American Companies
W atch Repairing
That it isn’t so difficult to be a
booster after all?
G. S. Sanderson
That Central Point stands a
rattling good show of being put
Office in the Cowley Block
on the map in bigger and bolder
Central Point, Ore.
type tnis year?
latrhmakrr Sc Irtnrlrr
That a factory whistle in Cen­
(Crntral Saint, (rirv.
tral Point would be welcome mu­
Loose Alfalfa Hay. Minnesota
sic morning, noon and night?
13 Seed Corn, and Seed Barley
That it is some difficult to count for sale.—Fred H. Hopkins.
the teeth on a buzz saw going full
That a two-year old hen has
no teeth?
That Central Point wants a
creamery, a cannerv and above
all, a sugar factory?
That Central Point will have
what it wants if everybody helps
to organize a “ booster” club?
Offers Standard Courses by Individual Instruction and
That the merchant with modern
Class Methods in Bookkeeping, Penmanship. Short­
ideas is a winner in any commun­
hand, Typewriting, Arithmatic, English, Rapid Calcu­
lation, Spelling, etc.
That Mayor Cowley will soon
Graduates Assisted to Positions. Make Early Application for Place.
issue the annual “clean up” pro­
311 N. Grape St., Medford, Ore.
Write, call, or phone 151
That the “snow man” has fal­
len in love with this section of
the country and is delaying the
arrival of “Spring” ?
Let us show you how you can make your
I ÏÏI. ftisuyan
Increase Your Pay Check
Medford Commercial College
OT every well
dressed man is
Shayne - Brun
tailored, but those who wear
Say ’’Shayne-Brun”
Secret ot tne Baked Potato.
Occasionally a re sta u ra n t or a sys­
tem of railroad dining curs becomes
fam ous for Its baked potatoes At the
San F rancisco exposition several col­
lege girls operated an establishm ent
a t which th e baked p otato was the
piece de resistance and cost 50 cents.
All these successes have been based
on a simple little trick.
A potato should be larded before be­
ing baked, so as to 811 up th e porous
skin and retain tb e full flavor. It Is
necessary to cover only th e rk in with a
little lard, bacon grease or b u tte r to
accom plish the end.
A potato so treated and linked Just
the proper length of time, usually
three q u a rte rs of an hour, will surpass
a potato cooked in any o th er way. It
m ust alw ays be broken open Immedi­
ately upon being taken from th e oven,
so th a t th-> steam mav escap e.—New
Vork Sun.
Farm Work Easy and
Save Money & Labor f
An Electric M otor «ill work harder and more steadily and give you
less trouble than any horse or engine you can buy.
We can Furnish
You, fo r less than J the cos of a ood horse, a Motor which will last a
life tim e and give you riot one m om ents trouble. You w on’t have to feed
It, and it costs nothing a t all when it isn’t w orking. It will do the work
of six men at •ess cost fo r c u rre n t than th e w ages of one. I t will run
day and night and turn out eig h t tim es the work of » horse, and it is
More Reliable than Old Dobbin, too. I t d o esn 't g et tired, Btop to eat,
and never g e ts sick.
Are you taking advantage of our service?
It costs nothing to investigate
California-Oregon Power Co.
216 W. Main St.
R im ili
are c e r t a i n to be well
dressed. There’s a grace,
Ail knowing themselves in
a tailorish finish about the debted to the Crane Mercantile *
clothes that shows at a Co. are requested to call as soon
elance the quality in the fabrics, the
quality of the hand-tailored work­
manship, the style. And with every
parm ent g o e s this perm anent
g u aran tee:
** W e A r e N o t
as possible and make settlement,
and greatly oblige—Crane Mer­
cantile Co. — Adv.
Highest grade Alfalfa Seed
from Montana and Idaho. Free I
from dodder. Also Red Clover
Germination on
L e t u s t a k e y o u r m e a s u r e and 'limothy.
all seeds better than Standard. £
Prices right
The Central Point Mills.
S a tis fie d U n less Y o u A r e . ”
Crisp, Sweet Breakfast Bacon
Spicy, Succulent Ham