Central Point herald. (Central Point, Or.) 1906-1917, November 15, 1906, Image 1

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    V O L ..
P O I N T . O R E G O N . T H U R S D A Y , N O V E M B E R 1 5 . 190(1.
Tou Velle.
Joe Boswell went to the shooting
Teachers’ Institute.
match Tuesday.
Following is the r >ster o f teachers:
W. F. Cameron, G. W. Milan, J. W.
All the hotels and restaurants in town
The annual teachers’ institute which Branstator, Susie Holmes, Ethel Rig-
did a big business during the time the
•Mrs P. O. Applegate, of Jackson- teachers were here
Mrs. Gillett had convened in the opera house in this city don, Kate Mitchell, Gertrude Engle,
»¡lie, is visiting relatives in this city. 1 them at her restaurant two nights for Monday morning, continuing in session Docia Willetts, Inez Kitchen, Edna
supper and all the hotels came in for until Wednesday afternoon, was one of Well.». Mae Mulit, Mae Sutton, Frances
Big consignment of lard cans just ar­
the most successful occasions o f the McWilliams, Inez Metzner, Jas. Martin,
a share of the patronage.
rived at Leever’s. the hardware man.
H. F. Baughman, Fred Peterson, Nora
Charlie Gay has sold his fine residence 1 kind ever held «> the county-
Prof. P. H. Daily, who in his capacity Newton, Mabel Scott, Lulu Mann, Mrs.
Holiday goods, all kinds and descrip­ property in tlie east part of town to
tions, at the Central Point Pharmacy. Mr. Kyle, the recent purchaser of the as superintendent of schools for Jack- A. W. Cook, Ruth Leverny, Iva MveiS,
son County, was in charge of the affair, Clara Poley, Mary Kittridge, Olivia
A few choice 5-acre tracts adjoining Minnick farm. Mr. and Mrs. Gay spared no trouble or expense in secur­ Pohland. Eva Storey, Hattie Gleason,
Central Point fcr sale by Downing & have moved into the Stidham eottage ing able instructors and arranging an Mrs. E. M. Taylor, Gay Webb, Mary
on Laurel street. The price paid for j
I instructing and entertaining program. Bingham, Alice French, Ella Parks,
Mr. Gay’s property was $1600.00.
There were present 135 teachers and the I Lou Grubb, May Smith, Lulu Ward,
Jim Grieve’8 young son was seriously
L. L. Freeman, brother of W. J. !
. . . .
| large number of citizens who attended Partliena Smith, Mona Ward, Ambrosia
ill last week, but is recoveiing at this „
Freeman, of this city and a former -
session of the meeting helped to Murphy, Alice Hockersmith, Esther
teacher in the public school. here, I gwe„ the audience until seats and even Murphy, Nettie Crooks, Anna Keegan,
Mrs. Dodson, of Portland, is the arrived Sunday evening from Live Oak, gtandi
room was at a premium.
Amy Kent, Lottie Wiley, Lucy Kent,
guest of her sister, HJrs. M. M. California, accompanied by his wife
The ¡ngtitute waa orgonized at 9:00 Elizabeth Ferguson, Frances Aitkin,
and son. The occasion of their visit at a. m. Monday morning, and after the Mary Ditsworth, Bertha Ditsworth,
J. H. Downing, of the firm of Down­ this time is the serious illness of his
opening exercises R. F. Robinson, of Auna McCarthy, Grace Pierce, Lucy
ing & Emry, is indisposed this week j father, Henry Freeman, of Illinois,
Portland, gave an interesting talk on , Chapman, May Smith, A. H. Peachy,
with an attack o f asthma.
who has been visiting his son here for “ Language.” He was followed by Ed. Kerby, I.etta Sweet, Grace Henry,
Mrs. M. E. Fries, who has been suf- j a few weeks and who has been danger- Prof. B. F. Mulkey, o f Ashland, whose j Abbie Henry, Lela Prim, Mrs. M.
lering from an attack of inflammatory I ously ill for several days.
theme was, “ Civil Government;” Miss Peter, Marian White, Percy J. Wells,
rheumatism, is improving.
Central Point Creamery brand of but­ Cornelia Marvin, of Salem, who talked | Mary Prim, Bertha Prim, Clara Elmer,
P. J. Hicken is again at his place of ter has already made a record for on “ The Care of Books,” and W. F. Flora Thimas, Josie Donegan, Maude
business every day ready to attend to excellence of quality that is second to Cameron, of Ashland, who told the j H. Harr, May Nealon, Ruby Russell,
none in the country. Every pound of teachers o f "Some of the Defects in j G. H. Samuels, J. C. Barnard, Ada
the wants of his customers.
Holiday goods; Christmas presents; the output is taken by customers as Rural Teaching.” In the afternoon j Ditsworth, Mrs. M. B. Signs, Jessie
New Year gifts at the Central Point fast as can be shipped and not a single j Mr. Robinson spoke on “ Arithmetic,” | Walker, A. Shrunk, M. B. Signs, Mrs.
complaint, has yet been registered by Mr. Mulkey on "H istory,” M. B. Signs A. J. Hanby, Lucia Chapman, Myrtle
dealers who handle it. A California firm of Medford on “ The Recitation—Its | Corum, Bertha Peachy, Julia Sidley,
O. Pankey, who was seriously injured
wrote to the management wanting to Ends and Essentials,” and Chas. H. A. O. Freel, Alma Freel, Mrs. M. L.
in a runaway accident two weeks ago,
! engage all o f the surplus but, ’ at this Jones, o f Salem, on “ Geography.”
Daily, Estella Stinson, Mary Phipps,
is able to be on the streets again.
j time there is no surplus every pound
Monday evening the local teachers Margaret Nealon, Maude Van Vleit,
Mrs. Drusilla Mee of Applegate was J being taken by regular patrons.
entertained the visitors and the public > ary Talbert, Olive Huffer, Gertrude
here last week visiting her daughters,
L. W. Fansher, who recently sold the with a short program in the opere Johnson. Mae Roberts, Jennie Cameron,
Mary Mee and Mrs. Emma Bebb.
I ranch east of Bear creek, now occupied house, at the close of which the visiting Frederick Snedicere, Ethelyn Hurley,
Remember that Joe Boswell cleans, by the Woodburn Nursery Co., has re­ teachers were escorted to the Gillett Olah Mickey, Donna Bell Ethel Strat-
presses and patches clothing—makes turned to Central Point after sevefal restaurant, where a banquet was served ton, Nellie Crocker, Mary Underwood,
“ new clothing” out of old clothes.
Nancy Caddie, Loeta Norton, Lottie
months’ travel in search of a better in their honor
Arthur Brown, who is starting a fine country, and will again locate here.
Tuesday morning Prof. Robinson Wiley, Amy Kent, Jasper Miller, Mrs.
young orchard on the foothills road j Mr. Fansher has leased the Ross gave another interesting talk on “ Lan­ Stella Purkeypile, Carrie Martin, Cora
west of town, was in town Saturday. ! saloon building and with his son he will guage,” Prof. Mulkey again entertain­ March, Grace Pierce, A. J. Hanby,
The Central Point Pharmacy has a j put in a first-class skating rink and a ed the audience on a selected subject, Alma Gilliam, Eva Norcross, Ethel
change of ad this week. Read it and j stock of confectionery.
The building Miss Marvin talked on ‘The Use of Curry, Clella Caley, Helen Wait, Julia
learn whereto go for your X-mas goods, will be thoroughly remodeled and reno- Books,” and Mr. Signs followed with 1 Fricder, Maude O’ Brien, Elizabeth
Gibson, Lillian Stimson, Jennie Smith,
B orn - November 1, 1906, to Mr. and j vated- The rink wil1 °Peu within a few some helpful thoughts on "Some Laws
Mrs. Joseph C. Wilson, a son. Mother days-________ ________________________ of Childhood.” In the afternoon the Clara Ferrill, Bertha Daily, Maude
time which had been assigned to State Peachy. Harma Winn, Edga" Smith,
and child are doing well, but the father
Superintendent Ackerman, who was Ernest Smith.
is still excited
unable to be present, was very accept­
Wm. Moore, an aged pioneer resident
At the home of the bride’s mother, ably filled by Miss Tou Velle, musical
of this city, has been seriously ill for
instructor in the Medford and Jackson­
several days and at this writing is but at Murphy, Josephine County, Wednes­
E Jtiness on Hand.
day evening, November 7, 1906, Miss ville schools, who, with two of her
little improved.
Many people are going about with
Dorothy Day, of Murphy, and Mr. classes, a chorus from the Medford
The ladies of the Christian Church Myron Allan Jennings, of Grants Pase, High School and a class of little tots a cheerful Malle and a light bead ns
T ,
. . . . . . .
though whol'r unaware of the fact that
will give a dinner and bazaar at the were united in marriage.
from Jacksonville, entertained the large thp ser!ous „ „ lnegg of Blertlng a con-
Christian Church on Thanksgiving day.
The bride is well known in Central audience with one o f the most enjoy­ gressman Is before them this fall.
Your patronage is solicited.
Point, having been a former popular able features of the entire meeting. ! They go to wnterlng places, also to
Tickets for the Grand Thanksgiving teacher in the public schools here, and Lincoln Savage, Superintendent of buttormilklng places and several other
ball may be secured at any time from the groom is a well-known young busi­ Josephine County, followed her with a places that might be mentioned, giv­
Mr. Wm. Scott. Buy your tickets ness man of Grants Pass.
short talk on “ Mental Arithmetic,” and ing no thought to the serious business
early, boys, and avoid the rush.
The happy couple will make their R. F. Robinson talked on “ Arithmetic.” of self government to which they must
soon attend.
F or S a l e —A six-room dwelling in home at Grants Pass and will be at Prof. Mulkey followed with one of his
Apparently, as far ns they are con­
Central Point, in good repair. Bam, home to their friends there after Nov. excellent renditions from “ Hamlet,” cerned, any old dub will do for a con­
which was highly enjoyed by the large gressman, but the roar they put up
good water, some fruit. A bargain. 20th.
audience present.
Inquire at this office.
when congress meets and does not pass
Tuesday evening at 8 o ’clock Prof. a bill to pension their mothers-ln-law Is
L. Hatfield made a flying business
Southern Oregon Normal Notes
Robinson delivered an excellent lecture calculated to make people a block
trip to Portland during the week, leav­
in the opera house to a large and ap­ away think that some one is trying
ing here on the early train Sunday
By C. G. Peebler.
preciative audience on the subject, the horn of his new auto on the
morning and returning Tuesday noon.
Rev. Green o f the Congregational “ Progress and the Initiative.” He natives. Eternal vigilance may be the
Walter Robinson and family, of East­ church spoke to the students in the spoke of the wonderful material prog­ price of liberty, but a careful search
ern Oregon, arrived in Central Point chapel Tuesday morning on the subject ress of the last few years and directed of their clothes would not disclose the
last week and are visiting Mrs. R. ’s “ The Ground We Conquer We Make attention to the fact that in govern­ price.
mother, Mrs. T. J. Kelsoe, and looking Our Own.”
mental affairs Oregon has led all the
Chance of a Lifetime.
for a home.
The Congressional and Athena liter­ other states in adopting the initiative
"Her daughter is going to marry the
T. A. Glass, a well-known citizen of ary societies held a joint meeting the amendment, and that if we are to make landlord.”
Beagle and one of the leading thresher- 8th gist.
a success o f the experiment we need to
"I suppose she is greatly pleased.’’
men of the county, was is town Satur­
"Oh, tickled to death.”
The young men’ s Oratorical club met progress, especially in education and in
"He most be a great catch?"
day delivering a shipment of fat hogs
last Thursday evening. They have the cultivation of all those virtues that
“ Oh, It Isn’t that. She has rented
to R.. C. Hensley.
taken up the study of the Webster and
the lecture the young men of the town from him for eight years and she Is
Henry Freeman, Esq,, an aged Hayne debate.
just dying to serve a term as his moth-
gave a pleasant social dance, where er-ln-law.”
citizen of Woodstock, ill., who, with
New song books have been ordered
his wife, is visiting hie son, W. J.
and as soon as they arrive a chorus pleasant hour or so.
Freeman, for some time, has been
Couldn't Do It.
class will be organized.
At the Wednesday morning session
dangerously ill for several days.
“ Now,” said young Sapeld grandly,
Last Saturday a football game was D. J. Sullivan, former superintendent “I never talk scandal.”
Select a Christmas present for your
played between the Normal and Grants of schools in San Francisco, spoke on
“ No,” murmured Miss D. Mure soft­
wife, mother, sister or sweetheart, as
Pass teams. The Normal won by a “ Primary Reading,” R. F. Robinson ly. “ It would he so unbecoming, you
the case may be, from the mammoth
score of 11 to 0.
on "Primary Language,” Frank Robin­ know, as you always talk about your­
stock of holiday goods at the Central
son on “ Geography,” and D. J. Sulli­ self."
Point Pharmacy.
van on “ Conditions in San Francisco.”
J. H. Daley, o f Eagle Point, who
Scenery Didn't Count.
Thanksgiving Ball.
In the afternoon State Superintendent
produced some o f the finest colored
"Were the places you visited at­
Ackerman was present for the first
Spitzenbeng apples in the valley this
time during the session, having been
“ Yes, Indeed. They have the love­
season, has sold his ranch for $12,000.
Central Point lodge, No. 193, I. O. O. unavoidably delayed in leaving Salem.
liest lot of souvenir postals that you
He has 10 acres in bearing orchard.
F., will give a grand ball in the opera The superintendent rounded out the
ever saw."
Mrs. Johnson, of Portland, who house on Thanksgiving evening, which already rich program in two separate
visited her aunt, Mrs. M. M. Cooksey, promises to eelipse anything in the talks on general educational topics,
The AftercLp.
last week, went oat to Sam’s Valley terpsichorean line ever given in Central which were chock full o f excellent sug­ In the spring tlve
Saturday to visit relatives there for a Point. The best music in the valley gestions and pointers to all teachers.
m ans
few days before returning to Portland. will be furnished, the floor will be put
The following instructors were pres­
Lightly turns to
thoughts of love.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L Arnett, former in finest condition and nothing will be ent to assist Superintendent Daily in
residents of this place, arrived last left undone that is necessary to add to the work of the institute:
merry Mary.
week from California with the intention the enjoyment of the occasion. Invita­
While the organ
J. H. Ackerman, B. F. Mulkey, R.
plnys above.
of locating here. They have been on a tions will be sent to neighboring lodges F. Robinson, W. F. Cameron, Miss
In the fall he sits
deal for a few days for the purchase o f | and a larKe attendance is expected Cornelia Marvin, M. B. Signs, Chas. H.
and wonders
As the leavea be- »*
the Ray hotel, near the depot, but at from all sections of the valley.
Jones, J. Percy Wells, Lincoln Savage,
gin to turn
this writing '.he deal has not been
D. J. Sullivan, Frank Robinson, Miss W here he's going to got the money
Send the H erald to your friends.
consu mated.
For the caul they'll need to burn.
Local and Personal
-H - H - l- i- H - I- l- l- l- I-l- I- l-l- I- l- l- l- H - l- H:
People are Waking Up
on the orchard proposition in the
Rogue River Valley. A good
orchard on the right kind of land
is very attractive.
The right kind o f an orchard
will prove a bonanza; the wrong
kind is sure to prove a “ white
elephant” on the owner’s hands.
A man who is not in touch with
the orchard business cannot put
you right on the proposition any
more than a blind man can lead
a blind man. If you want to
avoid getting left with a “ white
elephant” on your hands, do
business with the
Kogue River Land Company.
Medford, Oregon.
They are in touch with the or­
chard business, thoroughly fa­
miliar with every tract in the
valley, know what each district
is best adapted for, and they
will see that you are put right
in every instance. Every man
who has ever bought through
this agency can sell to-day for a
great advance over his purchase
price. This is e n d o r s e m e n t
enough. Consult any business
man, bank or orchardman in the
valley as to their reliability.
hop Gold Beer
Strictly Straight
Double Stamped Whiskey
We will ship you from 1 to
4 7-8 gallons o f fine whis­
key or best quality of
Bottled Beer
By Dozen, Case or Barrel
V. E Snyder & Co.
M edford , O re .
“ The Best on Earth ”
Granfili & Robnett
-Popular Merchants-
We invite a continuance of
your patronage and assure you
of courteous treatment and a
“Square Deal”
-in every particular-
Granfili & Robnett,
Point, Oregon.
Teamsters with Teams Wanted
- :
th e