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    C entral
H erald
po in t
C E N T R A L P O IN T . O R E G O N . T H U R S D A Y . M A Y
route to points north by private con­
veyance. Mr. L. is the business man­
ager o f the Central Point Herald and
reports everything moving right along
in a business way in the Rogue river
Central Point to the Front-W ill Perfect valley. The recently organized devel­
opment league is taking an active part
Organization Monday
in the advancement a f that part o f the
state. The immense new power plants
at Gold Ray and Prospect are also an
An enthusiastic meeting was held in important feature.—Roseburg Review
the town hall this evening, when a
J. E. Lancaster, o f the Central Point
temporary organization o f the Central Herald, accompanied by Mrs. Lancas­
started Saturday to drive to Port­
Point Development league was effected.
land. He expects to be gone for about
W. C. Leever called the meeting to two months, stopping at various places
order, stated the object and was unani­ on the way. He is a vigorous booster
mously chosen temporary chairman. S. for Rogue river valley and he may be
A. Pattison was elected temporary sec­ recognized by the talk he puts up.—
Medford Tribune.
retary. The constitution and by-laws
o f the Rogue River Valley Develop­
Marriage Licenses
ment league was read and, on motion,
a committee was appointed consisting
o f W. M. Holmes, W . J. Freeman and
The clerk has issued a marriage li­
T. M. Jones, to draft a constitution
and by-laws for the local organization, cense to Gilbert E. Anderson and Maud
to report at a big mass meeting to be M. Minear.
held next Monday evening. The mem­
bership fee and dues will be made nom­
inal and a membership o f 200 is ex-1
iected. This wilt give Central Point
L awton -C ameron —On May 6, 1806,
0 o r more delegates to the monster de­
velopment meeting to be held at Grants by Rev. Fred W. Carsten, Guy Law-
and Corinne Cameron.
Pass, June 9. Central Point is loom­
ing up on the map. Boost the league.
N ininger -L ogan —In Ashland, May
1906, by Rev. W. T. Van Scoy, Amos
Nininger and Vera Elizabeth Logan.
Stock Company Being Formed to
Manufacture Butter Here
Central Point is to have a creamery.
At least, the present indications point
strongly in that direction.
Mr. P. D. Creager, western repre­
sentative o f the Hastings Industrial
company o f Chicago, has been here less
than a week and has already met with
hearty encouragement in his work o f
organizing a company and installing a
first-class, modern butter-making plant.
The plan is to organize a stock com­
pany o f farmers and business men, who
will own and operate the plant, there­
by insuring to the producer the full
amount o f profit the milk contains.
This section o f southern Oregon is
ideal for the production o f butter at a
profit, it being one o f the best alfalfa
Not In Earthquake Belt
■+ H H -rrH -
A matter that has puzzled some o f
the transient visitors in southern Ore­
gon during the quaking period down in
California has been our entire exemp­
tion from the-quaking. Only those who
are familiar with the geological forma­
tion o f the coast ranges actually know
the reason for immunity from earth­
quakes, as well as from cyclones, but
it has been a matter o f common knowl­
edge for generations past that the Sis­
kiyou range o f mountains, which marks
the boundary between Oregon and Cal­
ifornia, was the first land that appeared
above the waters o f the Pacifio. ocean
in prehistoric times, and it is even con­
tended by some geologists that Wagner
and Ashland buttes were never sub­
merged at any period. Thin affords
conclusive proof o f the thickness o f the
earth’ s crust In this region, and satis­
factorily acoounts for the fact that not
one in a thousand felt even the slightest
tremor here during the recent disturb­
ances to the south.
This is a happy condition o f affairs in
southern Oregon, for here we have the
same climate which has been the chief
resource o f California in’ times past,
and we are absolutely exempt from
any danger from seismic influences and
in addition have the greater advantage
o f being the one place on the coast
where conditions are right for the pro­
duction o f the highest types o f de­
ciduous fruits.
The fact that this is true is going to
induce many who are residents o f Cal­
ifornia, and who feel unsafe there, to
remove to the Rogue river valley, as
after enjoying this coast climate they
ean never be reconciled to residence
again in the inhospitable climes to the
east o f the Rocky mountains. Our
neighbors’ misfortune may in the long
run work to our permanent advantage,
although at present is must be conceded
that some immigration is being divt.'ted
altogether from this coast.
A Narrow Escape
What They Say of Is
A public meeting o f all citizens • •
interested in light and power in ]
The Centra! Point Herald is the
latest addition to the “ molders o f pub­
lic opinion” in Jackson county. It is
published bv Lancaster & Pattison. and
is a ‘ ‘good looker,” both from a typo­
graphical amt news point o f view .—
Medford Mali.
to • ■
Central Point will be held in the ■;
town hall at Central Point,
Saturday Evening. May 19
Condor W ater & Power company, ; ;
The Guard places the Central Point
Herald on its exchange list. It is a
neat little weekly paper just started
by J. E. Lancaster and S. A. Pattison.
—Eugene Guard.
and other speakers will address !!
the meeting.
This is a matter o f great im- ; ;
portance in the development o f
Beagle Briefs
this section o f the valley and all • •
citizens interested in the general ; ;
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Williams were in
Medford Sunday.
The Beagle baseball team played a 1
very successful game Sunday.
welfare are urged to be present.
Hawk, are enjoying a few days o f didate for representative from this dis­
camp life on Rogue river, near the trict, will address the voters o f this
mouth o f Little Butte creek.
section o f the country this evening.
A disciple o f Isaac Walton, who Mr. Reames promises to discuss fully
made his first attack on the finny tribes in his address the Ashland normaj
o f |Rogue river and Little Butte creek school, the railroad land law and the
last Sunday, is o f the opinion that the matter o f economy in I the transac­
fishes have formed a union and gone no a tion o f state business in the legislature.
strike. Neither the modem Hy nor the
Miss Gail Laughlin, one o f the best
humble worm would tempt then, to go
known platform advocates o f equal suf­
to work swallowing his hook.
frage in the country, addressed a small
The Central Point and Eagle Point
in the Christian church here
ball teams crossed bats Sunday on the
o f the latter
the Thursday evening. Miss Laughlin is a
Little Butte creek metropolis in a forceful and convincing speaker and
spirited game. Tue score was 11 to 16 her ability and reputation along this
in favor o f the Eagles, but the local particular line o f endeavor should have
team is quite confident that the result given her a better audience than she
was favored with. R. C. Hensley acted
will be different next time.
as chairman o f the meeting and intro­
Hon. C. L. Reames, democratic can- j duced the speaker.
A Good Entertdinment
Below Cost
The literary and musical entertain­
ment given in the opera house last Sat­
urday evening by the students and
faculty o f the Ashland normal school
was well attended and highly enjoyed
by an appreciative audience. The pro­
gram included many excellent musical
selections and the literary features
were o f high order. In his rendition
o f Shakespearian selections Prof. B. F.
Mulkey gave every admirer o f that
classic writer a real treat, his power o f
expression and clear interpretation
showing him to be a master o f elocu­
tion. Miss Leta Nickerson, a talented
young soprano, charmed the audience
with a nnmber o f solos, her voice show­
ing much cultivation and excellent
training. The other performers were
also o f high order. To Prof. A. J.
Hanby is due the credit o f securing
this entertainment for the town, the net
proceeds o f which, amounting to al­
most $25, going into the local school
N IT !!
In Carload Lots
Not Overstocked
■M "M -l-l-!-!-M "i 1 I I-H -I-H -H -H -l-
W e are having a fine shower, which
is doing the corn and grain lots o f good, j
Little Chester Jones has been quite
sick during the past week but is some regions in the west. Already many
better at this writing.
farmers are engaged in the business
Monroe Brown, accompanied by his and are finding it fairly profitable, even
two sisters, was trading with the mer­ when loaded with the handicap o f hav­
chants o f Medford Wednesday.
ing to pay a heavy freight charge for
John Talent went to Medford Sun­ sending their cream to market. Much
day to look after household goods he o f the cream produced here is shipped
had shipped from San Francisco.
to Portland, a distance o f 325 miles,
Washington Vincenti aged 54 years, and the product is shipped back here
died at his home at Medford, May 9, of
pneumonia. He leaves a wife and to supply the towns and mining camps
seven children to mourn his loss. They o f southern Oregon. As in ail other
have the heartfelt sympathy o f all lines o f business, the farmer has to
their friends. The remains were in­ pay the freight both ways, and it re­
terred in the Antioch cemetery, Rev.
quires but a iittle figuring for any
H. B. Yacoubi officiating.
man interested to prove to his own
satisfaction that a muen greater profit
Not Closing Out,
Local and Personal
Not Selling Below Cost
(Continued on 4th page.)
Ralph Feeney, past grand master o f
the A. O. U. W ., has been in the city
for the past week working in the in­
terests o f that order. He addressed a
large public meeting in the local lodge
hall Tuesday evening and the lodge ex­
pects a big increase in membership by
his work in this vicinity.
Not Quitting Business
But we are at the old stand with our MAMMOTH LINE OF
GENERAL MERCHANDISE, Selling with a profit to
Mr. and Mrs. Grim, o f Nebraska,
who are here visiting their son, D.
Grim and his family, and Mr. and Mrs.
Hawk, o f Kansas, who are spending
the summer with their son, F. A.
ourselves as well as to the consumer:
fable Rockets
Emmett Nealon was up from Tolo
] Sunday.
•‘ T o g g e r y B i l l ’s " G u e s s in g C o n te s t
first one sending in the nearest correct score on the Medford and
I. B. McDonald has added a fin e 1 3* I
Jacksonville ball game, which takes place at Medford next Sun-
piano to his beautiful home.
day, May 20, will receive a $2.00 NECKTIE and the second nearest
A butcher from Gold Hill makes ! I guess a $1.50 N ecktie . Don.t guess on class o f goods. IT ’ S THE BEST.
• ■ This contest closes Saturday evening, May 19. Fill in this blank and
i weekly visits with fresh meats.
•’ return to THE “ TO G G ERY,” Medford, Oregon.
The rain has made glad the hearts o f
1 our farmers, as it insures a bountiful
! crop.
J acksonville .
M edford
Miss Bertha Nichols, o f Central
Point, was visiting friends here re­
N ame
Mrs. Mears and daughter, o f Port­
A ddress
land, is visiting with the family o f Col.
F. E. Bybee and L. L. Mulitt have
been rilling on our voters and passing
around the cigars.
tT A H F ,
4--I -1-1 1 ■:
Many people from surrounding towns
drove to Table Rock Sunday. Those
who climbed to the top had a glorious
view o f the valley, which is now look­
ing its best.
I i 1 ■! i 'l-H -!- l-K "H "!"H -H "l i I I i !■ I l ' H -Ì-H -1-H -H -+
Eli Jones
All Kinds of Repair Work
Promptly Done
Notice to Advertisers
Central Point
H -K -H -l | | 1 I 1-1-l-l-l-H- I 1 1 I 1 M - H -i-I-i-H -H - l-I-F W -H - fr f
W. Vincent, * former resident, died
at Medford May 9. His family have the
sympathy o f the entire community.
Copy for changes o f standing adver­
tisements should be in this office not
later than 9:30 Monday morning to in­
r. and Mrs. J. E. Lancaster, nee
s Grace Pickard, o f Central Point, sure best attention and service for fol­
gon, were in this tfty today, en lowing issue.
S p ace
G e n e r a l B la ck sm ith * & W o o d w o r k e r s
We treat you
and Millinery.
your horses right
!■ j-|"M-I-i-M' 1 I H l-H - ■i-l-l- l- l-l-H - l-i-l' t-l-M-H -l-i-l-i-l- i-l-H -
W e Meet and Beat Medford price*.
to you.
P e r m a n e n tly
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Ladies’
and Gents’ Furnishings, Notions
Jeffers & Peart
- H y
Dr. C. R. Ray, president ot the ••
W. H. Peninger, a well known resi­
dent o f near Tolo, met with a very se­
rious accident a few days ago in which
he narrowly escaped death. Mr. Pen­
inger, accompanied by another gentle­
man, was in the Galice creek mount­
ains in Josephine county, where they
had gone in search o f sheep range.
They had climbed a steep mountain
ar.d after making their way over the
summit started down a steep trail.
The mountain side, around which ran
the trail, was very precipitous, and as
a matter o f precaution Mr. Peninger
had dismounted ar.d was leading his
horse when he lost his footing on the
uncertain ground and fell and rolled to
the bottom o f the gulch, a distance o f
more than 100 feet. Fortunately, the
horse did not follow him or Mr. Peninger
might have been crushed to death in the
descent. Mr. Peninger was in town
Tuesday and showed evidence o f hiS
terrible tumble. He says they found
plenty o f grass in that countty, but the
mountains are too steep to successfully
range sheep or any othet stock on
N O . 4=
can be realized by the farmer by man­
ufacturing his product here, thereby
saving to himself the cost o f freight
charges both ways.
As a business proposition for the
town and surroundiug country at this
time a creamery can hardly be sur­
passed. It will not only furnish a lu­
crative means for the farmer to dis­
pose o f his hay and pasture but it
will also prove o f great advantage to
the business interests o f the town. It
will mean the disbursement o f a large
amount o f money direct to the farmers
every month, and this will inevitably
flow into local trade channels, thereby
proving a benefit to every line o f busi­
ness in Central Point.
The company represented by Mr.
Creager has been engaged in the busi­
ness o f building creameries ail over the
country for years and reports from
many quarters where they have in­
stalled plants are unanimous in recom­
mending their business methods and
the general satisfaction o f their work.
Everyone who is interested in advanc­
ing the interests o f Central Point and
this section o f the valley should take an
active interest in helping to land the
creamery. It will help the farmer di­
rectly; it will help the business man;
it will help everybody in the commu­
Central Point’ s new paper, the Her­
ald, has made its appearance. The
first numbers look healthy and bear
the marks o f good newspaper work.
The publishers are Lancaster & Patti­
son, rife the paper will be published
every Thursday. - Ashland Tidings.
17. 1900.
th e
Cali and get acquainted and let us prove it
R e se rv e d
~ -