Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, June 12, 1919, Image 8

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    E. & W. Chandler
Tli Different Store
Ladies' Oxfords in the newest styles
White,' Black, and the Dark Brown shades
Full line of Tennis Shoes and Slippers
for men, boys, women, misses and children
O , for Men, Women. Misses and Children
flOoIcl y in silk, silk lisle and cotton-several colors
Little Ladies' and Gents' Lrf
Wash Dresses an J Suits styles
T orltoc' fVvuv-i11c for Gardening. Outing
LOGICS OVcIcillb and all out-door woik
Just what you want
Mens' Dress Shoes
in button and lace, English and American models
Tan and Dark Brown Shades
Not Coal Land
Department of the Interior
1". S. Land Ofiicy at La' Grande, Ore.,
,'uneo, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that Clarence
.' . Thjmpon, of Bauer, Oregon, who, on
l-ril 3ii; 1915, mmlc Homestead Kntry
. 01151, for S',s NW'j, SWVt see
' .a 14; X'j SWli hoetion 23, township
" vnith, range 43 east, Willamette meri
.ii. m, has filed notice of inteution to
in.-' o tbre.- year proof, to establish
Aa.m to the land above described, be
fore WooOiuu L. Patterson, V. S. Com
ui i -siouer, at li.iiier, Oregon, on the 15th
.I.... - of August. 1919.
Claimant names m witnesses: Thomas
!'. Weleb, of Kkhland, Oregon; John
Wtfitz, of Uaker, Oregon; Oeorgu L.
hamberlin, of Keattiiig, Oregon; Gro
wer C. Studer, of fiaker, Oregon.
C. J?. DL'SS, Hogister
Not Coal Land
Department of the Interior
U. S. I-and Office at La Grande, Ore.,
June 5, 1919.
Notice is hereby given that .Tohn K.
Weltz, of Haker, Oregon, who, on Feb
ruary lsth, 1910, inside Homestead Lu
trv No. 015352, for NWy, SV-i
JfRVi, SWi NK'-i section 23; EVj
jKV4, 'K' section II, township 9
outb, range 4'i ea.st, Willamette meri
dian, hus filed notice of intention to
jnak three-year proof, to establish
tnm to the land above described, be
fore Woodvn L. Patterson, U. S. Com
missioner, at Bal:er, Oregon, on the loth
(lay of August, 1919.
Claimant names :ig witnesses: Clnr
pnoe A. Thompson, of Baiter, Oregon;
Thomas O. Welch, of Kichlnnd, Ore
gon; George L. hamberHu, of Keating,
Oregon; Kjieuecr ('. Hali, of Keating,
C. S. PUNN, Uogistcr
Xot Coal La nil
Department of the Interior
V. S. Land Offico at La Grande, Ore.,
;iuuo S, 1919.
iNotic- ih lieroby given that Waldo 11.
Vaughn, of Haker, Oregon, who, on Fob.
nmry 1Mb, 1910, made Homestead Kn
try No. r,r,B()t for N'j NW,, NMi
XKi vet inn 20; W'Vj SW'i, 8B'
HW',, SWVi HL'i section 23, towiuhiji
9 south, range 13 cast, Willamotto meri
dian, has filed notice of intention to
makrt three yoar jiroof, to establish
claim to the land above described, bo
fore Woodson L. Patterson, IJ, H. Com
tuisiioner, nt Maker, Oregon, on the 1 5th
clay of August, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses: Thou.
O. Welch, Thou, Joffordu, both of Hide
land, Oregon; Clnronco Thompson, of
linker, Oregon; Logan Goodman, of
Jbsrkoe, Oregon,
C, 8. DUNN, Register
Not 'oal Land
Department of the Interior
I", ,s. Land Office at La Urnmle, Ore.,
lime ", 119.
Notic i$ hereby given that Conrad
Lang, Jr., of Dur'tce, Oregon, who, on
Jul v 13th, 19l". made Homestead Kn
try' No. nl.'.'.tt.i, for N'K"i SK1',, NWVi
.SE'i. SW'S SK"i, SK'.i SsWli, soction
25, township 11 south, ran go 41 oast,
Willamette meridiau, has tiled notico of
intention t. make three-year proof, to
establish rl'tini to the land above de
scribed, b! n. Woodson L. Ptttterson,
L t. Coni'ii' -loner, at Haker, Oregon,
on the 12t! diy of Auguvt, 1919.
. (human: nimes ut witnesses: Hiduuy
Crisp, Oseir lliudmau, Walter Nelson,
George M'.ron. all of Durkee, Oregon.
. s. Dt'XN, Register
Not Coal Land
( Publisher)
Department of the Interior
U, S, Laud Oft ice at La Grande, Ore.,
June 5, 1919.
Notice is h r-by given that I'r'-d
Franklin M. t. r-ou, of Kichiaud, Ore
gon, wlio, oi, December 27th, 1915, made
Homestead Kntry o. 01. 170, for HK'i
HKVt sect.. mi 17; nr. NK'i, xi., H.;i,((
N3 SW', -..etion 2H; SE"', HK'i see
tion 19, to-Aushii in south, rungc Id
east, Willani' tte meridian, has filed a.,
tico of int. ntion to make three year
proof, to t,ihlisli claim to the land
above de-'i'lied, before Woodson L.
Patterson, I'. S. Commiscioner, at P.a
ker, Oregon, on the 11th day of An
gust, 1019.
Claimant name as witnesses; L'. H.
ifasterson. V. I-:, l'atley, Floyd Stout,
C. A. Wallaee, all of Itichland, Oregon.
C. H. DI'N.V, Hogister
Did You Ever?
Did you ever stop to think that
your wife might fret sick? That
there'd be a hired jrirl in the kit
chen? That t'nere'd be doctor's
bills to pay? That the rant mitrht
come due? That you might, have
to meet the last installment on
your home? That you might
break a leg? That taxes are cer
tain as death? That all these
things require ready money?
That such events have befallen
others? That they may happen
to you? Moral: Prepare for it,
by pinching out a little now he
fore it happens. There is noth
ing so handy as a bank account
when you are in trouble.
Start now,
ad) Baqlb Valley Statu Bank
Chilean Airman Writes story of
Great South American
Air Feat.
Thero Are Mountain Chnlns Hloher
Than Andes, but None So Hard to
Cro-H by Flying Latin Anier.
Ica Cncourao Aviators.
Wnshln ..in. Lntln America rapidly
la prodin .ii- notable nvlntor.. livery
encouniire i nt to Hying Ih given by
mimei-oii- prlvnte clulm Unit look upon
nvlntlon n n sport nml the solution
of dlfhVn't problems of tho trnnsportn
Hon or in il. p:i.s.nngers nnd lneiTlmn
IKe. Pr. ntly only a few mllex of
itlrllne s , into two Important towns
between w ' t !t niiumunlcntlon except
by wire I- n mutter of lyn, If tioi
woeK-s. 'i n Is due to mountainous
toMgnrv!i, luck of mil ways nnd the
roucli nml winding character of the
few ro.. and trails. Tliciohindlcnpt
seem only to Htlinulnte the young
'"itb An o im to greater fentH In the
nir nml ! i:ovcrnmentt to overcome
tbem by i.ihlisblug regulut ervlce
ns u tn.-i". r of liuslneM. Together
these f..i - lire working u develop
ment of ml.it ion in South America.
Flight Acros Andes.
The .ii iiruinrs of the recent lllgbt
across tl.e Andes of Lieut. DnRoberto
Ooiloy f chile. lino come to the Pnn
American I nlon for publication In Its
next bull. As the ocean lulvenliire
will be the greatest sHralshtawny lllRht
over nit. :..pted, bo was the accom
plishment of the youuK L'hllenn unny
olllcor Hi- breahlng of the world's rec
ord for In U'ht in crossing mountain
rnnpe8. There it re higher mountnln
chnlns than the Andes, bpt none, It N
held, so l:i'i"tilt to cross by Hylin. To
pass over the highest penks bus huc
been the ambition of Chilean nml
Argentinian aviators. The daring en
gineer, fleoritc Newberry of Argeiitlnn,
win (he first to bu killed nt the foot
of one df them In nn attempt to accom
plish the font. Another Argentinian
engineer, Senor MusoIiip, alxo wn
killed. Lieutenant Zatil next got with
in n few miles of the divide nnd wiik
forced to come to earth. Pliioron. tin
populnr Chilean flyer, fulled In turn.
Hrndlcy and Zuloiin, two ureonniit
of ArKeutlnu, n year uco cn.sed the
A inles In n balloon nnd Luis ('. f.'nn
delnrln crowed the southern ridge nt n
height of 2,000 meters from Zapaln to
C'uneo still Inter hi un airplane.
Oodoy'fi fllRht wiih mndo from Knn
tifiKo to Mcndoza. a distance of 210
kilometers In one hour nnd twenty
eight minutes itt n height of I7,:i'K)
feet. Mo lined n mnnoplnim with n 110
horsepower Le Ithone motor. No uc
count of bin victorious nclilereinent
can excel the description he plves of
It himself In u rontrlbtttlou to the
Hulletln, In which he says:
"At last I was to pet n hlrdVcyo
view of the peul.'H upon which I had so
often timed from tho track of my ulr
doine. The Hrlstol mounted Into apace
for u time. I had not yet looked down
ward. I had to watch my altimeter,
my compiiHS, the regular throbs of the
oil engine and the revolutions of the
motor. I had to cluint;e the cnilnirl.u
tton continually and regulate the Le
Rhone; nnd then, when my nltlineler
hud passed the 17,000 feet, I looked
In Unknown World.
"I was In nn unknown world. Tho
mountain range Blood out wonderfully
clenr; everywhere were canyons, Im
mense blnck-moutlied vulleys, gentle
foothills nnd Icy slopes. A' the left
Tiipungnto rose near me to i.iy own
height, or perhaps higher, like un enor
mous skyscraper, n magnificent yet
graceful tower rearing Itself toward
heaven. On one side It had n long,
grndual, almost horizontal slope, like u
pnlin of tho bund, white nnd frozen,
but hospitable, Inviting mo to alight
arid linger. Hut tho Impression wns
lleetlng. Tho Bristol told mo I was
going 180 or 100 kilometers an hour,
hence tho scenery altered rapidly. A
moment later I crossed the frontier.
My country wiih behind me; before mo
lay tho Bister nutlon and triumph my
Blight but longed-for victory.
"At that moment tho motor missed
and nearly stopped. I guessed what
wuh tho inattcrvTho uutomutlc englno
was not working nnd the gasoline
cculOtt't tcasli Uift- rtit.r-.J
worked nn lnntant and tfio englno nnd
rotary started up again before tho
change had affected the apparatus. 1
had to land. Ho I lessepcd tho supply
of gtu slightly nnd began to descend
slowly. The needle, which had reached
u maximum of 17,:i00 feet, gradually
lowered. Then the bilttle began,
which lasted perhiuw three or four
minutes. The plane seemed to ie
cnuy. That morning there had been a
windstorm on the Argentinian side.
Perhaps that was the result of tho
cyclone. Then calm again. And thero
In tho dlstnuce among the far-away
foothills. Inslgnllkant when contrasted
with the huge bulks I had Just left,
rose the outline of tho Meudora, b0'
yond the great plain, covered by n
hottvy veil of clouds."
Cot His Oont.
Taylorvllle. III. Karl rsulpllt Is nn
undertaker. He owned n valuable
mounted goat's bend. Homebody got
his goat. "My budluens Is going to
pick up suddenly," predicts ICnrl.
"SAVE 100.000 BABIES"
Mis. Inn J. N. Perkins, us chief
the rhllil conservation section of th
coiiio II of national defence dlreetv tb
nethltles of women's commlttee:i al
over the country In the cnmpiii?u t
"Save lOO.tMio babies." The "Chh
drcn's Year." set aside for this well,
has been lengthened to July 1, 11)11).
Study of Dead Language No Longr.
Required for Bachelor of
Arta Degree.
New York. fine of the lust siron,
holds of tin.1 cliisslcul tradition In cdo
e.itlon fell whin the trustees of Ku.
ger college nt New P.rimswlck. N. J
ih elded to ubolMi the leqiilieliient
firei-k for the bachelor of arts degr.
A strong light was ninde by th
seloniiUc school fucllon t'i have .!!
Latin and flreek required of enn !'
ihile-i for the A. It. This fulled, 1
hereafter only one year of Latin ;i
bo required.
liutgers Is oii(. of the strongest pr.
pnnints of the classics. It was llr
elghlh college founded In this count r;
and wns formerly connected with tl"
Heformed Dutch church. Por the In r
hal.f century It lias been tho state col
lego of New Jersey,
The trustees gave permission for i
$200,000 memorial building to tie
Itutgers men who were killed In tin
Had Old Dank Account.
Hurlliiglon, la. James llryant, sc.
only-live years old, arrested hcn on i
charge of horse theft, suddenly n
"ailed whllo In Jail that 0 years agi.
he deposited $1,000 In a Burlington
bank. An olllcor accompanied llryant
to tho bunk, nnd, sum enough, he
found his account Intact with interest
accumulated. llryant says he Is af
dieted with lapses of memory and
says hu does not recall stenllng Am
horse, which was taken from a Musca
tine stable.
Dr. M. D. Fleming will bo al
th'i Richland Hotel on Saturda.v
and Sunday, Juno 21st and 22nd.
Heo him If your eyea need atten
tion of any kind,
Want Column
Atlvortlspinonta under Ihirt head
nro printed for )vo cents per hnq
each insertion. ' '
For Private Sale-Library table,
totkeiy, bed ateada, inattreHSOH,
eo' sprinH, coal heaters, wash
ing maehine, lawn mower. Har
den tools, etc. Input e of Frank
Tlurke at Mradford Hotel pro
perly. wl20 'M
Found CJauntlet jriove. Own
r may have same by callinir at
'lu olHce and paying for ad .
For Sale or will trade fi r milch
ows team of draft mares. Call
ii F. Is, Payzant.
Fountl A cuff button at the
.. V. hull. Owner will c'l ,,t
lews olllco and obtain sn
n' 8h1 at $1.25 per 100. a'l nn
II. Woods. I'icliland. ;.dL'p
i LOST -pair of none y a .un.
indcr will plenBe leave at N- w
i Mice and jret rewurd.
i For Sale- 22 younjr ewis ami 1 1
' i in ha. J. II. lOvans.
, LOOK! On account of .- i i in
, :dne8 iti my family I n'Tcr
I .lfalf and fruit ranch fo sale.
)no-htilf mile above Nw Hndu'.
'or particulars call on rj. ! vr --i
I ioht Hcttner. New Hi i.' iAv
j all nt this ollice.
.' For Sale OeLnval S-1 m at.-r
, n'o. 15, new last year. Pi it e 575.
t. C. Mack. - ad
' Hacks, buKicies, whkoms and
, harness for sale. Call at Cooper'a
iarn, Halfway, - ad
For Sale Charter Oak steel
miKC, U'od condition. Inquire,
. it Newg ofTico.
Cat He For Sale.
1 15 2 yi-eli steers,
)1 yearling sleei-s,
100 2 r old boilers,
15G yearling heiferu,
GO cows,
If you mean business cal! on nt
vrite Kditor News, Iticblan t. Or.
Fifty-four acred alfalfa land
, indernn.. ndjoininfrditfh 'n "Dry
!uleh;" deep tidi soil and m vcd-ly-einht
t hares water i i the Diy
Gulch Ditch Company; situated
about two miles from Richland on
principal trave'ed highway and
do",e to if not adjoining Hal'er
Cornucopia Post Road now under
construction. Adjoining lund is
estimated to produce five tons of
alfalfa to the aero per year.
! At this date, May 27, this land
is unimproved. Arrangements
I are beinu made to fence and put
1 it into alfalfa and n wheat nurs
' inir crop. If buyer prefers to do
this work himself he should phono
i the owner at once. In case buy
er makes his own improvements
1 no payment need be made on tho
principal for threes or more years
as preferred. Or equally liberal
terms (after paying for improve
ments) may be arranged when
land is fenced nnd in crop.
For particulars communicate
with th'i owner, Lcroy II.Tihbnls,
Tibbals Piano House Kr