Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, June 05, 1919, Image 1

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VOLUME 7, NO. 29
$2.00 A YEAR
Physician and Surgoon
Richland, Oregon
Night 'phono, ono long ring on
tilt linos.
Day 'phono pall conical office.
CitVeli ami HIiiiiinU n( All !'
AUr In Htixtk
ItlOfll.ANI). OltKUON S
Phonos 'I'MUkhurtH, Ono (unit
&e Rog'ers
linker's Popular Hold
Under Direct Supervision
of I'ho Owner
Sr.ticinl Ilnti'd to IV'innut'iit (ilit'tn
Irvine Lodge No. 86
Knights fPyjhias
Meet uvory Wwlnccilay flight nt tliolr
Uimtlit Hull In Itlclilnml, Ori'Kon. Vlall
iiiK llrollmrii ntmh uli'oiiut.
II. It. MAHNWSOtf, 0.0.
0. H. TIIOKP. IC.nl It. &. K.
Notary Public j
I Conveyancer
Olllco, Fucond nml Walnut Htn,
X Oppoulle C'hriutlun Clmir.li
Pump and Pipe
Repairing Promptly Done
All work guaranteed satisfactory
Phono me at Gray Gables Hotel
and I'll come over aid give you
figures on what your job will cost
All Issues Bought & Sold
X We pay markot price loss
small brokerage. Send us
!lJ your bonds by registered 9
mail; we mail check to you W
day bonds are received. 5
I.uniltng Iuaiirmicti Agoney
Sommer Uldg., Baker, Or
. i
Tho result of Tuesday's special
election proved that the voters
of Eagle Valley stood solidly for
good roads. Tho $f00,OOQ bond
issue carried in thin proemet by
a ratio of 5 to 1. The market
roads lax bill and the six per cent
county indebtedness for perma
nent roads were also approved.
The seven other measures voted
on received a majority against.
Tin county as a whole support
ed vory measure stiongly except
the lieutenant governor amend
ment. While full returns are not yet
in, it is conceded that each and
every measure on the ballot was
approved by the voters through
put tl;e atnto.
As Usual.
Decoration Day whs fittingly
observed in Eagle Valley. A
short program was rendered at
the opera house, He v. Johnson
delivering an impressive and ap
propriate address, 'f lit line of
march was then formed with
a squad of twenty-one returned
soldiers and tho G. A. 11. in the
lead, followedjjy ujprocession of
more than alnilein length of
citizens in aulos and other ve
hicles, and moved to the ceme
tery whero every grave was
strewod with flowers.
The stago was beautifully dec
orated, the Eag.e Valley service
lag forming a background in
front of which were seated the
old soldiers, master of ceremon
ies and chorus. Wm. It. Usher.
veteran of the Mexican War, was
given the seal qf honor in the
center of the stage and it was
hard to realize that the old gentle
man had fought to save for our
Union a territory which included
a portion of ono of the greatest
of all states Oregon.
Church Notices,
Tho Children's Day program
will take tho hour for the preach
ing service next Sunday morning
following Sunday School.
Preaching at New Bridge at
3:30 in the afternoon.
Evening services in Richland
beginning at 7:30, preaching at 8.
Direct imnort tons. Jannn. hlnok
and green Oolonir. in Shnstn nml
Golden Gate grades, in the cele
brated Folger & Co. line at Ha
ley's. These teas are a pleasuro
to sell as weJJ as to sip. adv
NOTICE-AM who contracted
bills at the Richland Drug Store
on or before Mny 7th must make
settlement on or before June 14,
elso tho bills will bo placed in
attorney's hands for collection.
acizu-uu Evelyn N. Barber.
Nomination and election of
officers at tho IC. P. lodgo next
Wednesday night, also work in
second degree. All Knights nro
requested to bo present.
Last Thursday afternoon about
two o'clock, fire was discovered
between tho waljs 'if the Mrs.
Nora Moody residence south of
Richland and word telephoned to
various neighbors soon brought a
'ciowd to tho scene but in spit
of all that could be dune the build
j'ing.was soon a -mass of ruins.
A part qf the contents of the
lower roofi.s were saved.
Mrs. Moody cat Hod 2,000 in
surance on tho building and con
tents, which sum is equal to only
about two-thirds of the total loss
sustained. Had jt not been for
tho abundance of water available
duo to tho overflow of Little Eagle
the loss would have been greater
as the adjacent buildings could
not have been saved.
Mrs. Edmond Hall with her
two'dny-old baby were taken
to. tho residence of Dan Jones
and suffered little if any as the
result of exposure incident to oe
ing moved. Mr; and Mrs. Hall
lost practically everything they
possessed in the way of clothing.
Ray. P. Taylor. Co. K. 306th
Inf., 77th Div., wllo recently re
turned to the Valley having re
ceived his discharge from service
on May 22nd, paid us an inter
esting visit Monday.
Ray went into service on June
25, 1918; landed in France on
August 24th, and "went over the
top" for the fust time on Thurs
day, Sept. 20tli, when the great
drive to wipe out the huns from
0gonnc Woods-was started by
tho Ail-American Army. Hp
was at the front fighting conlin
uously for twenty-one days and
then given fourteen days rest (?)
then sent back to the battle line
where ho remained until the
armistice was signed,
Rav escaped without a scratch
although his comrades fol all
around him by the score. The
fighting was done over territory
which tho British, French and
other nines considered .imnreg
nable as the Germans had held it
since the war started and had
trenches, machine gun nests and
ail manner of fortifications in
every available spot. Ray said
tho carnage was something in
It will be remombered that Ray
was reported missing in action
at ono time. He cannot account
for this unless it was when he was
carryiug up ammunition to a ma
chine gun outfit who were In a
tight place and the men detailed
as carriers had either been killed
or wounded!
When asked if lie could narrate
his closo calls, ho said that while
they were probably many ho was
so busy at the timo thoy came
that ho gave them little thought.
In reply to our compliment on his
physical appearance (he tips tho
beam at 101 pounds). Ray said
Opposite Saunders
, u
PLOW WORK a Specialty
Lays made for any make of plow and
8 guaranteed to run right
I All kinds of Truck and Carriage Body Building
, Wagon Repairing, Horse Shoeing, and General
g Blacksmithing done in workmanlike manner
I Fifteen years experience Your patronage solicited
vS? TV IT jT. TV V a-W V-
is now making daily trips to and from Baker
Arrive in Richland at 11:45 a. m. Lqave at 1:00 p. m.
Will call for passencers anj where in immediate vicinity
of Richland and New Bridge. Leave orders with Allan
Binheimer at phone office ad they will be attended to.
Cooper Transportation . Co,
Daily Auto Service from Baker to
Cornucopia via Richland
Arrive Richland about noon. Leave at 1:00
Leave Baker at 9:00 a. m.
Orders left at Richland Hotel or at Livery Barn will receive
prompt and careful attention. If in Baker phone 52
ve should have seen him at the
time the firing stopped on Nov.
Uth, as he was anything but fat
and handspme at that time.
Wears a Wound Stripe.
' Claude R. Decker, Co. H, 110th
Inf., 28th Div., reached home last
Friday noon, just in time to join
the other boys in khaki in the
Decoration Day eersmonies. Re
was in service but eleven months
but had enough of war to last
him the rest of his life. In sneukt
ing of his experiences Claude
sui9: "General Sherman defined
war in his time as hell, but he'd
probably have said something
stronger had he been in the re
cent mixup."
Claude went into service on
June26th, 1918, and exactly three
months later Sept. 2Gth v.eut
over the top" for the first time.
Ho was in the battle of Orgonne
Woods practically from start to
finish. He was wounded on Oct. !
8th, a, piece of shell striking him.
on the leg, but was back in the
fight ngam on Nov. 2nd and kept
right on the job until the armis
tice was signed.
Claude says that hoandQuincy
Fjynn wore in tho same company
but last time he seen him was
just as thoy reached the enemy's
barb wire entanglements in the
battle on Sept, 20th,
Bro's. Store, Richland
or ar w - . A
Helman & Massey
Will practice hi njl Local, Statn
and Federal Courts and tho
U. S. Land Office.
News Bldg., RICHLAND, ORE,
New Bridge
Every Friday
night after Parker's Movies
Tickets 75c
Good Music and Good Time
Notico is liorcby given to tho local
voters of School JJistrict No. -14 of
linker county, State of Oregon, that
Hie Annual School Arnfi
district will bo hold nt tho school
lionso in Ilichland, to begin nt tho hour
of 1:30 in tho nftornoon on tho third
Monday of Juuo, bolnc tho 10th day of
.lime, A. D. 1010.
Tho meeting is callod -for tho pur
jioso of olecting ono director for two
year term, nnd ono clork for ono-yc-nr
Dated this 15th dsv of May, 1019.
0. M. MOODY,
Chairman Board ot Directors
Atlesli 0. K. TnORP.
District Clark,
r 1