Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, January 30, 1919, Image 5

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Vitt'O OOtN DO ,
"ffU. 'BOUt COhJlRtvCftK
y -ma ncnr don't gnum
gt n pwec, Two-avf .ocm
VhWoooooooooMoooooooo I
LambiuK lias commonccd.
, Gut a Hutlerick Spring Quar
terly at Saunders Iho's. ad
4Mrfl. Hoy Loop and family re
liDvod to Halfway this week.
Druggist Fisher spent Wednes
day with his family in Halfway.
George Densley has sold his
jasulenco in linker and moved to
, KOUNl)--Tvo heavy haltors.
Owner call at this oflicc and pay
for this adv.
For SaleMxlG icnt, 10-ounce,
in good condition. I iifjtiit'c of
jay Perkins, Now Uridire.--adl2p
Al Harbor, Walter Jones iyid
Ira Bradford havo reached Camp
Levis and are expected home uny
. Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Craig
worn called to Portland this week
by the illness 01 the latter'!
, Mrs. Thos. Harmon and child
rcn arrived last week from Sen
Unci Htitte, N. D and is visit
ing- at the home of Geo. Graven
. Bleadon Ashby arrived home
Saturday, having been mustered
out of service. lie had been sta
tioned at Newport, Ore., in the
spruce division.
Our Whito Goods Said will start
Monday, Feb. Wo will offer
bur entire dno of white goods for
your approvah
ad G. & W: Chandler.
, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saunders
hre now located at 305 West 10th
Street, Cheyenne, Wyo. The
News has been ordered sent to
their address so they may be
kept posted on homo happenings.
Private Harry E. Masdn, Co.
C, 12th Inf., was coiled home1
from Norfolk, Vn.r, by the death
of his mother. He arrived here
Friday ovoning and was.' shortly
afterwards taken down with the
Mrs. H. It. Mastersorl and sis
tor, Miss Goldio SuIIivun, hrtvo
returned from Boise whore they
Went some time ago to attend
their sister, Mrs. F. B. Cross, and
farrfily who were oil ill with infill
jbnswii tttjd were themselves taken,
down with the disease, ;
Kd I'j. Cntca was a Baker vis-
itor last week.
Mrs. Grbver Craig returned
Saturday from a visit at Baker, i
Joe May and wife of Srrnrta!
are convalescing after ii niego of
For Sale-Six head of fat cattle
fivo good steers and one cow.
G. W. Martin. -lid
Now shipment of shoos for
men, children and laoies, just in
at Saunders Bro's. ad
A bill has been introduced in
the legislature prohibiting teach
ing the German language in the
pujilic schools of Oregon.
Morrie Long, who lias been
working for the Blumaucr &
Frank Drug Co. at Portland, ar
rived Friday for a visit in Ragle
Miss Ada Martin, who has been
employed in tho railway offices al
Wallace, Ida., has returned home
to recuperate after a tussle with
the flu.
Waller S. Saunders arrived
homo Monday ee from leaker
where he had been confined in
tho. hospital with influenza and
Mr. apd Mrs. H. C. Maclt have
returned from Hormiaton where
they were called by tho illness of
Mr. Mack's parents, whom we
are told succumed.
Spring Goods arriving every
lay. Nev prints, ginghams, per
cales, voils, also house and wash
dresses for women, misses and
children. E. & W. Chandler.-ad
Mrs. J. C. Bowen, who is spend-
inc. the winter at Salem where
tho children are attending school,
has accepted a clerkship in thy,
state senate tendered by Senator
Wood of Washington county.
During Hev J. M. Johnson's
illness lie received word of tho
death of his youngest brother at
Drumright, Okia. Tho deceased
was just past 30 years of age and
passed away on Jan. 7th of influ
Fred P. Thompson received ids
discharge, from U. S. service jast
week and Is visiting his sifctcr
near Portland whoiehis wife and
baby have been since Xmas. They
will toon be back at homo in
Eagle Valley.
Word has reach here that Pvt.
Claude It. Decker was wounded
in the left leg on Oct. 12th. That
tho wound was not serious is
proven by the fact that hd w.aj
back ,on tho battle front before
tho armistice was signed. Ho is
now in' Co. H, HOtli Inf., 28th
Division, which is a part of the
Army of Occupation in Germany.
Ladies' georgette Waists in new
colors and style's, .also children's
spring hats. Saunders Bro's.-ad
"llnllJIne Th Wt '
Kittlil ilinl 1010 - Tor tli dylopmcnt of
VWttrrn In lmtrln, crlcultur, mlnincv oil, nd'
ctnld attrattltfna. lit Int.rW In the W.tjrn
Invwtot-, furmtr ami Ixlititir. l'rlntnl on hlih
irrcl paper with copper half-tone illustration,.
Year. U i copr. I0cv Sami'l", 10c 3 back num
btri for "tic, Kcml now, Th Nw Weit Maaa
tins. 1211 Walker lUnk Ill.ln., Rait I.V City,
lltalii JOOi While Hl.lf, Seattle. Wah. ! 790
Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mich. AJJrcm ncari
lit office, or place jour lubicrlptlorl througH
inn neitiuauai.
Friends of the News who have
occasion td publish legal adver
tisements in settlement of estates
or other probuto mattors or in
cases in tho district court will do
this paper a favor by directing
their attorney or the county of
ficial having such matters, in
charge'ta have such' publication
made in The Eagle Valley News.
v' .',!'' '
Want llic News,
Cnum UV) Jnn, ,3; mSi
Mr. c, k, Thorp,
itichhmd, Ore.
Do"r 8,r wwio viiting onb of the
oyt in tlio nrtillory thin ovoning wo
fun ncronK nn Eiifjlo Vnlloy tiowt. It
wriH go iiitercBtrtiK Hint C. V Mncy and
I Imvo decided to pool Stakes and sub
ne'rlho for It for a period of thrco
iiioiitl tlmt Ii nil wo can "tnnd until
)my dny.
Tho 310th Field Artillery, of which
Al Harbor, Walter .Tone" and Ira Urnd
ford ii ro member, Is cxpeotod to nr
rlvo In Cninp I.owiit thin week or early
noxt week. Wo will cortnlnly bo K'd
to boo tho boy n(;nln.
Hornnrd Orceno will leave for home
Bntnrdny; will rccolvo his diechnrgo
I lion. Lucky boy!
An nrdor Iidh been received to di
chnr((0 CO por cont of tho men in this
camp, Most of tho mon affected by
order are cither, mnrrlcd fit havo do
pnitdcnt rcintlvo. An neither Mncy
nor mynclf nro married nnd no one 1b
dopendlrif; on us (if tlioy were they
would bo oiit of luck) wo will havo to
toy nnd lock up tho houso after every
ono olno in gone.
Sorry to hear of nil tho fdeknees
down thore. Torriblo, Isn't It f
Tho flu lms rjlmoet run iti course
hero It seems only thrco deaths out of
31,000 mon !nt wook.
Uet tho paper started this way as
soon oh ponsiblu.
With boat wishes to all.
C. F. JfACV.
JIIbc. Detach Q. M C.
Words of Thanks.
We oxtend to tho people of
Englc Valley our heartfelt thanks
for their kind assistance during
the illness nnd burial of our bo
le ved wife and mother.
Carl C. Mason and children.
To the kind people of tho com
munity who so generously.assist
ed during the late illness and
burial of our beloved wife and
mother, Mrs. Josephine Howell,
we extend our sincere thanks.
GhnsV. Howell.
William W. Howell,
Mrs. Jns. II. Schultz,
Orln J. Ho vel!.
I desire to thus express my
sincere thanks and heartfelt gra
titude to the people o,f tho com
munity in general, and knights
of Pythias in particular; for their
kind acts, their . words of syrti
pathy, and the many florfil offer
ings, at the death, and burial of
my husband, Daniel V. Gover.
Mrs. Churbery Gover.
I desire to express rhy sincere
thanks and appreciation for, the
tender care bestowed upon my
son, Chas. O. Clark, during his
recent lllnesd and death, as well
Us for the kindness .shown me.
Mrs. L. B. Gatewood.
We desire to thank the kind
friends and neighbors for the
kindness and sympathy shown us
during tho sickness ano burial of
our. beloved husband and father.
Mrs; M. L. Allen and family.
' ft
Strange Quiet Nov nests Over
Land Torn by Shot
and Shell.
Plain Vcfletablee and .Certain Meats,
Even Choice Wines, Again Are
Plentiful Friendly LlQhts
Seen at Night.
Behind the. Lines lri France. This
land of recent buttled Is a queer hind
now. Over the shell-torn villages nnd
blnstcd woods, the pitted fields nnd
ruin of all that once was Is a strange
quiet. The winter sky Is lacking In
uirplunes und great flocks of crows
Imvo tuken their place.
A few villagers have crept back to
see what remains of their homes and
holdings, but probubly the winter will
have passed before reclamation nud
reconstruction are undertaken on a
large scale.
Along the roads repaired nnd rc
brldgcd for tho allies' advance Into
German territory long camion trains
move slowly nud always southward.
They travel leisurely vow, for the need
of hurry Is gone. Thoy bring back
the salvage of battlefields, all tho
things that go to make war, abandoned
or captured.
Endlecs Trophies of War.
Truck load after truck load of rifles
and shells, of water bottles and haver
sacks, cartridges, machine guns, bayo
nets nnd trench knives nnd pistols,
niefcs kits; overcoats, caps, an endless
catulogue Of paraphernalia arc brought
In. The battle zone is still full of It
all, In heaps and racks, waiting sal
vuge. Now and then come trains of air
plane camions burdened with disman
tled flying machines of every type and
ovcry nntlon, engine and fuselage nnd
running gear on the truck und the
great wings on Its specially designed
trailer. Some of them are unharmed,
but many show bullet holes through
the frail fabric or the ruins of a crash.
A fair proportion of them bear the
Maltese cross that marks them bochc.
There nre trains of captured enemy
artillery, particularly of motor bat
teries, driven nnd manned by French
men, and these nrc happy outfits.
Often the guns arc decorated with
evergreens nnd always the French sol
diers laugh und wnvo a greeting. As
they creep through the villages the
populace flocks, out to .view the can
non that for four years gent death and
devastation to their land, and tho
children clamber on the carriages and
out on the grim barrels.
But It is the troops on the way back
that are most Interesting, returning
to rest areas or to their ports of em
barkation for home. French or Amer
ican, their behavior is the same. Al
ways they. greet everyone cheerily or
boisterously anil always tho French
officers salute with n smile wheu they
meet nu American caf, while the men
wave nnd shout : "I.n guerre est tints I"
or n similar greeting; Even the Chil
dren cry "Finis! Finis 1" to the pass
ing car.
Travelers .Are Welcomed.
Strangest of nil are tho lights at
night In the; Jiniulets mul villages, or
shining frleiidllly from the Isolated
furmhpuse," lit regions further back.
For so long Fruhco seemed n deserted
land to the traveler by night. Hour
after hour the press correspondent
has traveled nt night without a glim
mer' to bo seen In the countryside, and
noW from every lilli nud vale tho
chedry wlullbxvs bhlucnnd tho villages
nrc ablaze,' The papers devoto col
umns to did Illumination of l'nrls, but
It Is-here In the remote ltnrt of Frnncd
where war has beett thut lights at
night ,secm -most wonderful, even If
they hre ' but candle or little lamp,
Whero oiico camions or staff cars
loomed, llghtloss In, the., roads to the
imminent 'thront oC.colHs'o.n., unit often
Its accomplishment, the brilliant head
lights sta the night. . '
Therd lh ovcrr .village how tho trav
eling stranger' ctfrl obtain fool!',' nbt In
vnrlety, perhalis, but onbugh nud
very hospltablyM'-Hid'tleprdclitorr po
lite und nccesstfry refusal to requests
for refreshments that Usually were re
ceived In little holcts or single fanai
tiua ilyen. wnyifd A cheerful offering of
whai-ihw-U, lor tbt farmern . knoy
tib tlint tiio fipccter of n winter of;
short rntlonn lms disappeared, Thq
'rationing of certain foodstuff) Is still
In effect. Bread tickets nrc necessary
In public eating places, no matter how.
unpretentious; butter and milk nro el
(lpm to be bad and cheese Is scarce'
but of plain vegetables and certain
meats there Is plenty, nnd the light red
and white wines of the country arc
forthcoming when demanded. .
At this season tirc Is game In the
stnnll town markets, hares and rabr
bits, venison, red-legged partridges and.
tho large French quail and wild boarj
It is high, but not so high as It always
Is tit home.
Common LaW Wife Wins.
St. Louis. Mrs. Catherine ClnrkJ
who testified she was the common
law wlfo of Walter L. Clark, Frisco'
hi 11 road swltcJimnti who was knocked
from tin engine nnd killed at the
Chotcnu avenue viaduct April 1, 1017J
has Just been given a verdict of $1C,-j
000 by a Jury in circuit court. She
sued for $20,000.
Big Ship Is Sunk by "Phantom
British War Secret of Discharging Mis.
slice From Airplanes Is .
Disclosed. " j
London. "Phantom torpedoes" from,
the clouds sank a Turkish ship carry
ing 3,000 troops, just before the end
of hostilities. Only the armistice pre;
vented other aerial "phantoms" from
operating effecHrely against the Geri
man warships In the Kiel Canal and
other German navy shelters. .
These hydroplanes discharging tor
pedoes above the water have been
the great secret of the Brtlsh navy
during the closing month of the war;
Scientific officers of this branch of
the navy agree thnt these mysterious
planes are designed to accomplish
from tho air more effectively and
more swiftly what the torpedoes from
submarines can achieve.
An armored ship carrying twenty of
these machines met the German sur
rendered fleet nt sea ready for nctlon
In case the Germans should attempt
some eleventh-hour trickery.
These nmnzlng plnnes ascend 'from
land or deck, climb thousands of feet
for n sudden dive from the clouds at'
n speed of 150 miles an hour, straight
en out fifty feet above the sea and
discharge a torpedo direct at the enc
my ship. Then they disappear Into
the clouds as suddenly as they an-'
pcared, and so swiftly that the cnem
craft has no chance of training its
guns or machine guns on It.
ITow tho difficulty of discharging a
torpedo iu the air Is overcome is a
naval secret It Is "kriow'n that se
rlous accidents marked tho experi
mental tests with these wonderful ma
The gltf'llp left bclilBd hlb; Ameri
can Womuhhobd, fexpresscs the thought I
bf a grcal'satfoh of women In the
tvbrusj "Ttiknk you, Yank." With arid .
taMrclthg his n,eck, eyes dimmed witty
pyous tears, elio presses her lips t6
bis cheek la fervor and feeling, be- ,
stowing d kiss of gratitude oh the bdj
Whose glorious deeds on the batllefleliJ '
dQi.the'1cOmmn tafwy fertevAXaerl-
lMd m P to lire Ib.