Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, January 30, 1919, Image 4

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Straight Truthful, Direct
C E Thorp
Entered as second clas3 '.natter Dec. 12) 1912 at the post oilice at
, iticlilaiid Oregon, under act of March 8, 1879.
Membor Oregon State
pNE YEAR - -
RICHLAND, ORE., THURSDAY. JAN. .30, 1919. Vol. 7, No. 11
Japanese Idea of a Paradise of
Claim Made That Complete Abolition
of. "Filthy Lucre" Would Promote
Equality In Public Life of Man
. kind Ticket System Urged.
We will make here a suggestion
which furnishes us n method to pre
vent the appearance of the rich, ami
avert the consequent result of the dif
ference between rich and poor. The
suggestion consists of the entire dis
use of the money over the world, In
order to give the struggle for exist
ence a check, to- make awny with the
iluTorence of rich nnd poor, nnd thus
o promote 'pence nud 'equality In the
public-life of mankind.
J It 13 through the medium of the
money that wealth Is accumulated, anil
)he accumulation entails the difference
of rich and poor, with Its resultant
struggle for existence.
This state of things Is most undesir
able. The end of mnnklnd Is not to be
proud of Individual talent or ability,
but to co-enjoy the peace of the world,
Just as In a family, and any cause
which brings about any Inequality In
public life must be radically elim
inated. It Is for this reason that we
dare to suggest the disuse of the money
to prevent the difference of rich and
What crafty fellow ever produced
'the money for use In human life? Of
course, nationalization of various val
uables, such as gold, silver, Jewels, etc..
.shall be Implied In the disuse of the
jnoney and their ownership by Individ
uals be prohibited. Such valuables
retain their values only when they nre
used as a means of Inequality, but wll
he nothing more than those pebbles on
.the road when equality Is to be preva
lent. They may have some value In
giving us h good feeling on account
of their elegance, then they may be
used, under public ownership, for the
jdecorntlon of shrines, temples,
jchurches, halls, and many other like
buildings to the common pleasuro of
,tho public at large.
. Most complicated troubles may arise
irom the adjustment of properties
.after the enforcement of the disuse of
the, money. With the proposed sug
gestion mines, railroads, ships, electric
nd gas plants, waterworks, and many
flther properties essential to the com
mon Interest of u nation shall be trans
ferred to the national ownership, not
to ay of the nationalization of lond,
.and they shall be equally compensated
for, as for the confiscation of money
and several bonds, with a kind of reg
istration bond nowly issued for the
purpose, which should have the char,
acfnrlstlc of temporary transitional
.means until an Improved feature
rarkes Its appearance in a new so
ciety. ', Jn other regards Individuals may be
permitted to retain their own property,
peonal and real, nnd nialntaln their
pn 'cfislons or occupations. Transac
tion shall bo carried on by the ex
,.ch nge of kind In kind, or barter,
lv ns barter Is too Inconvenient to bo
enforced, a ticket system may be taken
iot w remedy of tills, defeat. As has
bet o stated, our Ideal disuse of the
inc y docs hot admit any nccunjula
,)lo ' of wealth, and so the tickets shall
$e ,f'rn each a certain period of. time,
aj in, 20, ,30 years' or more, during
tih' h they can be. In use, nnd after
'(fJtl "' 'UeIr,.cIrculatlon ceaseg,, ..,
jv n this Is accomplished, there
r no more CfltnplaJnU, do morji
Editorml Association
How's This?
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Reward
for any ense of Cntnrrh that cannot bo
cured by Haifa Catnrrh Medicine,
Hni' i Catnrrli Medicine hnn-been taken
by catarrh suITercr for the past thirty
uvo years, and has becumo known as tho
most reliable romedy for Catarrl.. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine nets thru the ttlood on
t'.ie Mucous surfaces, expelling tho Pol--on
from the Dlood and healing the dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
'' ine for a. short time you will see a
,r.at Improvement In your Roneral
health. 8tnrt taklnrr Hall's Catarrh Medl
cine at once nnd cet.rld of catarrh Send
'or testimonials.' tree. '
F. J. CHENEY ft CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
tTTssnWfiictlo'h's, no Ttiott! contradic
tions, and no more misunderstandings,
and the world will ho reorganized Into
a paradise of ponce. Seljlro Dawn
shlmn In Dal Nippon.
Not Too Tired to Fight
Among the cheering anecdotes Eliza
beth Shepley Sergeant reports In nn
article on the present French-Anicrl-can
offensive, none raise more san
guine hopes of allied victory thnn
Somewhat over a month ago n
French general encountered nn Amer
ican colonel of Infantry below Chntcnu
Thierry. "How long have your men been on
the march?" asked the general.
"Thirty-six hours."
"Then of course they nro too tired
to go In."
"Not at nil they'll go right In."
"Can you stop the Germans?"
"Certainly we can stop them."
It was thus that an American Iri
fantry regiment and five batteries of
artillery were thrown straight across
tho road from Metis to Pnrls. The
Germans not only did not advance
one step farther along that road ; they
were Immediately driven back by tho
Americans nnd their re-enforcements
at Bourcsches, at Chateau-Thierry, nnd
the Bols do Bellenu. Detroit News.
Women In the Ranks.
Two women fighters are In tho
Serbian hrmy, Sergennt-Mnjor Flora
Sandes, a Scottish woman, nnd Mil
ukn Savic, a Serbian girl. Miss Sandes
was severely wounded some time since,
being struck by more than 50 frag
ments from n Bulgarian, hand grenade.
She recelyed a decoration. The Serbian
girl lias been wounded several times.
She was awarded the gold medal for
valor, and wns made n Knight of the
French Legion of Honor.
"The m'nrtlnl bands are brave who
go Into battle playing to inspire the
"Of course. It Is their business to
face the music"
Had Elflhteen.ChlldreoJiy First Wife,
None by Second and Twenty.
Two by the Third.
St. Louis. n. B. Banks, & negro,
who lives In Benton, St. Louis county,
says he 15 the father of 40!chlldrcn.
Banks asserts tliut nil his "babies"
nre nlly.e. He .pnys lie has six sons
In France. ,
Banks , was discovered In Division
No. 5 til tho circuit court) where ho
wos a plaintiff, In un action ngulnst
the Clover Leaf Cusualty company,
seeking Judgment of $500 for ulleged
personal Injuries suffered vlile em
ployed ul a steel plant.
"I've been married three times,"
Banks tuld. "By my first wife I hud
18 children. She's dead. Jty second
wife had no children, r divorced her.
t bad 22 children by my third wle."
Possible Solution Seen of Problem
in Oregon.
Veterinary Says Milk Whale Can Bo
Domesticated and Pacific Ocean
Would tie Farm.
Snlem, Ore. Whalo inllk tnny some
tiny settle tho question ot antlk supply
for Oregon, according to Slate Veter
inarian Lytle, who Is cullrcly serious
In tho mutter.
"The milk shortage." said Mr. Lytle,
'.'may bo swatted soino day by domes
tlcntliig tllu whale. With tho whole
Pacific ocean as a farm tho donicsll
cntcil whale would put tho Oregon
dairy business on n mammoth scale.
Whales nro mammals, each of which
furnishes about a barrel of milk nt it
milking, nnd while at present they nro
n little too shy to bo exactly classed
ns easy milkers, somu duythey will
bo domesticated."
.Dqctpr Lytle suggests plnclng n
sheep or two on every lawn In Oregon
ns a more Immediate menus of curing
the mill: nnd wool shortage.
"A good sheep of long or medium
wool will give as much milk ns u $75
milch goat, nud It Is the finest obtain
able for Infants. In addition, from
$0 to ?S worth of wool can be ob
tained. If the lamb Is raised, $10 can
be obtained for U nt three month, hut,
of course, If the milk Is wanted the
lamb must be sacrificed."
Sir Dyco Duckworth, one 6t the best
known of England's prominent physi
cians, served on the naval medicine
consulting board. He IS nctlvo nnd
honorary member of hlany of tho
world's most famous medical socie
ties. He sacrificed thousands of
pounds yearly practice by devoting
much of his time to the affairs of tho
Railroads Planned for: Development
of Big Fields In the Far
Seattle, Wash. Development of tho
boal resources In Alaska which have
been locked up through federal laws
has been greater In 1018 than In all
previous years combined, according to
hdvlces received by tho Seattle cham
ber nf rnmmerco. "duo to the construc
tion at the government railway.
. xne iirsi snipniem ui uu
cite coal to reach tidewater wns de
livered nt Cordova October 24. An
(other shipment of 100 tons Is now en
route to Seattle. Tho Alaska anthrn
clto railway has been completed from
tidewater on Bering river to tho coal
mines of tho Alaska Petroleum and
Coal company, 2i miles.
., It If) planned to extend this railroad
eight miles from Its, present tidewater
'terminus to deep, water on Oknlco
channel, pontroljc'r My, "where coal
can be dlscbrirgetl direct from thd curs
to ocean cqrrl.erg., 4
By saving and sharing America kopt
the world .together during the war cri
sis..., ny'sarlnfe and sh'krlHtr America
will help to bring the Dealing ot na
tion. 1 a.
This store is headquarters for
You will find our stock complete
t 3 !
and our
'7t takes Quality to fy
mafce a real bargain,
says xmy
the. banker
"Thissmnll chew of
Real Gravely gives
more real tobacco
satisfaction than a
big chewof ordinary
plug. It tastes better
nnd lasts longer.1'
Peyton Brand
Plug packed in pouch
( 1'iibltfltcr.)
Department of tbo Interior, U, 8. Land
Office nt La Urarulo, Oregon, Jan. 13,
Notice is hereby given Hint William
A. SisHon, of llichluml, Ore., who, on
April 7, 1011, mudo ild. 11. No. 013071,
for 8U 1-1 810 !, Bee. 1M, NK 1-1
S'K I I 8cc.-25, Til. 0; 8., It. 13 E. W.
M.., and lots 3 and Sec. 10, Tp. 0,
S., I!. -I I E. nnd on April 28, 1011, made
Ad. lid. E. No, 013S117, for SW 1-1
SM 1 -J, Hoc. , Tp. 0 8., It. -13 E. NB 1-1
NW 1-4, lot 1 and 2, ijec. 30 Tp.. 0 8.,
It. 11 E. W. M., has filed notico of in
tention to mako three-year proof, to es
tablish claim to tho land aliovo describ
ed, before Woodnon I,. Patterson, Uni
ted States CommiMioncr, at tii office,
at Baker, Oregon, on tho lOtli day of
March, 1010,
Claimant names ail witnesses:
Jcsso Sinclair, Thomas O. Welch,
Woaloy Goodman and Arthur Mills, all
oi liicliland, Ore.
C. 8. DUNN, Hcgistor.
; (I'liblleiicr.)
Department of tho Interior, U. 8. Land
Offico at La O run do, Oregon, Jan, 13,
Notico is hereby !vonthat Miitlades
SpiropouloB, of Homo,, Oregon, who, Oil
October 2, 1011, made lid, E, Noi
013781, for BE 1-1 NE 1-4, N i-2 BE 1-4,
SE 1-4 8E 1-4,' Bee. 2l; and on May 16,
1010, made Adi lid, E. No, 014834, foil
nrices right 8
u , .
Good tnstc, smaller
chcw.Iongcr life is what
makes Genuine Grave
ly cost less to chew than
ordinary plug.
Write to;
Gknuink Gkavp.i.y
far hoallil on die win t ftuii
SW I I NK 11, 81-1 I I 8W 1-1, SW I t
HE 1 , Sec. 21, and NW 1-1 NE 1-1,
Sec. 2S, all In Tp. 11 is., II, 15 K. , M.,
litis filed notice of intention to make
throe-year proof, to cslnblish claim to
the land above dcHcrlbcd, Imforo A. I),
Combs, Jr., Clorlc of County Court, at
Baker, Ore., on tho 11th day of March,
Claimant nnmos us witnesses:
Ot'or;o SpiroploH, Joint DamaN, Clirlfl
Coloiimti,: and Wm, L. KIrhy, all of
Home, Orefjon. O. 8. DUNN,
I know of a
man who wants
to rent a ranch
in Eagle Valleyi
if you are looking
for a good tenant
let me know at onCei
C E.