Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, January 09, 1919, Image 5

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c J. A. Kirbjr went to Bnktr
Sunday. t,
Plantj.nre being malic fob the
t'ifth Liberty Loan.
, Canvns rIovob for boys and
men at Saunders Iku's. ad
Mrs. J. W. Patterson and little
daughter Chnrlottb, arc visitors
In Hnkcr.
MisSjAmy Johnsdn of Huport,
Idalio, is visiting with her sisto. ,
Mrs. Claude. Chase. , .
A letter received recently from
Mel Thompson stated he was
well and gotting along line.
We will slate that ovury paper
of this issue was thoroughly
fumigated before taken to the
You will find many delicacies
in our store that will House and
satisfy tho appetite of the invalid
and convalescent. Haley's, ad
Mgr. Wnllington of Buker is
looking -after- Mutual Creamery
Co. business herb whilo Messrs.
Kirk and Lecp are fighting the
Miss Georgia Holcomb, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon T.
Holcomb of New Bridge, and Mr.
Henry Koopman aro to bo wed
tomorrow. .
Remember the third in-
.fstallment of the Fourth
Liberty Loan is payable on
or before .January 11th.
Tho payment is 20 per cent
of faco of bOnfl.
We've a number of interesting
letters from soldiers that wo are
compelled to pass up this week.
Among them one from Kenneth
McCormick who drove a supply
truck at the battle front.
STRAYED One long two-year
bid part Jdrpeysteorj black, while
fice, swallow fork in each car,
branded -FlF on loft hip, tho E
and P combined, E is backward.
Notify mo at' Halfway, Orcgoh;
Will pay for trouble-. ;
nd9-p W. Weathorspooh.
Mr. and Mr3. HaymUu Swisher
and daughtor, Miss Tibola, ac
companied tho body of W. M,
Nash in from Weiser last Thurs
day Mr. Swisher was one ol thd
early settlers ot Eaglo Valley,
arriving hero in X8G8, but loft in
1804. Ho now resides at Weisen
LUX soup at SaundorB Bro'H.
Miss Paulino Guyor has return
ed to Hoblnetto.
A few hnrgain shoes left at
SaundeiB Bro's. ad
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Saunders
camo in from Hot Lake, Sunday
Itomcmber, you can't run away
; from tho flu, but ytiu can run into
It. Bo cautious.
LOSTcrank for Quick car.
Leave at Mutual Creamery or
at Nows office. ad
Keep your body well nourished
with propbr food. You should
buy it ot Raloy's. ad
Don't got hysterical If the
flu gets you, you're no worse off
than thousands of. others.
Pldyd Stout arrived home Fri
day, having beon mustered out of
service at Fort Collins, Colo.
The civil engineer's report on
tho Sparta irrigation project will
be printed in next week's issue,
B. FvKicstof Sparta is in at
tendanco at the. reconstruction
convention Portland this week
A fine big- baby girl arrived at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
Bland at New Bridge on Thurs
day, January 2nd.
Two good work mares, coming
four-year-olds, for sale or will
trado for cattle or sheep.
adD 10 Dan Stanciu.
A petition has been presented
to the county court asking that
Frank ClarKe be appointed Jus
tice of the Peace for Eagle Valley.
Mr. and Mis, Jesse Masteraon
and children left Monday for
tlioir homo at Wallowa. Earl
Mhstcrson took them as far as
Baker In the auto.
When a dog goes mad wo do
not go after him with a syringe
loaded With' a euro for rabies,
therefore why should any mercy
bo shown the kaiser?
Dr. Wilson is working to the
limit of his endurance. Ho has
a serious situation to handle and
everyone should do what they
can to lighten his labor. '
STRAY' ED Red yearling heif
er, no car mark or brand. Suit
able reward for information lead
ing to its return. Sam Brown,
Richland, Ore. adllpd
Abe Burns returned, from Snakp
River lust week, where ho had
been working on tho tunnel. He
reports that it will be fully a year
before the work is completed.
Men's; women's, and children's
wool and soft flannel union suits
and seperatc garments; just right
for this season.
ad E. & W. Chandler.
With tho flu in our own home
wo lire obliged to slight the News
to a certain extent. But boar
with us, dear reader, we'll keep
tho 'paper coming until wo are
hit by the flu.
Friends of tho News, who have
occasion to publish legal adver
tisements in settlement of estates
Lpr other probata matters or in
cases in tho district court will do
this paper a favor by directing
their attorney or tho county of
ficial having such matters in
charge to have such publication
made in Tho Eagle Valley Nows.
Gard of Thanks
1 desire to express my sincere
thanks to tho peaple of Eagle
Valley for their kind services at
tho burial of my beloved wife.
C. W. Wallace.
Will Scnll Us Souvenir.
November 27, 1918.
I Dear Editor:
! As I have been receiving your
paper pretty regular will drop
you a few lines of thanks. I like
to get tho E. V. News because it
tells what is going on at home.
WiI try and get a souvenjr fof
some kind and ten it to you for
I khow every person would like
to have one Irom harp.
Have seen many things over
here that 1 would not have miss
ed seting for anything jn the
world. There are building here
that aro more than a thousand
years old, but you wo'iild not
think so to look at thcrru i ,
I see Alfred Baroer ntl.ajter
Jones every once in a whijei 1
hwpe It wont be long until we
will bo back in good old Eagle
Valley to see you all again.
Pvt. Ira W. Bradford,
Headquarters Co. 346th P. A.
American Expeditionary Forces.
New and Corrected Addresses
of Our Boys in Service
W. L. Makinson
U. S. S. President Grant,
Care Postmastor.New York City
Ja$ R. Sxhulta,
63,rd Inf., Co I,
Pearl and Park Streets,
New YorK City N Y,
13 your subscrip
"tlrMr Hon at once and
not miss a copy
III! t
Incident That Shows That Mlwlonary
Work U Only for Thoc Who Are
Especially Efficient"
Hnnss was sent to Bang-bang up la
tho Mtilny peninsula. This Is not his
name, nor Is It tho place, but that docs
not matter. The story Istrue. His
Instructions wcro to start ti'school for
Hit-. Chinese find to upon up mission
work. The government had promised
to provide the Innd for tho bcIiooI
building nnd linns; expected to find
Willing for him n very extensive sub
scription list signed by wealthy Chi
nese to meef the expenses of building.
He wno Instructed to preiut himself
to the police Inspector, who wus sup
posed to bo heartily backing the proj
ect. Shortly after Hangs' urrlvnl tho
ofllclnl was suddenly transferred for
exrcllont ronsonn. Then Hangs tllscor
cred that the names of all tho brothel
keepers In tho region were on his sub
scription list. They had no objections
iri subscribing when tho Inspector of
police argued tho cause, but they felt
very differently nb'out paying out their
cash when a young mthMonary camo to
collect the money. Meanwhile Bnngs
found that tho contract for the school
building hnd been let to a dishonest
builder. Ilo sent out 200 notices to
lending Chinese Inviting them to meet
nnd confer on tho proper action to bo
talicn. No dno came, lie called a
meeting of his executive committee,
with n similar response. Then ho
Jumped on his bicycle, scoured the'
highways nnd byways of the Jungle
In tho scorching sun, which registers
MO degrees nnd no shade, every day,
to round up his committee. Tho last
member ho roused from bed and Into
nt night called them to order. TJjo
project was revived nnd a now sub
scrlpllon list started which soon to
taled $3,000. Tho school began tem
porarily, In nn old church with -13 pu
pils. At the same lime preaching
services In Chinese, Tamil and Malay
wero opened In the Jail, and a Young
Men's association for the Chinese, of
fering opportunities vdilch appealed
greatly to tho wealthy men, was organ
ised. Ono effectlvo means of raising
money for tho young men was to make
n rule that whenever ii $500 gift was
registered tho donor tulgtit linvo his
Picture hung In tlio clubrooms. Ho
finished tho schoolflouse, fouild tho
money to pay the contractor, ttitored
somo boys for tho Cambridge exami
nations and turned the nuuidy In to
pay for n Chlneso pronellcr, put In
enough tlmo on tllo polygdt languages
X.lil !lirlc-t to.innJ'fl ttluiseljr under
To the Public:
o o
Raley's Gash
McDowell Bros. & Si John
Bee Keepers Supplies of all kinds J
Hives, Supers, Cards, FoundaHon, etcs. (
All orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed
Write, phone or call for price's. ,
C. C. SL John Manager, Richland, Oregon
stood, and, when I visited htm, was on
good terms with everybody In town.
Tho missionary who cannot stand such
ncld tests as these need not apply for
tho Job. Tyler Dennett, In Asia Mag
azine. Heroic Red Cross Doctors.
Tew Incidents will stir Americans'
with more Justified satisfaction than
tho conduct of two American doctors
at Anne!, ah outpost of Complcgne.on
the night or March 25. Tho patients
of their hospital had .beeii eracuatoil
the preceding night. The French sur
geons and nil the nurses were gone.
The Germans were within n half-dozen
kilometers nnd ndvnnelng. Heavy ar
tillery, set In tho hospital grounds,
made n terrific dliu Hut tho American
nmbulnnce sections kept on coming to
Annel Chateau. They did not knovf
whore else to go. Two Red Cross
doctors, Major Tarnowsy and Major
Morehead, stayed on In the deserted
chntenu. Two canteert women volunteer
ed from Compelgne. -Tile' two doctors
kept oh operating, the canteen women
handing them Instruments nnd dress
ings, tho Ited Crpss truck drivers hold
ing candles and lirlnglng In nnd carry
ing outJ he wounded. A day nnd n
nlghf and n second day tho two doc
tors' operated. Tho crisis passed. The
regular attendants returned, tho rou
tine wns resumed.
Motorcycles With' Wooden Tires.
Wooden tires that' aro readily de
tachable are now sta'ndnrd equipment
for motorcycles being exported to the
uoutrnl countries of Kurope. Inter
national treaties prohibit tho export
ing of rubber tires to these couutrlds,
whilo without the wooden tires ma
chines could not bb handled on their
Own wheels without damaging the
rims. Tllo neutrality, .of the non
tielllgerctitjmtlons of Kuropo Is bcln
sb clos'ely "guarded that a tiro ninnu
jfActurcd tjicro cahnot ' bo ' purchased
without n permit from the authorities;.
ftyefor,o such n pcrnllt Is Issucl It Is
nocessnry to glvo snllsfactory evidence
tat the tiro Is for one's own Individual
ueo and under no circumstance will bo
allowed to get into tho bauds of the
Mr C. Wf Perry will have charge of
tliis stork iihtil the recovery of Mr. W.
C. Raley; who is ill with influenza, and
will wait upon you with courtesy and
You will find many things in our
fitock that are necessary for proper
nourishment of yourself and family,
whether you be w&l; sick or convalescing
"Haliainc The WSt" rl
H:abl hl 1910- Par tht JtYtZnpsAait it
Wf.tcrn injaslriiM, n. .. i-Jture, m'.n.ag. jI'.. onj
wi'e i.'-..-aet:jr.i. Of i-ilcris.1 to the Vtern
inveiloK fcrmer arJ icbtctr. IrlnteJ on hlah
Kr .ij ;pr xtlh enpftr half-tone illustration. r
Vrr, ti: cocr. 20c. Sample. 10c 3 back r.nm-3
ln for 2Jc. Send Jiow. .The New Weit Jlaea-n
xin. 1211 WaUer. Hank lUdsr.. Salt Lake City.fl
l-.-.h- tnni u-hH Tit,1 :.!,, tt v..v, . 8
Woodward Are.. Detroit, Midi. Addrcu near
est office, or place jour subscription through
thu ncfftpapti.
Applications for Crazlnc Permits.
Nutl.cts hnrebv elvon that all applications
for ix-rmits to irraje rattle, horses, anil sheen
lupr tliL'i-eAfon of 1910. must bo filed In rov office
at Hatter. Orcconvcn or beforo January 31, 1919.
IE, M. eva.ns, roresi snter-lsoi-. auw
Forget the Flii
out remeniDer tne
third installment
on the" Fourtlf
Libettv Loan must
rfay, Jan. 11th,
With tho sblcnin obligation of pro
vldlng thnt "margin" of food that
would snfegunrd against starvatloil
our friends In Europo the housewife
and tho consumer have learned hltherr
to Ignored and unsuspected things
about food, havo absorbed ' a' wholo '
"collego education" In 'food- valued
food handling, buying und substituting
that they will not want to forgot. I
Our voluntary food-snvlhg not only !
saved tne Aiues ana ninuo vuni contri
bution tb the winning of tho war, but
saved to Ourselves In administration
expenses tho outlay out Of, oucown
pockcib Hint any effective system of
rationing Would hive extracted. 1
would have cost ub about $45,000,00b
tp- tlavd' policed ourselTes, as -ftUfttrist
the 8 cents jjcraplta, foco-operatlnE';