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Eagle Valley News
Sfrtiight, Truthful, Direct
Winter Wear
C: E. TSpjiL
Entered as socppd lass. matter
Richland- Oregon,' tinder
. 1 ... ' II mi
MefliJi&r Orqgoa Stnttx
ONEYEAlt - - - $2.00
RICHLAND, ORB., THURSDAY. JAN. 9, 1919. Vol. 7, No. 9
'Yank's' Presence in Confeder
ate Lines Expjained
!n Viow of Ml.' Extremely Unconven
. iional "Uniform" He Could Hardly
Be Charged With Spying, as
Geh. Gordon Qulokly Saw.
In bi: "Ilemlhlsccnces of the Civil
War," General Gordon relates that
while the two hostile armies were con
fronting each other on the Unpldnii',
tin- i.Vmfe'derute-'nnd the1 Union pickets
DHv.iiiti so- very,,"ch"muniy" tlmt the
commanding generals were appre
hensive lest Important military Infor
mation might leak out. '
An almost ' continuous exchange of
toiiAoo for c'olTec was going on be
tween "Yanks nnd "Johnnies j" nlso
tmieh exchanging' of newspapers. When
tlit river was so deep that the soldiers
could not wndo across, they rigged
'aiinumire lioats and rafts loaded with
h:r.vpr they wished to trade and
m tht-m over fts the breeze favored.
The consignees on both sides scrupu
lously respected these snmll argosies,
and always .sent buck a fair equivalent.
Tii- u.t-n not only conversed across
h,rlver, but "Visited" pack and forth
for an hour or two at a time. The
office's began to fear tilnt they might
?CMi$e too friendly to fight with
pnlr energy; and at Inst General
ffjyt Instructed General Gordon to put
HJStap to It.
-A flaunting his horse, the general
tarUii to ride along the river front,
and almost immediately came' upon a.
Oon'-d. rate outpost, Where his sud
di appearance seenied'to create an
uiiiHtuil degree of excitement and stir.
'"Wliut's going ou here?" demanded
tii general.
"Kott.mg at nil, sir!" cried one df
tlk sol'iiers eagerly; while another nt-
tempt ci to explain 'hat the confusion
was owing to their haste to "present
, nos" to him.
, , general Gordon was satisfied that
this was a subterfuge, but he could
gee notiilng amiss, and had turned to
ride away when he 'saw some tall
weed on the river bank begin to
. "What's In those weeds?" he asked,
wheeling his horse.
"Nothing ut all, sir I" cried a chorus
"Bre.sk down the weeds I" 1.
Vary reluctantly one of the mcn-dld
' ao and there lay a large, red-headed
Wrfnk" In purls nnturallbns, having
evidently but that minute swmu across
the-ilver. .
"Where flo you belong?" the general
tipked him severely.
-'.fOver yonder, general," replied the
-' Yankee, with a wave of his arm across
tfae river and uu inscrutable grimace. ,
"What are you doing here?"
"JttS! a little friendly visit to tho
boyt, general."
"Don't you know that there's a war
raging in this country?"
"V, sir; but 'tain't ragln' today,"
waa the quaint reply ;' and the ring p?
Vstoning "Johnnies" grinned broadly.
Something had to be done to preserve
dignity and to enforce orders.
"Have you anything, to say why I
should not have you shot as u spy?"
demanded the general sternly. "la
titat your uniform?"
"Wal, general, it'a the uniform my
' mother gave me," came from the
Jweeds in a drawl so irresistible that
Xjfhe "Johnnies" shouted. t ,
.Quickly perceiving that this was n
Mte yliere it wos necessary to rent
i'i 1912nt.,thojpst office nt
act or Jiiarch 8," 1879.
Editorml AaaaQ.intio.il .
How's This? - .
We offer One Hund,1 Dpjiara nevrart!
for any case of Catarrh that tHhnot bo
cured by Hall's1 Catarrh MeufCTnfi.
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by catarrh auftcrera for tho past thirty
live yea.rs.ana has become known aj the
moat reltKbl3"remcly for Catarrh. Haifa
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P. J. CHENEY & CO., ToleBo. Ohio.
Bold br. all Drulsu; TSc. .
tlte JiriiTfer Ss K bTce' Br clio to mele
out extreme severity. General Gordori
chbse the'former nltcrrmtlve'.
-Lobk here." sold Me "if 1 let you gd
back to your bwti llbcs this time; will
yon.1" ' '" 1. i
It was unnecessary to finish the sen
tctlcc. With a spring to his feet the
Yank" dived off tho river bank; Im
mediately his red head was seen part
ing the water rapidly In the direction
of the other shore. Youth's Compan
ion. Weeping Stove Pipes,'
Weeping stove pipes, from (lie Joints
of which n tnrllke liquid leaks out. Is
often :t dilllcttlt trouble tt) remedy. It
Is due to Insujllclent draft; The smoke
moving slowly through the pipes con
denses, and the liquid so formed oozes
out at the Joints of tho pipes. Some
times having the pipes on an Incline,
upwards townrds tlte chimney, will
Increase the draft. Some flat that
a little opening In the pipe next the
chimney, with n sliding cover, in
creases the draft up the chimney,
when-open, and so cnttses the smoko
to puss out quickly. It nil comes to
this: Increase tlte draft nnd the heat
of the pipes, and so cause the smoke
to pass out so quickly that It cannot
cool nnd condense In the pipes.
Wear Sunflower In France.
The fntue of tlte sunflower as tho
emblem bf Kansas lias penetrated
France, and Is the object of much ap
preciation on the part of the French
people, according to word received at
Camp Funston. A letter from n mem
ber of the Eighth division states that
the membqrs of the division all wear
a big sunflower on an ni'in baud as a
distinguishing emblem of the division,
which received Its training here. The
division, tho first to bo trained nt
Camp Funston, was trained by MaJ
Gen. Leonard Wood.
"What does Wiggins think the out
come of the war will be?"
"Wiggins Is a profiteer. He's Inter
estpd In the Income."
Midget Had Soldier Son,
Admiral Dot, P. T. Itanium's mid
get celebrity, who died a tjlmrt time
ago, .lived to give n stalwart son to
the American nnny In France. Iloth
his parents were of normal size. As
midgets go, Admiral Dot was of lessor
eminence thnn Gen. Tom Thumb, but
after the latter' death In 188.'J lie re
mained first among his kind until his
retirement to become a hotelkocpor a
quarter of a century ago.
Admiral Dot was American horn
and purely a native celebrity. He
lived to bo fifty-nine years old, while
Gen. Tom Thumb died nt forty-six, and
the Polish dwarf Ilorulwtiskl missed
becoming a centenarian by two years.
it Sort.
"Looking nt that letter you have Jtlst
posted, makes ine think you have one
thlug Ifl.cojhmop with tho kaiser,"
"What Is It?'1
"A tiutlUd flat."
'2Li - Iter
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I CU1U UUl JJllCO ligMt
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back to the ordinary plug
again. Gravely has that
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
eacn piece paccea in s poucn
Department of tlte Interior.
U. H. ljittd Ollieu nt LaGrnndu, Ore
gon, Dec. 4th, 1018.
Notlco Is hereby given that .lunse h,
Sinclair, ol Itlcliland, Oregon, who, on
Decontbur 12tlt, 1011, mado Iloiiiecteail
Hntry No. 010001, for N 1-2 K-W 1-1,
SV 1-4 NV I I, Hoc. 29. UK 1-1 l-l,
Sec. .'I0, ami wh.jon .M'iy 11th, 1017, iiimlo
Ad, II. K., No. 0IW31, for NWl-4.sK
1-1, HV 1-1 NK t-i, and K t-SJ NW 1-1,
ficction -II, Township 11 South, Range 4 i
Kant. Willamette Muriillitn, hns Hied
notice- oi intention to make tlir-e-year
Proof, to cstnbllHh elulm to tho land
above decrribed, beforo Woodson L.
Patterson, Unitwl Kiates Coiniiilnnloiitir,
nt his olllco, at Dukur, Oregon, on thu
(Hit day oi February, 110"
Cltiimant nameH no wituestcs: Arthur
Mil's and Arnold Welch, oi Itlcliland,
Oregon; J. W. Goodmnn and John W.
Boyco, ol linker, Oregon.
C. K. Dunn, RcglHter.
Date oi drat ptiblicntloii Dee. ill, HUH.
Date oi last publication Jan. 10, 1D1U
Why not send
the News to a
soldier friend?
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is all it will cost
ot all kinds
good taslo that every man
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longer that you get the
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nro looking (or without
extra coat'.
fort fuilhtr'-lhat't tvhy yetl
ran (ft tht fooj taut ef llili cUn
tf tabaen Klthtut extra nit.
Department ol tlte Interior.
' U.K. Land Olllco at LnUrnudu, Ore
gon, Dec. 4th, 1II1H.
Notice is hereby given ttint w iiiintn i.
Hall, oi Dttrkeo, Oregon, who, on An
gtifll 10th, llll", miide Additional Home
stead Hntry. No. 0101411. lor HH4' SWA-i,
and KWJi SKJi, Htction U, Township
u t-oiitn, iiiniKo 11 i.iiBi, wiimintiuu
Meridian, lino filed not leu of intention
to mnke tim e year Proof, In fhtublli'li
claim to tho kind above described, hoforo
A. II, Combs, Jr., Clerk oi County
Court, nt linker, Oregon, on thu 0th day
ol February, 1010.
Claimant nuiucHnH wltiteitHesi Charles
Peterson, ThbmiiH Chandler, I.eiiiii"!
Smolcur, ami Mrs, Win. Hall, all oi
Durkoe, (Iregoti.
C. S. DUNN, Itoglstor.
Denarttuenl oi tito interior, '
U. H. Land Olllco at Lu Urandu, Ore
gnu, ike. Ith, ltllK.
Notice h hereby given that Wlllliinj
Hitrron, oi Kiclilund, Oregon, who, on
March '.Mill, 1014, miwlo HoincNtead. Hn
try, No, OiatKJft, lor K 1-2 SV 1-4. W
BK ), Bee. U2, nml on Ai rll 7, I01R,
mado Additional lioini steail Hntry, No,
OMOIJI, forHW D4KW M.HKl I 8K1-4,
Sec. 'J-J, NKI-I NW 1-4, nnd NW 1-1
NHI-4, Kectionl!7, Township 0 South,
Itange 41 Kant, Wlllametto Aiurldinn,
hus lilod notice oi intention to tuitku
tbreu-yeur Prnoi, to oUnbliali claim to
Iho land above dcncrlbod, beforo A. II.
Joinlis; ,lr,, Clerk oi County Court, nt
Ilakur, Oregon, on tho 7th duyol Fubrtt
ury, lOlU.
Claimant names as witnesses : Fred
Giles, Harvey Morgan, and John Gray!
allot Itlcliland, Oregon; Albert Itfy&ft
oi Hitkor, Oregon,
O. H. Dunn, leiiH.
? I