Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, October 24, 1918, Image 5

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N vmoviuoni VJOKK NOWMERtS
oaoytup 'm ooino to hame
t NcviiBrni'iiK of rf OWN
y xj, '
. Locals f
NfftfMO oooo ooooCGoooo ooootww
Hnrgains in bIioos at Saunders
Hro's. nd
EJMrs. yV'ihiijo Byrne and son
have located hi Richland for Iho
Rut Syif c' "Premium" bacon,
it'H delicious fresh supply just
received at Haley's. ad ' ,
Jlrs. C M'.JDimmick went to
Baker Saturday to aiat - in tak
ing care of Mrs. W. W. Kirby.
M. D. Clifford, democratic can
didato for circuit judge, was in
the Valley the first of the week.
Mrs. J. M. McCullom and Mrs.
Frank Waber, both of linker, are
j visiting ft the home of Mrs. M.
A. Honnetl.
Mr. and Miu C. II. El.iolt left
Monday for Milton. Mr. Elliott
owns a drug store at that place
and their stay will be indefinite.
, Page Jeffoi ds accompanied the
body of liis brother from Camp
Fremont, Calif., and started back
Sunday, having been grafted but
an eight-day furlough.
Deputy U. S. Marshal R. D.
Carter of Portland wus a visitor
Monday, and served subpoenas
on a number of residents to ap
pear before the federal grand
jury at Portland.
Sweaters and toques, just what
you want for this kind of weath
cr and to help you ward off the
Spanish Flu. Wo have them in
all colorings and btylcs.
ad E. & W. Chandler.
Euger.e Brown of Sparta was a
visitor Saturday. Ho informed
tis that ho has purchased the Dick
Thrasher residence at Second and
B Street in Baker and expects to
move there as soon aB the "flu'
epidemic abates.
Word has been received here
of the marriage of Miss Helen
White and Mr. Grover Whited of
Whitney, Ore., which tookplaco
on Sunday, Oct. Gthy at Hid home
of tho bride's parents; Mr. and
Mrs. G. 0. White at Cambridge,
Idaho. The couple will make
Iheirhoraeon Mr. Whitcd's ranch
at Whitney.
' . ' Croup
If yotir children arombjoct tti t'rOuw
got U bottln of Chamberlain's CoiikIi
Itemed)', und when tho attack roinuH otl
bu curcful to follow tho plain printed
ructlone. i will bo surprised ut tlio
quick relief which It affords. ,
Whllo tho exact figures aro not
available it is announced from
Washington that the Fourth Lib
orty Loan was over-subscribed by
millions upon millions of dollars,
and that fully 20 per cent of the
entiro population of the United
States were purchasers. This
tdiows boyond a doubt thai the
people of this country aro ready
and willing to do everything nec
essary to force tho huns loan
unconditional surrender.
At tho closa of the campnign
$37,750 had been subscribed by
residents of tills di.Uiict at tho
Eagle Valley State Bank. This
shows a deficiency in our quota
of $2250, which amount was more
than mad j up by the bonds pur
chased at Baker banks by Eagie
Valloy citizens. Thus wo have
"made good" once more.
Herewith is given a listof those
buying bonds since our last issue:
Saunders Bro's $200
Leonard Williams 100
L C Holman 100
E E Holman . 100
G C Taylor 100
G D Simonis 100
Mi's Lela Fiynn 100
Humphrey Morrison . . 100
J 11 Cook 100
Silas M Pierce 50
John II Holmes 50
Henri Debois 50
W P Davis 50
Buy Cough props at Richland
Drug Store. aci
Tho condition of .1. S. Bndah is
somewhat improved.
Silk hose and hair ribbons, a
beautiful line at Saunders Bro't?.
Mrs. Eliza Gun dill" is visiting
at the home of her son jFred L.,
near Haines.
A fine baby girl nrrived at tho
home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Mc
Dowell on Monday, Oct. Mth.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benncttarc
now located at Portland, 'having
been unable to secure a house to
live in at Astoria.
In giving the dato of Harry
Jeffords birth last week an error
was unintentionally made. He
was born in 1890 instead of 1897.
Mrs. John W. Patterson writes
f'om Portland that "Pal" is get
ting along nicely after his oper
ation but will not be up for an
other week.
Mr, and Mrs. Sturgill, Mrs.
Delaney, and Mr. A. P. Greener
rotored over from Pine Valley
und spent Sunday at tho Chas.
Barber home,
Tho dog poisoner is again at
work. Canines belonging to John
Densley and Fred Simonis were
victims Monday, and ono of W.
J. Densley's on Wednesday.
Tho Mutual Creamery Co. will
start making cheese soon, so we
aro informed. Roy Loop of Half
way has been engaged as cheese
maker and will move his family
to Richland as soon as lie can get
a house to live in.
Chamberlain's Coutfli Remedy Hid
Most Reliable
After many yeais' oxporlonco in tho
UNO of it and other coiih medicines,
thoro aro many win prefer Chamber
lain's to any other. Mm. A..O. Kirstcin
Ureonvillo. Ilia,. writes: "Chumburlain's
CoiikIi Remedy has been used in my
inothor'tf homo and mine (or yearn, and
wu alwavH found It a aulckcure (or colds
and bronchial troubles. Wo Und it to bo
the iiiot rellabU cough medicine we
have uied," '
Martin Olson is lald-up with
Havo you tried our cooked
; meals? Haley's. ad
H. C. Derrick is suffering from
a severe attack of rheumatism.
Buy your Writing Tablets and
Envelopes at Hichland Drug Sj.orc
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. J. Ellis of
Halfway were visitors hore yes
tsrday. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Frascr
and children are visitors at the
John Fraser home.
Jim Gilkinson and family of
Daly Creek district have moved
to Baker for the winter. -
Norvcl Greener of Pine Valley
spent Tuesday night at tho home
of his si8tcr, Mrs. Chas. Barber.
E. E. Marker, republican can
didate for county commissioner,
was circulating with the voters
of this section last week.
Mijs Pearl Applegate of Salem
has been secured as assistant in
E. V. High and will come here as
soon as it is possible to reopen
the school.
Mrs. H. J. Elskamp and son,
Tom; Mrs. Stuckley and son,
Warren; all of Paker, were guests
at the Haskins homein Dry Gulch
one day last .veek.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Porter and
nltilrlrnn nf niflnhnmti nrn visitintrt
at the home of Mrs. Porter's par
ents, Mr. nnd Mrs. T. J. Buxton,
and may locate here permanently.
Misaes Opal BennehofTand Lila
May Chandler arrived home Mon
day from Boise, where they were
attending business college. On
account of the flu all schools were
Owing to a recent bill passed
by congress all young men under
19 years of age who had entered
the S. T. C. at any college were
dismissed, As a consequence
Lloyd Coble has returned homd.
Pvt. Maurice Cooper, 88th Inf.,
13th Co., has sent his civilian
clothes home from Camp Fre
mont, Calif. A message receiv
ed Saturday stated ho was leav
ing there but did not know his
Between 25 and 30 cases of flu
have been reported in Eagie Val
ley but so far none have been
serious. Throughout the United
States the epidemic has clairr.ed
thousands upon thousands of
victims, so take warning and if
you catch cold go right to bed and
summon the doctor neglect may
co.t your life.
McDowell Bros, have started
the erection of a building 50x110
feet on tho lot north of the K.P.
hall, which will be used as a gar
age. The 20x80 building for
merly used as a cream station has
been moved and will adjoin the
new building on the north and
will be used as a blacksmith shop.
W. E. Holmes of the Richland
Auto Co. will occupy the build
ing when completed, and plans to
install everything in tho way of
equipment necessary to make it
one of the most complete auto re
pair sliops in Eastern Oregon.
Sour Stomarii
Kat slowly, masticatu your food thor
oughly, abstain from most for a low days
and in most cases tho sour stomach will
disappear, If it does not, tako onu ot
unaiuDeriam'aTauibts immediately alter
supper Rod meats aro Most llkuly to
catiBO sour stomach and you may And it
best to cut thorn out.
, ... , ,
Table Ware
o o o
No dotibt you need some GLASSWARE! or QUEENSWARE
to replace your tnlilu ware.
Wo hnvo a nice lino of this wnro in various. patleii)sK4jiat.
wiil plenHO your fancy. r .' f$l
You will do woll to buy nowns this wnro ' is. getting eenrce
nnd, prices adrnncing rnpidiy.
g pur goods wore ptirchnnod enrly nnd wo givo you tho ndvnn-
Inge, in. price.
Como in.
Raley's Cash Store
..Buy your Candy at Richland
Drug Store. ad
Auto Truck Service!
I have secured a Federal Truck of 3,000 pounds
capacity, and will make regular trips to and from1
Bakei, and solicit your patronage. All orders, large
or small, will receive prompt attention. Terms
reasonable. Leave orders at postoffice,
J. O. STICKNEY, - Richland; Oregon
McDowell Bros. & St John
Bee Keepers Supplies of Bll kinds
Hives, Supers, Cards, Foundation, etc. )
All nivlfrs ftllprl nrnmnHv nnrl Rnf?sf'ifHnrt (tnnrnntAPrl B J
Write, phone or call for prices.
C. C. St. John, Manager, - Richland, Oregon
On November 5) 1918 S
Mary, fi'd'swell
Independent Candidate for
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Paid AilvurttwmlMit A
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gustav Anderson
Republican Nominee for ReEIection Nov. 5, 1918 v
Your voto will bo appreciated
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