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    Mother's Cook Book
Path of the Stars and Stripes
Where the American Flog Hai Been and When, Since
Congress 'Created" It One Hundred and Forty-One Years Ago
Effects of a Minnesota Cyclone
He strong,
We are not here to play, lo dream, to
We have hsrd work to do, nnd loedi to
fltiun not the struggle; fao It. 'Tin Ood'e
1777, Jimo 14, Created by din Continental congress, In tlieiio terms
"llosolved, 'i'lint dm ling of tho Untied Stntos bo 13 slrlpes, nllcrnnlo red nnd
white ; Unit tho union bo 13 stars, while In n blue Held, representing a now
1777, July First thrown to tbo brcczo on n vessel of wnr, tho Hniiger,
by John I'nul Joium nt Portsmouth.
1777, Auk. !!. FInit fired upon, on Innd nt Fort Schuyler.
1777, Sept. 4.--Flrt cnrrlcd Into nctlon nt sen by John I'nul Jones.
1778, Feb. 1 1.- First olllclnl wiluto received by n foreign country, Franco.
lTKt. First displayed In nil English port )y tbo schooner Bedford o(
17tX). First cnrrlcd nround tbo world by Amerlciin ship Columbln.
1821. First cnrrlcd tbroiiKh tbo Straits of Magellan by tbo incrcbnnl
ship Endeavor of Snlom, Mass.
1820. Flint ralHcd In Ciillfornln by dipt. Jiiiiich P. Arthur, n seafarer
from Plymouth, Mans.
18M). First cnrrlcd fnr bonnd the Antnrctlc circle by tbo pilot bont
Flying Fish of tbo Wilkes expedition.
18 M. Flmt carried nround tbo world by nn American steamship.
18-18. Flmt displayed upon tbo Sea of Onllleo by tho expedition of Lieu,
tonttnt Lynch.
185.'!. First displayed In Jnpnn nt the landing of Perry's pnrty In the
boy of Yeddo.
1801. First raised nnd kept flying on n public school by tbo high school
of Now Bedford, Muss.
1807. First rnlsed In Alnsku on tho trnnsfer of that territory from Ilus
sin to tho United Stntes.
1808. liaised over tho Midway Islands, In tbo Pacific ocenn, tho first
acquisition over mndo by our government In this way.
1808. Planted on tbo summit of Mount linker, 10.013 feet nbovo sen
level, on tho occnslon of tbo first nscent of tho peak by man.
1871. Carried into tho Interior of Afrlcn by tho Henry M. Stanley expe
dition. 1873. Frst raised on the summit of tbo Andes by n pnrty of American
engineers engaged in rullwny sun-eying.
1877. Unfurled for tho first time In tho far Interior of Chlnn.
1017. Displayed on nn European bnttleflcld for the first tlmo by tho
Amerlcnn expedltlonnry forces in i-rnnce.
Superstitions and Beliefs.
If pigs bo killed when tho
moon Is In tho wnno supersti
tious peoplo bcllovo that tbo
bncon when cooked will wnsto
To drenm of n funeral Is
sign of n wedding.
If your lips Itch it Is a sign
homo ono will kiss you.
If you drop a dish cloth some- !!
ono Is coming hungry. ;5
Not drinking tho whoto qon- j
tents of n cup means dlsnppotnt- A
v v
V " V
! Whirling nn empty chnlr In- ft
dlcutes thnt a whipping Is In
!! store for tho trnnsgressor. J
Chickens will "pick up" n good pnrt
of their living from wnsto thnt other
wise would never becomo of any value.
They will feed themselves to an ex
tent from grass, weeds, Insects nnd
crumbs nnd smnll scraps thnt If not
eaten by chickens would not becomo
of food vnluo to man. They will eat
the eggs and larvao from which come
various destructive Insects, particu
larly orcbnrd pests. In some orchards
where chickens rnngo tbo brown-tall
moth has almost dlsappenrcd, wbllo
near-by orchards where chickens do
not run nro damaged by tho pest.
Most of tho attention required by
farm flocks can bo given by tbo wom
en nnd children of tho household. Tho
quostlon of labor Is not n puzxllng nnd
uncertain problem In tho poultry pro
duction program. If tho farmer In
creases his flock to n stio sultnblo to
fit In ns a by-product of his general
farming ho will find thnt It will not
require extra help.
lleeauso of theso facts that poultry
as n by-product of general farming
find much of their feed In wnsto nnd
require nd extra labor tho fnrmor
will produco ment food nt fho very
lowest cost. Homo consumption of
this will cut down his living expenses
and eiinhlo him to sell moro of tho nnl
mill meat ho produces. Ho will bo
making moro mo,oy himself, nnd nt
the same tlmo ho will bo helping Undo
, Ham win tho biggest wnr tho world
has ever known.
Mon of Alsaco-Lorraino.
' Tho French armies nro full of nn
lives of Alsnco-Lorrnlno. "At least
10,000 of them nro technically de
serters from tbo (lerinnn army, bo
ciiiimo on lh' declaration of war they
ut once enrolled themselves In thu
ranks of their French follow cltUens.
Hundreds of thousands luivo been Im
prisoned in order to obvluto any such
Ir'itisfurenco of service,
Doing Perfectly Polite About It.
"I am so glnd to
seo you," snld the
hostess, who wns
so flurried thnt
sho burdly knew
what sho wns say
"I'm delighted
to bo here," tbo
inn n replied, just
to be polite, for
ho realty consld
crcd tho thing an
nwful bore.
"It was nwfully
good of you to
nil oxpoct you
tho Invito
come. I didn't nt
would when I sent you
"It wns Ono of you
me, but of course
to remember
shouldn't have
minded It nt all If you hadn't."
Unnecestary Fears.
Of coUrse the eloping couplo's roller
sknto of n car hail no chnnco against
the old man's high-powered roadster,
He soon came up with them.
"Do not take her buck," pleaded the
young man with tears In Ids eyes.
"Tnko her baolcl" echoed tho stern
pnrent. "Why, I have como to bring
her knitting outfit nnd ehowlng gum
so sho would never bnvo nn excuse
to como bnck."
Hooveresque Delicacies,
said Mrs. Beg
gums to her cook,
"I think we will
hnvo some chick
en croquettes to
day out of that
leftover pork and
calves' liver.
"Yes'm," said
N o u r n s t henln,
called Teeny for
Bhort. "An' wo
got a littlo bread
drcssln' ' what
wont wld tho pork.
I tnnko sonio nppto sauco out'n hit.
mum 7"
mum. Shall
Very Much 8o.
"Thoro hnvo been some bwoII do
ings In tho house across tho way."
"What kind?"
"All tho kids there hnvo the
Rats Destroy Quantities
of Food; Government Has
Plan to Destroy Rodents
It frequently happens thnt losses of
young chickens attributed to tbo depre
dations of linwlts nnd to other causes
aro duo to ruts. Thcro Is nn moro do-
Htructlvo pest about thu poultry yard
than theso. Coming like tho thlof In
tho night nnd usually leaving no vlsl
hlu marks of their ravages, they es
capo, In largo measure, tho relentless
hunting down thnt they deserve Not
only aro they destructive to young
Some Cream Soups.
A cream soup Is siiniclently bus-
Inlnlng for n largo pnrt of tho meal.
All crenm soups bnvo for a foundation
tho binding and milk wld"h gives them
their food value. A cupful of vego
tablo pulp to a pint of milk bound
with n tnblcsiioonfiil each of flour nnd
fnt, tho sensonlugs will vary to suit
tho taste. A larger proportion of
flour nnd fat is used In somo recipes;
but thnt, too, Is a matter or tnste.
Cream of Celery Soup.
Tills Is a soup rnthrr too expenstvo
for tho nverago housowirc. Tokc'cne
fourth of n cupful of butter and one
fourth of n cupful of flour (four tnble
siioonfuls), cook until well blended,
then ndd two ctipfuls of cold milk
nnd cook until thick. Conk a large
bunch of celery, cut fine, In boiling
water until tender, then nib through
n sieve, saving the liquid nnd pulp,
using two cupfuls. Add tbo thickened
milk, season with salt nnd white pep
per, find If too thick add moro milk.
For clnm soup uso the above recipe,
adding In place of the celery two cup
fuls of mlncod clnms, with the liquor.
Cream of Tomato Soup.
Scnld n quart of milk with a slice of
onion, remove nnd thicken with four
tnhlcspoonfuls of flour diluted with
cold milk until thin enough to pour.
Cook twenty minutes, stirring con
stantly at first. Cook two cupfuls of
tomatoes with two tenspoonfuls of
sugnr; ndd a fourth of n tenspoonful
of sodn nnd rub through n sieve nfter
cookng IS minutes; combine mixtures
nnd strain Into a tureen over n third
of n cupful of butter, a tenspoonful of
salt nnd pepper to tnste.
Veal and 8auo Soup.
Tnke Z1, pounds of veal finely
chopped, cover with three quarts of
water and simmer for two hours.
Strain and r client. Sonk one-fourth
of n pound or sngo n half hour In wa
ter to cover, ndd to the stock nnd cook
n hnlf-hour, then ndd two cupfuls of
scalded milk and pour tho mixture
slowly over four egg yolks slightly
beaten. .Season with salt nnd pepper.
This Is n soup especially delicious; ns
It Is made of stock It Is not n regulnr
crenm soup, hut Is very nourishing,
Good to give nn Invalid who needs
sustaining food.
chickens, but they prey upon tho egg
supply throughout the year.
The United States department of
agriculture points out thnt anyone, by
enro and Industry, may frco his own
premises of theso rodents, but thnt ho
Is helpless to prevent nn enrly recur
rence of tho trouble unless he enn se
cure tho active en-operotlon of his
neighbors. The department urges,
therefore, that wherever possible tho
destruction of these pests bo a commu
nity undertaking.
Tbo snme effort, It Is pointed out,
that Is made by individuals working
Independently, If organized on a com
munlty basis would be runny times
moro effective. The department hns
worked out mid tested definite plans
for tho destruction of rats, in common
with other rodents, nnd Information
concerning the matter can be hod by
writing the depnrtment.
Electric Furnace Reduces
Lossos in Brass Melting
The bureau of mines, snys Science,
nnnounces the perfection of a type of
electric melting furnnco that will bo
revolutionary In tho making of brass,
Patents on this furnnco, known as tho
rocking electric furnnce, havo been
taken out by the bureau nnd hnvo
been assigned to Secretary Lano as
trustee. Freo licenses to.opcrnto these
furnaces under the patent, It Is un
dorstood, can ho obtained by making
application through Van II. Manning,
director of tho bureau of mines. Tho
now furnnce, which It Is claimed will
rcduco tho Importnnt losses In brass
melting, Is tho result of flvo years' cx
pcrlmcntntlon by H. W. QtUett, chonv
1st of tho bureau of mines, In co-op
oration with tho laboratory "of Cor
nell, university, tho American Insti
tute .of Metals and a number of man
ufneturors of brans.
Served Longest.
Tho longest service as chief Justice
of thu United States Supremo court
was ,11 years, by .lobu Marshall of Vir
ginia. AsHoglnlv .lumlnm Stephen .1
Field of California twnl M.ii M. liar
lull of Kentucky i rwdiui ii' 1,-iut'
of lime,
a cyclone which recently swept through Tyler Minn., did terrific dam
age, Houses were torn from their foundations, tnies were uprooted and a
long path of wreckage remained after the "twister" had passed on Its way.
Two hundred persons were seated In a motion-picture theater during the
ttorm, but the 'building and Its occupants were unharmed. Red Cross nurses
from adjacent towns were rushed to the scene of disaster. Photograph shows
a part of the wreckage and the front entrance to the Tyler First National
Red CroaTell Familiej of
Soldiers Addreu of Bureaus
Where to write, nnd when, nnd whnt
to say when nsklng Information con
cerning men In the nrmy or navy, is
explained by tho lied Cross home serv
ice depnrtment.
In cases of claims for insurance,
communications should be addressed
to the Bureau of War Itlsk Insurance,
Compensation and Insurance Claims
section, Treasury Department, Wash
ington. If no letter hns been received from
n soldier or sailor for nn unreasonable
length of time, tho inquiry should bo
addressed to the Bureau of Communi
cation, American Ited Cross, Washing
ton. D. C.
Inquiries concerning men wounded
or killed In service, or authentically
reported wounded or killed should be
nddressed to tho samo bureau.
In nsklng for Information of any
kind, tho full nnme of tho soldier or
sntfor, his serial number, his company
nnd regiment or other unit, his rank,
uge and the date of this entry In the
service, should all bo written nt tho
top of the letter.
To disregard rumors, which In many
cases aro enemy propaganda, Is ad
vised by tho Ited Cross. Except in a
fow rare Instances, families hnvo been
notllled promptly of casualties.
Platinum Is Absolutely
Necessary to Aid America
in Fighting the Germans
For wnr purposes the United States
must possess or control every ounco
of platinum In tho country, says New
York Times, because ns Represent
ative nenry T. Italney of Illinois
pointed out In his speech in tho houso
recently, "explosives cannot be manu
factured without tho uso of sulphuric
acid nnd nitric ncld, and sulphuric nnd
nitric nclds ennnot be manufactured
without nmplo supplies of platinum."
Platinum Is also essential for the man
ufacture of Ignition points In air
planes ; nnd guns cannot bo made with
out tho uso of pyrometers, nnd In turn
pyrometers ennnot be made without
platinum. A pyrometer Is an instru
ment for measuring very high degrees
of temperature.
All this being so, no patriotic
makers of, or dealers in, articles of
luxury Into whtch platinum enters,
.only becnuso It lias becomo moro ex
pensive than gold, would stand in
tho path of action by congress to glvo
tho wnr department control of fho
nvallablo supply of platinum In this
country. '
Germany now has its hands on tho
greater part jf tho world's storo of
platinum, whtch is to bo found In tho
Ural mountains. Colombia, which Ger
man propaganda Is seeking to Influ
ence, produces 10 por cent bf the
wholo; tho United Stntes pnly 1 per
coat. Iridium nnd palladium must
not bo forgotten; they occur with
platinum nnd nro usod In hardening It.
Tho Jewelers, manufacturers nnd deal
ers can get aloux without plntlnum, If
necessary, though somo 'of their nrtl
sans would havo to seek other work;
but the American army cannot light
without platinum.
J Worth Remembering. 5
ft )
it To err Is human; not to for-
J give la Inhuman. J
J It Is the want of motive that
mokes life dreary.
In the lumber trade trees are
branch establishments.
The fellow who takes offense
Is very apt to return it.
The dignity of many a man J
overshadows his position.
A duck of a wife sometimes
J makes a goose of a husband. J
Where Battle Will Be Fought
That Will Decide the War Is
Question World Is Now Asking
The question ns to where and when
the deciding battle of the present great
war will bo fought is ono which the
whole world Is nsklng, says n writer
In Philadelphia North American. The
battle of the Somme, Verdun, the bat
tle of the Morno and the great drive
against the Hlndcnburg line were each
a great stride toward victory, but only
the iulare can tell Just when and
where the deciding blow will be struck.
And without such n blow, say the his
torians, -no permanent pence can bo
achieved, for wars of the past show
that the end Is always brought about
by some great, decisive victory.
Gettysburg was the deciding battle
of the Civil war, and Saratoga is con
sidered as having been the critical fight
during tho Revolution. One must,
however, go back some 2,407 years to
find tho first decisive bnttle of his
tory, which was fought nt Marathon,
when the Athenians under Mllltndes
defeated the Persians and preserved
freo government.
Equally decisive wns the victory of
the Syracusans over those same Athe
nians some seventy odd years later,
and since then there has been no wnr
In which somo bnttle has not been defi
nitely thff deciding struggle. Oddly
enough, such battles aro almost always
fought on land, for no matter how
great the victory at sea, It does not
seem ns efficacious in ending war as
does such a victory on land.
Thus, while, tho battle of Trafalgar
In 1805 was tho deciding naval battle
between Franco and England since it
destroyed Napoleon's hope of invading
Groat Britain, It wns not until Water
loo, somo ten yenrs Inter, thnt a de
cisive defeat was administered to
Bonnpnrto by the allied armies of Rus
sia, Austria. Prussia and England.
Profits, in Swiss Cheese
Reach Large Sum, Report
Of Exporters Makes Plain
Tho report of tho co-oporaUvo
Swiss cheese exporters for tho busi
ness year of 1017, found In n copy of
tho Berncr Tngwncht of June 14, re
cently received In this country, shows
thnt the tales that tho Swiss were
planning to Increaso tho size of tho
holes In their famous product In order
to ninko their business moro profltnblo
havo n shaky foundation.
After paying, nil tho expenses. In
curred In doing a business with re
ceipts for the year amounting to about
$.1,000,000 mid setting nsldo $110,000
for reserves, tho iissoclutlou was nblo