Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, October 17, 1918, Image 1

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"iAlTl iPi
$150 A YEAR
." -V
Physician And Surgoon
Richland, - :: Orejjon
Nlpflit 'phono, ono long ring on
(ill linos.
l)ny 'piiono call contra! ofHco.
Cream, Milk and Eggs
it. M. Kirk, Resident Manager
C4ket mill filnoiidi nl All Mti
Aln In flock
I'lionu: TwonliortH, Ono long
&e Rog'ers
- Baker's Popular Hotel
i - ! 1
Uti'lor Direct Supervision
?f Iho Owner
Special Hates to Permanent Guosta
Irvine Lodge No. 86
knights of Pythias
Moot every Wednesday night at their
Unallo Knll In Richland, Oregon. Visit
ing llrothufs made wolromo. (
ll. It. MASrKHSON, 0. 0.
tV. C It ALKY, K.nMt. &H.
!! W. R. USHER i!
;; Notajfy Public j!
I ; Conveyancer ; ;
)( in . 't
" OlUeo, ficooiwl nftj Walnut Htet
; 0")pto5ltoCtrl8tliffCiuio !l
Nbtary P'ublit
All kinds of legal blanka ofi'nftnd
Your patrona'tftf solicited
Attorney at Law
" fourth- Floor Sommer Btildipg
Baker' O'reaori
o. t. a&tfWtS"-
fftimnor Bldg.' Bakor, Orogo'u
U. S. Public Health Scrvlpe Issues
Official Health Bulletin
on Influenza.
Epidemic Probably Not Spanish In
OrlolnQerm Still Unknown Peo
ple Should Guard Against "Droplet
Infection" Surgeon Qeneral Bluo
Make Authoritative Statement
Washington, i). 0.(8pcclaU Al'
though Klhs Alfonso of. Spnlii w,ns
ono of tio,ylclliiiH of 1)19 influerizn op
' domic In IBM nnd ngnln UiIh summon
' Spanish .nuthoritlcu rcpuillato . any
claim to Influenza na n ".Spanish" din-,
ease. If the people of this country do
not Inko enro thb epidemic will ho
come m widespread throughout tho
United Hlritcs (lint noon wo Hlinll licnt
tho dlscliso called 'American" Inflii'
eur.it. ,
In rosponso to n refluent for definite'
Inforinnlloii concerning Spanish Inllu;
enzn, Surgeon tlvtientl Hupert jJluo'Of,
tho U, 8. Uuhllc Health Scrvlccjins
authorised tho following ofliclal Inter
view: What It Spanish Influenza? la It
something new? Does It coma from
Tin d'xsnia now occurring In this
country arid called 'Spanish Influen
za' resembles a very contagious kind
of 'cold,' accompanied by fever, pains
Coughs and Sneezes
Spread Diseases
As Ddngerttes aa Pofsori Cm Shells
p bi .hcid,. eyes, oars, ,bttck or other
parts of 'the body muJ'&irfccVng of so
vjcro sickness,, in most ofttfuo cases the
symptoms' disappear after three or four
4oys, tho patient then rapidly recover
Ing. ,.Som of Uie, patients, iJiowcvcr,
danrctop p'npumonlo, or Inflammation
of the car, or Meningitis, and fnrtny'of
theso complicated casoti dleu'yhether
tilauftj'ifAllfld IBnanlsh! ulBftuenza Is
fditntlcal vv;th the epldemtcs o(ihflucn
i& of earlier oara IS n6t yo't kntfrrh.
"Epidemics 6f Influenza luivti Visited
ihik counify slrico 1d4T. It is Ihttircst
Ifltr tO know thitt thll ifnt inlhilr
was brought hero fr'6m ffllcncla,
ftpnln. Nitidis that time there iirtvji
been numerous epidemics of thb dis
ease, lii 1680 and lBdO tin cfildeZiIC
6f lnfldentif, HkiUhg sometfhfcre lit tho
Orient, 'sfrrea'a flfst t HuBalrt nd
thcuce artr nfictlcalft1 the eiitlfa tti
Hired tfoflfl. Three filitt Met there'
Was another fl'aro-Up' 61 tho disease
Both .tlrnei ihd epidemic spread wide
ly oyer the United States.
' "Although the. present opldchitc Is
called "ScsHlih Influent.' tlifcrn li nTi
reason ttt hellevi that It orlglnritcd In
npain. nome writers wno nave studied
tlie qucstoW J;eJlov6 tnat the epidemic
camo from tho Qrlent.tid they call af'
tcntloft ft th'6 ct thht the Oeffnahrf
mention thi disease as occurring (Hong
the eastern ttoki in tit drummer and
fall of Hl!fT.M
' tfowfon "jtanlsW iMWtttit." b red:
j!4heri ik Hi TU 6ttkti wiy in'
hlch slprta cie ott 'Bp-tttilsh Ihflu
w' cb H rcognlsed. On the oUi
hnd, recofRltloa is sy wher
Utr Is treup of tun, Is contrast
and colds, which tirfurilfy occur In (ho
cold tnonths, epidemics of luflufiixii
may occur nt any season of tho jenr,
Thgs tho present epidemic rnged moHt
Intensely In Huropo In Mny, .Tune ntjd
July. Moreover, In the case of ordl
nnjy colds, the general wymptonis.
(fever, pnln, depression) nro by no
means ns sevcro or n sudden In their
onset ns they nro in Influenza, ri wil
ly, ordinary colds do not spread
throus.ii tho community no rapidly or
so extensively ns does hiflucnra.
"In most caves 11 pcjwm laken sick
with lullucnzn feels sick rather mid
dcnly. lie feels weak, has pains In thb
eyes, enrs, head or back, end may he
soro all over. Many patients feel
t'.lzzy, some vomit. Most of the pa
tients complain of feeling chilly, nnd
Willi thin coiiwm 11 fever In which the
temperature rises to iOO to 101, J 11
most cases the pulse remains relative
ly slow.
"In nppenrnnco due is struck by tho
fact that the patient looks f.lek. Ills
ayes and tho Inner Hide of.ils eyelids
limy be slightly 'bloodshot,' or 'con-.
KCHtcdj',, ns l)iq doctors say. . There
limy he running from the- nose, or,
(hero iauy be sonic cough. These Klgna.
of n cold may not be marked; ticver
thclcss the patient looks nnd feels very
sick. . :
"In addition to the appearance nnd
the pyinptoms- hs nlrcrtdy. described,
examination of the pntlelit's blood litny
aid tho physician n recognizing 'Kpnrtt
ish lullueiizn,' for It 1iiut beeh found
that .in this disease the number of
white corpuscles, shows little or no In
crease nbovo Uio norronU It Is posst
hlo that tho laboratory Investigations
now being made through the National
Itesearch Council and the United
States Hygienic Laboratory will fur
nish a more certain way in which indi
vidual cases of this disease can be
What Is the Course of tko disease?
Do people die of It?
"Ordinarily, the fovcr lasts ttom
threo to four days nnd the patient re
covers. But .while tlie proportion of
deaths in tho present epidemic has
generally been low, Iti some places the
outbreak has been severe and deaths
have been numerous. Whop death oc
curs it Is usually the result of a com
plication," What causes tho disease and how is
It spread?
"BactcrlologldU who havo Btudicd In
fluenza epidemics In the past havo
found In many of the cases a very
Small rod-shaped germ called, after ltd
dlscovcrer.Tfclfror's bacillus, th other
cases of apparently the same kind of
dlscaso there vcro found pneumococcl.
the germs of lobar pneumonia. Btllj
tlicrs have been caused by strcpto'
boccl, and by othors gcrmi with long
names. ,
"No matter what particular kind bf
gcrrffvcausc;itheleplderolc, .It Is.'-now
b.elleved that influenza is always
spread' from "person to person," thd
germs beihr'carrl.ed wlth the air along
with tho Vary small droplets of mucusi
expelled by coughing or aheezlngt
forceful talking, and tho Ilka by ond
who already has the germs of the dls'
ease. They nitty also b carried about
Ih the air In tho form of dust coming
rrom dried mutus, from coughing and
anoeslng, or from Careless people whd
spit on the floor' and on the sidewalk.
As In most other batching diseases, A
person who has titily a mild attack df
the disease himself nisy give a very
sevcro attack to others."
What should b tidni )tf theso whd
batoh tho disease?
'"It Is very lmportaHl Ihat Bv6ry per
hob who becomes sick with ihfiucnzil
Should go homo at once' rind ltd tb bed.
Thin will help keep away ddngeroujl
tampllcatlons and will, 'At the eamd
tjma, keep tho patient frbrn llcatttfiinrf
he disease fax and Wide. It, Is Highly
(leslrable that no ono be allowed tct
a ebb In tho same roottl With the pa:
I ehl In (act, no ono but the burse
6hbuld bo allowed In tho tObra.
''if there la coush and Bputunl or
ruliblhf of tho yes and ube, canl
ahbuid bo taken that all such dts:
charges aro collected on bits of tauzo
or Hi 8 paper napkins and burned:
If m Tfcatlent corpnlftlns of Nver ad
(Conolodetl on bnok pago)
WhBh you need a nasdJiBW
Vutitit buy it at Richland DrUR
Latest News !
SPECIAL Pvt. Lde Chamber
lain of U. S. Marines is seiious)y
ill with pneumonia at Naval Eos
pita), Key West, Florida.
General unrest of populate in
germany and nustria.
Huns threaten to bombard Con
stantinople if Turks give up and
otTer to protect city with Black
Sea fleet ns long as they hold out.
Allies driving great wedge into
Belgium sweeping the ,hqns be
fore them; also makinp.great ad
vance on line along Lys River
and Lille salients;
Jas. Delavon, an aged man of
near Homstead, dial of asthma
in Pine Valley yesterday,
Again we are called, upon to
chronicle the dath of one of our
"homeboys" serving under the
Stars and Stripps in the war for
world democracy but who had not
yet reached thn battle front.
Word reached here about two
weeks ago that Harry Jeffords
was ill but getting along nicely.
On the Oth Inst a telegram an
nouncea that he had pneumonia,
later messag-js statod that his
cocdition was serious but not
hopeless, but on last Saturday
evening the message came that
he passed away at 3:25 p. m. on
October 12thv
Harry Talmadge Jeffords was
born December 19, 1897, at -Jit
Vernon, Lawrence county, Mo.,
and in 1903 came to Eagls Valley
with his parents and other mem
bers of the family, residing near
Richland until a few years aw
when the family moved to a ranch
near West Lookout. On Sept
5th, with his brother Wm. Page,
entered army service r-oth were
assigned to 27th Co., 166 D. E.,
at Camp Lewis and remained
there until a few weeks ago they
were transferred with others to
Camp Fremont, Cal'f.
He was a son of Mr. andMrs.
Thoma3 R. Jeffords, who with
four sisters and six brothers,
survive. A number of other
relatives also reside in Baker
He was steady, honest and true
a loyal American in ever sense'of
the word) and his death was a
sad blow to his parents and to
his host of friends.
The funeral will beheldat 130
on tomorrow (Friday) afternoon,
at the Eagle Valley cemetery,
Rey. J. M. Johnson officiating.
It is expected that the pebple of
this community will turn out eri
masse to do honor to the dead
soldier, health authorities hav
ing stated there would be little
of no danger of contracting "flu"
in the Open air under the present
climatic conditions;
Mahy Fail to Come Through,
Yon receive thb naner hBbahse
it is pdid fori wrj thank ydu for
vour Datronaore and asfeurri vou it
is appreciated.
We were bbliged to cut 8ft the
namesbf a humo&r of our sub
scribers on account o their fail
ing' p&y subscription in. advahci
and no mpre papers will be sent
them uhtll the government "order,
has been complied with.
We regret that there is h per
son iti Eagle Vailoy who doe's notj
consider thb News worth sup
portihft yet theia OUist lie many
else there woUld nave been a fir
greater response to our notice.
, fftSek .supply of cooked meats,
ry them. Haley's. ad
-( 4 ,
t Th3 Spanish influenza ha3 made;
t. niSnarnnpf in 'Rao'lp VaIIav hufc'
.w I- L O ' j
US vauil blBU VU3 lUtlCIl III .1IUIIU
i'mpiediotelythe patienf are re
covering ramdy and little fear is ,
eritertainedpl the disease gain-,
fng headway in this Bection. The
recent rain having a tendency to.
purify the air and prevent the'
spread of the germs.
Throughout the state the dis-
ease is raging and hundreds' of
case3 are reported at various!
towns in Baker county,'. man y't
deaths resultine. Schools have
bcep ccsed arid public. gatherings,
jof pygry kjnd prohibited, unless
neia jnpjjen air.
All fjerssns are warned to com
ply with the following order:
W. u. aaunders. Mayor:
Byorder of the Surgeon Gen-,
eral of the United States Publia
Health Service, you are directed"
to discontinue all public meetings.
closing all schools and places of
public amusement."
Persons are also urged to avoid,
congregating in crowds at the.
postoffice, in stores or on the
streets; funeral processions and
public services at the cemetery. '
are permitted. Schools, churches,
lodge, pool rooms, etc., must be.
closed until the epidemic i3 over..
Three deaths have resulted in ,
Baker and there are a nnmber of
patients in dangerous condition. -
Feeling' that the deficiency in'
the quota for this district could
oe cut down considerably, J. C.
Bowen and W. !E. Martin made
another canvass lost week and on
Wednesday evening the total was,
$36,650. There i3 yet time to'
buy Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds,
and td enlighten those who do'
not understand the installment
plan, we give the following table:-
10 perenhton date of purchase;
20 per cent on Nov. 21;
20 per cent dn Dec 19;
20 per cent oh Jan. 16, 1919;
30 per cent on Jan. 80.
Below we give a list of those;
purchasing bonds since our last ' '
issue, and it will be noticed by
comparing With the two previous
lists that several have bought the
secdnd time:
$250, to $60Q
Noble Holcomb-. .. t -....,.. $ 500
Mrs VA Usher SQQ?
PaUl Knoblauch ... u... 300-
Chet Evans S E Martin
. $150
Robert Maaterson
A OdrddH Mrs J C .BoWeh
W S Saunders Guy. Chrlstenseri
Linrt Hblcodlb Ed Hartley
P T Wyatt Louis Hartley .
John Density Ralph GarotherS
Ed Rltch G O Taylor '
$50 ...
Edmond Hail MrsAmyJohnsori
JasMMacy CW Coble
E R JohnsbH E C Bagley
A E Simonlo Sam Bukton
Carl C MasbH W E Farley
W P Williams GlarbnBgWallace
W.BMePdwell S.AMliDowell
J B McDowell Mrs L Saunders
Otis M Moddy Joseph Evans i
O A Corson LaWrenceDEvans
Elizabeth and Roger Gover .
Marvin W, Johnson