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' Federal Offiqials Disclose Start'
ling Report.
Law Prevent Publication of Name
and Earnings Food Situation
it WoMt Condition.
Washington, D. C Amazing profits
In almost every branch of American
Industry were brought to light Friday
when tho treasury department com
plated It long-awaited report oa prof'
Tho report covers 31, COO corpora
tloiiB. tho names of which aro with
hold. It wan prepared In rcsponso to
tho Uorah resolution, adopted by the
scnato nftcr President Wilton, lii his
rovenuo address to congress on May 21
doclnred that there was "abundant fuel
for tho light" In tho treasury depart
itiont with regard to profiteering.
Tho treasury department takes tho
position that 11 would bo a violation
of existing law to mako public tho
names of corporations and their earn
lugs. The senate resolution Is not suf
ficient to suspend tho lawf It would
' rcqulro a Joint resolution, tho treasury
depart racnt holds.
Mombors of congress who have ox
nmlncd tho report regard It as a com
Pluto vindication of President Wll
son's frank statement about profiteer
They also declaro that It affords
inoro than amplo Justification for tha
80 per cent war profits tax urged by
Secretary of tho Treasury McAdoo.
Tho most extraordinary profiteering
revealed by tho report was in rood
stuffs. Producers of nearly all the
common necessities of life wcro shown
to have mado enormously Increased
profits In 1017 over 1010. although
their earnings in tho latter year wcra
in numerous cases far above tho 100
per cent mark,
Meat packers profits wcro shown to
havo Increased substantially, Ono
largo packer mado 919,000,000 mora in
1017 than In 1010.
In tho iron and steel Industry, son
satlonal profits' woro disclosed. In coal
and oil, profits mounted to unparai
laled figures.
Public utilities ot virtually every
character also camo In for a liberal
nharo of tho Increased prosperity.
Washington, D. C- An 8 per cent
exemption In addition to a specific
13000 exemption on tho excess profits
ot corporations, with a tax of 40 per
cent on all excess profits between 8 per
cent nnd SO per cent and a tnx of 00
per cent on nil excess profits oxcocdlng
SO per cent was agreed on Saturday by
tlio House wayn and means committco
Tho committee. In writing this sched
ulo Into tho 8,000,000,000 rovenuo bill,
nlBo adopted the treasury alternatlva
plan for a flat 80 por cont tax on war
Tho commlttoo agreed to thrco
classifications of business for purposes
of deduction from war profits.
.Tho deduction for pro-war earnings
is: Financial and transportation cor
poratlons, 8 por cont: manufacturing,
farming and go n oral business, 10 por
cent, nnd mining nnd kindred haz
ardous businesses, IS por cent
Ninety por cont of business corpora
tions, It is estimated, will bo affectod
by tho war profits tax and tho remain
der by tho oxcoss profits tax.
Estimates show that excess nnd war
profits taxes will yield a total of 3,.
000,000,000, which would bring tho to
tal at tho bill much ncaror the 8,
000,000,000 goal.
Chairman Kltchln, ot tho commlttoo,
said that tho treasury expected to
submit -Bomo further suggestions re
garding tho income tnx. IIo said un
' less thcro Is something to change tho
situation tho normal lncomo tax rate
will begin with 6 por cont on tho
first 4000, and 10 por cont on nil In
comes between 14000 and J5000, tho
surtax beginning at 95000.
Tho surtax schedule, Chairman
Kltchln said probably would stand as
agreed to, with tho following per
centages: $5000 to J7G00, 3 per cont;
$7500 to $10,000, 6 por cont; 910,000 to
91C.000, 10 por cent: J1D.00O to 920,000,
16 per cent: 920,000 to 930,000, 20 per
cent; 930,000 to 90,000, 25 por cent;
940,000 to 950,000, 30 por cent; $50,000
to 900,000, 40 por cont; 900,000 to 970,
000, 45 por cont; 970,000 to 980,000, 47
por cent; 980,000 to 900,000, 48 por
cont; 900,000 to 9100.000, 40 por cont;
9100,000 to $200,000, 50 por cent: 9200.
000 to $300,000, 55 por cont; 9300,000
,to 9600,000, 00 por cont: 9500,000 to
'91,000,000, 06 por cent, nnd $1,000,000 to
$5,000,000, 70 per cent.
All Incomes ovor $5,000,000 would
pay a surtax of 76 por cent, which,
nddud to tho normal tax, would mako
such Incomes taxable to tho oxtont ot
85 por cent. , ,
General March Predicts 80 Divisions
Will Turn Trick.
Washington, I), C. Congress pro
pared to onnct quickly tho now tnon
power legislation, oxtohdlng-tho, draft
ago llmltn to 18 and 46 years. Gonoral
March told tho-liouiio military com
mlttoo tho programmo should win tho
wnr in 1010.
While tho houno commlttoo began
work on tho bill by hoarng Genorat
March, Secretary Uakor and Gonoral
Crowdor, tho sonata set aside Its bum
mer vacation and will tako up tho
moasura at once,
Sonato prohibition advocates agreod
to tomnorarlly lav aside their bill and
glvq tho man-power programmo right
of way.
Iloforo tho lionno commlttoo Secro
tary linker and his aides again urged
action on tho bill, discussing various
phases ot tho onlargod programmo
which calls for an army of nearly four
million Americana In Pranco by Juno
30, 1010, with anothor million In tram
ing In this country.
Predicting that tho war will be won
or lost on tho wostorn front, regard
less of what happons elsewhere, Gen
oral March told tho commlttoo that
with 80 trained American divisions of
about 45,000 men each in Franco under
an American commander, victory
ought to rost o"i American arms noxt
Reiterating his boliof that such a
forco could go through tho 'German
lines at will, General March went fur
ther and electrified tho committco by
declaring such a forco "should bring
tho war to a successful conclusion In
Tho 80-dlvlslon plan, Oonoral March
said, depended upon shipping radii
llos, but ho added:
"I might as well say right hero.
frankly, that tho programmo of Mr.
Schwab will tako care ot tho army
programmo and gain on'It '
Goneral March road an official state
ment showing that on August 1 tho
American army nuinborod 3,013,112
men, divided as follows:
American expeditionary forco and
on.routo overscan 1,301,742.
in tlio united states and Insular
possessions 1,432,700.
Called in tho August draft 277.CG4.
In addition thoro aro about 15.000
marines 'serving with tho expedition
ary forco.
For tho present it is planned to send
260,000 men monthly to Franco, Gen
eral Starch stated, adding: "Hut wo
hope to Increase that In tho spring."
To put eighty divisions or Americans
Into Franco beforo June, 1019, Gonoral
March emphatically doclarcd:
"Wo shall nocd ovary slnglo man In
class I botweon 18 and 46. Wo must
not doludo oursolves with tho Idea
that thoso In tho 18 nnd 10 calls aro
going to bo deferred any length of
time, Thoy will havo to bo called
early noxt Spring in order to got tholr
training In tlino to get to Franco."
No goneral oxoinnUoa of married
men simply becauso bf their married
status was contemplated by tho War
department in preparing for tho pro
posed extension ot draft ages, Secre
tary Baker declared.
Ho said that married mon who do
not support tholr families and who
nro not engaged In usotul occupations
win continue to Do called.
Washington, D. C Information fur
nished by officers ot tho vcsboIs at
tacked by German submarines alone
tlio American coast has strennthoncd
tho boliof hold by many officials that
mo enemy raiders Havo had commun
cation with porsons on shoro and may
oven havo landed mombors ot tholr
crows to soeuro information.
Tho Navy department officially re-
fuses to indorso this boliof. thouch ad
mltting tho possibility.
l'osiuvo statement that ho mot an
officer of a submarlno that sank an
oil tank steamer, tlio O. D. Jonnlngs,
n a now York saloon la mado by tho
first offlcor ot that vossol, according
to a story reacning tho department.
tho recognition botweon tho Ainerl
can and Gorman Is said to havo boon
Instantaneous and tho latter escaped
when tho American annealed to a
brother officer accompanying htm for
conurmatton or ins boiler.
Othor Instances havo boon heard.
not so well substantiated, ot tho dls-
covory or evldonco that German sub
marlnos havo boon in closo touch with
tho shoro.
Ono story along this lino was that
tho captain ot a coastwlso vessol, bo-
ing oruorou to ino submarlno with his
papors, saw on tho commander's desk
Now York nowspapors of tho Bamo
Communication betwoon tho raldors
and tho mainland Is posslblo at scores
of places along tho Atlantic shoro,
navnl offlcors bollovo, Tho Irregular
ity of tho American coast at certain
points mako such posslblo.
Railroad Saving Is Huqc.
Washington, D. O. Ily reduction of
passenger sorvlco, elimination of
frolght train duplication and pooling
of facilities tindor government opera
tion, economies at tho rato of $25,0Q0,
000 n year havo boon offeotod In tho
northwestorn operating district, Re
gional Director Alshton roportod to
Dlrootor-Oonoral McAdoo.
nfrinlnlR iiv tlm nllmr alv .ll.trlM.
nro making similar roeords.
Governor Wllbycombo declares that
urcgon nan inn nm-m paroiu system
In tho United . States nnd tlfat Its do
velopnicnl Is duo to Joe Keller, present
W. N. Clark, of Iho Worth IJohd box
factory, ban closed n lease for 15 years
on tho Southern Oregon mm and yard
ot Kmplre, whero tho mill will bo re
constructed nnd placed In shape for
Hunting parties who havo been in
tho mountn Ins alone Uio coast at Now.
port since tho opening ot tho deer sea
son nro coming in wet and bedraggled
from tho continuous rainfall since
August 15.
Tho run of ralmon In tho Urapqua
this year is unusually heavy, and tlio
prospects aro ror n koou season, ac
cording to Qcorgo E. Campbell, of Gar
diner, who Is engaged In fishing op
erations thcro.
No payments will bo required ot
firms coming under mo workmen s
compensation act during September,
that month having been declared an
"exempted month" by tho Industrial
accident commission.
Albany Collego will open its -next
school year on September 23, instead
of on September lu, as originally plan
ncd. Tho opening lias been delayed
because of tho demand ror help In har
vesting crops of all kinds.
Under tho budget of tho Applogrow
era' association of Hood River, just
Adopted by tho directors, a maximum
charge of 26 cents per box ror apples
and 10 cents for pears may bo mado
for handling tho fruit tho coming year,
Tho prohibition party has tiled tho
following certificates ot nominations
and acceptance with Secretary Olcott,
nil as candidates for representative
from Multnomah county: Joseph K
Hart, Eugene E. Smith, William F.
Amos, Herbert Gordon and II. L. Idle-
Whether Salem shall havo a machine
gun company or not as a part of tho
Oregon National Guard will como up
beforo tho goneral staff at a meeting
to bo held in Portland this week, ac
cording to a statement mado by Adju
tant-General Williams to Governor
Tho first carload of Dartlett pears
harvested at Hood Hlvcr this season
was shipped east Monday night The
fruit was packed in refrigerated rooms
and shipped to market In Iced cars,
Tho total Dartlett crop will reach ap
proximately CO carloads. Moro than
26 carloads of D Anjous will be bar-
A new two-story brick business block
on tho corner of Sixth and Main street
to bo constructed by II. L. Bristol, is
tho latest evidence ot tho development
or Klamath Falls. Tlio ground noor
ot tho building will bo occupied by
Kay Sugarman, clothier. Tho second
floor ot tho now building will be de
voted to office quarters.
In tho first four days that Albany's
Canning Kitchen has been open It has
prepared 103 quarts ot canned fruit
and vegetables nnd 42 glasses or jelly.
Thcso supplies are being prepared for
uso in military cantonments, and the
woric is under tne direction or tno wo
men's committco for Linn county of
tho stalo council of defense.
On tho same farm on which n largo
rattlcsnnko wob killed a few weeks
ago tho fnrm of James Nichols, near
Plalnview a blawsnako 4G;A inches In
length was killed Friday. This blow-
snnko was tho first snako ot tho kind
ovor seen In that vicinity, astf was tho
largest snako of any kind over Killed
near tnero.
Comparison of the plcco and da
work Byst'cms was mado by Governor
Wlthycombe rolativo to tho convicts
employed at thp penitentiary flax
plant, with all ot the odds favoring tho
picco work system for that institution
at least. Ho declares that tho convicts
who produco work on tho plan of n
straight 25 cents per day for their la
bor tako tholr time at tho job and
stretch It out as long na posslblo, whllo
mo piecework men woric ai iovensn
A. A. Schramm has been appointed
by Superintendent ot Banks Bonnott
as bank oxamlner to fill tho vacancy
caused by tho doparturo ot E. Fritz
Slado to enter tho array. Tho salary
is $1800. Mr. Schramm is from Salem
and was formerly employed in a bank
in uaiem, but has been connected Willi
tho banking dopartmont for some tlmo,
Tho Buehnor Lumbor company of
North Bond plans to erect a largo
building noar its plant to servo as a
barracks for additional soldiers which
it proposes to employ. Tho company
is tho largest omnloyor or soldier la
bor In tho county and will, whon It
socuros tho additional number, bo em
ploying fully CO per cont soldiers in
tho operation of Us plant. ,
To offsot tho hay shortago which
threatens tho stockmou ot tho Klam
ath district this coming winter, tho
ranchors operating along tho shores
of tho big Uppor Klamath Lako are
putting up thousands or tons of wild
hay, which has novor heretofore been
cut. This hay, which consists of a
varloty ot wild grasses, is not as nu
tritious as somo of tho cultivated pro
ducts, but it will bo oaten with a
rollsh before spring and will be a big
aid, In the onlnlon ot stockmen, in
getting tholr herds safely through the
winter, ,
Yankees in Germany Are Fed
How Prisoners of War Aro Cared for by U. S. Red Crow Agents
That's what every captured American proceeds to do when ho redclicrft
tho prison camp at Brandenburg, Germany, , to which naval captives ore sent,
by aci-manyi ' ' ' ' i
When the prioncr nrrlvcs" nftcr n long Journey to a German port and"'
through tho Llmburg concentration prison, ho is met by Chief Gunner's Mate
Jnmes pelancy and three other American prisoners who constitute tho Amer
ican help committco of tho American Bed-Cross In Brandenbdrg camp, about
20 miles from Berlin. ,
To meet Just uch a rontlngcncy Uio American Red Cross from Its prison
er's relict warehouse nt Berne lias sent thlsr committee a stock of emergency
food parcels and supplies of clothing and various comforts, such as' soap, -
bruMiO", towels, etc. ,
Thcro nro no speeches of welcome for .tho men arc nnythlog but wel
come just a good American handshake, and tho committee hnnds over li lted
Crois parcel containing ten pounds of real American "cat."
Most of the food Is cooked and ready to bo wolfed by a man who has his
own opinion about tho sustaining powers of thin soup. When finally the
sailor stretches and sighs the sigh of the well fed, the committco shoots its
first question.
"Smoker' .
This, too, Is, answered from another Bed Cross package containing tho
cigarettes, pipo arid tobacco. ' n
Tlio nrriyul Is then given n post card addressed to the prisoners' relief
bureau at Berne. This can! gives tho Bed Cross facts which It communicates
to the prisoner's family In America. The card adds n new name to tlio list of
military nnd civil prisoners to whom the American Bed Cross each week
sends 20 pounds of bread, meat, fish, dried fruit, vegetables, sugar, coffee,
ten, etc
Tho card also gives the sizes ot shoes and garments the prisoner wears
so that unlfonnii or other clothing can bo supplied. Smokers receive regular
packages of tobacco.
Thcso shipments are made from the vast stores which the Bed Cross has
collected nt Berne for the relief ot captured Americans In Germany, enough '
to maintain 22,000 Americans for six monUis. ' ' '
No American prisoner needs anything beyond what Is being supplied to
him except spending money. In fact; Franklin Abbott, director ot the depart
ment of prisoners relief, urges relaUves of captured men not to attempt to
send them parcels.
"But do the American prisoners get these Red Cross shipments?" la a
qdesUon asked frequently.
"Thoy do," Is Mr. Abbott's positive answer. "The American Red Cross
has means of ynaklng certain that the prisoners get what is sent. Every
packngo calls .for return of n receipt signed by the prisoner.
"If any one falls to acknowledge n package, nn immediate Inquiry '3
started. If the package miscarried, tho International Red Cross, through
neutral agencies in Germany, finds out what became of the shipment.
"We have a similar committee for army prisoners nt Tuchel In charge of
Sergeant Halyburton, These stocks are not large. Just a few hundred par
cels, but wo maintain thcso stocks nt a point where wo believe they will
feed any 'reasonable number of prisoners until the weekly shipments from
Ucnm come, through."
Poultry raising is excellent work
for the girls In tno homo. It affords
exercise in the open, allows nn op
portunity for the girls to earn spend
ing money nnd train their minds In
animal husbandry and the economy of
Poultry raising under tho supervi
sion of some girls Is very profitable.
With all the- :acillties for raising
fowls- thnt may be found on most
farms the girls have opportunities for
building up a pleasant nnd profitable
One of the faults of our economic
system of farmlnir is that it does not
nffonl ndequnte opportunity for tho
girls to become eillclent, self-support
ing nnd independent when this be
comes necessary. By giving tho girls
n chance with poultry they may earn
enough to support themselves It nec
essary, even pay their . way through
All Poultry and Egg Dealers
Required to Have License
Country 'store poultry dealers . are
required to have licenses no matter
how small their dcnllngd In eggs und
poultry, the food administration an
nounces. Tho president's proclama
tion of May 14 requiring licensing ot
"operators of poultry and egg pack
ing plants" has been misunderstood
by many -smnll denlers, It is declared.
Under tho classification, anyone who
sells poultry or eggs In any other
way than at retail to the consumer,
regurdless of the nmount of business
done, must be licensed; And most
small denlers do sell to commission
men from tlmo to time. In order to
comply with tho law they must fill
out blnnks obtained from tho United
Stntes food administration and havo
licenses issued.
Worldly Wisdom.
When passion Is king, reason
Is dethroned.
Any man who speaks nothing
but the truth Is noycr .Karru-
lous. . 5
Politics may not pay, but most E
candidates nrp compelled, tq S
put up.
If Ananias wcro living today E
ho would not bo considered so E
Every man knows haw mean 5
hla acquaintances, nro, but hp li
never absolutely sure about him- z
self. 5
Ping Bodie Is One of New
York Yanks' Heavy Hitters
. and Is Doing Good Service
Ping Bodle Is one of the New York
Yankees' heaviest batters. Miller
Hugglns seems to be getting more
baseball out of him than did any other
manager. BodIe W18 ttlth the White
Sox for some time and was criticized
so extensively by tho press and his
manager that he was unable to play
to the true worth of his talent. Ho
Ping Bodle.
went back to tho const nnd was pur
chased by Connie Muck for whom ho
shono with the bat. Hugglns desired
a slugging ball club nnd purchased
Bodie from Muqk and has had no cause
to regret It, for tho chunky outfielder is
rapping the ball timely, is playing n
ntco game In tho field and has not
been nccuscd of perpetrating any
"boners" on the bases.
War Brings New Words.
War brings words into the language.
Sometimes tho words exist In another
language and nro transferred; some
times they had fallen Into disuse, aro
revived and given a twisted meaning;
spmetlmes they nro .coined. Ono of
tho latest arrivals 'In TEngland is ."Jus
qunboutlst," from the. FVench inotto
"Jusqu' n bout" ("to the-end").' A
"Jusqunboutlst" , is ono that Is for
lighting the war to a finish. Who
knows it this term will not In tlmo bo
tided to tho. vocabulary of tho prlzo
rlngT Manchester Guardian.
The smoke screen lias 'been -found
very effective In aiding captains of
vessols to ovndo tho torpedoes of ene
my submarines.
-m . . j mf mm