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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
ETcnts of Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
More than 100 porsons aro reported
to have been killed at Tyler, Minn., by
the tornado which swept over south
eastern Minnesota counties Wednes
day. .
Alpine county, the smallest in Cali
fornia, will bo governed exclusively by
women officials, with tho single ex
ception of sheriff, after January 1, ac
cording to tho present outlook. .
Official confirmation was nvailablo
in Madrid Thursday of reports current
recently that Spain "will tako over
German ships in retaliation for the
sinking of Spanish craft by U-boats.
While the Food administration nsks
the country to curtail the consumption
of hoef. tho cattle men of tho Porter-
viile. Cal., district are having difficulty
in disposing of their late fall grass
steers. I
In recognition of tho assistance ren-
dered the wounded in France by tho
workers of the Salvation Army on
duty there, tho United States Steel
Corporation has sent $100,000 to the
army's war work committee.
The need of conserving peach seeds
or pits,' apricot pits, plum pits, prune
pits, hickory nuts, walnuts and butter
nuts for use In making carbon for gas
masks Is urged In a statement by the
gas division of tho United States army.
Simple funeral services for United
States Senator Jacob H. Galllnger, for
more than 25 years New Hampshire
member of tho upper house of con
gress, were held In the First Baptist
church at Concord, N. H., Wednesday i
Belated Reuter dispatches say thatj
the outstanding feature of tho all
Russian congress was tho denuncla
tton by War Minister Trotzky. of the
action of the allies in landing' on the
Murman coast He threatened mere!
less measures of defense.
Restriction and curtailment of va
riety of styles, colors, shapes, weights
and trimmings of fur and felt hats for
men and women for the spring of
1919 was announced by the War In
dustries board Thursday, following a
conference with manufacturers.
Seven enemy aliens, inmates of a
prison camp at Fort Douglas, Utah,
were shot by a guard Wednesday
morning after they had refused to
obey an order to disperse and bad at
tacked the guard . with stones and
other missiles. One of the prisoners
was wounded severely.
Henry Ford, through his private sec
retary, announces that ho will return
to the United States government all
the profits he personally makes on
war contract work. He added that he
expected a number of other stockhold
ers of the Ford Motor company would
follow bis example.
Following charges that he failed to
notify the vessel's commander prompt
ly of a radio message warning all
shipping to beware of a lurking Ger
man raider in tho Pacific, tho license
of Joseph Spatafore, wireless operator
on the American steamer Royal Ar
row, is revoked by B. H. Llngden,
government radio inspector.
All former employes of the Western
Union Telegraph company who were
discharged because of their affilia
tions with the Commercial Telegraph
ers' Union of America during the re
cent difficulties between the company
and the union before the company was
taken over by the government will
have the privilege of reinstatement, it
is announced by the company.
Three meatless days per week have
been ordered by the municipal author
ities at yienna, according to an offi
cial dispatch from Switzerland.
Five thousand persons are homeless
and 250,000 are without proper food
as a result of a flood in the Tung Ki
ang river, Tho American Red Cross
is providing temporary relief.
Confronted by Sheriff Howard Traf
ton with evidence tending to show that
she was a member of tho Industrial
Workers of uio World, Miss Minnie
Adams, a teacher in tho Eureka, Cal.,
school, resigns her position.
Burglars early Monday cracked the
safe of tho West Sldo State bank at
Great Falls, Mont, and got $2479 in
cash and $400 In liberty bonds. En
trance was mado through a window.
The burglars havo not been arrested.
Thirty thousand nrrests havo been
mado by tho Bolshevik! within tho last
two weeks of tho reign of terror In
progress In Potrograd, according to
offlclul advices from Stockholm. Those
arrested were army officers and citi
zens of tlio middle class,
Lcwiston Dairymen Will Increase Price
to Customers Beginning Sept. 1.
' V I Cream Advances.
Lowiston, Idaho. Announcement
wns mado hero recontly by proprietors
of drug stores and refreshment par
lors of nn increased price schedulo on
soft drinks, ico cream nud nil mixed
confections, to bo In effect on and
after Monday. Tho advnuco Is attrib
uted to tho lncrenso in tho price of
syrup, sugar substitutes, Icq cream
cones and wages.
Tho wholesale and retail price of
milk and cream is to bo advanced
September 1, dairymen saying that tho
lncrenso must bo mado or else they
must dlscontinuo business, becauso of
the constantly Increasing cost of hay
and grain and tho advance tn wages.
Under tho new schedulo milk will sell
at H cent a quart, tablo cream at
14 & cents a half pint and whipping
cream at 25 cents a halt pint.
Army Butter Demand Big.
Washington, D. C Tho. American
army is using 1,250,000 pounds -of but
ter and 700,000 pounds of oleomargar
ine every month. A War department
statement Friday shows that soldiers
stationed in this country havo about
five times moro butter than oleomnr
gnrine, whllo In Franco tho quantities
of butter dnd oleomargarlno aro about
equal, owing to tho greater difficulty
in obtaining high-grade butter.
Rain Benefits Odessa Crops.
Odessa. Wash. A ouarter of nn
inch of rain fell hero Saturday. At
little winter wheat was sown several
weeks ago and this rain will bo of
great value to tho grain. Moro winter
wheat will be seeded now and if moro
rain falls soon a large acreage of win
ter grain will be seeded. Odessa needs
seed wheat, as ilttlo can bo secured
Governor Asked to Quit.
Burlington, Vt. Governor Horace
Graham Saturday was nsked to resign
his office, in resolutions adopted by
the republican state commlttco at a
special executive session. This week
discrepancies amounting to $20,000
were said to have been found In the
accounts of tho governor when he was
state auditor.
nunuinui mmuu.1 mruni
Portland. Wheat Government ba
sis, $2.20 per bushel..
Flour Straights, $10.95 011.15 per
barrel; whole wheat, $10.30; graham,
$9.90010.35; barley flour, $11.30012;
rye flour, $12.50; cornmeal, $11,700
12.50; corn flour, $12.80; oat flour,
Mlllfeed Mill run, f.o.b. mill: Car
lots, $29.65; mixed cars, $30.15; less
than carlots, $30.65; rolled barley, $65;
rolled oats, $69.
Corn Whole, $75; cracked, $76 per
Hay Buying prices, f.o.b. Portland'
Eastern Oregon timothy, $31 per ton:
valley timothy, $30; alfalfa, $28; val
ley grain hay, $26028; clover, $28,
straw, $9010.
Butter Cubes, extras, 50Mc; prints,
extras, box lots, 53c; cartons, box lots,
54c; half boxes, ',.c moro; less than
half boxes, lc moro; butterfat. No. 1,
56c per pound delivered Portland.
Eggs Ranch, candled, rots and
cracks out, 49c; selects, 52c per dozen.
Poultry Hens, 2Cc; springs, 26c;
ducks, 32c; geese and turkeys, nom
inal. Veal Fancy, 19,20c per pound.
Pork Fancy, 25 026c per pound.
Fruits Cantaloupes, $1.25 03.25 per
crate; watermelons, 2021c per
pound; peaches, $101.50; apples, $1.50
03.25 per box; plums, $1.25; pears,
$102; casabas, 3 '4 c per pound;
grapes, $1.5002.25 per crate.
Vegetables Tomatoes, 80090c per
crate; cabbage, 44c per pound;
lettuce, $2.50 per crate; cucumbers,
50 075c per box; peppers, 10c per
pound; beans, 8c per pound; celery,
$1.25 per dozen; eggplant, 10c per
pound; corn, $2.50 per crate.
Potatoes Oregons, $3.2503.50 per
hundred; Callfornlas, $3.7504 per
Onions Wnlla Walla, $2.75 sack.
Hops Nominal.
Wool Eastern Oregon, 50061c;
valley, 54 0 61c per pound.
Mohair Oregon, 58060c per pound,
Cascara Bark New and old, 11c per
Grain Bags Carlots, 26,c.
Aug. 21, 1918.
Cattle Prlmo steers $12.50013.50
Good to choice steers 11.00012.00
Medium to good steers.... 9.75011.00
Fair to medium steers 8.75 0 9.75
Common to fair steers...... G.250' 8,25
Choice cows and heifers.. 8.250 9.25
Med to good cows and hf., 0.25 0 7.75
Bulls C.000 7.00
Calves 9.00012.00
Hogs Prlmo mixed $19.50020.00
Medium mixed 19.00019.50
Rough heavlos 17.CO018.6O
PI its 10.75 018.00
Bulk 19.50019.85;
Sheen Lambs . 14.00015.00 ,
Fair to medium Iambs.. Il.ou0ia.uu
Yearlings 16,00011.75
Wethers 0,00010.60
Evvos , 7,000 9,00
Houses Reported lluriml by .Mobs at
Sendal and In Tsumlyc.
Toklo. Rioting is reported to bo
spreading tn northern Japan. Tho
government announces that tho rts
orders nfo subsiding olsowhoro. -
MobB haYo burned sevornl houses nt
Sondnt. Tho rlco exchange announces
that SO houses wcro burned In tho
Tsumlyo prefecture on Thursday.
Washington, D. C- Profiteering on
a great scale la tho cause or uio un
rest and rioting In Japan, according
to an explanation In oiticiai qunrtorB
Not only wholesalers and mlddlomon
dealing tn food products, and espe
cially u riqo, but ovon 11,0 Jipanoso
farmers who grow tho grain, havo
boon holding back their stores and
demanding greatly Inflated prices.
Now' that the Japanese government
nns seized theso stores of rlco propnrn
tory to distributing thorn to tho poo
plo at ronsonablo prices, it Is bollovod
hero tho popular, discontent will bo
There has also been difficulty In tho
matter of transportation, Japan shar
ing with tho allies In tho need for sur
flclent ocean bottoms Consequently
tho procurement of rlco from tho usunl
sources In British India and Slam has
been obstructed.
Amsterdam. Sbadrlnsk, un Import
ant railway Junction botwoon Yoktt'
terlnburg and Kurgan, to tho oast of
tho Ural mountains, has .alien into
tho hands of tho Czecho slovaks, ac
cording to a dispatch from Potrograd
to tho Rhelnlscho Wcstfaelischo Zol
tung, of Esson.
Tho local soviet officials woro slain
by tho populace after tho enpturo of
the town.
London. Hundreds of porsons woro
killed and wounded In an encounter
between Lettish guards and rioters
during food disorders in Potrograd,
according to nn American dispatch to
tho Exchango Telegraph company.
Tho dispatch quotes Pctrogrnd ad
vices by way of Berlin, saying that
after tho city had been without food
for two days a procession of workmon
marched through the streets, shouting
"Down with tho Germans; down with
tho Kremlin."
Tho fight between tho Holers and
the Lettish guards took placo boforo
the Smolny Institute. Martial law was
proclaimed In Pctrogrnd tho samo
v "w
Tho drive for tho National War Serv
ice Fund of the Salvation Army in
Oregon, opening September 15th, Is
already taking splendid form and en
couraging responses aro coming from
many sources, which indicato that tho
twenty-flvo thousand dollars which Is
asked from Oregon, outside of Port
land, will ho forthcoming. Already tho
following counties havo responded fav
orably and are going to tako hold of
tho work through tho Councils of De
fense nnd kindred organizations which
are appointed by these councils. Tho
counties responding favorably are,
Baker, Clackamas, Clatsop, Linn, Lane,
Malheur, Marlon, Morrow, Umatilla,
Union, Wallowa, Wasco and Washing
ton. There Is no doubt that Just as Boon
as tho field representatives of the Sal
vation Army In eastern, central and
western Oregon aro ablo to sco tho
chairmen of tho Councils of Defense
In reference to the drive, tho coun
ties that do not appear In tho nbovo
list will also favorably tako up tho
proposition and put tho drlvo "over
tho top" for this worthy organization,
the Salvation Army,
Fifty Thousand Needed to
Help Care for Wounded
Washington, D. C Fifty thousand
women will bo needed by July 1 noxt
year to assist in. tho'caro of tho sick
and wounded of tho American army,
Surgeon-aenoral Gorgas said Saturday
in announcing that young wives with
husbands fighting in Franco would bo
accepted as hospital assistants.
Tho vast majority of tho 50,000 wo
men must bo trained nurses and avail
able for scrvlco overseas.
To supplement tho Bupply of gradu
ate nurses tho army medical depart
ment has established tho army school
of nursing, at which physically fit
young women between 21 nnd 35 yoarB
will bo trained und sent abroad as tho
need arises.
Fully 16,000 women can bo used as
hoipltul assistants 'or studont nursos
In tho United States,"
Little StorlqfT From Real Ufo
Illustrating How Thoy Back
Up Unole Sam.
Encourage Saving Habit In Thoio
Who Never Saved Before
Qrest Crisis Demands tho
Beit From All of Us.
President of the National Krm Tower
Group of Agricultural rapers.
Did you rend thnt Item tn tho nows
pnpers the othor day, of n one-tlmo
distinguished nnd prosperous citizen
of Chicago who died suddenly In tho
hospital, unknown, alone,' unloved?
ITo wns nn old man, n victim of ad
versity, forgotten by tho acquaintances
of his prosperity. Tho authorities wcro
about to consign the body to tho pot
ters flold when thoy found In his pock
et a Liberty bond for $50 nnd a cer
tificate of n fraternal lodgo to which
ho had onco belonged. That society
was notified nnd gnvo him n Chrlstlnn
burlnL the undertaker nnd cemetery
accepting the bond In payment for
coffin and lot.
Jamie, We Salutp You I
A good man and true Is Jnmlo Bliss,
ago flvo yenra, who lives with mnmmn
and papa on n fnrm near Enu Claire,
Wis. Jnmlo had heard all the discus
sion about Liberty bonds and Thrift
stamps, nnd. not yet being established
In business for himself, was puzzled
a Ilttlo to know how such a ltttlo boy
could havo a part In this great un
dertaking. At tho samo ttmo ho learn
ed how oorely Air fighting men need
wool nnd tho grcnt Idea came to him.
Without consulting anyone, Joinlo
started about tho farm harvesting
from hedges and wlro fences tho Ilttlo
wisps of wool left thcro as his father's
sheep pastured. As a result of his
expodltlon Jam to camo Into tho house
with his pockets and Insldo of his
waist bulging with wool. Mamma
Bliss was somcwhnt astonished when
ho oxplnlncd thnt bo was gathering
wool to sell so ho could buy Thrift
stamps, but being a wlsa mother, sho
saw tho point qilckly.
Slnco then Honorable Jamie, wool
gatherer to Uncle Sam, makes dally ex.
curslons Into tho sheep pasture. Al
ready his wool has purchased two
$5 War Savings stamps and a good
start toward another one. This, folks,
Is something which was not taught
ont of a book, but It Is a samplo of
tho patriotic cltitcnshlp now growing
up, ready to stand at tho helm a few
decades hence.
Becoming Bondholder.
Among roy friends for years Is n
hard-working farmer with wlfo nnd
several children. Ho never scorned
to quite "got there." Though ho work
ed hard, ho Just lacked tho knnck of
getting a bit ahead. During tho pnst
year ho seemed to havo prosporcd.
When I saw him last week he Bald:
"It's this way: I BubscrHH5
$50 for a Liberty bond last year,
and simply had to pay for It 1
did so by paying In every dollar I
could spnrc, Instead of spending money
for things we could just ns well do
without. It Is curious how ono accumu
lates If they go at It that way.
"I see now that ono reason why I
never saved any money wns becauso
I didn't havo anything llko this to tako
my cash a Ilttlo at a time. I used to
think that I would begin saving when
I bad my bills paid and $25 to the
5ood, but I have discovered at this lato
ate that the way to do It Is to save a
ltttlo at a tlmo and put It by as you
get It. I havo been surprised to find
that tho samo Is truo of so many othor
farmers, especially ronters. What
they have put Into the Liberty bond Is
monoy thnt would havo slipped
through their fingers. They would have
nothing to show for It, whereas now
they havo got a bond earning good
Interost, whllo their money Is helping
to lick the knlsor. My first bond Is
now paid In full and I am beginning
to savo up my subscription to the
fourth Liberty bond."
I This reminds mo of still another
c&to whero tho boys and girls havo
jafned and saved along with their
parents until their subscription for
e&ch of tho thro Liberty loans are
bow paid up. Thoy did not ace how
they could ralso tho monoy for their
first subscription, but tholr second was
doublo that, and the third was still
larger. Tho oldest boy was taken by
tho draft, which mndo tho family all
tho more dotcrmlnod. The mother
Is saving her egg money, each of tho
children has a bit of a gardon from
which they are soiling stuff, one of
the girls Is a member of tho pig club,
and tho oldest boy sit III nt home has
quarter of an acre of onions that
promises a splendid crop. The fa.
ther Is harvesting ft heavy ctod of
wncnt, nnn Inst spring mnfle up Ms
mind to devote hot less thnii oun third
of tho proceeds to tho wnr. This, ono
family Is planning to subscribe $1,000
for tho fourth Liberty loan, nnd If
nil goes well, will ho nblo to pay
down nearly half the amount.
A Horde of Huns nt Your Door.
You know whnt they would do to
you nnd your women a fate far worse
than death. You know how Huns hnvo
laid bnro tho countryside thby have
conquered no nnlinnl or plant al
lowed to survive, oven trees nnd vines
cut oft closo to tho ground. Rural
homes demolished, burns burned.
You know how the Roches cnslnvo
the farmers of Belgium, Poland, tho
Ukraine. Words cannot depict tho
horror of it
To prevent tho same thing happen
ing right hem to yon nnd your fain
lly, to your own community, state
nnd nation thnt In whnt our boys are
fighting for "over there."
It Is a question of right over might I
Shall liberty bo destroyed by shivery?
This Is the question tho War Is to an
swer for you and mo nnd for genera
tions yet unborn.
This final struggle for tho survival
of tho fittest among humans demands
every ounce of our energy, every cent
of our monoy. Nohlo men nnd wom
en nro pntrlottcnlly devoting some or
nil of their ttimv without money and
without price, to help Undo Snm win
a victory. Others nro giving produce
or monoy to the good cause. Millions
of our healthiest young men, the very
seed of tho race, are sacrificing tholr
lives thnt you and I and, others may
llro In pence.
Tho very lenst thnt each of us can
do now Is to lend our monoy to Uncle
Sam so thnt he will havo tho funds
with which to light. Tho war Is cost
ing billions. Tho only way tho gov
ernment con get tho money Is to bor
row It from tho people or tnx It out
of them. Tho moro tho public' lends
to tho government, tho less taxes It
will hnvo to pay.
You can help In this crisis by sub
Bcrlblng to tho fourth Liberty lonn.
Theso government bonds nro tho safest
Investment on enrth. Thoy nre abso
lutely good. They yield good Interest
You can got your Interest monoy twice
n year. t you havo to uso your prin
cipal, you can sell your bond any min
ute, or you can uo It ns security at
tho bnnk to borrow for temporary
wants. Tho latter Is tho better way,
because It doesn't help tho government
any for you to sell your bond or for
somebody else to buy your bond. Get
your bond direct from the government;
then your money goes direct to the
government und will bo used by It to
pay the wages of soldiers nnd sailors
and to furnish tho ships and munitions
with which they shnll win the vic
tory. Must Do Our Best
It Is up to each of us to do not our
bit but our best. It's n question of
life or death. Simplify, economize, go
without tilings, so thnt tho effort, time,
thought nnd monoy thus snved may bo
transmuted Into tho things thnt shall
enable tho American flag to fly over
Berlin n symbol of tho now civiliza
tion which Is to Insure pcaco through
In our rural homes, on our farms, tn
tho trenches, In other bronchos of serv
ice, In subscriptions to the Liberty
bonds nnd War stamps, our Amcrlcnn
farmers hnvo repeatedly gono over tho
top. Their efforts, their patriotism,
their loyalty, havo been universally
recognized. Now In this fourth Lib
erty loan our rural folks will show
tho samo generous confldenco In tho
eternal principles of human liberty nnd
of self government that woro cham
pioned by thoso Middlesex farmery:
"Their flags to April breeze unfurlod,
Who fired tho shot heard 'round tho
Maiden's Neighbors In London Sub
urb Have Fears for Their
London, A pretty bit of chivalry
was seen In a London suburb the other
day. Early In tho morning tho knight
errant was out on his nlrplano and was
flying low so low us to make tho ten
ants of the terrace anxious about their
On the miniature lawn In the center
of the 80-foot garden tho maiden wait
ed until thora fluttered down through
tho morning mist a little streamer of
white material. It missed the garden
and fell Into the roadway.
Tho maiden rushed out and picked
up her lovo letter.
The neighbors' curtains resumed
tholr stillness, and tho little cptsodo
of theso grim days was closed.
Discard Hun Mutto Books,
Ban Francisco. Becauso sovoral
songs In tho music books used In Cali
fornia public schools savorod of Gor
man origin, with perhaps a trnco of
tho woll-known German propaganda In
thorn, tho stnta board of education has
decreed that tho books must go Into
the discard, A now series has boon
prepared for tho pupils, which, it In
announced, Is "free from all Osnnan