Eagle Valley news. (Richland, Or.) 191?-1919, August 29, 1918, Image 4

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Eaale V alien News
Straight, Truthful, Direct
C. E. Thorp
Entered as second class matter Dec, 12, 1912 at the post pillco at
Kichland Oregon, under act of March 8, 1879.
Mpmber Oregon Stnto Editqrial Assooiatiqu
. $1.50 SIX MONTHS
RICHLAND, ORE., THURSDAY. AUG. 29, 191S. Vol. 6. No. 42
The all-important "zero hour"
pf the battles in France is to
have its counterpart in tlfe cam
paign of the Fourth Liberty Loan
in Oregon.
Battles io France are timed
from an hour or minutes of an
hour. This time is known as the
"zero hour" and is a secret closely
guarded by the division heads.
All movements of troops and all
action is based on time calcula
tions made from the "zero hour."
A certain infantry receives inr
.structions to take a certain ob
jective at so many minutes past
the zero hour. In that way a
whole campaign can be worked
out in detail, with all command
exs fully aware of their relation
to other movements, waiting only
the secret which is the key to the
whole movement.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh It a local disease, ereatly In
lluenced by constitutional conditions, and
in order to cure It you must taJce. on
Internal remedy. Hall's Catarrh Medi
cine Is taken Internally and acts thru
the blood on the mucous surfaces of the
system. Hall's Catarrh Medicine was
prescribed by one of the best physicians
In this country for years. It Is com
posed of some of the best tonics known,
combined with some of the best blood
purifiers. The perfect combination of
the Ingredients In Hall's Catarrh Mcdl
cine Is what produces such wonderful
results In catarrhal conditions. Send for
testimonials, free. '
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
All Drueglsts. 76c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
ho v
Oregon's "zero hour" for the
next Liberty Loan is nine o'clock
a. m., September 28th. This is
to be the wafchword of the whole
drive and through voluntary sub
scriptions this state is expected
to have attained all objectives
and again be "over the top" first
by nine o'clock of the day w,hen
other states will just be getting
into action.
In appreciation of the sacrifice
made by the home boys in service
Eagle Valley citizens will not fail
to subscribe their share of the
Fourth Liberty Loan Bonds.
Go to John F. Hnrr today and
tell him what amount you want
and be sure you go the limit.
I have installed a new plant
and am prepared to vulcanize
anything that it is possible to re
pair in that manner (even hot
watr Vttles and rubber boots)
a specialty. AM work guaran
teed satisfactory.
jPlont at Richland 'Auto Co.adv
More Fires in Pine Valley
A hay barn together with 100
tons of hay, located on the old
Brooks' ranch in Pine Valley, was
completely destroyed by firo last
Saturday morning, and only by
heroic work of neighbors was ft
large field of grain adjoining sav
ed from destruction. Mr. Fran
Sturgill, the owner, estimates the
loss at S2500. The blaze was dis
covered at about 11 o'clock com
ing from the top of the barn and
as no pne had been seen near the
building that morning it is be
lieved that I. W. Ws, placed an
incendiary time-bomb of s6me
sort in the hay the night previous.
An ice house and some build
ings in Halfway were discovered
on fire Saturday morning, and as
there have been several myster
ious blazes in that neighborhood
recently, the Pine Valley resi
dents will
TJio OEM QunrtB Lmlo Clnlm '
Amended Mineral Survey No, 127
8ctM No. 010277
United Slates Lnnd Office,
La G ramie, Oregon.
Edilnr) NOT1CR is hereby Riven that tto
- - i n i . ii . I l A , i . . I r,
vi! m lousouuaicti uuiu .uiiuiii: vum
pony, n corporation, of Orocon, with its
post office mltlress at the City of linker,
Unker County. Oregon, Ims made nppll
cation to the United States Government
for United Stnte Patent to the Gem
loilo claim, ultuntcd In no organised
mining district, In Uaker County, Stnte
or Oregon, In Sections it nnd so, Town
ship 8 South. Knnuo U East of "Wll
lnmetto Meridian, a shown by the. of
f trttn 1 nln i tuvut...l ti nil llftatlf ttn I m
Villi Its I 'WO I I'M a uviltHlUVH
said idat and by t no official field notes
on flio with tho United States Surveyor
Uoncrnl for Oregon, as Amended Miner
nl Survey No. 327;
Said Gem quart lode claim holng do
scribed by courses and distnnac ns
follow-, to-wlt:
lleginninir nt corner No. 1, whence
tho qunrtor Section comer between See
tions 17 and 20, in Township 3 South
llnnge 4 4 Kast of Willamette Meridian
In Baker County, Oregon, boars Soutl
31 00' East 400.8 feet I
Thonco South 7 30' Wct 1403.3 foot
to Corner No, 2:
Thence North 82 25' West 500.7 tfcot
to corner No. 3:
Thonco North 7 IS' East 1408.2 feet
to corner No. 4:
Thence South 82' 23 Kast 008.4 feet
to corner No. 1, tho placo of beginning.
Kmurncing n total area of XU.UIH
Adjoining claims, as shown by tho
official plat of tho survey are:
The Northwest Ocm. and Gem Kx
tension North, both unsurvoyed, on tho
The West Gem, unsurvoyed, on the
The Hera Extension boutli, and the
Hnst Gem Extension South, both un
lurvoyed, on tho South:
Tho Kast Gem. nnd tho Northeast
Gem, both unsurveyed, on tho East.
Tliero nro no conflicting claims.
All persons holilini ndverso claims
to any portion of tho lands cmbrnccA in
this nnnliention nro herobv notified to
; ! t ile notice thereof in the United States
Mind Uffico nt La Grande, Oregon, ilur
mg tho publication of this notico of ap
plication for patent.
O. S. DUNN, Itegistcr.
first publication, August 22, 1018.
Lust publication, October 24, 1018.
Department of the Interior.'
United States Lund Olllco,
August 7, 1918.
tho Lotnmlssirner ol the lionornl Ijitid
Olico. bv his letter of Juno 21th, 1U18.
lias allowed tliu application of John E.
.Mncy, ol Sparta, Oregon, for a lituriiiu'
o determine thu mineral or noumincral
character of thu NW 1-1 SV 1-4, K I-1
the guilty
.NWJ.4. NEl-4, nnd NW1-4 SE 1-4.
Sec. 30, Tp. 8 S., it. 44 K W. M.
Tli riiriiriln nf'lliln nlllon Rlinu tlinl
not deal gently With said land was adjudged mineral in char
parties if they are
Save Peach Pitts Save Lives
The Federal Government has
issued a request for all apricot,
peach and plum pitts available.
Walnuts are also wanted. They
are used for the manufacture of
a special carbon used in gas
masks. Saving the pitts may
save some boy's life, so throw
none away.
While no special instructions
have yet been received, Barney
Eidson has volunteered to store
all brought to him at New Bridge
and those brought to Richland
may be left at Raley's store or
tne News office.
Flynn & Co.'s cigar factory in
Baker is one of tho cleanest,
lightest, and most sanitary es
tablishments of its kind in all the
United tStates;-; none but ex
pert union workmen are employ
ed; and all tobacco used is grown
under a contract that insures the
highest grade of leaf. The result
is cigars of most exquisite flavor
and unequalled smoking qualities.
Always ask for Flynn's cigars
and you'll get satisfaction. ad
The boundaries of Halfway will
be extended, But one person
voted "no" at tho recent election,
actor by Commissioner 8 Letter "V of
February 17th, Ifipi, as a remit of n
hearing held upon thu application of thu
State of Ore ton, and hat thu" Statu has
sinco uxerciK-d Its right by selecting
other land in lieu thereof.
In application for hearing it Is alleged
by tho snid John E, Mncy, and two wit
nesses, that tho lilnds above described
are nonmineral in character.
Any and all persons, therefore, who
claim any right, title, or lntureet in said
lands or any part thereof or who may
bo claiming the snmo for minernl pur
poses, by location, occupation or other
wise, or who may desire to object bo
cnuso of tho mineral character of Hie
land or for any other reason to tho dis
posal to applicant, are here) y notified
to appear, respond and offer evidence,
touching tho character of tho land above
described, at 10 o'clock, A. M on Octo
ber 9th, 1018, heforo W,. L. Patterson, a
Notary Public, at his ofllco, at linker,
Oregon, nnJ tho fin"! hearing will he
held nt 10 o'clock, A. M on Norember
Cth, 1918, before tho Jfegitternnd ltt
ceiver, nt tho United States Lantf Oilicu,
in Latirnndo, Oregon.
O, H. Dunn, Register,
Nolan Skiff, ItecUver.
Dato of First Publication Aug. 15, 1918
Date of second publication Aug. 1918
Date of third publication Aug !ffl, 10IK
Date of fourth publication Sept. 6,1918
Notary Public
All kinds of legal blanks on hand
Your patronage solicited
attyVat LAW
!"!" J". "!" ''' "WMBi ' ." H1J HUM
wfVVlIVlVffVfVWfVfff flfVVllf flfvlf fWlVfflflWlffVtW
Sportsmen jff
Will find it to their best
interests to buy their
Shotgun, Rifle and Re
volver Shells, Fishing
Tackle and Outing Supplies of all
kinds at oui; store. We carry a com
plete assortment of .the best grades
the kind that never disappoint and
sell them at reasonable prices.
YouyH find more tobacco sat
isfaction in the condensed
Real Gravely Chewing Plug
than in a thick piece of ordi
nary tobagco.
Peyton Brand
Real Gravely
Cliewiijig Plug
10ca pouch and v:o7th it
Graixlylaalatamuchtariftcr It coilt
no mora to chew than ordinary plus
P, D. Gravely Tobacco Ccnpany
Danvillo, Vlmiiih
I'eotilo nro RurnrlHidnt tho INSTANT
action of tdmplu huckthoru bark, uly
iirluo. otc. ih mixed in Aulfrd-ka.
iowi'1 tract o cotuplotcly it rolluvcs
ANY CASB Hour tttomnch, ens or con
Htipation nnd provoutH nppciidicltiN
Tho INSTANT, H'aant action of Ad-
lor-l-kn Kurpriscs both dxtoru and
patk-ntH. It rotnnvcii foul matter which
poifonod your Htoinnch for inontliH.
Klclilanu uruK otoro. auv o
Not Coal Land.
Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Offlco nt I.nUrntido, Ore-
Kon, AtiKUBt 16, 1018,
Notico is hbroby nlvtui that Nicholas
HpyropotiloH, of liotni', Orouon, who, on
Octobor 2, 1011, mndo Iloinufitcnd Kntry
No. 013782, for NN4' 8W,- V5 HKii,
Sue. 20, NWK NKI4, Section 20, and on
Mnv 10, 101(1, mndo A II. li No. 011805
for 8i Nl'i fsec. 20, nnd SJtf NWtf,
Section 21, Township 11 South, Itnngo
15 Kttat, Wlllnmutto Meridian, linn filed
notico of Intontion to mnko thryo yonr
Proof, to tlPblifdi clnlm to thu and
nhovo described, heforo A. II. Combo, Jr.,
Clerk of County Court, nt linker, Oro
uon. on thu Oth day of Octobor, 1018,
Ulaltnnnt nutnes un vltnuBson:
Georo Hpyroj oiilOH, of Homo, OrcRon,
Milt HtiyropouloH, of Homo. Oreuon.
ChrlH Colomnn, of Home, Oreeon, nnd
win. Kiroy, ot jiurKeo, urojon.
u. d, uunn, JU'KiBtur.
First publication Auk. 22, 1018. ,
Last publication Bopt. 10, 1018,
Uaker, Oregon, Juno lltli, 1018.
To the hulra of John I. Carey, deceai-ed,
and nil otheM intcroited heroin :
Vou nnd each of you nro hereby notl
tied ami wilt take notlro that 1, tho null
vcribur, havo expendixl during tl.o warn
1011, 1012, 1011), 1011, 1010 and 101(1,
one hundred dollaro for each of xalil
years )n labor and Iniprovemontu upon
each of tho followhu: quartz minlim
claluiH, kltuated in Ilak-r County, Rtalo
of ( reiron, towlf Uimn tho "SWICUl'.
8TAKK" ami upon tho Ualhuher No. 1
niiariz mining claluiH, an said elatniH nro
described In thu recor led eertlllcateH of
location thereof, on fllu antl of record in
tho olllco of tl'o County Ch-ik of said
County and .statu In lkok "ICofmiarU
locations at paucit 170 and 171. Such
expenditure was malo for tho purpono
of holulnu' tho (mesessory rlht and tltlo
to snid miulnu claims under tho pro-is.'
Ions of Section 2.121 of tho Ituviwd Htlit
uloH of tho United Htntes nnd thonmund
rnents thereto, jaid hiiiis DoIdk necens.
nry to hold said minlnu; claluiH for said
If you fail or refus-j to contribute your
proportion of such expenditure within
ninety days after thu publication of thlri
notice, ns n co-owner In said claims,
your proportion bolni one sixth of said
sums expended by me, your interest In
Bald claims will become tho property of
tho subscriber under said Section SKIS I,
n . i n . ... ,,atrlck Gnllairher.
I)ato of first publication Jur.o20, 1018.
UatoVf last publication Sept. 10, 1018.
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