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    New Sport for French Aviators
When Not Hunting Bochc Planes
French aviator flying In Serbia
when not engaged In bringing down the
U. S. Insurance
Tremendous Dutineti Conducted
by t!io Government
Ah an limurnnei.' company tho Uulti-d
Htntcs makes nit other concerns In
thu bushiest seem puny.
On April 0 tin- total amount of In
surance Undo Hum had written was
over $11,000,000,000. Thnt sum had
been put on tliu book In six months.
In tho whole year of 1017 nil other
concerns In tho United Kin ton, Includ
ing fraternal organization, iiiutunl
companies nml tho like, wrote approx
imately ?0,000,000,000 worth of Insur
ance. 8omo difference.
And Undo Sum wnn Mill on the Job.
The third week of April nlone $100,.
000,000 worth of liiHiirnnce wnn writ
ten. Undo Siuii'h customers nro soldier
and sailors. They number nbotit 1,800,
000. Tho averngo policy runs closo to
?8,B00. Thu inlnliuunt Ih $1,000 nnd
tho maximum Ih $10,000.
April It! wnn tho lust dny on which
ruen who Joined the government mili
tary or nnvnl forceH before December
4, 1017, could -secure Kovcrnincnt In
urnnco, but nil new men Joining cither
army or nnvy enn bo Insured nnd tho
government urges them strongly to
tnko tlio mnxliuum mud.
In tho meantime Undo .Sum ban been
paying out n great deal of money on
nalnry nllotmentH nnd for death nnd
disability compensation. Up to April
0 1,700,330 Hcpnrnto eheekH bad been
tnndo out for such payiueutH for sums
ns follows: Snlnry nllownnccH, $50,
403,402; death and disability compen
sation, $00,058: government liiHuranco
payments, ,$177,518.
Cooks In tho Army Loarn
How to Economizo on Food
OpportunltloH for tho homo eco
nomics demonstration workura of tho
United StnteB department f apicul
ture nro not limited to farm .Vid town
homes. Cooks In American army
camps nlso have liad an opportunity to
hear about conservation methods from
tho department specialists. At ono of
tho army schools for bilkers nnd cooks
In Mississippi demonstrations In food
savings woro much appreciated by tho
cooks In training, according to a re
port of tho ofllcor In chnrgo, who do
scribed tho demonstrations ns ft "won
dorful huccosb." Tho cooks nro bolng
tnught ways to titlllzo tho left-over
food, tho ubo of flour substitutes, and,
particularly, now and uttractlvo ways
of serving corumcnl dlshcR. Demon
titrations In tho making nnd uso of 11 re
less cookers also have been conduct
ed In tho Held ambulance hospital division.
enjoy the sport of bagging wild duck
Hun alrplanci.
Uncle Sam and John Bull; ,
How Nicknames Orglnated
For the Two Big Nations
Nenrly every tuition has some sort
of nickname.
I'or many generations England ha
been nicknamed "John Hull," "John
null" menus beefy, brawny nnd oustl
ante. It In n popular personlllcntlon of
tho hngllnh people. Ho Is represented
ns n bluff, corpulent, Irascible old fel
low, chid In Ion thee breeches nnd top
boots, nnd carrying n stout oaken cud
gel. Tho nickname Is derived .from
Doctor Arhutlmot's sntlro entitled
"Tho History of Jchn Hull," a politi
cal skit on tho subject of tho 8panlnh
succession, first published In 17115 and
afterwnrd reprinted complete In I'opo's
".Miscellany" In 1728.
Arbuthnot thus describes John Hull
"In the mala he Is an honest, plain
dealing fellow, choleric, bold and of
very Inconstant temper. Very apt to
quarrel with his best friends, espe
cially If they pretended to govern hlra.
If you flattered him you might lead
him ns a child."
Hut with no less distinction Is
"Undo Sum" tho tyio of an American
nnd the tutelary genius of tho United
States. Tho phrnso "Undo Ram"
arose during the War of 1812. An army
contractor named Klbert Anderson bad
a store-yard at n small town on the
Hudson. A government Inspector
named Snmucl Wilson, who was al
ways called "Uncle Snm," superintend
ed tho examination of the supplies, and
wjien they wero passed each cask, box
or package was marked "H. A.-U. 8.,"
tho Initials of tho contractor and of
thu United States. Tho man whose
duty It wns to mark tho casks, being
asked what tho letters meant, replied
that they stood for Elbert Anderson
and "Undo Snm."
Tho story was retold, printed nnd
spread throughout tho army nnd tho
I Mother's Cook Book
War Foods.
Tho new things that aro being
thought out by our housewives today
will All many recipe books and bo a
sourco of great comfort, because they
menu good things with no lncrenso In
the foods wo must save for our armies.
Honey Custard.
Cook n pint of milk, n half cupful
of honoy and grating of nutmeg, two
eggs, nnd a pinch of salt, over hot wa
ter stirring constantly, or bako Betting
tlu) cups In hot water. Maple flavor
may bo used for a change.
8teamed Drown Dread.
Take two cupfuls each of barley
Hour and corn meal, ono and u half
teaspooufuls of soda, thrco-fourths cup
fid of molasses, two cupfuls of sour
milk, n lenspoonftil of salt; mix well
and steam three hours.
Cream Pie, Rice Crust
Cook n cupful of rlco In milk or In
water until tender. Unci a well
greased plo tin with tho rlco, then (111
with tho following cooked lining: A
pint of milk, yolks Of two eggs, a tea
spoonful of corn starch, a Imlf cupful
of honoy, and n tenspoonful of vanllln ;
cook until smooth nnd cover with n
morlnguo inndo with tho whites; set
Into tho oven to brown.
Potato Flour Sponge Cake.
Separate tho yolks and whites of
four eggs, bent yolks until thick, add
ono cupful of sugar, beat well, add tho
whites beaten stiff, a pinch of salt, a
half cupful of potato flour and a tea
spoonful of baking powder. Ilnko In a
moderate over 30 minutes.
Raisin Drop Cakes.
Take n third of n cupful of shorten
ing, n cupful of sugar, two eggs, two
cupfuls of corn flour, a cupful of rais
ins, a tvaspoonful of vanilla, n cupful
of milk. Mix ns usual ; bako In a mod
ornto oven.
1 Cornmeal Muffins.
Take two tnblcsimoufuls of shorten
ing, a half tenspoouful of salt, a half
' cupful of com meal and five-eighths of
n cupful of wheat flour, n tcimpoonful
oj salt, two teaspooufuls of sugar,
tho white of an egg and two-thirds of
a cupful of milk. Cream tho shorten
ing and sugar, add salt, then milk, al
ternately with the dry Ingredients.
Lastly fold In tho whlto of egg beaten
stiff. Hake 20 minutes.
Luminous Paint Is Put to
Good Use In Present War,
Greatly Aiding the Soldiers
Many Ingenious uses have been
found of Into for luminous paint.
Wntchcs with dials which glow In the
darkness nro becoming common, nnd
only tho other day nn order was given
for 100,000 marching compasses with
luminous needles to bo carried by sol
diers nt tho front, says Hoys' Life. Im
mense quantities of luminous cloth arc
used by tho soldiers who ro over the
top. It Is cut Into small rectangles
about ten Inches long and fastened to
the collars of the uniforms. The sol
diers can thus recognize their own
men In mi Indiscriminate fight In the
dark. Tho luminous pnlnt Is nlso
smeared on the end of sharpened sticks.
which when stuck Into tho ground
make a fairly clear beacon.
Luminous tape Is also used by the
mile for a variety of purposes. In this
way tho stretcher-bearers mark the
paths they nro to follow. It has been
found that on n dark night tho luml
nous paint Is visible for only 00 feet
A soldier can dip his hand In the paint
nnd signal by describing letters In the
nlr or by wigwagging, knowing that
the enemy cannot sco him a hundred
feet away.
,ii....i..l. ,
When evening come over the gray ahad
ows fall.
Softly my Little One sinus;
Cuddles nnd coos to a llttlo rag' dolt,
And babbles of wonderful things.
Voice llko a linnet, and eyes like a dove
Little One rocks In her chair.
And tenderly sings, whlto her motherly
Warms to her llttlo one there.
I want to Bet down by the side of her,
And rock-a-by bark through the years,
Voyaging- the 8lumbrUnd Itlver ot blue,
Untroubled by doublings or fears.
To drift to a nest In the crook ot an arm,
And Ho In a cuddlo of dreams;
Ah, Little One, sing me the wonderful
Up, up from the Lullaby streams.
And Mm? whlto tho heart of you bursts
In a song.
Cuddlo your little one so,
Kor yours Is a fleeting time, age Is bo
And you. little singer, will grow.
Age will lay hand on your curly, brown
Mnko vnti a erown-un too soon:
HuBtlo you out of your llttlo red chair
Sing, sing, whilo your noan is in lunoi
Softly gray shadows come deeping down,
Utile One journey away
Mother and Dolly to Slumberland Town.
Drowsy-eyed dreamers astray.
Leaving me hero where a mist of her
Italia on mv heart like a dew.
And heaven, I thank you, through age la
bo long,
Many tho dreams that come true.
-Jay 11. Iden In tho Kansas City Star.
Fought In France at 73.
An American Civil war veteran who
fured tho Hermans In tho trenches for
eight months boforo his nge, soventy-
threo, was discovered, anu no was uis
charged, Is J. W, Huschor, who
served' In tho Twenty-third Michi
gan volunteers In tho Civil war. Ho
nllsted recently In tho Canadian rail
vnv hnttnllon. KIllL' Gcorco wlslllnir
to sco tho oldest soldier In khaki, sum
moned Husclter to Hucklngham palace,
and praised him heartily for his cour
age nnd determination.
Pendleton was selected as the next
meeting placo of the Oregon Retail
Jewelers' association, which closed Its
annual convention in Salem Saturday,
tho dates of tlio convention to conform
with those of tho Roundup.
Sleek, fattened and conspicuous for
its stylo and class, the cream of Union
county stock passed in proud review
beforo 3000 admiring spectators Thurs
day afternoon at Union as the feature
of tho opening day of the 1918 stock
classic of Uie Northwest
J. B. Olmstcdad was appointed by
Governor WItyhcombo as county Judge
for Wallowa county to succeed G. S.
Itcavls, who has resigned because of
ill health. Tho now judge formerly
held tho position. The term of Judge
Itcavls would have expired in 1023.
Edward H. Hayes walked 96 miles,
from Gold Beach to Marshfleld, to en
list in the United States army, and
presented himself hoping ho would be
accepted for service. Recruiting Offi
cer Greenup was unable to supply him
with transportation at once, but the
youth will leave soon.
Salmon Llndquist and Matt Nicmi,
both of whom recently arrived at As
toria from Butte, Mont., were arrested
by Sheriff Burns for failing to register
for military service. The young men
are about 25 years of age. They are
being held to await instructions from
the Federal District Attorney's office.
Immense sums subscribed to liberty
loans have not afTected bank deposits,
which, on May 10, amounted to $194,
383,098.67 in all of the banks and
trust companies of the state, or an in
crease of $25,172,407.28 over May 1,
1917, according to a statement issued
by Superintendent of Banks Bennett
A total of 54,741 motor vehicles
were registered by June 1 this year,
according to a statement issued by
Secretary Olcott Tho total fees re
ceived for the half year were $403,
C77.C0, as compared to 38,242 vehicles
registered for the first six months of
last year, and $152,459.50 in fees re
ceived for the same period.
James T. Chinnock, superintendent
of water division No. 1, comprising
counties west of tho Cascades, has re
signed, effective July 15. Governor
Withy combe has announced that he
will appoint Percy A. Cupper to suc
ceed Mr. Chinnock. Mr. Cupper is
the Republican nominee and now as
sistant state engineer, as well as sec
retary of the Desert Land board.
The fourth band saw has just been
put into pern ti on by the Chelsea Box
company at Klamath Falls. This com
pany, which was launched less than a
year ago, now has u force of 50 to GO
men and is fast building up its busi
ness. Orders are being received faster
than thoy can be filled. Company rep
resentatives say they have not been
handicapped by car shortage at any
The first real summer weather of
the season arrived this week and the
Heppner farmers and stockmen are
pleased. While rain is beginning to
be needed, but little damage has been
done by lack of moisture. Sheepmen
are busy getting their sheep to the
mountains this week, and farmers are
also busy getting ready for what is ex
pected to be the biggest harvest ever
gathered in Morrow county.
Petitions asking for the immediate
resignation of County Commissioner
Archie P. Phillips and County- Judge
James Watson are being circulated in
Nor Ui Bend and are being freely
signed. The movement is the result
of action taken at a recent meeting of
Jtho newly-formed Coos County Tax
League, at which alleged mismanage
ment of county affairs and extravagant
expenditure of county funds wero
The Nominate McNary Senator com-
mitteo, through its chairman, T. B.
Neuhauscn, has filed an expense state
ment showing expenditures of $0321.48
for their candidnto at the recent pri
maries. Witli the fund for special agents ex
hausted, Governor Withycombo will
Invest each member of tho Military
Police with such authority and provide
him with a special agents' star to en
force the prohibition law. It is un
derstood that tho State Police already
have been responsible for apprehend
ing a number of bootleggers and it is
tho intention of tho oxecutivo to use
members of that body extensively in
suppressing illicit liquor sales.
Umatilla county must forego the
use-of all white flour until tho next
grain crop is-on tho market. Grocers
representing tho entiro county mot In
Pendleton Wednesday, organized and
mado n pledgo to soil no mora white
flour until harvest Tho only excep
tion will bo to sheepmen in remote
districts who must bako in a pan; un
der n county food administrator's or
dor, they con got a limited quantity of
mixed flour containing 50 per cent of
Unusual Activity Being Manifested at
Points In the Wenatchec Valley
Plan Community Packing.
Wenatchec, Wash. Preparations
for handling the 1918 apple crop in the
upper Wenatchec valley are manifest
ed in unusual building activities which
will greatly increase the warehousing
and storage facilities and materially
assist tho growers' and shippers' or
ganizations in coping with labor and
car shortage. In addition to large
warehouses in Cashmere, Drydcn, Pc
shastln and Monitor, home storages
now contemplated or under construc
tion "ill bring the total storage capa
city in the upper valley to approxi
mately 1200 cars, according to men
Identified with the Industry in the
above localities. A feature in all of
the new warehouses is the provision
which is being made for community
packing operations. Past experience
with the community plan has firmly
established this system as an efficient
and economical method of insuring
uniform grade and pack.
Buys Storage Water.
Yakima The Yakima Valley. Canal
company is the first private corpora
tion of the valley to take advantage of
the government's offer to sell storage
water to guard against shortage this
year. The stockholders voted to buy
2C09-acre feet as a minimum, with the
privilege of taking an additional 200
more acre feet later. The purchase
price is $1 an acre foot and is made
for this season only and for the pur
pose of avoiding losses in food produc
tion. Mexicans to Work in U. S.
Brownsville, Tex. The Mexican Co
operative League, to work with the
United States employment bureau in
contracting for Mexican labor for agri
cultural purposes on both sides of the
border, has been formed here, it'was
announced Wednesday. The purpose
of the league will be to interpret into
Spanish all contracts and see that
there shall be no misunderstandings
by illiterate laborers entering employ
ment in the United States.
U. S. Not to Fix Prune Prices.
Washington D. O. Senator McNary
is advised by the Food administration
that it does not contemplate fixing the
price of prunes for commercial trade.
Wheat Bulk basis for No. 1 grade:
Hard white, $2.05. Soft white, $2.03.
mite club, $2.01. Red Walla, $1.98.
No. 2 grade, 3c less; No. 3 grade, 6c
less. Other grades handled by sample.
Flour Patents, $10 per barrel;
whole wheat $9.60; graham, $9.20;
barley flour, $14.5015.00; rye flour,
$10.7512.75; corn meal, white, $6.50;
yellow, $6.25 per barrel.
Millfeed Net mill prices, car lots:
Bran, $30.00 per ton; shorts, $32;
middlings, $39; mixed cars and less
than carloads, 50c more; rolled barley,
$7576; rolled oats, $73.
Corn Whole, $77 per ton; cracked,
Hay Buying prices, delivered:
Eastern Oregon timothy, $2930 per
ton; valley timothy, $2526; alfalfa,
$2424.60; valley grain hay, $22;
clover, $1920.00; straw, $9.0010.
Butter Cubes, extras, 37 Jc; prime
firsts, 37c; prints, extras, 42c; car
tons, lc extra; butterfat No. 1, 41c
Eggs Ranch, current receipts, 34c:
candled, 35c; selects, 36c per dozen.
Poultry Hens, 27c; broilers, 40c;
ducks, 32c; geeso, 20c; turkeys, Uve,
2627c; dressed, 37c per pound.
Pork Fancy, 23231c per pound.
Sack Vegetables Carrots, $1.15 per
sack; turnips, $1.50; parsnips, $1.25;
beets, $2.
Potatoes Oregon Burbanks, 75c
$1 per hundred; now California, 10c
per pound; sweet potatoes, 10c per
Onions Jobbing prices, llic per
Cattle v June 8, 1918.
Prime steers $14.0015.00
Good to choice steers.... 12.5013.50
Medium to good steers. . 11.0012.00
Fair to medium steers ... 10.5011.50
Common to fair steers . . 9.0010.00
Choice cows and helfers.Ml.0012.00
Com. to good cows and hf 6.50 8.50
Canncrs 4.00 6.00
Bulls 6.5010.00
Calves 8.5012.00
Stackers and feeders.... "8.0010.00
Hogs ' 1
Primo mixed $16.8517.00
Medium mixed 16.4016.60
Rough heavies 15.8516.00
Pigs 15.5015.75
Bulk 17.00
Prime spring lambs $16.5017.00
Heavy lambs 16.0016.50
Yearlings 10.0011.00
Wothers 10.0010,50
Ewe? 7.00 9.50