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    Don't fail to attend the Fome Guard Meeting it a, P. Hall on S&u.1ay evening
Tp. ArCrT ifrl
VOLUME 0, 13
$1.50 A YEAR
Cream, Milk and Eggs
It. M. Kirk, Resident Murmur
Attorney at Law
Fourth Floor SoTtmsra Building
Baker, Oregon
Irvine Lodge No. 86
Knights of Pythias
Meiit every Friday nlglit ut thulr
Cnntlu llalllii Richland, Oregon. Vlnlt
lug HrotliurH timdo witi-omu.
: it. coiiiiit.o. a
V. C. itAI.HV, K. of It. A H,
Cl.vti itliil Sliiouilo l Ml
AlOlp III Mi mi.
I'liono; Two khorlf, Out) long
Notary Public
Olllai.Fecond mill Walnut StH.
J Opwnito CliriHtiuu Church
Notary Public1
All kinds of legal blanks on hand
Your patronage solicited
What Is Home
Got one nnd
you will
know. If
they nre not
they wont cost you a cent.
J, M. CHASE, - Richland
Renew Your
Around twenty citizons met at
the K. I'. Hull on Sunday after
noon for the purpose of taking
steps towards organizing a com?
pany of Home Guards in Eaglo
Valley. C. E. Thorp was chosen
temporary chairman and N. B.
Anhcrafl secretary. The purpose
of the organization was explained
and olx teen of the men present
Hignilied their willingness tojon.
Another meeting will be held o::
SAl'UUDAY NJGH'l Rt 8 o'clock,
i istead of on Sunday hfternoon
as announced, thin chungc in lime
being conm'dereu advisable on ac
count of so many farmers being
busy feeding stock through the
To those who are not fully
posted on the matter we will say
that Homo Guards are being or
ganized in every county in the
United States. They are not un
der federal control or subject to
federal ca'l; but are subject to
the orders of the cour.ty sheriff
(as a company, not as individuals)
lo fl -si.u in quelling not or foi
guard duty, should occasion aris .
Jt wi'l take an enrJ'.nent of G5
to for.n ;, company or 35 a platoon.
Any ni.t'.e person between tl
taaes of 15 and C5 years may joit-
ten payment of 1, th.' funds Unit
secured to remain in the treasury
of tho local company. All officers
will be chosen from Wi ranks b
No ono cun tell when tho need
of a I ody of drilled men may be
needed to defend our own com
munity, therefore it is the duty
of every loyal American within
the age limit and who i3 physic
ally able, to enlist in the Home
Guards. Not only will it tend to
strengthen home defenses but
ai;o prove o our enemies that we
stand back of our boys at the
Come out Saturday night nnd
enroll your name; don't let your
neighbor show moiv patriotism
than you.
No Bank for Him
"I don't put my money in any
oank," says Slothful Sam. "My
inside pocket is good enough for
me and 1 am going to keep it
thero instead of lotting the other
fellow carry it."
But dees ho keep it there? He
does not. The butcher, grocer,
clothier and.druggist get Sam's
money nnd thoy put it in the
bank. Sam don't know where his
money goes. But somebody puts
it in the bank. Who is putting
your money in the bank? If it is
good for tho other fellow to have
money in tho bank it's good for
you and tho other follow gets
rich at it.
ad) Eagle Valley State Bank
Our supply of "Ferry's" gar
den seeds have arrived; get yours
now so ycu'lliavo them ready.
Fred Gover has purchased the
Win. Mastorson ranch west of
, OVER Thfi TOP!
Eagle Valley Outdoes Baker City in Con.
tributions to the Baker-Cornucopia
Post Road---?md Is Still Going
Eagle Valley $6000.
Baker $5500.
Pine Valley $3,500.
(Otrnuru; ia inc.ude ')
Messrs. John Frtt-;er and A. N.
Ingles arrived from Baker Mon
day and in company with J. C.
Bowen, Thos. Seigol, Goo. M.
Moody, Bert Rogers, W. E. Bar
her and L. Y. Matthews, canvass
"d this section the first of the
veuk for subscriptions to the
itakcr-Cornucopia road.
That our citizens heartily en
!orse the movement was shown
their liberality; with but few
xteptions every man solicited
ignrd up most willing'y. While
lagle Vai.ey's allotment was but
3,00, the sum total v.ovv reaches
X000 after two das v.ork ano
(HmVH b.j more forthcoming.
No effort was -made to secure
-ntributions from any but the
.vell-to-do class and. nothing less
ihan 25 was accepted, however,
s there are a number of men in
this vicinity who favor the roa 1
and wish to show their loyalty to
the community but who are not
nnancially able to contribute sc
4 rent a sum, we have had the
committee leave a number of the
Will This Order Get You?
Milton A. Miller, Collector of
Internal Revenue at Portland,
has issued this warning:
"Somebody is going to tell on
you if you don't pay your income
tax. Congress has fixed it so
that somebody must tell, whether
iie wants to or not."
Ono section of the War Income
Tax Law, exhaustively compre
hensive in scope, requires overy
person, without exception, and
overy corporation, partnership,
association, and insurance com
pany, in whatever capacity acting
who paid ?800 or more to another
person, corporation, partnership,
association or insurance company,
as interest, rent, salaries, wages,
compensation, remuneration, etc.
to report the name and address
of tho person, corporation, etc.,
to whom the payment was made
together with the amount of pay
ment, to the Commissioner of
Internal Revenue at Washington.
Form 1099 must bo fiiled out and
returned on or before March 1st,
1918, accompanied by Form 1096
which is a letter of transmittal
and affidavit certifying the accur
acy of Form 1099.
Buy your Candy at tho Rich
land Drug Store. Stock always
fresh. ad
Come, hustle up, Pine Valley;
it's nice to bo over tho top. .
blanks at the News office and an;
nounce that anyone so desiring
may call and fib out game for any
amount they wteh. The names
of j;jiih contributors will be pub
lished Inter.
'J h's is as it should be, for no
one will deny that better roads
are needed in this section, and
never before has such an oppor
tunity been presented to get so
much assistance from the state.
Tho more wo raise the rrore in
fluence it will have on the State
uumiiiisaiuii lunuius uaa idling
the completion of the road.
Wo are unable to secure a list
of the contributors at this time
bat wi'l endeavor to publish same
next week, so that all may know
tho names of the business men
ii 1 vci!-to-('o farmers who favor
the further development of Eagle,
Va!!-y. j
While the federal government
K.is asked that less work be done
on "I ighways," it urges that
more attention be given to build
ing good roads into farming com
munities distant from railways.
This is dirdct encouragement to
the Baker-Cornucopia post road
which will traverse from end to
end the lichest agricultural,
stocktaising and mining sections
of Ea3tern Oregon.
Wheat-Corn Bread
Wheat-coin bread is nioiv iiutrlilo:
tl'ian bread baked with wheat Hutu
ulotie. Thousands of American fam
ilies today are using this mixed Hour
bread, and In so doltiK arc eimbllii
America to provide more wheat iln.u
for the allies. Here's a tested re-ii -for
this bread: Take, one and u ball'
cuius of nil'!;, water or n mixture :
tno 4vo ; ono-hulf cake eoiniivsn'd
yeast, one and a half teaspoons suit,
dtio tnblcsp'X'n stiKnr, one tnblespeon
of fat If deal rod, ono cup cornmeal
nnd two cups wheat Hour.
Put one and a half cups of wnter.
the cornmeal, salt, supir and fat (If
used) Into a double, boiler nnd cool:
twenty minutes. The water Is sutll
dent only to soften tho menl n little
Allow the meuWto, cool to about the
temperature o.Mthoroom nnd add the
Hour and yenM'-Ynlxed with tho rest
of tho water. Knead thoroughly,
make Into loaf, place In pan of stand
nrd size, allow to rlso until nearly
lllls the pan nnd bake 15 or 00 min
utes. It Is hardly practicable to use
n greater percentage of cornmeal than
this even lu emergencies, for bread so
made differs very llttlo from baked
mush. Less cornmeal can bo used
ami In sucn a case the general meth
od given nbovo may bo followed.
It Is posslblo to niako a yeast raised
corn bread without first cooking tho
cornmeal. In this caso not more than
ono cupful of meal should bo used to
four cupfuls of flour. In other ro
spects the bread Is mixed and baked
as in tho abovo reclpo.
E. S. Taylor is reported serious
ly ill this morning.
When in need of a Tooth Brush
buy it at the Richland Drug Store
Eagle Valley is unanimously in
favor of the Palmer route on the
B-C post road.
Physician and Surgeon
Richland, ;-: Oregon
Night 'phone, one long ring orj
all lines.
Day 'phone call central office.
&)e Rogers
Baker's Popular Hotel
Under Direct Supervision
of The Owner
Special Kates to I"nanent Guests
Restau rant
Cleanest and Most Up-to-Date
Restaurant in Eastern Oregon
Tclfphon.. No. 57
1827 First St. BAKER, OREGON
Richland Pool Room
Allan Binheimer, Prop.
Soft Drinks of All Kinds, Cigars,
Tobacqo, Confectionery
Come in and spejjd your, jdje time
We'll treat you right
The Oregon Voter Says:
"Politically Irresistible.
"That's what Eastern Oregon
will get to be if it keeps up its,
present gait.
"It has led Oregon in every
patriotic drive when compared
with Western Oregon as a whole,
although there have been isolated
instances like Benton or Douglas
counties where tremendous re
cords have been made.
"Eastern Oregon is demonstra
ting that it has the highest typo
of leadership in the state men
who enjoy the confidence of their
townspeople and the farmers.
"The people in Eastern Oregon
are not suspicious of each other.
"Eastern Oregon can come to
Portland with nearly a solid vote
for any candidate or any measure
that catches the enthusiasm of
its people. If it can secure some
support in the bif city and a lot
of co-operation from tho live
counties of Southern Oregon and
the Coast, it will do big things
"One thing that makes Bob
Stanfield's candidacy so formid
able is that he typifies the pro
gressive, forward spirit of East
ern Oregon.
"Let 'er buck, Eastern Oregon;
what you are doing to the balance
of the state isn't hurting it a bit. "