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    Eagle Valley News
Straight, Truthful, Direct
C. E. Thorp .. : Editor
Entered as secdrid Cldss matter Dec. 12, 1912 at tile post oifice at
Richland Oregon, under act of March 3, iS79:
Monibor Oregon Stnto Editorial Association
.ONE YEAR . - : - - $1.50 SIX MONTHS - - - - .75
RICHLAND, ORE., THURSDAY. DEC. 13, 1917. JVol. 6. No. 5.
Some Very Old Yule
tide Celebrations
rls certain that very early In tho
Christian era Christmas was cele
brated In Britain, mingling In its
festivities some of the winter festlral
customs of the undent Dritons anil the
Roman Invaders, for traces of thoso
celebrations are still seen In some of
the Christmas customs of modern
The ancient Goths and Saxons called
their festival Yule. Throughout the
middle ages and down to the reforma
tion the festival of Christmas engraft
ed on the pagan rites of Yulo continued
throughout Christendom to be univer
Hally celebrated with every mark of
rejoicing. On the adoption of n new
system of faith by most of the north
ern nations of Europe in the sixteenth
century the Lutheran and Anglican
churches retained the celebration of
Christmas and other festivals, whlph
Calvlnlsts rejected absolutely, denounc:
lug the observance of all such days, ex.
cept Sunday, as superstitious and un
crlptural. During the reign of Alfred tho Great
a law was passed in relation to holi
days, by virtue of which the twelve
days after the Nativity of our Saviour
were set apart for the celebration of
the Christmas festival. Some writers
are of the opinion that but for Alfred's
Htrlet observance of the "full twelve
holy days" he would not have been de
feated by the Danes In 878, for It Is
charged that his enjoyment of the fes
tivitles of Christmas hindered him
from preparation for the battle.
"We Hud that In 901 King Edgar cel
ebrated the Christmas festival with
jrreat splendor at York, and lq 1013
Ethelred kept his Christmas, with tho
brave citizens of London who had de
fended the capital, with a siege wid
Htoutly resisted Swegen, the tyrant
king of the Danes.
Edward the ponfessor, It la noted)
elebrated the first Christmas festival
of his coronation with great rejoicing;
and In 1060 on Christmas day William
the Conqueror was crowned king of
England at Westminster. The Nor
man klngH and nobles who now be-
ame rulers of England displayed their
taste for magnificence in the most re
markuble manner at their coronations,
tournaments and their celebrations of
Christmas, Easter and Whitsuntide.
At the Christmas feast minstrels
played on various musical Instruments
during dinner and sang or told tales
fterward both In the hall and In the
chamber to which the king and'ihls no
blea retired for amusement;. Thus It
la written of a court minstrel:
Before the kins' he set htm down
And took hia harp of merry sound;
And, bm he full well'bftn,
Many merry notes tw, began,
In 1007 the CCriqneror kept a! grand
Christmas in London .having Invited
a number of the Karon chiefs to par
ticipate, and ulso caused a' proclamd'
tlou to be read lh nil the churches de
claring It to bo his will that "all tho
citizens of London should enjoy their
natlonnl Ihwh as lh tile days of King
In the hall tho serf and vassal '
Held that night their Christmas wasiall;
Many a carol, old and saintly,
the minstrels and the waits.
-Philadelphia Press.
."The Man Without a Country"
one of the most patriotic stories
ever written, .abspj.utely FRE.E.
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Lucas County, ss.
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and that said firm will puy the sum ot
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Sworn to before mo and subscribed In
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We have received appointment
as an associate editor of the Sol
diers Weekly News Letter pub
lished at Portland. The publi
cation will not be run for profit,
will carry no advertising or sub
scription charge, but will be sent
free to the Oregon boys in the
trenches, thus supplying them
with news from their own town
and state. The paper will be
published by the Northwest Pa
triotic Press Association, of which
we have been chosen an honorary
... , , ,, '
life member on account of "hav
ing rendered distinguished ser
vices to the soldiers and sailors
of the State of Oregon."
For Re-Publication.
Department of tho Interior,
United Stamen I .and Office.
October 18th, 1017.
Serial No. 017030
Contest No. 1110
NOTICE ie hereby given that the Com
missioner of the General Land Office, by
his letter of Oct. 10th,, 1017, has Allowed
tho application of Marquess C. Lewis, j
of KeatinK, Oregon, f ir a henring to de-'
tennino the mineral or nonmineral char
acter of the NE N WJ$ and W NE
See. 10, Tp. 10 fc., R, 41 E., W. M.
The records of this office shdw that
said land wan adjudicated mineral in
character bv Commissioner 'i Lotter"N"
of November 21st, 1801 ao the result of
a hearing "held on 'application by the
Statt of Oregon therefor, to determine
the character of said hnhnol flt-r.tlnn. nml
that thu State lias selected and bad ap-
proreaanu ceruneu'to it indemnity se
lections based on its losses in said section.
In his application for a hearing, it is
aliened by the said Albert E. Kutter, and
two witnesses, that tlio1 lands above de
sc ibed are nonmineral in character.
Any and" all persons, therefore,' who
claim any right, title, or interest-in said
lands, or any part thereof, or wtio may
no claiming tno same lor mineral pur
poses, by location, occupation, or other
wise, or who may doe ire to object because
of the mineral ciiaracter of the land, of
fer any other reason, to tho disposal to
applicant, are hereby notified to appear
respond and offer evidence touching the
character oi tho lapd above described, at
10 o'clock, A. M on Jan.2flth, 1018, be
fore VY. h. Patterson, Notary Public, at
bl office, at Baker, Oregon, and tbo final
hearing will bo held' at 10 O'clock, A.M.,
on February 25th, 1018, before tho Regis
ter and Receiver, at the United States
Land Office at La Grande, Oregon.
C. 8. DUNN. Register.
NOLAN SKIFF, Receiver.
Date of first publication Dec. 13, 1017.
" ' second Dec. 20, 1017.
" " third- Deo. 27,' 1817.
" " fourth " Jan 3, 1017.
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Department of thu Interior.
U. S. Ijind Office at U Grande, Ore
noil. Sept. 2Sth, 1917.
Notice in hereby given that Ileriitco A.
Staugs, hose pos't oflice address it Rich'
Intnl.. Oregon, did, on tilt) 27th tiny of
December, 1010, file in thin officii Sworn
Statement mid Application, No. 01CS07,
to purchaso tho.NE 1-1 NE 1-1, Sec. Ill,
NW M Stt'.H Sec. 112, nml BV 1-1
SV M, Soitlon 20, Township 0 South,
Range -i I Hast, Willamette Meridian,
ami the timber thereon, muter the pro
vision! of tho act- of June U. 1878. and
acts amendatory, known no the "Timber
and Stone Law,' at such value .in might
he iixed by apjiraiscmont.and that, pur
suant to such application, thu land nml
timber thereon nave been anpruisiHi, iu
310fi' H1U V"i!?ur t'a.ti'ni)ir1 nt.:-i()-(KXJ
I board feet at 75e and $1.00 per M, and
the land 150.00 : that said applicant will
offer final prcof in support of his appli
cation and sworn statement on the 31st
day of January, 1018, before Woodson I..
Patterson, United States Commissioner,
at his office, at linker, Oregon.
Any person is at liberty to protcstthls
purchase ueloro entry, or initiate a con
test at any. time before patent issues, bv
filing a corroborated affidavit, in this
office, alleging facta which would dufent
tho entry.
C. S. DUNN, Register,
Sominer BIdg. Bnkor, Oregon
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.Department of the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Lu Grand?, Ore
(ton, November 10, 1017. .
, Notice is hereby given tint John t).
Urn, former husband and heir of Myra
L. Jacobs, dfC"iieil, of Richland, Ore
con, wiio, on November 27, 1011, made
HoinoHuid Entry. No. ODIUM), for SE 1-1
SW l-l. See. 8. N 1-2 NW SU I I
NW 1-1, Sec. 17, Tp. OS , R. -H E., and
inlv'J. Hill, iiiiuln Ail. II. H Nil
011111. (or SW M HV 1-1, Sec 8, SW
LI NW J. I. See 17. E 1-2 NE 1-4. Ser.-
,tloii 18, Township 0 South, Rang" -II
.East, Willnuiette .Meiidiun, has 11 led
notice oi intention to untko rivn-yenr
Proof, to establlMh claim to the html
above ilem ribcil, before A 11. Combs, jr.,
Clerk of County Court, at Ids office in
linker, Oregon, on the Dili day of Janu
ary. HUH.
Claimant names a witm-siTn: Josse
Sinclair, John W. Ilycu, Harry Jacobs,
Wllllnm Hitch, all nl Hlchlaud, Uregon
C. S. Dunn, Register.
Department of the Interior.
V. S. Land Office at LaGrande, Ore
gon, November 10, 1017.
Notice is hereby given that Ferdinand
G. (Jells, of Richland, Oregon, who, on
May 1,1011, uiadu Homestead Entry,
No. 012fl2.'i, for S 1-2 SE 1-1. See. 10, V
1-2 NE 1-1, SfC. 21, Tp. OS.. R. ME.,
urn! on Jan. -I, 1015, made Ad. II E. Nd.
011188, for W 1-2 SE I-l. K 1-2 SW l-l.
Section 21, Townsl.lt) 0 South, Range 1 1
East, Willamette. Meridian, linn filed
notice of intention to make Thrco.year
Proof, to eatablisli claim to the laud
above described, before A. I). Combs, jr.,
Clerk of Countv Court, at llakor, Oregon,
on the 8th day of January, 101K.
Claimant natnt-H as witnesses: J. W,
lioyco, M. M1. Darren, ..Harry Jacobs,
John Grey, all bf Richland, Oregon,
i i 0,H, Dunn, Register.
First publication. Doc. 0, 14(17.
iJist publication Jan. 3, 191Hi -
Uho ANTI-URIO. tho Famous ROOT
and I1ERRY renuxly, for the cure of
RHEUMATISM. Catarrh of llioHtdin-
nch and the purifviimof tlmb'ood. Con
tains ho Opiates or Uhnmicaltv and thu
fnost Dellcilto Stomauli call take it. An
outfit (ttvo weeks' treatment) contains
nn 8-otinco Pottle of liquid, a box of tab
lets for internal hsu and a 1-ouhc" boltlo
of oil especially prepared for MASSAG
ING thu narts affected Results iziiar'
anteod or money refunded. Price- f 1 CO
per outfit. For sale by h. iv W. Chand
ler, Richland, Oregon.
Notice to Sheep Owners
No frrazinp; or trena88inp; is
permitted on the S 1-2 SE 1-4,
NW 1-4 SE 1-4, S 1-2 SW 1-4,
NE 1-4 SW 1-4, SE 1-4 NW 1-4,
Sec. 7, Tp. 9 S, Range 45 East.
Any and all violators will bo pun
ished as the law provides. Take
warning, n. r. L.amuert; auza
Department of Din Interior.
, U. K Utnd Olllco at Lu Grando, Ore
gon, Sept. 'JHl), 11)17.
Notice Ik hereby dvon that Ira D.
Stairus, lio Mmt office address In Rich
lanil, Ori'vun. did, mr tho 27th day of
Di'cetnher, lllltl. II I o in this offlco Sworn
Statement ami Application, No OlflHOHi
to puronnno line's and M
j...-1'rjion w. lowmn in in ninth. ituiiL.n
41 Last, Willrtinejtu Meridian, and the
timber thereon, undi'r tho .previsions of
till) act of June a. 187K. and iu-Im run. .ml.
utnry. known us thu 'Tliiihff and Stonn
ut rui'Ji value as might bu llxed
liy appriilNiuneut, and that, piusuaut to
such application, tho laud and timber
wiiti'oii nr,vo neen apprniHeii, ntf iiio.UU,
the tlmliiT ustlmnliHl at MO.OOO Imaril
fetnt.'0'per.M,ndtlMi laud lHh),0);
that said applicant will offer final proof
in mipw)rt of his application nml sworn
Ktat'iiient on tho Hint day oi Jantinry.
101s, befnru Woolson L. Patlemoii,
L'nlte.1 States Commissioner, at his of.
lice, at Haker, Oregon.
Any person is pt, liberty tn protest this
purchase before entry, or InltinM) a con
teat nt any tlmo buforn patent issues, riy
filing a nnrrobofated nflhlavlt In this
office, alleging facts which would defeat
the entry.
C. S. DUNN, Register.
V. S. Land Office at La Grande, Ore
gon, NovomlHir Illth, 1017. ,
Nolk'3 Ih hereby given that Alexander
E. Simouis, of Richland, Oregnu, who,
on December 1.', 1010, made Homestead
Application, No.()HH7a. for N 1-2 SE l-l,
Section LI. and IV l.'JSW l.l H..itlim I."
TjiiwnsliillO South, liilngiMi East. WIN
Uimettu Meridian, has tiled notice of in
tention to nlako Five-year Proof to es
tablish ol III III til lll'l lliml nlinVidlnuorllwi.l
before Oharies .1. Sliiiiton, Uiiltui) Stottv
OommleHloner, at Ilalfivav, Oregon, on
urn mi uuy oi January, iwih. .
CliiimiinL nutpi'H mh U'lf ru.uMHK .i T
Wyatt, W. A..,Wptt, Jay SchulU, and'
George Gordon, all ol Richland, Oregon.
O. S. DUNN, Register.
police, ol final SeCticninK
I' Notice III hernliv ulvmi ili.li W II
Rradford, tho duljr appointed, qualified'
slid acting administrator of the estate of
liiiciinrjira.lloni, dcceaieil,. liud 11 led In
the Countv Court of llm MH
fori the Countv of I Ink nr. din II ii ! I nn.
tount and ruport of and doijrofrrilng hia
administration oi said esUto lind that
January the nth, 1018, at tho hour 10
o'clock In thu forenoon of -told day, is tho
time fixed dnd appolntml for u final hear
ing and adjudication thofcof. Any and
all pprsons interested In said ostuto ore
hereby notified to be and appear In i aid
fcourt oil or before said day and hour and
fillOW Cailse. If lldv ilwmi lin wliu u.l.l
final at-'cotint nnd report should not bo
Ai.llf.,f1 Hit llln.l ll... .! 1 .. f . .
" i"" , niw iiiiiiiiiiimriuor uiH
charged hia UdnJsmen uxonnrntod and
aald istato folly and finally sottlod anil
closed, "
W. II. BRADFORD, Adinlatstratof
W. U.Htruyer, Attornoy.
First nub. lien. II. 1(117.
Last pub. Jan. 3, 101K