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Eagle Valley News
Straight, Truthful, Direct
C. . Thorp
Entered as second class '.natter Dec. 12, 1912 at the post cilice at
Richland Oregon, under act of March 3, 1S79.
Member Oros-mi SUte
RICHLAND. ORE., THURSDAY. OCT. 4. 1917. Vol. 5. No. 47
It Completely Cured the Skipper
of His Fear of U Boat.
A sklpiHT who took a cargo of Lvo
motives across the Atlantic when tb.
U boat warfare wag at Us worst gmo
this ringing story of the trip:
"We left Philadelphia with slsty i
coniotlve, all uca-ed tn bupe woodc i
boxes. Intact and ready to be takeu o.V
the ship and placed immediately on the
tracks to start dragging ammunition
trains to tbo famt.
"The iJelaware was as smooth a .n
l-oud as we made our way down t
the bay, but the first wavelets that
struck us at the capes started siuic
tiling that made ine want tu take a
tteader off the bridge. Every one '
t?ie sixty locooiutivf bells hi tbo bold
! ogun to ring:! And tbey uli lent rbig
i.ig all day and a!l night alt the way
across the Atlantic.
"At first I thought of going back tu
dock to bare the bells taken off. Hut
that would have nmonnted virtually t
uiiloadiq the wb.Ie tamo because of
the manner In wbith the locomotive
were-stowed, it would have meant n
week's delay, and I was supposed to
got to sea as quickly as possible. So
we irk out that n&bt with those sixty
inad bells gain? hammer and tongs
"I thought We woukl all looe our
senses. Sleep was out of the iiuestlon.
It was like ringing 'eight bells' elcbty
times a inlunte in sixty different keys.
J'ou'vu Men bir Ueury Iriiu ui the
play Tlie Hells?' Well, it was like
that, only this was no play, but real
life. It seemed, as one member of the
crew who is by far too imaginative
aatd, as if the k1hkN of all the mur
dered ships were climginp up at us out
of the depths ( the o i-un, warning us
of the U boats that liud littered the sea
floors with their bones.
"We fell in with some nasty weath
ur ag we neand thevuher side. The
vessel rocked and tossed, and every
time she piunged a whole cataract of
i bells wei-t tearlnir down toward perdi
tion. T.Vre In the U boat zone,' re-
marked the mun at the wheel to mo
one night. 'Good!' I cried. 'I hope a
torpedo hits us hour. Then perlius
I'll yet some sleep,'
"The destroyers that met its didn't
know what to make of us. They
thought we bad all uo craxy dvuqk
and were trying to tell the U bonis
exactly where we were. Hut I told
tltera I was cured of the fear of TJ
ItoaUs forever." l'hiladelphla Ledger.
What Is a Sapling?
The soldier who thought a "sapling"
was a yonrii pig wan evidently a Som
ersetshire man, for u correspondent
writes: "Highly n mused, I road aloud
your 'siipliiiK' story to friends. When
I hud finished n Komcrhetshlrc womun
who was pieseut UNked, 'Well, what do
j ou csill n siiplluK'' 'A yoiin tree,' I
replied. 'Is it'' she repllod. '.Vow, I'vo
always hoard n youn jil?r called n sap
Ihig lu Somersothblro. I'unber hniulry
lovealed that others suy the smne."
l'rom which we gather that the soldier
came from Somerset, while evidently
hlH olllcer did not. Londou Chronicle.
FoolcJ Both Ways.
A sportsman to Brief at the
lirst fence, I'lix ' remotmlliiB, he
met the sume i.it-- -t the Hecotid at
lonipt Asked tb' '.no of his dis
asters, ho sulci ; "It Vo like zls. Ven
ve I.oms to ze Hist icico I did zlnlt my
horse vud jomp, hot he did not Jomp,
bo 1 vent over Ills head. Ven vo koms
to ze second fence I did zlnk ho vud
tagt Jomp, and ho did Jomp, so I vent
prer his tall." Milwaukee I'xbo I'reaS.
Ktlitorinl Association
$1.50 SIX MONTHS --
" ,75
How's This?
We offer One Ilumlml Dollars Ilcwnril
for any case of Catarrh tht cannot bo
cored by Hall's Catarrh Medlcin.
Hall Catarrh Mdlcln has Iwn taken
I'V catarrh ufferr (or th past thirty
i.io yoors, and h become known ns tho
most reliabl rmJy for Catarrh, llall'a
Catarrh Msdldne acts thru h. Wood on
tha Mucous surfaces. Vxpctllrifr th Pot
- n from the Blood and hallaif the dis
eased portions.
After you have taken Hall's Catarrh
V -.H-lne for a short time you will see a
i rem Improvement In your genera!
health. Start taklnc Hall's Catarrh Meoi
cine at onto and at rl.l ot citarrh. Send
.'or tsstlmonlals. free.
P. J. CHKNEV & CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sol by ail Dru,-UU. 75c.
Political' As.atsioat.on-.
Tho ant thm- month, of P.iUl wen-
notable for their puUtl-n! assasslna -
I tions. There were five-the Turkish
I war minister. Naxlni I'asha. 3an. 2H:
the premier of Salrador. MaiitMl Is.
Annijo, Feb. 4: tho president and vice
iMMtUbuit nt lorlo Fnii;cWft I. Ma-
.tv. o.wi lHnn Hnnrvz Feb. "i
and Klti,' Ckiorge of Oreece, March IS-
Round ths Circle.
lfrlel-Why do you malntalit attch a
lnrffe otBce force?
Financier To prevent oiUshlers from
itherlnc mo.
"Hut I tbouxht that was what your
executive secretary was for."
"Oh, no. He Is here to jn-orent the
office force from lotlterIuic me." Life
Timo and Place.
"There is a time and a place for ev
ery tbiuff."
"Ves," answered Senator Bon-bum
iMully. "And it's rather unfortunate
that one of the most reliable ways to
attain niiblicitv is to sav aomethlnir at
the wronjr time In the wrong place."
Washington ttar.
A Gaudy Vulture,
in the South American forests is
found the most beautifully colon! f
all vulture!, and it is the tno- klug
over the black vultures and turkey
buzzards, it plumage Is of a delicate
cream, with black quills, mid the head
is biiillantly colored with red and
The Signs. '
"illsrt Cladys nt no few.or than six
gold headed unitirrllas for birthday
present h."
"SI if must lx something of a reign
ing la-He.' Bultimore AmuHcau.
Father Knew.
Tommy -Pop, what Is
u Kin t ton 7
Tommy's Pop
rt Kiuiiuu, '
grown muu who can cut almost as
much as a small loy. L'bllndolphia
The wise prove, tho foolish coufesH
by their conduct, tlmt a life of employ
ment Is the only life worth leudluj;.
THK Gcivernirent ncedH Farmors iih
well as Fighters, Two miPlon three
hundred thotiHand acres of GniKon &
California liail.oad Co. Grant LiukIh
Tith reinvnted in United fitatcH. To he
oticned for hotnof toads nnd wale. Con
tnlnlnK Homo of bent land lelt in Unite.)
Htates. Liimo CcpyrlKhtecl Map, show
inn land by fiections and iletcription of
oil; climate, rainfall, olcvntlons, tern
peraturo, etc., by counties. I'oitppid
One Dollar. Grunt Itnda Locating Co,,
Uox 010, Portland, Oregon.
Wanted to Rent 1G0 to 320a
rantjh in. Eagle Valley. Address
B care News. ad
' '.".V'l'K."
Dt'iurttutiut of tlm Interior.
U. B. I mul Otllco nt La Grande, Oio
Km, Sept. lath, U17.
Notice U hereby lvtn Hint Otto U.
Schiller, of Htchlntid, Oregon, who, on
November ltllh, Will, mudo lloinostoiul
Entry, No. OP-M-M, (or 8K M UK 1-1 1
NK M SE l-l, Sen. SI, W l-'J NV M
See. aa, Tp. 0 8., It. II. E. W. M anil
on May 8. UI5, made Ail. II. K. Ot 1712.
for SI a 8W M, tfW T, uiul NK 1-1
NK M, Sectional. Township I) South,
ISanre -II Hunt, Wlliiuuetto Morldlnii,
iiiim uiihi notion ot intention to iiinko
tbreoyeiir Proof, to eHtablish cihIiii to
the Imiil uliovo ik'HcrllxHl, before Wood
wn L. Pnttnrjon. t'.s. CoiiiniU'loinir,
nt htr. otllco nt linker. Oreiton. on tin) l lth
ilny of November. 1V17.
Chiiiunttt name iih w itno.im'ti : Ouvld
I). Jm-oIis, A. Krnuol Hale, and Mnrlhn
Wilcox, till of UichlMiil, Oregon, mul
Thomas ltitch, of trikr. Oregon.
U.S. l'INN, HuKistor.
Doimrtiiiunt of the Interior.
U.S. bind Ollleo at lt liritmlo, Oro
I pn, Sept. li'th, 1917.
J No'lee ti heroby uiK'ti thul John M.
, Smith, of Durkeo, Oregon, who, on Nov.
! "-til, lul l, iniulo HoiiirstK.nl Entry, No.
;oi:m. for iM'i, S l-a NEi-l. l.otJi.
1 i, .'i, SK 1-1 NW l-t.and Ut 0, Section
1 0. Township 11 South, llmiuu 16 Euft,
WillatiiMtto Muridinu, hnstttsil nodeo o(
i intention to ntako three-vmr Proof, to
, e. tablisli claim to the land above d-
M-rlbt-d, beforo the Ki'tfietor and He
reiver, United State- I-nnd Ollleo, nt
I a liranda, Orupou, on the 27tli day ol
Nnvemtter, lt'17.
Clniinnnt nniiiuf ituewet PeluiHr
Kennwly, W. I.. Kirt y. and GeorK Kon
uidv. all of Uurkee, (irepoti ; and Itlcli
I ard Kirby, of Itloliland. Oreuoji.
; C. S. I'UNN, H.tKlHter.
! iartliiut of 1 1. j. interior.
0sJtmh '
x' ' .1B:i, .i,,,, A.,,lllr ,t
mhu, f Hjchland, Umuwi. ho, on July
, tb. IIH I. msdo lloim-steal Entry No
t iaAI.'. for SWlsf, Si. tum 33. Township
' South, itaiue 44 I. sot. Willutiiettt)
Meridian, has fllwl notice of Intention
1 1 unlit) three-year I'n 1. to esUMieh
claim to the land al u-.-cril)id,lw(on
A. H. foiulw, Jr., C! rk of County Court
I of Hakor County, at itakor, DreKon, on
! the Mtbday of Novendwr, 1V17.
! Claimant tmmeu a. uitL'eMie-i: A. it
Mi'ler. T. O. WoMi. l K. Hlnclalr, and
T. It. Jeffoids, all of hii-bland. Oreguti.
C-S- '"' th.Uir.
Deiwrtment o( the interior.
U. S. 1-and Otfle at Ln Orando. Ore-
(ton. hept. IJth, HII7.
Notic is lieroby giwn that Hans P
Mikklou, of Durkeo, Oregon, who, on
July -Mth, HUL'. mrniv Hmntwtead Entry
No. 010016, for NWMHWM. Sect.',
NKI-4 SH 1-1, "-ec. 3, ail n Jan. 21,
it' 10, made Ad.
II. li. No. 0! I.V.3. for
"ec. H, KK !; N E !!.
W 1-4 SW 1 -I
action 3, Township 11 South, l::tna l
Euxt, WilliiM .-t Meridian, ih tiled
eotice of intention to iniiko thr -year
proof, to etttal:li claim" to I In- land
uljovit decent'fd. bolero A. Jl. CoiiiIm,
Jr., Clerk of t'otinty Court of llaker
County, ut IlaWi r. Oregon, 011 'ho li'th
dav of November, 11)17.
Claimant num. ax witnnrtio : Jaun's
Oa Haulier and l.oe Itlnnd, of Durkee.
Oroifon ; Williau. L, Ghaim nnd Wl'liam
P. Patterson, ol Kichlund. Oregon.
C. S. DUNN, Ktwster.
Dupartiiictit of tho Inturior.
U. H. Land oifi. o at Ln Orando, Ore
iion. So t. i:'tl, MII7.
Xot'c in heic iy ylvoii thnl John II.
Allen, ol Kirhland. Orotfon, who on tJct.
10th. Wl'l, mad.- Hotnesfofld Entry No.
01PJ21), for S'. m. ami El-t KW'U, See
lion i'J. ToHiifliii. 0 South, Itunue 44
iitist, Willutm no Meridian, hn ii'cd
nut en of iiti.ntu.n in innko llirno-vear
. - - - 1
Proof, tn establish cluim io Iho mnd
above described, before C. J. Mlmltou.
United Stuten Commlssloiier, at his of
fice ut Halfway, Oregon, on tho lL'th day
of November, PH7.
Clulmaut imi.iCHrtH witncflfiitH : It. Hi
Goodwin, II. P Lamhort. Frank liork,
and J. H. Wallace, all of Klchland, Ore
C. H. DUNN, KeKlslor.
For SaleMy place of 12 1-2 a.
at New Bridge, Ore. Call and
gpt my price and terms.
ad-44M J. A. Jellison.
?Did you borrow this paper Q
Why not .subscribe, feu; .it r
.sty's- i i
Lard, No. 10 pail for
Lard, No. 5 pail for
Eagle Valley Honey,
STOCK SALT - - 50c for 50-Ib sack
- 95c for 100-lb sack
A complete line of Breakfast Cereals
Fancy Table Syrups in large variety
Shoes tor all sized feet at reasonable prices
Our price on
Now under the management, of
.... MRS. W. C. BARBER ....
who luu l)oj ti ciiinn'cioil with tliisHunio Imtol sovornl liinon mid
who fully iitiilorHtHiuls tho ih 1m of tho tnielliiiK pub lie.
This hotel is famed throughout the country for its
Genuine Home Cooking and Good Service
Sunday School at 10:00 a. ni
E. E. Ilolman, superititendonu
Preuchiiiir at 11 a. in. and 7:.'t0
p. in. Kpworth Leatrtie at 0:tlO.
Prayer mcetinff every Wednes
day evening at 7:30 o'clock".
Choir practice at 7:30 Thursday
The Woman's Missionary So
ciety meets tho third Thursday
afternoon of each month.
The Board of Stewards holds
its regular meeting Tuesday eve
ning after the first Sunday of
each month.
Everybody cordially invited to
attend all of the services of tho
A. Thomas, Pastor
Our services until later notice
will bo as follows:
Bible School at 10:00 a. m.
Communion and preaching, 11:00,
Christian Endeavor, 7:00 p. m.
Preaching at 8:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 8:00.
Ladies Aid Friday afternoon.
You are cordially invited.
William E. Bean,
Friends of the News who have
occasion to publish legal adver
tisements in settlement of estates
or other probate matters or in
cases in the district court will do
this paper a favor by directing
their attorney or tho county of
ficial having such matters in
charge, to have such publication
made in The Eagle Valldjr'Nowu.,
jAMv-f; .-t . rr, v?l
t '
: " .:.
! I :
new crop, can
FLOUR is Right
The Oregon
Agricultural College
Wh-r, Iraiami wllh Mod.in lti
rtt'.rU' ,nJ J,nul. tiltinl flu In
Ururllun ludinit u alLiiU ir lu tbt
toll"" Hi- .biuU:
AOK1CULTUXB, "llh 19 J.-.rlw-l; ,
OOUMtnCB. will I i.pMMatoi
KitU:HEEaiHO. with fl d.t)rl.r,l. I
eltt'linit C'Kil. Kl.rltiral, lllskw.f. Jndurll
Art), irUl.a. .ml Mtekil t'ii"f lug i
rOXESTtt?. Iftelullfls litni CmiDW
1IOMK IIOOKOXICM, wllli i major .Uf-H
taentt. IntluJiu Imlalnr In ik PrMll
IJUIINO, llh thiee dtpiilmtou, 'IxoluJ.
Ins I'htmlral KnlnnrlD(;
THK M0IIOOL Ol MUSIC. of(r Initise
lUn In the prlarlpil i)trlinali ut vwtJ
nil intlrumrnljl muilr
Till) M1LITAXY Dllf AI'.TMEHT, rnr.,llc4
lOltS cdl In lOtfl 17, n. won f ,r,.miiTi
Jilloii far O. AO I torn lh Wilru I(.n
in-iil tut III U. fi. Vr lHitm.!l . na nf
Hie flflatn "itlillnrultht IrutliulloNa" of
hl-h.r tarn!nr All r'lU will tm (nrnlohml
oinpl.l- uniform Uj lh V. H.' ()u.rnoi.nl
anil Ilia Junior anil fanliir raitrla, Mmllnl In
tho It O. T. C., will U Klan awnwutalion lui
uUlalrnra, at wll t, ttantiorlallr,M an4
utlf nr at Iht l w-rli' aumini amii
1BI7. Infatioitlon on rtiguatt. Artitirl.
Kautrr. Orogon Arleultural CulUi
Cotvallli, Orejoft.
Look Here!
. If you want
Life Insurance
For '
Investment or
Come in and let me show yoii
a contract that will meet
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i i ,
' , ,i . 'i
V 1 i